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Friday, September 14th

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Party we will party. Great I like him a lot I don't like him in the role this early. Because I just worry that those things to go real bad and I don't wanna see that happening to a guy that I think as Carson when Skype abilities and maybe even a better more. Obviously with the title comes you know running cities and not far from me today still going to be a process you know. Virtually all its understand what we need to do on the ability that the approach we got the same time that I got in this week on this kind of first one and last mountain. And also apparently going to be the guy itself. You know not much an up front and things done WGR. Sports Radio 515. A happy anniversary. What's today's date todays date is September 14 14 September 14. This is a fun game to start. Ever every day I check many years in this I don't wanna tell you yeah that away I don't wanna tell you yet and until yet well that give it away. Not. Particularly. It'll help would be that's that's hit land. September 14 and he is a pretty good clue in that it's right around the start of football season. And I'd say restraint can get us our Saber training camp that's right my FaceBook feed though. Has alerted me to rule. Three posts on the same day. On September 14 maybe in four post not a look back from is the only times a wrote about this. Was this your J. P. Losman and done with you know long in two or three. Four times four times in one night between the hours of let's see here again. 5 o'clock. And. In. So are a lot across your writing after a bills get something yes this would have been the evening of September 14. 2009. I think Edwards had benched. Howard does Edwards event I was gonna say at a rate after the Packers game Knoll now there was not the Packers game was a second game of the season right. This was an open. September 14 opener that rules that EJ Carolina writes not a second game was not EJ Carolina. It is the name of fourteen is a game that every bills fan. Will no doubt remember we noticed now. Lyoto scale. And. It's a fumble through. It cuts permanent residency on on assault and chip and the left knows for sure it was not a bad attorney had a conflict of thirty or 35. Yeah I was. And you you had sent out the YouTube link at. Nine years ago today. How many he's champion ever watch it again Tina in the season on the league. Possibly playing anywhere he's out of its forty here not a better turn watching it again. He he gets the football league to kick off comes in general and saying I just you know. Kneel on it he catches it at the goal line back pedaling cozy coupe like four yards deep. And I defended the decision to bring it out. Because. You know you just all doubt Leodis is that he runs right into reviewed and it doesn't go well nine years ago happy anniversary thanks. Welcome I don't know what I get for this lots of tissue that was the ninth anniversary and then after one of the more colossal turnovers in bills this during it really is amazing that happened. Right and I anniversary and exported twelve pockets leather in the modern edition is leather under each of the leather football okay. Normally go to four to twelve right traditionally it's willow. Yeah nick in nature gift to their ego and now it's personalized leather. So. You give me that for the Mckelvin anniversary eighteenth 2009 thanks man. Counting 524. And they were up by a 2413. When Fred Jackson got a ten yard pass from Trent Edwards to make it 2413. With 532. To go in the fourth in the fourth quarter. Trip here that it has already boarded well at eleven point lead with 532 to go yell. And you lost and it wasn't even on the last play the bills got a ball back with a chance to try to win it again then Watson's touchdown what's that says there was fifty seconds left on the clock up and then there are 206 left. What for two or didn't get it then scored with fifty seconds left. Got to. I both times. You I'll market you say that it might take a one point game Sunday. And that you would Wear you freaking out last night on the Bengals went up by one they weren't game off yeah I turned the game before got to that they're really about your game off at fourteen nothing. Okay. I don't really got to me I know I don't it genocide that but I knew what was coming. And I and I saw I it I even saw the tweet from pro football talk last night during the game the bills must really suck I knew what was right right I expect that but I does anyone really believe that I didn't think Baltimore was that good I don't think the bills are that bad but I knew what was coming they knew everybody would immediately say. While. Well the same team that beat buffalo 47 threes getting thrashed by Cincinnati the bills are awful that the worst in the league and I just I knew was so I turned the game couldn't. Yeah I'm sure like one other teams will have that happen to them well skeptics. That might be really good this year you know I've never shall cul-de-sac receives any pick he picked up bagels to win the division said guys I was really impressed with them. They've always had a good defense or fraud and then they have a good I mean AJ green is one of the best receivers a piper stays healthy they think could be one of the that could maybe they'd be Pittsburgh. They have you know very good weapons and their quarterback is okay you know he's okay kinda good we've seen what would bat is for awhile. Would governor of the tyra was bad we've seen okay for awhile and then we saw really bad and need to Peterman and you look at Dalton salient. Maybe he's not that bad at it again he's popular around here nowadays so maybe we. We've gone from a couple doctors Greg yeah I don't look at last night's game and they watt bills will be lucky keep within fifty because. You know it's match ups and its it's a short week those games can get sloppy and Cincinnati's at home on a night game Baltimore's on the short week where. Maybe they only kind of played half a game right Baltimore didn't play a full sixty minutes where they had eggs stayed out dialed in. And I'm not saying it's not indicative of how bad the bills might be. But I. I wasn't freaking out about it my big thing was checking to make sure I'm not playing against AJ green on an leagues. And that's right and three touchdowns in the first half they have five catches overall for 69 yards which is nice. And that's about it they keep the cat ended there. You if you had AJ green after the third touchdown on your fantasy team you're probably thinking he's got us for a hundred points and the kind of petered off. Yeah yeah I. No I as I said I eat. You know Baltimore played way over their head in the open we don't know that and an end the bills. Who knows what their record is going to be you know maybe they end up going two and fourteen I have no idea. But it they're not they're not as dreadful as it was on Sunday so I I'm I'm not like all my god. This deathly means the bills are going on sixteen the team that thrashed them got beat them so. I I just you know I knew what their reaction around the league was going to be anybody who's watching the Baltimore game is going to tweet out essentially would pro football talk did that. You know. This is what we do with sports well this team lost to that team by 44 and a net team got their butt kicked. So the team that lost to them by 44 must be the worst team the NFL has ever fielded in the history of the sport. Which is false. But but I think I just didn't want to deal with its light died and when I turned on I probably watched in a rerun of Spin City I have no idea. The league is talking about. Josh Allen's density under rated show Michael J. Fox as it's like him the league is talking about the decision to go to Josh Allen did you get a chance to peek at Albert reader's piece that I did because you treated it out I did so I read it yet so Albert Grier at Sports Illustrated Monday Morning Quarterback he wrote about the bills moved to Josh Allen. And it was just I think it's a pretty solid rundown of what has happened and where the bills are and why this is happening it's it's standard yes. But there's one little note in here that. You kind of have to take with a grain of salt you would say to why believe this or is this a little bit of damage control OK if I believe it and I know what notre gonna point out if I believe it that I like to have a discussion ego with you about what was the plan right the no in here from Albert career all read he says. Regarding the decision to stopped there ought to start Josh Allen. The bills did on Wednesday what they would've dawn August 27 if Allen had crumbled behind an onslaught of angles pass rushers. In the team's third pre season game. That sentence is the whole article to meet them. They were going to start Josh Allen. Until. Until that broke all over until that debt but he didn't even draw older well the whole team did yeah the right the life of crime was friend Ellen that's demanded better but then it would it was a look into. What Allen would be up against this year and I think for a lot of people that want an alum to start the season the Bengals game. Further then I would say this is true for retail was day out yet this is going to be if we if we throw him back there this going to be a mess so then. That happened and the bills that. Pretty much exactly that we can't thrown back there. One week later it's well. We gonna do yet so but but if that's if it's true. Then the plan was as as they they talked about calculated in development all the basic plan was to watch out to win the job yup. And we're not gonna put about what the ones right away. Right we're barely get a get a time with the ones in the O TH we're gonna go to camp he's going to be with the threes we're gonna rotate McCarron and peed in my with the ones but all along there's a little voice. Saying saying aren't cashed plane we want Josh to win. What we're not gonna thrown out there right away. So it sounds to me like the plan was wheeled Josh is gonna win the job but we'll start about the threes if he doesn't look bad. Abel moved up to the team's oh you don't look too bad attitudes let's move multiple ones as long as he looks competent against the Bengals. He is gonna be our starting quarterback and any yet he in the offense had their nightmarish game so. You know. I I figured calculated meant they don't want to plan 2018. Itself like. They wanted to go win the job and were on the precipice of doing that until wired to the Bengals games so this it was not redshirt. Learn all this other stuff and you know. It was. Putting him in position. To win the job by the end of the third pre season game and he had. Two thirds of the job done but didn't finish the job in game number three right that's I'll read out troopers comments. You know that means the bills did not take the pre season pledge. They got freaked out there they changed the course of action by all that that angles game one bride which. You know we had some suggesting that what they were doing that was also the game by the way where. We can talk to sell about this state decided to shop all the lying during it to see what what happens. If there were injuries is that game was that the browns game that was asking it where they were bad movie guards in and out and just hitting stuff OK so the plan was to start Josh Allen until. It went poorly behind an offensive line that they were shuffling as an experiment. Against the best defensive front they might face all year doc in that game he says he cannot play and so did the heat they setup a left tackle and then rotated the cart yet. Against one of the best defensive fronts in the national football. And Geno Atkins you know roadmap to people to jump renal now but I think that's the gaming lift so they have lifted glad you got like up in the air the question becomes. Is that really what happened or is that what is told to Al Barbara for damage control. Now we're gonna start him anyway this is not too far off are pat we're gonna start at right because you're gonna start him. That doesn't exactly sound like the best of ways to finally determine if you're going to do it. Hey here comes a dress rehearsal but we're not gonna give you the offensive line you're only gonna have. And then when you look like you don't know which are doing we're gonna decide not to go to U. It's confusing I. Let's see too well what I have to pixie Gannett are you ask me lick which would I pick do you think that I guess what it comes down to his teeth to get through there are going to start Josh Allen. Until the Bengals game on folded and then they decided they couldn't Imus say yes you believe that yet because he was moving up the chart he had gone from third. The second string. Two on what Monday of that week Sean McDermott announces. Josh Allen's gonna be our starter against the Cincinnati Bengals and why you're announcing just wanna give the whole weeks ago he reacts you know he handles that yes I'm gonna buy it I'll believe it Boca. You don't I don't. Damage control I don't believe it and mainly the reason I don't believe it is. But when does McCarron get traded he gets traded after the fourth every season there right there we're gonna start Allen but then they decided that Peterman was their starter it makes me wonder if throughout the of the regular season her side throughout the pre season. There was internal debate about who should start what game film is one of the McCarron thing would admit if if you buy this the McCarron thing. Would've made more sense of Beers traded prior to the Bengals game like the bills would have at that point said you know what we've seen. We're just gonna make sure against the angles but right now Josh Al thumbs up he's going to be our starters you know we can trade AJ McCarron. Let me ask you this in terms of of what the you by letter or or don't buy it. Actually no go ahead to the whatever it was gonna bring about the question just actually slipped my mama kill us and -- fork like that John Clayton sneaks in there in his come into play in the update to McCarron probably maybe you wanna be here you know. Why wouldn't McCarron who just signed here. Not wanna be here because he just. Retreat he's looking at B in the third string quarterback if they gonna keep throwing why was he looking to be in third string because he knows he's he's he's losing the competition and he's probably look not going to be a he's going to be behind Alan duke may be. He would also maybe have a great chance of starting this week if you're on the team if he had waited well one week but maybe he felt. If the sides are pointed Peterman winning and Peterman doesn't do well guess what app on an island so what what's my point so. He probably felt that he was in the competition that he wasn't really available for yet but sure I'm here and I'm in this competition. But I don't think I can get anybody's attention and nobody in this building is gonna pay attention to because they. They go back to Peterman. Who did win it and training camp and then Allen's the next guy's soul if I'm not the apple the coach desire or the young stud quarterback you know what am I here for immediate. The minute he got hurt in the Cleveland game it felt like it was the cut the competition went from three to two. Because he's injured and you know he doesn't ready did not think he skipped the Bengals game maybe with a name doing it in our clinic so so when he got hurt and he's he's trying to practice that weakened. He ends up not playing to me I felt like at that point it went from a three man competition to a two man competition and then of course he plays the fourth game he might have felt the same thing. I guy I was I've basically been eliminated from the competition want or need to be here. LeSean McCoy did not playing that angles game. Okay. I read it yet and that's the game where did not okay did Kelly down play but that's the game where you're supposed to play all your started Kelvin Benjamin fly. I. Think the clay pipe back brightly this is what you're getting to. The dangles game is. What changed. All indeed didn't put out their first team. So that put the rookie out there without sub standard group they shoveled the offensive line and then he lost the job. I'll. It's possible. None of it seems like all that great of a plan. There is an article at the ringer dot com about the bills right now. And inflating clay please look at Kayla they're good catches in that game the ringer I count about how the bills have definitely chart our course and it's tough to see how any of it matches up. In all trust the process kill a lot of picks are good that sounds great then trade away a lot of those picks to move up three different times though that that seems counterintuitive to what you would do here. Page draft a quarterback that's great. He's gonna need some time perfect he's going in week 20 wait that that seems like your what you wouldn't wanna do. So part of me wonders at the bills are relieved you have a plan slash process of the discount a figure it out as they go I wonder getting back. To the discussion about whether you buy what but Albert Greer had written or you think it's damage control. I as I said I'd fight because it felt like it looked like there was a natural progression. That you know it went from that he starts camp with the threes he plays that first game against the threes from Carolina Denny plays against the twos. Through the browns and any plays against the once for the mangled fly felt heat they're there's a natural progression. They keep raising the bar to see how Josh Allen handles the next shipment and then the next challenge after that so for me. I would buy the idea that they felt they had seen enough in practices. And in the first two games of the pre season to feel comfortable saying we think this kid can be ready for week one final test. Cincinnati. In the third game of the pre season that that's why I buy it but. Deal it if it's not true to its damage control than the plan all along was was never to stock jock start Josh gallop out. Let's duty does get better competition just the same just to gauge how this kid is coming along. Neil tweets in with bit of a conspiracy theory here or Ariel formerly sure silenced and Oliver Stone fan Daniel writes in. It sounds. Like being verses McDermott. The dean wanted to Allen yeah McDermott wanted to Nate. And when forced to star Allen in weeks three. McDermott shuffles line. I'd put Zemin Woolsey Al that goes this that the left tackle and take the guards out I I'm not by. A conspiracy theory that somebody yesterday about this concept that may be Mick McDermott and being didn't see eye to eye on what's going on a quarterback. That being one and Allen to play in that. You know McDermott wanted Peter meant I don't know I mean. Yeah I I I don't have I never thought about a conspiracy theory I'm not gonna go there just yet I never rule anything out but I don't feel like that is the case. And I we think I would think there and quote lockstep. Well I don't linger in lockstep but I I don't think that. Healthy disagreement within an organization within our room is is bad you know there's no way that every single scout believes one thing and Emerson coach believes this so. I think sometimes disagreement can be painted as strife and problems one of the route doesn't have to be so. I don't forget to be in lockstep to me I would wonder if they disagree more so on the McCarron it's there and locks here's the thing if they're in lockstep. Then one of them is superfluous you're only one person if that's if everything they think is exactly the same it's a it's entirely possible both McCarron and being we're happy with the progress they saw from Josh Allen and then. Freaked out after the Bengals game and thought. While this this could happen in the regular season he's just not ready to play against ones yet I would if there was a disagreement like I said to me. I would think you'd be more about McCarron. Whether you know it was right to trade them quote unquote veteran with the most veteran of the three quarterbacks that you had signed in free agency you know another conspiracy theory sure this from a text or. Over under on Allen's thirteen and a half Peerman bet the house on the over and through the game. Had to do. It's funny text. And another is their way and Peterman ran away at the quarterback competition hands down which forced the bills the starter Allen was the plan all along that they couldn't sell but he won the competition. That I do agree we've. That I agree with. But that the fact is maybe they had a bar for him to clear and that Cincinnati game. That not only do you not clear that bar he even get close to it because. Of how poorly the team played against Cincinnati in a vet the Bengals game that pre season game was the most buzz worthy pre season game I've ever been to. 67000. People beautiful Sunday evening and the offense was. He was six of twelve for 34 yards and was sacked five times at bat here now again against a really good defense playing up porous offensive line. That's terrible matchup for the bills' offensive line that particular matchup against Cincinnati Bengals front you might get that week in week out. Because then that the ravens game while sure he did some good things mean it is garbage time yeah so there has to be. One would think they might I didn't track they had to be substituting guys right they were I would assume some of their starters on defense were not in. When it was forty to nothing in Josh Allen is playing the rest of the game. They probably rest the guys knowing they we got a short week I reported a nothing let's sampled some of these guys I just didn't track who was on the end. Now all they'll game plan for Josh element they know he's going to be the start of the charter will look at tapes he would he does. Bill try to bait him into making certain mistakes they wool try to flush him about his. His mobility how much that can be a factor for the bills who wouldn't surprise me Allen runs for sixty yards on Sunday. You know a young quarterback. It can be it can be a bad thing if you rely on it too much but if you're young quarterback that runs and keeps drives alive it's one way to continue to get. More looks more wraps yeah it's third and eight he can run for nine yards mean Tyrod did that of course. And that's a valuable tool you just want that to not be the thing the EU all time. Now the tyrant and all the times you know I just want to facilitate the last guy ran you'd like it right if it can be mixed in. And beneficial to a young quarterback just trying to kind of find his way. I thought for the most part Tyrod ran at the right time that on to use that as a crutch. And you'd be worried about young quarterback using it as a crutch now he ran in Baltimore actually ran a back to back plays like one of them might have. And Europe both were designed runs I think one of them was but he ran on back to back plays and had good pickups. To me. In a very small sample size of Baltimore. I thought he was using his legs as a crutch I thought he didn't spend enough time standing in the pocket giving plays a chance to develop. Now he saw what was happening in the eighth and Peter may and and he realized were not have a good day and maybe the lines not holding up and so forth and so on. So I I thought he moved around a little too quickly I'd like to see he's a big kid got a big frame he's strong. He can he can fight off sacks he can break Sackett tenths I'd like to see him stand back there. And and be able to make some throws and not. At the first sign of pressure or even now as it's referred to seeing ghosts. Automatically think I gotta get the heck out here and I thought that was in a new year brought it up in the pre season a little bit I felt I saw a little bit in the in the in the Baltimore. Definitely have a there's one play where he gets pressure from the right side. And someone Bob pointed on Twitter like he's he's doing good here and in the right tackle got blown up he freaked out the right tackle is not getting blown up. You just getting pushed mildly and Allen needed slide and then throw over the middle and get kind of freaked out and ran for a couple of yards so. He's ultra what the one thing about this game it's fun is the way I feel about the bills into one a total 180. If Josh Allen. Makes a handful of plays that. Tribunal happens in my. Maybe he could be great am I here Josh Clayton John Clayton saying I think he's gonna be great and I ain't I hear that I think okay. I I can't say that until I see. Things about him that really make me believe that I know it's entirely possible but. Do you think he's gonna be great I've gotten I've no idea I would love love to get to a point right and convinced it's gonna have. Sadly my mighty the valuation of quarterbacks round here is this please don't please don't be terrible. I don't I don't even I like I never did I think JP was gonna be great or Trent or EJR and he's got no. I've got the point were I just you know please don't be a bomb and will go from there. So I greats I would never throw that word around I'd have to see him play and start making plays. Like I'd have to be at Texans fan last year watching to Shawn Watson against New England ago. How went under this kick turn out to be a great quarterback I need to see some of those games right and it even think of going down that road. And this is Trent Edwards at five and 1830550. To join us happy. Football Friday football Friday and WGR us brought you by Seneca buffalo creek casino nothing else comes close and by tops markets grocery delivery. Order online while you enjoy the game. We have phone lines open this is the best soured again we got a lot of guests coming up today so we'd love to get your calls right away get your thoughts on Josh Allen. The bills the chargers they treated this out who the key players of the bills to get a win on Sunday Josh Allen and who else we know John Shelby on all of your list. Who else did indeed come up big Sunday to beat the chargers. 8030550. To join us 888550. To 515 your calls coming up sell us this morning at seven bills running back Marcus Murphy at 730. Murphy joins us at 830 that's all part of football Friday on WGR. The trees the AJ McCarron has had been scratching my head because it's like okay you can look at a reasonable price that yet I didn't think he would seek equal at all I've drawn Taylor because I thought it was still quarterback in May not be great but at least the one you're gonna put up 2324 points again you don't know what you're looking at is if jockey Alan does the best but the going to be 151617. Points against him and that really put the defense. In a tough position but what I worry about is that one hit on him and you saw it preceding game we had five sacks in the first half I worry about that. John Clayton joining Mike show credible long for his weekly spot you can always find an on demand at WGR 550. Dot com and of course through the radio dot com amp which has all the stuff on demand. The bills gearing up for of course the chargers know Joey both so for that game for LA last night the Bengals. Started to blow out Baltimore dropped 2821. To nothing. Just want you to seven. Early in that game. Andy Dalton for touchdowns three host AJ green. Joseph Flacco. Fourteen of 49 accustomed to picks. So Baltimore loses the bagels or two and oh Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers pull this out and practice yesterday for a second straight day whole fame nominees are out. First time eligible include Tony Gonzales Ed Reed London Fletcher on the bills have a number of defensive players. Eligible and to make the finalists. Darryl Talley Steve tasker is on the list I mean this is. A very preliminary list with. How how many are out hundreds 10209. Its ya somewhere in that area got shipped Erik Karlsson traded to San Jose. For a package of players that you don't even care about. Sabres practice at Harbour center today at 945 and then at 1145 split practices is training camps underway Tyler Sagan. Sixteen. Eighteen Israel and if that the others we European announcers are some twenty years. Yeah eight years nine point 85 million dollars for sick wean and yeah. Big weekend for UB big we can press you. College football Owens who see how that stars tweeted out the the green signing I did a tolerance it was very good news or video get what was jamario browser or escrow whenever Mario yeah picked the original Mario needs blasting logos of other teams then he's glad he scores a goal on the goalie and now I'll come the words congratulations. Eight years averaged nine point 85 that's that's got a library and 8030550. So home. Who would key players for the bills pull off a win Sunday against the LA charges I would like to congratulate the Stevie. Who tweeted in Kelly Thurman read Smith and tally that's good at that I like our chances that those guys are playing in their prime. 8030550. Join us Travis jordin whoever plays cornerback opposite trait right I will say trade why. Is that many guess he's going to be shadowing Keenan Allen. In case you forgot Kelyn Allen last year against the bills twelve catches a 159 yards and two touchdowns. In the 5424. Game out there and this year we'll blue advanced stats stuff. He's been lining up in the slot a lot this up to 60% of the snaps in the charger game he was on the inside the and the bills do not that's not travel treaty be as white not double slot no so I don't typically travel in but I mean I think they've never ruled out flip flopping but slot rang and Seoul and if you play in the slot by the way is Tara Johnson and he doesn't play is who's going in the slot is rob feel bush played a big nickel. Is Philip gains moving inside in Vontae Davis is active. Taylor who is playing me. Keenan Allen my daily in my daily Tennessee and I like the Smart play not my team but you keep keep an ounce on my. My daily team I think that's a solid choice for you and I got a feeling we'll have a a good game on Sunday. Philip Rivers has done well against the bills Allen's they've got it's a really tough matchup with the balance they have an offense with the running game and even Keenan Allen and what Mike Williams and got term member Travis Benjamin. So that teeth and actually. I think Melvin Gordon last week had over a hundred yards receiving in the loss to the cheap so they didn't have a number of weapons the bills have to worry about on Sunday at the stadium. So we'll take your calls on that they'd looked real 550 or 888550. To 550 and whatever else on in my with Sunday's matchup. Because that's who we do a football Friday protects the rights and it's got to be right there's no way Flacco only had 29 attempts that he. Oh well on that I just do that if it 55 attempts according to a daily which sounds yet he was 32 of 55 I don't know where I got both of those might have been first half number OK so forget that thirty to a 552 touchdowns two picks for Flacco last night I who's the cause I dropped offline whose. Dan was at her. Dan Dan glad dance I accidentally cut job I think he's still there you there. Yeah our players terrific our guys are one and a helper here article. Outlined. By the ball on the same lines that work out. Back. The it would always got her on the art but with that it's an ad gave quiet night at. But here. What they basically get on China if it were manipulate that the mandate. They got rid of is in the air and got on the option. And they put Peter and then against the ravens though they've got a pair of what the coaches saw. That way nobody would be wholly summer. Repeater and because the debate that hatch and Alan struggle. And then also with art it. About Sunday I think cherry you'd better get some kind of brush. But ultimately it let. Up on it about created you'd try aggregate up. What's your suggestion about why they played Peerman. I'm not sure why did we equipment like that basically see you really ought. On the and the fact that that way because he had such enemy may be competing completing 80% of the absence. It didn't want any mandate that all our equipment in the event on struggle. It's a conspiracy theories of the guy that it is at its that I got rid of McCarron because they thought he could be an option and he didn't want an option so. They figured let's play Pete Emanuel look so bad fans will be happy with Alan I think they've played Peter because he was the best quarterback in the pre season and then he was so bad in their opener that they couldn't with a straight face role mop for another game. Yeah. Yeah I mean that that's the thing that that's been weird about this week is anybody that said. Why would you set up they started Allen in Baltimore and we would have said I guess the competition was a farce. Because Allen didn't win it then no Peterman played the best of the group they had three good games right didn't really have a clunker. He did the other guys had clunkers hence the pre season pledge and another. He was 80% completion percentage in the pre season and then went to Baltimore was what five of eighteen this like that. At the memorize that stat lines like Boston I think that's a no we had five completions for 24 yards. Felt about right yet is Josh now 74 gazelle ran for 26 he threw for setting for that 98 yards passing between the two guys so point four must be I think you're right in five and eighteen. And let's get you Bobbie in the fall next Bobby you're on a football Friday and WGR. Hi guys obviously if you're concerned that there is not a veteran quarterback can't get their adventure men's tour. Josh order maybe to fall back on I wonder if that was the downside of our trading a game that's my question saying. I definitely think it's a problem I don't think it's a problem that they they don't have a veteran guy to mentor Josh. I think it's a problem they don't have a veteran guy to just do the job while Allen gets more prepared for it but. That. Sean McDermott said it on Wednesday. There's no replacement for on the job experience and if there are willing to take their lumps with him and have really bad games with him. In a jerk off as an example this golf in his first season winning and was terrible. Week to Ers are your two he's ready ago. But what happened a year one effort off. He played like five games. He played at the end of the season. They didn't roll amount for fifteen. And let him get beat up in in a kind of be a laughingstock not to sit that's definitely going to happen Alan. You know whenever talk with a I am not sold on any of the science I don't have all a strong. You can damage him or he needs to learn on the job we've seen bull do well in bowl. Do formally guys that weight and then show up are good guys to go in right away our great. And vice Versa they're all different you know potential treaties that could branch office. So I don't have a strong take on whether or not he's going to get ruined by this he'll probably either be good Horry won't be good. Yeah I think it's more about whether the guys good or not you know I think the discussion of you know was David Carr ruin who would that. Think just commit a player right away. He did he took in the ACJ back to the judge there to back tears he wasn't a good quarterback Elliott and he had a good defense around him at a good very good running game and that's the concern I have is that. Alan I can't really expect him to be great. But I could expect him to do well theater great receiving corps and a great offensive line ball and the coordinator was on a Nazi I don't know much about the coordinator yet still with with what they have here. But if Josh Jones stepped into the chiefs offense I would think. Let's see it kid you know how good this patch won't have to beat to win offensive player of the week. Because a fee of fourteen to 47 before touchdown passes on fifteen completions for 256 yard right. Hit the fifteen completions. And the yards after catch in the scheme and what they're doing there that's a good situation for him to. And if he's the driver of that than he's gonna get a lot of credit is gonna service. To drive this offense is. Yeah good luck you're stuck in the Alabama month but I am I am in no let's learn as I think Obama does not some sort upon regarding Bryant able coming from Alabama. I was thinking about My Cousin Vinny for some reason it's popped in my head could be worse or good. You. Manure lagoons guessed right the I'm I'm not war and I know and John Clayton is on talking about word about him get hit getting hurt you know what. He could sit the first ten games of the season. Play the final six and get hit then I mean it just. You know you get to get out there you see we can do it's a learning experience for him. I do believe I'd I do put a lot of stock in. You know you can learn. Even in in bad times you're you're learning by getting game reps and that's important for him in his development. So I don't worry about any of that stuff I don't think he'll be starting think when we talk about guys. That started right away weren't good they think it's in all likelihood they weren't they just weren't good quarterbacks I don't think. There was a franchise quarterback waiting to blossom but since they started him in year one. Instead of year to it completely changed the career path of that cleric just don't think that's the case. Eagle 30550. To join us 888550. To 550 football Friday. Who. People want to keep player for the bills to be the chart by elected George boast is out that helps it's great that it really does make a big difference for the bills offensive line. Who are the key players for medals to pull off the Winston the next you need Philip Rivers to via that would out. And then it is cartels not the number two is think. That's a good question should probably offline that would give back the chargers depth chart that. 8030550. Lines open John does give us your opinion talk football football Friday presented by Seneca buffalo creek casino and nothing else comes close and by tops markets grocery delivery order online blog do you enjoy the game. Think lieutenants to this or this team. This some of these four for a long time. But now that here you know just come Sunday to do my job. I'm not trying to do too much just those around mean ultimately trying to be more about the Sunnis which is a new ball. When it's in a third down and but what's important. That is Josh Allen he gets his first start. For the Buffalo Bills on Sunday against the LA chargers will have a game here on W here and you. Have done your research on the backup quarterback for the chargers I've stat of the day to pass along as well so let me get your quick stat of the day. Philip Rivers is the opposing quarterback on Sunday and Saturday from Philip Rivers. Last week he threw for over 400 yards and three touchdowns and a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. Philip Rivers has thrown for 300 or more yards 58 times in his NFL career. But it won't like to do researching get back to me. How far back do we have to go to get 1588300. Yard passing games for the bills how far back are we going I would bet they don't have fifty either French or sister I actually thought that and I thought that's not right that couldn't be is it pot I didn't think that. When I saw that stat is it possible to bills don't if the the bills have less in different and Kelly he. Sixties to what they throw for the sixties. I don't Joseph Ferguson did the handful of times. Anyway so somebody do the research you don't have to worry about it but I but there's your status date 58. 300 plus yard games 53 game threes thrown three or more touchdown passes still prefer. We want to break the ice and I would find you the you keep this music chrome announced on music via. The back of quarterback for the chargers. Ready it's not cartel Jones then no okay you get out asked me to when he questions style stuff and I'll we'll see how long it takes you to get there. The back up quarterback for the chargers Casilla journeyman quarterback. I think by definition now we yes journeyman means what plate for how many teams. At least a Y 40 okay go to war but then no no okay is in play for 45 teams the. I feel was he would and establish daughter Ehrlich started for a few years for team. You guys have to be more specific. Or more than 32 starts in his NFL career. Is 31 career starts and so you know couple years. And less than four teams. Was day it was EA first round draft pick no. For the chargers. Did he goes who need the time programming college would darken power file are horrified hold on a tank no. But do you think yes. Okay who do you you can go to a bar fight blunt about it as we find programs the answer is no Boise State you think yes Boise State. Who do you think is a big time program that's not power I did it for gas the probably differed as the prospect and he called this a premiere destination and I balked at war. What world is that Scott it was it was Florida State I think it was not our kind of gone on it's gotta be he's not Florida State and now what was it. School. Central Florida not now. University of Houston. I can't remember if you keep asking questions. He has a really bad point questions like try to think of the name is that a coming up outlets have more questions you get there. The chargers backup quarterback. Do you play any AFC east yes. Case did you put the bill both. Now okay. And the other two Tuesday at one point he backed up Tom Brady no. Kellen Clemens no. Through crypto there at that it was their back up for awhile though. And you play for the jets yes. Is it him account. Known. Quarter where people are screaming at all geno Smith for God's sakes how it is Tino freak is he says that West Virginia where Clinton a lead program I don't know prospered and try to let what did you talk about. All experts say are accepting is great I was here for that show I referenced having to mascot should now back in the day people probably would have considered it to be a pretty big blue grit so fine program. It's just when you said it I guess the prospect I thought we're going Mike Panama or something like that and know what it was revealed the West Virginia. I've family members that went to West Virginia cyanide I got to keep him in their whatever that discussion got to keep him in their place. Outset fellow members that went to Purdue and Syracuse just announced a home and home Purdue oh boilers here so. I think this means in 20/20 three is the longest I've ever made plans ahead of time I think we might be going to Purdue very nice I like that. Geno Smith is their backup peso Jim Kelly according to the foot. All database. Had 29300. Yard passing games generally will have to find thirty others chipped it. 22 top Philip Rivers in bills history. Right it is it possible that the quarterback's not named Jim Kelly can account for 3300 yard passing games is river throwing it all fame yeah. Oh gosh yeah absolutely all right does not even a debate mean there's not a lot of post season and there I know but c'mon not a lot of post season success I should say he's. I throws for 4000 yards every year on a regular basis I know is not a lot of postseason success and not even a Super Bowl worth. I would think to be a question about I'm going to law often. 8030550. Join us. 888550. To 550 when we get paid this off Friday we wanna hear from you who are the key players of bills to pull off the win on Sunday and Josh Allen and who else could swear I think your all gonna say judge Allan. And whatever a short bring up those charges that's fine salas gonna join us next and he'll break down Sunday's contest as we continue football Friday. And WG.