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Worked out today get except for the Carolina Panthers this afternoon they worked out with new linebacker Johnny Jenkins a five year NFL veteran assigned to the roster yesterday. Former fourth round pick but the dolphins head coach John McDermott that same whether Jenkins would do play this Sunday. Against the Carolina Panthers they released Greg Maybin to make room bills got a limited work from starting cornerback. BJ gains in practice today did you expect him to be ready to play on Sunday six players and coaches with buffalo connections have been named as nominees. With a Pro Football Hall of Fame next year 2018 class included among them. Offensive lineman Ruben brown and Kent hall. Linebacker Cornelius Bennett special team or Steve tasker. A wide receiver Terrell Owens and coach chuck Knox they will cut the list of nominees to 25 in November. Cut again to fifteen in January 6 bills on the list of nominees for the pro football all the things. Former bills' safety Aaron Williams got to work out yesterday with the kids city chiefs. She's trying to put calls now that Eric Berry their starting safety is done for the season. Erin Williams cut loose by the bills when free agency began after suffering with neck injuries the last year. Wayne has been a starter for most of his that if a career he's 27 years of it Houston Texans suspect expected to eventually announced. That to John Watson will start at quarterback for them at the Cincinnati Bengals this week. First rounder becomes the ninth quarterback to start under Texas coach bill O'Brien since 2014. Cardinals running back David Johnson Malone ago wrist surgery expected to be out until December according to NFL never got a second opinion on his injured Chris on Monday. And Baltimore Ravens running back Danny what it expects to miss 63 weeks with a hamstring injury baseball the Cleveland Indians going for their 21 consecutive win today. In Cleveland and right now the in the bottom of the fifth inning the Indians lead Detroit eyes for a quarter one they'd match the American League win streak mark of wanting. Held by the 2002 Oakland Raiders with a win last night against for. And that is the update from one bills drive the general Pucillo presented by NAPA Auto Parts John Murphy Donald Jones happy to have Derek Landry in studio with a some moment ago. Former defensive tackle in the NFL winds up in buffalo because of his wife. As a head coach of the saint Joe's collegiate institute team and you'll have some fun out Friday night their Donaldson clocking in a quite distancing Jones and. Don't be jealous and it's those who view him. Well you welcome flight yet to be getting ready for a big game on Sunday that the bills have. You're probably in the come into the game I'm like. It is to silent in the Booth. You know I I really am looking forward to it though you know calling calling these high school games just because. I haven't been here as long as you obviously but I know that these games are rivals the games now I know the next next week with saint Joe's kinesis is huge game but this game as big as well you have to you know saint Joe's is undefeated. Aquinas is one and one but they are very very talented team in traditionally a good team out of racked test facility good game. Hey gum we wanna try to re ignite our Twitter Poland discussion we had gone out pretty good discussion earlier on and it dealt with some. LeSean McCoy and his workload. Obviously last Sunday the bills needed them use them a lot 27 touches on the court 22 carries. Bypass receptions they targeted in my six times in the passing game what do you think if he goes to be follows through at that hates. McCord wind up with 450 touches this year that's in Heidi you know it does to me he's never even approached that infected he got. 450 touches this year it would be like 25% higher than his previous high. Which came a couple of years ago last year for comparisons. CEO does it surprise you point one have to adjust per game would you guess it would have been more roots. I would guess would have been more towards it is like a funny the people who give the ball thirty times nobody cares you know at the when the season. He gets thirty carries. I averaged well that's an average well read you once in awhile and Melinda you know the here's the thing like games play out. And certain ways you know and so you always have to first of all code to always tell you we take what the defense is if we make a game plan based on what we feel like they're going to try to take away and we are going to exploit. Something else and so. McCain will always play out something crazy what happened where you might be down you might be up you have a four minute offense in a form an offense you might did. You know eight carries just because he's trying to run the clock down right you know also. Nobody gets thirty carries every game. This is not the way back in the day where you had run one running back now these these teams are trying to take care of their running backs and are doing a lot more by committee. So let us know what you think about the workload it's a Twitter poll today the workload that LeSean McCoy had in the win against the jets what do you think of that in which the bills do. Will report on Twitter you can vote you can gives call in talk about it on Twitter the polls on the court 22 carries. I catches against the jets how should bills handled his workload right now. Fifteen about thirteen under you're checking in on Twitter 59% say that's about the right amount. 22 carries by catch 26% to more give a more. And third 15% cities and a balloon. Let's talk about it 8030550. Tool free 1888. By 52 by fifty McCoy talked about that. And a lot more moments ago when he met with the media after today's Wednesday practice the first opportunity McCoy was asked if this team has. Extra motivation playing against Carolina Panthers forward your head coach on the. Well the guys off that it has been in Carolina. So councilman songs on about it. There are different me dislike or against them has gone back to shun away. Autographed them in. The library of about excellent author and when. The teammates were spore and it's ruining. Their visors. Looks at things definitely in our kind of looked at it like it was instantly being outplayed back home. Field sizes. Like and it's who is more positives than fourteen base so. We're gonna go one go west or north Florida get a win. Despite group the player very well together. As a team as a defense. They they all know their role. That's bestowed on a defense. Particular linebackers. Great job with this phone holds. Write things down. Lot of athletic abilities. And our good thing they're good defense so. It's Arthur they routes victim of over this so pursuing plays well. That's the give and occurs in those towns position. It expressed alarm that I guess it's. Happy innate Condo over pursuit. So a good day again. Because. Played him before. So to assess this last assessments don't. I think my last affiliate relief. You don't you know and that it was an anxious. Ministry game so. If they wanna take out or warn you about shorts around a big day balls get to a you know home. Always up for a challenge my rule is. Well afford to lose that match ups really do. It. Is pretty good this. Give us fallen down in this crystal ball and that's the roses are it's so far for game for the game. Right there you'll see source warning in the ball. So more so. Personally. It was pretty good idea. It's really. It's almost the filming isn't as good guards good teammate. Or certainly hard. He's carrying he's always trying to help what fairgrounds. Just Ali gives me a vice. So as a specialty is in the game in those lot enormous through Iran's hard brings a physical. Telepresence that we need. For fullbacks that some running back. Yeah the militant wing gains helped the team so wrong in my book is a plus character guy a trustee. It's tough kid tough league game after one week. After you look at it and see where you are you know uber competitive for this city friends are guys because of the varied chicken and that's basically. But what difference. Most oval Maclin this week he. Hearing it's only going. They want in miles and guys by nineteen to stop that argument for race. What other guards morning. It's so different. Like when Osama. Compete with other running backs like AT and more Sean it was a home. Foster. I sayings like. In the org are get a lot of I. Like tears came from on the grounds. Zeke he's like the new presence. And he's getting it done. Wells that can Miami is coming in this office. It's so funny and I lost the status of the running backs them up their young ones easily and so this is different you are like. We do this this is to see. Aaron Thomas changed. You know he's each week there are with AP. Notes right. Does he plan is against these gains and you know I mean look at the numbers those critical. In January under and you're older you. You'll have to ask yourself. Autos like you kind of a home. Or is there regardless with a lot of older guys and outside game and respect. Our top moment are sort of the game now looks like flip now on the old guy young guys look up to me. It's on me respect my game and things like that so it's all motivation unionized motivations. Stay relevant in Spain its armed with charts and possess. That's a real struggle do you know be the best known to believe in hope we're a team out so. So what if you. Argument that there still relevant and Steve and corporate America now here's the Connecticut and ask him about his workload. Nobody Greg Davis and I mean. But those of me of the story while we can make it to a big story really I know whether people were talking bears coach McDermott about it that nobody is nobody that's the next time Wednesday you've gotten in the news how do that which we live camera there let's do that next week that Donald has been. His quest witnessed in our producer Dave Harris with them and ask questions I think my identity theft if it if you like if they can expect the another. Get this on the court talking about. His role in the league sort of elder statesman mechanic at that the only premier when he talked about being around younger kids and Italy's. It has been in this thing for a little while now you know he's been one of the top backs for a little while and then when you first come into the league you know how good you are what you do respect the older guys gains you know guys that have been. Doing it in a pro wools and everything for a little while you respect their game you know in. And if you have a chance he'll talk to him and you tell them a man not a really respect what you do out there on the football field what you know. As some point this will be me. You know and then once you get to be that old that bet that guys are looking at do you you know. City knows that a lot of these young running backs are looking up to him you know we have we had. The two of shorts on and he was talking about. One of his poise that plays in the league and he kept asking him about seeding in Kuwait with I don't know he still out west and Jay was asking him about seeding colon was he like you know when NASA. You had that we're guys now look up to you and you know baton. You know CAD CAD understands that a lot of people looked at him. But he also understands it he talked about earlier net thing. He's watching these younger guys that are getting all the height you know every week easy you Elliott and and Todd Gurley and all of these young running backs are doing so much hype. And all he's that was coming out here performing every week and he's like where's where's why did. Hey so that was the shuttle going nobody appeared ask about his workflow we've talked about a lot today you can welcome you're welcome to join us on that tyra to it was asked about. His workload though we have tyrant comments now series work. Yes but these were. Tyrod talked to the media after practice just in the list of forty minutes or so. And he started out talking about that are answered a question about. The son according how he was using of the day even Charles clay how he was used in weather that could be sustainable throughout the course of the season. Almost doesn't definitely a big part of a passenger. To create mashups that art and and size of the linebackers and safeties from most things and we're gonna have to be able to take advantage of that when those opportunities present itself. Of course we got playmakers on the outside as well to some gonna spread the ball tomorrow home last week we were confident going on in the two plays and Charles and and as stated in Iraq and they were able to brought him in place. Priesthood and receivers and you mystery. Definitely had a chance to be together that how much to help you would have a tight end running back that are so what. Of the matches you rely on them for as long to take you guys. Outside. Com. I think we all. Fit each other storms world. As far as that Tom missed audits are not with a receiver corps but I think we've made a footer time we're gonna continue to keep donate over the course of the year. But definitely having guys like Charles back Kevin does like shady back. Even nickel Mary. This talent they bring to office thought the ball to play making ability they bring definitely helps us office but I'm not worried about. Our said that the time that we haven't spent. Together house I was two receivers is that we are on the same page we talked reports. Look at sharp from practice just got to continue to carry over to the games that stands out watched students. Fast flow defense almost doesn't defense camera of course Lou Q3. Probably their best linebacker in the league on the very Smart extent of and just gonna have to guard are responsible our first challenge on the road and us a very good defense and we're gonna excuse every play and to to keep. Keep focused on children. Now than I do on this here. My. It. Yes those doesn't Farwell. Some that I've been able to see of this year to the pre season last week's game. They're confident confident bunch. On leaving and latches. Say that we're confident defense there's nothing that. It's been his guard Darren look you know we have a mistress here all of those guys are confident and they say they're very solid defense aboard outside excuse me isn't a report. If you personnel files. We. Curious as to what's the line to direct communications. This guys guys guys that it. Border. There. We're all living together from of course these resources. That goes those guys. And we have over coastal communities has been like this is day one and and it there Garcia on tape documents about or. Just been given is his insight on the defense person definitely helps when it comes there's group Arthur. We'll thought information given politics watched. Was to have to go out and execute. Places coast record calls and things would have cost well under way. Cut it since you have thought about. It's healing slowly back and play this former team and emotions that are coming back. He's expressing his rated rated for certain there's not just about him going back Thomas a collective effort we have a couple of guys actually from Carolina described go back and later wrote him a bit in that situation but. This about us as a unit going down and and trying to accomplish something. That we've set. What a season goals that we set before the season is gonna take all of us to all of us home as a unit to go down there and do things we wanna do. All right you're in that situation last year base here or repeat how can you. Mentally prepare yourself you put those emotions aside and not think about it. I'm of course is going to be him on. Humans so going back to play against a team has just been so much time where bill bonuses have to Jupiter zeppelin Ryo and tomorrow what you got to try to try to harness system. Put that aside and garden and rely own. Like your preparation or things that we've done there were doing throughout the week. And gardeners to degree in this. Don't look at it different. Got a little more than. I just I mean he's given as much inside as he can of course we don't have their players on defense would it give it. They've given investment they can't. And they're doing a great job to try to prepares. But look to run into Sunday. RSS it was a possible regard and do we have to. Prepare as much as we can it is many different looks his lunacy throughout practice that wayward goes on that we can just react that day. Haven't. Moves that quickly. In this direction. I can fight this every girl you thought that if they all over it. Sometimes. Yes how I'll save you Alcides deficit ended up but I wouldn't it. Well a chance at as far as in this direction. But I felt like that would ever change the way we run the football the way city. Missed out way two over is now at a waiver of distress Duke's home. Lot of ways I think that we can definitely get dose level please we have to broaden its. That. It's. A I wonder. Guys. Read it here. If there. I have ever set. Foot here. This. But what we ought. There's definitely an advantage if we use the right way artists that coach McDermott. And other players has been on the Carolina Panthers in the past couple years. Can give as much insiders as they want. Dostum have the broad and study abroad that we prepare. As if there's any other game. And tried to challenge yourself or practice we're going to most looks there's such automate practiced as hard as it is hard as possible that we will we are do. I was just react artists. Home teams which we can we joke and do things they're gonna do to try to stop it was Boston it was down an office. And office out of lost excuse. It is more. My over. Tendency. Yes thought Mike over to talk to Joseph quarterback that was there. Try to get information models guys just your target. On the same page in which it was in the sense things that. It's executioner was on the excuse. Are tailor bills quarterback who I think some that a pretty well. He's spent seven minutes we waited seven minutes at the podium and gets and five and a half minutes were. We're dealing with that familiarity and I get that you know the of that defense scored for the pitcher's ear cup the panther players. But as Tara said I think correctly. It does boil down to execution it it. I don't know you know what you're doing I mean you've been in those media room is most coaches haven't by the time we get done. Look at are the video and these guys you've coached against already you know pretty much set team right Fred there's no inside. You know silver bullet secret key don't know exactly the secret to that the Panthers defense now. Mean everybody can see the coast McDermott he he might know certain things about the players that the players the players in the panthers' that the players here might not know. Play you know they give you a crazy scouting report they give you the ins and outs of everything you know every week you know and so. I know that one of the story lines this week is coach McDermott on back to Carolina and it being obviously on that Mike Tolbert going back to Carolina Joseph Webb yeah all of these guys going back down to Carolina. But here's the thing when your coach in this league in you being coaching. For however many years that coach McDermott has been coaching in this league for the most part. You've coached against all of these offensive in defense of corn so you know exactly what they're trying to get done you know and post Zeta Doleac coast against him you know two years ago I know his office I know what he wants to get done you've probably interviewed them or something like that at some point you know and so. Does he know the players that they have yes does he know what they're trying to get done yet but even if you didn't you can watch. Film if you watch it good enough you'll learn giving example and and how how that might work like for Sean McDermott who coached at Carolina defense for. Her six years and in Izzard and don't let me put words in your mouth here but yes I think in May be maybe. There's like a tipper tell from say Lou key leader Kurt Thomas Davis like him and he. When his right foot starts movement afoot ahead of his left foot typically he's gonna drop in the coverage you know as at the kind of thing that my Yale community. You know every team has has their weakness you know and every defense and goes you know this office is gonna go against a defense they have a weakness there. The offense he's obviously practiced against that the aunt his office so he knows the weaknesses bears Wellesley he might be able to say okay. We know that. BC the if you give him turn and discerned Erickson he can't he can't flip it's it's in turn that way you know if we give him in covers he can't cover. Something like that and so they might try to exploit that those that are that's something that he might be able to to do what. You know this is being a little bit blown. Out of our horse and it's been critical of our game. And the players they'll have to go out there and execute like this. This whole thing is being made out to be coach McDermott game post retirement can only put the players in a certain position players still have to go out there. And execute every single play. And make the plays when they get their opportunity because if I tell you. Well the safety if you wanna use. If you give flipped his hits witness certain way he's not day but the and you don't go out there and doing than what that is. Coach McDermott was asked about it this morning about his familiarity with the Carolina defense and how much of the you know how much of an advantage I guess that might be in. And just going up against the Carolina defense what he thinks of here's audience. Yeah he's challenged that's a very this is a great town of football team you know a team that's been together for a long time. You know seven years now for the most part it. The defense and particularly that it's them. They retain some players I should say first off and then they add some players with with peppers and and and kept in my Ireland so very talented football team very talented defense. They do a great job schematic Lian. You know actually that so we'll have a chance. It's it's. They're yeah and I'm unaware of strengths and weaknesses if you will mean that's. That part that is there. Right now it's that that's. That. The players of the on the field make in the place. You know. And we've we just we got to have a great week and a lot of work to do like music off late last week's game. Really trust it's about us growing. As a football team. And then making the trip down there well that'll be big challenge for us. McDermott essentially echoed what Tyrod Taylor's him there when he said the players are the only players that play and there is an angle Eric get and there's something there but it's. Can decide Cayman don't think that's not snout to the answers that his knowledge of the Panthers can it help gay can help. But the players have to go out there and execute that that's when it comes down to you go out there and you execute. You make the please you know you know one of our poisons eyes and quote he always talks about he's a defense coordinated. And he's always like look there are times where I know exactly what they're about to do. And I'll have my players in the perfect position and they'll make the right drop and everything. And the quarterback actually rolls the ball in the drop in such. You know like that's how it happens like yeah I can get to into the right place we used to got to make the plays you know and it's all about it's. Yeah the coaches they coach sneaky guys in the right position the guys still have to make plays on the field that's what it's about that and coaches decide to retire when you can't get it there. Other two of the biggest challenge beacon of the players is set. As the guys that are but he knows we Carolina Panthers and National Football League most valuable player two seasons ago Cam Newton 65. 247. Pounds that's a bigger than linebacker besides he's ease of physical specimen Andy you know museum BP in the league. A couple of years ago coach McDermott was asked today about. The challenge presented to his defense by Cam Newton size and his power. He was an MVP. Of the league for reasons a couple of years ago and and diet had had a front row seat to watch him on day to day basis and and watches. His strengths and you mentioned a few of Vick with respect to this besides the speed the power the arm strength. I mean that's that's what we're up against and and then you add the other weapons that they have. You know let's that's a huge going to be challenge for us so. Which is that we've got a lot of work this week that person is there. Besides it fresh. Water because it is. There will look Bachmann. That. Well each quarterback Tino brings a little bit different skill sets the table cam. Has some unique. This to his skills set and he has ability to pull the ball down runs we have been mindful of that. And again in the arm strength we've got in my post that he can extend place. So. There's just different things that can't bring to the table that maybe other quarterbacks don't. In this particular case. If you themselves. That's all part of just our awareness of respecting. The opponent encampments. Chuck McDermott talking about Kim noon down I just here talking about what a what do ya and impressive physical specimen he isn't. And coming out of the draft you knew it too right when he came on Auburn you know he was controversial coming around the draft he would. Issues in his background and I think painters got to read it again and I wanna dive you you've got a major video. But I want I dive into a little bit during the course of the week as to whether you know the Cam Newton thing has crested mate announcing he's on the downside. But I'm curious because of his injury because of his season last year because of the way he played 534 days ago. Gamble on why some pretty awesome video I and seek him instantly you know and now you know with them like I can look at of course my needs notes in my utility said Jimmy. I used 28 years old when he is so when he AD still young now he has taken a lot of hits. Over his time in and now he's had his shoulder surgery on his throwing arm you know and that's the as being still being early in the season. His arm you know you units in the west regain a book editors armed look at what the I don't thrown darts is there in about that the velocity of it's it's it's hard talent you know video would look at. Fine but the answers he's always an issue with him if you are united you get some pressure enemies are making it down and you know you'd get a totally different and we could this game I'll get excited about this game so it's a good test for the bills. Welcome back we're gonna play big news real news here with a bit more from chuck McDermott we loved your view about Tyrod Taylor's workload what do you think too much just right. Give him more give us a call 8030515. Total free 1888552. By fifty half hour ago. John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills Brady. Drivers. We got about 25 minutes let them show love to hear from you about. LeSean McCoy how much will work what does he need I screwed up I'm gonna admit now. On the hall of fame nominees a 108 nominees I miss one of the bills there are in fact this seven. People with those connections one of them that the wanna Imus was zero tally obviously using nominee. So it's Ruben Brown camp called Terrell Owens Corning's Bennett. Steve tasker Darryl Talley and chuck Knox seven of them at six that was my mistake and the process or you know they cut the field is a 108. 108 who are nominees including people like Randy Moss vikings and patriots wideout. Ray Lewis Brian Urlacher. Randy Barbara some of those guys in widget hoping candidates went 108 in all. Finalist for the pro football hall of fame and the process goes like this eventually on the pare it down. In them the next couple months by November they have a list of a 25 and then in January that cut that was two fifteen and then selection committee meets in Minneapolis on Saturday but were third so. On the. Dean Smith. Steve Smith and others these guys do is bad when they say the other Steve Smith. And this kind of I know you know Steve Smith the news that plea for the Panthers in the ravens is very good and he's a hall of Famer. But when they call you the others these business that's an obvious same team yet that the if they don't say look this season if from the giants they just call you've got others these men that is desperately bad that it is if you're. Not I think though. This you know when you look at the wide receivers that are on this list. You know TO might he might have to wait a little bit. He might if he doesn't really doesn't about Randy Moss. You know who. People will say. Behind Jerry Rice he was you know the best receiver ever play the game Randy Moss and then you have guys like Torry holt and and rest the guys on that list that you know people people really like. In terms of the media and everybody I don't know I think he'll win at the Wimbledon. We'll find out. I'm sure we'll get to the January finalists at least he's been there they are Twitter faulty which are the workload for LeSean McCoy what do you think was last Sunday too much 27 touches. 22 carries. Five about receptions he was targeted six times in the passing game and we wanna get a sense of from you what you think about their workload and where the bill should go. Moving forward with the -- going in terms of the number he touches he gets it at the current pace. After one game he'd wind up with 450 which is way. Way over the marker with that but what do you think. How much harsher the bills and it was workload 59% of you say. That's about right what they've done so far just about right 26% to eight feet or more 15% tees it up a little bit. Give us a call at 8030550. Or toll free 1888550. To 550 and let us know what you make the call here from Jonathan in all the go ahead Jonathan you're on the air. Hey Don McDonald all I've been if you give them more because he is that he met BP and I'd it to get a run a budget he may mean the would look of course quarterback after the port and but that mr. accorded the MVP I hit it to be aboard a runner but you get a ball more but they can't. Okay thanks Jonathan there's compromise John and Austin, Texas go ahead John you're on the errors. Yeah. Burton real quick I just wanted to date that I haven't got to stay in it happened. But I think that are complementing this show. Adding Donald to the show her how long it and now I think it's just then. So often not that it wasn't great sport and then have you done. But then I think he's just been awesome with you guys. On the Q John you started in August of last year or so months and thirteen months. We're coming up a couple of weeks and the one year anniversary of the out of football for year five year we didn't know adjustment yeah we're going. But if you make it but years. Go ahead gently to the that's. Edit just it's been it's been great great great addition to the show. Look I'm a shot I wanted to say I like the workload. Where it is I don't wanna. You too much I think the biggest thing. That obviously is injury wrist. But also with that then I think that if it's some he's gonna get hurt they're gonna get hurt. There's nothing we can do this op. So I like court that the other thing that I really like after watch in week one. Is the play calling. I. I just think that the word is that he would do much better job Allen. And like shady that I think that. Tyrod can do more if she passed you. And using crazy things great and and I wanted to say a thing that you guys are talking about it yesterday it's so funny. Hearing everybody complains about no deep ball when Tara doing everything else that happened between now that this woman mentioned that. Thanks John picture call we appreciate you listening to your comments about my partner here balance on offense so in the eight. Because of the fact they had the lead they got out of whack balance one person passes it that's what he's referring to cool I like the way they call plays I like the the design of most of what they did and more than that I like the execution 28. You you illustrated perfectly yesterday the way via offensive line was handling really a new. Approach and welcomes the office of lightly in accordance. Sebelius thing these guys will have to play on the other side of the line of scrimmage. And that they do that and they do what they're supposed to do and its own stress scheme. You know they would they will continue to run the ball messes how it's going to be this is a run first offense everything else will. Play off of that of that crime and if you're running the ball effectively. And it and it's doing and is working for you throughout the course of the game then you're probably gonna stick to it and knowing what they're going to be games where it they're like you said earlier. They won't always be in the lead you know also they're not the past the way back into games and we'll see if they can do that effectively when the time comes but if you're in the lead you do what. You have done that got you this leak yet. We even on this I don't feel it while it's they knew Israel literate activists yeah I think it's big news real loser is brought Cuba yet he's fancy New York's artisan cheese this is the seven of the program and down and I look at some of the issues that come up around the National Football League and renounce them fake or real. The browns the rebuild is ahead of schedule. Reading USA today in the dark about the idea. The browns finally look like area for several long term it looked like to realize NFL team. They play in Baltimore this week and then a couple winnable games. But the browns are rebuild and of schedule they were real. I like their marketing complete but until I see more evidence and you know they laws and Agassi were competitive. Against them we'll see I think it's so what. Dagger I gotta go fake ones you know and it's the same the same way we we talk about the bills vs jets in known this like look we. He came out read you re supposed to do you won the game the browns they were competitive and I think that's what anybody wants from them the V to be competitive right now. You know and and I think that's what they did out there. I I don't think it could rebuild is ahead of schedule some animal fecal matter. Coming to rebuild together I think if you wanna be on schedule I mean I guess if you sit rebuild it get as that you're thinking. A Kaiser's guide and arguments the guys on the militants in the right now where it's expected that. This topic we talked part two of the newsroom was productive times about this. NFL running backs coming up back in style. And in QB wrote about this week Peter king's website. He writes it running backs of the lowest salaries outside of long snap resemble that genes that about a horrible thing as a they get they got fewer carries in 2016 and in any season since quote to their careers are the second shortest average two years five months. And running backs after Kareem hunt after it landed four net after. You know Ezekiel Elliott after LeSean McCoy the old man of the group. Our NFL running backs back in style. Again like even an incomplete LC real I think something's with your now what do you think. I'm gonna go now we say back in style it does that mean that. They're just being utilize a little bit more or they're gonna start to be drafted higher you know especially when as the quake zone right so I think I'm gonna go fake on this because I think. Teen still look at the running back position to say we can find run events anywhere and attract. You know we don't have to take one. In the first round that you have easy Gailey sitting there then you probably gonna take them but I think for the most part they look at the running back position it's a we can do in those guys anywhere in the draft we don't wanna pay running backs top dollar and so. You know for that reason I don't think they're coming back and stallion I still think there's the past week. Finally. And bacon real. This deals with the Houston Texans who play tomorrow night at Cincinnati. The Smart choice for them moving forward a quarterback is their rookie Shawn Watson. Big thrill I'm gonna get a go fake on this hum and Watson you know they might wind up I don't think they've made a formal announcement yet as men effect helping build Brian adds. But it's too early for him everywhere where you go with the Houston you really gonna community you really throw this guy in the the wire you started time savage last week unseeded play well. I know you're getting desperate you wanna win games but you really GNU jeopardized John Watson and his development and his confidence by thrown in the fire this week against another desperate team the Bengals I say he I say this. I'm gonna goal. In haven't had a chance to see this game either. Benfica. Selling houses I just don't do review and that there I'm gonna go real on this and I think yeah it's. You know it's not the pro quarterback in the fire. So early in his career he does have weapons on the outside though you know he has dynamic wide receivers the jazz have a good running back. And he also is a winner you know and and I think. What the defense that they have. I think last week was an anomaly I think he'll be OK moving forward they have such a strong defense. That I think putting him in there right now he would give them a spark plug he brings a different dynamic in times that listed with that he had no right ability. I think it was a good system. Watson is 22 years old tomorrow you know that it is one. He could play in his 22 birthday that's our young guys to experience he has the reports that used to say that they're probably gonna start army at a banged up right ankle that held up through the practice week they've captured week the plea tomorrow night. And the reports are that he's probably gonna play against Cincinnati this morning though I don't think they need to keep him opera they need that offensive line to keep him operate. Give him as much of a clean pocket as you can give him Soledad that helps us confidence if if they're gods and its face all night. That is just on be terrible. Could be big Israel is occupied yet he's fancy your. Artisan cheese out of tonight back in a moment to John Murphy show from. One bills drive this is Buffalo Bill Brady. And businesses with the bias in securing home theater the preferred alarm and home feed provider of the Buffalo Bills really good show today. In spite of ourselves Thurman Thomas joined us in studio. And I said he was really happy to take part in the celebration last Sunday. Of the comeback team the 25 anniversary. Of the comeback in the trick plays outfield halftime of this Sunday's win against the jets is with servants at about that. You know what it was great job because he's got an opportunity too to see. What we're talking about right now you know. The back ups and an important part. Of football team and how. Jim was out in the as it was I left in the third quarter. That you had Jimmy Davis Andre reed is coming out party right right. Mark pike all these guys made just you know the back of players coming through in and have an opportunity to. I mean at that moment you know that's what the back of players are supposed to do. Thurman Thomas talking about the the celebration Ramon Humber joined us in studio the bills linebacker talked about the bills' defense of performance against the jets this mess on. There's just agree all around team effort. Great thing game plan both coaches. Just giving guys free in the dark as far as the ball. Defense reminded the job own. Hello guys just around the library is different is it strips the ball and took the players and the secondary is doing their job in coverage was and those all around good defense those are just one person that this division. Really good they are critical to be dealt with the offense in the shady McCoy. And his workload don't want to carries five catches against the jets should the bills handle that moving forward. 59% of you most do you say that's just about the right amount 26% say Peter Moore 15% cities it up a little bit. It battle Thurman brought up the no punt game 25 years ago today. The bills and the San Francisco 49ers played an entire game 3431 bills victory over San Francisco. With no pot either Chris more or house will inspire putted in the game they warmed up several times Jim Kelly for the bills Ron Amadon for the yet. But the 49ers couple hall of famers Kelly threw for 449 yards Kelly to report to treat pills one at 3431. Point five years ago today. In an open champions it's well it was a fun game that was it is that was really fun to expecting I was there in the McMartin. Well we're this and turnovers and they edited yet turnovers. No punts but no point no on this as a month. Like manner that is just paid to do nothing that Canada. Tomorrow's show Ruben proudly with a so we're gonna have former beauty his basketball star Chris may have hurt with a season tight end. For the Carolina Panthers want to thank our presenting sponsor NAPA Auto Parts find your local maps are online and Napa online back. Trying gates is our Entercom poured out production assistants from Jake Jake garrido and George plaster Paul McDonald some other. A Libyan Merrill Lynch will be rusher producer. We're back tomorrow at noon with the job Murphy show from one bills drive on Buffalo Bills reading.