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Do you know I ask you might show that I don't know how to put this. But. I'm kind of a big deal. People know me know Bulldog that I'm very important. Have. Many leather bound books. That fall in my apartment. It smells of rich mahogany shotgun WGR. Sports Radio 550. Fifteen years maybe even to the day we just learn something new bodies rather we agree on something important as we both feet. Sports countdown clock for a fact that there are stupid. The Mets game is coming out of three. It's particularly had a countdown clock on their for people who don't know three means right or for that creek on the pregame show that the countdown clock in the corner and I caught it just as it was like five seconds up little boy. And then they played the big open and then they cut to a shot of the field there's guys with weights. Out there like it tomba clocked a stupid as it is but he did a countdown clock to gain time. The first time usual we didn't feel there should be a guy ready to pitch. O'clock o'clock it's only going to clock there keep the clock going into the gun rakes are done using the Rex. Otherwise the clock is just it's stupid. Pointless. It's not a clock to anything below the clock to rakes the clock to raked time not game time break time countdown to break time critics will go around and gripped. Stupid. Yeah like the big ones in the draft or some of like a draft is in 22 days eight hours you know you could do instead what is the date of the draft. And I'll just remember that merit and if I care at all. I could forget until the day of the draft and then realized that day prank. It I don't know critical don't like the way most TVs work YouTube you can hit a button and then it shows you what's going to be not. And you all that's on tonight that's okay. If you miss it it's not what everyone anyway to the sport right probably read the strike as outlast I did not at all. I knew that the humble Broncos were opening. There are Saskatchewan junior hockey season last night I knew that was a big deal in Canada and it TSA was going to be broadcasting. From there and it was a it would it be it was very meaningful. North of the border. I didn't leave here at all thinking I can we go home and watch that I didn't even think about whether it would be odd year. But when I got home always asked these are anything cool on TV the most that I don't go look. Anyway in a little while I was preparing dinner and he's going through died he goes. Joseph Miller Scott a humble Broncos pregame and then the game and answered great. Put that that's going to be increasingly. Fantastic how how could a countdown clock to help you meet imagine watching initial network all they could all even thought PC's I could not even imagine doing the countdown clock is just to remove guns toward an awfully well we all come back right what time is at 8 o'clock. Gold goes hull exactly how many hours minutes and seconds from dollars that so I can understand. Speaking a hockey. Erik Karlsson has been traded to San hose say this is of of this is officials is not something's being reported remorse official. And the senators got some stuff none of it seems decorate the room. They didn't even get San Jose's. First round pick next year. Because. As long as San Jose. Makes the playoffs the sabres have that right. So it'll get some future picks and also. Kind of funny interest thing. Development but also have a condition. If they Carlson not be traded. To any Eastern Conference team by the sharks. Well they hit the ball better protected. They get more get more back full write it out together they look the sharks are a lot to do it they can do what they have to give up another first round pick by the year 20/20 two. Tuesday to Ottawa and they trade and the. The senators knew to do this because. Last time they traded Mike Coffman and it was actually to the same team. San Jose in. And they did that. Largely because. They did not want him to compete in their division the did not want to play clergyman their division and say Jose like not even an hour later. Traded him to Florida. So the senators were like not true bitter about that to not talk to San Jose anymore. But as I did this but there's a look listen guys this time we have to get Smart here and you have to give us something really good if you actually trade him if you flip him. Right 11 hockey reporter Chris Johnson is referring to that is the Mike call and claws. It in this deal with the San Jose that if they were to move him do we words of yours if he shows up on. The reserve list base would be to feast on in the Eastern Conference team. Got any time this year than San Jose's got to send another quote from pick back to. Sports people don't always think yourself first. It would not be incredible if what they're or trade between. Saved Columbus. And Chicago. Where Chicago took the player and welcome to the penguins or something and an auto and San Jose sit down and go. Can we have a thing here but this is actually because betrayed between the same Jersey. Six. And I wonder how what appeared Dorian right that's the Ottawa GM Doug Wilson is the GM in San Jose really. I wonder how old COLT early negotiations. That came up or that was at the very. Hey you know what way. Well if you're trying to do what you did with all of then we need to do something. What we need something in it did Carlson have power over this. You have the deal no trade via power. I don't even want to all this I never really knew whether he had a no trade he's often a year. He's got that mean he's got he's got that what he wants to negotiate with someone gets treated to. They're reporting that he is not getting a new contract from San Jose so he made. Still be headed to free agency in a year. And you know like I hope that that's right because San Jose did not give up a lot here this is about maybe this is of decent. Price for one year older girls maybe it's not even good enough but it's not outrageous. It's a lot it's a lot of stuff there's quantity here. And the pics I mean who knows what the pay if you know what they would end up with. In addition to the two when the one they Carty got there's another clause about something that could become a first round pick. If he signs there and San Jose when the conflict that's even more complicated. But as far as what the bodies go they didn't hit. There's from what I understand I'm not an expert on San Jose's farm system but I do a little reading. As this trade happened and their top three guys would auto parts. So they've they've managed to protect their what I thought of as the best three prospects and everything else's bull. So Ottawa traded one old the very best players in the entire league. And couldn't get their hands on anything that San Jose I mean really really value. Well Ottawa I think would have wanted Carlson in to negotiate with any new team. Right pleasure out of wanted he's worth a lot more in a trade if the new team can sign him after that. But. That wasn't possible. But people trips Yost thinks he's going to other tamper Vegas he's thought that especially Tampa it was always been pushing that so. What like there was just no deal possible. That this deal leaves one out of the conference because why that they're gonna win. That means for one year who cares as in the Eastern Conference they're finished last in the league tables of last year. With them for us right and they won that game at the end of the year. It was so happy for them. All right so Carlson is out of east. And can we just take a few minutes here I don't know when masking a guess you would be the only person I'd be asking I think take a look at this map crowd. The Marlins mostly their home will look at there are nine people at this camp as. They don't need a countdown clock for this. And started out the clock reached 01111. Minutes and thirty seconds ago it still kids in the stands. A couple that's about at all and disorder get this problem is unit of the batter's box a year ago so. Let's take a minute here to talk a little bit about the sabres there there are now in camp we have Jack Michael speaking with allows legally get starting every game Monday. And Carlson is out of the way I just want to bring up. Bam and just throw out the question about what our expectations are here. Because I'm still not seeing anybody that I wounded. Bring up say this is a playoff team that nobody is predicting that bit. Like sort of appeals to me your impresses me lease yet it's too early and I didn't see people like don't respect him Bogut. If you you're the one here who follows a lot of people who are. Read it read them constantly. So what are we supposed to do like you always that's always been really the only goal that matters who wanna be out of the last place conversely conversation. Last place in the league on rotation. Are right. Right. I mean I don't know. Anyone except I think I think so I think so I think third two teams in their division that should almost definitely finish fueled them. It's incredible that Detroit didn't two years ago in Detroit is really almost nowhere it's too good Ottawa. Maybe even through I am not critical Montreal either but they've got the goal you might see you Robert. Put I think definitely Ottawa in Detroit. And I I had quite a mile marker to. So long yet getting any higher than that he really talk the men and near into the Florida and then those top three urges them. You have to have and I don't rule to sell a narrowing the so you have to have. Three. Parts. Goal really exceptionally well and that is doll leaned. Who we all expect to be good but if he can be like outstanding as a rookie that it will be it's tough to measure like 11. Reason why I wouldn't want to be fully married to the projections at the numbers guys projections in the last couple years because the sabres have been really young. And that makes those people's jobs harder when trying to predict the team because there's not as much data. So Darlene you have only. Really don't have any right. If you get. Like an all star caliber season from him as a rookie mills that same thing and same thing if you're yeah if those two guys are like. Outstanding. Right away. Then they could get interest thing and goaltending. And if if this new goal Lee Hutton. Has a year like you just ahead playing more then I mean I think you have a chance. You don't want a lot more games if you go that's cruiser 925. Season last year he was at 930. And not playing all the time so like that I that's hard that's our number I think to reach what do you you did. Somewhere even between 92930. I think you're gonna Britain's. They have to win a lot lot Morgan's right to get to the plate and a lot of ground make up bright and you've Dolly the middle step our. Our. It bonafide. Hit that they're met ours out that they are the are rookie of the year contenders both of them. Running concurrently on the same team then debit that changes your team like you you got to defenseman there there's playing twenty to 25 minute tonight. And is that good. That he's considered the you know we're reviewing two months into the season like hey he's a rookie of the year contender. Great and it middle set the same thing then you're in twenty minutes tonight from him and he's gonna ask for you to be your rookie of the year consideration somewhere between. Fifty and sixty points I think is at least what you'd have to be talking about and idol I don't speak for everyone here I would sign in blood for 55 points from Casey. But don't you just tremendous to me first year in the NHL. Great. We give me all Riley's points even when I hope you are eventually could exceed that with the skill set you've got but it. Out of the wrapping paper you give me that bar so it can't really be. If you can be can be the goal we can't be expectations Mel. Dog know why I don't I Kissinger Sam I expect that because you're talking about brood out of order and Marc Rich Tippett teenagers. Thanks and those are bulls are two very important guys. In in all of us even with the additions of Sherry and and Jeff Skinner. It goes two guys are. But the biggest impact. Because you'll play again replacing O Reilly's production let alone all is over a minute to support that are out. But just replace production would be an accomplishment. And then you know Dolly hits the ground blind to the point where he's that good right away then that would be yeah that's that's the that's the hope I can't sit here and say. I'd definitely expect that. OK so a little lucky there and we'll have sabres games on. Tuesday night if not also Monday night. Obviously what you aboard we have more minute football were not there anyway will get to that figure that out wolf ago that a the bills so. Protests may be the word is out McDermott got picked on by ESPN. With that press conference. You know we we've talked about him a lot this week and ends. In the course that I try to trying to slip then. That. But not everything I I know and everybody knows not every fan cares about these press conferences that everybody minds a lot of people. No as a rule wool bull apologize for defending the coaches with what were exposed to say is if there's only like two ways you could be. Completely open and giving away the play calling chic purse is not saying a single thing. So it's been a conversation around here it always is growers are talking released a little bit about the coach and what he says and how we is. And so ESPN. Yesterday. Like mocked him Rivera count her for what was the phrase they were coming right. Decision right decision. Right for our team right for our team okay. There and they have like senator ticker run right move Brit Brit Brit that would that ever okay right move earth. Kind of saying it fourteen times and they played a mall in succession. In the bottom without its takes a minute. They wrote on the screen and then the main problem. You know. That's just that's yesterday's news right like that's yesterday's news and this maybe you'll get some more interesting with this morning it but maybe maybe not like so. Josh Allen is in now. And all a lot of fans all us to of course Ehrlich scrutinizing. How we got here. Well we're bringing our people bring up the off season Tyrod Taylor being traded all the things that have happened to get us to write your teeth and Peterman giving another start. And the the most simple easy obvious thing to say is if Elin is good. None of it ends up being at all blight on the organization like that nobody cares about any of it ever. Brett if Allen ends up being good tutoring getting a second start after that horrible debut in Los Angeles it is bitterly fought. You city yesterday if you time it would probably don't remember. In part yours that there all the different sort of cases. They could make for for Allen really a lot of them are disqualified. Likely the they are a team that says were not worried about him. Not having time to sit and watch they can't say that because always it anyway in the first game and he starts the second games the can't we can't. Tell you about the importance I would want them to by the way but they can't tell you about the importance of having Joshua Allen watch for a while. But that that is out right. If they if they had believed that they could've handled the roster differently and had AJ McCarron is still here so that they wouldn't be in a position where it needs computer and burst into flames. On television and they have to put Josh Illinois. Totally so we can't tell you that they also can't tell you ever. That they didn't care about. The sit and watch stuff. Because he did not get the start in week one they did have a pre season competition. Between the seventh overall pick and Nathan Biederman so they can't tell you that either. That there's no real. If if Josh Ella works well you know the course of time there's no real like wolf philosophy but the bills will ever be able to tell you that they use. For him he needed to sit Knoll. He needed a play Knoll and he's just in there right and it looks half hazard and it's being mocs but if he's good so lot and I'm Tony. That there is this is possible is possible that you'll succeed anyway the kind of the point. About how quarterbacks don't necessarily benefit from sitting and watching is that some guys go win and are good. You know and this remains to be seen within you that there's nothing that's happened here with Peter Mahan or with a pre season that makes me anymore. Pessimistic. About Alan. You know just it's on change for me from what he was common in because. You you shouldn't really try to predict that stuff like you. He might he might be able to do it now he's got. As we all agree I think he's got a real challenge. With this group. I mean he's not gonna have. Good pass protection he's not gonna have good receivers like he's gonna have a real hard time man. But you're not giving up on him by 9% at least you're not giving up on him this year. You know at the end of this year you you fully intend to get him to a point where he's going to have better alignment and better receivers sure and so whatever happens happens. But there's no I'm just saying like the bills can never tell you that they had a certain planned for him. Because there was no plan the plan was they had a job competition he lost. And then it committee had to play in person anyway. They didn't they chose neither he should situation. Nor he should play immediately they chose neither of those things they just sort of made him the you know the results are some things I may ease the guy that goes in when the other plan went up in smoke now. And I think it. So but I have been thinking about today. Is there like their their judgment and all of this right I mean the you know ESPN is making fun of the coach now. Yesterday because these people because of all all this looks and and I think all of this that you just said about half hazard is having a corporate board. To describe how he landed. In the starting job and that the you know that usually deserves to be laughed to some extent. Or at least looked at skeptically. So you've you've got all rolled into this and like so they're they're judgment McDermott's George men. I have. Very much. And I feel like this is right but stock up four nobody knows don't tell me Josh gallons a horrible pick you just you don't know. I know you're you're analyzing bill vineyard. You still don't know if you're doing that I'm lots of guys he told the same thing about Patrick Holmes two years ago and he looks like he's gonna be really good already. And maybe it's too early to say that definitively but it looks the and it's certainly going in the right direction entries plea now only two games. These guys. They chose jail and they also chose Peter Bergen to play games for them that mattered that count in the standings. And that is it does not mean that Elin has to fail. But it shakes me a little bit I don't Scalia did that think about. I am. Dreading isn't the right word it's a football used to be beautiful 870000 people there's going to be a fund. So dreading Sunday is not exactly how I wanna say but. There's there's apprehension. Front on Martin from me but personally professionally. Split them for the bills fan in me but I them. OK but that's college it was a little different sites you're old school. Bit and as the week has unfolded here their judgment is what sort of being folded into that feeling and it's and it's it's it's enhancing the because I am you know will be written a computer brings good. What could they know hole right I mean holy cow. Or Mario tweets every Morris a guy who said Holland the world's possible in the NFL and when the team any team could pick Josh held in the first round. Let's just so you then you have like the college career all that argument but I'm up for that argument anymore at least right now. Like just let's see what Sunday is and we'll take your calls on what you wanted to Sunday this. Is is it a stupid question we you'll want them to win football blog is saying we talked about this yesterday too is just please don't get crushed again and have us all. Wondering what to do on you know next week where I do I just do not want to be watching that game or headed over going on the kind of the so that's why I. I wanna avoid that more than anything I just don't want him I don't want that 8030550. Mario Wiig and John Clayton today Mike show and the Bulldog WGR. I was a big Danny wood head and grown up if he's from Nebraska he was the chargers. Played with the river's south I always tuned in always watch them for. His time there. They school you know each each week even lastly the Flacco in this league can we have next I mean there's the quarterbacks get so much publicity and so much fame and stuff. But yes it's going to be very incredible play against this season that right now. Harrison Phillips of the bills excited to play against Phillip rivers to it was a big Danny wood had fans fan. I think it's a good time to get would head off of your roster. Given that he is retired. You know I've got another name up for your. All their quarterback. List quarterbacks you could bring and well OK nick Stephens. Files that you guys know nick Stevens is Joey you know no clue Joseph stop let's let's talk name and he was in Denver's camp. This year. And was caught. Heat. Was. 2007. Team 20171. Team. All mountain west. For Colorado State's. Second team this is Josh Jones former conference second team quarterback. All mountain west last year the red ribbon. Of Boise State who was still there was junior. And our lives that nick Stephens knicks even some. Immunity so almost the worst element league. David someplace although our jail and didn't you hear they've seen everybody. Here's Toby with a solo. I apologize you know that Cordoba and competition idea that idiot that thought and have no idea what you mean. While I guess. We would docket I think you know crappy three cornerback I'm a bit and they'll believe that terrible. All that Peter and yet people do you can do what this year. And I bank other Latin Grammy but we depend on. We're the ones from the beginning and if he felt better and we followed up Akron but. I mean we just looked terrible everything back or what you've got to wonder what Noelle we meet. You're saying you've just come to this opinion. I abdomen but I would probably guess what you're saying you've you've got called the opinion that Elin should have been. At the quarterback. We all know that now right like we all know that now. Well we know that at bat that are all. Up so we know we don't how. You edit the guy and everything and yet. There. Oh but. We'll know that now I mean that's right. I don't know. Almost every caller we get to the show is a stranger to me and Zoellick I feel like the person who calls to say. Josh Elin should have played is necessarily going to be someone that's been saying that. 'cause now all what do what else is there to say knowledge now David Biederman played great round. I mean even out via I mean he's got to play now I'd like to went after the game on Sunday he's gotten it yet at the Puerto Mitt beat that team. And I do this again and this is a disaster. I respected the competition. All through summer. I mean I didn't. I mean policy and decide who's gonna play you drafted him therefore he should play yes well okay. I I I I don't. I don't agree that cracked I think you're gonna that you're gonna try to run a football team and decide which guys going to be best you gotta try to decide based on probably look in practice and how we look at meetings and Ali look in games and like that that's all I would do it. So I would do I would make probably the same mistake they made I don't know that I would have necessarily ended up on Biederman but it was credible to me. Did it Taylor though if if you made the pre season important how could you not have ended up on Peter or the threat mean. And that's how I would do it adolescent who isn't there a lesson to be learned here bush what would you do it that way next time. That's kind of what this guy is. Showing you is hey I thought Peerman will be good I thought the competition was the right thing I thought I guess training camp was worthless and I'm like yeah out. That's just my opinion let's say like you have to agree with us but now it is reasonable to ask like what can we learn you know what do we learn. The pre season comes around. And not everyone but a lot of people want to do notice every little thing that happens and put some meaning on it in a row which like some people do that because. They have a talk show and it has its feel like you have to do that or do you actually mean it when you say that. Adding next time around what are you wanna do you wanna have a competition. Or do you wanna say this guy is the one guy with the upside. And this guy is the one that matters here sort of play him no matter what. You know I don't think I would never do that so I would probably risk doing the same thing and make it was a mistake that they dismayed because I think I would want to have a competition. Our I don't think handing people jobs based on where I chose them especially if they are described. He needed ransom even to using them for my team as someone who's gonna need time to develop and his raw and all the stuff it. I'm gonna wanna make sure before I put about there that that's not the case. So I respect what they were doing. And probably did it didn't believe it blew up on them obviously but I think I would still do the same thing and just. I don't know I assume that the guy that wins the competition isn't going to be historically laugh probably bad. And I mean there's no way to know that but. Is this a good is this a good debate. I think that's. I think most football fans I think most people are exactly like you hear Newton that it should be earned. And I've said consistently I think it was earned when they picked Emily was should have been over when the victim. But I think most people are more like you which is will let. That's not good enough. Why would you not have a competition battle almost every coach would say that. Almost every coach does say that the best guys make the team that's it get away with a pre season even existing anymore. There's almost all backups so it will only be backups. So they tell you that it matters and you know. I guess a lot of people by. To an extent I still do yes. I mean I don't I don't believe it just handing over. Jobs. Two people who have yet to prove that they are capable of doing them at the highest level. Mean he was not all and what what conference is the guy miles well hopefully we he he was not decorated. You know I mean I think it's different. You know why I think if you choose somebody who is it. Want one don't want this. What just waiting to hear from what it was it was good that. With the quarterback an eleven win team and as prolific stats and played against the best competition looks really good but I quickly or job to do annoyed dead guy. I probably would talk like I'm gonna assume he'll win the job. But I still probably wouldn't just give it to him isn't this I had no. Sorry isn't this. This is a huge point to me. This is what makes me and Peter Mann popular in the first place. People like the most people who have regular jobs you're in your job. You have several co workers should do about the same job. And let's say and I I'm sorry that I am gonna start out at least being very general about this. But. You you're at this company. And seven or rate people or on the same level as you doing this job and there's a boss and the boss leaves for a different. Moved to a different city the boss goes away who will become the new boss. And one day. You get a memo that says. John Smith. From castle pines Colorado is the new boss please read him and we all have. We all meet in the conference room to meet the new boss John Smith. And the seven or rate people on your global goal well that he doesn't know anything about ball below. Isn't no wanna sell this product in this town were to show him around Pete he doesn't deserve it because. He just doesn't know the ropes like we do one of us should be the boss and what is the what is the company saying no. This guy super qualified the fact that you never heard of on doesn't matter to me we pick cam we'd we know we're doing we pick him and does that be right. But that's that's what happens when that happens in people's real lives. There really upset about that sometimes you know it will white why is that fair. I don't think this was ever. A boat or should ever been about fair. Want Allen was drafted he's the quarterback of the bill. I don't need to be fair. League in in the sense that you're describing the late I don't hold regional sales managers arm. Doing something that I can have Doug Weight on the field and they're they're they're performing their job. In the region that they're leaving to come here and like that bet that grants them the the opportunity that the company is giving them. It's Italy I believe so far with this with this metaphor I do I don't act. I'm I'm playing a sport and I'm gonna watch YouTube side by side. And decide which he was better I'm not gonna do is give you the job because you are big and strong. Which is basically what I ordered adorned with Josh hill. I think that's what they did when they picked them. I think they picked him because he's big and strong and so for me that that's the framework and I think it was pretty ridiculous that he was picked. And so once you do that. I mean I know we're sort of in a place where we're talking diagonally unified like I've. That's degree when you decided he was going to be your quarterback if neither in Peerman were someone else. Who head on anything in the NFL who had been drafted ally himself with you if there's any reason to think you would be successful. That it's BB a different conversation. That's not a perfect analogy but. Arrow it's something like wet when is the right time to decide do I need to see YouTube both these sales managers for two weeks or three weeks. Or can I just decide you're to be better for us. Anyway. Here's rob next I rob. The article goes our perfect pick my call on the I would go public schools basically are gonna small business that's completely awful form based. And I'm a bit in the real world if only preferential. And I think that it's simply illogical I I kind of thought might well what are approachable he does what on this but. You don't have too by the way. We're a relatively mad. That isn't a matter of you that the ice units say it but right it's okay. Open up until the group and the it was not say where they've got Apple's small business owner. Even when I was in my position working marker and I would couldn't afford treatment because I'll go to war that's what I like crap. So I eyed couple that with what the under their help but what to eat. Oracle given something. Okay thank erupt. And here's Ross next Cyrus. Questions for you guys. This debate you're talking about. Do you think there's something like this debate or maybe something more simmered between speed and big government. On the one he got beat him coach McDermott say I am like that guy. And you know and yet being say well I gave a lot of assets like its. I wouldn't assume I know our I would I would I would more than anything assumed. That they are. There are joined at the hip on all the stuff. But I wouldn't assume that either are you saying you would yes I would I would I would assume that they are locked him on this. But just. Seems to me that the probability. Peter wrinkled up in flames were higher in the probability. McCarron called up in point when you trade away McCarron. Constitute the coats that say this guy's gonna start I got a little bit too integral keep the two quarterbacks so you know and I bet that this quarterback draft it's going to be around here maybe all the. You may be Croat. You know maybe that could all be right. I think maybe I think your point about McCarron is correct I grew larger point about McCarron that he had a lesser chance of being a tire fire. And they probably. And early you can ask you Ross you can ask wolf what chance what percent chance that the bills give. To any of their quarterbacks being a tire fire. Zero. It was a non zero we saw it happen it was a non 0% chance. I think. Three's and I think that they're going to that it is because I think I think beam is in the background. I think this McDermott show I think being has the job he has because McDermott wanted him to be his partner in this and at McDermott. And being disagreed about something McDermott would get his way and if they disagree a lot about stuff then there'd be a different guy. Replacing being mean agreed to this is McDermott shell. So McDermott likes. Human being goes along with. And it goes up in flames they got to make a change OK you don't need to Karen fine a trade center in port. I think it's a these McDermott shall it is sound mean he got hired first. And basically recruited been to come here do this with them. And I don't for a second at all think the traditional hierarchy of being the being a ball McDermott is in player who would golfers who would go first. I think I think your McDermott goes from being goes whip them. I think beam could go first so it's upside down yeah said he has played I think McDermott is running shall. I haven't thought that but meteorite. I'm not prepared to tell you what I think about all that current I don't know an embryo to think about all of got it kind of makes sense and discuss what they're about McCarron oh like I'm fine with McCarron being traded but. The chances of that in Baltimore happening. With him or are not as good as they were for Peter and I mean Peterman had two stars and league and that happened problem right now I don't got snowed out a chart look McCarron has gotten through games at least has gotten through games and only trying to picks for games. Right through yet and I think that's right. Much over the bulldogs Mario week rural wire today that's about seventeen minutes here on WGR. Really so. Why can't I can't Himalayan the so is that you know I let them out. I'm my just as I watch it but I don't watch enough state journey here. I didn't realize that that sounds like that would have been. Overall on a conference call with New England yeah I was really that's relevant. Yes and it yeah he's telling Boston I don't watchers Super Bowl on his watch and watch this right I never wants yeah there's. I think is the kind of guy who he's talking to sort of makes it up as he goes along. And so we got a conference call went to England I guess it isn't the first time he's said this about himself but that he. Those are watched Super Bowls and hasn't in the I saw decades. When I first saw the story of the days ago. Yeah a citizen watch what's whose twelfth. He could gamble that's a wild right. He was gambling or twelve big bet on them you would still would watch that is Susan part of this to do we know which Super Bowl that was a don't think if you press couldn't watch the Super Bowl for a long time. Especially if you were an NFL coach cause of all things very weird but. You would be able to quickly say which game was meaning he could beat goes he was twelve he probably tell you which super bull that was we also find out. Told my own unique you're older than them. The future over the he is yes by a couple years. I'm guessing he's 51 but I'm sure late late forties early fifties it's 540. Whoops he's got. Just nipped me so 111242. Years ago. Right. That would be told us that America's founding in 1976. You can cute so just what are you talking 1976. Carry the Xilinx letters or words in your what you gotta do this map what's Super Bowl was played. In 1976. That would be. Dallas and Pittsburgh or. Oakland and Minnesota. One of those is very. Yeah what right 75 season is Dell's in January of 76 is dealt to Pittsburgh yes if his birthday is after that. Most is likely. It would be Oakland Minnesota will be his first one. Woodward and the last the last laugh first baby but he let wealth. Is not watch supermodels and Super Bowl eleven. He claims. I skipped the couple the last few year's Madden I did not watch Seattle Denver I did not watch Baltimore San Francisco. And that might have been that there was one more I've wanted to not watch but I had a party. So kind of all right I'm doing the Seattle I was there during the Seattle. You were there yeah I don't watch it has Bulldog was there right at major watched. They did not watch it had locked it develops all the Orwell or the Seattle Denver one. Because I thought I got power from that I've watched every one since. It's Minnesota or Pittsburgh don't. Yes I don't Tulane stadium yes. Bear the first one you want I I would remember that. Trying to think if there's any before that I mean that one stands out is because it was sort of like grays and it's not. Just lose it and did the mobile. The sort it's always sort of stood out to me NBC but I'm trying to remember if bomb. Also what year would that have been. Super Bowl so a mole nine would have been January of 75 okay. I can't say that I remember watching with a perfect dolphins. Even when I remember them playing the bills but I don't remember watching them win the Super Bowl. So I think that one that's one from the right time I'd say every once in that I've watched it's possible I watched early ones I don't remember so morrow is being truthful he and he and I have never watched the same super ball. I was not around for super bowl of them. And also Joseph. The intro never watched Steve Larry fifth Jacksonville at one left when he would've gone to that they're able to watch that you're watching the highly. The film counters you definitely don't that dozens of times probably all like good. So like different rice studio editing and not go to that he Brice stadium. An empty shell waiting to be filled with the sound of spectacle. Married that's O eight stars and and helicopters flying over it. And then who will be the lose is that chicken of the sea the vikings fan out there in the. Row. Not kidding no that's all this in my bring this world time note that are coming out rate. No matter how many kids I have been birthdays they LL never replace. The beginning of the NFL films Super Bowl the video. It's as simple three some outraged about moral now watching the Super Bowl. Because he's not watching the Super Bowl. I feel like what that means is he's not going to a party and burying his face in a bowl buffalo chicken and the brightly he's not seeking out an event to watch the game or even just sitting home with a bag of roughly three I was Super Bowl. But what he used to be working. I'm sure there's stuff in that game that he needs to see like he sees how could just not a pro out of professional curiosity. We're just like. As the dude in America watch the Super Bowl for all those years ago what was his story every year. He wasn't a bill coach Tyndall what buttons and thousands of the bush his story in the ninety's dawn good. What's hurt our. I'll I'll I'll stop at super bully for now but he if you want if you rankled me again I'm gonna do so under Sean McVeigh Super Bowl the ideals of our admirers reference I didn't know that I it was due I don't doubt no I don't mean again like if you do it our all and got over UIC I won't read Super Bowl for this if you're bother me I will seek out some wiggle. What have I crave it Mario please. Lined up day Thursday night football that's next here on WGR.