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Bills Football
Wednesday, September 13th

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I. Yeah he's going to be a help me out there today. You know he'll be a little bit limited but they'll be out there. And should be gulf practice with. We knew that the sport directly with. Very. Yankees challenge that's a very this is a great town of football team you know a team that's been together for a long time you know seven years now for the most part they. The defense and particularly that it's them. They retain some players I should say first off and then they add some players with with peppers and and and kept tomorrow and so very talented football team very talented defense. They do a great job schematic Lian. You know surely fast so we'll have a fanciful. That's our. Mean there yet net aware. Strengths and weaknesses if you were on the nets that. The part that is there. Now it's that it's. That. The players of the on the field make in the place. You know and we we just we get have a great week. And got a lot of work to do like music off links last week's game and really for us it's about us growing as a football team. And then making the trip down there well that'll be big challenge for what we expect. You. Trust what you. No ship. It. You know to what extent you know that's interest in the end were. Against where they are intrusive. Or seven years and you know work two weeks sellers. Difference in the life cycle if you will. And indeed you know around each other for a long time there in terms of the continuity in what comes with that so. Were really in name in the infant stages if you will that life cycle. Got a long way to go. You know we weren't Shire which to put our players in position to be successful that's that's our job as coaches. And you know feel good about a lot of things last week we do. You know again it's really. How to we continue to evolve as a football team to establish two yards of football team our identity. And just you know clothes and get picked in areas where we need to close the gap from last week. Her. Words. Are. Quote. Well let's every day you know every day through then natural. You know evolution of what happens in the OTAs what happens in spring training camp and then obviously transition just like we do it most teams do. To scout teamwork or use. Working against the look team. That week that during the regular season it. You know he is similar with what we do. We've got some familiarity with with what they do. You know they need to do an incredible job actually does an incredible job of moving pieces around. And just you know very dynamic offense. There coaches to a great job coach Masco. From the office line. Much. And just very talented across the board skill set wise to mean he get you get Olson yet McCaffery yet. Johnson Stewart canyon. And then Kelvin Benjamin Dennis punches and the list goes on so you know I stopped. So that's that's the challenge program. Oh. The east meets Sunday in yeah I prepare for a weekend. Eight. Right our system is our system just in terms of rotating players we want fresh players. You know its effort of the weather world is gonna do that's just that's just philosophically what we believe in. And it also with ankles is saying you know everyone adds value there's we need everyone to win. And that's important. Separate that with which with respect of the whether it's it's that's part of the country where it's warm. And now we've got to be prepared for that and now we get a head start on that Monday with our hydration process. Yeah uploaded under development. Last week that we'll look at that forecast. Balls and moving forward. I guess. War that. Well yeah. Oh. Last. Well it's important for. Stan pointed. Just us evolving has enough sense. That we take with the defense gives us and if it throws out there down field. Then we take with the defense gives us if it throws there down the field it will take those throws we we took a couple of last week. And and a couple worked out. You know there's also value and run after catch all so so there's a lot of different ways to win football games. Thought we did some good things last week on the opposite side of the ball we got into a rhythm and you know. To your point we have to improve and and so that's that's an area that. You know we need to improve on it just like allowed if partners. Oh cross team so. It in the day. We have to play Smart. And that means. On the offensive side it means being Smart football and taking what the defense gives us. You know public job of that. All of this article accurate but the and I. And no law. Can you appreciate it close he is being replaced by boat ourselves playing it. Please get back what what. What is I think it's worth. Yeah when it comes to what it takes to at a football game I'll think about I don't think about those things I think about. Well what's what's gonna give us the best chance when football game and that's keeping players fresh upfront and that's just philosophically get what we believe in. I don't really affects those other areas intuit and I know some this may be you know what people are used to scene. And you know. We're focused on what we do and how we and and getting better every week and so whatever is in that bucket. That that's but that's what we're focused. So when it comes to your philosophy and match off we're literally here. Apple. Now. In that. You know. Oh. Well assault it's all about getting the best eleven on the field and putting players in the position and be successful so. There's value in every position you need eleven guys and an eleven guys being unselfish. Doing their job as I said the date being 111 of the defense doing your job and and with respect Marcella thought so did a heck of a job that the other day. I believe it's or there but. I didn't want are but when it comes to. Salaries but quarterbacks they get the ball just because it's important that the ball when it that the best ball. You. Other positions. More in that sense it was is that quarter. But there's definitely on the defense this out of boss sure there's there's definitely value in defense line. Because of the ability to affect the quarterback he flipped it the other way okay quarterback on the offense now in the quarterback defensively. Who can affect the quarterback defensive lineman due debts that there's value in that position that your room. Knowing what you know. What are all challenges. You you know side. Our. Arm everything. Treatment. No well with. Are you were going. Well he's and he was an MVP of the league for reasons a couple of years ago and I had had a front row seat to watch him on dated date basis and and watches. His strengths and you mentioned a few of that with respect to this besides the speed the power the arm strength. I mean that's that's what we're up against and and then you add the other weapons that they have. You know let's that's a huge going to be a challenge for us so. Which is that we've got a lot of work this week that person is. Analysts decides he's fresh. Wire coat. And then there bull look on. How to approach that we've. Well each quarterback. -- brings a little bit different skill sets the table cam. Has some unique. Just to his skill set and he has ability to pull the ball down and runs we have to be mindful of that. Again and arm strength we've got to be mindful of that he can extend place. So there's just some different things that can bring to the table that maybe other quarterbacks don't. In this particular case. That's been mentioned a few so that's all part of it's our awareness of and and respecting. The opponent in camp in this case. But there. A phony did that fight did mean it put at 23 points. And antennae can do that NFL let's let's that's saying something so I thought their productive offensively move the ball and you know spread the ball around. And you know I thought that platelet. Did you get that Juan gave it was. It's. That. Game mentally to. Yeah they are not just about it when the questions. Like ascetic a week ago it's where we've got to do when the game you know nets. That's him that's in the data it's important part well April. Speeds yet. Well we're in a look at that mean giant alliance play in this league both defense and special teams he's played outside mostly. So that's horrible start and Lofton. And not you know an important part now is just activating him to our system what we do in getting him comfortable so he can play fast but I'm. Years ago that let me. There let's just the the athletic system overall. Came from a good system years ago at Florida University of Florida. And us and they athletic. Actually we look for our linebackers. And so. Can run. Diagnosed and very instinctive players hoses on the things we sold. Not what instead of Marshall dollars and it. That something you guys are content. But in practice and what. Right you know much like all the players Joseph world were aware of Vietnam and we have a plan. And how one had on this week just like we have plans last week in different with the other players that. Had world where there's some other issues and things that we Eastlund picture with a plan is to and Hamlet we we. There. While Ron's been a big help to me he really has. And you know he's always been there. You know and it India process leading up to. The different interviews that I did have an end. Sensed. I'm offering help. A great resource for me to ask questions to. I would say the same. With respect his entire family his wife does a phenomenal job and my wife has reached out to to Stephanie in. And you know she's. Helps my wife a lot to suggesting that things. So Ron's been roused an incredible. Are we more texts you know just because of the nature of the season how quickly things move with training camp knows season. And so he reached out sent me text before the game I sent a text. Shortly after our game before his game on the West Coast. In so yeah we we dialogue back and forth but right now this time of the year it's more more via text. So I'd rather not putting too much credit or what the people her purse and what room. Yeah you know I thought I thought we took a step forward. At this point it seems like Joseph we've taken a step forward according Gibson. Some good things in the game. You obviously can play the entire game but it's wreck count certainly increased from the week before solely as we wanna keep trending upward. I was perspective with respect according. Players' views. It's. Murder or. Yeah ace like you know it's a video game road shape shifter. Guys rate at quarterback wide receiver it's like whatever you need to be that's what he does you know he BP. He's he viewed as a really good job let's set the I don't and that's that's questioned her for Carolina that's. Carolina and. You know it'll probably be a little different you know just so soon and our. In our process here maybe differently. In week two verses we twelve right. Back in that stadium. And it just seemed to people that I just left not too long they'll that'll that'll be just from the humans out of it that'll be a little bit different. You know I'm a focused on where our team's focus we've had a great meeting sent me this morning. And not really our focus right now is just just really on getting ourselves. To continue to grow and that'll be important for its. Next debt could trip.