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Wednesday, September 13th

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It's always so I mean surely you. Darted from the bottom now we're here started from the bottom now the whole team here. I had chopper and have a doctor on speed dial I guess mad city. Six point seven foot eight foot bunch young money militia and I am the commissioner. You don't wanna start queasy because the gap is four finisher. And the panda panda panda panda panda panda they match. And name famous they men they still nameless but we still good famous yet we still would famous I was just getting into this rap thing. West on WGR. Sports Radio 515. I gotta I gotta play someone ask or where to start with this morning July he Jenkins here's my question her case you don't I don't. What's my favorite July he Jenkins maligning death and I don't I don't really have a tight you know I can't pick one the Sony. Here's here's ask Fox News. Because Brandon being makes traits. My first thought was John Jenkins is not like I said I mean I would add depth restart it he's got three years of starts. 34 starts in the National Football League my first thought was is somebody getting traded. The other is that report that Ramon ever everybody on the defense was available before opening day if you wanted to trade for player of the bills' defense Preston brown. You can't I I should probably find out whether to Lonnie has since it is a middle linebacker and outside linebacker but I thought they pick up a the guy who started in the NFL there was not a need at that position I don't know evidently the linebackers are injured. And I started thinking well beans made trades and everybody on defense was available is this leading up to a deal of somebody that's interest to. I guess is possible and there's more it's like seemed like dirt trades in the NFL now. Hit on the bill's been leading the chart right so what's the made me think about the and you could it you can also make the case that are the bills the kind of team. That would pick up players and bolster a position just in the event of a potential trade like fantasy football owners do this right somebody signed waivers. And you pick up a running back because you can knowing. A semi running backs are set but somebody's gonna want this guy Dassault take him on my roster and then I'll see what I can get form. Meg I suppose that's possible okay. Itself points out in his piece on on the signing of to Lonnie Jenks she's considered a good athlete where the ability to cover backs and tight ends in those sideline to sideline against the run. Nine of cam Newton's fourteen completions last week what do running backs or tight ends. Mean it. I would think they'd picked up a guy match up specific against Carolina but it made me wonder if you know again you look at and say. I don't think there was a linebacker spot became open the only injury on the game was EJ gains. And he must be fun because they just released the cornerback so they they you know have less depth at quarterback so curious Pacman but residents sting signing. And I just wondered if does that mean Brandon being is looking to move out of linebacker. I I I would think. Preston brown would be the guy if they actually we're gonna trade a linebacker Ramon Humber actually had a very good game the other day in the opener against the jets he was all over the field. Do you remember any linebackers getting injured around the league. I don't Ruben Foster in San Francisco as an idea how high ankle sprain the bears lost to Ralph Freeman he's on injured reserve. Then of just trying to find like come on both committed Google news search right now like linebackers that got her. And I don't like there's one that jumps out at me were a team would have a neat. But if the bills make a move like that. How would be received. Let's say that you're your hunch or you know you're little you're detective. Your you know what I mean actually nothing. Nobody in your ears are up there so let's say that the bills today what do make a move. Ramon Humber yeah who has played pretty well for them and that Ramon Hummer gets traded to. Dell rams are who are not the rams their image of different yet doesn't matter who he is traded to Arizona. And the bills add a fifth round draft pick. How's that receive now that were in season. The kinda moves at the bills have made going into the season house a move like that receive now at one well is it still equally as positive or is there a little bit of it wait a minute give this team a chance to see what I can do before you start making moves like. I feel like. I feel like. Though the response to be the latter in fact I might even join that group really because. I don't think the season's going anywhere. And I think they're gonna I thought they beat the jets but I am now at least curious to see to me the next two games are gonna tell me how I feel about this team yet don't trade anything yet and get a couple week's UB five weeks but the eyes in October yet not a bit. And even upgrade five weeks I might feel that the Panthers and and though the Broncos also might throw in Atlanta you really wanna find out if you're Kim's good enough how to they do against the team that ran through the NFC last year do you can use can you. Be on the same football through the Lenin if you are that maybe that's your. Hey guys I think we underestimated the bills are I think the next two games I'm really curious you've got a great it is coming off shoulder surgery but this is the first of the big quarterback tests that you gonna face this season. In Cam Newton and you've still got a Denver team that you know at the very least has a really good defense and should be and in the playoff mix in the AFC. I would look at and say. Give me a couple of games before you make any more moves and figure out what you gonna do with their roster and trying to get more draft picks and put guys are on the market of it. Yep they're all available give it calling giving your best offer I wait a couple games and see exactly what this team chose me against the Panthers and Broncos because. I didn't learn anything on Sunday very little Mitt may be two or three things. I really need these next two games so I can figure out. Are they are they gonna surprise. Or it is going to be you know middle of the pack or lower Echelon top ten draft pick top five draft pick team I won't know until right now at least get through these next two games. Sort of put up a Twitter poll about this in his have to find a way to us to have to put the option to in the box that fits the number of characters. The bills have been aggressive and trading players for picks are you open to doing it again. Yes anytime it's fine or. I wanna see what is up first I wanna I wanna wait couple weeks just to no one I've got here. You might get a call on martial artist you might get a call on series users check Lawson if you care about what yesterday and sediment money. Reno would check Lawson two on Sunday not to say like he was a ghost just you know I'm waiting to kind of see the kind of player he was. He was rated the highest raw nonstop run stopper this on the edge by pro football focus maybe it. You know me I don't trust pro football focus but. Does affect the in this case they graded out Porter really high this week and ending intact needle had a good grade a damn good you know the bills could be on the bigotry generals now but the bills could be the team that teams that. Are expecting to be in the playoffs. Say. Open and trying to think of a team that's. Would have lost the player in the you know that they're going to be in the playoffs a team that knows it's going to be in the playoffs and loses a player the bills could be one of those teams that you call. That you you look and say all right you know what were going to be at plus we just we just lost our. Second string running back name a position you would call the teams that you think. Cleveland. Jets. Bills you would call teams that you look at and all of their rebuilding their they want more draft picks so let's call them in view we can make a deal with them that might be the role. That Brandon being in the bills will play as as we creep closer to the trade deadline at the end of October. Your you're the team people call up if they need a player because they lost the guy and they got to replace him and they know this is a a playoff team and you're not. So I have but that's right so I would wait I'd read a couple weeks. I don't hold any delusions that the bill's going to be a playoff team but I would like to see. If they're better than I thought they Wear out and I can't make that judgment yet it's too early. It's up bills have been aggressive in treading players for picks open to doing and again if an offer comes in yes anytime it's fine or not yet played out habits you can vote in that in my. Twitter poll that's while twitter.com that's TW I tutored on account. Yet two votes already one of them to me good brought the three. I voted not yet place tonight yet yet I don't know how I feel about this yet I you know we bring this up and I hadn't thought about like joining Jenkins could that be some sort of is it to set up. Moved and I you know what I don't know that ever thought of that with a National Football League team I just feel because of mostly because of being making moves. But also you know you hit a portion of the pre season. Where there were a flurry of trades and you start to read these articles about how while look at the NFL there trades all over the place we don't typically talk about the National Football League look what the NHL. Or Major League Baseball we're used to trades trades of the trade deadline trades you know we're used to that stuff. Put that doesn't happen by the way in the National Football League so that that is the first thing that I thought they out of a linebacker. Boehner if they're looking to shop and one of the linebackers well I I'm gonna vote in this Hamas how to animate that if Lorenzo Alexander maybe is a lefty that says we want a veteran linebacker who had struck. Ask fresh off the edge I predict. That any time is fine wins this poll because. Even the all they are. Not dead yet of course the one and only control our own destiny but. You know even the Watkins and army trades and any move since then any move that they've made to add any peace. Who was the most recent trade added a third rounder for who. They got an additional third I came to remember it was after Watkins and Darby there's another trade somewhere in their where they they've spy on a par. Anyway my point is this every single move is and with good. Load up like this this new era these two guys at the top they have at least a little bit of the belief. Of the of a lot of fans and if they were to trade away. A linebacker or that doesn't appear to be any major contributor to this team even if it's Preston brown even if it's. Ramon Humber right I mean I'm only gonna what is a lose sleep and if it's a fair price I just think you'd have a lot of fans that instantly say okay great squat when Sunday. Going to Sunday gave me all of the picks and I and that way I still get to root for my team on Sunday the rags and trade. Retro thank you Reggie rag on fourth affected and that way I did the best of all worlds but the bills have been trying to do this since they made the Sammy trade. And you know we've we talked about how. It's not exactly the easiest line to walk but for friends you never have to feel conflicted about it the jets they know their team wants to finish last. That there she really wants to use of your jets fan rooting against your team might feel awkward the bills want to make the playoffs and at a budget draft picks that is difficult to do but at least. Is a and you don't have to feel conflicted about it instead the conflict might come from a fan. Who doesn't want them to win if you don't they want to which you don't want them to so if they were to make a trade like this or didn't do anything set. At a Pickens still say. Yeah we got picked or try to win mean. Player acts was important as long as not McCoy or Taylor. Ticker pretty safe there and meeting glittering cog Nino other than those four guys. If they traded Jerry Hughes today it would immediately be about you know what I didn't like it hot head and like Cali was a little bit on this a planet. Big money we freed about the books just about any player on the team maybe outside McCoy could be Joseph. To fight pretty quickly but there are players on the team in Houston actually be at the top the list that I would still look at it go I'd still like to keep some talent around here you don't mind I mean that that I understand why you if you moved on from of they moved on from Doris I think most people would applaud. If they moved on from Hughes I wouldn't be happy you can give me reasons that I would understand it. He's not buying in the he's too much maintenance. Of the contracts that. But he's a talented football player and I just elect a dip keep unloading talented football players that the thing I'll get rid of being credit for vets. I like having a general manager who who seemed to go against the old standards of the National Football League I mean I don't think it in what way it it's too. Berkeley has not been a league that you know you would have a team look at let's say Sammy Watkins you'd have a team look at that in that they'd say look. Let's just play the season out maybe we sign a maid we tagged him I don't know a lot of teams would trade that guy with a year left especially a first round traffic. And he comes in when you know again the name Preston grounds in my head because. He's gonna be a free agent and may be the GM says you know what here's our value for Preston brown here's what we think you'll get in the market. We don't think we're gonna pay that kind of value Preston brown look and see Portland got four right now I think he's more reactive than than typical GMs are they usually. Set their roster Labor Day. And then we go and play. And they don't even think about well as a guy's got one year left on his contract what's his value on the market now what can we get for him if we make some calls I don't think an apology and typically opera. Nearly halfway and there's a lot of different standard sort of from players attacks are rights and his David Johnson going down mean it's possible that errors on a calls about McCoy. I don't think so. But it's possible you know there are so many teams where you ask yourself and he's out to laughter Thanksgiving months so they end and there are you know. They need help Carson Palmer that the team that wants to get back into the class anyway that would be an instinct phone call. Right. That's a very in phone rings you hey it's Bruce area ends let's stop or what Steve time Steve time. Let's talk about LeSean McCoy. I was thinking about Shawn McCoy in my driving today because McCoy his age vs Adrian Peterson's age Peterson. You know he played Monday night for the saints and they put up the stats career stats on the screen he's 32 he only carried the ball six times he looked great he probably want the ball more but on his first carry. It looked pretty good I thought wild and 32. There's something about McCoy whose 29 yeah like if McCoy can make it this year and next year and even to 31. You know as as someone who is now 38 myself. And I'll never understand what it's like to lose a half step that the NFL speed but I think back when I was 31 I think. Moe you know most okay. McCoy and running backs but not supposed to be able to be good at 31 but he'll be placed for this team this year and next year and maybe a year after that. He he's in his career is pushing towards poll fame status wall of fame status at least you know what is mccoys drive here probably win. And what's the bills motivation to keep him. Probably also to win cell phone call came in about McCoy. That would be an interest in one what's what's the price there if they traded LeSean McCoy we can officially end the discussion about whether they're trying to win. It's not here there's no debate anymore but they closed Blake can say they want to and it would be really hard to a slower if you thought if if if the walked in straight didn't go over well in the room. I'll look at trade you'd have guys looking around going. What the heck are we doing here you know they're there's no more disguising it you'd clearly be saying. Yet Tony seventeen is just about remaking our roster and you know McCoy opens up cap space we get out from a big running back contract we get another. I would I don't know where it would be even they would maybe it's not first rounder but to be a good draft pick yet that would. That would shock me ya I was surprised when I woke up and saw what they traded him to lock it and Ronald Darby through. Invite if I saw the bills are generally from a got I would be flat out stunned. And then I would say OK well Tony seventeen starts forget about the discussion of we're trying to win you can't even answer that question that way anymore pure bred in vina John McDermott. You can't say we're still trying to win in 2017 if you do if you don't read it yet but are there are probably straight three you can do it. The rag and trade is a perfect example I mean he you know but there was a third string guy what I was right and he got a fourth round pick for you so. Angela funny Jenkins added to the team in a position that we didn't think needed more bodies at. That's a that's a fair point and so while south come up that 730 Alaskan that I didn't I didn't text him about it. But it made me think. Is it set summed up and I think like I said you know what that's a good thing at at I think got. I like having to GM who is proactive I like having a general manager who again I think. Like me with a fantasy team like I was at that fantasy GM because they don't wanna put the time into managing the roster. I feel like that's really the Algeria through the bigger points and nine a yes I know that's tough that's life I don't I mean that's why I I got out of fantasy baseball for example. That was a every day roster out I thought that's just too much like do. Football wanna feel like doing it. Plug for the commercials they do anyway. I I like GM who takes the approach of the doesn't take an approach that I had during fantasy baseball season up hey here's my roster it's labored or sat. And I met Lola will talk again after the football season's over we'll assess where were. You should cut constantly be looking at the roster and try to figure out what's out there what deals are there and if you're rebuilding team like the bills. You should be answering every phone call from every GM about anybody on this roster and other than LeSean McCoy. Well. I'm open to a trader at any time I might wanna say let's talk about and on Monday. This Carolina game is a pretty good little test it what the Fed to step up and weight class for both teams as a mentioned in the updated top of the hour. Both teams get a little look at who they are and the reports of Cam Newton being rusty in that game against San Francisco I'll back in Washington to sell watch it he tweeted about a I want back and watch that game it's true. He did not look like the Cam Newton that we have seen. And the peak of his powers is not to say. That you know he's washed up he missed a lot of time. From camp Freddie missed some of the pre season because of a shoulder injury they were in it he wasn't really throwing a much of training camp there are ending its throw the two touchdowns he's been through major awards army be one touchdown the the want us in the first half at least was a busted coverage wide open player it was a lot like to throw the Tyrod made to O'Leary which got down like the one yard when -- basically the same kind of pattern or guys you know he rolls out a guys that open it's a nice play. But it's not like he's you know zippy in one through rule attire or three tires on the way with tight window and make it a crazy place. So Newton did not look great the Panthers is team in other it was shut down. Have just goes offence which is Brian Hoyer and what Carl I hierarchies good win guy gets good. Goodwin did have a drop in the game we did apparently there was a nice throw I think or made good who wasn't a little Bob together there are very limited options in their often now or it was. Awfully yes. Well it's a good test that's quite a lot I think you just sit tight gimme gimme a couple of weeks I think I think. This game is it for two reasons one it's the first legitimate test because the jets game was the jets game. And also this is where you start that stepped up against quarterbacks and you look at I was looking at the schedule that they would talk about the slow but later in the show. You know you always bring up the quarterbacks on the schedule you got Cam Newton you got Matt Ryan coming up in a couple of weeks you know this is were you begin. Their cars on the scheduled to breeze Philip Rivers and Alex Smith. Tom Brady a couple times this is the first test of hey how does the bills' defense do against one of the better quarterbacks in the league. Now we'll see how effective Cam Newton is. Is he still rusty does he have the zip on the ball is the offseason shoulder. Surgery a problem with him I don't know I I. By the time I tuned in to the Carolina game as you said you watch more of it they're running the football erupt when he three. But that's why I think I would sit tight because now I begin my true evaluation of the bills if the phones are ringing and people are calling. I guess if a guy like blew me away with the trade offer at this point I'd I would probably take it. But I would tell the rest Italy K idea job opened for business. Gimme a couple of weeks let me get Olivia evaluate a little bit more what I have here I wouldn't necessarily. Make any deals are now because they wanna see what this team is all about my expectations are low. But I'm willing to change my mind if they show me something these next couple games that's why would sit tied at that point. So I will start there 8030550. I was gonna treat this out I'll I'll do it in the break I cannot treat you talk the same time it's way too much. So Brandon being what you his approach be with the bills in terms of the roster. Let's let's sit tight but to die you write for a couple weeks maybe one of throwing the Atlanta game and that is one of the that the tutoring them game's end. Oakland right would probably be the four games you look at and go these are the toughest games on the schedule you might even look at opens at least that's home game. In Atlanta and the two New England games. What you Brandon beans approach BER you open to make trades now bill's fans keep reshaping the roster keep getting more draft picks or should he sit tight. Wait a game. Two games get through Denver let me see what they do against Atlanta. And then I'll figure out what you should do to remake your roster if need be. 8030550. To join us our fault lines are open right now 888550. To 550. There's anything else wanna talk about in the wide world of Buffalo Bills football. You can always join us on that and whatever else is undermined NFL NHL Major League Baseball to Italy winks you can bring it all up to us is Jeremy that. The context I did wake up this morning and think Jack Michael still has not been extended time still. Okay Elliot Friedman has in his thirty thought that ball like on the sabres agree when he gets done it's gonna be like a long term deal it's going to be an eight year deal. OK so who. How about it. In the near future top. All about them. I'm ready and the players report to training camp tomorrow maybe they waited to make a big announcement on medical check in day. Maybe it is funny how different. Training camps are like football they're all working out there they are they staying in shape around the country and in the coming to saint John Fisher and hockey sometimes they're skating in the same rank right and the difference is the Coachella you know what though that didn't sound right there in town a lot of guys coming to town a month and advanced two months in advance Steve almost every day. And then the coaches show up we shouldn't say the players report to camp it's coaches that report to camp in the playwright and there is pleasure skate all time. Chief the house you secretly watching things at the Harvard center. Shall be whether it's 730 this one XP the centers critical it will join us. Had a great weekend at the prospects tournament he would be Willis at 8:30 this morning. But the plenty of time to share your opinions with us today and NATO Treo 550 on WGR. I think he's gonna have a voice in all of its gonna hold players accountable and and it doesn't always have to head the row row I think it might be something that he puts as you know his foot down and and it's trite challenges of that. I think when you do that as the players a captain because there have been a captain assistant camp most record. It rises your game because now you're accountable to your to your words and your actions so. All of those characteristics. You know look at that. Phil Housley on the idea of the next captain of the Buffalo Sabres we don't know who that's going to be I wonder if they're not naming it because the guy hasn't signed yet they're gonna do when he signs or if you know. But the the thick let's figure out sports headlines the bills take a step up. Carolina this week and I'll add Giuliani Jenkins linebacker to the team they release McCormick right maven there's an injury settlement with TJ Yates who was in concussion protocol and has been released. Sean McDermott. 930 with the media today we'll carry that live here on WGR. Arizona remic David Johnson researcher probably out until after Thanksgiving. Jags and Bob bucks bulls cleared to play at home on Sunday the after effects of the hurricane of course you know Tampa and Jacksonville on the in Florida bulls cleared to play bowl host games this week. Pro Football Hall of Fame the early nominees are ouch the first you're eligible there are eleven that includes. Ray Lewis Brian Urlacher and Randy Moss. There are six builds on the list including former bills including Steve tasker and and TO if you'd like to county it was for real and he is a former bill. What else baseball last night Indians won again though woo woo new Indians now won twenty straight. That ties the longest win streak in American League history the open days of 2002 famous for money ball. Won twenty straight games the Dodgers snapped their eleven game losing streak and at the same time clinch a playoff berth the Yankees lost to Tampa Boston beat Oakland. And the Calgary Flames have said this that talks for a new arena. Have collapsed with the city so there will be no new arena for the Calgary four and Gary Bettman basically gave the old I'd be ashamed of some happens here team he give new. Almost the kiss of death like bulls will play the string out there and we'll see what happened he says it'll be hard for them to remain competitive. Now. Cool but ladies this comes. The day after it's announced that looks like Seattle's gonna be getting a new arena so those ears sports headlines the next update coming up. At 7 o'clock quick thing Korea I can trigger attacks about the iPhone. Acts the new bill is right up yeah yeah what happened in nine but I miss nine in an old but they go from eight to ten. There's a little thing in the iPhone announcement about sports and maybe the future of sports guy. Augmented reality. What this means is okay what's augmented reality remember when Pokemon go it's crazy out. Augmented reality is you hold your phone up yeah and your phone puts something into the world. But it puts all Pokemon care you can chase down via reality it's only augment Howard seems strangely interest in mess so confused. All it means is this that there was a very very brief part of this I'm reading an article from Yahoo! apple shall soft augmented reality. And Erik Fisher sports business journal says it was brief. But the feature with the new iPhone the scaffold aid actually holding up a phone a Major League Baseball games brings up player info. For instance you're sitting in the stands you hold your phone up and point at the third baseman and it is by no right on your phone screen swapped. Like his picture might come up if stats might come up you would have the ability to point your phone at the field right and maybe this happens. With football going forward I mean listen we look at our phones enough as it is now we would look at the real world through our phones. But it's something that perhaps down the line in the future whatever might be. This changes the way that some people consume more take in. Sports guy and click if you think weighed on the line for this if enough people were doing this I know it sounds crazy to some degree if enough people were doing that. You'd probably then get commercials live. In real time during it seems like it across the bottom of your screen. Or there's a pop up and you know you're seeing those center fielder stats pop on the screen as he catches in the may be as those stats are sponsored by silence though. So augmented reality it's one of the things that apple showed off at their little speech I didn't want to speak it is saw the article on how it ties into a baseball. Seoul. They're occurred mainly train article I would understood anything or treating you'd have to explain an alternate media changes our world. There's facial recognition now with this phone yes and I just I guess that I thought. It's the ten I just thought what happened to the nine I was there a nine. No right it was skipped over seven to eight and there's a ten for the tenth anniversary. And I really wouldn't be able to all the different each year with those shoot my wife like a month or two ago we found a gutter to ditch or four. I'm way behind on this stuff. Can it help me do we have a phone yet the wheel accurately predict games outcomes of games I don't think so. When they get one of those let me know will do well lives but it accurately doesn't in sports are dead noble than pick the bills of the lot more fact that the the flawed. I did a bad thing I treated out. You know pay bills fans what burning question is undermined this morning and I thought. Well it's one of those things that I'm hoping I would get serious football responses but that would lead to of people coming back with some really crazy weird. Odd stuff what did you do. A guy as Alec what burning question is undermined this morning. Now the first one I got was a real life. No I'm sure that all of this that that's always a good one I'm always the Lindbergh baby the moment that the old Ono. No one of them was you know what birdie bill's question not burning light wood burning bill's question is undermine this morning. And the first two responses were will we be bad enough to get a high tech and next it was something about. Getting drunken table slam videos to stop showing up and it's 00. When that happened yet when there's a new stadium how how did the bills get drunk entails and videos to stop showing up on that's been. So that's my guess here's my that's your burning question of the day this morning maybe opted to. Rea rethink the topic there. The gum. Next two games. How much you think the next two games will tell us about the bills I'm marketing is Atlanta game even though everything the best team of these next two games are both games you look at ago. Hey they are winnable game to go and everything to go tells apple season dip on the whole can devote I think it'll tell all us. Twelve times what the jets game tell tells us I don't I don't think the jets game really told us much of anything I think you could go on advertising affinity. Comparing it to the jets game yeah I don't I don't think the number can be east. The number can't be high enough. In terms of comparing it to the jets game. Yeah I that's why set I think and our discussion with Brandon beat I'm really anxious to see this game Sunday really amp to see what the bills' defense does against Cam Newton. We've talked about the bills' run defense was very good in the pre season for what it's worth. Shut down Matt Forte amble all pol lead to legitimate weapons the jets had OK now you deal with the Christian McCaffrey and Jonathan Stewart. And what is apparently an improved offensive line and Carolina. And now your gonna go up now the offense I said I was I was pleasantly surprised with the play of the offensive line against the jets. Say what you want about the jets but most people will agree that the last some talent up front I say the left side and very happy guys and they didn't really run to the right side and weren't affected their. This is a much better defensive front seven. They're going to face in Carolina may be may be if not the best one of the top line backing core is in the entire National Football League. And how the offensive line of the offense fares against them and it's a great test for the bills on Sunday and as I said. You know Cam Newton can can you handle Cam Newton is the first of a number of really good quarterbacks on your schedule so. I can't wait for Sunday I'm I'm the excited about this in the Denver game which is why say. If I'm Brandon being I'm just gonna sit tight and she would have got the next couple games and then it would help me determine. How much on the phone right after that and what guys I wanna move off this roster before the trade them Newton a net. Great year last year and you know the stories of roster so far after game one of all the quarterbacks the bills we'll have to face how many of them do you would you say are better. The new. Deities have as the first all of the really good quarterbacks. Okay. How many are better brains twice yes and the car I wrote down the list or Ryan Ryan yes. I'd say Brees Brees yes. Okay I'm not putting Alex Smith on this list I'm sorry I just I'm just gonna take that to migrate my separateness Philip Rivers rivers yes but it's by the time they play note because the only other quarterbacks I think there there are eight quarterbacks you look at on the schedule look if he's healthy and any any front right is better right. But. He's on an awful football team like I know let's get lock as the guy who singularly himself. Could beat the bills that day I don't think the cult when that football game. Like I was and and I don't put salt on a list that I wouldn't put Winston there yet. Not better than Newton know and I don't know that I put those guys on the prime quarterback list I got eight games against prime quarterbacks county Brady twice by the way. And it's Newton Ryan Carr Brees rivers did through Alex Smith on the list of OK they've lost Alex Smith before so I put him on the list. So those guys and Britain twice I didn't put Dalton mayor didn't put Winston I don't think Winston's earned it yet. And I didn't put luck there because I think the cards are so stacked against Andrew Luck even if he comes back and he's healthy. That's such a horrendously bad football team around him. In all aspects that I I wouldn't put luck on that list of the of the quarterback tests I think he's really screwed quite honest in Indianapolis and an and one of the weapons he did have they traded to new England and Phillip or sat. They are a big cut candidate I got a lot of text yesterday and emails and everything about what the colts would do but what if the colts pick first. If you're a colts fan and lock these general up from week to once you get two weeks three weeks four if the colts are. To win five. Of any team in the league it may be should root for their team to finish in last place. It might be the colts are ahead of the jets' final home of a way to humble host in Indianapolis today and saying listen let's be honest it's exotic in the playoffs. We have our quarterback look he needs. How a lot yes. Let's finish with the last pick traded. And get like five pick picks them right because Andrew Locke needs help right there most of sitting at one and saying OK we got the that's got the whole draft take attach I need but you need multiple you have multiple holes they need so much talent soul. If if you're in the and that penal for bills fan wants the bill to trade up and pick maybe Sam carnal or whatever Indy is a great target for that they're not going to trade bloc. There are not going to caught lock and draft quarterback depth they're gonna keep the guy they know is good. Granny might not be healthy right now I don't know what the long term of that injury is. You know when Peyton Manning got her the ultimately decided we're gonna move on because we don't think you can play long term. And and looks coming out. If Europe the colts. This season could really be a big time win for you. Just by getting to the bottom of the draft. And knowing that the browns haven't won a Texan might want that spot. The bills might want that the jets what would they be willing to give up at the jets are picking for you know what would maybe San Francisco may be there are so many teams that are gonna wanna move up in that first top 123. We don't even really talked about the teams that might give in that discussion discussion yes and damage in Arizona I mentioned Cincinnati. Someone email means that what about Washington. Okay that if they're moving on to cause its cousins is gone all the sudden there's a big hole there for them there will be a lot of teams that wanna get there and the colts are a prime candidate. To move out. You know what it's funny I wonder. Due to cold look at with the colts look at the way you laid it out. Or do that are the colts in a little bit of a dilemma here because. There in such a bad division I I think you know let's see who may I mean the call if if the jags are legit. The colts can easily finished last in that division but that division is so bad I feel like anybody that division thinks you could win the division at nine and seven. Maybe you win the division at eight Nate it's sold so bad so even. I wonder that and affects the colts would they still look at and go you know what yeah this isn't happening let's start unloading pieces and stockpiling picks. Or would they not necessarily do that because I think we'll get like healthy. And by golly this is the AFC south. Houston struggling and they do play well they continue to struggle. That you'd look I guess you would look at Tennessee and say that would be the team to beat in the division but I wonder that it impacts the Jim Irsay. Or or the front office in Indianapolis thinking we would necessarily blow it up. Because in this division you're never that far away it's just not that strong a division. 8030550. To join us this morning 888550. To 550. How much. Is on the line for the bills these next two games in terms of learning what this team in this season is all about and we were talking earlier about brand and dean and you know how aggressive should he be in terms of exploring possible trades for this team remember there was a report that record for opening day anybody on defense was available. Around the national four police from the bills if you if you were willing to make trade. So should it be that aggressive right now or are. Bill's fans you wanna sit tight let's wait a couple of games two maybe three games and it's truly see what this team is all about 8030515. To join us it's Wednesday. So that means is hoagie hump day. So tweet us at WH ER 550 today when you do that use the hash tag hokey hope day and that will put you in the running for 25 dollar gift card to Jim's steak. Hokey hope day also means that all eight inch obese or just six dollars and fifty cents that's going on all day which in stake out again. Tweet act WGR 550. Use the hash tag OB hump day per chance at the 25 dollar gift card to Jim's steak out. That a part of hokey hump day Wednesday. I would think so and amex's home more he's been you know I think so so you know I know him and he's fired and decide decide on this fireman we're we're excited about their play on Sunday and you know it's going to be it's going to be fun atmosphere. Those safety Jordan pore had a very impressive debut on Sunday in the win over the jets Shawmut to talk about Sean McDermott going back to Carolina. Souls Mike Tolbert. And and turn that to Joseph lab Joseph Webb that's right. Who is now a special teams demon for the bills all going back Carolina Mike anybody else Kaelin clay if he suits up. He was an active the other day but he will be that's true we could be going back to Carolina to this probably one or two other guys I'm forgetting eagle 30550. To join us this morning. 888550. To 515 we're talking about. The next two games Carolina at Denver. And how much will you learn about the bills you anticipate learning about the bills these next against we're talking about Brandon being. And I mentioned for whatever reason when I saw the John Jenkins are thought they'd does that mean they're trading a linebacker. They appear brand convene and reportedly. Anybody and defense was available for trade going up to the season opener. What are you wanted to do bills fans be aggressive keep looking to move guys right now get more picks to whatever your plan is war. Sit tight for a couple of games and evaluate what this team is all about since the jets game didn't really give anybody a true indication it wasn't really gauge to use for how this team might be this season so Jeremy traded up Paul I think you should sit tight for couple games and figure out what you have. We'll talk about that as I say hey whatever else on my with the bills you can let us know industrial fire pit to join us 888552. For fifty they play Carolina Sunday. Of course we'll have the game here on WTO beginning at 7 AM with breakfast with the bills since he signed. Just twittered out and I'm also appear lazy you don't wanna check the tweet. Permanent send this link it's a breakdown at the big lead dot com of a Sam Donald passive at the headline is Santorum makes one pass that shows why scouts are drooling over him. So feel like I'm on a checkered Twitter feed deer or uneven half sweater. A good time detects the word college to 55515. I'll send the subtle little bit later this more than more people are waking up. Just a little film breakdown of a great Sam Arnold play depth so tech's college to 55550. You'll get when the guys at the college guys are gonna play. Well out and maybe some of the results sometimes some film breakdown. Just whenever I feel like people on that list might want a seat. I send it to them never to early never to late is not what the thirty club rugby taxing you when you know 1 in the morning because Edmonton went to a shootout none of that. I promised to keep it between like 8 AM in. On the I batted like eleven on the weekends depending on who's playing. So tech's college to 55550. To get on that list also note that economy one more recommendation sure the Sam Donald podcast. I think it comes on Wednesdays it's called season of Sam and while we might go to the jets are Michael and number one or let's say in school. It's pretty cool. I'm already really enjoying watching all these college guys you can listen to the one you treated out the other I was never episode so far what it what he's talking about the other day. He had Dilfer on Trent Dilfer really yet they talked about a lot of things in Dilfer told a story about how he got booed in a restaurant with his wife wants. So he's he's drafted high by the box right trend over drafted. I think top ten maybe by the walks. And he's not very good he's not having a good season they're bad and he and his wife go out to dinner and as they walk in. They announced that he's waiting for table. They announce his name your tables ready in our right fought right Trent Dilfer to death and he said that the whole restaurant. Food. Loudly. And he turned to his wife and he said we are not leaving we're all okay we are one not loving double bird and then walked out no. He said. He sucked it up and then walked to their table and sat down on the eight guys got some. The point was on the Yankees relaying the story to Sam Arnold on on the podcast and is what Sam Arnold is seeking. Mikey he's looking for advice from people from his elders from his peers from impact how to deal with. Diversity leadership being a quarterback the meaning college. And the message there from Dilfer was basically like there are going to be tough times you better be radical right down through it. Cool story there you know. I don't think I would stay for dinner voted told those people to go do something and and left the building. Which probably is not the thing you're supposed to do but it didn't mentally it's a good illustrates got tough moves at a time out to dinner booed at dinner. I'll it's fun have stuck now I'm thinking of Craig regain the stories she tells about what happens to Canadians players in Montreal on their way from the rink I just think at some point. You tell folks paid to game you know lighten up and move on with your life. Losing out yes I elected that article that was it was a nice throw he made but it's a really cool breakdown when Jeremy treats without. You'll see the video of the play but then the author of the article basically did a nice. Almost a frame by frame with the still shots. All of the whole place the pre snap read the drop back. He's got you know you're looking at the route the various guys that are running where they're supposed to go it's a breakdown of what the defense is showing him. What the defense wants the quarterback to think on the play. And it also says but here's what darn old things and everything it's very inching to watch. Who's a really cool breakdown so when he when he said that I'd make sure you do check up on its it was a really good break on the and one play from the game against. Stanford. Stanford effort. 8030550. To join us 888552. Deputies out coming up at 730. Wool talk more with him how much will you think you will learn about the bills these next two games. You throw in the Atlanta game as we talked about so much. The jets game was I don't know what you gain from that they relent on the was much to gain so how much is on the line these next couple games in terms of what you think the bill's going to be this season. We have tickets to giveaway for. TS so trans Siberian orchestra coming back to buffalo and this year it will be Saturday December 16. At the keybank senator you can win tickets right now before you can buy them they go on sale Friday morning at ten. At tickets dot com but we have a couple of pairs to give away right now elected you're trying to win them. Or one pair anyway called out 6449878. Minimum dollar the prices fifty dollars is courtesy of my nation general contest rules apply. We'll take callers five and six and each of you win a pair of tickets to see TSL. Again 6449878. Your chance to win the tickets and on sale if you don't win them and they are on sale Friday morning at ten at tickets dot com.