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Thursday, September 13th

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Might show you might be mocking me or you might feed stores we agree with me I can't help. I'm talking Fresno Bulldog. Are far better world production on WG ER Sports Radio 55. All right so here's what happened last time. I go to Joseph brutal wire reaches out to us which we like I go to Jones Mario tweet is good let's give birth to win give Mario weeks we do. And we talked to Mario Wii and afterward we bought we go to commercial break and all the logos that guy has good. Right that's would you do it right exactly went up OK Mario no pressure. I. One thing what player I think we talked about in our first conversation was Alex Collins you're talking about draft strategy a little bit. And of course Baltimore roughed up the bills in week one Collins got in the end zone but didn't play very much and they played a night and there seems to be a lot of block Alamo tonight. Useful easy Baltimore's backfield going into this game here. Well capped the bit in doubt or read off the packets and at Dickson knew carry the ball quite a bit on Sunday and I are. Again and so it just tore it down and out power for the most part though about open up a little bit surgical or it. But basically the pat down specialist like you guys view. Maybe you've heard a situation she played a little bit more throughout the time to let you pick up the perhaps. With currently aren't they put it up benched for the past catchers so I'm not personally that I don't know what ultimately. Good player at USC is certainly a good and you know that it played patent situation. You don't explosive though and I think the mangled heap or like he pretty decent scrap it. There and play great last week but a lot of those yard is that respect to offer it luck got a boost to the kidnappers. Like that. So I don't think Elena can I normally explosive enough. To produce the got a defense let top competently that's well. But if you're a big ticket viewpoint per reception and network Al and it really useful beauty you know and I won't get you. You know I catch the game. That he does that they are your flex spot in the army. Tank well you point spurt out what cost so. That way. Bullet hole but it tolerant that they think it's easily have been. Would you general Lee temper any enthusiasm about Baltimore skill players here running backs and receivers. Had a and a nice day because of the kind of game that was. Well I think that accountable. Get a much bigger workload in any other game like it was over in the first quarter pretty much and they didn't really work about that. In this game it's gonna be something that they are more like twenty touches scrimmage into the seventeen carries three catches something like that. It's not gonna be in beauty. Didn't bring him but he's still probably one of the better running back projection. In any given week just because of that work already in debt. And especially with the game where you think the rate that we're gonna win. It almost always perhaps something to do it Collins soak. He's a guy to get it eating whale any week regardless of the match out so people and you cry when eaten an airline and what do. Very rich at running back. The receivers you can play for Baltimore last week that a little harder project than you think Crabtree gonna get all the target volume over the longer sample. Which I'm ground work explosive Willie and he showed a little bit last week. I wouldn't wanna play any of that street this week. Didn't spot against the angle. To Crabtree guy who especially a point per reception only to get it to you the most reliable output probably. And Mario the show the proceeds hours each week day called one bills live and a poll today asking. Twitter followers. Have your expectations for this bills season change after week one. I can't imagine any fantasy. Writer broadcaster saying yes. Because all I did also armor was your guys like yourself say look out about this bills who is about the offense. And their you had that game Sunday whether all time worst losses of one or go with medium caught a quick would you consider. Mo call eight at a certain price may be like. Especially low price right now our meter people. Convinced that he has should should have been less expensive now based on the season has started nor. Would you just didn't you know generally speaking at least avoid the whole thing. World record had a weird market ever since that. Imus stolen a look to make of it but that hole. Legal issue that came up which seem to have passed him about it and it's not actually in the issue at this point spoke. That was later that tried initially. And people got pretty good deal on an place Eckstein getting tired of all he gonna get the ball. You get him in the just rounded up and perhaps even begun about a often. That probably gonna work out just fine to the other different right that you look at our guys get twelve Karrie became like that so also employs state obviously in the lineup. What happened to gain eventually last week with just you know put into possibly that. Said the circumstances to work with and I think it's safe to say you'll. Get better current or so and that sense yeah I actually could be a pretty good by a little target. It might be one that they record 100 no it's already like you can make a better case going forward. How about Pittsburgh. Mean there's really not much more legal stuff to talk about your right munitions like that even Charles played with a catch in week one is not. Was just not missing not just you don't and let. Us not. I'll call all of the biggest question Golan is bell and Connor. Who would you rather have right now on your roster. Now that the couple and its a pretty unprecedented. Case certainly I can't remember case. Quite like it and it's it's hard to tell at this point eight what leading bells. Gold lead and are in what's you know beat you know the Steelers they're willing to accommodate for the goal. Like Google population people are thinking about. You know look at the best way to early in about the Maxwell the burning if you want to Nicklaus when he did you give a report by this day at this time stopping something. And the problem might be that. I mean we don't Nokia shares which you might consider insult well financed been in late dispute saying it making a statement basically like. Look I'm not apple Egypt gene that demand because you know you've got the PGA village corner my right. Player and maybe you just saying you know whatever I won't I won't. You know take you go to colonial. This and it's it's. The Arctic sort of motivation are so if this is your in order Connor I would say that clearly don't trade him because right now. You make yet another top five running back production out and grow long out there and we don't know how long been out there. I guess who would have to say if I had to pick one that Q for the rest the year it's a battle. But that's only because it kind of just seemed impossible but it won't play this year. The crowd and they don't have much evidence that he won't but just it would be unprecedented if it went that way so. If you can get ultra cheap especially the track record here your competitiveness. In the meantime. Didn't think about but I haven't gone after about this kind of kind of feel like all about market is this too easily. Missed calibrated and it to you to make the wrong call on its. Well digit candidate just will be built quote you do those guys. These few wouldn't Blake what popped in my head as you were talking there I have lobby on bell. And I thought to myself who's Connor and I think I know the guy that's dot com what do what would I trade Belfort on would you right now. But I don't know I'm asking Mario Lleyton he sounds like I don't get ballad right. I mean it would pay I can't exactly say it's a bad idea because it's just it's so hard to know where the whole thing is going but. Because what you remember another player. Certainly spell sort of reputation. To kind of sitting out a year. It to it just it just fuel and possible particularly true that is. Feels to me like the receiver Joey Galloway back like I don't know how Longo I I you like he took this for drives at some point. The that he was out he he ran into a season. Pretty far and then came back and got the season I remember. Vincent Jackson during that and yet they they yeah Alex sat out X gained or something like that in his case he needed to get another year. Be serviced to become a free agent righty went free agent either way her prize and he reports for anything other than the checks but. The thing is you leaving a lot of money in aren't exactly intake. So and that's ethnic acting like it's still plenty enough motivation to him yet actually. But you'd think that same reasoning would apply to a week ago so it's. It's the cartel he like I like you know he got cut off point where like I'm willing to eat the money. Her three or weak open and back. I could be with a plan but there's just there's just no way to know right now. He makes for interesting. Dilemma perhaps for every fantasy football player when you have one of those two guys or not he can still getting on its. And it may be for me it comes down to the rest of my team. If I'm in trouble with bell I need to do something they mean by by a week or two from now I will need to have something. And if I have Connor but I also have to you know good running backs from the beginning in my draft like. What Camaro or McCaffery it disguise that were picked earlier then maybe have like OK well give me. I don't know who somebody might give you like AJ green or somebody like that for him in might describe what was in trouble. By verbal secular outlook pointed right at Muppets are outlook and I will sort this out. Outlook and later to talk about more bore you with all of it if a couple of guys that are injury risks for this week that could be difficult to figure out here for net. And Erin Rogers may be both guys go right to Sunday in port that is a late game general Rogers is maybe not. So what would be your strategy here generally on and those kind of situations and then also may be these two players. What Robert there early games that you need to make the last second call on that one you'll be able to as necessary but yet or at least that is the leader. Game and I spoke for a wanna talk because. You already had a history of playing without practicing. So even if you go to Friday that it still not crack this if he doesn't rule them out then. That doesn't mean that he can't play so it's a tough call and I. I don't know what I would also went in that situation other than try to get teaching yoga and if you haven't already. Maybe charity or create if you if you missed out on yelled and otherwise you know fortunately but later. Not many plausible running backs up to go for and that. Yeah I can't really looking at that slate there occasionally but if the running back on those geographic site at giants ballots. Seattle Chicago took the running back options if sport that doesn't play our very limited so. Definitely indicate like that checked with guys like you know Adams after. That the team doesn't get them but it's still gonna let up the words are not playing areas boring. So look for that. Where I want to talk all the rockers. I would probably just see if you get an alternative because if you doubt he'll play I think first quality of the political. But please get a vikings. Is brutal. But if you can't secure alternative rockers. I think it's pretty much you will be out there and if that changes you're gonna hear a lot about it well that it would kick off. The follow up question I would have fed if you had been less of the mind that he would play. Is is there anyone in that team may be for me the answers delta Coke. Journey one of their game you would not downgrade if Rodgers weren't going to play unit last year we saw brought only replace Rogers and it almost just. Negated. All the Packers and you know what about gonna get out of stuff on digs at their point against Kaiser and it's forty to three or look like that Baltimore game last year in Green Bay. So what would you do with the rest of it if if Rodgers did not go. Or rather doubt I wouldn't really considered like top order to rob out. Thought they had a political play well with Hundley last year did you reach in and they're not chaste but if you you can viking got that out of you than the normal because. Well part of it the degree they templates that it would be pretty decent this year so it might not be bad you beat her the vikings are run up the score. In a big hero and the scores probably because the guys that you would suspect that the two of playing a big role in that like if they put up points dealer and addict probably had a good game. And took was very active last week she clearly didn't have any soreness or anything after the game. With that neat so. I think they're going to be on him but. It's closing or is it if you're in skewed along the you try to discuss start them and just kind of not keep your hopes to but the idea that there are alternatives are pretty well I think. Any reason to consider taking a flyer on the new any of the new receivers at New England brought in Birkhead holding doll. And premieres hatteras and out so I'm I'm wandered up and the Glock of course is still but I am I'm I disagree about court Coleman even. Yet talkative like. Beacon that seem to check I can't really excited any of those guys. I think the past that are involved are gonna be a one saw last week Hogan because of a little bit more. Just figured it out there are gonna bounce back anyway. But doorstep I think it's pretty real deal or expect and you all so. A pattern that's a particular editor cut into their privilege as Barack endorse that though because you guys really can beat at this point. Mario week of rural wire for a few more minutes here on WGR. Ezekiel Elliott and then meet we also David Johnson. Running backs hi first round running backs were questions are being asked in some areas questions were already being asked about Eliot. What's your confidence level on both guys. Well they can it's gonna get the ball we know that and eventually I'll argue get to. You know about a hundred yards and a touchdown hurts you. But I don't think you're gonna average better than complex order to carry this year and they'll grow to nearly as much David Johnson its currency so. I looked out and how to and that's not an out of them. It was such traffic rhetoric diagnosis move here at the big lost ballots. So they've got that bank of back. Still a bit of a tough matchup this week in the sense that you think the cardinal all pop our adrenalin but he ultimately like nine targets last week so. You'll have a makers and eventually. This disturbing it was our one it's not I'm not worried about but it's it would be nice to see you ought to be doing a little. What do you think happens with a Janus Winston when his suspension runs out in two weeks and is it may be going to. I think probably to some extent yes come down to what happens between now man. Yeah I mean if that Patrick had packed game up to that point Burton felt so so but. It can't really be taken for granted after the way he played. Against the saint saint eat that what of course that at that played particularly well. And the thing is an united it is starting this year but talked long and over the plate calling for the Buccaneers who previously it was dirt Carter he seemed in way over his. So I switched to low income was really give it up with the city I think it was in the NCAA external. He's got a history of getting good output like that it might continue. If it does that it is I don't know that formula you know so I not take effort given that would then takes that back over. That's good god winners and yeah and it just struck this are definitely out this week so I'm going to get more target short term but Matt good. Yet it's like looking open so more like yours deeper approach. Where that they were a lot of tight and with great Howard Belichick well I saw that there and her and the receiver. Let the two earned. Tight end was Dicey all summer for drafts now we've lost Greg Olsen and Delanie Walker already maybe Olsen not for too too long but lease for awhile. And so their replacements yet Ian Thomas out of Indiana with the Panthers and John who Smith. In. Tennessee what do you like more and are either Ehrlich. What are either worth TO. It's tough call I think as a pro will launch. Either starting lineup and those police. But Johnny would you want that either you're a pretty good prospects and not Florida international. Very productive they're very good athlete. The titans should run a lot of play in it but not very good so I can teach younger having a pretty cute year. Thomas is nugget of a prospect of the Jenin in east a year less with experience. And it's an offense with left target on so I really don't Thomas but I think this could be a real player. Do you value colts skilled players receivers tight ends a little more now that locked looks like walk again. Crow he looks like he can't wrote I don't feel very well anymore. It would be able to make it work anyway it is still Smart still. Accurate. And still make political legs. So it's duplicates of offense everyone in office but he back I don't know where expect often secure exactly what happened last week it happening. They can't keep throwing the ball fifty plus times game. We can't keep having guys averaged eight yard catch and you start no doubt you'll little more so. The thing that Q idol doesn't do it I can't see any of those guys period like air ground it's faster than right ingredient. And that Chester Rogers maybe even the second and third receivers so it's it's going to be a short often don't forward Arctic go down a whole lot. But Ryan Grant heavily targeted judge or others to do a little bit but it's. Certainly in the raptors or grunt it's back to the Doyle it bridge. And routers and finally to retreat. They Mario less thing just done what's your feeling on the bills at this point I mean is it do you see them. Well the question I I'm thinking of is is that the worst team in the NFL it what do you think the odds are that they are. Looks pretty good but. I mean our Josh Ellen looked okay when it came off the bench as suspected it to operate over the next few weeks ago a couple sock match ups coming up. You could improve over the course of the year and in the meantime look like you can upgrade repeatedly so. You know not gonna let it looks like the worst when it happened already so big maybe can only get better. Nice nice way to end it royalty. Any questions for Osama. Our. Not really at me a picture revenue on the show that the abuse in and OK we'll certainly ask thank you. I think gotten. YouTube Mario week of rural wire. Packers of the season which is vastly but wanted to know if he's in Wisconsin. Go to make him. An expert on the Packers right. An authority on Rough Riders on the status of those million people called in the guys I'm in Tennessee is on that I'm the one who can tell you about this player Tennessee you're talking about. The draft season. I would know. You tell I was fishing for hopefully something optimistic about Jack Doyle there I didn't notice that don't and in an earlier rosters Losman. Well Jack Doyle I can't imagine why you only got eighteen year old to pay attention to. Bell or Connor is really good and really like the matter whether you have those guys are not. You can get in on it but how can focus Connor and you have bell and ours and so would you trade bell for Connor. I know it's reset to a general. Currently right now. You know. I sort of was you know we regret we decided to draft them bell. Not hi I'm like a Brooke being forgot it was our team at the time I guess which side but he wasn't the first round and it was you know fourteenth overall. The okay. I was thinking. He's not gonna play this week. Probably shores next week he made. I stayed away and come back and look at what Connor did rice told initial kind of went off and he's still not there are in okay. You know like one week. I'm thinking you're coming back. Get to two weeks like two weeks becomes a neutral put them it's not like that it might adversely. Over okay this is not coming what do what do I do now. I guess it doesn't need the money bright bright that's what Mario said his funeral home. Call Bentley he is hurting you know. I'll give you one comparison no comparisons Josh Wright I think but there's one that comes a little bit close and there's a bills tied to it bell and a Connor in Pittsburgh. Much over the Bulldog here on some fantasy stuff but of course also on Josh Ellen getting his first start and we've been talking about all week Sean McDermott. Eagle 30550 for Ross here on WGR. I think that he's done a lot of communicating with us in terms of seeing our side of things and trying to figure out what management can do coaches can do is make our relationship meant better. They've done a wonderful job I think the sort of things I feel more confident now that I have ever been I think there's that open line of communication and hasn't bothered me to that's the think that we need to change something around the room whatever maybe. Jack Michael on the sabres are added again. The meaning like playing again practicing. And whatnot games next week. Games next week Monday at Columbus. Tuesday at home against the penguins these are real games with the real tomato ketchup sabres. And Blue Jackets and penguins sort of or write ball go BHL players these games is supposed to last weekend which was all in our ticket draft we head. It the way it went there were eight pairs of regular season tickets like the base we the last eight that went on picked at the real Grafton. And then sixteen pairs of tickets for the pre season games each for each. You're going to a home which is nice. And so it's 44 purse tickets and we had our are in the process of sorting all those out there when it came to be my turning the decide to what Micah. This call fla game basically you don't do those are. Sometimes there literally for a game sometimes are other teams put their Florida games in the islanders Cutler in this category got to Tuesday and it's. Freezing our get a had a modified Tuesday against Nashville was like Nashville's top. But right that was always my thing like the dog days of a lot of hockey like just a Tuesday against national who's going to that. I don't know I don't know that makes a big difference here but like national plane anybody seen. But anyway please be my drop them. So I had to choose between. Say just to make a huge thing that the worst regular season game. Or the but bird group best seats for the pre season pre season games. More you do. Pittsburgh and Toronto like the option of front row seats either of those. Four but still very good seats to there's a January game against the Panthers. I think I would do it in January it enters your seats also the girl girl goods it's not. Idea would do. There is what I chose but it wasn't easy it was an easy choice you're sitting in the front row what you're seeing guys in leaf uniforms or when uniforms. Not to mention the sabres you wouldn't know which games like right Colleen are Michael would play. And Matthew Broderick Crosby exactly Malkin. So I did I do what you would do. It. Will be at 716 on Tuesday. Yes open or coming. It was nice talking to Mario wiggle fantasy football future lineups in for a night Thursday night game Baltimore Cincinnati I like the game I. Always look Thursday night game almost. I'm famous he's part of the reason why I like Cincinnati a lot. They're not favored by much I would if I head about the game I definitely would be on Cincinnati side. But that shouldn't you know don't take that seriously no one knows. So I usually don't like Thursday night game but I like this game you don't Iowa. I'm I'm I'm like you the Bengals the angles I think are impressive they looked like they can be fun this year. And you know of Baltimore's good tonight MLB team that gets talked about a lot because they of course they would they did the bills Sunday. And also in the fantasy. Genre here. So the guillotine lead I tweet to Cuba I tweet if you invite. But on the other night I knew it was fantasy related to us. Well you were talking here tweeting about it too and had to be pedigree pet that it more so and so there's TrueCrypt it's one of those two things. The so ordered via orb you know stop the episodes that. But I I really I'd treat backyard it really don't know witnesses and OK and I didn't. All in was Ted America's you said Jesse to try to lure me in to it. You you should think about all the fun you and only had watching mountaineers football which was true I'd Geist talked on the show on Tuesday about how. And I were really pulling for mark and own supporters yelling and screaming at the TV and it was fun. It for real but not even like me believe fought but it would are we enjoyed it. See Ted hit minute so he gets off the ice at practice in the seas between his and were driving on recently. What's a guillotine like what is what does all this size and I have no idea honestly see my response I really don't know he said we'll hear all our all coolers had no. It's better if I don't know that way we can but it played out on the early I really don't so this is that happens is what those what does it do. I had issues I had what I hit I eat the light bulb lighting your regal moment for all the drafts and all the time spent on fantasy leading up to the season the season starts that's all over them. The pages turnouts lineups and games. A guillotine league is a league where you have you could have if you started at the time for week one of seventeen players. Or negative fewer and just ended Freeman anywhere you want. Each week the person with the lowest score is eliminated. Nancy and their players go to waivers. All. And there's a like a lot of leagues not GR sleek but there's a bidding period like in the middle of the week. You clip on player because that was a genuine no it was a genuine it was not a patronizing sarcastic oh. Last last place each week eliminated. All their players go to free agencies of the would be a lot of strategy and wrong okay well. Old L Beckham is on waivers this week because the last place team has total back. Why one of published what won a bid on nodal accurately keep my money and every fantasy league where there's a free agent budget there is that strategy. Only like you know Joseph when I last night were figuring out how much to bid on Philip Lindsay. The news or the tight ends we talked about Mario right like that's what this week is right. That India team and total back right or Todd well two more interest. And every week it gets more interest as maybe the guy who picked up back on loses the next week and he's back on waivers with. Cabrera or whoever. You team and the eureka idea was. Let's have this draft at the tailgate. Sunday morning. We hear it huh they'll let somebody tell Jeremy stepped on it sure Jeremy scamper if he would let us I mean. That was this is Monday night I think this idea monitor twos and there's an Tuesday. We have. Twelve or fourteen players. Guillotine draft you don't need to started. Before the beginning of the season here's our right now even as we don't so Sunday morning guillotine draft. And it's winner take all the the FB the last one standing to win. And we'll be learning about it so like guys I know Spanish who talked about a little bit you know he put a pretty modest price tag on it and you know would be fun on to sort of X to try it. And that was so like I tweeted view and a few friends like let's just open nobody wanted to. Like so some people like the idea of doing this league we may still doable we're not doing on Sunday. Okay. I definitely I. I death. I definitely don't want to get there early Sunday who do you know. I may be coming from Canada I just don't hurt so I don't wanna commit to. That's one and two is it's the most fantasy team when I added. I don't took I've already. Borderline miserable with the scout dot now your backs out of one idea I'm I'm just I'm in pain. Here DVR guillotine leader PP Ari draft right now you start your league right now let's go girly distilled water Camaro. No early early he I'm Tamara. Maybe Barkley locked or bark okay. Adding I would you know I got much out of Camaro than than Barkley no doubt clean up job about bella is not Eliot. Now what about Johnson is is stock helps knock down since eighty slightly down among I would eat in my hot had a belly ultimately could be really. And that's affect the cardinals via boat available that could be dead. Neal brown. Right these fine Antonio Brown fine. Jeans and it seems honor first round pick bill. Now all of a second or is this condor gold you're drafting tonight. My instinct says wait a second round. Before or after McCaffery. Who would you rather have rest of the years starting right now McCaffrey or James Connick country devised to Freeman. Or James Connor. I think Connor currently I think Kathleen Hunter Freeman is always just hurt NBC and splitting with Tom Coleman but nothing Coleman Freeman has hurt this week. Now. Conor McCourt. This is why it is its territory this one that I'll take Connor this is what I live for these debates these these conversations are what island for. Keep drafting one unity of our car. Retreated from Mark Ingram you traded him for marking or we did it on the error and I liked it and I piper Babel I mostly do. You still could make well at but. Not looking good to talk to bill who knows how big a houses. Levy on delegates it's not let me just a lot of power. In a sense. Jurors since the Steelers would you go back whenever. We might outplay you might not you don't care. We have power over fancy Korea is Steelers that it. I would just as good one discard please don't need any what do you play really stroke but today they know that I think. They know that there may still take that franchise tag away. Like if they know they can't they rescind that. They said they wouldn't last week when they were asked about it they say they wouldn't have that applies that they have the option to do it did last week a federal that's only before the season starts I don't know I don't know the answer that. But that is a really fascinating situation and I feel like any football fans should know. The stall about the Steelers with or without limping on bell what you need to have that for your conversations about the sport how. Performance like the Steelers have is just a bump in the same. Where there was DeAngelo Williams or James Connor or anybody else. With bell or not there it's like the definitive point about running backs and value. Yards rushing points scored what they pass the ball better. Go figure because they don't have. This mule running back although they fed com cores which I thought it would in the opener and they did but the world. It's it's. It it's hard to I want and you look at the play goalie he's leak he does everything as well or better than almost anyone in the entire league. Why it doesn't matter. Shall prove to me you know it makes this team better. Right like shall we shall we the numbers like why wouldn't his team score a lot more often and more yards all that when bell plays why would that be true who James Connor. Was a third round pick. You know we've we've made this point are probably 101000 times on the show. Darn all the Barkley. Right like you're the giants are so excited about Barkley the GM is up their mocking anybody who just like they're in their basement on the computer right. Hollow right now. Right now to Arnold Barkley. Startle. I think a 100%. John Clayton coming up in fifteen minutes much open the Bulldog WGR. And it's throw bad Thursday. Second fifty. That is a clip from. A bills game played three years ago today the home opener 2015. Against Indianapolis. Replace some throwback Thursday trivia right now. Thanks to our friends at Taco Bell. We need listeners. To tweak their answer to the question were about to ask at WGR 550. Using hash tag Taco Bell tee BT. That's. Very important all all of those things need to be present for your opportunity to tweet at WGR. 550. And you need to use the hash tag toppled LT BT. All right so the question is. Who caught Tyrod Taylor's first bills touchdown pass. There was in that game three years ago today. Against Indianapolis. Tweet your answer at WGR 550 using the hash tag Taco Bell TVT. Note that. Texting or calling in your answer will not enter you to be in the contest you'll be in the content you have to use Twitter. To have a chance to win. And if you're chosen is our winner. You'll be contacted. To claim your prize Bulldog what is today's prize. It's a surprise surprise surprise from Taco Bell let's hope prizes and. So good luck who caught a time like Taylor from first touchdown pass. As a bill three years ago today. Suite at W York 550 at WGR 550 using has steak Taco Bell TBT. Prepared and able. Kate stay tuned for more information. Including. The answer. So earlier real quick here earlier you James Connor Levy on bell what's a comparison. Not exactly the same but how about Emmitt Smith. To the cowboys win the Super Bowl against the bills in Pasadena. The next year Emmitt Smith holds out. And they lose their opener. And then they lose to the bill's right thirteen to time it will be speaking of throwback. Matt Darby 25 years ago that's that that fellow Bono. When interception at the goal line to clinch the win for the bills in Dallas and after that is that they went okay. That doesn't pray. We just lost the exits her mean the that was not the worst long ago that doesn't. And Emmitt Smith went back the cowboys and then they went on to have when the Super Bowl. Denver can be built over the bills and Emmitt Smith wants the MVP rights of that Super Bowl. All right Joseph we picked a winner out. Joseph hasn't Joseph will contact you. If you won the contest. The answer is Percy Harmon. On light on the right sideline. Perfect ball. Was perfect Tyrod Taylor throws that ball well it additional morbid here. Because he threw a lot of right on the money the walls. Including that on his first touchdown pass he is not officially. Credited with a quarterback win. For that team because on the first play he was a wide receiver. Some things are so stupid right yes. So are just subtle glittery. Just just. Be aware some day in the future. When you are trying to answer. Some high stakes trivia question in about quarterbacks who started. For the battles between. I don't know let's be optimistic Joshua Allen did really good so at some point. How many quarterbacks started games for the bills between Jim Kelly. And Josh. And you're gonna be one off because you're gonna forget about castle. Which some truth squad is gonna constructed question. Colleague Matt Cassel and deprive you of like a blooming onion. Or talk Nobel Prize package even perhaps in its high stakes. Blue Obama countered that if you can get a lot's. Right it would be high stakes. All right so Percy Harvard is our answer will be back with John Clayton after a timeout much open the Bulldog WGR.