09-13 The Nightcap Hour

Thursday, September 13th

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Enjoy at all. Cool yeah. I grew up like most kids. Where did I could eventually play. That I would've been end that I wouldn't find love. Then I discovered partying and certainly all those queries went to the wayside. I didn't need love I had keg stands. I discovered I was creative energy and reveal wonderful things about myself I can relate to broad regardless of what kind of broke they were. I can be at a party and moving people and everybody would laugh you know be ready. And I could play coupon and compete with real integrity insured up to fill my potential the nightcap on. The nightcap Jody BRC and Kyle Powell here on WGR. Ton of things were happening today. I showed up to working you know generally. Because I'm used to this summer it's like god nothing's happened in numb. These baseball scorers there is you know little to the World Cup this summer and not much else it today it was like. We had the bills practicing. We had the Saber showing up training camp we had Eric Carlson being traded to the San Jose Sharks. How. Are the Ottawa Senators going to play hockey season in the NHL and still doing business with the sharks great they just got they just got screwed over right esteem. The two months ago. Ot the Ottawa Senators shipped Hoffman to the sharks in the book him for more. Minutes later to the floor painters. We'll give Ottawa a little bit of credit they've leased you know Hoffman clauses but I think out there. They're not allowing the sharks essentially to trade Carlson east this season unless they get another first round pick. But. Wow. I use that as an example over the summer for the sabres who show up to amateur a little bit hockey with a little bit everything. Have you wanna call in with anything on Josh Allen in the bills this week against chargers will talk a little football later on in the show but. Haven't had much of an opportunity to talk cocky. So to take this opportunity do. All summer. Towards the end of the year the only thing I can really. Change my and my cap on. That wasn't getting rosters Colleen before that even happened the only positive I took out of that season was hey you could be Ottawa. Yeah could be Ottawa. They're the same thing they're a disaster. They were awful last year each got a superstar player they are superstar player is what 28 years old are is this point to. Ours is under contract for ten years there's under Roger for one more year that was well where I was like OK you could be Ottawa that would be much worse than where you're at right now. Know how look for those who teams are. Thought that the sabres are going to be any Stanley Cup contender this year I don't think. But there's reason for hope here. You have skater in the fold you just walked in the rest of style lean which is a huge turning point for this franchise. In Ottawa. I mean even two seconds ago John Deere real pad shows a pretty good player not great but pretty good. Wrestlers there what the team he's up for six months but an injury. Who was going to be on that roster they treat Eric Carlson and I hope that a team of ours never gets an up. Spot like this again and it will happen but. Do you get a bunch basically. You get. I don't know. Abacha pennies on the dollar. Abacha pennies on the dollar. I couldn't tell you much about any one of those players the Ottawa Senators acquired when you're treating arguing the best defenseman in the week shouldn't be getting back. A star player at least. But it weird trade market this off season. Even for the sabres and seasoning sabres end up getting Skinner from is nothing. And it seems like the Carlson trade was just that magnified. Sabres showed up today it up they hope will put back Jack cycle little bit later in the show he was good today. He met with the media as the sabres reported to camp today to be on the ice tomorrow he does not have the seat as of now. Still housing assemble. Can wait and see approach on that they do they don't have captain again maybe uncle at saint captain. I can't imagine anybody else on the team gets named captain. I am excited. For the hockey season. Because I'm hopeful. And there's a reason to be hopeful that the sabres could be good this year. And beating up to the bill season. It was a fight. Between people who thought they were going to be terrible. People who seem to know what they were talking about. National media. Some of us here at the station some fans verses mainly fans. Because you really hear a lot of people on the national media saying that's. That they would the sabres or ducks are the bills. We're gonna be great you earlier we heard that from. A sector fans. And weak the weak one it looked exactly like putting a lot of Smart people thought I was gonna look like that being terrible. I never really. Built atop the excitement for this bill season that I didn't expected to be much and I know it's only one weekend but it does not look like it's going to be much. It looks like you're in being drafting of the top of the draft. Whereas sabres. Yet I would not pick and chemical plants are now but. Less years. Was that. The talk this season than I've ever gone through because there was modest expectations. But look for improvement and they hit rock bottom again. They hit rock bottom. So this year yeah were going in with expectations again modest expectations. But at least now. You've got some young players that you can hope hope for middle sad d'alene especially. Instead of our concern is periods and speak second line player accompanied him to give Ryan O'Reilly. That was never realistic to me. Now. There's upside. And that's exciting. It's exciting to at least have upside. It through 550 is the phone number two wanna get down conversations got a tad tighter and accounts up. You know I'm. And but you know you're talking about how quiet about oh. You know when you're outlook saver and you really have no business talking down about any other intimately. Because this. I think every fan base has business talking down about the Ottawa Senators right now. I've all of them. I disagree about when your worst team and tacky that when your team. Hey and that it should care about them at eighteen. The Smart at all. Like free agents don't wanna come here that's my players don't act crime here that they have chair for the paint and they do it. And you're talking. I wish breezed in wanna come here because we Kyle oppose a wanted to come here and Ville Leino wanna become your Christian air off wanted to come here for the most part free agent signings don't often work. I every team that's a fact. I don't disagree argued that what you're trying to build up in the air. And you're not in doubt about it other act eking. Let me ask you tat what reason would Ottawa Senators gave me for not talking down about them what have they done they would give any. Senators fan or any hockey fan confidence that they are going to be a good team this year. Have torn it down. We get sore ankle and up. At this point it's still better than what we have here. Null they're not all my goodness come on Ted didn't come. No there now yeah Ottawa Senators are not battered and I mean. Combing gold bull call me whatever you want in six months of it looks that way. But no way there's just no chance that team is going to be the worst team in hockey. Did you see who they had sitting next to Dorian when they were talking about the rebuilt the other what are you know I didn't put our horde EST. He's not that good. If third pair defenseman the most teams and it beyond. The Mattel Bob Herbert talking about due change nice I literally got their from San Jose anyway you shining moment. Yeah exactly in its own and chain and they're both have won your ultimate contest. And they wanna be centerpieces that have been discussed building team. Right I'm I don't I don't or come from from buffalo. We don't have a business talking down to a lot of teams. But I think everybody. Should be piling on the senators. 'cause they don't seem to know what they're doing. That you see controversy around the NHL this summer involved the Ottawa Senators are just on the ice stuff. The Carlson. Mike Coffman locker room thing with the girlfriends that was an Ottawa the assistant general manager who was arrested right here in buffalo. That was Ottawa. They were awful last year to. The team the church to wait arguing the best defenseman in the NHL for. A budget just stuff nothing great discuss stuff that was Ottawa. That teams that for organizations tire fire that. The team that has had its owner threatening relocation. That's Ottawa. So they're not a better spot Buffalo's let's go to Chris Chris your and I kept up. Oreo blood pressure and Ottawa. It's one thing I don't think you mention is that of this team Hanks. I don't believe they have their arms first round pick. That's right that's where you came and accused them of taking. Because of the avalanche have their first round pick. I I didn't even I can't believe that slipped my mind but that you for bringing that up. How inept that organization is they have no backup plan if their bed this year. Because guess what if they're the worst team in the league which I think they're probably gonna be then the avalanche. Will give the fruits of that labor. Not the senators and that is unbelievable. That's amazing. If he can't even tank. I do like piling on them because meet growing up as a sabre fan. And my heyday as a sports fan as a kid. Was that bribery the senators and sabres they're always be a little place of disdain. In my heart for that or for that team. End. So yeah I will take the opportunity to pile on when I can. It verified fifty is the phone number I don't really wanna have the debate it is awful and a better spot than senators and really think that's much of debate. I think we could debate how good we think the sabres are gonna be this year. I don't know. Is 85 AV six points too much to ask. And if probable we're talking about last year which is why. It be like when you know what he's the bills again though for comparison here. Last year everybody said the bill's going to be terrible break and they work they were knighted seven. This year every said they're going to be terrible and what was the main argument you heard for why the bills were not gonna be terrible. Again this year all they are set last year and they prove them wrong band so why can't they prove them wrong now. That was the argument. So. You know you'd almost turn that around and say pursue everybody said last year they were going to be better pretty good. Some people had them in the top three in the division. But nationally. Reuters league people who know what they're talking about had them finishing top three division and Iran. And now. What with the argument BBB gets them not being better being improved being in a playoff hunt well last year they said they're gonna do it and again. That doesn't mean it has the hold up two years Guerrero. Expectations and results don't always have to be consistent. And I don't think it's wrong to put the same expectations on this team the may do we were hoping for last year which would be. Contending for a playoff spot and I think this hockey teams a lot more likely to be contending for a playoff spot in the football penis. A lot more and that's why. I'm already laid out first opportunity to go here Omar ready wanna talk about hockey. Because there's a lot of soft talk about the bill's right elder. The highest drafted quarterback ever is about to start a game on Sunday. But that's where they are right now. They're inept at every other position and they have a lot of people not believing that they're gonna do anything this season. And that they're docking 00. So. I'm ready I'm ready for them to start. The football season the bills season. In less you see something amazing in the next three weeks if they were too it's somehow. Steal two games against three the most talented teams in the league that maybe we have something to talk about but otherwise. It's trending 12018 for the bills is gonna be a wash. And were already talking about. Only Allen's progression. And what do you do if you're at the top of the draft all season. That seems like that's going to be the majority conversation if this continues to go this way. And I think it should go that. That team is not talented enough. To do what they did last year. You ready perfect recipe last year to beat the playoffs were what their roster once it was getting turnovers and not turning the football over. And you were not turning football particularly historically and historically good quarterback at that. And that's not there anymore. You put in the closest you put it on historically. Turnover prone quarterback. And you see how that went you see how it goes when he's the quarterback it's not even close it's not even a fair fight. And you've got to hope. Allen's it would do that. You got hurt able to come and give you some of what he had along with. Hopefully some stuff you didn't have to in terms of good consistent deep passes throwing over the middle. Trusting your arm to make every throw. I love Tyrod Taylor's quarterback. Part of it was. I think he was Smart enough to know the throws he couldn't make in out frustrate people because they wanted to make him. Elin should never have. 'cause he can make every throw. To lead get away with a little bit more that's where that upside treatment. It 30550s the phone number Georgina I think we've been talking about here in the first segment talk a little bit of bill's little bit sabres. Talk a little fancy two for one ahead of tonight's third and a football game we will have coverage of the ravens and Bengals starting at 8 o'clock. 8 o'clock the ravens who the bills is beat up on. Always I can go to be close game and and we wouldn't really make any you wouldn't make a connection between the bills game in the second ravens game it's the angles. But. It's funny that these are the two teams Bengals in the pre season. Ravens in the first week. Last week Sunday the two teams that have made you think. Season could be bad. It could go rough. Weapons of Baltimore crushes Cincinnati you're gonna hear a lot of people saying. Well you see Baltimore's that good people will be more optimistic. For the bills this season of Baltimore goes out and stakes Cincinnati. They well even maybe I will orbit. I would want to too much out of it but you'll you'll hear that enable a surly be wrong. Has I don't know maybe the ravens are just that good. Maybe. Tomorrow everyone do you more optimistic about them. What does the bagels crossed the grievance. I don't know if you could get it lower. Then the op the optimism for the bill season right now. But if the ravens come out and don't look competitive for the ravens come out and get beat up and I think this game is at Cincinnati. So it's it's it should be pretty good so it's very possible. Penn it's. That there is no role. No excuse for why he lost big to Baltimore. Non. It verified fifties the phone everybody get on the conversation 55550s attacks on Eagles tweet at me at sneaky Joseph. WGR. Rogan back in hockey in the next segment we're gonna hear from Jack Michael I've really wanna see sabres captain Jack Michael. But that's popped into my mind before the words Jack like okay now sabres captain Jack Michael seemed inevitable. He's just on us but I don't know they're gonna do with this year all the photo showed she would she sees wearing the eight. The Jersey. Switch or refund thing they had when he switched his number they didn't slip Macon captain and that would seem like a prime opportunity to do that if. If not him. Then you and you don't ankle these chemical five assistant captain Daniel DQD three. You can have a eichel. The goalie and then. Crystalline. I guess I don't know who would be the third guy you know I Georgia's anymore. I don't Riley anymore proposals probably easy answer does not always an option for a four common bill. Their names they're names you can slap the day on fuel if you don't think Michaels ready to be captain. Early he sounded today. And how good he has. I don't look you know putting the CI on him could spark some leadership to. If you really wanted to take control that locker before when you ever have rightly. And I don't know if they were butting heads in there if it's weird if you have two leaders of the Riley was a leader to. It's cycles team now a 100%. And I wonder if you put the CI Adam. Can give a guy more confidence to stand up in the room. Neck and give a guy more right to stand up in the room and call and call got guys out on being accountable. Second happened. We'll hear from Michael next it'll throw five of these phone number Jody B Osce Powell Powell tonight Kaplan WGR. And I think we see our our potential to prove it. It was funny stuff us. That we take. From the conclusion but. This stuff wanted to get to that have come together as a group that has been excited about quite. There is. Hopefully. Very soon in the future captain Jack cycle. In the fact that kept him. We almost the leader team we all know what's his team. You know the media early today we're gonna play that back in just a second here when he get through a couple tax though. Once taxer brings up how but to put basis had sabres ranked number one in the league and prospects at the reason. The year over a team like Ottawa in particular is a caller the last segment that. There are a pack of ice it's if it's not your. And one of them was. Sick and tired this organization not having captain elegance that important. Because I don't think you've had a clear answer to that up until now ripping now it's like jets articles with let's go before. Can you blame them for not having a captain from before. I can't I don't I'm one. Let's hear from our Michael now Jack Michael met with the media earlier today as the sabres. Reported for training camp they'll be on the ice tomorrow you can check that out at Harvard center. And the sabres play at Columbus to open pre season on Monday at seven that'll be right here. On WGR here is Michael earlier today. Yeah home. It's. Are very season's exciting. Long offseason so. The thing in lower profiles that get things going you know a lot of it's been back here for a while skiing together it's good for us and but now it. Start attempted. Use. Move along with the process. Regular guys and exit points and how much of made her crew reported the news are next plus playoffs I left my house. Better in my right away. Well I think first you ought to create something great records in the camp victory culture we create. A new identity as a group. I think last year we put that behind us at this point. There's a lot of new people here I think the new mindset. You know as it is standard and I think I think you'll see it a different group different group of guys. With the way we conduct ourselves we handle ourselves and and I think that that's their first goal obviously had a good camp and to hear from there but. You know. Let anything you serve with. You know they want then you take care of everything along the way isn't and you know as I said its processes that's not gonna happen overnight but. You know we're excited I think we I think we have a lot of good players who think over trend in the right direction so from. You know there's there's a lot of parity in the NHL and and I think there's lot to be optimistic about. So. I think it's it's an exciting time in and on excited and others lot of guys that are excited so. Did that get the play yeah and I mean this is it's a lot of fun so looking forward to. But it. You. Oh. Well. All. As always new excuses were professional planners. But. You know what I think that. I think that he has done a lot of communicating with us in terms of scenes you know our side of things in and in trying to figure out what. You know management can do coaches can do to make our relationship you know meant better and they've done a wonderful job I think that's one of the better. Let's go to things you know I feel more confident now that I have ever have a better I think there's that open line of communication in and you know you feel like you can if you hasn't bothered you get off your chest and think that we need to change something on the room whatever may be. And you know Phil's been great for the last few weeks with us and and as a matter input in what we thing and so I think it. It's sort of a bit of a change for us and it it's it's a good long I think that's how how it needs to be you look at the teams that are. Successfully after years. That's that open minded that no player coach. You know one relationship than that of you know battle with them. And and it's been that has been a good starts both large wanna continue it obviously you not agree and everything but. Denies that that I think where were taken moderates Epson. Means our attack the united going to tomorrow. Put to good work note. Competing. I think that's Chrysler you know. Just a battle with US Africa. Yeah it's murder. India over. I mean. I united in its it was along severed her thought process you know there's a lot of the figure vote. Reflect on. So. I'm just excited I mean. You've been waiting for the season for awhile. You know it's the first that medical's and do this sort of thing but it's just good to be here I don't think there's lot of energy in the building I think desert that is both a year from. You know. Although Richard or non trainers and I think that knows how you know we can be about it much better team much different team and but it sets up overnight. But. I think we see our our potential as a group and no let's put it that. That we have to taper it you know. On the for collusion but. You know this is that wanted to get you can't have it your camp and come together as a group and com. It's been sent to be that went hockey. The team gets its bios. Having that guy having now. Well it's great you know obviously picked up both threats as defenseman and and a really deteriorated player and nor should look at album I think it was. You know a huge. A huge point of of you know this organization's offseason where. I think with. You know so much negativity around a group last year and and rightfully so we had a tough season but I think. You know with the draft lottery winning it. Being able to select a player of his caliber and and outings and toward group I think it's just. It's something that I think the city it's offense needed a bit. To look at it and and bring excitement back again. And I think it's great I mean there's a lot of really really good young players this. You know seeing a little bit of the prospects games and and and following a little bit it's it seems like. There's lot of really really good young players in and you know rats this included in the group he's going to be it's going to be really good and overlooked it out so I think it was good fair. Our our city and and our team organization in terms of the excitement. And building it back up again because obviously we had bit of a let down last year and you know our offense stuck by its rollout so. It's of that there are excited to both seems like they're excited again for another season and all I am and the oath of particular. That was about the negativity from last week it could that are Allah your and he. You look at it that. Walk I think there's there's sort of inevitable with. You know the way things went last year new chains are going to be made you know there's a lot of. You know. Does a lot of negative ads and a lot of baton at that we've put up on its at this point latches last year. I think that the guys in the room nauert so evocative. About his growth yeah lasting. These ballot again and. Spoke to let me. Obviously. You know experts in the last season. It is going through some personal stuff and I think as anchor of the colors in the days that allowed him to address that. And I'd spoke with them a few times this summer actually and you know he reached out to me whenever. You know he felt like it was the right time and an audio I spoke with them on the phone for a little bit top you know man. You know it's it's really good he's he's doing well that he's on a better copy. You know people we obviously had a personal conversation and and we talked to a lot of things but. You know it's it's nice is obviously. You know he he's a really good guy and using a team it to us and you know it never never could he to me care vocal stuff but. I'm happy in another opportunity and that's great the city's work things though it and and it was all about. You know what you know what happens. Oh yeah your. I think it's grid even just in the last few weeks with the guys that Phnom a lot of lesson early which I think has been great we've stayed in it for Long Island. I think that the debt than. Competition within spots on the roster is higher than it's been the last few years straight I mean you've seen some of the young guys commitment. You know whether they played their prospects turned her they're a lot of and a lot of skill. You know a lot of really good young players that brought your organization and I think they're gonna push people for spots and I think is in the loss competition within team which is Gannett. You know entered benefit everybody though. And I think it. A really good situation for us. There is Jack eichel. These are the only player spoke today. What are going to bring whatever it cherry. Dow lean and middle stat. Pom bill. Remember going in for Salina and Bob troll. Bogosian. Oppose so. Skinner who didn't separate scanner that is a question. Resilience and garrisons to not speak Scott what what. The Mets beat Scott Wilson the Wilson and speak. So it's pretty seamless. He talked about yet their young guys pushing excuse me pushing for spots. And that's going to be the most interesting part that's because they're young team. And warning yup finally like to see something. From Alex knew Lander. Wouldn't that be a welcome surprise you showed up it was okay. On the tops top six forward I got skill to do it here I am an escort when Eagles this year. That's that's that's a big if right now. Possibility from the sounds eappen and work offseason want to post any beefed up at the weight down was prospects town resign. Sizable effort through my album he might have to do is I'm not sure I Blair said never seen that while factor in his game. Middle set EC tallying you see it Michael you saw that before even got here. New Lander is never sought. So. I think it might be a big ask for him to come in and fill that top six role. Who's gonna suck although it can be have to be CJ Smith this one of those guys getting in adding that he's probably here in the fourth line. At least. Smith. Olson ass boy and they're looking real good at those prospect games by solving its weak too early for those guys. Like Sean Malone. Sean Maloney mile he reads more like a bottom six guy I mean to yap the economic team. How many of those young guys and making team as a generally what ends up happening. Is we have this conversation are we going to training camp. And then usually it ends up happening. Is those guys don't make the team any them. Now maybe that was those picks by Tim Murray which is not that good Justin Bailey. Back tees for a few years thrashing. Maybe those guys were just not good enough to ever do it in it was because who picked them and where they were picked in the prospects they were. But they're gonna need at some point here. Those secondary. Prospects. Not Michael's not the right hearts not the dollar leans. There any doubt that secondary wave to step up and fill out the depth that they need on this roster scoring and on the Blue Line. And Cooley secondary guy sent around back. He looks like he could do that Casey Nelson. I think you do that also was the seventh was not. Olson was a seventh can he and I was taking that jump out he's got the shot to do it I don't know what else he's got his game that could get him to the NHL level but maybe you shot will be enough. Can he make that jump to ask we'll make that jump you Landers gonna have to make that jump someone's gonna have to. And the west wave. The last regimes wave. You didn't really get anybody. Debate we still hear. In that he's still here but I wouldn't consider them prospects anymore. I think they're just between yours there HL such NHL guys. And I'm not sure you're gonna see more of them. So which one of those prospects and stuff box and you need one of them adding much to teach Thompson he's probably most likely got to do. He's the main piece of that rightly treat. He played games for the blues last year which is a good team just missed the playoffs and in the last day of the season. He put up some goals. A few. Tidy he's probably most likely guy to do if anybody's gonna. Eight after a fight that these phone number we world talk a little bit about tonight's Baltimore Cincinnati game and fantasy and event. You've got to face questions for tighter and Sunday. Feel free calling it a trio by fifty that I kept Jody B Osce and Kyle Powell on WG. Looked around 31 teams and they all wanted to get off to a good start it's imperative that you say yourself up for success but in things that we do have a young team we're going to be faced with adversity so I'm really confident leadership group partners and handled the right way and MobileMe and just. That is Phil Housley. He forgot what his voice sounded like. He can be painful listened to in the middle of the season I'm actually optimistic about him as coach would this defense Cornell in the steam. But. He's not a good he's not a problem very enthusiastic. Talker say that it was just fine. You know hire coach just talked pressed to earn the win games. For the most part. You still do the press conferences you don't editorial. And you don't wanna be. Saying absolutely nothing at saint. Let's go to Matt Matt you are our last call here in the nightcap it's up and. And it's going on guys I spun Emeka. Quick comments just bow at the lender so the whole summer I've been on the big. Opposition in you don't limit its trade try to get on the album with rally you know it's just dinner some and but actually pretty able electors in in India some gains and up prospector and use. At least without watching notice on the other issues involved in plays. You get a notice the one of battered talent isolated that would get Neil Lotto. All of the currencies and hopefully he can make him conduct that. I mean obesity is a sign of something Matt thanks for the call because. From what I saw him a pass development camp's past prospect challenges past pre season games the few regular season games played in the HL. I'd some play a couple times like the awake shell. Placing it on CB David played you play gets the Lander. None of those times did he ever make me go wow look at that. Or make me. Gets the edge of my seat. And I don't like like you said you looked great. Pile counts and the prospects which especially that game against Pittsburgh. And you wanna see it it's something at a higher level than just that. Has a lot of guys will look good and there. But at least it's often and gets a reason to be hopeful that maybe he could come in have a good camp. Have a good pre season. And win a job on this team is based do still need some scoring depth and the need guys to score and skate and we know we can skate. These blazing fast adding that was a little overrated when he was drafted. He's talked about this as as dynamic. A leaked skater. I think he's a pretty good skater don't me wrong I don't think he's even Reinhart O Reilly level when those guys are average to below average but. Maybe that was over it a little bit he can't ski he's pretty good skater. I wonder if his success in the league has to be as finisher in out playmaker. He has nice hands. But. It seemed to me he was having success. In these prospect games even. In his career to this point. By just firing the puck and being finisher. Even being front and not a little bit. That can happen you can change your game when you get the NHL the right market. Right hurting juniors was not the player he is now. He was not the player that sat in front of the Nat X I remember him talking about this last year or use your before that he never. In his entire life. Was a guide consistently. Sat in front of the net deflected pucks cause traffic in front of the net finished around and that he never was that. But you know what happened he got the NHL realized. I'm not the fastest guys here. I don't really have a great shot compared to those around me by it's a pretty good but I would all the same elite playmaker. So much to do something here else I might not stick a gene. He changed his game from what it was juniors he became the guy that stands in front of the net. Deflects the puck cause traffic and berries and around the net. And he's done a pretty he's made a career but so far. It was a classic on press gently Rosen first time we saw him park himself a banana power plant and the rest was absolute history nauert discussion. Contracts actually look up his gold chart from his career every single hockey scores super Kabul have been from around that. Hopefully you lender can do something like that yes. They server for listening Thursday that football coming up next Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals right here on WGR kick off just a about a half hour away coverage starts next year and of each year.