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Howard and Jeremy
Wednesday, September 13th

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How we Simon and Jeremy why. All the team because. It's like it and it's in my had a feeling today. Night I count no idea what you to a song I probably haven't heard your tenure and by the way I can hold. You didn't girl from the goldmans video games because we were playing. The game strata and well two things one yet we're playing board games and then you know. When I got an older. And we round and playing games in the bar you know like relaxing and all the games and Alexia was the collapse it was a perfect game back then that is way beyond mine have been up by the name right if there is such a game called collapse and think that there is a game called a laxity yes not rocker that was that George could stand that. Now what the original involvement collectively and if you're not thinking of Gallagher maybe gala. But with the blacks. Many and we just you know it would destroy all these little alien ships coming down drop bombs that's gallon everybody Gallagher we play games that establishment establishment. What we are of legal drinking or sixteen. Straight victory was 86 team with the excitement about it. Are done WGR. Sports Radio 552. Good games and bars. I like asking have you heard on something you think when my peer incident teams in bars. Photo on her play photo on now I don't know what it is. There we go games bars. You know you play. NC and I played in bars and apartment. And turns others both blacks in Anjelica and we feel all that up with little you know with the shuffle board you know. And ever forget it played parts played games and pulls. Yeah. Pulled the arts and what you know your give shovel or shuffle board that the low range is you know you put down the that's my favorite part is that consent that is shuffle board one of the sawdust on shop. What I think of eighty year old people in Florida with discs and polls yet but the old what the shot a three slide the ring down the door is shuffle board OK fine I just wasn't sure it was. Don't buy some other name other than shuffle board yet but it's a shuffle board is retirement Condo in Florida. Del Boca Vista and her that she is a disk that's called deck shuffle board and news or shuffle board okay. Well I'm just trying to brush up Roby in about ten years. I like the I I've. I've played the one on the floor once or twice as our clinics and theirs is an establishment and in the area that has it I'm not kidding one year when I went to visit my aunt uncle in Florida at their retirement Condo. I end up playing days Jack whatever you call it shuffle board and the bad news out of this is that a popular game among all people retirees because there's no requirement to ever bend down and you don't have to move. I mean it unless yet change ends I needed to stand there and and then when you're done they slide this the discs back do you use like there's backed and you know throw that anything you don't have to be the strongest person in the shot at with a stack. Poll what ever yeah it's really not that hard. I like to know that department it's going to be I'll be my game in ten years never photo Obama spoke a replica of what it is well you'll be you might be surprised. Might be in for a bit of a surprise when you get to a bar and find total amount that's all. By Lockheed for the launch income tax arrest football yup yup and that that can. If I didn't play door effect never played darts in a bar where that rank on your peanut butter let's not that I nothing will be peanut butter. That you never eighteen on now don't like I'm gonna make it my goal in life to do some find something to be peanut butter it's more shocking and Baha Men you've got to work hard. Really do. I've got one but I can't tell you there 830550. To join us 888550. To 550 so. The bills playing Carolina we're we're talking about how much you think you'll learn the next two games. There's a lot to determine about the bills I don't think any of us really made any kind of serious conclusion after game one I got to the tweet. About stats. Of the popular hang on. Now whatever column I'm trying to find it I don't know it's it has been noticed but worth mentioning we are number three in total offense number two in total defense. And I said that I traded back to this person. I don't even look at the NFL stats after week one it to me it means absolutely nothing. We get weekly releases the NFL sends out. There are NFL game night reports you get them on Monday morning to get him on Friday morning you always get weak weekly updated stats in the league. A bloody but surely even take a look at till after the first month of the season after week one means nothing to me. And I do look eventually got rankings where they are because if one page in this report that has all the stats rankings offense defense special teams scoring rankings everything. Donovan talked him into the first month has done. M with the bills that I felt about the jets game so there's a lot to start determining about the bills yes these next two games will tell me you always make me do pick the bills these next two games we'll have a big impact on how picked the bill's gonna plant the rest yet. I think you could group the next two you make me because even knew the next four because that's up to the bye week Atlanta supposed to be good teams that when microbial Atlanta team yeah I want us let's just go to the by OK these next four corners will tie a lot of the bills are they need to win three. The need to be four in one yup. The meter really think. Think Toledo this is going in a different there are three into with a bye it's gonna be really tough I think they beat Cincinnati I don't think you should lose I Cincinnati team and you're gonna lose to Atlanta so you know what. Can you Pete Carroll a rusty Cam Newton in Denver at all but if you split those if you beat Denver at home. And then beat Cincinnati you are three and two and three you know in the AFC yeah the thing you're. The issue. We. Hold on there's no way you can be three in two and three you know in the AFC and be atlas and I'm not saying you have to think that they're great at that point. I don't need four and one to say are at what do we got here at three and two and three you know like that's a big part of this how many years have the bills actually the last year. They were four and two you know there winds were NFC wins right they beat the nightmares the niners and rams. AFC when cardinals yup yeah ASE wins matter a lot more it could be the same record as last year but very different. I'm talking about last hour I evaluate the cease I don't think of their lives in all last year their three into an all went to in the AFC. This year three into if it's three you know in the AFC that is different I'm talking about. I think would yours we were juror saying is. That to me there's a difference between. The not as bad as I thought to. Panic. This team could actually beat sear I kid about in the hunt but. Beyond in the hunt like that Ford one don't think in this team is were they what a job Sean McDermott started look at this four and one that I gotta put him in the mix in the AFC. I look at it your three into coming out of thus out of the bus after the Cincinnati game in the body. Then you got tipped well Oakland. You know your guy I think you're gonna lose to open your three and three I don't know what to do about camper right now. If you ask for an three jets five and three OK maybe you're right you know what if you think they're gonna beat Tampa here's your argument. For three and two let's say your three into coming out of the box. And you can beat Tampa foreign to you lose to open foreign three beat the jets five and three your five and three through the first half of the season. And your coming home to take on New Orleans. In your think that I got a pretty good shot at this team being six and three at that point OK target your three and to. I I thought and deed I would need afford one as it's. It's just how much we can learn about this team now and I'll let I think he's you know why we're getting into the swing games Denver Carolina up and even Tampa I. I I think they should beat Cincinnati but even tell since only the swing. Early in the season maybe there's two or not I got to find that the bills dangles. It's the one where they challenge is TD catch any drop the name of losing a game that we all thought they would win. Think the Bengals want to make the playoffs that year they looked dead in the water down nobody was at the game for Cincinnati the bills took an early lead and then blew it lost. So I'm not the only games that are guarantees of the jets games. Every other game is however William swing game Atlanta is not in the patriots probably are. But chargers swing and I don't know all the all these other teams are great Carolina swing game Denver swing game. Oakland's not I'm not right I'm not putting the Cincinnati game in a lock on to saying I think that's a very confident that the game they should win this guy could they lose it. Sure they can lose every game on their schedule they can list for the jets on Thursday night in New York although it's not like I don't think you can lose that game I think that I think that you could lose any game in the National Football League outside the jets at home in week one. They could lose any other game on this schedule well. Should lose to the cult at home. But sure I still think Cincinnati I think their wheels are gonna come off. And I think Cincinnati's really gonna spiral and they're gonna have a an awful season and I think that's a win so I think you get through. I think Atlanta as a loss and in Cincinnati's away and Carolina Denver next swing game to me as Tampa. And that can give me another indication about where this season is going to go. But I I I think three to shorten it the next two games. Carolina's a tough game you're going on the road. Your plan against a good quarterback actor playing against a pretty stout defense at least the front seven should be one of the stronger front seven groups are front seven you're gonna see all season. Yeah McDermott tells them okay they know McDermott tendencies whatever that might be a wash. They've they've added a good offensive player and Christian McCaffery they've got to. A good running game to be a very good test for the bills' run defense there are a lot of things that stand out about this game. And then Denver. Not the team they were a few years ago. Simien. You don't know more than you watch him more than I have and he's OK okay he's okay then the defense is still good. Is so I think these two games are a lot I don't think Atlanta is in its I don't think they're gonna hang with the Atlanta and I think since that is going to be one of the worst teams in the AFC. You'll be very inching about the Denver game and left to ask the bill's not this week because it's it's week to week but there are different the from coaching staffs. Have different approaches Rick Dennison obviously knows Trevor Ximian. I'm trying to think if we heard this story with racks whether it was during his time with the jets or time with the bills when they're playing Trevor Ximian. Will the defensive staff spend time and say ditch took Rick Dennison. What Kahne he do you yeah what works what doesn't. I'm does not always happened he would particularly would go so does not always happen where you crossover like that sometimes a defensive staff doesn't wanna hear that like we've got our plan we know this guy just fine. You knock Mattel sent him we don't know okay. So once we get to that Denver game that's a good question for Sean McDermott for Rick Dennison for Leslie Frazier whoever sheriff speaks of the need because it's you would think that happens. All the time. I would think you'd be a natural thing to do is according to read walk over to the guy who saw him every day in practice and knows. His shortcomings and his strengths doesn't happen all the time. Hey this look always confused him. You know he's his his. Go to play as this are his goat you know what ever think you'd want a scouting report I would think if you're looking at this game and saying. The bills have an edge because of McDermott's person familiarity with Carolina. Right it below or Sean McDermott telling you all out what each player can and can't do not only on defense but you'd figure he'd know all about the guys on offense couldn't. And that you'd you'd tapping that knowledge is as a way to try to win the game on Sunday. OK I'd be so I'd I'd be the first guy I talked to someone who knows someone on plan against and pick their brains. I'm the gonna do my game plan that I want to have a little more insight. A little more. Other scouting report try to get you send out pro personnel to advance scout on personnel groupings on the things they might pick up from up an opponent schedule. Mean I just think that's another layer to your preparation where you can find out information that can help you. Develop part of your game plan how to stop that quarterback or running back wide receiver what have you. US cell about the July Jenkins signing and the Greg may be in release we opened the show this morning at six talking about the Johnnie Jenkins signing like how could that mean anything. Because you thought could this be a set up a goal I was a precursor a library firecracker go gal linebacker being traded because the bills each got a starter they didn't need a linebacker and they sign a linebacker maybe somebody could be sent out so we put up a Twitter poll. The the bills have been aggressive and trading players for picks. Are you open to doing it again if an offer comes in and your two options in the Poehler yes anytime it's fine or not yet. Let's have this play out of it yeah let's get to week five let's get to the trade deadline is Halloween. And you said he checked the results to see where 1950. Voters. Have landed on this now. 70%. Say any time his spine while I thought I'd in the would be that I. You know I voted the other I thought let me see what I got a little bit here right. If we did this every week if they beat Carolina but that 70% comes down like 60%. If they beat Denver I think it comes down to about 3.5 person writes it L-3 you know who's gonna wanna screw anything right. You're gonna wanna see where this team goes and that the deadline is Halloween. If by Halloween they are not just in the hunt but in all above 500 by gamer to. Surprising seasons happen and sometimes you just fall into Haiti things seem to be working out and if that ends up happening. No wouldn't surprise me if bill's fans kind of decide I don't need to trade that player for a third round pick this player for a fourth round pick blitzers. Area of the bills being better for anybody knows it or in our early expects or anticipates it. Yeah I I voted for our I'd sit tight I I don't need to make any other moves right now again I if I'm. If I'm the GM I'm still evaluating what I have and trying to figure out who these guys aren't everything and wait and Italy and unless I got absolutely blown away. You know someone over a first round pick for somebody Europe even a second whatever it may be but the third but got blown away by an offer sure I'd I'd I'd consider pulled the trigger. But I'd like to see this team does in games right think it's more of a test and if I'm Brandon being I'm not sure but I I get done watching the film of the game against the jets and I walk away thinking. OK okay now exist against Carolina in Denver's like it start figuring out exactly what I've got here which guys we wanna keep which got you here part of our long term vision. Which guys you wanna move on from and are open to trading so yeah I'm a little surprised that in the numbered and I thought to be closer to 5050 split. So to presents pretty strongly towards yeah that's why I I didn't think it would be that that the big majority of what Carolina will be aiming it could be. Easy or. It what you wake up call on either side. If we wake up call for fans that think this team is not gonna do any thing and and they win I'll all right maybe it's something verse is a wake up call for. Fans or anybody that thinks that the jets when was was and instead an indication assign anything if they get beat by Carolina handily Vick now while. All right maybe that jets win wasn't mean so good. Again and again we'll see how. Did the care of the game Sunday I think I again I think it's fascinating they're so many things that I I would second I can learn about the bills on Sunday. On the other side of the coin is a Carolina team that. You're still not sure exactly what they are and who they're going to be this season almost like maybe a little bit of Arizona like last year and beat Arizona thought hey. That's Callaway and and the cardinals season goes absolutely nowhere in the end up missing the playoffs. I'm not sure what to expect for the Panthers this year there are a lot of positive indications. You know that leg again the drafting of McCaffery the the young quarterback's gotta season under their belt last year. You know they have a tremendous front seven they're they've run the ball well they've done at least. It's early but it looks like they've done a better job of protecting Cam Newton there a lot of positives coming out their plot. As was pointed out so they'd they'd. You know they beat San Francisco pretty easily. One of the guys. In the Charlotte Observer pointed out for you get too carried away about hey Carolinas back they be tipped as a lash a right twenty points and ended up going six and ten admissible so. I think there's a little bit of don't read into the niners game for them like we're talking about don't read into the jets game for the bills and I'm not. I'm not sure what Carolina is you know in terms of a test for the bills is that much better than the jets yes hacked yet. But I don't know where Carolina's gonna fall at the end of the season they minus they might just be another team that. Swallows around 500 and doesn't make the NFC playoffs. We'll see how the season plays out I think they're trying to forgot what they are. Newton is. He might be at a crossroads here to a to a degree name he got to the NFL MVP and then the Super Bowl. They're in it they play a terrible game and that's Super Bowl and they get stopped by Denver and after that. You know if you if you get to that non topping your just off the top of it and then kind of fade yep he's been a league this is a seventh year so. I wonder to run on me all of the pounding he's taking the easy right he had a concussion issue was at beginning of last year. But you know they talk about how it tried to tell him don't run as much means a big guy he's big he's strong they tried to tell him not to run as much because. He's taking sole when he hits all the time you wonder have if that's. Beginning to affect cam Newton's productivity in his career how long can keep playing when he takes that kind of pounding you want to know wonder is if you're a team playing against Newton do you take more shots because. You heard that one official who was at the said like you have an earn back call yet yeah that was was that after the Denver game last was security didn't may be in a he's complained about not getting enough that. Protection tech ultimate fish slacks slacks from a fan and I you know that that's something that's real. Do you take more liberty it's funny I'm I'm. I'm laughing. Because I'm in my head I'm remembering that play and then Monday night. Didn't Minnesota. I thought Minnesota got a penalty for going low on Drew Brees. Some guy was stumbling and on the pass rush tackles them around I don't know may be ankles or some like that I'm pretty sure he got a roughing the passer penalty. Maybe that that play you know maybe. You know Drew Brees gets that call because it's Drew Brees Tom Brady's gonna get that call Peyton Manning would have gotten that call. I I would Apple's wonder if you'd you'd you'd say okay you know what guys let's take some shots and see what their freezer gonna call. Not a dirty you know nothing cheap. But newcomers some remember me hits it out right all gotten some good ones don't cut off the head. But you know you're all over aggressive on Cam Newton clean but you know maybe. You know I'm saying like. You might take a flag just to see the dash gonna throw for a late hit. Again nothing dirty. Eagle 305 if the John from the get back sabres Brendan goalie will be with a son WGR. Brendan who is a terrific skater and in his mobility is really incredible. I think his game got better each game he scored goal on the power play in the second game got a nice one timer power play in the their game but I think. His skating and you talk about offensively. That can be used defensively as well closing gaps and stick on puck and being aggressive and at area. Sabres coach Phil Housley talking about Brendan glee with the investigators yesterday. If you miss that interview it is available in on demand audio and WGR 550 dot com sabres by the way will I check in tomorrow. Report for the opening of training camp. Medical's all the testing and everything and and their on the ice. On Friday the bills get back on the field today they'll return to practice get ready for Sunday's game in Carolina roster moves yesterday they signed. Linebacker Johnny Jenkins. I do 34 starts over three year period with Miami we have information on him at WGR 550 dot com they released the bills did. Quarterback Greg maven they also released quarterback TJ Yates after reaching an injury settlement with him Sean McDermott bills head coach will meet with the media about an hour from now. And we anticipate having that live for you here on WGR bad news for David Johnson and Arizona. And ten sooners he is out probably until after Thanksgiving he will need wrist surgery expected to happen sometime this week. Might not be back until Christmas. The cardinals have brought back running back Chris Johnson jaguars in box both cleared to play at home on Sunday as they get. Back after a hurricane Irma devastated the state of Florida early nominees list is off the Pro Football Hall of Fame first time eligible include Ray Lewis Randy Moss front or locker. In baseball last night the Indians just keep on when it's twenty straight now that ties the record for the longest win streak in American League history. The Dodgers snot that snapped or snot that's accommodation of stopped and snapped the call it's not. They snapped their eleven game skid at also clinch a playoff spot yankees lost Red Sox won. Well as your sports headlines the next update coming up at 9 o'clock. Eagle 30550 we've been talking about the bills these next two games how much you think you can learn from the Carolina and Denver contest. And is is always the case of this anything else on the bills you like to get two or anything else another opinion or question in the world of sports you can share that as well with us to mention the sabres. Check in tomorrow on the ice Friday are AT&T hotline right now is defenseman Brendan Buehrle. Who just had a very strong prospect camp and he's was just here on WGR Brandon soured and Jeremy good morning thanks for joining us. Good I understand we took it from a work out so my apologies but thanks for giving us a few minutes. You had a very good showing at the prospect camp the GM was raven about you that coach was raving about you. How did you feel about the other games you put together over the last few days. Michael pretty good overall I think in the first game are still stops for you back a little while so. Definitely likable things and you'll clearly and about figures lieutenant progressed or so more comfortable. Reached across experiment but so it's Megan caution Micah. Yeah I mean it it's you're making your treat her young player try to make an impression anyway but the fact that there's a new GM and a new coach. You're in the bow I guess whoever body else Brendan you got to make him first impressions all over again the third new lies watching. National here exactly on. They're you know you're always offer some countries yes. Because we need new land it below zero well I think they have a fairly good idea but it was nice they. Click it and show a little bit more. How much are how often have you spoke to falcon to Phil Housley and if so. What have you heard from him in terms of what he expects from you in this pre season. Come. We haven't actually spoke very much so but register in due time and just chat a little bit but. Not a vote to Bravo to play hockey specifically yeah. Do you do you come at. After he got the job. I mean would you watch Nashville Predators games or if not would you go find a way to watch Nashville Predators games and see other defensemen were used or think about that at all as you think about what what houses gonna do here with the sabres. Or mean or what the law in the playoffs. And the airlock to put out there years. I think they've. Really any. What is that the user Ian. Reactivate and will receive. You put it anyways but. They've agreed a little earthquakes pretty foreign car. Let me ask you you know you you came in lashing got a a little taste of the NHL three games and at a date to get the indices in a plan for Rochester a little bit. What did specifically the games here. Brenda what does that mean for you in terms are it's only three games but what does it mean in terms of development getting that little feel that little taste of the NHL regular C. Yeah it was so awesome to secure new call from southern no political players the level. From Korea called up this here apparently between her or whatnot. Albeit off called it going into sort of a plan. Knowing what to expect that could. We're able learn a lot in in even a small sample size. Who's out there. What are you so put your skating is tremendous so this off season I don't know up the bill or bills that the sabres gave a list of things to work on. Or you just individually no there are areas I need to improve on skating is not it is there anything you worked on. Strength size or aspects of your game that you spent the offseason trying to improve. Am I definitely use or call parks go so it's the summer. And obviously straight week. And aside such that the two main one from me but others I've been have been doing a lot of pucks got stopped look somewhere really can I. I'm working on my hands in the left corner they're really long term crew over the summer. I think that a guitar with do otherwise. Thought I'll save the drama from check in tomorrow where he got size wise right now what he had an ideally what do you think you'd like to get it. Maria no luck then bigger event drew about six to rule one aren't you. And I'm unhappy with that we Pernod. Probably in the next summer road but the crown jewel box. Well you need any extra pounds let me know I got plenty to give you hope. If you know you go through kip Brennan and you go through your pre season. Jason bottle has mentioned at times with few of the possibility of you know not rushing a young player like yourself may be going a Rochester gets some time in the minors if the sabres tell you. Hey Brendan we we just we wanted to go there to get a little bit morbid taste of of life in the American Hockey League how would you handle that. On the north they're gonna do their bidding start screen here. Prominent include firing well albeit. I know alert our best Korean church also is Erica. What would you knows what the HL level. When you're there for you is what six games two years ago six games last year's eve had a little bit of a taste. Yeah I don't know if it's at all union on the SOA skilled players out there that. On the day it was too sure we're playing so I'm in Gaza that lawsuit when I was going up so I mean there's a lot of good players dollar at the relief from era. For a player like myself who's almost on the costs so. What are out and do whatever they they wanna do with me what sparks can do especially. That he had anyone shift or anyone game where you kind of had to stop and like wild that's so on so Webber might be re grow Watson. Yes definitely when I was. Playing Washington. Those political thing virtually even and he knows yet those Greece has. Critical does that happen just for 12 or does that happen a few times during the gamely did you use it happens once they think the second time out there against some like that really is him. It's kind of like 11 thing but I think this here. The zero real little bit different just because there have been no reports are that the books and doing here. Well let's get back to the work out and good luck in the in the campus sabres in the pre season Brendan and thanks for some of your time with us this morning. You bet have a good day. He's grown a bit unless at less than my saw measure and it was like 62186. He's up to 198 which is pretty solid jump and it that guy that's going to be very very exciting to watch. I think it's really cold here. Not his bottle but Phil Housley yesterday on the investigators raving about what Brendan goalie can do. And not just the speed going up ice for talking about how it help will help message defenseman the speed to close on forwards to close on plays to break up plays and then. Make the pass and jump into the rush and how he said yes they Jeremy with the defenseman. He's talked about five man group and attack and all that stuff defenseman are going to be playing down. You know down below the goal line he wants his guys involved all over the place on the opposite side of things and build habits seem to. Scream that he fits into what house he wants silly question is whether or not the the sabres believe he would be would be better served by getting regular playing time in Rochester and ease him in that way. Elliot Friedman. Now his thirty thoughts by the I guess 31 you know what I never knew what thirty was I didn't realize that I thirty was 430 teams in the league and is not give up with. But it doesn't already thought it is always give one for team but just dirty thoughts you know thirty teams Donnelly now it's 31 thought to. And his he writes about the sabres yesterday about the Jack cycle contract it's his eleventh thought so here it is. Some players are insecure insecure about entering the last season there contracts it's clear Jack eichel is not one. Even if there is no extension at the start of the season. Both sides know he's going to be a buffalo sabre for a long time Michael is relaxed very confident about what he's going to do. Now allow me to. That cynical is not the right thing just someone who understands that. Circumstances can change in people can be burned. I'm not trying to make you like this means Jack doesn't wanna be here or he's gonna skip town bought. The sabres and Chris Drury were very complimentary we got it we we're gonna greater country we haven't put pen to paper but overall a good space yeah and someone had said that. Drury mentioned to another teammate I can't ever picture myself wearing another sweater and any. You know like Ohio had an old baby he whispered other than the Rangers in the teammate didn't hear that mine mine's can change. And if I am the sabres like all right he wants to be here for a long time for eight years both sides agree this demeaning your contract are always. In outpatient we can also be patient on this we could sign yet. Fast for a month from now I am right or ready to meet John that armory for your own. I've been thinking about it Jack thought. Maybe I don't wanna be there for eight years maybe want a little bit more freedom maybe. 45 is better and then we can reevaluate because you've seen what Jack has done this year he's already had this huge growth that he's got. 24 points in nineteen games this is clearly the next level player. Paid the price in acts of price gonna go up a little bit or be. Maybe Dotty years. Early so it's been there's a lot of big I don't wanna hear necessarily. All don't know both sides they know where their rap they know where their. It doesn't matter until that names on the paper you know get the name on the paper so. It's a little bit reassuring to hear that. Do you it. Just I'll still go back Hewitt I I still go back to a bottle said the other day they're very very confident in the near future the near future to me is not Thanksgiving. It's not after the first month of the season it's not after the first of the year the near future to me is an indication that I think a GM says that if for all intent to her like they've got most of the stuff hammered out maybe even at the point where. Hey we agree right yeah okay I well you know what we'll just make sure we get the things signed and announced that started training camp. I really think bottle for numerous reasons. Including Costin only pat Malick are asked them at the other night when. He interviewed him during the the prospects game Monday night. Wouldn't their BAA concerned would you be worried at all that if this plays out. And you wait a year for whatever reason is that you have to play the season don't get the extension done that your cost goes up on this and he said absolutely I'm thinking about that I think you'd think about that. I think it would it just wouldn't wanna take any chances. You know you wouldn't want to what what if the season. Just explodes and things are bad and nobody is happy and does Jack look around and god and I cannot think that's losing. Yeah Evernote. So I think I don't think they'll they'll screw around with this I wouldn't think that have a problem agreeing on the your term the question this price and I just don't think. It's like I don't think we have a case of the sabres think he's worth eight and Jack thinks he's worth eleven and what this is. Like the auction it's like you know auction drafts in Tennessee couple auction dress that allowed. Anybody wants him pretend to be GM to understand what it's like pay your bidding you're going all in on. David Johnson live bloody and valve Julio Jones and you get to 62 dollars on the bed and some wounded 63. You really want and I fight 64 that it's 65. In reality. If you lose by a dollar if you lose that little bit it's not. How well we saved ourselves a dollar what happens as you lost out on the asset for a long time. Do you want to. Run the risk of losing this incredibly valuable piece. Over like a tiny little bit over it's if it's a ninety million dollar contract that he wants in your prepared to offer an 83 million. You're good. What are you dine on the still. I just again this is the exception to the rule discussion in that players the exception to rule. You get a Diana hill OK Robin Lehner go die on the hill I mean I don't know why let it was the first time I had. But did well I'm basically any other player on the team at this point you would. You would say OK I'm stick to my value gone this is what this guys value is to our team. In our big picture I've got to think of all the contracts I can't thing of just you fill in the blank player. I think all that stuff. Goes out the window when you have Jack McClinton the discussion that's a valid discussion for everybody else on your roster. Same thing with a franchise quarterback. In all pure and NFL general manager you know corner of linebacker. Wide receiver that you that you could talk about valuing guys are gonna be free agents how much you wanna give them. When it comes to have franchise quarterback forget it this is why they're throwing numbers around like 25 million dollars a year for Kirk cousins this is why the lions don't bat an eyelash. When they give Matthew Stafford what they gave in and why. In all the am I'm sure Arthur Blank is gonna. Skews the pond give a blank check to Matt Ryan you don't screw around with certain players and or positions. Michael is the guy on the roster and and for the for the football teams you get that franchise quarterback to give my hundred million dollars and you make sure you don't leave. Avoid all gonna do an adult. No I don't either these middle class but but I think his name just popped into my head like and Stafford hasn't had like. Playoff success and but the lions made the right move here's our franchise sky one of the best we've ever had were not screwing around. I'm glad you brought up all night conversation as of yesterday about I would Cincinnati in the quarterback derby. How good is your quarterback is a question about Tyrod Dalton. Lots of guys out there in the chiefs just decided draft quarterback. Who could be in this derby anybody that thinks our guy is old. Anybody that thinks he's good he's not good enough to keep us from drafting one and I would say Andy Dalton is definitely not good enough to keep me. From drafting one of these guys it's gonna be at the top this year this quarterback derby if this class continues to play on this level you'll see fourth. For first round Ers may be more. Could he 51 rounder depending on who comes out and how how well they continue to play. And the number of teams were all the sudden it's like oh. How about that. The dolphins the dolphins star quarterback we didn't necessarily see that coming that that thought they had belief in Ryan ten the number of teams that are in on this is probably more than we have. Fought to this point. 8030515. To join us on WGR. If Europe colts fan in law he ruled out from week to once you get two weeks three weeks four if the colts are. To win five. I apparently I said that earlier Texans went out. Tough to be 215 in week four well. But well what if and how that there are there to five they just lost for the rams was at 4690 yeah that should count as two losses. And does the rams team last year that was really bad and was horrible on offense there's a defensively yes. And now they have Wade Phillips so right isn't here I think he's their defense or better Tennessee good are they were they were good defensively I think it. But now they have way they'll price even get I think you'll lose 469 to the two. To the rams I think you deserve to losses follow a say in these all into through one week. Micro and act reports that July Jenkins will Wear number 53 for buffalo. Former fifty threes. Zach Zach brown 53 the Isa 22. Who is of Preston brown particular. Oh you're right fifty twos or I was fifty I wished I thought it was 53 to things like fifty again leads confused or 22 and 53 I've got a 53 in my mind I know it. Is it possible to know we're thinking of when you can't quite think of it. Three. I text and bill is three mills who were number fifty through no fifties through the jumps to me. Watt Zach brown was it to you ought to focus but that's a royal because he was recent I'm trying to go the guy who like right we do this I do this all the time Nigel random. That's one I think you get them. Yeah that's OK I rattle more 53 so Giuliani Jenkins where's 53 there are always times they just can't get past some guy with a particular uniform number. Let's get to USB cup more than I'm thinking about two and Stephen Scranton you're on WGR Keith Newman Kawika Mitchell. Oh Kawika Mitchell or are you from Keith Newman should had a one. But they've. Yes hey guys proceed pigment called a street by the eichel conversation. Just cherry hit it yet and number two forward. That you were going to guard isn't right our sport and O'Reilly thanks. Mean not trade the easy you'd when he say he does not argue that you wouldn't trade I know I'm. The defense. And we've we've played with the idea of going after Tarvaris. Josh case either one of those guys and I would keep right now I would keep O'Reilly I know it's a bigger contract but I would keep a rally now because I think he does a lot of things for the hockey team. So if I had to trade one of those two I would move Reiner to keep a rally right now. But I I was gonna say it all depends on what your master plan is. If you think you're going to get you can get a guy like John Tavares. And that you've got to clear out some salary cap space so. A rally would be a big contract you probably have to get rid of to open up to to make room for everybody for Michael and to Parse and whatever else you gonna do down the road but all things being equal. I would keep a rally right now I think there's so many different thing to this hockey team. Insulting and markets patent. And market targets and all detected in markets that we got a couple techsters is a Marcus Patton I wheels got Marcus to old school does before me Mike mock war. All that's before me adults nineteen way seventies but she may be one of the guys on the electric company and a little bit too cute photo OJ's blockers Markakis patent we should bring mark you just he should be mentioned just because it's Marv gets yes. Ice I thought it was a typo when they too when they brought him into like. Exit there's a V here and it's marked us. And this Angelo crow well is he fifty degrees at. With the bills he was picked through. He anyway no he's 55 well don't crawl my mom. Yeah right I think he was one of the office of Lyman on the electric company so that televised after the attacks ever won Rolle and will grants that's from Paul Hamilton. Royals the last time there love. Early eighties ball I think late maybe seven he's into the early eighties. I think. Believe I should I should remember will grip but don't have both company and Paul's a lot older so you remember that stuff 8030550. To join us aided it I'm just impressed Paul remembers anything that is age 888550. To 550. When we get back. But a little better forget to coming up we'll have shot a permit press coverage by the way. His wit does nothing it's not like oh my god they called oppressed his regular Wednesday session with the media everybody conduct. But it's around 9:30 this morning south out of stadium and we'll have that for alive and WGR. Little better forget it too. Have. Let's see here the future of the Calgary Flames we threw NFL betting lines. Highsmith nods sabres point total projected point so a lot of goodies and under forget it. So grab aligned and join us the bills the next two games how much you think you'll learned. About the bills just from these next two games Carolina at Denver or you look at that more than that maybe it's through the Cincinnati game. You can let us now. We have a fantastic contest for you a dream sports weekend we're calling it the ultimate for five hours of game time weekend. You can register for your chance to win the WGR 550 dot com here's rich yet. Friday night December 1 you would win now fourteen to see the sabres game that night. They host the defending Stanley Cup champions. Saturday night he'll be in Pittsburgh home and home so you get seed both games in Pittsburgh to see the sabres and penguins again for tickets for that. And then you out come back Sunday at new air field. For tickets for the bills. And the patriots. You also get an executive car service to and from each game and that it's courtesy of liberty cap the ultimate 55 hours of game time weekend there is no purchase reg necessary to register. So to register you that at WGR 550 dot com.