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Wednesday, September 13th

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And back with us or regular Wednesday visitor pro football hall of Famer bills running back Thurman Thomas Ackermann. Undergo this never see him as a movement in the when they talk about start off talking about Cleveland Indians and winning streak whatever it always the Major League yet. The odds so loud that it all of the dollars go out and we talked about it. And try to right our network. And I. We're hearing over the weekend last weekend for the come back so. It wasn't like I was you know what it was great job because you've got an opportunity to choose the what we're talking about right now you know. The backups. And an important part. A full quality and now. Jim was out he is with now I left in the third quarter. It can Davis. Andre reed is coming out party frank right. Mark pike all these guys. You know the back of players coming through it and have an opportunity to shine at that moment. You know that's what the backup players are supposed to do you know and it was great to see those guys finally. Some recognition here buffalo what I'd know everybody know all the players what to see them on the field the more like Brantley am Chris Moore all of those guys. That weren't part of it it was some especially. North beside him was an orderly and you know Jim Kelly showed in light Taylor with Jim's you like we did. Cut cut cut. I thought I got an invite even if I. Get together in really relive the guys who really. Help those who don't besides that starts to come back in its updated any member. And into today so it was great that get those guys back to it that way. Maybe not at the top your list of degrees game played in because you'd you'd considered. My limited participation yet for me yet it was it was it was that the mean. Being a player. It was sport team yeah whatever but. Fourth individually. Are other game it was that the game that's what was. Home if you want to three raiders. Yet at at prose that's probably no more yeah that's probably more. But I another no putt gain yeah objects that. Whole game without. Community neither team feels the niners runnerup and now you. I I'm not I'm not looking back at no point gaming globally in the island without a new. Era and stuff in 2000. I thought well look at a producer Jay here to tell me that today today is the anniversary of an open what would it be thirty. Four years five years it. Well what's what's September 13 it was just your policy on year rate was 92. I know it all day is now you should know that the water rose. What happened all these bills they as soon as would you answer it already agreed that we take these moments liberals down memory lane on the show or an ounce and realize. The task or wrong answer there there just yeah memory loss. And then crossword. Thompson studio with a scallop thing nominees came out today included a couple of guys that that you played with Thurman and there's so much affection for the late can't call I would imagine he might be and near the top your list is really good candidates all he's on the list of nominees. Yeah I mean it's a media kit is right there up top new blood in it but you got there. You yet Cornelius. That task and being. The best best team ever play the game and you know and obviously would throw us haven't worn you here and chug chug knocks me just when you mentioned chuck Knox. Everybody to tighten up I mean he was. Q I got a chance to meet him he was my coach at the Senior Bowl and yes he was my coach at sea aboard sort got an opportunity to kind of hear about. You know the below the limit what he was with Seattle yes he was go to the other at the time so got the norm or week there and now they're mobile over the great gap. Programs. In Seattle at that radio choate now expected date. And the best part like this except about the TV cameras. The command on Monday nights with the biggest cigar yours. To lose and smoke the cigars in the little time to read. It out with a dull never. Duke uses what embargo and I don't edit I don't know if it's a religion don't off from a problem. A good note. What. These are the 108 finalists are gonna cut to a 25 nominees in November than fifteen and then eventually all the neighbors and it's all up yourself you that's pretty close like you'd think yourself. He belongs. Along the physical unit to be we play a. You think that's I think about it about who should be it and who's written and dad is so I think we did. When Jason Taylor it was a big surprise that they are in on efforts in life. Under rules and review right at me and yet I doubt bought for me. I've the second. Like. A big you know so you always look at the list and come out if you always do you see who you. We years. And one case. You. Put it in all it was pretty. It was. John Madden whatever work. Yeah you don't look at the list you do scratch and at the end of the right. I haven't. Yet. And you know can say whatever. They want for what reason it may be. It was great receiver where he was in great numbers speak tourism numbers to itself and it you have interesting matchup you know coming up meet Randy Moss. But he went through all of our whole I mean is Isaac Bruce I mean it's well. Other guys out there you might be in a situation where. If you read what you had to wait six years and have an opportunity to begin so you know another receiver on the list that babies and I don't know you so this goes these news. And now deceased and you're listening and talking about the giants beat the guys in light. It's the and I think that opera's why wait this is its first he retired out on that and then like these. I was might want out of this up and have been real these admit it yet they got a you are limited everybody just gonna wait a five errors and everything Brady's they have Tom Brady didn't it. Peyton Manning all those guys in. A. I Thurmond joins us bill hall of Famer wanna get your governor or Twitter poll Thurman in it deals with Lou workload that the shuttle going idiot 17 touches. Yeah a Sunday against the jets 22 carries. Five receptions targeted six times in the passing game. If that. If he gets twice every every game that's 450 touches. And we put it to a vote on Twitter which is I'm going to folks can do that. Should this work load continue to the bills how should they handle the shuttle court's workload right now 59% to that's about right. 26% to eight feet or more 15% CDs it up. What do you think there what are the numbers when you carries in. And and what is that judges had to sit out a game took effect at 29 but not this guy. I think if you look at I think every game is going to be different obviously I think the the Carolina game is going to be different. I mean to be used when a seven touches give Carolina. My apps that he might happen is not a game to end because I mean they're there they got a pretty good defense and you know it's slow with the jets if you don't worry if you remember so. In the QB that what he's what was guys. You know at any moment he's a great ones he's got a break one of us get prepared for seven yards and yet for cameras or 41 new York and so why. I think. It's going to be a game by game situation. You know we might have to throw the ball a little bit more and then at least lived or. What that's my thing like you can. You know 25 toys having terrorism or touches is cool but you have to use in different ways like gold to give it to him out of the backfield where he's he might take a big hitters on the it's going to be hit catching the ball but at least it's a little bit different. You know out the attacks involved and I've just got to pound through because those linebackers are fast and that the Carolina team those linebackers are fast a defense the front of the linemen are good. You know he's he's gonna take some hits this week. So you put out there in the slot and a mile wide and it'll help everybody else out because now he's out there it's they're trying to figure out already about to do which it. But you know what he does appear very well is that you know. He may go to a three plays that break along when he'll come out he will come he will come out because those lie okay. I need to be fresh and right now I'm a little wind right now in and that's where you have the Mike Tolbert government. Just cared elope or three or four point aren't you might have one runner played with prepare to please you might have the brought in that gives them an opportunity rent so. I think right now you see if he's on average of get what 450. I think that that was ordered drop. Tremendously. Once the season gets halfway and you see how much below fair run and abroad and catch the ball out of a back down to four lead when your run out and now everybody's a day at work even it. Anybody would be pointless army so. But he's so dynamic. That's a quote I am I mean the public. Nike's when he want to tune he's still doing this thing like you heard he never takes that be it he never takes a big hit because there. He he knows I need to go to football the only complacency. When I was Maclean a senior apple. DeDe did each reminds was. Our coaching staff and remember the running back coach telling Jericho who played here. He told you it ran out of bounds and practice it was like we go right out of bounds in this league as a running back we don't run out of bounds. And I remembered doing. Turn and look this miles like crazy it's. The pilgrim and bullets alone or out of bounds. JD will and I had to learn that as a receiver like you you learn when you pick and choose your battles you go down note you have one guy you might try to take it isn't like that put. You got three of four deals go down go out of bounds on like this you can play the next down in and that's how CD's he's like well. I'll go down horrible what I do know which aliens in. It was like this it. Visit the visit back. I can get him off balance a moral animal run a much right to run ball. As these witnesses I'm back with somebody like you take a little bit heavily whereas in the Davis the back in part of what you guys weigh the same man. You can give him at a certain position where. You're more lefties or right where you might have to go right just that knocked him over so I mean it's. But shady really Smart about it. Your name backers in the back but it took a couple of quick numbers when you were 29 years old 1995 due averaged touches per game. Once that's significant. Two years before your twenties and you use it I think this was your total height 403 touches in 1993350. Right here. And forty catches that's pets were. Edit it 103. You know the twenties and I mean I couldn't do. When I was born at 23 and twenty. So what do you do you shortening game four and more at that time we became more of me. Kind of mystery is act or power. Our office that is instead of running like account is that got used to whatever incident to 2527. Years. You feel that you looked. At a film and then. You don't really. Go to a different style NGW network yeah I had more contact when I was always more about it you know what. Rusty Jones did an outstanding job of taking care of us it ain't in relieved Marv Levy and all the coaches that and a ruling like let me rest now wouldn't sit out practice or anything like that we don't. We can have a bit dazed and we didn't have Oden you know and I was the guy who wanted to practice always wanted to practice. You know because that's the way that I want to work out the soreness you know be in in motion to a things around football fields Sola. I mean those were in the good old days when we were just kind of targets or powerful thing and is. Rain is rated at 300 feet I cared when. That happens. You know it's you or productive week. You word superstar on the team to become you and talk to you it's a can you handle this type of work moving do we need to scale back out. Whatever will I didn't care of the regular edgy yeah. I was going to be someway somehow involved an office where the front a ball a kitchen a full ball boy it. Marv Levy tip march broad although all offers a coordinated than ever. They're never even my coach Elijah pissed never came to me is say is too much. Now he never did that mean now I've always I think the lower for Kenny Davis. He was my bad go for number of years and so. When you have that number two behind you you know what you can take yourself take myself out because we rent and a little. I mean it was hard on me because everybody brought it back up anyway hours and now there's a lot of it. And war. You artists and anybody you know I've read in James opted to take threes that while he was all run a blank. And I don't I don't I don't hate him it looked Obama showed he actually meant at the starting block you know I'd done it. Are you guys talk after an audit it out yeah let me grab of them though. Are you the. How do you feel like. You know October he got his touches in the game did even a guy like doping is you feel like. Basic view him a couple of touches throughout the course of the game because if something god forbid or does happen is me. He needs to have some game action feeling here right not as accessible Olson's. The summer since the summer while you know what. If these guys a go or like they going. If you don't need to. Well the that if I know there's gonna come and opportunity for him what was it over the course of the year just don't know how the games importantly opera but maybe. Not in a game. He's going to get his touches because Tolbert is eighty or not because we're so for oh boy game but I do think it's important that. You know he stays involved with it and I think every now and you get a couple of touch of their route in and out. So we would look at this if you know their article that wave right now. And or just order one game if they can keep this throughout the year and beefs up the. Worth a hall of Famer Thurman Thomas a couple minutes left you're Thurmond you were here Sunday what did you think of the win over the jets what do you think the way the bills played what do you think it. Sean McDermott's coaching him. Like I was never worried throughout the day. I just felt light. I know with the jets bought on our sack or just winning 761412. I was never really worry about it they I felt like. They did everything that they had to do two win a football game. When the people wanted to throw the ball a bit more or whatever they everything over the metal Tyrod toss play got involved. So but I think overall our. They played great acting. Every week next week against Carolina it's going to be a different path you know they're going try to run the ball. Would would Jonathan Stewart got a big wires human Gilman Kelvin Benjamin who we will four and you got a guy who plays quarterback okay. No we wanna have a great pass rush but the guy you had to get down to the ground yeah he's not gonna go around these aren't we talk about those past Russia's. Coming on is coming up the middle. They may movable somebody better be prepared to come off their block known attack him because he can run he he's still will erupt even though they don't want to anymore. He can still be effective on. In Puerto. Was this time you might jump wanna run and yeah. Everybody now they do have a dynamic rookie. You know an increase in McCaffery and they will. Use him in different spots I think he's going to be. The person you really look out for because you'll see him in the back they use the human fly him outline what you really never know where he's going to be. And he can he has the skills that detained again. About placement team so. Arbitrary. Economies analyze the game to me. In the thing about this kid is that the thing about this chip is there yet we know he's a dynamic pass. Run out of the backfield and line up and it was but the guys talk. Staff written him in between attack yes there wasn't a lot of outside stuff and with a Carolina. Raza football news and if you see yeah I mean. He's a guy who you want after Africa for Wendy's in about active because there's not going to be really the trick plays to come right down here because that awful football player. It mr. McDonald has some thoughts on rookie running backs that we won but still. You know Ricky Kareem hood trying to act on the back maybe they're right back coming back while we thought that arguably yes that young guys and create games. And does that change things toward these women back about house. It does a little bit I mean. Because you always hope and war. That knicks quarterback we you don't have the running game as much right I mean there's some guys coming out issued at supposed to be the nickel 831983. Class with Jim Kelly and Dan Marino and Elway and all those guys but. To have that guy back there in the backfield. To take that pressure off you mean look into the Sam Bradford had a great game. Double cut them. Our state. That's going to be a huge part. Tail him and help it to as a team that you might want to watch out for I mean did you Yale man I mean big ask them they got the office of are par or their defense is pretty good but yes. I love to see it right back on the back. You know robo Q4 net up there Jackson I guarantee as. Rabbit the young guy out of Kansas City cream on a great game. That was his game was like unbelievable. The Mikey broke some records out there but he fans on his first fabulous first carry. And then came back and had a great game you you had games like that where you fumbled early and you like me and pummel you in your mind you never wanna go into the tank but did you come back and have I agree again. Yeah. I feel. There have been posted yeah it does happen but this guy had a farm what it is dark and it seems like into combat in light. This different thing when you talk about. And you re you know he had. And Bill Belichick. If he wouldn't win it by now would've thought you needed but if you re owed that pay us off especially those guys and it was just. A full. First I mean that's about it. Put him back out there let it makes right two gave it right back to a and that's what you do just like a quarterback if you go to receive but he dropped. A confident. Ecuador given that confidence. Exactly what did you read the. And yes I have been here about for the past couple days of my daughter actually had him on her own entity. Could benefit. When the bills need to do it in the Sunday at Carolina step up and competition. In Georgia. No turn over and noting I wanna get to jets. Field position. I do think as a as a befits a side there would have to stop the running three's internal acting. You're talking about that and really the running game. It's going to be hot down there yet you know you talk about that toys have a touch it then than massages ahead. The might be 22 I B 21 because is going to be really hot now and then October and tobacco you know what. I really liked the fact that they went out and really. Had a good grade overall. Overall but now they know as apple won't mean. We got to step it up next week it does not gonna be like this every single week and we're going against me guys morbid to Carolina coach McDermott. I get all the distractions going to try to win a football game trying to beat 210 yeah and if we can get this win. Against Carolina come back here at the top us a lot of confidence coming back here to file and we put government audits of the great you know but I think these guys. I think really any mental mistakes and you can talk about all those well seldom played as many plays or whatever. Don't worry about it you go on point this is what the coaches breach ever since training camp OT eight and acting. With the game against the jedi did a fantastic job. On both sides of morning. Thanks Aaron David Beckham mr. on Wednesdays yeah most of the time yeah well I won't be back next win. We've got a new job that got some leg advantage no name off. Only Tony there's a lot of Joan they would solo or try to work something that next network that you you all around us all the favor joining us. Most Wednesdays let's get a better and better offer that could.