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Howard and Jeremy
Wednesday, September 13th

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To mention the sabres check in tomorrow. On the ice Friday. Our AT&T hotline right now is defenseman Brendan goalie. Who just had a very strong prospect camp and he's with us here on WGR Brandon soured and Jeremy good morning thanks for joining us. Good good I understand we took it from a work out so my apologies but thanks for giving us a few minutes. You had a very good showing at the prospect camp the GM was raven about you that coach was raving about you. How did you feel about the other games you put together over the last few days. Michael pretty good overall I think in the first gamers don't stop or is that a little while so. I'm definitely a couple things and go through it about. Figured lieutenant progressed or so more comfortable. Reached across the experiment but so it's great and crushed like Europe. Yeah what I mean it it's you're making your treat her young player try to make an impression anyway but the fact that there's a new GM and a new coach. You're in the bow I guess from everybody else Brendan you got to make him first impressions all over again the third new lies watching. Mentioned here exactly on. They're generic yours or are sometimes specious. Because we need new management a low hero well I think they have a fairly good idea but it was nice they. Click it and show a little bit more. How much are how often have you spoke to focus to Phil Housley and if so. What have you heard from him in terms of what he expects from you in this pre season. Come. We haven't actually spoke very much so but register in which you tyrant or just chat a little bit but. Not a vote to quote clay are you specifically yet. Do you do you come. After he got the job I mean would you have watched Nashville Predators games or if not would you go find a way to watch Nashville Predators games and see other defenseman reduced or think about that at all as you think about what what houses gonna do here with the sabres. Our mile walks along the playoffs. And they have bought the playoffs every year. It I think it really any. What is that the user Ian. Reactivate it and we overseas. You put anyways but. The freedom of the looks like pretty fun car. Let me ask you you know you you came in lashing got a a little taste of the NHL three games and at a date to get the indices in a plan for Rochester little bit. What did specifically the games here. Brenda what does that mean for you in terms are it's only three games but what does it mean in terms of development getting that little feel that little taste of the NHL regular C. Yeah it was so awesome to secure new call and southern no political players the level. From Korea called up to here apparently between her or whatnot. Albeit off called it's going to beat you wanted to play and knowing what to expect that could. Were able learn a lot in any even a small sample size. Who's. What are you so book your skating is tremendous so this off season I don't know up the bill or bills that the sabres gave a list of things to work on. Or you just individually no there are areas I need to improve on skating is not it is there anything you worked on. Strength size or aspects of your game that you spent the offseason trying to improve. Definitely we're all parks he'll host the summer. And obviously straight week. And size such that sort to lean on me but other I've been I have been doing a lot of pucks got stopped with some early and I didn't. I'm working on my parents and that's one error there really long term crew over the summer. I think that a guitar with do otherwise. Thought I'll save the drama from check in tomorrow where he got size wise right now what he had an ideally what do you think you'd like to get it. Maria no luck then bigger event drew about six to learn on learned it. And I'm unhappy with that weaker now. Probably in the next summer but the crown jewel box. Well you need any extra pounds let me know I got plenty to give you hope. If you know you go through kip Brennan and you go through your pre season. Jason Butler has mentioned at times with few of the possibility of you know not rushing a young player like yourself may be go to Rochester gets some time in the minors if the sabres tell you. Hey Brendan we we just we wanted to go there to get a little bit morbid taste of of life in the American Hockey League how would you handle that. You know what they're gonna do what they're bidding start screen here. Our mind include farm you know all this oh or our best it's going inertial Supertramp. What would you knows what the HL level. When you're there for you is what six games two years ago six games last year's eve had a little bit of a taste. Yeah no it's it's good argument. On the SOA skilled players out there. They would assure were playing so on and gotten that Aussie rose going out so well in regard to put a dollar a degree leap from era. For a player like myself who is almost the Holocaust so. What are out and do whatever that they wanna do with me what sparks can do what's best for the. We had anyone shift or anyone game where you kind of had to stop and like wild that's so and so Webber might be re grow Watson. Yes definitely when I was. Playing Washington. Those political thing let him and he knows yet those Greece has. Who does that happen just for 12 or does that happen a few times during the gamely did you use it happens once they think the second time out there against some like that really is him. It's like 11 but I think my earning this here. The zero real little bit different just because I've been there before so I don't think I'll look books and doing this here. Well let's get back to the work out and good luck in the in the campus sabres in the pre season Brendan and thanks for some of your time with us this morning. It sort of you that have a good day.