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It's Mike Hsu joke no other saw us as well and a Bulldog. Like I'm very familiar with Michael bosses and WGR. Sports Radio 515. Welcome back. Gonna talk about Josh Allen going and let's talk about what you think ownership. Ownership opinions. Our worth in all this great. To we're talking about that. You're talking little fantasy great. We'll talk about what the differences between rap and a burrito great. And. OK and I walked over to the Michael. And Danny was there. Danny's a woman. In her office she was there and she had tortilla. Not help it she had a tortilla and she was putting she'd like little short. Sections of cheese wearing them on the tortilla. Slices of not what is life like the short short of rectangular okay sticker on his shirt all right that those come like pre tablet in packages now and OK I don't mean. Just about McConnell. Down putting an honor as of remaking. Before I saw what she was doing really I just got to make conversation when you're making an charette. Is that the kind of looks like your regular burrito. Said no to represent what's the difference no idea what I can talk with the what's the difference that. It's obvious. Well a burrito. You make a burrito. You put the filling ideally you're the good tortilla shell laying there whatever size it is. He put whatever your putting inside the burrito. About. A third of the way. From the bottom edge of the of the of the shell. And spreading it leaving some room on the right in the left edges there. And then your folding that piece that you left of the third a bit on top of that talking in the sides and rolling and and that's a bullied. You've got out shells stuffed with. Whatever in this case there's sounds of the absentees and tomorrow Colorado picked up our color don't ideally like myself like for some meat in there. The ball will have the referred beans and cheese okay occasional basis that's a burrito a wrap on the other hand is something that I will make with lettuce. And sandwich meat. And and you go right to the very bottom edge. And almost three quarters of the way to the top. And then roll the entire thing. Like you're rolling up a poster says Europe piece of paper. Odds are we take a bite of a rap you'll go see Brad in the middle right. Reading yes that's a that's a that's a wrap. That's our raptors made that is the difference to configure rat he's rapping you sound like you know as opposed to. I mean this is that if somebody is selling you are wrapped. That's really just the Rio. They are long Longley labeling their merchant. That is the difference. A rapist just rolled up like that like and so it's all layered throughout the thing you viewed your lettuce cheese your slimy bring him whatever. And if there's bread all through it. You Celek you know male wolf this is you have to remember that you learn from me what the difference between the burrito but taco is though. You remember that you learn that for me it wasn't that just what is social no no you still don't know I don't remember this is clearly defined. Joseph what's the difference between a burrito wanna talk. Well read knows. We'll tacos I think pumping hard shell taco taco is talk corn and Brito was floor. If you go to any tropical place an order soft shell taco. Not necessarily. No not necessarily mean I don't know what some places do but that's the debt that's the technical difference kind of thing you're saying if they know what they're doing. He's reportedly all put its core. Okay why I think decades that it's messed up by taco places well. Nearly useless what I'd say the fast food place because like you go to you. I should name names. But you know you're popular local drive through toppled place an order a burrito. It's when it's what the ends are closed you order a taco soft shell is the same shell smaller but it's the same. Product are you sure yes you are sure policy a 100% sure us. And it's just open and it's not it's not big enough to fold them the edges and see just haven't about the I don't know why anybody even tries Ito's. It's not even worth its art which tacos yet a soft shall taco is just to me it's very comfortable. At least from from the fast food drive places OK so we limited outlook for topics don't we have people calling and I'm different topic wrap. Vs burrito item. I'm don't you hear is John with a solo job. Our guys let's start at tackle number regal when they did it anyways and certain I'm Kelvin Benjamin who got me a whopping point this week. And he and the thoughts of upgrading undo the change quarterback. You can you know. All my good I was doing anything. That would have anything to do with the quarterbacks. If anything yet no one for me everything with the quarterbacks I don't have Benjamin anywhere. Collins good Betsy set right. Yeah I had a good week is good I like Holliday a lot. Thanks John Benjamin doesn't have to pull up one point week Null by I thought he'd be better I thought penalties would be better thought that would be close eight. Projections for him have been about three catches per week so it's not like he was insane that he only had one. Yeah all right thank you John. David is an actual David. I'm. Calling. I wanna talk about the difference between a burrito and a raft and then also eight or veto it taco. You guys discussing and I think it's time to settle that debate want to crawl all I thought we settled but okay. Now now now gulf aid where we go I typically. Vs the rap that is typically read an app rice beans meat cheese that he's anything. We know that. We know that you say the difference ingredients. There and also kind of it's all the heritage you know you're you're you're wrong and well on go. Wrong. Wrong aka typically only has no credibility and their formal thing and it. No you don't know anything about the I'm sorry David sometimes we have to just know we have to just go wrong you'll you obviously don't know anything about these topics. You're gone. Take your lies don't erode mr. I'm telling you that your read if you if you are old enough neck if you grab. Some. Tuna salad. And so I'm lettuce. And some cheese. A new role at all in tortilla shell. Like I described a burrito you have made it to the garrido. Thank you you've now made it to nowhere fuel made up 20 but Rita medical read a lot of. Nobody's gonna call that a retail though there's no such thing is done there is no such thing as a tune up or it is what you thought is it too late to change my team names. Who were crowded with those what you've done. I think the burrito might just be eight type of wrap. Yeah. I do too that was my thought walking in your eyes to hide the paper around a burrito is a wrap. Or rap visible reed on which it is haven't decided yet know the transit live. Doesn't perhaps hiding the bill Rapp would would be on top if if we were gonna make that. There is wrap until win. Again until people started rolling sandwich meat into wraps. That was going don't wrapping up there which is. I I don't. The feeling. Yes. It's I'm not gonna say I hit you when you look at who the re no one to come over the paper to the glory goes. It is not something that good news but like I think you have made a boring go out of tuna. If you bold but that way. That's what you've done. It's not up the remote for real predates rap rap is just so if it's like you know. The website is not a home brewed ticket but it really don't up polio and got a heritage it's history. It's not just a I think you could actually arguing greens could matter here often. Do you get April Credo that has something cold inside. Usually a burrito that's why it's cold seas also but you're getting the results you're getting the mayor's somewhere along weighing in there is hot is hot or warm worth the rap is generally call. That's right. But is that the definition is that the difference by definition of the two things I'm thinking probably now I do they are in anybody's ever define the difference. I'd better guy Clark was not prepared. Walk walked coma I would like the guys you've mentioned two things I have. Heard about night we'll tell you what I know of burrito is a food. With meat and it is all ethnic derivation. And opera is a date. A month for all we started we we're you gonna finish anywhere you finished is where is where we started. I'm I'm I'm more ready to talk more about who employee and Kelvin Benjamin vs Dow today than it was in the back I don't know about the ingredients in a bill read all. I'd I'd I'd been Deloitte I know what I I know what the real bank. But its oats out though he was talking to people who would never seen one. But we were the US but I am telling you know rap and not. You go you go where the rap was invented go all the way back and how to do you are gonna. Correct confident you're defying. That it is and it's flat the whole shelves a huge role in it and it's it's so it's it's. That's what I never realized in the middle of the blight of the rap there was blood in all around an ever thought about ballots aren't river seeing it and if it's on the way the pilgrims stated it is. So what do what we figure this attacks are rates in a burrito has bull and folded in a rap has at least one open and but is that only because someone is caught the rapid half. You can't caught a burrito and half the knowledge ever served at every. You'll toll of the breed over its whole fight. Both ends are closed. Cory you've never seen a burrito cut map and served. Even at these places you're talking about donuts for you correct the commitment to that that's. Mike is on WG RO Mike. I don't know often likes iPhone mr. will never know what Mike thinks a burrito is. In world war for mountain Matt is with a solo Matt. I tell our guys but we do hungry. Judge so what looked at Mike bid it's called on duet don't I can say this but ethnicity. You know purple worried oh definitely it has to be closed. With flower. Neighborhood flower and they are needed BQ and and in those types of ingredients I don't think there's ever been anything called a Greek burrito. For Asian burrito wearily refugees CPE that you could all operate apple you know Brett so. This means I think what you're saying is a burrito is around. Well it's close but it's not a rafter pure wrap. He can be he can beat just about any but it upper read out and made its cabinet that Mexican. Labor. OK well best of Mexican I think the closed ends are definitely correct about the real verse wrap. Caught in half. What defines it. Is it Cuban know that the blinds if I don't have human in mind it's not a burrito I try I am open to listening to the feeling is what deter that because because of that this just to the point I'm making. Believe if you you go somewhere. And order. A chicken Caesar wrap. It probably doesn't come what I described a rap ten minutes ago. Right it comes likable reed open Shiites or the end this cut off the yeah right it's open one and and but maybe that's maybe that's more the truly. Difference. We still don't know thank you Matt for your efforts Peter is an actual Peter. Yeah it does the race. I got under way in the real rep thing I think it basically it is cultural differences. Americans rap and different cultures Rio. And I thought of that language changes over time although it doesn't always says that we will but I grew up a regular populate the black coffee. Nowadays a record poppy is being sugar. That is that true I've never heard I've never seen that or heard that. I'll let setting up the power player of the year 45 years that he grew up here I clipped New York near Belgrade where are we young and as long time ago I'm not young anymore. That it regular popular actress started ordering coffee about it you're there go the regular copy it was a black. I guess I'm saying that's still true for me. Are you know you that's sort of popular eager cooperative agreement Sharon. I think OK well I'm saying I I've never experienced that I order coffee every day. And I've never had it given to me with cream and sugar in Boca. My ansari get a factors where I grew up. Initially it was a regular. All had all okay we're okay well that I believe about that meant that could be right thank you Peter yeah yeah. Most normal people wouldn't want it just straight black stars completely stiffed a regular Buick template but with some cream and sugar. Yuck I stated that yeah I'm I am the same yup. Adam is next although Adam. They I do it does. On well I I understandable that import your local weather. Pattern. Yeah I mean really does that garrido as a wise is that Mexican fish that quiet at the hurried out. At some point we came up with the name wrapped basically just a qualifier everything they are. Inherently Mexican fighters but to Margarito or anything like that but I. I mean yeah like you know you can even do it he'll likely say it's a Mexican to actually be at find another way to say it's not a people him. So the red nose wraps playing out of Reid owes people decided they wanted to have other things in the readers of burritos were delicious they started putting. Cold cuts or chicken fingers or you name it inside garrido shells and decided they shouldn't call them burritos anymore that you called him rap but tactically they're burritos. Hey I'm not disagreeing with you and I think it's kind of silly but I mean yes technically it is eager that the chicken either redirect that. Doesn't sit that nick heritage or agreed it. Okay thank you Adam so and Adam's. Argument or rap is debris and then. The Rio predates rap. A lot a lot a lot because a lot does except for Grandmaster Flash and a lot of rappers predated. A lot of wrapped his predated. Here's Charleston next hello Justin. Our daughter great kinki continues to be passing could continue to be answered the same had you ever had more fun Justin. Well got no idea I got Beckett. Let's get up the great on the subject now it was funny about that Karl talked about the bills they're backed the bill. I'm second hundred what are the six games going into the Monday night call home game against Brady. And that everybody in the country will reluctant. By the built our. And I'll I'm going in the next game what Ellen Gordon got Brady and I think Brady well all of a top. I was gonna make. You lose an ever. And that and that I jammed in and. And then it got to go all the other and and in the back available and I was forcibly at the end of may this year. I've talked to you once in my life for you said they would lose the AFC championship why what I not believe that you think the bills or when their next six games are you gonna gamble anything substantive on this Justin are you did he say yes. I don't know that I have thickened I am second but yeah. Well I really like Josh Ellen will be the electrical the back whenever it was or anything right now because they're gonna back Willem I hope Ludlow. All of us were talking just and one of their time. And he said he. Said you were 34. And it's the when Super Bowl 45 happened. Right so you're stabbing to 62 years old which I don't know anybody named Johnston it's over thirty. I don't thirty or thirty or now. You're thirty or. Yes I mean I am second well. At a hockey great start on that and we're not escalate our clock cleaned by Baltimore. But below it's gonna hurt the chargers as the law of the day I think Oprah bit about them I would I would have thought. I would have but not delivered right. Because because it. Who is thirty for the reason that references binoculars. Yeah I. I think this defense is gonna get after him and make get frustrated or chocolate and a great quarterback will go to. What what are you bulldogs turned. What what I try to sort questions what to talk or rewards the binoculars looking again. And that's important made a couple of and I did that besides with that well and that's awake and accomplice. And I would ever think that I don't know about it you know I cannot believe there's insanely commit to apps they brought no candidate Jimmy Bennett not a but all of that comes out of that trigger. So on the that you have just made a social group. If you watch Brady how he would beat you have an inept that that's why did he struck it's well I consider these eggs and that it's a lot of and get a restaurant or at a man that are watching you don't have to beat you could be. It could well. And and watched and watched their unbelievable and I think we're out there and see what the defense schedule. And work all of that because you're already a weakness helped out of the aptly call you know you don't have a weakness. How do you get your milk. Tops is good choice job that you just and look forward to our next conversation I want the I want the suspense the linger. Urged me I went through Twitter and although rideau. Stuff here with him. I just think maybe the listeners who like us deserve the inside baseball moment here. So that I couldn once when you were on vacation and it went about that like baton. And he's been on hold a long time and like. I'm just not that I don't I don't find it funny I don't know it was real I don't wanna get sort of distracted and or confused. So usually like when that happens people just don't get up and but I thought that you know 1015 of the real talk was a good setup for that that's what we're going four and it was an all you know. Very well execute that was client was tournament we don't know what the guy is being. He's is name is Jos use beautiful this is his name is Charleston. Somebody it's a small town somebody have to know where. Police. Didn't get to us. Com here now I'll go. Mobile by U Beers when I didn't I honest to god it poured. Cold as the old person you don't name tossed. Destroy him he's saying this last time I thought he was saying he was 34 that in. He is saying he's 34 now this just in which former Eagles receiver count her what do you 4045. Then be about the oldest guy I've ever heard of named Austin. Maybe forties. But this guy Singh's 34 which would allying with the Joseph Austin L. I thought waiting for someone who went to preschool with to tell me about the draws in the arm for getting but I don't remember adults and so it was a lot out there right now burritos in the Justin. Whether you should start. Michael Crabtree. I. I'm a no by the way Michael Crabtree and most month I haven't couple places that I and I'm not I like the Michael's. 8030550. Mike show in the Bulldog WGR. Rim so a lot of faces some. Went to a lot of restaurants so yeah it's. And it's been a great time on time so I've been so a lot of places. Or ask miss Dolly. On the investigators earlier today over at. How much. Keeping. Mean where where where are worse and harbors an okay yeah sabres are those little different places. Yes okay. The blues they're connected via their connected via but are they are bury ago. No I like to call that whole way a rap. You. Keeping San. I think that's right keeping some debt and an orthopedic rink is the ice in the harbor and want the mainly Kia. First energy. Are the bleachers sponsored yes so I really dead at a once you guys on the shall. And enough Marty of course it was. And it. Period Casey Beatles that in Colleen I think the same time with them so. I would from would just pick things right back up here. Or try to Mike is on WG Arlo Mike. Both Oregon disconnected or you can hear me are you should loud and clear but often. Cool Bob Michel thanks for taking my call I was the that is gonna say that I think a rat is just an American version of a burrito. I mean the burrito it's far more superior and I feel like our American version of it is just Iraq. Are we sure by the way that the burrito. Isn't also American like in Mexico. Is a burritos or is it may be just sort of Tex mex thing I don't even know the the origin story of burritos. Never been to Mexico to the odds that you know the bullet that hit it at that yet it is it. But I don't know. That's your gas got to be my guest but I just wanna make sure. Well I don't I guess they don't have not looking it up. At least yet. I mean I grew iGoogle the definition I'm not gonna lie it definitely bad. You can blah blah blah I mean Mexican was in the definition. Get physical with us. A case like this I would like to take a cue from our president just yell loudly and strongly definitively and have no idea whether armor underdog and not really given to think I have some honesty would that so the burrito lot lately doing that Mexican heritage. Be huge I think that ultimately you say that embryo it huge yes may be probably. All my question for and a see saw my pocket with a body might try to make a trade that we can't we get quite that you've got healthy. I got Lamar Miller. And all Jamal Williams and Alice we're talking today that you're trading Lamar Lamar Miller Jamal Williams. For healthy and Derrick Henry what do you guys think. How strapped would you what you said Henry there at the end of strep would you be running back. Afterward was my question restart. I have Dorgan Howard is my number one running back in that I also drafted Matt laid out Kris then. In the later rounds and I add those guys just kind of like it moved in there I only worry is that I definitely think Miller. Is going to be hot guy this year because I think now that everyone has Belmont a lot. Try to eat a little bit more they're gonna ride Miller. I wouldn't worry about that I don't know about although he isn't chimed in here yet but I don't worry about that because of the the line is so bad. I'm I'm pleading everything Houston but I just don't I don't think they're gonna they're going to be good at all but. My my only other option at tight end all right now is. Are. Directed Clady do I would just like. You you can do it to Mo Williams a zippy too like I I think I make that trade but Kelsey is not we gonna go Mike thank you. Kelsey is not like a hole wrong for me. We don't have yet this quarterback. Throwing the ball to tight ends that we don't have that yet he's good but. Watkins didn't get any play either in that first game and haunts didn't get any play either in that first games so. I don't know what that is yet Kelsey should be good but it's not a guarantee right. Lock and only caught three passes and her five targets told X minutes. It's off and I look at number four Kelsey either one catch him catch on and on target but. Gilligan was cut out so. Mean I hate I like him but. No guarantees are not of a Lamar Miller guy Jamal Williams what that is is Jamal Williams is a good pass blocker and he's an okay player otherwise they could throw the ball warm he's all right he can he runs he's all right. Jones is more explosive in the government gummery who can catch it but isn't the pass blocker who that Williams is in jones' suspended. So it's really guest spot. I think boards have been bloom say rational coaching. Rational coaching is eventually it's Jones. I think that would be right. But if he gets the quarterback killed. You know it won't be. And so think Williams's baca. Here is Stephanie in actual Stephanie. Well. I finally reel sued to. Get. Well I just wanted to let you know different between our burrito. I rapped. Out if you've got rid secret generally talked about earlier. It would be considered well I agree there is back again. And I rap is for help not. Well Tom Perriello you're really wouldn't put lunch yet that perhaps he wants me. Have you ever had a wrap the way did you hear me describing what I thought the different member don't know rap was. If you ever had a rap like that where where everything is sort of wade but I'd make I'd I'd commit one of these the other day for myself with some Turkey. And some lettuce and some Swiss cheese and some mustard and I laid everything flat. And I didn't try to rolled applicable Reno I just roll thing up so it was like a spiral. And really easy and that to me that's a wrap. This also sounds a little bit like your explaining the difference too little tense. Right. Like it's just a little bit is a little bit of of of an elementary school teacher sound of this these this six explanation well difference between the burrito right because they are important distinction to be made just like him learning the oath about. And I'm I'm glad we agree Stephanie UB fantasy questions you need answered. I own. Now all know a little mostly girls that you know kind of got buttoned up very good thank you for calling thank you. So. It was sort of half goodbye. Well awkward that way and uncles and Dan is one Dan one more first if you don't mind I'm gonna go to gonna hit it let's just say no. To Chris solo crests. I guy K I'm good thank threat and I'm. Two things. Whether whether justice seven every door taco is certainly too much cooler in his. That's. That you must central point and I think arm and Bulldog. That beetle or you know music and you're ready for the self administered or forehead slap. Justin Hayward from the Moody Blues got me seven years old. Okay well that'd go yeah good. OK now I have my moody blues' depth chart open might. From my deepest opted resort for forgot about him it was a lot more popular name in Great Britain. In those days don't. Another question for someone else to look up an answer for us I do now is the highest ranking oldest Austin for sure. Where word of the name. Come from Johnston. Cause of from the Bible. Justin I don't know what's it from who would who invented Johnston. Repetitive being shuts the chooses Mexican. What what an amendment to the word has it come from Pope Justin yeah write good question Joseph was their Pope Johnston but a lot of pope's. To me you know there have been on a moment old Pope Justin no president's. Not yet. Ready for one but not yet there's no hope Johnston. King Johnston. Give an idea that out there anywhere any country. Anywhere Norway. Austin Trudeau move their Canada what's he like thirty. Super young guy. Lot of young very lots of young guys named Austin. Younger than me even. Danny is next certain mcewing. Met Bob Zeller they are every little bit more. Of that peak yet this week end. But I'm glad I'm with summit at the end and have you got you your yard and ahead. I've got the chargers I think there is this Smart apparently. Right now I think that is the option that don't eat and but that back up again but the chargers are gonna have a big day. I think I think this is content right now and it depends on format. If if Ford is active you might have a temptation to put yelled and in there but that's very risky if he's not it's easy. If if Ford that is out there and yelled and ISIS' is obvious. I think before that is active I'd probably just avoid the whole thing goes what what what happens in all how can you predict. Right tackler. That's got you get I didn't ask him and he's gone button that's pretty deep league hopefully if your choices are between yelled at and heckler that you great. You act as an old dog is we send it opens he's Gordon's. Back up all right okay it fed to us ultimately but I've putted once paying attention and I heard him mention the chargers. I just in character really investments for. The pitchers good luck dance for that. He's not practicing but he's talking his condition alt a little bit so he he might be good you've got a lead game there'll be really hard in fantasy to figure that out. By Sunday who you know lie because like Albany to only teams are gonna have a bet I'd like up a bit plan. By 4 o'clock or 445 Sunday like Republican have to start somebody. From 1 o'clock games right well yet he's saying this Taurus is the charger backup horror of jaguar back up obviously played the chargers ought to know that might have been more of this question that we did you know wait force us that's good. Our guests earlier suggested watch out for chapter and like I I wake up on Sunday mornings at like five. I sometimes go back to bed and wake up really early in the week. 5 o'clock in the morning he's there with Blake whose souls gonna play so and so was not a boy. And I know the 4 o'clock game but you've just you know I don't might get something on the net at 5 o'clock in the morning I can't put yelled the original lineup until I know that Ford that is out there. All the snacks like Paul. I hear you guys just talk about it all just them they didn't have I interrupt you just didn't end there. Because it's the Paul Burnett the sound cooler and just spoke just that the people just. Beautiful I so hope this is right. So that is where we what we're we are Imus. There have been more than just distribute and also to add another layer pun intended to three hole. Happened real conversation Dick Vitale wrapped and you slice it. Although lavish. We want want want want a lavish. Dell leveraged or some people call wheels. Yeah articulate it's a deli wrap that you then slowly in the like quarter inch. OK sure yeah all right they have to collect finger sandwiches. Wrapped. Basically it would start and I can't rule out or anything you're doing that you're doing. The way you're making it the way that I described right you know just like stop and stop in there and including ended tiny pieces of the ballpark. Yet none of that the deli wrap where you sort delicatessen and we air and know what happened here are a lavish and chart click report. More police. You know people. Would call this guy has it all figured out that's a wrap that is not quite not yet. Matt is next Illumina. Guys are. Still good. Well I had a question vote Tyler Lockett a Marvin Jones not a PP our league I got to Doug Baldwin and obviously not playing. So I wonder what the values of Lockett. Newton. I would check rankings on that before answering but I like Lockett and somebody's getting the ball there they might also be heartbeat behind a lot. Brandon Marshall is is roster of all. Played and I'm not about doing this will be asleep thing I think Lockett is good so I like him it depends on what Jones like whether or not he's gonna get squeezed out there. If like Stafford. Continues to struggle or holiday emerges that's that's one to watch. Yeah eight. I agree I I looked at the ranking than Jones a little higher than I was also thinking think in the market. And one more quick question if again ennui and Madonna Healy. And there's about three teams that are really dominant and we report Vicky keep release. Here is that the how to get some of the bottom feeders. Better they don't seem didn't Utica pics at all and it illegally you get older and the next couple years that they keep losing every year. Who that's that's a good question this is Matt we got to go but thank you that is my first you're doing dynasty now I don't have any experience to tell you. What to do I joined a league this year oracle it feeling it could be like that it's not something I know yet though. You really with dynasty really do need everybody kind of together. I think a minute if one person quits. In the roster is not going it's hard to get people to buy in them and take over. So I don't know what to do there any thoughts and whip or how would you help Matt. I would quit. Before real. TrailBlazer be first. Hope you follow work right. It would be the last one out the door yeah to shutter shuttered up. The judge Sherlund said first to get to work last to leave are they all. Decide what if they all arrive. I wanna beat the one to say I'm the first of arrive and the last to leave they alternate they plot that out out of Lego I get on the captain I get to be your first. Good are they all excel he's the last to arrive sure who's that. Never hear about that. Much over the bulldogs back after a timeout here on WGR. Well I think he's a good place right now I think he's healthy I think he's ready to go unsold on that we've been in contact with the insincere. Has been away as I said and we may betrayed together when he's right he he can be a difference maker. And world world and they can be one sooner than later. For you to say soon. Jon Gruden on marte was Bryant more reader weirdness. He's back there joy picking them up Mark Davis Bryant and keep in and I am. I'm not interested. I want to show Murray Cooper. Make have a game worry gets more than ten yards yeah under ten yards and six of thirteen winners where that be possible in these. Big fast strong what young about dislike focus on him circulate when Watkins was here. Watch in the bills just not. Lean on him coma and he dropped the ball well this year we're program. So it's not a guarantee to go well but think he's good but Jared Cook. I'm not mine and Alpine agree not mine regression candidate number one in the NFL this week I think mr. Cooke tied it was really weird this week. And he was that the front but I do like tight ends against the rams and this week that is Rick seals Jones. For peace. We will spend the whole day on this tomorrow until we settle that now we have to settle that Joseph is next with the nightcap the tees here little fantasy little bill little sabres will show you a little show. Directors and highly rated 8 o'clock at angles you are right. 8 o'clock. Is our countdown clock. I mean we can have one we can pull one together just say this updated every second picture. The whole hour how you doing Matt Dowd I'll update every bit tense and companies and until we go to their coverage. Very good all right stay tuned for the nightcap and thanks for listening today Mike show and the Bulldog at the lavish will be here tomorrow at three. Sell as well for the roundtable at five here on WGR. Government. Petrie.