09-13 Sabres defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen with The Instigators


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Back with more of the investigators. With Andrew Peters at great look. All right welcome back against the gators Andrew Peters Craig were very were alive down a training camp keybank Saturn a guy we saw all summer with no shirt on it and recognized with a ushered on. Ross' mistress the line and thought looks like you have summer of has recessed flippant tires running hills training pretty hard getting ready for big season yeah summer Lewis. Really get a lot while working out than. Will go too long hopefully in the future and Summers are a little shorter. Feeling great and excited. How excited are how eager is a guy like yourself to experience a playoff game. It's right no it's it's it's the bull you know and it's. Where I wanna be and we want obviously team it's a long way but. We additions we we did this summer. I think we have a we have reviewed Johnson. We'll it really excited to start working. How is this exciting is that for you guys you know obviously. Some struggles the last couple years a lot of guys on this team wanna turn things around build a different environment. Jason bochco has gone come out and he's. He's made some changes. That the culture needs needed to change some pieces that he has brought in to. To start something fresher. How is how exciting because you know you've been here for five years now coming on your sixties and deceive the changes the fresh faces the guys that are hungry how is that what does that mean to you with moving forward in trying to. You know work on your goal of making the playoffs to give you a chance to win. Stanley up Dallek does that I'm I'm really excited. It's been long long five years here in this is the first time my I really feel that. We recognize what what went wrong last year and what we need enough. What we need to do to get better not be where we've won via in. You know really excited and that's lot of work to do but. Talking to the guys we are ready for a ready for the telling us. Wrist on line and is quote unquote leaner it's and mean there answering training camp with a picture of you again. With no shirt on soul leaner and meaner. Meaner that type of player that you like to play you like to be a bit of a pass push guys around the front and had finished checks being nuisance. Yeah I ID really wanna be his face right now he loves the I I feel that I I've done much operative after the game a lot of a petition guys hate me and they Lawrence's kill me and they do. Yeah I'll like and that's that's you know when you're doing and the right thing is that when the guys that you're playing against feel that every time that your on the ice. Yeah Iowa makes make sure they're aware when I'm on the ice they gonna hear it they gonna feel it. Just one who everything it takes to win the game if there's one thing that you wanna try and do better. With what you're you know you're August a year training in the offseason has been it is been incredible but what are what's one thing that you would wanna win proof. From from the last a year last couple years. By a wanna be more more consistent. There with that are being a lot of and dolls and the difference between my. Really huge game and really about him this today excellence this wanna play that got you more consistent. All right we we got that we ought to move on here is we got two other young bucks for got to talk to a quickly Hoosier hero. All ha. Those can Micah that a lot and he wrote Sylvester Stallone. You know he started out not all films I the dialogue is special justice just stand and him. I don't know what but anyway I just throw out their wrist so thanks you're time and I pretty good luck the idea of where you want to tell everybody where you yelled to us as your head down a hallway. It's a secret all I want you to tell everybody what he yelled to us did you not you know you guys are the best. Is that to that are in terms are saying might be at utterances. We'll find out he's coming up right now mr. Colleen and mr. medals that thanks you're time buddy all right we're we're stand on their cover enough we're boot you out acute.