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Wednesday, September 13th

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We're wondering. The biggest game. It. Under the lights at. This is monsignor Martin football. Presented by debt concussions and coverage begins Friday with our high school football package for gains in the monsignor Martin association Chris Brown Dow Jones I have to call this Friday right here at Muirfield 7 o'clock. For quite as a Rochester against saint Joe's collegiate institute joining us in our studio is that coach of saint Joe's. Derek Landry Derek that's come about we preaches her favorite government we squeezing into your schedule you gotta get out to practice we don't wanna hold you up but you have us interesting back story you played in the lead your former draft pick of the Jacksonville Jaguars. And played what 67 years Indian Wells. Seven Maris fortune of its seven tell us about that experience in the you know what there was like pleasantly. It was great. Europe where for four different teams. A lot of different coaches. Through those teams but. Met a lot of good guys had had a great time doing written and happy of at least seven and did you always think coaching was going to be your post playing careers that we do no army are always wanted to give back into it. Give backer I was fortunate to have great coaches to teach me actually in Albania. Be better player not just my own ability doing it. A column so I knew ahead learn a lot of good things that I should share. Some of the best coaches and it felt it you know folks might know some things may did want to steal. When your Philadelphia yeah Wallace there I love the man he was our high energy guy just wanted to do well. You know and he was or coordinator Barbara defensively. We are great Jack. Another guy well it was a Jim Washburn he ordered to court for a lot of years was recognized programs one of the better dealing coaches in the league. You said old school guy that same type of thing just warn you do well support your family and and succeed in football. Now a lot of players former players who like they can just don't quote that's not. That is not a hate her so what makes you know how do you transition from being a player to be in a coach what is on the things that you actually had to learn as you made it has its. Clinton quote yeah it depends. I'm I think it's a reporter you are. If you put retirement study film. Watch a lot of different things and and kind of make it in the league from a mental standpoint the transitions treaties and Richard doing all those little things that a coach does already. To prepare yourself. You know if you're survivor not just your athletic ability in man you've got to give back to the books you've got to study you got to know everything is. Doesn't matter it's a kicker starting quarterback he's gonna come here ask the question you've got to have the answer. For a Derek Landry coached at saint Joe's here in buffalo town Wanda. They're gonna play quite some righteous or 7 o'clock you're this Friday night. At the nuclear field thumb so he spent all this time of the league Jacksonville Carolina Philadelphia Tampa Bay what brought you to buffalo coach high school football well. Yep I met my wife on it Notre Dame and then have to athlete as the malls and all Americans were Okafor. Couple records. At Raymond and race and still holds the national record. She's dead she's. Alyssa Landry now with the Hanson. I should handle it better. And that is a category split here edges Obama right as he suite was a self self okay chance or. And I she's photography does wedding photography. Locally in town with your four kids on terrorized everything out. You matter Notre Dame and she got to come back here and and the job opens up that St. Joe you were there as an assistant one year right under coached over. Yeah I admit Denny in the offseason just neutral Franzen and you know enhancements come on in and help coach and so reduced or some weight program out there. Rest is history you know. One more question about the transition from playing to be in the coast is actually coats before I came appeared in cap that will cut into. The media was it hard for you to go back to high school and at the plane. To go and try to teach these kids that might not be able to do the things that you were able to do the things that you used to seeing athletes do with the top level that was our from him like her I'm I'm telling you just move your foot like this liking you move your foot I think. It at that and they can do it. Yeah no it is. You know professionally it's Ito gonna do something yes a do or at least somebody else that takes place through area cut throat from that standpoint. And so what you said the athletic abilities a lot different sort may take. A week two weeks maybe a month to teacher cute ones that. And then with that your whole demeanor your whole attitude towards it has to be a little bit different yet to be more patient on the NFL coaches. For the most part there's not a lot of patients grip top to bottom whether it's a fan or whether it's a code words and owner. So he'd be at the tone yourself back down and and realize where your act what Nolan and just you know you do it for the kids in essence and that's it's all about. Eric you're saint Joe's team off to a good start right in started with a win in Philadelphia and then beat cardinal airless we talk about the efforts to. The other there were doing some good things are I'm really excited about our team were very young. We have some good young talent that. Gets it you know were ways away from being Marie wanna be. Or ring need to be put. These kids it's it's exciting to watch him play like you're saying the progression is awesome. We still have some things to work on what but they enjoy coming and working and learning about football. You have some notable names on your roster and no the Donald is he gets ready to do this game. Com one of them is a Kelly you have Jim Kelly nephew and courses other nephew is now in the NFL but the talk about. Casey Cali Colombia playing quarterback. Yeah actually he CME's a dynamic leader and player. Put a more important. Teammate type person. On and off the fuel industries student. Just he's attacked again you wanna coach attempt after a player you wanna play with or play for. And if your fans and it's patently you never know what's gonna happen. And yeah I'd I believe it's mind cables on Kansas senior offensive lineman. He's weathered different his son does go to say trio. These are here baseball. But Kim is one of harper star players that senator but. I do know discuss the Alabama. Connection and new book New England whose coach and we've we've talked quite a bit a bit of a couple kids down to the Obama camp this year. You know a couple bigger lineman Casey was down there Mark Brown. Man we drove down to for a couple days. If there and it was a present cash. Who's in the teens now that you know we drove straight through it was good acute had a great time. Good line experience Foreman who were some of the weapons that he he might be handing it off with a yes Seoul I said Michael Brown he's going to be kind of aura to all players and young again sophomore. We're going to be from now. Yours here. Newbie to be a little bit everywhere. Treatable and beer receiver you see a lot of action that Julian. As are tied Indians. Player on your round. Phoebe livingstone's. He's not that overly talented running back on these knuckle down the first news keeps his feet fines and those things. What can you tell us about quietness of Rochester deeply a year pretty much yeah we've we've played them every year for cash Coleman or fail on their phenomenal team. Phenomenal town all the way across the board and running back will be the best we've played this year great ties and linebackers and do just about anything. In the line him up and running back last week after a seven year touched so he's got all the ability in the world and speed wise it's it's. Street watch if they think it's the edges of their talent street. Coaching wise are very very good coach team fundamentals are phenomenal and they played hard. So it's going to be a great test and game to see where we matchup against them. I'm game here new field what's it like he plays of the talk about it this. Which we tricky too low key I mean obviously every kid is surgery and come out here and play professionals they human just at the level you a few more fans. And do that things are untruthful. Bad line I try to put it away keepers as just another. Vietnam but. At the same time use it to get to play here in yours and yours yes. We. Replaced bill several times waive your wants and which exit polls norm with fairly. Came back with failure. And I think we had to lose workers jumped outside Fort Worth and it was the worst. The irony is it's the you know those who don't both sides are gonna Hart county well whenever I just jumped outside. And there is a good game. Not only mean you're players had obviously gains on TV the TV. Yes anything. With The Who have foundation family what they're doing with this and it's great for high school football. I know when I was grown up to play. Room California the coliseum was a big game with rubio Oakland Raiders like. Who was always that you want in the championship games and player and now we deplete league games here or think it's great for high school football in this area. And hopefully brings other teams from out of town and here. To play high level to be home field acute issues the following week. There are expected to feel yeah you know I'm glad you brought that up there was some highlights of the familiar to any comments here that I didn't recognize so little disappointed we were up there but hope we will make some foreigners without a new party that in bit rivalries aren't in green right after years you know. What rev. And I. That is our talks are a coach thanks lucky thanks for coming in here today will let you get to practice good luck on Friday. Maybe the following cracked we can't take sides but that looked at that if you grim.