09-14 Bills running back Marcus Murphy with Howard and Jeremy

Howard and Jeremy
Friday, September 14th

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On an open and our Merck also right now Mark Murphy a threat to our hearts and as I saw they posted on the bill's website Marcus Murphy nickname Merv. Know that nickname was already taken the debris got to Marshal the play by play guys nicked a ball mark I we have to figure it's went out Marcus is joining us on our AT&T hotline markets it soured and Jeremy good morning Oreo. The Mormon I'm sorry you we have defined to a new nickname markets. Yeah no. Our government says. The Obama more on political slump that. No one ever called you Eminem markets Murphy. Are not the period back him around probably it was a couple people coming in the girl okay bill what they're it is side you know you never know but hey listen. Right belated congratulations. On making their roster I'm not saying this is because your on the show that's but. You know you're certainly a lot of fun to watch in the pre season and yen a nice day against Baltimore as well just. I mean you've been in the league before so it's not like this is your first time in in this rodeo but. Just talk a little bit about you know how the pre season went for you in the fact that you're able the land a spot on the 53 man roster. On the personal. As a form the Psycho approach of you'd better be period. Include different grip and just take advantage of beat up it's so you know I had that are are sick on and eat their practice and gangs. I just simply want clear that I'm one of its armored you know just get back in my days and and the government here. Do you look do you think if you look back at New Orleans and the jets and other bills and where you are right now and you've got a good number of touches the other day in the ravens game do you feel like this is your best opportunity so far in your NFL career. Army units you know so the plane repaired you know Marion Barber kick return or Turner's first saint. And an army here so what are popular opportunity. Those opinions are as intricate and options being so. In our. Are all clear that this war Michael let go red normal office of the air. I mean office has been Salem heard it and I mean no I'm in a lot of opportunities that it is grammatical parts you know on. You know like I say it's cares if it's that offensive or the veterans are so united North America saying America and it doesn't give if you were recovered. Did you play defense on any level. I'd be up late defense. In ice record repair record they're suspect you know are so it is come early right out of plastic because that's where yet. Our hospital maintenance post this they have out there are portrayed in the clear what the mechanic so you're not historical matter if you could be a political play where prior. Pay when Karen Johnson went down the other day any chance it's you went up to Leslie Frazier in today just so you know. They're a good at doing the lack of active go to double that figure they have replicated beat it's you know. I say Pratt is being able to make plays Arctic activities they are a lot of their vehicles on. The the big the big story markets Sunday of course Josh Allen Josh Allen getting its first start in the time that you have been around him and watched him. What are some of the things that stand out to you. I mean he's a really Smart well there are raiding colleagues and a great rookie. I think he's a parent while handing it to learn how to feel old you take that approach. You learn and and execute every every day you know you learn something so I think about wreath at the Christian right is there are other news on orbit. As a great on you know he's he's a great leader you notice there's a great got to be patient that come out there and ends in such utterly failed to get evicted. How much do you end LeSean McCoy and Chris Ivory and and guys think about you know if if the old axiom is the saying is if you really want to help by a rookie quarterback young quarterback you have a really good running game. How much have you guys taken it on yourself this week to do everything you can to help out Josh in his debut. Army not only this week you know we take that appropriate. All about it. And vehicle that that the same could rely our own you know playback is that our office the relied on their noted for his energy here and parents who hear what you know about it though. You know it's a big deal like they would have a real effects so you go. Quarterbacks don't wanna come our inspection and the popular particularly active is that the current tankers that are there. Where with Marcus Murphy goes right back on the AT&T hotline Ide adapter wanted to ask you about the show on the court markets. And not from the standpoint of I I I wouldn't think a young running back would look at LeSean McCoy and try to mimic his running style it's it's really very distinct in its. And it's not it's hard to do. So look what what do you learn from a guy like LeSean McCoy if it isn't copying his style. How does he help a guy like you out. I mean we do we do this. We we spent a lot of our activity in darkness and that's similar questions just see you know Larry thinks that the situation there other things you do. Our our our our can't mimic establish our take a lot of that the food they eat things that you lose. I'm a charter charter in law that mark tomorrow. You know and he helps a La O I want to there'll be banned like sort of see the pain that he seat start to understand and I think in you know it certainly become better for. Do you as a running back do you appreciate maybe more so some of the things you see as opposed to fans and media members and we sit here and watch and do you know all the whole caught on a dime thing. As a running back would you appreciated any more because you know how difficult it is to do what he's doing on the field. You are coming up arms in or lean long and I'm here with them very that they are. This is the thing that the artwork in the value go on and off the duke. But it speaks. There it is. You know he does on the right note the hornet and the values more literate so Unita shot it our product can't program me a lot of heart there. So when your away from the football field. What do you like to do what how do you relax. Our army notified about com are our it would allow our lives you know it would not appeal the friendly friendly atmosphere they are Blanco. So we just come out on children that the music hall who spent a lot of propaganda land in the bed. You know that that's somewhat. Open door for. You know electric they try to effect a brawl a select public game here to read any. You know we do because Taylor. It is is not allowed on regularly and I expect Monica the spirit and a good thing. I was gonna ask you who is the best Madden player on the team but do you believe it's you. Oh yeah if they think who use note. Lou a lot of different things armed Lou appealed. Heard about god let's cut. Dick did you play the bills vs the chargers this week by any chance. Are moderate and Rupert I heard there where Israel question if you get a fourth down you don't for more than two court now. Unheard of I'm Margaret we're you know. I think coaches appeared very clear you know out of a period rip that goes all bad outside of there'd be. More portal or. And you always said you kick returner returned the kick off right. Always coming out he. A hey you've done a nice job other returns to I like it because I think you know sometimes you can over think it in May be dance around a little bit but you are the I think you take the approach of like being shot out of the cat and you just get the ball you look for the opening and you run north south. President Obama. Our our hope obviously that I have read and I'm like I'll. Let you know when apparently thought Hillary so. You know what let's hear all of a sudden I'm like and you know there's you know period group in this atmosphere that most important thing. Where were it was so you know coming out and and record and who put their finger up and up upwards of at the start of another and make most of these slowed. Well continued success on offense and special teams and and attention they need Jun defense and and good luck Sunday thanks for coming all of us markets. Our record here have a good weekend. All right bill thank you.