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World savers deluge CR Sports Radio 550 and WGR 550 dot com. Okay sabres camp opened sad day players reporting for testing at physicals tomorrow they hit the ice for the first practices. Which are open to the public starting at 945 harbor Sadr and we will be here live. The sabres first pre season game is Monday night in Columbus. Forward Austin Watson of the Nashville Predators has been suspended for all pre season and the first 27 games of when he 1819 regular season without. Paid for unacceptable off ice conduct. The decision was made based off an incident on June 16 when he eighteen evolved Watson and his domestic partner on. Ultimately resulting Watson pleaded no contest to a charge of domestic assault. The ravens will be at the angles tonight to kick off week two of the NFL season. Both teams won we won with the ravens beat the bills 47 to three and the Bengals took home a 34. 23 victory over the colts' kickoff is at 818. It was announced yesterday that the raiders signed wide out mark devious Bryant to a one year deal on Tuesday. Bryant's return comes just ten days after the team had released him amidst reports that he is facing another suspension from the league. Flying is expected to play this week in Denver. The ravens have placed leading rusher running back Kevin Dixon on injured reserve with a knee injury that he suffered in the season opener against the bills. Dixon had a game high 44 rushing yards and a score in the game. Before he left with the injury he is expected to return after week eight. And Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers did not practice yesterday due to knee injuries he suffered during the season opener against the bears. Which he categorized as a needs brain. His status is considered day to day. Is what and we'll work with the other players and rehabilitating his injuries. That's your sports update Andrew Peters Craig prevail life to keep banks that are on WGR Sports Radio 515. And I just joined by. I'd Jason bought through the general manager. Not long ago and few good things the same old man river. Number one he admitted that he he wasn't nearly as lean as the players are these days but. Number two. Was number two thing. I think you like that young players in the prospects as what I'm getting when you guess talking about yeah some of the young players whether it's in the U Lander or. Other guys the other Swedes that we talked about guys other than Colleen other than medals that that's yes there has a lot. Guys they scored ten goals in the last game we coached I mean they were snapping the puck around they look like they played with a ton of speed. Army it was really really nice to watch. A lot of very very impressive players I know. Alex knew Lander. Had some beautiful beautiful plays two goals and two assists in that game mind. One of the best schools of the day was Rasmussen asked one and the way that he picked up that puck kicked it up to his skates and split the he had a very impressive day there's a there's a lot of players out there that I thought looked really really good I didn't have the opportunity to watch draft missed only what you. Oh Michaels does that's not not even close to happen but it was very nice all we we all. Recruiters are not space for the shoulders. Not sure there's enough space for these shoulders. What is going on mr. Ohio posts I need to get myself in shorts not that'll work go to. The that look at elect on this right now immediately the legs on this guy your account there. Knowing nothing of ground. It's just appeared more minority that this doesn't matters post. Do we want. Although it now all I heard a click how's that ball and he has a voice. Well as worried. Maximum sentence here but it. How it houses summer house the first day. Is there a million. Your hard and that would have just a big shoulders right there. It's gonna get creepy and yeah there you know thirty Credo really funny what's your body fat I don't care about your summary now it's about I think it's on 99 in what way. Well 221. That's called Mack truck the though isn't a big frame how was your summer and I'll still root question I was summer summer period it was. Was relaxing. There's a lot of work to vote just enjoy the time the really one home and so it's nice to veer around and a penalty kills at all. Awesome is that. Is it true. That. There's always always says he can't wait to get on the road but this is authority is like the summer's already there and it gets to have what you there every aren't you know you're getting there yeah. So talk to us about the offseason talked with about getting ready for this season talked to us about. You know the importance this season means for you. Well. Kind of gone back to last year deny the fees and and I wanna have personally. And so identified. Couple the areas that we wanna work on and first and foremost of my skating I just felt like I didn't have the confidence. That I usually have in it and I've never been my what does that mean that just would like I've never been as I've never been a super fast skater but I've been able to get her on nick has. You know use your brain and you can skate on software you get around but. I felt like last year wasn't a fish net on Philly goes off balance a lot. 2.5 percent and I was getting knocked off the puck too easily and I just I didn't know how to fix it. And soul I put a lot of time on African. And what you what you do for that don't mind me asking. You just. I tired I hired a coach and went to went there vote. From 1215 sessions we had just. Almost gone back to basics let me ask wish you figure skater. She has figure skating background that she can it would I mean that's fair while I was most of them camp and how right I mean their network is insane you know. And it's just it it was. Pretty meticulous in the beginning like. If you're to come watch one watch one of my session today original active as it shows please spend in this time spent 45 minutes with. Going up and squatting on the ice basically but I had to do it to get that good foundation so yeah there was it was really neat oh my little bit and so I feel like that's a much better place and then kind of the rest your game. But you know we forget how to shoot for the candle what you do work on most things find from those things but. Once you're skating gets given its efficient you're able to get at most positions where you can shoot and and you know the U guy wanna wanna have the confidence than to get their school. Walter Alexander used to I mean I know you've been skating out here for. You know with the guys and stuff and and training all summer but to just get going and put all that work and in the motion here yeah I'm excited. Big year for us figure for me and and I'm really excited just to get me games and can showcase full of them I think that we've taken some some pretty good steps. That's an understatement Larry I think we've and to retain its thirtieth steps though we cleanup a lot of things and and you know I'm looking forward to how long we're gonna come together with the thing starts we're joined right now with Kyle low post so six foot 206416. Foot. To 220. Pounds of lean mean just muscle machine WGR 550 MSG. Do you all eyes animal coming together you know. A lot of the guys that you're seeing coming in right now there they're very young highly skilled. Gonna try and find their way in the and in the National Hockey League and and and find ways to be a great professional. How much our guys going to be leading player lake view that is definitely for a number of years that is had. A lot of success. You seem to be. The type of person that. If you know to have around young guys that you seem to be very grounded you work hard on your true professional. Are is this is this part of your. Reasoning not only to be that high and skilled right Winger that's gonna produce but. That away from that. Away from the rink is just as important sometimes is just on the ice practicing is trying to lead these young guys to doing the right things. Yeah I think that's. I'd say that's probably going to be. A role that I wanna have is one of my biggest this year. Just challenge myself to. To really. Trying to mentor some of these younger guys because. When I was coming up. I had guys that I looked up to that were really controls that show me how to be a pro and I remember those guys and and I remember the impact that they had on me. And I feel like. You know I do I know how to carry myself and and Noelle. How to be professional mislead and what it takes to to be ready to go for 82 games because that's something that. He you don't just come in the league and have flight you're gonna have ups and downs as a young player here everybody can have ups and downs but. Finding a way to contribute every night. You know whether it's you know got a case of those that you know common and you know if I do end up playing with him I'm sure we'll some point this season but. Comment maybe if he's not have an a great night or something that's just sand something to a more are bringing them along to try and make an impact than. So I'm a challenge myself to. To be more of a leader for for this team. It's gotta be hard being a young guy in this league nowadays even more than it was before because the expectation to step in and produce right away. You know I mean gee do you guys feel that. I don't wanna call it pressure but with the moves and everything and where the team finished last year and your own expectations each and every one of you do you feel that. Pressure from the outside from within two to be better. I think he used you do feel it but you have to look as challenge and we don't wanna put those bad. You know those bad emotions on these young kids that are just come in and we're not gonna bring any of that stuff from. From last year. And and dump all of it on these young kids. They're guys that were here last year know what happened and know what needs to change and it's on us to do that without. Bringing down these young kids and letting them flourish in this game and letting them force for our team and be themselves but also teaching them things and for us for the guys that have been here and the guys that know what happened we got fixes. We do things change. We wish you good locked in thank extra time before you go what's what's your nickname pokey. What's your real nickname I I was PD but I was to the outside it was it was you know. What is nothing I had saw ahead time what. Oh he. Poll. The big horse Sox. We're getting there of what will be breaking down later in the air thanks very much for your time as traders Andrew Peters and treasure may Kyle posts are kind enough to join us here on the opening of training camp. I got anybody thank you. Opening of training camp left our partner here cans here all sweaty. Com. Like that's that's. That's a guy right there that I look forward to not act that's pack a lot. That's packed the lottery when it comes down that he opening day training camp come on paddy c'mon over c'mon Mike get over. You can join us here at the all committed to Gator let me an English name that show after you with a nickname. I mean speed bag DOS boot. Special K. I'm obviously Boucher let's make sure we do this right what's up buddy. I want now. Now I want all and all of their daughter lives here we are alive journalists face looks like you've never played a game in the NHL. Please. What you can't just start here here here here that's our that's only on the one side of the phase so the start on the middle knows that star there that stars nice being the eyebrow. There's a few under that. She and ears the chin as the best. That's nothing but just started as it is that's just scar tissue came right they're never leave the chamber you know have a choice in your tackle if the company. The conversation. Yeah ever. Is that they matter what's going on how much is you know role room between hearings. Do it you messed us. Yeah a little bit you'd think. I think both leaders agreed that. Music is certain view he get around this time when the weather starts turning him and it's hockey season and the only if dole. I don't know what is adrenaline rush is something it's funny because I was talking about that the river signal this for the first three or four years that I retired September October November was a very tough month for me. And then he went on to say while you know some guys you know finished their careers on red carpet you know like guide it I was ready to go out on my returns. Think guys like I say the for the bad lie and by the the dogs I like I needed but it is that a home here in fetal position sucking your dom wondered what you did wrong I will I. I understand what patty Jenkins he's he's he's newly retired. You know and he still has the juices flowing in even being around these guys him walking around them you yeah I can just tell already year I browser a little lower than normal wolves could come younger than some of these guys though. Some of them yeah holding out 32 I can't believe that we saw poverty day. Guy quality thirty technology 35 he's 35. He. Unbelievable shape. Palmer man he's got little folders and lift up he'd average a shoulder. Like a fish and if you haven't you can shoot pars from the you wanna and a few pretty bachelor was back when you played all we might patting him out of the blue chip you know boot me we booting patting Chris. Okay were stoked if you're still alive until until until somebody with a actual any talk much. Just don't know that you are the fourth line and it's that you don't know that he held this is the other glut they're the guys are gonna get I got hurt during more about you gotta go. Did you gear on a variety I that you are but what. What are some are your memories. Your first a couple years in the league any any memories that when you step on the ice for the very first dot. I remember someone telling me a story about you years ago. When you completely. Annihilated. Thomas Danica what a body check and Lindy Ruff had to pull you aside and say. Hey patty we know that you can hit. No more hitting in training camp or something like. Yes. Obviously my mentality is an anchor Dominic who try to make the team which obviously wasn't. Wasn't the case but in your head your anchor I'm doing anything and everything in my power to make this team. So the players come. And was going room and that. You know is coming in in in two hours on sort of a compact striking to you random from the Red Line I'd I'm am from behind and saw it come up it was from the slide in due. I. Minimum places weren't open and you've caught him all although there's all plastics are heating Cottam. He had like a gash from here. To hear how many stitches 25 and I have no idea so. After that he got off and they and he pulled me aside had a meeting with mis behave we love the the enthusiasm and in the passion and all that kind of stuff but we can't be hurt our own guys so. Let's just hold off. There. So there are fifty million dollar guy lion and the ice is in a puddle of blood as I mean I shouldn't profit I'm gonna go after Everett after that no nobody is the same way like you hold training camp I think to leader in training camp scrimmage and a five minute made your first hearing. You yet. So like things like that but then and all of that years. And met was mad for awhile used used meant for awhile he was mad while we we had appeared and then errors. What year was you know all of speak at that are. You know I gotta go I wish we had a song plays leading the owners of the higher Jason appalled me bill my god look at look at his car are you welcome to show welcome thank you thank you for coming yeah. Beauties waited all morning to you what does this crap this is this is the most ornery and wears his file you know. He just show them off for a very. You are you tired this summer. I. Still going to going because this business Illinois wins but your offense could actually do appearance went on TV owners have already took pains now I have to guess your body fat. And I knew all the you always use distort your act. So you always looked good from the front wheel would you turnaround though he's got a little bit of chuck nightmares felt. I'm gonna get how many spots to pinch. Well there's quite a few news you via marks everywhere. Earlier on and I would say. And spot on the because before used to be packed stomach stomach and land like triceps but sometimes they do your cap we these notices this this. They wanted to they weren't accurate. Assessment the other sports thank you remember you remember what it or you're. What did he guess what I guess you're he'd guess seven I I guess that I I tell them I guess seven. Normally are seven point one. Not bad ideas to you. I guess you know I think I've seven point one in my left arm. So that's 714. Points you get to my legs if you remember the like copper and got. That they opened to a vote here ratio is available here yet I can tell you this. There's not a chance you're getting that around my stomach I think you'll get I think you can get one around my stomach I think you get a open up the caliber wide enough to get in Yemen might give him pinned. It used to be the bod pod member of that. That's not that I know that's pretty good and I'm even bent over the world and I got my English better than when he played. I don't tell that would don't tell me that just because you wouldn't have came and and he remembered the expectation is always 10%. And they've came and we are talking this earlier. Andy's comes out of the room and he says he was ten point one but he definitely you know tall point six and he comes out he's like employees. And right let's let's take a couple points off their grip but I mean admitting you were to avoid that. And he comes out is like. Toshiba doesn't happen all the guys that are outside the public about what is happy about it. Ten minutes later you have to have a meeting with didn't and in the Cogent is that while voids that present. We do things they told me had to be under ten and I said. I'm 35. And I've never been under ten in mine tire carriers so that's not gonna. But the some guys just need a little extra. Love you know like they need to elector. Some guys that are fat and we can say it. I was little guys that were with Arafat played guys that apology in the had to lose weight they were never the same player like Jack. Think Jeff chills went from 14% body fat the 3% never again yeah you know I mean it the guys goal that some guy is naturally built that way but not quite you. No I I honestly I have a tough time gaining waited I think you whatever and I'm usually find so I've been pretty fortunate with that but that's that's if that's a gift but listen. Training camp. This is your what would this be enough for years this is really only seventeen it's my seventeenth yak stand drafting panel on so something camp. Now quite what's what's your thoughts coming in you know with the with with how many changes. Jason Marshall has. Made this team he wanted to get faster on the forward line chuck mark he he he's changed. You know the culture. With with so many different moves. I mean what are your thoughts coming into training camp as as as one of the guys that you know you look around say while this is this is pretty cool. Now I'm super excited to get back yet. Well I'm I'm super excited to get back but I think what's even more exciting for us is that he went out and said. We needed change we need to change being made and he was able to vote there and in doing I mean half the team is going to be different there's going to be new faces. And everyone should be excited about that in and you look at the pieces we had we added some really really good pieces and some great depth and I think from from top to bottom. Deathly everyone's. All of you met all the new guys that. Bought has brought in yet everyone there so is there a guy that did didn't Laker shake his hand like PD did with me when I first got here. Not really I mean when I was in Minnesota we played quite a bit against Bergmann in some vodka and those are guys that. Are going to play against their top there is their big day there they play heavy deem it's a bullet some occupies a heavy game you know is a smaller guy. But yeah those are two guys that were tough but not not to the extent we're a hay hated them yeah like no media no no I Lamo is likely aren't. I'm you comment on and a Brit first came here and on talk in response now and that bad. I shook every person's hand in the dressing room everybody happy is TV is great conversely is probably still skating back in Montreal back then no news there was there. And he got up. And walked out of the room for I'm a primer when all you've ever planned against the mark used to go on I mean. You isn't known annoying guy called it brutal did they do remember that we that he was part of our game plan which we are you born on Miley you're line. Look at that he's part the group was literally part of the game plan by let me interviews used to do it fears that. Well it you Montreal they're all over an elderly there was talk to live day is my fault. Little bit. Is it. That failed it. So what else is going on poverty used do you do you still love come into the ring the way he wants it is it it's gotta be different mindset right. Obviously it is and I mean I've always loved coming in the rank and I was not playing it's what I've always wanted to do and I mean I've been fortunate to stay healthy and able to play for awhile and and maintain. A pretty good pace Sawyer I mean I'm very very happy both at nine games. Minding your creeping up on us now I am. Yapping at them they. Ten and we won't make it fondue in my technologies gaming we are living together in Rochester and in knickers you didn't score a goal for the first twenty games to stop that Kristen aka. I'm attire right now I did I'd like I knew you play games in the NHL commerce. And then we played together in even and regulator called up and put on waivers and sent back down you never know where your career and go and here you are. Almost a thousand games like I don't think people that you play your first. Even in the fight was fixed rate I play in the minors I played my first game I think was it 2003. Wasn't and then my first year would have been after. The locker oh okay. Do you do you when your first game was in Washington my first team was in Washington that's right no we went to Carolina and you didn't play and we went we went hung out of the yeah yeah yeah yeah I remember. And then I got sent back down finished the year there then the year after that was a lock our rate so we were all playing in. In nine Rok shin in the year after that is the year where most of us all came up pretty much at the same time. How many like how much. Of a benefit do you think that locker was well yeah if for you because you would have been playing games in the NHL maybe we if you were ready you're not ready maybe at that point. That's force all of you guys. A big group of view that ended up coming up being the main core here yeah. It was it was as as much as it sucked like you said we might have been able to play games I think it really benefited all of us from haven't I mean Indian in. I'm Darcy were there at every game pretty much every practice we're helping us so we're really involved so. If we were able to showcase a little bit more what we were Bowden and like you said the year after a bunch of us were all on with the team and having. Big roles with the team's all. You're creeping up on a thousand games or 35 years old you're in phenomenal shape how long you wanna play. I don't know I don't know we'll see have recently I was one try to go a year at a time and we'll go from there I wanna have as much fun as they can then and then we'll see. But yeah I feel good I feel fine so I. I finish the year in healthy and I still feel like hey I wanna play and had a good year I definitely would like to keep playing I just can't believe this is sent. I would have never quit this game for warrant for my my injuries that I just dealt with a near the end of my career just couldn't go anymore but the passion and love for the game of hockey. Is still there and will always be there. And you know like you the game now allows guys to play longer yes I was a little matter Halloween here summit of leaders I got here in the the shape that year and I mean you you'll be able to play for a number of more years so. While the Mark Palmer art I shake your Hank is here now a friend of the show you one of those just I'm coming back presses. Oh you know what it's completely different now they have and I think everyone has the standard. Believe it's 165. All that's happened in the past ten goes in the agency's three wrapped it looked like it looks like your packs are ready for the big hazard here 050 sixes over I think. Those these banks probably got to go to break keybank senator training camp opens its risk birthday today I mean our pats has their fallen off we got everything going on down here. WGR 550 MS teachers upon what kind enough to join us in the skaters. We'll be right back. Back with more of these investigators. With Andrew Peters that great look. All right welcome back against the gators Andrew Peters Craig were very were alive down a training camp keybank Saturn a guy we saw all summer with no shirt on it and recognize it was pictured on. Ross' mistress the line and the harmlessly you have summer of as Rick said flippant tires running hills training pretty hard getting ready for peak season yeah summer Lewis. Really get a lot of while working out than. Will will too long hopefully in the future and Summers are a little shorter. Feeling great and excited. How excited are how eager is a guy like yourself to experience a playoff game. It's right no it's it's it's the bull you know that's. Where I wanna be and we won obviously team it's a long way but. We additions we we did this summer. I think we have a we have viewed Johnson. Through it really excited to start working. How is it exciting is that for you guys you know obviously. Some struggles the last couple years a lot of guys on this team wanna turn things around build a different environment. Gates and bought Troy has gone come mode and he's. He's made some changes. That the culture needs needed to change some pieces that he has brought in to. To start something fresher. How is how exciting because you know you've been here for five years now coming on your sixth season. Deceive the changes the fresh faces the guys that are hungry how is that what does that mean to you with moving forward in trying to. You know work on your goal of making the playoffs to give you a chance to win. Stanley Alec is that I'm I'm really excited. It's been long long five years here in this is the first time my I really feel that. We recognized what what went wrong last year and what we need and what we need to do to get better and be where we want to be in. Really excited and that's lot of work to do but. Talking to the guys we are ready for a ready for the Telus. Wrist on line and is quote unquote leaner it's and mean there entering training camp with a picture of you again. With no shirt on soul leaner and meaner. Meaner that type of player that you'd like to play you like to be a bit of a pass push guys around front and had finished checks being nuisance. Yeah I ID really wanna be in his face right now he loves that the I I feel that I I've done much operative after the game a lot of a petition guys hate me and they Lawrence's kill me and they do. Yeah well like and that's that's you know when you're doing and the right thing is that when the guys that you're playing against feel that every time that your on the guys. Yeah Iowa makes make sure they're aware when I'm on the ice they gonna hear it they gonna feel it. Just one who everything it takes to win the game if there's one thing that you wanna try and do better. With what you're you know you ought to see your training in the offseason has been in it has been incredible but what are what's one thing that you would wanna improve. From from the last a year last couple years. By Awami more more consistent. There was that are being a lot of undone and the difference between my. Really cute game and really about him it's today excellence this wanna play pick up you more consistent. All right we we got it we ought to move on here because we got two other young boxers gonna talk to a quickly who's your hero. Oh ha. I was Monica does that allow he wrote Sylvester Stallone. You know he started out an adult films I the dialogue is special justice just stand and him. I don't know what but anyway I just throw that out their risk though thanks your time and I pretty good liked the idea where you want to tell everybody we yelled to us as your head down a hallway. It's sticker on I want you to tell everybody what he yelled to us did you not yell you guys are the best. Is that at that are in terms are saying might be the utterances. Well we'll find out he's coming up right now mr. Colleen and mr. metals that thanks your time buddy you are right where you were stand on their cover enough we're boot you out thank you. Give up the headsets. Don't trip don't hurt yourself on the way out. Good luck guys. That's right good luck to. The soc Levy you remember us trust us. Yeah yeah you wanna see what river road down as my answer for. That's who he wrote when I grow up I want to be. Him. As nothing to do you it's all about the short shorts he like he likes to Wear them real. Casey medals that'd Rouse the styling joining us here in the show fellas first not your first NHL training is the first and it is your first and it's all it can't. Gets NHL games for even vascular Cheney camels network. Let me ask you this case before a university of Minnesota. And do they do you have to count three to get in the idea night in lately file on the ATP he has real Smart and street favorite things all I didn't on ulcer rated our hockey. Mom and I don't. Failed you guys. Have based spotlight on you in a good way there's a lot of excitement around YouTube. How are you too you know getting along I mean you're both kind of feeling the same pressure ones or ones indeed. Expectations and things like that how are things going. Do you guys like each other kind of on all. Acknowledged anger area we've been there for awhile so I think now all we've been you know each other in so little bit which is which is nice for us but. I don't know I think we're used on those leads aren't as bad as it's not a Casey. I don't know long that is alone there's the and that's. Three guys isn't the other it is like team Sweden. Pretty impressive that they'll travel together to Israel pack at sixth all time you're an alum is toxic issue of no clue at all. I'm in their ged it's an early on their own guys so we've telephone house prospect challenge for you to mystery. Is this five million Ali getting back and they in the some games you do you find that it's beneficial to get a little bit of an advantage. Getting some game shape and some do you want column game wrap. Yeah I think. Obviously it's not playing awesome here to play any kind of game so. Osgood and I think in my RRD trainers condition there's no such thing as gamecube they play games so. I need us most important part for me is get back into it and they're playing in have you guys seen Jason Palmer though without assured on. You said he did not amazing how good shape he's in for 35 years old L guys there but what do you think a guy like that his body would be all thank you finally reserves. I mean he does a good job writing these. ET feared by is it is only so what was your life I would desire and treatments. Part of Staten. Seven starters any speak in the Mike my daughter just a six point seven. Yes 71%. I'm higher interest in. I'm just under ten it says it and I'm playing in your tank used to be that I used to be via the pinnacle if you were over tenure considered fat which is which was honestly. Messed up my mind. Not that I'm where it. Rim never let it get it never went to have 112. That's not true that's not that's not true I may load up one year at 101. It's good spirit of the things not about the body fat bowl what you do on the ice the word of the body fat the calpers school and play that's that's the way I look at it. Bomb expectations for this year would you guys what kind of expectations you put on on yourself. It is just one anti missile and that's an answer as mayor did not say that you are gone you're trying to make the team mr. make team now about it and I. How. What are you gonna join you. I'm excited two. All I don't know Liam I'm now on the bullet in the numbers on paper rating and things. Is on playing whom don't think it too much. Sounds like you guys are thinking too much. Good luck you fellas we gotta we gotta had a break here. Casey knows that roster stalling you guys been out the guy's been a few around here you've been over chefs yet that was always a training camp. Ritual for us we get her body fat start and then we just beat star herself from last month to make sure we understand we have over to show us for alert just spaghetti arm. And that's. And others and pulse against. OK all right. Now you're gonna head over to wanna Buffalo's finest to grab some pasta you know fuel up for tomorrow. Well good luck to you fellas and all the best see in the exhibition we'll see either in the regular season we're excited about just everybody out there is very very excited so. Welcome aboard. Zero out of our case to middle and Rouse was Dolly short time with the boys here a little bit of time with Ras. This is the line and some nice time spent with our boy Jason Bonneville final segment that this is coming up here WGR 550 MST live from keybank senator. We're training camp is open and freight rates are 45 today. Hockey talk that she ends weeks he's the investigators. With Andrew Peters and pick Craig let. All right welcome back the as the gators final segment live down here from the keybank senate September 13 training camp is opening credit surveyed is older and we are on WGR 550 and MSG. We have to do buy sell trade of people back in studio are going to be angry is as a makeshift one. This bottle in my hand Milan who drank it and Hezbollah they left here on an option off the charity Jason bottled water ladies and gentlemen. Buy sell trade this water bottle would go for more over. Then 250 dollars. Sell. Really be any somebody out there would would definitely if that money was going to charity. They absolutely I'm buying that all day somebody out there. Would buy this ball water that Jason volatile drank out of for 250 dollars Alderman. Richard you know and so. Not really an auction we have like four bottles of water here and you sure Jason is the one that cranked on that one because we had wrist line in in we have a whole bunch of guys that left the ball. I don't act I didn't I didn't say that I was gonna have a letter of authenticity either him like I said. He did this is the bottle ready left on the floor all right just talking to these guys what's the one thing they that you missed on training camp the mood. No business the guys the young guys the odd thanks guys Palmer you know Palmer was located docked to hit the young box use the low. You know if you young guys and hear the comments of we're gonna reflect more on them tomorrow and any media member listening you would case medals that process Dolly's say their first goal. Was to make the team. We've been talking all year where south and they basically have made the team I mean I think that is incredible. Golf. Yeah I mean something something not to overlook that's for sure they're coming here and they need to earn respect and you know little we'll talk about that respect this one feels alive in their coming up next start to cut jobs body that we had you there up next WGR 515 amnesty.