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Wednesday, September 13th

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It's how we Simon and Jeremy White. Are warning Schultz. Now all of a little compact. I always so I mean he is a bum beat you M exclamation point exclamation point hold the key down on the computer. He's a bum. And so is Jeremy White. Here is very good person. It vets office say that's really don't want it to the other parts just keep that asked on WGR. Sports Radio tonight fifty. It's like your compete level if John McDermott wants to elaborate tonight at 930. Yet. I'm OK with that yeah expand on that coach can you expand on that note I'd rather not I. No I I'm good I forgot one thing about potentially head in hey you know head it head in hands up quarterback discussion in its your fault. I like what a scene from the quarterbacks again I mean Josh Rosen. The game I saw from Banco mayfield he was outstanding darn all the little bit I solved of the Stanford game. I am really looking forward to watching Lamar Jackson against Clemson on Saturday Clemson has a defensive line made Mikey for first round pick three or four for trump next their defense is still really good I mean it. I'm not sure what Jarrett didn't going to be at Auburn but they just shut down Auburn the other day. Don't you know what the thing that might get my head in hands about the quarterbacks is how many teams might be looking. We went into the season you know we win the bills made the trade. Yeah and I came in and told you they're low enough to get that guy that they have to move up near the and you know I didn't and you give me the litany of reasons why that would necessarily just worked out. You don't okay jets are gonna need a quarter let's run through this. Pot ESPN. Who did this. The football power index OK they're FB IF BI the F put out their rankings which is kind of like power rankings let's start from the bottom and see what how many teams would. You think code. Are they a lock democratic candidate jets lock up. Niners lock candidate Michael cause I know but I just shorten our annual tournament candidate up a block for a team that wants accord Mack Brown's. Candidate because it Kaiser plays well not a lock candidate yet I'm coming up from the bottom colts. No no there are great candidates traded right that's a good point bears great candidate to trade. Texans had another great candidate for trade. That's the 27 ranked team and the FBI Bengals. Great candidate the FD I didn't think about the bank as before the season began yup great candidate to this is the problem with adding teams to this less bad then come the bills with think our. A lock I think it's a candidate. Well we had IL odds along with 21 round picks could easily be. Don't take the guy here. A scenario is the bills take a right tackle with the seventh pick yeah and then use their seconds in the chief trade up to eleven in the area so whatever the bills are locked and take one knock I want to yes well put online amen god love you cardinals great I think can't take your pick I think they take a core liberal lock. A lock for somewhere to take a quarter I have to don't they. You've got to sample their depth chart defend my goodness I'm on an adversary and stays there wage and he's a good coach and he's more per young quarterbacks before I'd be competent on the cardinals using him. As a tutor Graeme sixteenth about a source deluxe are candidates rams. Melamine was not doc plays if golf has another terrible year then put it in the next but not Nigeria had a good first game dolphins. I don't know where to put Miami. I really Jeremy I don't know I I if Hanna hill was healthy. I would say. I wouldn't put them on the list. But he's had two issues now with these right hand. I'm not sure to do a man can I can I put the men. Unknown it's your point I wouldn't rule it out for them okay counting up still now with the 21 ranked team in the NFL football power index from ESPN. Washington. New candidate yeah for sure amendment causes us is gonna leave in Jacksonville. Candidate candidate yeah. Saints they might be close to a lock I mean play portals is just not there long term answer I'd I'd I'd you know what me on my list might put him in Lok okay saints. Canada for sure at the very least GAAP chargers. Candidate well deliberate that's an age thing sure there's any any anyone of these teams are they do is going to be Broncos. I don't I don't think there's now. I don't think so what they are starting a seventh rounder yep titans know giants yes yeah. Lions no box no Eagles know ravens. Yes absolutely. Vikings are probably not kill me with this Panthers no Steelers know raiders know falcon Ober went sorry Steelers yes maybe. We Landry jones' and Stiller back up in the morning and he's openly talked about retiring does it every year you know raiders know how to get Elkins no Seahawks no Packers know cowboys painters I put Pittsburgh on the list OK so that's like what fifteen teams that it's not hard to stretch and 1112 that's thirteen I might have missed somebody but I got thirteen easily thirteen easy. That's almost half thirdly you have thirteen blocks or third on thirteen Kumble lock candidate I just put everybody down blocking candidates. Thirteen teams I think I think the jets are locked I think the niners are locket and the jags are locked. But I didn't anticipate so many candidates that's all and then we'll see other plays out it's a lot. Now the good news is she might end up having. Depending on who declares to go to the draft you could end up having you know 45 guys in the first round. Based on how the season plays out but that's a lot of competition in the field. Yeah you ruined my morning to come and put my head back in my hands. Wealth. There are now I got you know I gotta root for Kaiser to have a great year Dalton to bounce back. I think cousins is a goner I can't. They're bright they don't they wouldn't attack them again because it would just be national not local cap number and I think I would think there's a lot of smoke. I think that leads to the fire him going with Shanahan I would think Washington's gonna have to get a quarterback I think Jackson ball's gonna get one. Mean for the saints. How long can you get Drew Brees to keep on I think you should take a quarterback. Rivers boy boy boy boy put and I don't like this that that they're even if you just look at. They the strongest candidate you can easily get to at least eight teams on this let's look at that I hate. They were about a ticket first front quarterback and what this might mean we've attacks are says hear me out the colts a terrible this year will block returns they have top five pick. Very candidate you know trade two picks to fix their terrible offensive line and the bills do trade up that's right the bills could the colts are a perfect. Opportunity to trade up I think it would make sense for them to trade out and give more picks for Cleveland Cleveland has still been a high picks still. Well have a lot of political bright they could trade with straight down yeah I think you trade out of Cleveland that they could trade they might wanna move only down one spot. If that's the thing about these trades on civic let's say the colts are picking thirteen. Sure they'll be happy to move out how far they willing to move out though. It's a bills are nine. And they don't want to go any lower than fifth. You can throw more first round picks at them. You can throw seconds and thirds of the they would say we don't wanna go below five this guy we need in this tackle this safety this edge rusher. So you know it's a long way off but boy the draft is going to be one of the Jewish year drafts. In a long time because of this rich crop and because of the teams that. Are going to be hunting but let's what if Alan and Rosa was or Arnold and Rosen stay in school. Well that pushes them off the treasury and all of a sudden your pool just slam dunk it and you certainly didn't lower the number of teams that we're talking about that means more bidders. For those guys of the top so that. It's funny with a list of teams some of them. There is that I mean there's no there's no eliminating from the list Roethlisberger is not gonna get younger nor will Drew Brees nor rove Philip Rivers Norah O Eli Manning. What you'd hope for is again Kaiser is lights out the browns say we've got other needs sold take our 55 picks that we haven't spend that on other position now. I even think you know Palmer's an age thing too there's not much closer Carson Palmer's Trevor short so you don't like like portal somehow. Blossoms and has a great year and and the Jack's think. Roque with this because morale wants to run the football anyway. That I don't know what the Braves do with Flacco it's not like he's old that Flacco has a big year that who else. Washington somehow works out a deal and cousins stays there and Dalton doesn't look like crap as they did in week one. Couple texts and tweets on this Corey writes in this talk of a quarterback draft candidates is depressing and married texts in. Does 21 and two seconds give us the upper hand I don't think this has to be depressing. If you're bills fan your team is as prepared as any except maybe the browns who have more picks. Your team is as prepared as any to. Try and use currency to get up that just might beat that one of those years. Or is it might be one of those years where the guys at the top or so highly thought of that the team's lineup perfectly if it's. Jets niners. Cardinals then you might be in some trouble be slept so it it's. I think the depressing part is the at the amount of teams that could be thinking. Pay we've held off time long enough this is the year we have to address a quarterback of the future now even if you think. Bands coming back for another year or adversary in the significant I get another year out of Carson Palmer. Or I think breeze to freeze this contract is up maybe the saints look at and say you know what will sign and we can still get. Brady's playing at forty was to get two years out of breeze. How many of those teams and end. The chargers I'm just gonna call the charges rather than go by the cities it's hard to do yum that's why clause the chargers they gain. It only actually get a few more years at a Philip Rivers how many of those teams figure. We can keep our guy. But it's finally time for us to address who the government get into the system to develop behind this like Brian had that could really screw things up. Brian Texan in the scenario that I've had sent to me before and it makes you wanna part say. In the makes for a scream Bryant sex given this scenario. How about hitching our wagon to Alex Smith and loading up on the roster in the draft he no. Of all those candidates all those teams you mentioned if if the chiefs move on from Smith wish you know what kind year old they have to have to say we're moving on. Well me. Go eleven and five in May lose in the playoffs and then say it's time them because if so Smith is a great candidate for like Washington. Jacksonville. It would not surprise me Maroney is we make another run because it's fun. Maroney is a great. Great in my eyes my eyes. A great pick for a guy that won't draft a quarterback and we make jokes as it was addressed to Connor he's bend down that road he what he lasted. What one false he lasted. 1614. Games as a starter Hamid the did you start. Pork for games in the year two morons and I got to win here. So is dug around gonna sign off on draft than it cannot. Or is he gonna say you give me Alex Smith through a moral brought Kyle Orton out of retirement to try to win nine games and pop his chest out. This night and Alex Smith discussion at the concept of him drop than saying we're run the ball 65% of the time. I just need to got to manage the game get me I think has got to our defense is strong. It's really good we got Leonard for networking a pound away at people I don't need a 45 passing game quarterback. I think that would be the discussion eleven Jack. X and so maybe it's him maybe it's Alex Smith. Drop below will go to one of these elements of war the idea if you believe it keep on May be Brady goes to one of these teams if you believe that the pay a so that it's maybe the most interesting quarterback movement. And draft year that I can remember a long time I suppose that the saints could decide not to recite breeze. Nick Texas and around 338 were moving on there's a clause in his contract saying they can't attack him. All right it's okay saw David they don't want it doesn't wanna get the next does he retire or does he see a team that he thinks he can and I think he go to Asia and. I think he doesn't. I don't think I was gonna said he doesn't Tony Romo but he ends up retiring I don't you retired. I mean I I only saw the first court of the game the other night he looked fine. He was still very productive last year he's been productive the last couple years the problem in New Orleans is they have no defense I would think if the saints walk away. I think brie still wants to play and he looks around tries to find a team that's you know maybe he now. Houston would have been like a great spot maybe if Denver may get Ximian isn't good enough and Brees says the save still want me. Ever what do you think. They went in there and won a Super Bowl them come get me yet so Brees could could change the market around a little bit to this it's. This past and I think this is this the really. Fun discussion to the person who said it's depressing story depressing part is thinking. Okay there might be six to eight more teams that I even think about the quarterback mix to more names. One B attacks on between Tyler tweets and about Bradford slash Bridgewater what happens there yes yet but if I'm. I don't know we updated medical fund bridge we're I'm Minnesota I don't think you'd park with Sam Bradford could you don't know if Bridgewater is going to be the same guy is coming back for short now when. She definitely going to be is get some guys treat it about Bridgewater and art I need to know the medical's give it it is he gonna be the same player he was that was a devastating injury. Like I've I thought I'd we told the story forward Matthew collars here for your wedding. He was sitting there talking about how people realize how serious how bad that injury was which is why players were freaking out right away when it happened there like. Yelling for an ambulance was a really terrible injury I don't know he comes back. Other text or you know which name work not mentioning here. Quarterback that plays in the league that might find himself Tyrod Taylor may be yeah. If he's on the market he could be on the bills' team and Corsica Sylvia little roster MB a guided the keep as a starter in the grooming young guy. Yeah a lot to still be figured out which one of the tax rates and I Panthers fan listen you're sure you guys are talking quarterback draft in week two. Yet understand the quarterback draft talks aren't draft last year I mean quarterback draft charts started ten years ago it started as soon as the bills made that move. You know you can say that we're doing it too early that's what the bills did the bills made that made that move and we all thought okay. Border watch that ball whole year yeah it's a one year build up to like very important Thursday night in what April. Oh yeah snake they. April and that's going to be of pins and needles night. I pins and needles ninth pins and needles offseason right you know me I'll be obsessing long before draft night. But yet can you imagine. What's the board that whose. Rumors of teams move and upper down is someone gonna try and means quarterback gets ahead of the bills on the draft board had. I'll be freaking out long before draft night it's fascinating. Bob treated and Brady gets mad at the patriots and signs with the bills the ultimate pretty revenge tour hash tag it's fun to dream. Hey I guess said during and think it's kind of move on from Tom Brady and they're ready to give the keys to Jimmy drop low. I'm all for you wanted to debate for me I I will personally help Tom Brady packed his boxes and move out of knowing that if if that's the case. 8030550. Join us 888550. To 515. How much do you think will learn about the bills in the next two games. Against Carolina and Denver that's one of the things were talking about and it it is is always the case whenever have a discussion our discussion on quarterbacks here a moment ago. It always hopping and you have an opinion there's listening to us. You can give us a call and share your opinion NATO Treo 550. Hey this football season you can let Belda heating intercept or heating bills by switching over to the high efficiency and low cost of natural gas heating. Pitcher rebates through national fuels heating conversion rebate program. Now bell lap hitting will even pay the heating bills for one lucky fan. All you need to do is register at WGR 550 dot com today there is no purchase necessary. For more comfort and less can change give bill that already. Derek are you ideal location of this narc cannon but he finds its mark cannon rate might hit it somewhere under. Tweet just came down my line. And my timeline and emirate of fire a big old star Campbell. You don't like Q. I can't believe you found something to be stocky wolf find out tax break in find out refined know where it is put it away proceed next segment right before the when we got time charter service never on time and I want to rent for McDermott well can I do a cannon sound effect. Whom does not a good when your candidate stark and it's much better than in new. It is time when that says and now he's search and we'll we'll find it eventually. Now time. Don't worry like I said McDermott doesn't start he's always 510 minutes late. You. Rhode Island Tom Coughlin time now these are McDermott he's my wife's time five to ten minutes by everybody else. That you all all right John Derrick I'd already. Start Canon open them. So I just thought we hear from fan rags sports NFL again I uses arcane and so I don't. Just these marquee all the time I I've I've focused it into what can and I blasted out. Former Seahawks and patriots cornerback Brandon Browner charged with a felony and Allie earlier this week Boca. I mean it's Clinton and try to candidates to come out. Patriots cornerback as is former guy felony culture culture culture. A culture are good guys is don't have the kind of damage do you. I'll see this the whole point again was that the patriots being so good at what they do. Got rid of Brandon Browner knowing when he was done he would end up getting a felony somewhere so we don't want that kind of teaming and John on the that you win super bowl of those team evidently moved around from him at some point right see they were Smart they get out before the guy got in trouble with the law because that's the patriots are there. It. I hate to pay to just Super Bowl champion I hate the patriots Proehl. Won a Super Bowl in PCs which butch who doubles of these and when one of each team this morning. Who's the producer is a DNC is the route one 11 with the Seahawks in one of the patriots draws us in this morning on on the first and last. I think if the producer said something about how they were talking about some of the more impressive streaks in sports right. They brought up that the patriots going you know through the regular season and losing the Super Bowl. And he said something about. Why it's I wish the pages sort of won that super ball over the giants because you don't appreciate that accomplishment of an unbeaten regular season as much because they lost the Super Bowl. Almost drove off the road at the edge of the patients having gone what nineteen and oh. And had the ultimate perfect season and won another super ball would've been way too much to handle at that point and we'd still be hearing about that. All right well well when we get back. Sean McDermott will address the media at one bills drive his weekly Wednesday news conference we'll have four alive on WGR. Okay we're on the McDermott watch. Bills head coach scheduled to meet the meted out at one bills drive our south departure was on hand as soon as he. McDermott not south steps to the podium over to that live here on WTO. They wanna ride about a big event coming up what our friends over at Hamburg growing movement that. Yeah I saw this by the way yesterday was usually right up your yes it is good day for me as I was walking out of the building yeah I got stopped by the when the guys who sells I was like hey. You want some of his beer. All I was gonna tell you there's some there's an extra extra year they gave meets to see expects a game time on the way out the door let's launch for you that's a good Tuesday. So you know if you walk out of the office and you get handed to six packs. A good day yeah. That's a perk. Hamburg growing celebrate their fourth anniversary that is this Saturday so they've got stuff. Going on all day long from noon until 10 PM they'll have twenty Beers on tap including 515 game time. Plug plug content as you'll also be their for the release of their special anniversary beer. Live music Baxter strictly hip and invisible touch. And if you want more information can be found at Hamburg growing dot com slash anniversary. And is this Saturday. From noon until two at Hamburg for. Thank you go 30550 to join us this week today rather it ups archery at tweet true test for the bills this week. This may be the whole list away game for them I was wondering about that wanna I wanna. On suggest Miami is another chance here to Charlotte a big bill's backers prosperity for sure in terms of which which game have the most bills fans that it yeah. I thought there are as good on Monday. Monday right charm would amendment eroded and on with Mike and Chris and Mike said something about. You know bill's fans in Carolina and I was and it made me think I feel like that's one of the larger clubs. And I thought I was wondering what kind of turnout I feel like they're a lot of transplanted buffalo running in western New Yorkers who moved down to Charlotte the Carolinas. Feel like that they could have a pretty good showing on Sunday for Sean McDermott's return down there now yes not a good point. So appreciated treading any other NFL cities have the best bills each performance. Cleveland late in the season you can overtake deficit for the bills. Now I'm Miami's always Miami's against Iran Yemen is a very good on Randy treated and it's worth mentioning the next two opponents. Are the teams that passed over martial artist of the draft and he said it was gonna make them pay. All Carolina took Cam Newton takes it to Bobby said that that he said on draft night or at some point after the draft. I thought he did say something about making them and I don't look that I don't remember I thought he is suppose it's possible. I gotta I'll do a little Google search that's a heck of a memory if you remember that. It. I do think there's something to that I I just got to. I can't type into the Schultz and that's sorry that's anyway. So you can let us know what your thoughts are these next two games Carolina big test on. Sunday for the bills and the story line of Sean McDermott going back Carolina's gonna get a lot of play. But I think for all of us it's the season begins sorry again New York Jets the season begins and you can truly say. How do you do against Cam Newton how do you do against their running game how do you handle Christian McCaffrey how do you handle that strong defensive front seven. This is a bigger challenge for the bills' offensive line. And overall defensive unit that's better than what the jets provided. And whether or not you can make some place it's young quarterback's second year starting cornerbacks for Carolina. We'll see if if there's a match up specific reason the bills would throw back to tight end in this game or maybe. We'll see if they can get the wide receivers were involved in the game plan I think there's a lot to learn prediction for the season but predictions. Addiction for the season these wide receivers will struggle to get open against man coverage. Just based on what you saw when I saw all when they son you know who they are. Is a Jones may be in time we'll get better and better Jordan Matthews who we were driven from Philly said he can't he doesn't really be man come it was Gordon went back out I don't like yeah yeah I would say that's the story of the season. That these receivers are gonna struggle that they did against the jets most of their success came against zones and play a lot of zone OK let's go down to Orchard Park Sean McDermott meeting with the media. It. Yeah he's going to be a hell be out there today. You know they'll be a little bit limited but he'll be out there. And should be gulf practice with. Were. You at this point with. Here. Record. Yankees challenge that's a very this is a great town of football team you know a team that's been together for a long time you know seven years now for the most part they. The defense and particularly that it's them. It retains some players I should say first off and then they add some players with with peppers and and and kept in my Ireland so. Very talented football team very talented defense. They do a great job schematic Lian. Surely fast so I will have a fanciful. That's our. Mean there yet net aware. Strengths and weaknesses if you live on the nets that. The part that is there. Now that that's. That. The players of the on the field make in the place. You know. And we've we just we got to have a great week and a lot of work to do like music off late last week's game. Really for us it's about us growing. As a football team. And then making the trip down there well that'll be big challenge we're expect. You. But trust what you. No. It. You know to what extent you know that's interest in me and work. Against where they are intrusive. Or seven years end. You know work two weeks sellers. Difference in the life cycle if you will. And indeed you know around each other for a long time there in terms of the continuity in. What comes with that so. Were really in name in the infant stages if you will that life cycle. Got a long way to go. You know we weren't Shire which to put our players in position to be successful that's that's our job as coaches. And you know feel good about a lot of things last week we do. You know again it's really. How to we continue to evolve as a football team to establish who we are as a football team our identity. And just you know closing gap Vick in areas where we need to close the gap from last week. Other. Words. Are. Well let's every day you know every day through in natural. You know evolution of what happens in the OTA's what happens in spring training camp and then obviously transition just like we do it all seems to. To scout teamwork or use. Working against the look team. That week and during the regular season it. You know he is similar with what we do. Yes and familiarity with with what they do. You know they need to do an incredible job actually does an incredible job of moving pieces around it. And in just you know very dynamic offense. There coaches to a great job coach Masco. From the offense line and and just very talented across the board skill set wise to mean he can't he get Olson yet McCaffery yet. Johnson Stewart canyon. And it Kelvin Benjamin Dennis conscious and the list goes on so you know how you stop. So that's that's the challenge and there. A partner whoever we. Eight. Right our system is our system just in terms of rotating players who want fresh players. You know suffered of the weather world is gonna do that's just that's just philosophically what we believe in. And and also with ankles and saying you know everyone adds value there's we need everyone to win. And that's important. Separate that with which with respect of the whether it's it's that's part of the country where it's warm. And now we've got to be prepared for that and now we get a head start on that Monday with our hydration process. No doubt about it compliment. Last week that we'll look at that forecast. Won't. Inform them as. The war. Well yeah. Oh. Last. Well it's important for. Stan pointed. Just us you guarding us enough sense. That we take with the defense gives us and if it throws out there down field. Then we take with the defense gives us if it throws there down the field it will take those throws when we took a couple of last week. And and a couple worked out. You know there's also value and run after catch all so so there's a lot of different ways to win football games. I thought we did some good things last week on the opposite side of the ball we got into a rhythm and you know. To your point we have to improve and and so that's that's an area that. You know we need to improve on it just like allowed if partners. All across the team so. But in the day. We have to play Smart. And that means. On the opposite side it means being Smart football and taken with the defense keys us. Yeah I would get a good job of that. All of this and all that accurate or. I know law. Can you appreciate those views be placed on a bus blow ourselves. It. In fact what what. What is it's worth. Yeah when it comes to what it takes to win a football game I'll think about I don't think about those things I think about. Well what's what's gonna give us the best chance when football game and that's keeping players fresh upfront and that's just philosophically get wet but we believe it. I don't really affects those other areas intuit and I know some this may be you know what people are used to seen. And you know. We're focused on what we do and how we win and and getting better every week and so. Whatever is in that bucket. That that's what that's what we're focused. So when it comes to your philosophy and that's what we're only here. The apple. You can. You know. What's up. It's all about getting the best eleven on the field and putting players and fit in position to be successful so. There's value in every position you need eleven guys and an eleven guys being unselfish. Doing their job as a severe today being 111 of the defense doing your job and and with respect Marcella thought so did a heck of a job that the other day. I believe it's or there but. I've ever won eleven part but when it comes. Salaries but quarterback they get them all of this because it's important that that all one of the best ball. You've done. Other positions. More in that sense it was done in order. Well there's definitely on the defense this out of boss sure there's there's definitely value in defense line. Because of the ability to affect the quarterback he flipped it the other way okay quarterback coming out fence guy the quarterback defensively. Who can affect the quarterback defensive linemen do that so there's value in that position sure. Or knowing what you know. What are old now it is you know side. Our. Arm everything. Treatment. No well what's. Arms that you were going. Well he's and he was an MVP of the league for reasons a couple of years ago and I had had a front row seat to watch him on dated date basis and and watches. His strengths and you mentioned a few of that with respect to this besides the speed the power the arm strength. I mean that's that's what we're up against and and then you add the other weapons that they have. You know let's that's a huge going to be a challenge for us so. Would you step we've got a lot of work this week that person is there. Analysts besides keep them fresh. Water because it is and there bull look on if how do you approach that we've. Well each quarterback. -- brings a little bit different skill sets the table cam. Has some unique. This to his skill set and he has ability to pull the ball down and runs we have to be mindful of that. Again in the arm strength we've got a map for that he can extend place. So. There's just some different things that can't bring to the table that maybe other quarterbacks don't. In this particular case. That's been mentioned a few of them so that's all part of does our awareness of and and respecting. The opponent in camp in this case. A phony did that fight did mean it put at 23 points. And any time you can do that NFL let's let's that's saying something excellent but their productive offensively in the of the ball and you know spread the ball around. In you know I thought that platelet it did you. Juan game plan was. It's. It's. Came naturally to. Yeah not just about it when the questions. Like it's added a week ago it's. Where we've got to do in the game you know that's. That's him that's that the candidates important part. People. Us B yeah. Well we're in a look at that mean giant alliance play in this league both defense and special teams he's played outside mostly. So that's horrible start and Lofton. And not you know an important part analysis activating him to our system and what we do. Getting him comfortable so we can play fast but I'm your skills that let me. What is the yes lettuce is an overall. Came from a good system years ago at Florida University of Florida. And some athletic. Action between look for our linebackers. And so we can run. And I can diagnose and very instinctive players and those are some things we solved. You know what instead of or the dollars. That injury and that's something you guys are confident. But in practice. What. Right you know much like all the players Joseph world were aware of it and we have a plan of how to handle this week just like we have plan last week. Different with the other players that. Had. World where there's some other issues and things that we beat each one make sure we have plans. To and Hamlet we we. Terrorists. While runs in a big help to me he really has. And you know he's always been there. You know in that India process leading up to. The different interviews that I did have an end. Sensed. Offering help. A great resource for me to ask questions to. I would say the same. With respect his entire family his wife does a phenomenal job and my wife has reached out to its Californians. And you know she's. Helps my wife lacked suggesting that things. So Ron's been browsing credible. At all. Are we more texts you know just because of the nature of the season how quickly things move with training camp and now this season. And so he reached out sent me text before the game I sent a text. Shortly after our game before his game on the West Coast. In so yeah we we dialogue back and forth but right now this time of the year it's more more via text. But well and you my friend okay what the people for the first hints. What that room. Yeah you know I thought I thought we took a step forward. At this point it seems like Joseph with taking a step forward. According gave some some good things in the game. You obviously can play the entire game but his rep count certainly increased from the week before so it was we wanna keep trending upward. I was perspective with respect to court. The players use less. We. That murder or. Gays like you know it's like a video game road shape shifter. Guys rate he's a quarterback wide receiver it's like whatever you need to be that's what he does you know he DP. He's he viewed as a really. Let's set the I don't and that's it questioned her for Carolina that's. Though. You know it'll probably be a little different you know just so soon. And our. In our process here maybe differently. And we two verses we twelve right. Back in that stadium. And you know scene of people that I just left not too long they'll now that'll be just from the humans out of it that'll be a little bit different. You know I'm a focused and where our team's focus we've had a great meeting sent me this morning. And not really our focus right now is just just really on getting ourselves. To continue to grow and that'll be important for this week thanks debt could trip. Sean McDermott bills head coach wrapping up his. Weekly press conference at one bills drive not much in terms of an injury standpoint EJ gains at the very top if you missed it. Is expected practice maven a limited basis but McDermott said he he thought gains should be available to play in the game. A little bit about the acquisition of your money Jenkins. Animals he can get up to speed this week I thought the defensive line rotation was instant we talked a lot about the snap count Sunday. For Marshall Doris for schori had the fewest snaps the ball to starting defense Lyman. There was not gain specific it is not weather related that's their plan their philosophy is fresh players. That's how you help win football games he said don't always do that so I would expect. The rotation on the defensive line to continue stunt ours had 54%. Of the snap counts maybe that number will vary a little bit. But job that sounds like you're gonna see that line rotation each week throughout the course of the season because that's what the bills believe and having guys freshen up front. I ran a little bit long there are so none were done. Ranked but I thought you handled this last segment was with. Crazies raison dignity now and I thought you were dead on as odd as as they lieutenants to get as you were bang on with some of your points all right. I'm allowed to steal the investigators for his bang on. All right so they're coming up next to get a break in here take it to the top the hour investigators are beyond we'll be back tomorrow morning at six have a great day everybody.