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Wednesday, September 13th

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He's always Simon Jeremy why it took out here who wants to be. Or one hour special. Secret you know we are girls builders get shall we are so they're. Yeah there's little doubt that seat available or not it's not bought Dennis and I thought. You can kind of and it's. Like yeah I found out here that's trying to kill. It's worked out. Thank you just fortune package stretched. It puts her blood is. All it is made in the text. Senator here before we. Blew a lot of sports writers that Dunlop he made it might urge our I guess I you know it. On WG ER Sports Radio 550. Have you but we try to be adventurous food flailing. You know like please pepper. So yes. Does it talked about how much you make economy on the show now she doesn't ever scold you for that now she's a good woman yeah. I still have no idea why she now argue. Semester had pepper yes. Yeah I kind of our season Mike meets with ever among others I got a person and you know you could fluorescent beer at some point you're gonna floor us again with a food. Or something you've never tried so this thing called a vote of the call it again. Cream cheese what is yeah is that what is that your country she's read that you agree geez. M relish in our relish. No because I don't think I'd like. Never rallies. No not that shocking but it's it's no it's on the way it's again but it's I don't try things that I don't think I will like how do you know. Thanks mom. You what you are you my mother how do you know I like just I have I have a sixth sense I feel like I should I feel like you have foreseen as you know it takes. I I'm just I'm going to depend Howard some wow I guess I I on the same kind of person that if I don't think him oil like something I'm not going to try it but it's not as extensive mobile list at the same time means strawberries man. C'mon you know you waited a long time on that what what. Basically for food is colorfully think you'll like you know necessarily Pete colorful and is the cancer. So I still don't don't don't hurt yourself now or reason for this stuff instant trivia coming up at the end of the segment. Got away with Carolina trivia you mentioned the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Two quick things on that. So the there are 111 year eligible players the three big names on the list are Ray Lewis Brian Urlacher Randy Moss or locker. Moscow is in right hold on. Terrell Owens bucket around I don't but I know I'm just talk about the furniture they are treated. Terrell Owens like das goes in before TOY because he's in the media now he's now not wait now he makes friends. Randy Moss was not a model citizen neither I know I know he was very how how different was he then Terrell Owens. Terrible I think they were very similar terms of headaches sure. So it always doesn't get in that means moss doesn't get in and that means that would this whole fame class that bill induct two people what is Ray Lewis skating and Ray Lewis is real loose getting in this year right. He's a first I'm hall of Famer I pitcher Greg Lewis gets in easily this is one of those cities and areas with the people in the room have to sit down like guys hold on second. Are we about to do what we did to Randy Moss but what we did Carol to Randy Moss and while doing that. Put in a brave Lewis do you think he's not gonna get in this year. I think you did an event I think he gets in first time I think it's a travesty that Terrell Owens didn't Gannett get into it here and if they do the same thing to moss that will also be a joke yeah and if Ray Lewis cozy in a while those to wait. Then they should all just quit just like let other people do wit yeah. I've been to Moscow is in before TO. An adventure Ray Lewis goes in first year. I think I think Ray Lewis goes in because they'll they'll not think about the incident Atlanta public all about. Super Bowl rings and leader of a franchise and play making linebacker and his intensity and everything. I think Ray Lewis I don't have any doubt in my mind that those voters you're saying look they're not about to obstruct his way it is a process has been voting process yes. They will not obstruct his process into the hall of fame. I really don't see it happening. I just I just don't then I I and end it now it opens up a really great debate about how a guy who obstructed. In investigation into murder as opposed to a player who ate popcorn and danced on the cowboys logo. And signed a foot. Ball and stocked Donovan McNabb on the sideline. And had a reality show and I'm trying to think some of the other stuff TO did. Sign in football the cowboys logo what else. What are what are the worst things TO did a loss of us had legal issues right to right Ross Britain must like bump into a cop one time when NASCAR yes what does she what T ghost transgressions I don't get anything off the field day. Well there's the timing it too much fun. As upset and hate that she go if you look at TO tell me the voters in the room he held out talking about shield bill. Bill point makes the point that in all good teams ultimately moved on from him he doesn't make the point that when teams got in the got better. They did the Eagles got him in. They got better yet the 49ers he caught a game winning touchdown in a playoff game. Belarusian they doctor for a league ball clubs they bull made players. Better moss and Terrell Owens are two of the best receivers to ever play yeah you know what must goes then. Because New England picked them up I think that's a big part of it at because that that the patriots who would not take chips is on just anybody. They felt they could sign off on Randy Moss he goes in and he goes in because he's in the media now. He's got I don't think about the he's gonna wanting to work trying to tell that will result yeah I know he doesn't earlier told us Ray Lewis ESPN I don't let's ESPN number I thought. It was moss NFL network okay Lewis yes again. Or is he not a comedian and I don't think he's in the media and you get the media make friends and you get in the hall of fame obviously. I hadn't thought about the media angle with Randy Moss I just felt like they would put him in. Over TL I feel like there'd be. More people unhappy with some of the stuff TO did than some of the stuff Randy Moss that well maybe show that if the moving of the Green Bay Packers fans. On the at the the basis of this is all three of them on football aren't undoubtedly first ballot hall of famers here. And if you're gonna keep out Owens for what he did. Then you have to do it from loss and you have to do it for Ray Lewis you have to but that doesn't mean they're going to help it sure I don't think they will other first year guys Brian or locker what do you think. It's funny I think our lockers gonna go when I first year not first year show no wind eventually shot first he should not be a first ballot and you know I thought I I I do think Ray Lewis is going to right away and I really think the voters like look at it and go. Lewis is going to end we can't put our locker into her locker is gonna wait we got other guys we got to get in the hall this year the other first time guys Ronde Barber no. Donald Driver you know. Steve Smith. Now the Carolina Steve Smith but a different Steve Smith and I don't even remember who that is giants receiver I got to look at numbers about a remembered quite honest often sublime and Steve Hutchinson. Offensive lineman Matt Birk Jeff Saturday Richard Seymour and well raise my hand play can't go in if Richard Seymour red state of the patriots you know and that's why you'll go where the patriots traded him so clearly he just doesn't belong in the hall of fame. Steve Smith giants okay. And you I do moss is on ESPN that trench yeah that in great ideas and I think Ray Lewis got fired earliest and right and I think he's doing media name might be doing it and Baltimore potentially. All it this is yet it's it's your out a certain number of years everybody cells were right because Steve Smith's career was. In one season with a hundred catches that. I don't remember if you're not the best player of your own name you can go isn't giants Eagles rams box. 2007 to 2012 tour of 45 catches 2600 regards thank you for coming though you get to the halls to buy a ticket at the front door. Yeah a.'s best known for Super Bowl wrote the first time the giants ones against New England. He has Bogut. Don't know yes there's a guy like a third down kind of guy you know him. And he added that he would not easier for him but this is one of those things where you your you urology you can walk in this room. You're eligible but he's yet he's not going it. Yeah I I I think Lewis is gonna go and I don't know about TO he was a finalist last year and I would still say I bet she doesn't go this year. I don't know when he goes and I. I think the discussion in the room that I bet you there a lot of guys in that room that resents him for who he was and that and the character he had and all that I don't know when he goes he's not only him. Alt one of the all time great receivers but he's also hold up a central figure in the explosion on the passing game in fantasy football. And the popularity NFL. As the NFL rule in the what two thousands to the monster that it is today are probably like fifteen players. That you could say visa Peyton Manning Tom Brady mean there's much quarterbacks and of course are all time greats. But the receivers are moss owns Harrison. The are running backs might be boy gotta go back in time and forgot what might be. Terrel Davis Shaun Alexander like as the league really went from where it was to where it is today. Egan blister off twenty players that had a big part in that an Owens is at the top of that way. That you just named three receivers. Like right now in in this day and age you would probably mention Larry FitzGerald you mentioned three white guys who were the preeminent guys like there was that. Elite group we breakdown elected elite quarterbacks. Both three receivers were leaked. Then moss owns our I don't know that anybody else was in that group of three I think are good their error or five years it was those three right and then everybody behind so that's why separate that's why all three. Paris and women are determined to eagle and already dead right. All three should be in the hall of fame but again when you get into the room when you get in front of the voters than they take this is. This is why you're getting upset about the Ray Lewis thing you'll sit there and have a discussion and TL might not get in because she was too. Demonstrative. And too much of a meat guy but Ray Lewis was involved in the legal issue and obstructing justice I'm. I'd be surprised because goalie I've really would. Yet if he does okay right then the voters I guess I I guess I have to give them credit because I don't think they're gonna use that as as the means to keep him out. Almost what they do this would they would they look at and all you know what Urlacher squeaky clean let's put him in Ray Lewis. He's gonna have to wait because of what happened. I just don't think they're gonna do that and TO I think he gets and I think this is one of those things where. If you're Paula fame voter. He's beat. If if TO is not in the hall of fame at some point then why do you have a hall of fame you may not like the guy personally. But you can't deny his statistics his productivity his impact on the game and as we said he moss and Harrison with a preeminent receivers other Ares can't deny that. That keeps you in the hall of fame the question is how long does you have to wait. And do you penalize the guy and say well you know he was a jerk so many times we gonna wait 345. Years when the but we're gonna wait I you know what this year or not to get caught up on too many guys and all I this year TO gets in the that's how it works. And I don't think it'll be as big an issue for Randy Moss I'm not kidding I think because Bill Belichick thought it was okay to bring in Randy Moss it's almost like. You know his holiness is signing off on Randy Moss is a guy should go in the hall of fame while Belichick was good enough for ballot Jack. I can't vote him out let's put and so he'll go into. Moss is one of the ring of honor in Minnesota to take on the money Nike and they had him they're given a speech to Minnesota fans he thank Dennis screen for drafting him. Moss was one of those. The we'd guy right yeah draft the weak guy always draft the wee guy. The tool but the two biggest ever draft that we guys. Not if that is exactly what their issue was in college Warren Sapp and and Randy Moss. Didn't must go through two programs that Florida State and Notre Dame and Notre Dame than Florida State and ends up at Marshall now. So I I I wanna say that that true major division one programs that time moved on from him but. Yeah he's clearly hall of Famer and and so I was Terrell Owens and so is Ray Lewis is just a matter of when they decide to put these guys in and well it it should it. Make for existing discussions. The six bills by the way TO Steve tasker Cornelius Bennett Darryl Talley can hold Ruben Brown. The only guys got a shot of that list is T none of those other bills are going and then and I know bill's fans think that tasker should be an. I don't see the voters after reporting Steve tasker in the pro football fame and the other guys are great wall of famers but they're just not going to be Kendall. But anyway just joining us 8030550. How much will the next two games. Determine where the season goes for the bills Carolina Sunday on the road. This is a follow up on the hey guys it was the jets what are you gonna really take from that Carolina and then. Denver at home with talk about that with you at NATO Treo 550 got a tweet about Jeff Saturday getting in because of the Manning hype. Possibly means offensive line in the won an awful lot of games and Chinese that the colts forever yeah yeah but there are guys like Steve Hutchinson was one of the top offensive lineman in his error. Matt Birk and yet outside I couldn't sit here and in and give your great evaluation of often sublime and but I don't know that Saturday I can't believe Jeff Saturday would be at the couple less profitable him to go in the Pro Football Hall of Fame even with a connection to Peyton Manning. The bills are seven point underdogs this weekend in Carolina. There are a handful of games that have bigger spreads actually I'm I've got to them in better forget it the two biggest spreads. Niners and Seahawks at thirteen and now I have to go jets and raiders is fourteen but at the the teams that the games that are right. Around them to give you an idea like what does the league think what is Vegas think but the bill's chances for the Panthers. They have the ravens a seven and a half point favorites against the browns. They have the bearers. Seven and a half point underdogs to the box. And those are your only other seven point cardinals cardinals colts don't know seven and a half yep there ago. Cardinals are seven point favorites against the colts let's roll really bad games right. Cardinals colts I mean I wouldn't want touch the colts because they're just the mass without locked knees are even ruled out. Sell a seven point spread at that sounds about right you're going to Carolina. There's reason for for people to doubt the bills. When look at the ravens love this too much ravens love after their first defense is supposed to be banned like I doubt gap in out. But but okay. It's still a really bad offense and Joseph Flacco missed the entire summer and he didn't look that good in the opener against Cincinnati. Like there what would they 77 an app over Cleveland hung with Pittsburgh the browns what went played the Steelers. Pretty close lost by three but I'm reading a lot of stuff. Like. You know the of the week one assessments of what happened early and everybody jump on the ravens bandwagon. Sorry about it I just think Baltimore is a really battle offensive football team. I don't think the defense is that great are we talking about Ray Lewis is Super Bowl your defense Flacco won completing nine passes and only got like nine at seventeen there's I don't know he was hit a bad day I just don't see them. Winning enough football games I think the love on the ravens it's a little bit overblown at this point. While I believe in him to a point in that division. I'm a bit of that again I've been telling and I think the browns are going to be better than expected. Well I like other killer why you would like seven and a half I like the over for the browns that that the for a half them on win total for the browns the last side like that over. Partisan trivia for Carolina this week you ready for this instruments in Korea I'm excited for it. Cam Newton. Cam Newton related. Cam Newton has started this is his seventh season starting as the starting quarterback for the Carolina Panthers 20111213. 14151617. Soul seven seasons. In the seven seasons before Cam Newton seven different quarterbacks. Start of the game for the Carolina Panthers. Can you name the seven quarterbacks who started. In the seven seasons before Carolina before Camden it doesn't mean one per year some guys analog starts but. You know you've got a guy with one you know a guy with three a guy with for a guy with five guy with six. Yeah I got three of them RI AAB a fourth. And here's where a a closet Panthers fan bowling. You wanna go lone wolf they're crowd are all mobile here but I'll let you run the table the issue if you're confident up go ahead run at all right well Jimmy Claussen Jake DelHomme are pretty easy ones that Camden yup those are both right. Our rights I do believe that now let's hear. There's bad ones there with me Claussen season. It took to the forehand sorry. That's right there were DelHomme is easy any at all VW went on Super Bowl. QB in Jimmy Claussen with the recent stop following them that Smart growth. On I'm pretty sure that it's. With Jimmy Claussen season. Did Joseph Webb and up starting game before Cam Newton no no okay. And are are joining hit the doubts they'll Miami Dolphins roster oh my god Matt Moore Matt Moore is correct though. That might have been right started thinking yeah I meant more to pretty good backup. Meg there I got bad I got a guy but he might be too old team might be outside of your. Cut off point the cut off point it goes back to 2005. Okay Rodney Q is there and appeasing correct. Chris Weinke. That is. Correct the three of them lastly the two of them with a long more on the same roster but he pinkie and a missing for more guys that started new. In the seven seasons before Newton Newton who has played seven seasons. Let's see that out immediately and so boy Erica you guys that you should. You know I'll tell you this it Tony Pike started I don't know by now getting distracted by them what was Cincinnati their head there and yeah. Two of these guys are and definitely thought of his players for other franchises. Hidden. And obscene. One guy played for three other teams in the AS three teams in the AFC play forever. He's not a hall of Famer but he's way up in the all time yardage stats. The move toward it AFC. By giving the teams you'll get him right away. It's he's color blind. These are these Vinny Testaverde I go. He couldn't because that was the probably this interceptions he couldn't tell who Selma was which team and as you know one of the Cyrus is that the story of why the ravens won't purple yes because he couldn't tell the helmet to park this guy's a former first overall pick. A first overall first overall pick former quarterback OPEC. But a couple games are Carolina never thought of them with Carolina you divisive the other team get right away. Karl he. It's bad they play tomorrow night. The team he was picked first overall life. OK it's events Clark David Carr David I don't remember which bureau to go and down the final answer in the final. Starter. In this guy this isn't quite an account. It's not quite a it's not gonna viewers not Huard but if you had a brother cook. To get a brother these guys would be an accountant viewers he is the occasional. If not right answer he's a gas all the time one text or does have a I think of him I go back to give him with the Steelers. Bryant saint Pierre correct all the good that's nice Paul he needs a brother so he can join them accounts in the Huard Ryan saint Pierre added. Ben ruffles her it'll come but apparently forgot what you impersonating him and Ben Roethlisberger now he gets a wide range he played in one game for the Steelers attempted one pass one game for the cardinals attempted four passes. And one game for the Panthers where he actually started it was his only start of his career so remember that. For future trivia is Brian Xavier started one game he was in the league for seven years and started one game. Yeah I'm looking as Wikipedia page added relativity here are eight years 20032010. And so yeah those those are seven guys in the Cam Newton showed up and he's your starter. Little bit of an upgrade. Well that the that worked out well for the Panthers continuity for them death and 8030550. To join us when we get back Sal will be Willis with the latest on the bills including the move yesterday bringing in the linebacker Joseph Lonnie Jenkins will talk about that with him. We make. A brand new contest for yet at WGR 550 dot com this football season you can let down that Keating interceptor heating bills. By switching over to the high efficiency and low cost of natural gas heating you can get rebates to national fuels heating conversion rebate program. Bell lab Keating will even pay the heating bills for one lucky fan hopefully that you. All you need to do effort just to in his register at WGR 550 dot com today there is no purchase necessary for more comfort and less can change. Give bell a ring. These cell comprise GO. Well cup unsealed. I'll go bungee ills combined GO sound gut punch yields. DiMaggio. Upon geo sound go to our geo on WGR. Good to sell one moment some bills news they sign a linebacker July Jenkins Howard's asked. The first nine miss the show that could be like a move where they load up a linebacker to someone's gonna be on the way out in its treatment we'll talk that itself. Jenkins 34 starts over three years with Miami the bills released Greg made and to make room mails released court Rick TJ Yates after reaching an injury settlement with him. John McDermott it's the media at 930 we'll carry that live here on WGR Arizona's running back David Johnson months probably until after Thanksgiving. Which means one out of every twelve fantasy owners let out some sort of app for elated bomb yesterday. Maybe more than one with twelve bucks more we have more leagues so Skopje ASCII Thursday Yahoo! Sports at 930 but I did have what do you do now get David Johnson. But they they signed a brought Chris Johnson back in Arizona got to add that into the headlines OK first time eligible hall of famers include. Ray Lewis Randy Moss Brian Urlacher baseball the Indians when their twentieth enrolled the Dodgers snapped their eleven game losing streak. Yankees lose Boston wins that is a four game. Gap between those two and other sabres report for camp tomorrow. Elliot Friedman says that whenever it happens eichel and the sabres both pretty much agree it's it's the long term deal with the Maxiell like eight years whenever it happens. So that's piece of good news I do wanna talk apparently though. But yourself. I'm here cells on the AT&T hotline brought you buy outlet liquor need to stock up shop New York's only outlet liquor myself how are you. The guys that boring you. Got a question for you but actually have a few but let me start this one so I saw the July to jenkins' story hours reading your right at the WGR 550 dot com the first thing I thought of was. Did they need another linebacker. And does that mean is this like a precursor to its someone's going out. It's a curious move to me because of how the numbers shake out because your only the only of four corners now. I am more interested in the fact that they let go of great need in the fifth corner than they are that they have an excellent record tell you why I think this could be just a simple. Hate for one week we're gonna face a team here that really likes to. Get their running backs and tight ends involved in we might need a little extra coverage mart line backing group on first and second down. Because if you watch and I have I've gone back and watch the Panthers team from last week. And I I too read about this yesterday you know we talked a lot about the bill's not using their wide receivers that much needed that the Panthers in fact. Cam Newton had fourteen completions only five of them to wide receivers and I went to running backs and tight ends increasing McCaffrey's a big part of what they do so. I'm I'm thinking maybe this is because on first and second down. You wanna make sure you have a little more criticism a little more coverage ability with jewel which to money Jenkins brings you but what's curious to me is now your only left with four corners which doesn't really allow you to play as much nickel. Could you integrate Jenkins that quickly south that even just for a handful of plays on Sunday. Yet you you can't I mean you'd have to make sure that it's it's very basic for what he needs to do. You have to base basically kind of be very very sure your team play NC when you're on the field we're expecting this happens you know. You're covering your near backer you know your uncle with this kind of flat or something like that so you could do it I mean obviously you couldn't get to elaborate with them you know he's definitely for years so he's that in different systems. But they against this particular scheme is not all overly complicated. It's not putting him into Rex Ryan's scheme right away it's it's you know one that's a lot more simplified but you can do it just saving maybe. Maybe he's not even active and they like him just for something on the road I don't know ovals CO shakes out. Well I mean I saw the trade and that's I guess I read your article right in my head I'm hearing that you know the report that came out the other day that. Everybody on the bills' defense was available for trade going to the opening of the season tonight. I thought okay this guy has been a three year starter in your wrote he can go sideline to sideline he fits the scheme he could cover. Backs tight ends if need be and I thought okay they set up the deal I don't know pits. Is it Preston brown to knock on the resigning in free agency is it more of an outside linebacker guy is that hey some team wants Lorenzo Alexander for depth I couldn't get out of my head. They'd bring Jenkins ins because because you know they're gonna set up another trait of a linebacker. No I would not that much into power I. It simply just look at it as this is something that they feel they need. Maybe for this week or moving forward maybe they saw something last week they didn't like is ours there. Coverage ability with their line backing groups so I wouldn't read that much into it. I mean luckily every week we're gonna see different different things like this they also worked out a reportedly. Kim Martin Buffalo News reported the worked out Stephen Hill the former second round wide receiver. Of the jets the site Malick I Dupree to the practice squad wide receiver so these are kind of the normal ebbs and flows of the roster I think as we go on season. What does he mentioned you watched Carolina Samkon Cisco game what did they can Newton. Very rusty very rusty in very rusty sell to the point where if this lingers for a couple of weeks. Mena I think it'll become a big story around leak. Yeah I mean that's our. Than solving their their talking about mean. If you watch it there was one player particular where everybody's talking about I even tweeted a couple screen shots he missed on his tight end. Dixon I think over the middle and I mean you couldn't be more wide open in this and yet he completely sealed overs and what it touchdown. But that was strategist it was just that throated that's one throwing game where he looks really good that's one thing. But I mean constantly constantly throwing over top of at receivers. Look throwing too far too low whatever was he just he just was not on yet he made. The entire first half he made one really good throw that was on the last drive to Kelvin Benjamin don't seem. Other than that he was I was really surprised he looked at it very very average quarterback and here's the thing. They they've made the point in the offseason the kind of say. We need to go to the throw more not run as much we wanna save on him well look here's my thing. If you're gonna do that to Cam Newton you're doing during him Kim Newton is best when he is running in using his legs that's how we became the MVP a couple years ago. If you're gonna make you sit in the pocket he actually does become just an average an awful quarterback. In their line I mean I think they tried to upgraded in the offseason like that was part of the problem too that. I know they wanted to run less but even still like the line was kind of shaken last year Newt was getting banged around a lot like you've taken a pounding. And let's remember he had he had shoulder surgery minor shoulder surgery it was snowing in the offseason. He didn't play a time in camp and pre season he missed some time so I'm sure his timing is a little off it was an interesting quote I read reading some of the stories on the Charlotte Observer. That Ron Rivera said he thinks their scout team needs to play faster because he is thinking and got quite the speed of the game. During practice and during camp in you know you guys away when you go from camp to pre season his first game. That speed revs up he said he didn't think equally got that's and he needs those guys to play faster I'd be concerned if I was. Carolina Pitt or stand for bills fans I think this is you know this is good news if you could keep this Qaeda pocket. And they don't want to get banged around in the thing is. I don't know how much are gonna want to run even if they said oh my god we have to because with that shoulder. I just I wouldn't take any chances about them. Yeah I think it's into one of the things I'm look important thing is Christian McCaffery. On Sunday we had a guy on yesterday from. WBT radio Salazar about how many different ways they're using McCaffery in the offense and on special teams what did you notice from him in the opener. While just go back to what I said during the draft process I would have taken and I said this. A couple months ended up it was an ice cores ice I would take Christian McCaffery over Leonard format and the reason is because McCaffrey's a four down players are just three down player. Report out he returns punts he can line up in the slot as a wide receiver on third down he can carry the ball at first and second down and that's what they do that's where they use and get a good game he wasn't great. But maybe that's the reason why you re exactly Jenkins and you know that they're gonna make McCaffery big party your game plan. And they're gonna have to make sure you account for him but I liked what I saw from him I think Christine McCaffrey and have a nice career. As Ozzie stays healthy because he's going to be used a lot. But you know I go back to the way football is played now and you know sure I'm sure Doug morrow loves the letter for net type and done and let a porn that's a nice player. But today I would rather have a guy like Christian McCaffery I can use them for downs they like lender for that way essentially use to. It's solid this year on the AT&T hotline got to bill's questions you can call up right now and run by mr. departure 08030550. I got a couple other bills things or bring up with you the right side of the offensive line are you were talking about it on your extra point show you took Paul I think. About the running behind the right side and it wasn't the most productive thing to do. Again now you've had a few days to go back and look at everything Miller mills the whole right side competition how did you think they faired in game one. You know it was a struggle to run to the right but they kept calling it that way in a couple runs to break a little bit for them and I think that that was part of the game plan to keep doing what they were doing. Until it did I didn't necessarily see anybody. You know whipping I'm blocks left and right I just think that they just need to get a little bit better for a better push maybe communication needs to be better. To get those cutback lanes I think sometimes that's it too you know you have to realign your running backs to find the cut exactly it's not always just that your running right routes you run right. Or you run left and you see something going backside. You gotta be able to do that so. I'm I wanna see where this goes with this but right now they they did have a little bit of a struggle in which remember they are going against either front and I'll say guys this me first of all. You know the jets obviously were keying on the Shawn McCoy their heels of those running game but. You know sometimes as soon as somebody takes a first step boom everybody's lying there on the when you have it it's W Richie cac veto according Glen on the left. I think that whoever is on your right is going to fare not as favorably but they need to be better on the right side note. When it comes to. The duke cots and Miller discussions cell we'll get the occasional calls tweets. So what would you what could or would do cost do better if the bills turned him at some point as opposed to John Miller. He's bigger. He's a lot bigger he's taller he's he's lighter and stronger. And you know when you run this type of scheme that might be actually the better fit. You're not you're not just taking your guards and pulling them out in space is much you did last year and in the inside zone scheme going from you know let's hash mark to cash market the balls right there. You know you're gonna pull once a while but here it's you're gonna step right and you're just gonna drive your man is best you can of the sideline or get him turn and for that. I would save what you costs might be a better fit I think that's why it's been a bit of competition here so he's gonna swallow defenders up a little bit more he's gonna be a little bit stronger at the point of attack and think. That's why they continue to debate that about what they wanna do the guy read I thought I read something where. Income NATO didn't pull one time in in the game the other day. And but that's part of this game right. It's part of a scheme yep I mean you're gonna see some of that is accuracy. Nearly as much as you did it's gonna be relied more on the stretch play nearly outside zone stretch play and then you're gonna drive drive drive and then you're gonna wait for your running back to. You know kits that's it to get their cut exactly really what your guards are gonna do a lot of in this scheme is. Maybe take a guy down a few yards then get off to the second level you know in in in that way it's not necessarily pulling around the entering like that it's more. Drive blocking your your first guy driving him down you know getting him going laterally and then getting off to the second level to linebacker. Let's get you some calls here with Sal Ron and hauled in your on WGR LaSalle go right ahead. The poor guys first Iraq not our school's allotment. You don't give him iPad now that that there and how it's. Don't hate our party but I noticed Jimmy doubt explain why you weren't doing it by. There aren't a lot is that re. Trying I noted that while. Do. He caught a lap at that bond worked once trying aren't big and are. We'll spurt yet or so hard to excite you moderated now we yards to the way you like. With it if you. Equate it what you like it could be caught up. I hold it there. YE. You know I'm the one bill or not it got my letter YIL. Now I don't doubt it might add I think a bullet thing. Yeah I think it's it is a great call to every question and he's not wrong look for Somalis there with the the cutback lanes at this is an office this your first game reliable witness in. There are going to be some cutback lanes and they're gonna have to see them and sometimes. They did miss them but this is all comes with reps comes with chemistry echoes of recognizing. What you're doing so it was going to be perfect but yet absolutely that can happen. On the tyra I agree percent but here's the thing I said to myself I was on the sidelines again. Point people tell him if he notes that he's got a lot of room because they were in the ball. And sure enough if you guys remember the did the Calgary past where he actually you know collaborative album out of bounds that that was one of those plays they had an action that way. Tyrod booted out lefty got his shoulders or you know oh wide open Calgary that's what this offenses that play there. That's the Rick Dennison off that that's what you what you want more but I could tell Italy coach state. You know it's. Yet every play you want to work obviously score touchdowns tenure whatever but the more you do that the more you keep. Then you set them up and then at some point that's what you use chemical rate to eight we ran right twice and didn't work excellent food out. So that's what you think there's a method to the madness of which you were were talking we're control key outing. It's an art that's fine but we keep in that we keep showing that play eventually were revealed the book back out in the did that and I think it's it's really you have to pick your spots to do. Bills' practice today Sean McDermott will meet with the media at 930 salvia out there all day and have everything covered force you WGR 550 dot com. And you can get the latest from sell on Twitter at south sports. Thank yours is mr. seek have fun. I guys thanks a lot tucked tomorrow. Solid this year on our AT&T hotline again brought to buy outlet liquor need to stock up you can shop New York's only outlet liquor are whiner line call of the day coming up at a moment. Sabres defenseman Brendan goalie can join us at 830 on WGR. Sabres prospect at a camp for all the championship and they joke litigate what we all you. Rough day. For the pre season opener on Monday. That got back to back games the sabres do Monday they'll play. The hurricanes. And on Tuesday the penguins. You get in the hockey mode that is annoying it is funny how. We've since every year NHL goes to camp and boom they start. Like the NFL has what is it two weeks I think before you play the first game isn't in a minimum number of practice days of training camp and try remembered you know pitchers and catchers report and still couple weeks until they start playing games in spring training. Hockey show up hey first week and great golf start playing like play five games in seven days. Got a creek wind on Major League Baseball they unveiled a 2018 schedule. March 29 his opening day for the Major League Baseball see you're going on Asian on about that yet to freak in early part. As early as starting date in the history of the league. And as the first about a way I do like this part first time since 1968. Everybody's playing an opening day I'm OK with that part. March 29 their what do you make of the season earlier for you do anything a lot games off the start season later. Baseball on March 20 and I don't have been Iraq and a lot of other up and they showed they should flop like twenty games off the schedule. Start the season in mid April start the playoffs in swat last week of September. To your players are going like upwards of Halloween. To it's it's ridiculous to start the season in March when and it has to freaking cold and half the cities in the league. A lot when he games up the schedule. There rob Manfred V that forward thinking commissioner I know it's never gonna happen it's too much revenue but it just doesn't make any sense to keep opening the schedule up earlier. I've got some and won about two it's not an epic of one its. More of the mobile the season long clarification. Sunday against the jets Tyrod Tate Taylor to not magically does figure out how to throw over the middle did not happen yeah he can complete passes to the middle of the field. But when we've talked about what Taylor didn't do in the past it wasn't. There aren't enough completions between the hash marks you know and it wasn't there aren't enough completions it's about. A complete passing game you know and may be by the end of the season we see that. But a couple passes to the middle of field to receivers sitting in the middle of the zone is not that. You know you may nice place he played fairly well but don't confuse thrown over the middle with throwing over the middle it's just like. Four words to kind of simplify. It what was missing from the passing game the last two years. And it very well could still be missing by the end of this year. You know if you're looking at seam passes these are throws that are gonna be over linebackers and infamous safeties that are gonna split safeties that that are gonna. Go to receivers that he where he throws them open. It's something that a lot of fans are gonna wanna see from him and you know while he made nice plays and it was not well there it is he threw over the metal. So no don't jump that done. But don't jump the gun but I thought he did make throws that he normally wouldn't make an on tell you I did not think that really do not think and he played well. I I'm one of the things I tweed was he played his standard game may be his standard good game is why should have said he played a good game okay I I saw on that what I thought it played well I saw very little that I thought was new. Gold back and watch it and again. There was a couple of the a couple of throws Wanda McCoy out of back films may be one of his best place. A throat clay was sharper. There were also late throws and there are. Whenever like any he played a good game. As good a game as I would have expected in the play. I think to be plays that that's the game and as they say I think this is the frustrating part of the discussion of tyrant that's the game that he plays that a bill channel watch and say guys. See I told you we can make it work with him. And it's gut. But it's not great but that's the day he got he was fine in that game. And they won the game and right there won't play the jets every week and you know. It's it's just a matter of I look if anybody look at you did get through it in between like. Actions like that but that's not what I've been talk I understand that's not the same thing it's not about location on the field so much as it is. Where you're throwing us where you're throwing it into the defense. Cell. That's all. Did he throw to the middle of the field yes and he did it well on a couple plays that that is not well there's the rounded out passing game we've been looking for him turns out he can do with the thing that people said he can't do. Not yet not yet so that's that just don't jump the gun and by the way if they sacrificed the deep downfield ball. For now game planning to do what they did yesterday while that it becomes okay he can do that but. Where the rest of it go right in any kind of want the whole thing there. I'm a church you're gonna get I'm not sure you'll get the whole thing and I'm not sure that they can throw the ball downfield because I don't think they believe they have a deep downfield passing game this year at least at this point. Our one on call of the day sifting that cell mentioned. I gotta look this up that day the Buffalo News report yesterday that Steven Hill was and for work out. That the kids from Georgia Tech the jets took yes really fast receivers you know really amounted to anything but incredible speed he has four career touchdowns and three came against the bills. Is that right if I think I heard that yesterday it was like a second round pick and just kind of went belly up never really did much of anything but blazing speed. Like the bill I think the bills realize they don't have a downfield threat that doesn't mean that aside Stephen Hill when I saw that work them out first thing I thought of was speed guy. Yeah I played in 2012 and thirteen. He has four career touchdowns. And I'd like to come and ecology is good college player and I think three of the four touchdowns came against the bills. Soul. It's rather worked amendment that module built State's 80305 picked Jones up my that I forgot to our white line call of the day brought you by the premier group wind made easy. The premier group one of the week is relaxant riesling just 799 for 750 milliliter bottle only 499 after mail in rebate. See all of mayor's weekly specials that premier wants dot com also brought you by premier gourmet buffalo craft your destination. 8030550. How much will we learn about the bills out what do you think about next two games three games how much will determine how this season plays out. Text or says that. Stephen held three touchdowns against the bills came in one game really yeah. That game was the bills lost the loss to. Stephen held in the jets and he scored three touchdowns and one game. He. May be September 10 2012. I see three touchdown passes for Sanchez ultra fine that came Gloria. Nine. Yeah here it is. It would have then okay the Mario opener. 4812 cut 33 yard touchdown pass to Stephen held the first play of the second quarter a seventeen yard touchdown passes even held a third quarter. And there's got to be another when you're someone that I'm not seeing yet. He ran OK he ran a 43640. At the Columbine in 2012. Who knows what his speed is these days five years later he read a four to six Gilead to that game so must abandon. Yet must've been two in that game and one in another another game. 8030515. To join us Brendan goalie sabres defenseman. Coming up at 830 on WGR.