09-13 Casey Mittelstadt and Rasmus Dahlin with The Instigators


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Good luck guys. That's right good luck to. The soc Levy you remember us trust us. Yeah yeah you if you wanna see what river wrote down as my answer for. That's who he wrote when I grow up I want to be. Board as nothing to do is you it's all about the short shorts he like he likes to Wear them real. Casey metals that'd Rouse the styling joining us here in the show fellas first not your first NHL training is the first and it is your first things already camp. Gets NHL games for you vascular Cheney camels network. And yes this case before a university of Minnesota. And do they do you have to count three to get in the idea. Non union lately file on the ATP he has real Smart and street favorite things all I didn't know and also rated aren't hockey. Mom and I don't fail you guys. Have base spotlight on you in a good way there's a lot of excitement around YouTube. How are you too you know getting along I mean you're both kind of feeling the same pressure one's for one's a expectations and things like that how are things going. Do you guys like each other kind of I don't know. Acknowledged anger area we've been there for awhile so I think now all we've been you know each other in so little bit which is which is nice for us but. I don't know on anchors on those that leads aren't as bad as it's not a Casey. I don't although that is alone hears them and that's. You know. Three guys isn't the other it is like team Sweden. Pretty impressive that they'll travel together to is your packet six all time being alum is toxic issue of no clue at all. I'm in their ged it's better if on their own guys so we've telephone house prospect challenge for you to. Mystery. Is this five million only getting back in the in the some games you define that is beneficial because you get a little bit of an advantage. Getting some game shape and some do you want con game perhaps. Yeah I think. Obviously it's not playing also theories at play any kind of game so. I was doing it and I think a matter RD trainers condition is there's no such thing as game came to the play games so. I osmosis or in part for me is get back into it and they're playing it and you guys seen Jason Palmer of the without assured on. You said it did not amazing how good shape he's in for 35 years old only now guys there but what do you think a guy like that his body would be all thank you finally reserves. I mean he does a good job writing these. ET feared by is it is league so was your life. I treatments. Part of Staten. Seven starters these economic my daughter just six point seven. Yes that is 1% I'm iron. In. I'm just under ten it says it and I'm playing in your tank used to be that I used to be via the pinnacle if you were over tenure considered fat which is which was honestly. Messed with my mind. Not that I'm where it. Rim never let it get it never went to 512. That's not true that's not that's not true lies and I put up one year at 101. It's good spirit of the things about the body fat but what you do on the ice the word with the body fat calpers schools and play that's that's the way I look at it. Bomb expectations for this year would you guys what kind of expectations you put in on yourself. And it is his own team for a song and it is and I'm survey is dire but not to say that you are gone you're trying to make the team mr. make it now. I. What are you gonna join you on this idea to. This there're a lot of I don't know I don't know why am I'm now on to put to me I numbers on paper inning I think. Is on playing it cool don't over think it too much. Honestly you guys are over thinking it too much. Good luck DiFelice and we gotta we gotta had a break here. Casey knows that roster stalling you guys been out be you guys been out to eat around here you've been over to chefs yet that was always a training camp. Ritual for us we get her body fats start and then because we star herself from last month to make sure we are under ten and we had over the shots for alert just spaghetti arm. And then haven't been Alex's mothers and topples he gets it says okay all right. Now you're gonna head over to wanna Buffalo's finest to grab some pasta he got to fuel up for tomorrow. Well good luck to you fellas and all the best see in the exhibition will cedar in the regular season we're excited about just everybody out there is very very excited so. Welcome aboard. Can see around you.