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Have they come from one bills drive the bills that are just now wrapping up big too on the practice field as they get set for the Los Angeles chargers coming to town. On Sunday go home opener for Buffalo's Josh delegates through another day. On the field as buffalo starting quarterback. Bills yesterday played to practice without quarterback. Two run Jack to with a shoulder and defense have been. Check loss with a hamstring no official update on today's injury report yet. Overnight last night the bills are claimed off waivers offensive lineman Mike but you're a rookie free agent from Iowa. Who spent the offseason and training camp with the bills released by the bills on the final cut down but there went to the chiefs and was released just a week ago reassigned to the phils roster yesterday. I but here added to the roster the bills released cornerback Bryan Luce who just claimed off. New England's. Cuts a week or so ago bills and chargers Sunday 1 o'clock kickoff in Newark feel we've got the radio broadcast. On our flagship buffalo WGR Sports Radio 550 itself our council so the popular on the silent joy both so well that play. With the San Diego Chargers so misses second game of the season with a what injury at canoe and confirm that there earlier today he says he's week to week would probably be out for the next couple weeks. Pro Football Hall of Fame is out with a list of wanted to to modern era nominees for the offerings class of 2019. On that list of nominees my partner in the breakfast he'd cancers especially fever. Wide receiver in Bryant Mitchell to special team is nominated via all the primo narrow it down to eighteen finalists and the voters vote. Next February and pro football game between nineteen. Yet that we can start tonight the Baltimore Ravens fresh off their victory over the bills go to sit today to play the angles tonight. Ravens had six different players score offensive touchdowns in week one. Against buffalo Joseph mixed in with the big game for the Bengals in their opener last week 149 scrimmage yards in Cincinnati went. What do docent today 10 Baltimore 820 tonight. In Cincinnati and the sabres start training camp. Tomorrow practices tomorrow are open that's the update from one bills drive John Murphy Steve tasker in our one Buffalo's studio. And again you graduate to see them all actually we know that there's a lot of talk. On tonight's game. Two teams those fans that kept them or wrote every time you say that Steve's Steve in the original and getting. Steve tonight's game Baltimore Cincinnati bills fans got a field. Fairly familiar with the east duke Baltimore from last week the mangoes from a couple of weeks ago what was it August 26 in the third pre season game. Com the bills obviously don't play the bank of this year than just lost to Baltimore you you wondered how much tension bills fans will will pay to this game tonight I would think a little bit. Yeah I think so I think they want it because they just saw Cincinnati they wanna get another look at Baltimore say you know to me. Gonzales double checked. As to how good the Baltimore Ravens looked against the Buffalo Bills that they come out and what happened and what do you think of the Baltimore Ravens map and get smoked 47. Could affect a person I would be stunned. Right that they gave up. Fourteen points a little. I mean I mean listen I'm. I don't wanna pile linemen but I I hope the Cincinnati Bengals look horrible team. While I meet ours yet I think it is this what this is what I don't get me open would hot. If the Baltimore Ravens go out the if the Baltimore Ravens go out aunts and rush. Rush the Bengals. Then bills fans are gonna go out it's just us. Right. Right you're right this goes kind of to our team with a day like what did that loss Sunday duty your expectations for the season. That last Sunday may well you know if the Baltimore Ravens won it's it to win at Cincinnati tonight 47 victory. We'll ask question again tomorrow now what do you think of it goes well what about it could be 44 tents like you know right when a double digit win in Cincinnati. Yeah I think it yet to bleep bleep I'm sitting here thinking Baltimore pretty good football team. I think I am hosted by him by NFL standards I'd I think Cincinnati is to sort of make it Baltimore does go win their kind of rolls over room with a you know with a 710 point lead even. I think it okay Baltimore is. Pretty it's okay now and and that and then it's like OK all right we you know. I can maybe just hang on the bandwagon with one hand now at least. I think yeah. This has the makings of a good game I know how we're in many of us feel about authors in a football but this one could be free to hum the ravens. Looked outstanding absent against buffalo. The Bengals look pretty good you know I thought they look pretty good com last week and I think it would really good against the bills back in late August so. We'll see it's in a twenty kick up Paul Brown Stadium ravens and Bengals say I was looking up more information on the bills' game. The referee for Sunday for trouble weather's going to be great sunny and 82 rep free is clay Marten. That name familiar. While his first year as an NFL refereed the bills head. Shut down down down and in the garden. Is that John hockey league last week his first game as it periphery now they get another directly mart news minute. An umpire in the league drifting 346 years or something so I was on the run on the sidelines as the reporter for. You know Kevin Hartman Rich Gannon I was in the truck that broadcaster for the I came and John hockey league came into the trucks you know as the officials always going of the trucks they talk about the time period the the time sheet and how they're gonna do some things each each official hasn't. Accrue the whole crew has a meeting with the production crew. Meaning our producer or director about how they're gonna handle timeouts and stuff like that. But sure enough. Ed hockey league was that the gain he has came in at Ed came in today and said hey and so is Mike Carey yeah. So I'm we're sitting there talking to the both and Ed hockey Leah you talk about a guy he's retired grown a beard there. Sold a house. Sold the car bought an RV they're headed around the country Jimenez headlight area. And says I love and we're going to cut loose and so he did he flew in had they parked the RBI guess an Idaho. His wife's there he flew in for this game might Carrey and he have been close friend Mike carries the guy. There was a CBS rules analyst for year two years ago. And now they flew in and watched Shonn hockey league do the bills Baltimore game here last week I was tees and two because about okay. I didn't get a chance to sit on the air and water show on he's really gonna give a dissertation on his first and no call like his dad it did and sure enough it was a triple penalty and he came ahead of talk for like five minute. I think. I thought shock to me get a bit (%expletive) and digits that jacket again I think during number calls. And look at it nothing to do with the magnitude of Buffalo's two feet but he just had some bad calls about it I didn't I didn't I can take government yeah I think by watching him over the and that's not right. There was a hole that I thought was suspect. There at the pass interference on to run Johnson unaccountable ball clearly and he called and and forced to a Saudi repeat over officiated at votes and these games now. The bills lost the bills were outplayed dramatically lowers their rays can critique. And the list that's right they talk a little bit about that game what it that your expectations for the season if anything. Maybe it didn't we'll take your calls 8030550. Till three. 1888550. To 550 Jerry was breathing tube in Jerusalem later in the hour they've just off the practice field he's getting in his. He's what Thursday lift right now a call from mark in buffalo Marco ahead you're on the air. General and hey you know I don't know what he's done in my expectations again lower. I'm not gonna radium to dump off of Brooklyn Bridge just after one game I'm still behind them anyway. You know what mr. tester don't cut yourself short. You are hall of Famer you're the best special. Players I've ever seen them 55 years old you belong in there people forget one other thing he's huge and wide receiver for awhile. And you were great he got beat up you were smaller than anywhere that you were great Adolf and mr. Murphy. Your bowl hall of Famer you replaced degrade and Miller you've got your own style your grade also element have a great day great call mark. The I know it's. Doing it again I gotta get Agassi final frame count that is grade starting amnesty group with a 55 vote edge in the all in Poland needs fortitude that that. At that. Call here from a given Jamestown hi Jim go ahead you're on the air this. Well again there are idea right there. Yeah. I'm here this can hear me yes go ahead. The I dislike experts say congratulations Steve Steve I met you in 2014. And it's the induction of Andre reed you at the time when my daughter me and your class in I wish you the best and if you may well fame I'll be there. So alive fighting. It's him thanks. Yeah it was just an honor to meet children because of the time and just very respectful and to my daughter immune. I know I'll never forget that. When bella comment that came since I've been a season ticket holders since 1983. If you if you if you as a fan can't ride this out. Give up your season tickets. And good times bad times whatever you wanna do. But this is my June. I came out of the west I mean. And that in 1983 I bought season tickets and I Adam every year I don't miss the games. You know I'm a supporter of the team. And you know financially if you look at as the season ticket holder I support the team and it's a great game. You know these are it is you know if you're gonna if you're gonna hang with this team and you gonna be part of this game you're gonna have derided as a fan. And hope for the best. We've had good years and I'll be honest review one game has not making our season and we've had these before and you can get all and out tea. The minute we start well the media's gonna jump on what a great deal what a great decision they made this and that so. To me let it play out let it be what it is thanks that the Michael. Thanks Jim good perspective unites them. Catalyst algae there since 1983 in the listen a lot of people tell you they thought the bad times lasted too long. Between 1999 and 2017. But it they did a long time. It was a difficult road and they were they got tired of Wheaton and a lot of people did give up their tickets but. This last year they maxed out. So people are back on board no question about it then and for people who I think there's a little bit of the bag on I don't know for sure I mean I've had tickets since 1986. And some people do hold it as a badge of lottery thing Merv that they can hang in no matter how bad that team gets there gunning I think a lot of most people like like the games like to gain the experience. Like the NFL I think lists in this town the NFL it's it's unique. It's special now. Every football stadium in you know there'll kind of the same but they're all unique to in the NFL Kansas city's unique green Bay's unique and certainly you know. Buffalo is one of a kind cities so. Yet you have tickets it's more something for a lot of people it's more than just about the game it's about. It's about the entire day with the family with your friends been out there at the stadium and do in the pregame thing in the post game thing. And hanging in there through the week through with with guys like us. Talking about with everybody has everybody in town. Got an opinion. That you as well as I've found doing this job. Yet. Yes you do it's a great rest of your opinion is that loss in week one changed York. Season long expectations for the bills Steve came in your money in sitting in the locker and the target about. Next game next week. Jordan employer kind of and made that playing yesterday the bill safety in the locker room talk about looking ahead now looking beyond the looking ahead. The game against the chargers. Anybody competitors is frustrating you know to come out there. And perform. You know way he did anybody uses its first statement saint Thomas in its own that you know we have some references on that we have to take into this week prepared. For the chargers because you know it is Allison is not it's not that would like we lost three in Roche is one game wrong ones you know and an opportunity on with our own senses weakness over there and play play. That's what you expected here against their own once Steve do this just in bed Michael Owen to. Chargers are pretty good they might go on to we could have the same kind of discussing that we are very good yet. Maybe people you know maybe your expectations change them but. It's the season it's not a one game season it's season sixteen of a before you start write the obituary for the 2018 Buffalo Bills. You know there still pulse here of a strong side think and others and nobody you know I think people got to get carried away with the ups and counsel. I'm one of the things too I mean this is when you know that. This culture that we heard so much about a year ago Winnie kind of carried this team through to the playoffs at the turn over driven. Defense in the engine that ran the team like the defense getting turnovers in the secondary that was all new and it came through a big way. When they kind of banded together and and got themselves through a tough three game winning streak are losing streak in the middle of the season. When he bounced back and went to Kansas City and beat that team. Went to Atlanta and beat them beat the raiders at home all these teams with high expectations. It it's that culture. That was credited in large part as to being the reason why they were able to do that. This I think is a point where that culture really needs to come through a big way. I think this is where guys like Jordan pour your Micah Hyde and Kyle Williams and and Lorenzo Alexander Jerry Hughes. All these guys need to be the ones stamps and listen guys this is not were about and this is how we're gonna get better this is how we're gonna improve this what we have to do. To pull ourselves out of it. It'll be shifting to see them rebound from this inside their locker room we go look at it. I think the evidence of will be on the field but I think it's a big test question dot com light from toll on this topic Tony go ahead you're on the heiress. Or. The I's like to say it when I hit a drone like the game that we lacked wit but where the dog got trumped I tried to offset that would pay counterbalance to a went back and we'll actually readers game. From. And it. That playoff games. And on the peace be if you hit one way over the game it was a two receivers in front of you who were hurt and you get what we have a game you certainly deserve your nomination. We'll appreciate things. I sent the ball. As it. I think the Cummins said earlier in the show I don't feel that the problem necessarily was with the offense which everybody trying to pin it. I think the defense gave up much too much early it was one play I think in the second drive which was second and 27 or 28. 126 again when he turns was third in twenty signals second as well as six mig 29 yards on thought it was third. And and and that that the thing that encourages me is that defense is fixable. And I think that they will be the key to keep peace esteem. It in and their games and this season. So if the defense gets sick they think the office to be all right you're not a compromise and often they don't believe. No kidding not with a record sort of back over the rookie quarterback now they're not come from behind off. Nobody hurt him but that's good point Tony your right I mean ever it was was an it was a team loss. You can say it was a it was a sold me was the it was the it was both the off instant play well enough the defense. God dashed. They and Joseph Flacco was really good their receivers really good. The only thing the bills really did was. You know they Helms 75 yards rushing. Which if you're looking forever if you're looking for you know silver lining okay well they wanted to fix their run defense it's better than was good manmade and you can't give up. You know all the short pass tunnels points mean it was a it was a rough day. And yeah that the defense was just as callables the office in this one and you don't lose by that amount and special teams were to even though you know. Bjork has. Putted pretty well for his first time and in uniform and he also dropped kick. And I'll. Marcus Murphy played some pretty some pretty good football in the return game and in the as a running back I think he showed up in a big way. But it wasn't enough in Iraq and overcome. The deficiencies are on the rest of the team. Thanks for mature called Tony let's take a call from. John in Rochester O'Donnell welcome go ahead. They hear and see what he's competent supplemental what what did you do. Nothing. But if he is one of the finalist or not a finalists each he's the nominee for the pro football payment of 102 nominees. OK I didn't I didn't hear that so congratulations you deserve it I'm what are your biggest fans. I gotta tell you I'm I'm still up about this team. And what are the reasons as you remember those games where we're that are equal under the care in the Kelly years to global leaders. We got clobbered by Kansas City employees. Pittsburgh watching the jets once on Monday Night Football and I think again and the average that we lost like thirty points in each of those games and we hit a phenomenal team picked. So this game. Look past Sunday. I want to bothered by it but I guess that we can come back sir I was near what are your thoughts likely take years in the same flag. Yeah we've we've been in third with Thurman Thomas on her in the shown united related a story about what happened to as one of those games just mentioned we got thumped by Kansas City tournament in nineteen Bakken and met that same team in the AFC championship. And it's happened it happened throughout and it happens to good teams no matter. The problem is after I get in a worst hit in that spot after a tough loss like that and trying to find the faith. In a team of particularly the Buffalo Bills now. This is Tina really hasn't earned. That spot where you think that's all right they're going to be coming back with to see that from them and they they did some wonderful things last year. It is a different team and it's not like they have. It's not like they have a Super Bowl appearance or two Super Bowl appearances under their belt. To come back and say this is a team that they've been here before they can do this team is relatively new to their success with this coaching staff their only their second year. So and it's a team we don't know about too much like it's hard to dredge up that same. Hope. We're same expectation. After a loss like they saw last Sunday but I you know I do appreciate John that was you know that was I appreciate your words in your right. There's no reason to think it could not happen. But how much do you anticipate unexpected happens and the story. From the tweet she does classic question how much did the week one loss in Baltimore change your expectations Spencer McEntire tweets and apparently making the playoffs and breaking the streak turned fans into. We need success today or Apple's. So many irrational thoughts the team lost three linemen to surprisingly. Our number two quarterback is up in the year we have numerous injuries and Aaron selling a new offense. Relax. That's what's been directed to our citizens that when there Aaron Rodgers said famously some years ago. Yeah spelled relax. From Thomas to elect its along season it's only one game. It becomes concerning to play does not improve over the next few games always thought this would be six or seven win team and that does not change. It's my position and I think I said that I know it's of the before the season 678 win somewhere in the range from. Thomas' habit doesn't improve over the next few weeks. They're up against it the next few weeks this is the toughest part of the schedule they get to road games coming up after the Sunday they got a extremely high powered profits coming in here. Sunday the chargers and against the buffalo defense that did not play well. In Baltimore and they hit the road for two good offenses two good teams Minnesota in Green Bay it's it's gonna get tougher I think before it gets better. Yeah yeah it's it's this is and we sought comment we've been talking about the entire offseason ever since the schedule was announced go to Baltimore you have. The chargers here that you go to Minnesota and two Green Day. Those those four really difficult games. And in fact a lot of people had predicted the in those four games is exactly when Josh would probably be answered as the star they give me a chance to get passes really rough deep fences as great pass defense is from a year ago. And it's ease him into it easier stretch of the schedule. You know there and they also along with that they sit at the bills will be owed 41 and three after that stretch will be time to insert in the season be over and not chock it up. Well. Image that's we saw this stretch common it was going to be a difficult stretch of the season we didn't think it was going to be a 47 to three stretch. I mean that's right right yeah be tough. But that's where you said coming in it it's it's not easy is not going to be easy but I think like I said this is again this is a real this is a dark time this season when he got to kind of buckled down a few of the players and Kawika buckle thing get through this and give yourself a chance to come back later in the season he can't do it. Coming from 04050. And sixties does. Call here from Bob and awkward I've ever going later in the air. Thank you Steve tasker you're an inspiration to Andy Young football player coming up. Just so wonderful. It's for your here wheels side that you see on TV any young football. Person would. Which it was C did it is it an expiration put put this thing they have to say the Buffalo Bills football CN. But I saw a lack of effort. The 5050 balls they didn't see dead I didn't. Is that it is a whole team concept they did didn't seem a total team effort to stop lack of effort. I didn't see that. Did you Steve. Now I mean I. Kelvin Benjamin's been mentioned as a guy that people thought maybe gave up late in that gamer didn't make the effort to do that and song bat one ball away that Peter and threw up form instead of he wasn't gonna get it in the DB was he knocked it away down the sideline. He got one picked off where at the DB broke on the ball because it was at that point of the game where they knew Peter had to get the ball out they started sitting on routes but now. I didn't I didn't see a spot where I thought he's a whole team you know. Threw in the towel at any point I think they were I think the guys played hard I don't think. There is anything. Worth mentioning. About their effort I thought they were trying to airplane horror they're putting forth the effort. But they just get January 9 that I don't know whether that's more and more producer disturbing blessed just. You know yeah that's good Dave on the live from Florida hi Dave go ahead. Where I go Marc let the guy that size Wednesday people regular well I don't want to hear about it okay. This game is up there and sixties you know great monster. I will do real estate it was cheap tickets are grants and as soon grant is on. Where view. And this team here is gonna make it back here accurate there's no. Known. And child McCourt put it right at about seven Sherri. Well I think that's gonna change as I got this date greatly. After its about your pitcher you'd pass in about art he ours. I appreciate Dan let me ask you this day don't you just want to ask you are was gonna ask me says no patience no rush that I was gonna ask what he thought about where their rat and how they got here in the right track they do the right thing I wish she would. Sorry about that it's. I'm gonna rush's great great kids are going to be on his old tickets notes Greinke now. It's all right is drinking grey yeah that's right that's cool yeah it's great green and here's our cal from Grand Island go ahead cal look into the show. Thank you very much we're going to say great job from both it's very show daily and listen and now I've been built similar to what brought. One of start up and see I was sitting in when I'm back in the spirit and those against the Linux booked into the home. And not the end standard strident rural speed. And Noble's got over and you live when most athletic. Great players that are similar just cut them by the toll a flip them over in the police went absolutely insane to members and Judith who is under which these regulations on awoke her nomination and I know all off protect them all. I'm pre I appreciate I do remember that game and it was Deion Sanders and I've added tack on by the foot and essentially because I think the head coach of that team ma am positive was Jerry and everybody in my boy. Who's now the defense of coordinator Hamilton tiger cats I seem old time. He's yet yet but not hatred to Deion was a group was one of the all time great players to he deserves beer hall of fame with which he has. He was and he was a really great players so it was yeah like I said earlier that it was fun and I wouldn't change much about my career believe me. I don't think I'd change much of anything if I can't think of anything so. I appreciate it thanks I appreciate that cal I'm remember that tackle too so. Yeah I'll take a break we're back with more it is one bills live from one bills drive and this is Buffalo Bills three. One lives jumper seat tracks your tasker from one bills drive. The bills' practice is over are hoping to Jerry used in here but he's left. I don't rights you know they got a routine. But they do receive your demeanor wheels. Was threes set the Twitter question and then it gets and we keep things in here and then must do in the truthful. Okay where nobody did you have a voice here you Europe policy nominee. It would start flexing muscles and company you'll have a voice we put this up on Twitter we talked about it all day. Horrible loss in Baltimore last Sunday so that debt change your expectations for the bills this season. If so if not give us a call you know Treo 550 tool free 1888552. By fifty. Or tweeted and we got some more from the tweet you what do you see. Yeah I think for Thomas Donald thank you for this one from Tom mr. like it's a long season it's only one game it becomes concerning if play doesn't improve over the next few games. Always thought this would be a six or seven win team and that has not changed. Thomas Gerlach and postman pilot. 2003 is this our guys he's usually while on mountain and logical CPU becomes through 2003 we beat New England 31 nothing in the opener. Only for them to do the same to us in the finale. That alone shows the unpredictability NFL any given Sunday right. That night and write in my right you're. Things can absolutely change how about that Sam Adams TD what do memorable moment he's right when Sam Adams picked that ball off that's and waltzed into the end zone do. The beginning of that game. And that was that was the was the safeties name. Lawyer Malloy normally game. Normally game. House. Com aligned David Florida like David Fort McMurray those moments Dave right you're not there. To order your question before your product on ago yes today ballot bowl. I was gonna ask you said there's no time there's no in no hurry about this season there's no. You know there's no reason to get your year. Into a panic about how this season win because there's no chance that did are you happy with where the bills are there process of getting better out there. Putting this new regime together and and you know the now that the course this laid ahead of them are you happy with where they're at now and aside from the old Batt lost it took on Sunday. I am. You think you can see the logic to all these moves they make is every time I have a loss like the one on Sunday the people around the country are all saying hey. It's a dumpster fire in buffalo they got no plan they don't know what they're doing they made some bad decisions what do you think are. I think they're all wrong I thank. Being built an auto. What should sort of processes and coached eventual players adventure this game Yahoo!. Good and they're going to be propagated to our I expect them. We've won our two games of the first after the seizure. Equity season. I think we're gonna get five or six once. Now there you go on that side that are okay that's what I wanna ask you never appreciate called back and give me a chance to do that I. Appreciate it David called in earlier and said. Man mark you're all right do. They used you guys in jars gave you ought to end up either. Thanks I appreciate it I think he's speaks for a lot of bills fans they've seen this before where and particularly in some times where they didn't get. They didn't go through this process where they didn't have the courage to cut players that with the quality of Marcel glorious and Sammy Watkins and moved to players that fit the culture that they were trying to build better. In seed you know doing what gosh how many decisions. In the trickle down effect may be can got a ball park figure. Think back to this last off season how many decisions. In the trickle down effect led to them being able to pull off the Josh down there. Are at least there's like. There's more than a handful almost and it involved each move involved a couple of assets and a couple of return items yet on the it was like to draft picks for this player this player for two draft pick to despair and a draft pick and it was a lot of moving parts in that. Offseason. To ultimately. Get into the top ten and get the quarterback that they wanted to know not. So I. I'm kind of with a caller today. I knew it was going to be tough at times maybe this is one of those tough times maybe it's only beginning may be this is all the tougher it gets I don't know. But I figured it was going to be bumpy at times when you got to make moves like that we've got 55 million dollars in debt cap money. And you've said goodbye to some players who had taken about a year. Please call from bill on Grand Island hello bill go ahead. And low. Go ahead bill. Yet I am I didn't know. Why did they treated Tyrod Taylor. And and get. Peter man I wish that it it was a. They get Peter men when he didn't let. Yet they traded Tyrod because. They wanted to draft pick that they used to eventually move up and get. Remain Edmonds and there was also a sixteen million dollar salary I hit that was gonna happen and what mid march last year that it Monica. Be on the hook for that because it seemed Tyrod play it seem to be for the even got in the new when he was. The new with a steely ones. That's when it it. Live bill he was a piece of when they traded him it had nothing to do with Peter. It was about Josh Allen or sand armored Josh Rosen or baker may feel whoever they were going to be able to jump up and get. To take a shot at in the draft that's why Tyrod to not hear it had nothing to do with Nathan Peter. Ian he'd say that's good or bad but it was all part of a plan to move up. And make sure that in this draft they had. A player that they wanted and that was part of the plan to get it wasn't even the end of it. Mean it wasn't that Tyrod Trey wasn't even the end of what they had to do to get there it was only a small stepping stone so it was a a long drawn out process that finally got to ultimately to where that you picked Josh Allen sic call for Rochester Brett in Rochester on the line Brett go ahead. They were without gentlemen hey guys I could stay right you know this is. The third dimension and outlook are my what I think this season's going to be hectic it just highlight the fact that. They need to really work and bolstering the offensive line and wide receivers and that's what really killed them. You know last movie on Sunday. It RB Peter Main. Yeah I mean obviously. You know you can eat there is some some blame IMAP that really I mean the offensive line in the wide receivers let them out. If there're couple plays with a wide receivers need to debate it didn't take could've helped change the outcome of that game a little. No doubt I mean there's there you know everybody could play better no question I think maybe in it in a loss like that. Up against a really good football team it does highlight some of the areas where you're not as deep or not a skilled or talented as you need to be. I don't know to easy question the bills have still some work to do on this roster. And it was highlighted a number of ways and games it was awful but hey it was pre gotta spin that forward and we will a lot tomorrow talk about the of those in the chargers right now time for NFL true and false. Present about yet he's fancy New York's artisan cheese. True or false Steve are you ready I'm gonna get you the first recognized this from this as a result this article on that there was a discussion really on. By Gil Brandt who is well respected longtime serbians all fame nominee he's a hall of fame nominee this year. He's got the Jacksonville Jaguars pieces are America's team he ranks him second. After the cowboys the Jacksonville Jaguars and I'm sorry after the Packers. Yet the Packers as America's team whatever that means. He's got the Jacksonville Jaguars was so passionate jaguars among America's teams after the count all these are all active eco. He's got cowboys Packers jaguars. Third America's team you wanted. I've teed it up Korea it's a fastball right at him go grants. And a tottering old man. The pact that Jack Packers and how there's like I see the Packers yet the jaguars they've put harp over seats in their stadium. There they cover seat because they can't sell tickets in Atlanta London and they made that. Yeah. They've played a viable. I don't want to their ears that we don't have time for rain but that alone rant over the Atlanta is Eric grant worthy point that's terror jaguars arm mounted on an accounting question as America's team terrible that that is worthy. I. At a Coker are all part two yeah well both. Both the Bengals are the best team in the AFC north you've got the Steelers you've got the ravens yet the Bengals forget about the browns. Analytical true Steve I think this could be true I was very impressed from what I saw a Cincinnati Becker on August 26. Of Steelers not an impressive opening day for them last Sunday yes that they tied with Cleveland com Baltimore looked great last week the bills were awful. I think it's gonna be pretty competitive AFC north but I got the one and Bengals at the depravity tonight I'd get that was the best team in the division when he. I'm missing false. Listen that's a listen telling me anybody but the Baltimore Ravens are the best team in the division is a tough sell this week. After what I saw them on the sidelines last week in Baltimore to driving rainstorm. There are good but they were really good and I and I listen they don't have all putting green all put him Joseph mixes in the backfield. I'll put Joseph Flacco. Up against Andy Dalton. Any day. And all put and I'll put him up against. Ben Roethlisberger. Without lady on Belle any day as well so now I I. And granted it's a competitive division the three got Pittsburgh Baltimore Cincinnati are really good football team but I don't think there's any reason you'd put Cincinnati. Ahead of those other two. So did you dream Joseph maxim I'm not gonna say solid defense. Okay and it's culture tells me that they beat the colts team that's in a rebuild. Because of a late defensive touchdown. A quarterback who hadn't played in two years almost beat him so arms you know. One more caller our question about the the the Buffalo Bills if your expectations change. Since last week let's go to market Orchard Park about mark you're on the air. I'm not I'm I'm thinking yeah I keep maintenance of a strong working bring the fire that little dig deeper and just. I mean everybody's got to take a harder look at themselves in particular like attic yet. There it is we don't have very good form. It's hard to imagine that doesn't look very good form and our image in the bills playing that poorly and for me I could I get customers to warrant that kind of performance. And Wear down the remaining fifteen I agree I agree I mean that there's a little bit of confluence of events that did dictators of road game rainstorm. Quarterback. Coming out of the pre season without a track record. Tiniest of defense that was a really good matchup and office of line it still needs to develop and needs to. And he needs to learn how to play better. So yeah I mean. Yeah I don't know that it's yeah take it to heart and say hey that that gives us a certainly should be a real motivating factor for a team. Like the bills to amass a list we're not doing that again let's go and buckle down. Work hard for that week and you know make sure they don't do that this week it's chargers but. You know and I don't think there's a much more positive you can stand out. I agree a break we're back with more John Murphy Steve tasker one bills live from one bills drive. This is Buffalo Bills three. What do we learn from today show it's presented by advance a lot of providing western New York's homes and businesses. With the privacy and security in all theaters B preferred of Arnold Peter rider of the Buffalo Bills. A great show today Thurman Thomas is on the show this early on first hour. Thurmond is ready to go he virtually went Joan with a guaranteed. A buffalo victory this Sunday against the chargers. He changed quarterback that's number one so obviously you get sued different quarterback in there and so. Or 32 teams go through this at least once or twice a year. Heavenly game like this word you just don't do anything well I just think they're just too much talent on his football team. For them to just go downhill you know in in our start something you have home. Everybody wants to see Josh out. You got a lot of things that are kind of combination Anthony live coming back. You know IBM here so I put money down right now ago when. You do differently. And cut a kind of a common comfortable with our game. Connecticut their approach to a jar I'm not doing it's an Italian dinner of like making a lack of Joseph name a guarantee and that they go and as well. Well there ever times you actually hear him. Slamming money go in the it will. Guarantee templates and the next guest on the show was pumped Alaska company heard it to her at a time to let's go with the next guests on the show. They talked about the former bills is to coach Anthony Lynn. And the great job he's doing is the Los Angeles chargers at. He really great a great presence of the football team added that the players. They respect him the biggest thing is they really believe in him. He he had also seem well he's tough spot somebody fair and then there's no gray area media the question. Until you get straight answer whether you like get turnout sometimes. Go to the third straight answer coaches coach is really well. Something that goes goes unnoticed sometimes would head coaches but he really. You just had her assistant coaches accountable he tells me exactly what to expect city's position. And for me just been great to work with he's got big picture perspective. On the block as well as stated David it's been I've been a great hire. For us come telescope chargers GM on his coach chip in it in the military what else I've learned to receive is that. Our listeners the ones that participated to name a little Twitter poll I think we're ahead of the curve let's face it. Not most of them the preponderance we can take a poll in collect numbers. People thought well that was a really big game but I don't think it's who they Aaron that was kind of the point when I was trying to get to the take the temperature. It did because I hear it out there previously well you know all the 2018 season will be remembered as what do you talk about. Write your rushing to judgment here this fifteen games left I think to their credit most of our listeners in respondents were ahead of that kind of meant. Yeah yeah we got that point because you know come and all we talk about the game is hard to be positive coming out of the game like that I think everybody kind of works through the same process didn't. Out of the game like that mentally. And sort thing about the next one to remember he say listen there's we're not. That's not the football team we've seen. Throughout the pre season throughout two DOT days many cancel us others and Mike Thurman said in in this snippet we just heard an earlier in the show. There's too much talent as football team for them to sit there and play like that for the rest of the season. Agassi and again the immediate concern the chargers game in the injury report is out the practice participation report for today little bit different than yesterday. Still not practicing today quarterback Karen Johnson with a shoulder no practice today for a defense event Shaq Lawson with his hamstring. No practice today for wide receiver ray Raman clown with his knee. Watson. No practice Karen Johnson a practice those are important player received. I think we're gonna see some neat orchard in their fellow lost and cannot go and it looks like after two days off about what is entering human that it ago. Yeah we spoke to make orchard yesterday's nine he's not he's I'll be ridiculous and NATO have enough under his belt practice wise to contribute if he's called upon. Okay good show tomorrow right Greg cosell will join us Lorenzo Alexander mark Kelso and much more what do Steve Berlusconi Berlusconi giving. We got a good show tomorrow was started twelve new hope you enjoy this production assistants from George blast difficulty talents out of her caliber JJ terino Kevin Carter's engine trouble. Our producer is Jay Harris. We will see tomorrow noon to three we're right back here the final bid for the home opener final show before the home opener hope you can join us at twelve noon one bills live from one bills drive. On the Buffalo Bills reduce.