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Wednesday, September 13th

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Joined in studio. My guy who left his mark in the bills' opener with a thirteen a combined tackles twelve solo tackles against the jets less than they haven't have bills linebacker Ramon Humber and soon it was from all that provide marriages the Serb. Folks should know before you came here I think you start like 20/20 one games over the course of eight NFL seasons rate this. You have a new guy this is not even though he of those pins are getting used fusion avenue guy. Now mind. I definitely feel that way. While that doesn't really feel that way either. When you know is generally numbers that's like physically. And her physically as Morris mormons was physically it is is different tall. What was it like for you Sunday in what do you account for all their production all you know dozens more tackles. Uses to agree all around in an effort. Retain game plan both coaches. Just in guys for the in this regard as far as the ball on defense of under the job Poland. All the guys and to slow on the library is get free instead it's the ball into that place. And secondary is doing their job and coverage was and noses all around good defense fruits those doctors while president that it that it was the right. Knowing that defense of frightened the defense of line in front of you. They will eat up everybody you can just run around and in the mean time. It's some. It's most responsible for on never. You know and there and they wheels do the same thing for them you know we over tables would get downhill over and to double teams off to guys in there it would free up. So it works both ways was not only does them work for us were working for them to. I wrote it going into the game last week did the bills you in the defense anticipate that. The jets focus might be the short passing game you know dumping up to Faxon and disguise over the middle. They are we gonna and so we didn't know what really it's a expect just normal with the new defense offers corner that they have and we're with a new person on a Gaza they just aren't come into it that week so we were really serve what we had a game plan what did nor as did in the past. And his music in the game flow what they like to do and that is make adjustments as one on. What are the place you made was he a two point conversion attempt wiped out by penalty but coming up with the interception on their plate coming about that play in and what was going through your mind when you saw the ball in your hands. It is grade communiques not a bad again misinformation we haven't communicated tonne. We really get it done and north up Bob wants. Gold score bonus you ran out Erica I got here the mayor hit against those of us knows that better appliances like just the moment in this. Ed's going to be my son who I was watching the game where he says something to me so wasn't paying attention he had me sidetracked. So when you caught the interception like I had just turned back to screen and we you rattle my. Oh you don't win and then go to my positively tumors yeah I had at BYU it's either an outlet. I was confused or where you think and act two points to 2.0. Because they're YouTube you know I've served time harder hit merits realized what was gonna happen. Was sparked even try to decision to saw off the smartest go around us to go Wall Street the day we do points off. There was skeptical until now. When you guys return to work here this week and you started look at the video of the jets game and I know John McDermott said you know we got a lot of issues to to deal with some problems to solve but I defense. What what more could you guys do defensively and what you did last week against the tea. Score on these it's okay. Yeah I may have scored defense and then there was a lot of things that we we've got to improve on his you know was the perfect game by name is necessary it would. People may see on tape you know still chorus that we have to get done precedent are taken care of you know who's gonna move porous defense and around. Well now as we move forward and you guys have this Carolina team that everybody saying oh this is gonna be a step up. There are cells in a so you know you've waited teams that are on your schedule. But I would date. You guys when you look at the weapons that they have an especially you have particular interest in McAfee got that you might have to cover out of the back to what you see in him. Should the it is his run back book deals and allowances. Does all around good athlete and you know he's gonna treat this now from. It is so limited those and and made that one missile. Systems he's always on the field right agents that he gets 70% of it. Offensive snaps there is definitely part of that are the main focus as far as my office. Definitely wanted to talk if they wanna give the ball to give and touches and it is in the bonds basement through those votes get defying him his job ones like where is trying to it's not known stars are trying to find him for a while noses are adjustments if you're up there and our job is to a lot of often play defense than ours in the finances. What did you see in Cam Newton and we wanted his coach says that he was a little bit rusty can I do understand him he still has a rocket forearm. He still can run because of how they can and you know physical he is we've seen him. Is still has at all. These are monsters and don't you give us in a quarterback don't like that are before a two run and and Garcia is a rocket of an arm. It was still stand player you still. Wanna detailed in the long run there and you know at the same time he's he saw the rocket of an arms is still passable it still total ball there and do. And you know he's still looking off season. And a full quarterback for a reason so you still deployed. You know talk. BR talk way amen I'm addicted what we need some help this break and now they're down there at resumes this gift to a person get a merit and the experts and get in there and you know chart at the ball bounces workers around you better around the league for awhile I wondered your early impressions of this group here with the Buffalo Bills and and maybe what you see the maturity level here it's not really that a team that's that young so playing on the road might not be as much of challenges it could be her younger team at this. Four yeah it's nothing to be a challenge before us the thinking of veterans in. You know winning on a roll is very hard to do this is Hart do not appear when an all alone senate bill. We're on the road it's even harder so. You know as long as we bring in the young guys along and teaching and continue to help Malone helped me grow old and declines going on Tuesday. Actually Israel who picks coming in ready to practice we appreciate you know from this round.