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Investigators. Presented by M Pete Carroll hardware. Welcome back to our number two of the investigators Andrew Peters Craig group fade. I almost said Marty bureau on almost we're live on WGR Sports Radio 550. And MSG it's a lot quieter around here. Yeah you know what it was are my neighbors they wish came true. Marty was supposed to come in today and I they asked me what was the one thing I want from my birthday and. The Arab sense of the absence of number 43 I want us to take a moment. And just listen for one maybe three seconds. It it's beautiful thing you hear that yeah you hear that. Piece that's not Marty talking it would have been interrupted that three seconds would have been by second and a half Hewitt you could have I like at least forced to start now both as president and executive. But we did kitchen and I certainly wish we got Elliot Friedman joining us on the line here and Elliot Friedman. Sir how are you today. Low bar for. You don't Knoll Marty very well that you. We love Marty I hear on we love Mario right here on Wednesdays and Thursdays to he's not around. I'm. Elliot how are you how summer bit. You know what I'm I'm not gonna lie to you. Not much to talk about throughout the entire summer and not that there is ever black he'd just seen you know extremely dry all year was in terms of news. Well it's rare because I know there for a lot of the people who work in making. The summer is shorter than ever I was with the NHL last week. You know sort of media tour or article is there. And you know I hostage don't play as I was summer and they're like what summer. And they didn't even have a World Cup to deal with this year I didn't if you ask people who work that she is now between. Free agency which goes a bit longer and our development camps and the under eighteen world championships and they have. Consider yourself lucky yeah group because I think a lot of people making Joseph Summers gets smaller and smaller. I'm in general that's locker I don't know what will call that we may let's just say this Ellie we made the most of nothing how's that. We don't. Short earlier vote yes I at least last year we had a Jimmy's easy talker AB talk circles around that for. Yet another better than beating down a young kid who has played a game in the NHL yeah. That's. That's the easiest but we we talked about Michael's new contract all summer sabres captain and you know obviously we are reading your cut first of all. Are are you exhausted from having to write one more thought now. All I got tired there's two weeks or ultimately number 23 public order. The teacher yourself thirty. And yes they're role they're role few weeks I look at myself or say. You're you're an idiot for doing yourself one more so not this week this week was easier but I know there will be weeks during this world we shall. Well let's start with the one that I think everybody listening is is most intrigued by you wrote a headline they'd just about talking about Jack cycle. Heading into the contract you're next year how he's very relaxed. You know I've always thought last week and I and I just the art scene in the quotes about what happens if there isn't deal done and I know. Sometimes it's hard to discern. Our context and watch somebody means from reading a quote and it's not necessarily because of the reporters were result or anything like that. Which is sometime the waves somebody says something is as important as what actually gets said. So you know I just thought to myself you know there I didn't read it and it isn't no peace at all I think there's. I think they're understanding like Jan Michael not going anywhere even. The contract doesn't get done for the season it's not like anybody has to worry about. Jack article in the Buffalo Sabres not being together for a long time I think receivers understand what they have they're acting pretty happy in buffalo. It's just a question do they get the deal done now or not and don't start this season without their Jack article placed kuwaitis Mary Jean all play. It's all gonna take care of itself. I think that's what hurts bad impression I got there's. There's some guys and talking and you know I'm not gonna management got an open he mentioned have but I remember signed one year Forrester free agency. Annie took like a little bit less money are talking about it he said I'm not like to do as well as like cook but I got a chance. Going to eurodollar contract it would drive me crazy I'd be thinking about it all the time I didn't want that going in this. That's OK it's great to remember that there's guys like that. She's not like that I use a kind of guy like they don't get the contract done. She's gonna light it up and not get it done eventually sold I just think give there's no deal done for the season. I don't think the sabres out toward I don't think Michael gonna worry about it I don't think or change or. All right so do you think do you think it's do you think it's something along lines of his side asking for one thing. Bought troll kind of waiting to see if he can produce the numbers that fit that contracts asked. You know I think there's probably some level look back two absolutely hander I mean. Look one thing we've learned this summer is that if you look at Pasternak and Boston. And you look at drug Seidler and Edmonton. These old guys who saw other numbers go up because what army in the science. And our I remember one comic David cited in a big piece on what does this mean. And there was one agent who said to me that currency players saying look. I know I'm not comic David but I am also not a six million dollars worse than Carter gave it. And Gerald. It's like your click the joke age five has been who's 65 it's like forty and 38. They try it was the music spot and they thought that a lot of guys who would have been around 65. Are now going to be 85 and saw that would try recital in Edmonton. And we're seeing that now David Pasternak in Boston. You know he say hey you know what like I did not six million dollars or an arm acting it. So but I wouldn't be surprised that's exactly what we're talking about what I call. I think whatever wherever article and thought that's going to be a big number and can deserve it I think the question is how big that number going to be. Elliot Friedman joining us on the line here at the as the gators were on WGR sports or don't cry shifty and amnesty we had Phil Housley. In studio yesterday Alley and I just wanna stay in this Jack Erica talk for second and we asked him about captaincy. And you know he said he had been on the ice of the guys we asked him if there was maybe going to be no captain did I it it just doesn't sound like they have. Certainty yet on on who the captain will be if they if they do name one. Do you have a theory on this at all. You know here here's my here's my theory and you know Craig I know you're guy who's been someone to Wear that the big letters. Do you think your captaincy is important. I think. In today's game. I believe that the captaincy is not necessarily as important as it is having a group of players that our collective leadership group. You are I think that's very fair or cry or what Middlebury what are you know we're part of what was he bought. That the captaincy become too big and elect Betsy saying you don't like that and much more stark terms. They eat all they called it ridiculous and you know I think the captaincy and hockey is all our. I'm but I think sometimes it is true that. Maybe most of us outside the room unique bigger deal look at editor's insight the and you know I never felt personally that. Maybe you're not captain it doesn't mean you can't act or lack of better term captain Lee. You know you can still be a leader to have the right approach. You can still use somebody the coach talks to. You know are two of the biggest question is tall horse and got into a hole. That she is not prepared for or in Toronto trade for Gionta and are they went out of their way to an ornament of the captain. I just don't think that was the right role for deal. I think he was there is that that is about it guys just means I don't think everybody is too old to be that kind of a leader. The only thing I would say the ball close neighbors there. Don't put it on somebody because you hole. That that is what they will be. Put on somebody because you think they're honestly. The right person to handle it because that is one of the biggest mistakes sea. Is that accusers this is what we want is going to be so we're gonna give amnesty. And it turn out you know why that's not relief for him because once you put it on somebody. It becomes a bigger deal if you take off. Elliot Friedman joining us on the line NHL network insider. That hockey reporter and obviously Hockey Night in Canada. Joining us on the is theatre show we appreciate your time we're going over the 31 thoughts another thought that you have on there and we're having the conversation we had at last week. But we were just touching on it not too long ago just about George pero in his new role with the NHL what were your thoughts on the higher. Well first of all I really liked it I think. I think Georgia's is a really Smart guy like in my dealings with enemies of very bright guy. And including Arnold guerrilla complaints are George was a buyer is gonna look at things like why would you put a guy a guy like that charge. I think that's a bad argument. And I think. You know I. We've learned over the years there are guys were great players who might not be very Smart and there were guys who were superstars who can be very Smart. And I think George are very Smart the number one thing I like about what George Salem spoke last week was that she wants to do. Different kinds of players in the apart like he's looking for. Our our Frontline player to work with him to get extra get that kind of different believe one of the things like figures are. Big problem in life now is that people don't wanna listen to. Anybody who's got a different opinion of the major. I like the idea that you might go get like court of course skill player mayors state. This is what this player stinking hot I think that's a great idea. You know I'm going to give him a chance to see how he rules. I think it's the hardest position in hockey. I I nobody likes you we get a lot of pressure. You've got most people will disagree with what you say you have to have a thick skin and big ones to do their job properly it's not easy. I think he has a chance. Good thing I'm most interest in the boat is that it is believed that players who turn along the way. I'd just before that your yet it's something we need to get out of the team. I think it's really interest to our figures. I think it's a tough call for a nor'easter making an an absolute quick second to play. I don't disagree with them but I think now you know the public doesn't have the stomach for injuries for seeing guys down and hurt. And I think it's going to be a lot of pressure on on the a guy gets planet of ports. That there should be apparently are suspension. And I just figured I think she's doing all right I just don't opens he's going to be able to accomplish it away if you want to do I think it's going to be a little pot. There there was a hit a couple years ago I remember specifically is right and I came on the radio we battled and I mean battled. For about two hours on this topic or law hit somebody from Philadelphia I'm a guy the on all that was Tom Wilson on Braden Sharon but they're aren't our love the the did. The kid from France. Sweet Switzerland Switzerland that Telemar how are yeah yeah I also hit Alomar and there was no suspension if you were call and it was it was because. And we had this debate about how the player turned at the last second saw him coming. And I I even think you're right about the Tom Wilson went to there was no. Suspension on and I. And that was the right call for me that was the least setting a standard saying look like players that get hit. Have to take some of the responsibility. You don't go and get a park. And I think the your free you you should not be free and you should never I never won a lot Elliott I whenever one has ever was taught. To turn my back to protect yourself when a player it was Turkey and you know perfect one last year was Jeanine VC. Who got hit by Iraq who goodness. And I had your correct I don't want to an extent that they show the players. They showed that lately at the rookie orientation. And here they show the players that play and kudos go out on the team for about. And when I score a couple of GM's they didn't like the fact that it was exonerating mood is complete poll like this right. That was one that was wanted terror instead. DC made thought or worse yeah and if you wanted to say they were talking about what you got to recognize your on the ice. With the garlic Iacocca would risk is if you will goal for the big yeah. So. No I think I into green innocent daughter Priscilla I remember like. 35 years ago when they were teaching they're teaching must. At age ten or eleven there was it was always like keep your head up and and I do think that. I do think that have to be brought back in the game I think the ballot that. There right know whenever there's a big characters such a debate. We don't see many big church anymore the amount of hitting him. Tickets is going out of the game I do agree that players I take responsibility. For. We win it where they are what they're looking. And how much attention America and I just think well how. It's going to be hot. To take taxpayer. Well I'll say this and I'll wrap this topic govern you guys feel free to jump in and add to it but I know for a fact that a young ages kids are taught turn your back to lie down. Turn your back you know how much. I hated it it it just hit on wrongly accused we were taught pitcher but to the boards hip to the boards you have to take it hit you got to take a hit it's called taking a hit to make a play. You know and that's that's the separation their but you're but if you can see guys are taught to turn to talk to salvage it maybe a little down power you know at the games and. However if you did you're gonna get hurt. Absolutely I you do that you know listen I you do that you deserve to get hurt it to be quite honestly I mean. You're not playing the game the right way you're not playing the team. Honest it and honestly if you're turning your back and hit his you don't wanna get hit as you wanna suck you got into a penalty. I don't believe that your play in the in the right way Elliot Friedman joining us on the line going overs 31 thoughts. I asked Craig this morning what his birthday wish would be. Our when he 1718 season he said that it starts receivers make blockbuster deal. For Matt you Sheen are the sabres in on the machine and will be ashamed to move before the season starts. You know I haven't heard his name linked to buffalo it's doesn't mean it's not there I just haven't heard it. I'm. Thought Elliot it's my birthday night years. Throw me a bone here. Sorry I don't Bourne is but it just forget I ever heard it doesn't mean it's not it's not correct right. Like I haven't heard Bob polling too long but that knowledge and I haven't heard it. I I rarely get this sense guy they Colorado was making this deal. On their own time. And they're gonna wait till they get what they want and I referred the Oscar's been very big. You know I I wrote yesterday that they dashed. For maybe one of and then they just Nashville above all for their part. And then somebody show it to me that. The last night actually called them so not only out by Kyrie it was one of those. So it's like it's a big task and you know I would open I think one of the guys they really like the kind of player they really want is currently no I had opened her heart Carolina so unless it changes spurt Colorado I don't get the sense of well. You know they're holding out until they get back trying to run us I mean. The biggest one is going to be so moral I am sure that mag Sheen wants no part of going to training camp right now. But he might just have to soccer up into it I mean it's. You know I think the biggest question you have it is going to be their immoral you guys know we don't collect a paycheck until this starts. But taken start finding you based on not being errors you have to report on that gave blood. The only regularly tell it was Colorado I mean this deal at their pace and they are not gonna do it until they get what they want. I believe he really wants out of there he needs a short training camp. You know I agree with I think that the only thing you can do is go there and play great. Yeah just go there are put on a smiley face and be happy and you don't know that you're. Your wish will come true if you just go their performance away I got your gonna drop more negative attention to hasten what happens to be does show up he goes through screen can't be does all the preceding games and he is still not treated by the first of this season. You know he's gonna have to play. Yeah. He's gonna have to play like I'd just like we've all social and you guys noise like you know you guys who lived. You'll live situations where you are happy and you know or thirteen native wasn't happy him and was that he made reduced how. But like how many how many times did you see that work work guy how low and it worked for. It worked Craig Craig held out for three weeks calling Darcy gear back but he got traded early eighty works of being our community. They there are benefits to all this stuff it's like I'm like yeah. There. Are benefits to our lake you know like anybody Suez and you know guys like. No you don't want to look weak. Right. Because if you look weak everybody's gonna come after. And you look at ours certainly didn't withdrew at. She's how old horror. At a very secure and got trade. But he held firm and he did on his terms. You think toast it's going to be any different Penske advisor. Well the biggest part of that to Eliot just at his drew had had to go back to Tampa where his tail between his legs. Edit and your credit circuit operative play are playing I think you get a good job like it clicked on it believe me like. I'd I'd try to put myself in that Asian issues and I understand how frustrated not that he must be. Aren't saying I was him I would be pissed off. But I would show up there and I would do my bat like I might say like a month do overseas and at this isn't working men and maybe I'd leave. But aren't they going out there and I'm gonna say you know why. Uninsured for at least the first month I'm gonna be mad and I'm Bob grow played great. And on Google improved my value and that takes stock that's what I would do. Elliot Friedman on the line here one final question for you here appreciate all the inside Elliott fantastic stuff we love reading the 31 thought sometimes my dvd gets the better of me and I threw a little bit but. But nor do I look I loved her I love it though. But here's a question for you and you mentioned in another thing you're thirty went talked to a broader demand. Thoughts are with Jeff Molson about. You know talking what star players such as taveras and you know the headline here of the topic on my screen says could you see taveras and have sweater but. What is the tests are John taveras situation in Long Island and what are we gonna see it resolved will he be back there next year. I like I would say many times I think his first choice is to be a member of The New Yorker. And I don't believe that has changed I don't believe different user tremendously loyal guy. And you are excited to link US regional players vote of ours. I don't know how many of them have more respect among their ears back obviously you'd they really speaks very. Anyway I think John Dumars is a really uncomplicated guy he's loyal you want to play from Albers has been to allot and wants to win. But I do but I think it's got a big guy's gonna come out of that arena. If the islanders get federated dies and then I think you gonna stay but if they don't get that arena diner but there's no clarity. I think the chances are that chance tilting and going somewhere else so. You know I don't really think they've talked a great deal vote a horrible money I think they all know that. Whenever you say it's okay I'm ready this time it's all particular itself. I'd just think they know until that Arenas gets on then. And how long before that decisions made. Well they just recently sent out BER requires herb there this started the bidding process right. So all along that the bidding process today. And then got to figure our how long's it gonna take to build the arena but one I do know is that it really sound like. They're trying to get this done that's been process that is about possible New York moves. In New York moves really slowly. But it's Arab League they are really trying to do whatever they can. Abstract so that they can get some clarity by until they do. I don't that you can sign. It would be amazing. To see what happens at the deadline if they're actually you know what in fact. For our job I don't want arena to be an arena to be. Okayed you there yet until after the deadline I wanna see you really happens on what this whole scenario play out. CO route loyal listener who he has. Well players like are like honestly ever I think she's. Like. Or a little bit apart around them. I think she is just so I think it's what you think you are really serious Gandhi. He chases a good job very seriously this approach is very serious. You know in if you didn't figure immediate push you over one of these spots in the blog. Eritrea are all the votes in the summer I don't revelation of why it's light can accurately. Chart to their stat very briefly. He's a quiet guy a blue color guard does a lot to make him happy doesn't charm and that's it. And I think she's really cut from the same caught now. You know I really cute and we learn what stamp Kos did a couple of years ago is sort of given us pause as we we didn't. See too many guys who was. Students throughout the year free agency at the last second went back and took less money to do so stack coasted that. He walked away from a lot of cash. Taxes are ruled this New York's this Elliott the actual but he still walked away from a bigger now for a big number you know and you know what I think we ought to recognize the fact that it can happen in two bars simply give a reason cannot. I would hear spoiler alert for Elliott I got a feeling that we'll see number 91 in the rafters right next to number eleven from the bandits here in buffalo one day. I always Telecom and buffalo wants to follow in uncle John shoes dominate here at lake either but the bandits. Well alternative that comes true. You have this scoop of all five all I know I'm just I would I would put that on your Twitter handle I call this and I would Wear a shirt. Click on the on the show every day like a T shirt without within 91 banner whose uncle Pierre I think that would. That are utilized. Maybe I will do that we have here embryo it might not be a lottery gets back from playing for the economy police. You know I I acres blow everybody up here I don't think if you go I don't think if you leave it open helmets are where. If he does leave. Where do you see him going Montreal. Help boy you know I always see these characters because better than public on some. Twitter feed and I end up getting my my polish archery and I'm like. Put it this way I wrote it last year I I really. I wonder if you would go to like a place like capital play step. While I just finished typing the tweet out his son when we hang out but you Elliott said taveras will be in Tampa come next training camp thank you for that Eliot. Thanks a lot because I really appreciate it coming what you do for me. Yeah we Grisham is definitely a fast. Have filed with the with the backlash that hey Alec thank you very much for your time we look forward to the next 31 thoughts we'd love to get you on against him some time for an. My arms like a daycare Elliot Friedman awesome insight if you haven't read it go to his Twitter handle. Will look up Elliot Friedman I think it's. Freed. GB. HN IC is his. Twitter handle go read the 31 thoughts there that are spectacular it's a good read. When we come back more hockey talk obviously it's a gators Andrew Peters Gregory a lot of straight where he thinks Johnny team might end up. If it's not in. I can be toll or are again I've until I don't know I mean that's been proven true at times. So Craig I was back. The losing apple at all not at all all right we'll be right back we give Craig quick run down here is the gators WGR Sports Radio 515 amnesty. We're back with more of these instigated it's presented by MP Carol hard. Welcome back to the as the gators enter Peters Craig room they were alive I WGR Sports Radio 550 and MS chief thank you to Elliot Friedman for coming on and great hockey conversation with a few people tweeting and I think you know the start 200. Mr. taking up all hate mail that we yet and just jump into segments that we can obsolete payers some of these people coming at a time. There's a revote there that really should not be chirping as the kids called these days. But it will get that a little later. What. What you. You're such a hater and all I'm not a hater I just a noun you know what it is it's not even Corzine. It's not even if they hate mail isn't even NASA carries just heat in general. Just hate toward you and I just words and drew a hole but he doesn't bother me I love it it's actually get entertainment and he will be more entertaining is reading. Those on the air and an absolutely. You know giving the Twitter handles the below right and and and burying them some people can go back and see. Who were carving and why. The union believable that the mobile worker and we'll get permission from our producer. Com are USA today poll 31 NHL players that the media to last week in New York. And the results will lead into the next two questions here let's start with the expansion first 21 of the players said that the NHL should expand. To Quebec city next nine said Seattle and won said Houston. Should the NHL add another expansion team Craig rebate. No time. The clock but go well. Do they even have a building in Seattle. The answers no. Soul all there's a big mass going on Seattle right now with the mayor there so that's gonna hold things up OK so let's just let's fast forward two years from now. And Seattle does have a building that can hold an eighteen to 20000 capacity. That number would be going up. Arm convexity has proven that they can hold a NHL team. They have the building already set. Com it would be a fantastic guy and he Canadian city I mean to back minority back in the day it was a one of the greatest rivals. In all of sports was Matra Canadians against. Back nor geeks. They would absolutely support that team will you have to balance out the conference's right CA's so right now other sixteen in the east fifteen in the west so. Expansion to the west just seems. Obvious. Right. Does it about how I have a better idea Hubble relocate. One of these teams that are absolute anchor which one. Florida. The islanders can't get a building Florida has a brand new owner you don't care to have a brand new owner talking about like. Lake just anchor in terms of HR our revenue ticket sales fan base following all that stuff summarized mean. Whatever I was part of the Florida or organization for about in fact 51 days. Who has the dollar ten days. 152 days on parent but it felt like ten seconds yeah and I wasn't really a part of the organization but I got to see a little bit and of how always. Goes and everything like that down there and it wasn't this the ownership that it is now but what we're starting to change that are trying to change it they're definitely trying to change that and I think they've done and I think they've done a really good job adapt but I just don't know that sun rises right is the rate market you know I mean looking back arm hindsight of course probably should have built that ranked out of Miami. However. That's beside the point so expansion yes they have to expand they have to add another team and bounce it out I think. You don't you're at thirty whining you know how much the NHL loves tearing pages out of the NFL's book they have 32 teams. NHL wants 32 teams Ehrlich just taking Detroit thrown back in the west again. That's brutal for the players there well they've renewed for years and they want all the Stanley celts in the last. Go to Detroit back in the west. Back in the way home back in the west. And I like bring in Brian lane in order to back connecting. Minority to back in the league. Love it. Move Carolina. Out west. Aware. Seattle or a loss yet released until the building have you ever heard about Houston being in the mix. Knew who'd they have Houston aero straight I mean. I don't know they have the building I know that Seattle. Would it is is a great market there's no question that he would work in Seattle. But they do not have an NHL buildings what about Kansas City another team that was talked about what we were still in the league even Kansas City was talked about. Before. Pittsburgh I think hit the Grand Slam with Crosby number one overall there were rumors of its members this. And Pittsburgh moving to Kansas City there were talks about America. So I haven't heard anything about kansas'. We talked about it on the show here are you might have been a vacation we talked about that actually yeah. Street as a you do think they should expand have to bounce the conference I think if you're gonna expand you'd need to make sure that you're going to the rates bought. And I know that they. I know. What they have income back. But it it it all depends on that Canadian US dollar in the exchange rate it's a big big deal. That's why yet that's why can backward geeks. Had to move to Colorado is because of the Canadian dollar. It was still weak at the time it was costing so much more. Or write and remember at the time when Vegas was expanding the resist even talk to vocal back in the 500 million dollar expansion fee yeah that's like 630. Years 640. Million dollars comedian. And then on top of that Canadian teams all these and it took contracts people may not notice thrown US dollars yeah so your pain guy. A million bucks you're paying him one point 31 point four whatever the exchange realism that they have yeah. The paycheck but anyway. So let's interstate I'm not surprised that. Players. Immunity the expansion is is CIT's article move where now is is can back but there's always that worry in the back of the NHL's minded with that exchange rate. And how much how lucrative. The the team is going to be due to the exchange. I think it'll be Seattle when I don't know also another another quite. They were also asked about the Olympics so we know about the mass that this is created. And to no surprise Juanita the thirty once said the Olympic participation should be included in the next EBA. So would it be Smart for players to negotiate for Olympic participation. Why not I mean I think that is going to be thrown in there the owners are gonna. Walking into this next negotiation. With her. Negotiation moving forward. I mean caller right now it's going to be ugly here's what happens though is so you have owners want one thing and that's it so the guarantee contracts. There are days they want to remove guaranty contracts. And why wouldn't that be wanna go why am I not be a fair argument from the owners to see you wanna go play in the Olympics and risk getting hurt on. Someone else's nickel not not on our team ever to guarantee contracts is here's the thing that guys. That get that wall. Never be let go so easily you guys that are gonna go of the Olympics anyways so yeah it hurts a majority of the union more than it affects. You know the superstars. The NFL eventually will be guaranteed money in these guys are going to be getting their paychecks very similar to what they do a reality is others. 75800. Players in the National Hockey League and how many players actually go to the Olympics. Well let's see let's say the 4400. Point. If you get a guy smiled a 150 players in the NHL's so. You know 60600. That the players it doesn't matter. This negotiation does not matter what here's the thing is it's so so the only guy weren't you guys or is it an example. The Olympics is a vote dollars and cents. The owners. Own. You were under contract. You work for that organization which is the owners. They're not going to allow you to go there. And possibly getting injured. And not get anything in return it does not make sense you are at their asset if they are not going to make money off of view. Then they're knocking ago. They're not allowed a year ago and I agree with that I would want my asset to go on my thing and you know put money in my pocket we talked about taveras earlier. Remember when he blew his neo yeah Pilar season was over and they were in the playoff no question. I mean that's a risk for the owners but here's the kicker though why why wouldn't the owners say you wanna go to the Olympics. Or. Use that as as a negotiating tactic but they know the players want it. Because the other 600 players that you mentioned in the league. When you look at the owners are not. They just thirteen days I'll ever hear of yours don't care. Deep down inside they don't care if the if it's. It's growing that team around the world do you not think the owners would want that it's a market that can grow the game around the world. But I'm gonna tell me how much money do the owners get by sending. A 150. Players. That are that there and that's the main attraction to the the Olympics player let me ask you this common property money down side with the World Cup that the league did me good players really don't care about the Olympics and they're just using it as a as a negotiation tactic making the owners yelled hey hey no wires we really do wanna go so we really do want ago who cares about the Olympics the most. The 650 players that are not going. And why thirteen days off thirteen days off in the middle of the season it was always great car all walks of what you do for the U what do you like the break guys went on. I vacation with their families. They got away from the rink and these were guaranteed. Days off you could not go to the rink there is rules towards it. Was that not degrade as the greatest. We have a big guy I'm right here in New Jersey tickets fairly to EG. I mean and and you come back. And you slowly get back in it and it I mean for the players that don't play in the Olympics and go through that travel. And that grind and the emotion and and all of it. The guys coming back. Arts and I mean they are exhausted I can still remember mark resume and ski in Montreal. The chapter of the Czech Republic ended up winning. Deal the Olympics that year 98. And you wouldn't believe mark residents speak we had a big party format is apartment old team was there is rated like that loosened. And he looked. Like a frail. Beaten down man. Because the emotion. And that drive and the passion playing for your country and I mean these guys were completely worn to the bone and it was a me I'll never forget that it was a very young guy at the time I can still remember his face. When he walked in the door is obviously very appreciative that all the guys in the team were there. What he'd literally looked like he needed. He needed a week of just complete rest and sleep. Finally you do right now. 43 years old today Craig remains birthday we're gonna do a little maybe a little birthday celebration for you here we come back in the next break. Andrew Craig investigators what do you look another forum there's no gift down there there's no birthday candle there is no Kate there. Just nothing but love is gators WGR Sports Radio 515 MS he'll be right back. You talk to any chance. These these these investigators. Presented by and Pete Carroll hardwood. Welcome back to the show final segment for today don't forget John Murphy show coming up next with Donald Jones from noon to three it's 1152. A man beside me wore number 52 he's not 52. But today's his birthday he's 43 years old. And low happy birthday wish to get there in the studio yeah thank you to turn off time in the bathroom we are sitting there waiting for you waiting for integrating our oil I walk go my way into the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and I got a I got a glimpse of a guy that with the bills that they're working note. He is just. The I mean to be able to see these guys in person. You get to appreciate how. Big. And strong and they just like a mammoth man working code it's it's incredible. Were they done was to run he was getting worked out by one of the trainers I don't know who was but he is an enormous beast of a man. And canny move yes. Massa thing that blows my mind are capable guys disguised. 300 pounds without a doubt it's got to be six. So what I wanted to really mean America's you tell me I'm 300002. No he my he he he is. He is a massive man and just so athletic I just don't understand how these guys are so big. And there are still athletic. Incredible there really is incredible. As I wild past with a bad back. Awful that make you but you felt this way when you played. How many times going to or break feeling the way you do write once a week I felt like this where the back was note get hit from the night before pelvic was though you know something just kind of seized up. And you'd you'd get in there and I mean that's why the trainers. And not medical staff with your team is so important because they they put two right back together and you feel. You feel great again. While happy birthday. I hope I have a great day with the family and earlier this video leveler around new bit. We're happy that you we're willing to command your birthday Thurman Thomas going to be on the John Murphy show so make sure you stick around for that. I'm Andrew he's Craig it's his birthday. For aggravate 52 if you want to we have a happy birthday wish. We had a bunch of phone calls we decided not to get you John Murphy show coming up next. It's the gators were out will be back tomorrow afternoon WGR Sports Radio 550. And MSG NTV.