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Right so much going on down here that there are critic review the tape is extremely. Confused today. Tell me thank you very public policies and everything went. Kevin. I did tell who's playing hooky from school here a couple of guys who three putted behind me. That's not what happened so I was when you called the school this morning TDs and myself albeit cool and it's totally. Related felonies that it is the fact I think I started. I. Don't know much about it is so there ego I mean. You know I'm fares bugler and the got to give them school and I catch the ball the ball game on TV. Exactly anyway you know what's the hours though the service in the wrong place work this morning. Didn't feel it was as you rent we basically now had terrible starts tomorrow morning then. It's been a long morning it's been a long morning already I I showed up to the that you air field and I pulled in and my first thing that clicked in my memory was. He is never. Late. He's always there before me I I'd drive in every day and I he is par. And that was the first thing that I was like your daughter vests while I was like well you know is I hope you're feeling okay that's I guess I don't have maybe pulled over and aside the road anyhow I wasn't I you know he he's gonna fight through everything I was thinking of myself he must be sick and he needs a little bit more time to get to work today. The white hole around. And I parked my car and I get over my car I start walking I've got my bad to get into the in the the ability to get and I. I was out the door. And I realized that I look back and I said. Wears JJ's car. And and that's my second thing or a place that okay he's not here JJ to nine year I clicked the door. I started to open it and realize that we're at the rate. So every senator dole and write your jacket open end. I cannot go and but I clicked the door and I and I just thought to myself was. And Amman house. My brains just not work in the attic Ian he's laughing his head off for three minutes. And I tell you that the threat I don't I don't know how alarming how does not allow me out of my virginity this morning. 702 I still have the proof of my phone seven to get a text from producer JJ. It friendly reminder we are at Harvard center this morning. But it wasn't to the group yet it was directly to me so low you did not get that acts interesting yeah well done yet so very log on to eight feet. Why a you know I and feel free to chime in here jaded. Rip we left here yesterday. Knowing. I said at the end of the show were back here tomorrow training camps open were harbor senator baba baba baba baba block. The reminder was from Marty because Marty's night here at parties or show Marty's all over the place. But I did listen to this on the man driving back from Syracuse yesterday's sell. I was all caught up on twelve point six body fat that you wrist felt was that. You have the best save your life at all don't know when you guys were telling Palmer about you watch it and the rule that shaking everybody's that PD he'd be in. So I listened to all the interviews on demand which was great. And I heard at the end of the show. PD Seau back here at our senate to all sabres. I don't even need the reminder that neither him. I knew it while Auburn you know where the gators case of our Greg and needs a reminder of who we are proud of these huge archive of the terrorist to get tired added I have blackouts I called this morning the first thing as I was happy birthday. 33 pitches that normally may have logo for that correct any weight training camp over here at harbor senator and let's let's stuff around there's so much to talk about mean. From Carlson trade to say and training camp opening expectations. Marty there's a few things he wanted to talk about. One teacher thoughts on Robin latter's article part about that a little bit and it last night. I read a little bit and it's an and if you read it in its entirety it's it's very powerful yeah it is very you know. The the big thing and I was myself that I can practice yesterday and produce so I was talking to a few the coach is that where the guys before myself practice. And TV set to meetings today did you read about Robin Lehner as that guy I mean. And it's one of those enjoy it you knew there was something because I mean I I'd gotten to know Robin a little bit over last year's here. And I've even been on the ice with Robin doing. You know informal skates of goalie practice in one day. You know it was just very dark and and he didn't really feel like work and he didn't really. One to put in the day the attention to be dealt and then the very next day 24 hours later. Eight years smiling at how at the end and was dummy out complimented me on how great practice was an odd you loved it drills and if he can do more of this the next day. And it was very up and down right and now and so. A lot of dug a powerful message. In the article to me as the fact that. We'll do things one he got tremendous help. Live from Jason doctoral. From Andrew Allen from the coaching staff of the sabres to be able to handle the situation at the end the season and still throughout the summer. But to is that he was afraid rob and I was afraid well absent from the year at meetings yeah yeah last day he was absent he was not there so but. Did the second part is that route planner was afraid. To talk about. You know he said he went into meetings before being a free agent and teams get like drilling and about being a bad team made that being. Majority and inconsistent then and he was afraid. Tuned to talk to them about a judge has been diagnosed with bipolar I. I've been what would you get a taste of beer a day and I didn't treat it popping pills of and he was afraid. Because of the perception that would be and I just hope that. More and more of those that particles more mortal threat I understand that they don't let me something I I understand his fears that regard because there are people out there believe it or not that would be it. I don't wanna deal that I don't wanna know that. And does that this isn't like if I watch it and I think today it did do the coach or the general manager and I think you know what. I bet hip issues my whole career. And in all and I'm intimate than staying and I got to be on top of that but my hip will be a situation. I did not want to divulge dad. A 100% but that doesn't buy it now with the general manager or the team's decision to say hey. Do we have the people in in place to handle its physical. I would call that disability but is is injury or whatnot. And can we deal with it I think the mental aspect of it as the same thing again I'd be able to go in and a lot of major. To be shared scared off like you know if I were GM's sitting in there trying to. Speak within unrestricted free agent goaltender and he's telling me that wall I've. Got a drinking problem man I I I had a pill problem. And I've been diagnosed with being by bipolar. And you know just all this information coming out of that small. Interview where you're trying to get to know this player what's gonna happen. But my point is it should be. It should be weighted as much as. Injury. History as the fact they don't think so you know you've had having to at all at the same think. It's the exact same thing not the same thing yeah I I had mental a mental illness is the same to me. The that's definitely here in terms of internal debate able to go home form but I don't think it's it's a regular physical illness. Only. Is going to hurt your the individual. Yet the the mental illness of a player could hurt an entire team no but my point is that it should be handled it as a witness and if you're signed. I used to upload Newman in for an example when temple was area at a party issue OK he basically. Like if you sign a player. And you know we as a heart issue and you gonna give of them medical support. To be able to keep them healthy executives they. And to be able to perform at the highest visibility it's helped the again. You believe. That that pros and cons is that going to be a situation where we want them or 82 games but the law only play forty because it affects everybody in the locker room as well. And the fact that he'll play or not I think we'll publish that deals would depression or mental illness or alcoholism or drugs or whatever. As a team you should be able to. Take that same information. And analyze that this thing what you would wind. A shoulder injury Arnie and I and I get that but as as a GM I'm listening to all the information and I know player has. A hard issue or a bad hip lecturer shoulder. I'm open on the next guy because I don't have but what that exactly if Robin Lehner is sitting in a room in their pampering because your moody. You've shown signs of you know negative behavior in the past. Wobble wobble blah and then all of a sudden if he were to come out and say that things wall. I'm I'm I'm an alcoholic I took pills. All this other stuff that he's been diagnosed yes the IBM all that stuff there. 1999%. Of the GM's in this league you're just gonna say you know like he's a very good goaltender. We just don't need that you don't need that I have been I don't know if you know what they should look to put it on the table right and let it down make that this is putting him just. They wanted all what did you just say you just finished with what he's anyway. He's great goaltender and if that's something that's been hampering him when he is gone back and and god help and had a good offseason mentally and you know darn treatments and all that stuff which he has he sounds like it put to death on paper putting this on paper has to be. Almost closure for him right wouldn't you say for him yeah. It's part of this gap and it one end of acceptance to get acceptance himself knew that I'm not writing guests were people just feel bad about a meal or to take that I think they'll pick but the timing of this the release of this article. Right wanted to come out yesterday that it did yesterday or like before yesterday morning okay so came yesterday morning day of training camp. What happens when you read that yours teammate you've Glock to you put your arm around them no matter what it doesn't matter who it is. It doesn't matter anything where your from it doesn't matter what you read that about a teammate that has the same logo on the you do. You go up you put your arm around I mean he is going to get he probably received. A tremendous. Amount an overwhelming amount of support yesterday. Pristina ably management. Bands and in Long Island and we talked about opening up. To a new fan base. I mean this guy's gonna step on the ice and they are going to have his back on a nightly basis because they know what he's been dealing with and what percentage of the population. Is dealing with something. But I had a thing in arts advocates that just about Carroll is what like old as it's about forty Liu won well you 43 really what are your. Okay level Ella 75 years old. And so don't go out and tell me dad while the old school guys wouldn't accept that and would be able to handle it then maybe a guy like this and bottles and younger. Man in a new school guy and he may be able to ward to handle it. Because it was out there by the exciting is a whole relative because he has really opened up the eyes to match their well knowing that adding. A dad that that statement that says all I mean. The older generation. Can't wrap their hands around that they can't understand. 75 years old and rob and an article. Said dad. It probably wouldn't have been able to be worry is right now if it hadn't been for the islanders and Lou Lamoriello. And Jason buckle in the Buffalo Sabres so my point is that. Add in this day and agent when he team. With everything that we've read and seen. About Nate Morton and then nine Dan Carcillo and I think with Derrick will guard and saw any of the I ought to dorm on the door. That we should be able not prepped and threw just look at. Somebody and it became a bit this heinous that I've dealt with depression. And OK but I need your help then yeah I need your support. As a team if you believe in the talent of the player. You will provide the support because you know that he'll be available asks for your team. You know I mean that's plain and simple I've played with Sean Avery and and Sean was. Very much as they've done for dialing in as many days he was a great players of. Fun guy to be around in his depressed like moody was very hard to handle. But at the same time I think that. The Rangers try to help them. He did not have the same help in Dallas. I'm definitely want to get out there so there's that's how it it works in teams should be able to support those guys and that the death of ribs as you pointed out. You put the the pros and cons on your sheet. And just like it a physical injury. It's too much of a gamble for your team and you'd you'd get. You know jumpin. Just say I can't do it and that's fine but you know made an educated guess. And not one that says why don't wanna deal with mental a mental health and mental issues no it's it should be on the same. Staff as an injury a shoulder injury. Concussion issues as should all be laid out there and you make a decision would all the information we are just as this is not something that he. Like we're reporting on the same page to shoulder injury that he would be putting on the same page is that by the shoulder and knee. In a back injury. With rob. Because these are out there but ultimately huge day they wait a little heavier and I'll I'll say this I'll say that. I just. I think. In any way what we're talking about whether it's physical ailment or mental ailment it it affects your it can affect your ability to play and you need you just. It they're both different. What people you know we I think you handle them differently than you know is as I think what we're talking about here. Is the gators into Peter's great brave Marty bureau here always on Friday were alive at the harbor center. We are on WGR 550 and MSC why are we at the harbor center because yesterday. Was Gregory his birthday is he asked if we can do so Barbara senator cover training camp and he got his birthday wish so we're down here the big boys are on the ice Jack cycle. Practice sweater number nine risk those on the ice. I'm aligned media still firing away at Marty what's your neighbors a pleated blind for a group aid this morning so we have just get on the last on the last on the left. With Jack I call them will go postal on the right. We have Alex Milan there left wing with Matt burden in the middle and John's Billy on the right Jonathan Johnston. John's believe me we we talking islander Leo we have our you know I'm I'm here and hope you guys out just the daily. All of them on the left with Larson and ultimately in Wilson crystal Cornell and looked. Are the four guys right now down there and elements the line and as a pair d'alene McCabe as the there. Pilot and the June. Even then Redmond though there's some interesting little with the end of Baghdad also. Opel celebrities as I pronounced the key to write too much will also. You'll let's to operate their perspective he said yesterday his nickname is Oki yeah so if you're gonna if I mean your odds. Please call of Austin. Three and played Helen in what year was that 2000. Than in 1990000. He was a rookie 910 yeah yeah so anyway so postal with Michael let's get a variant you're seeing. To see that that may be there they're looking at a postal having a very much of a bounce back season and he woody didn't do. We don't line with tons of speed Skinner tons of speed Michael Douglas beat. Proposal for the custody he's not the fastest skater he's never been the greatest the theater but maybe with two guys that can really bunt he can. Fight his way around you know I'll say this Ari just to jump on what you're saying there. You know we talk about guys that are. Or they're they're different guys that are different in interviews some guys have more energy in some guys are more bubbly some guys there are more quiet he is more quiet. But the information that he gave us yesterday. About the Stevie coat on at work lack of confidence in his skating. Now did you said rip rate varies of what does that mean I was thinking the same thing you know like what is that what you say he was two when he is getting you must pushed up the puck because he was not bow I think it enough confidence in his speedy was getting pushed Austin are split. Two point in this league is like it's like pollution over a backfire like yeah push in over a fire writer good luck. But you know what. It's a boat here and between his ears and not feeling comfortable with the way that he felt on the ice and but like I wolf he I was up but it turned it trial last weekend I had parents coming over to Meehan and now you got to go seek asylum portals you wanna. An individual one on one feet with. With a steadying guru from Toronto so he's put that behind him. He put the timing and feel more comfortable on his edges and I think he's he's pumped he wants to get going in you want to get back to being. The Kyle postal. Of a. The O two years ago three years here yeah exactly well you know only. Let let's even be generous about his season last year when there isn't really much to to raise a lot of guys this second half of the season after a terrible first half yup and it you'll call a terrible. I'd call it terrible but no we do I think we all would end and the same goes for Sam they both had strong second half so. If he can just pick up where you left off and passing statistic we just how he felt how we started to feel on the ice. Confidence to comfort the lol the conditioning was back. I mean. I I do have high expectations for him and how can you know I he signed here Rodham on a big contract. Six million per year. And it wasn't come here be a better presence that young guys who come here be a difference maker and I feel like like help the you know my body and soul with every player stand included Jack sounds like he's. He's not a lot of excitement and an optimism for this year and in his comments yesterday were there listen. Think they're big boycott and. I think the message those comments yesterday which you guys. Where is Lee identify. What went wrong and we'd old now how to fix that and how to move it felt like every year. The last 45 years there was never really in the reasoning behind it it was just all you know changing coaches change in jail magic change of philosophy. All of this to me sounds like from Jack Bristow. Two everybody else in the lineup. They've been able to finally look at each other in the mirror. And come up would an illusion a solution and maybe that comes when we're at a company like that comes with. From up top I think certainly adjacent waters about yes against the Bartrum went down after the sees. Instead there's a lot of fun unacceptable things things need to change here. I will do my part when buying and tell your right now when each individual goes home this summer you better do your part. You collectively bring that together all the players have now watched what you eat some balk was done on in the off season. You know obviously winning the lottery is is is is key for the ball with fevers moving forward with. Having the ability to pick harassment don't mean and and and how that young player grow but the key signals that bringing in order. Veteran players and and hunt which Jiri Skinner burglar and some vodka this is a changed environment. Because all those new players coming here. Don't know what Buffalo's gone through the last number five years six years they're coming in looking looking fresh. Which Jack gets the seat but go ocean. All of these guys that have been around risked the line and they look at these new players coming in and and the smile and and and and wanting to be competitive the environment has changed right now it's about. Be part of the solution they'll be part of problem and if you're part of problems it's about who basically said. We were and I couldn't deal with Neal were movement on we're bringing people that wanna be part of the solution. Another dole tidbit of information from the line that surprised me because model also that I collect other. Is d'alene paired up with McKay. And obviously. You you know look at the olina left and shot. Can play both the left and right side defenseman but right now thicket on the left side in prospect camp Fleetwood will Gordon lefty righty. Now Darlene Mickey. That to me is interesting to see that it would pared those two in group a and see what they get from advocate can be physical. Making it yet more within home defenseman. Did he get that that's strong foundation that Dolly may need to just. Just played really make a case of my next questions and gallery of the line and only playing last night with McCain. Yeah the left handed shot what can play and write they write feel very comfortable on the right hand side. What is what is your mind what are you thinking right now when you see that. In the next what are you thinking right off the bat. In the next group. Is solely a gay and Bogosian. It I think they get. We got together we ought I got a part of this part group effort Marty that's what I can rely rebirth yeah I'm going to be looking to see if that would goad him. And Brennan who we play together if he if you even here together. If he if that the media law that they wanted you though all the interest that he got to come out the next little while I would imagine. But. I mean. This is is you would have to think that that would be it hasn't proved to you've got Bogosian. Tennyson Nelson Borg and icky Cooley and W. Still. The only two that I can you that would be. Two that are going to be part of that the top six in that group. Or Bogosian and goalie about W well bully is not that that's. He's not it's nothing like three years ago we had 28 points if not it's not that guy in my book right now well right now he led a support system Morgan is Iraq just a guide bills the as a support guy. Tennyson's around just a guy so really there's only boo him because it's supposed to we'll if I were kept I would hate to sit there and in taken me W and today. He's not a top six player in the national hockey. Which is I got them now I what September 14 is not really a defenseman right now I mean you defenseman last year on the Buffalo Sabres on that. Very that that he struggled immensely name me one defenseman that had success. One seed and that's success last game one. I think that is that a trick question there are warning that weren't the only. Thing I mean it's not a trick question it's a simple question what defense. Had success last year not nothing but OK so let's not rap on me bully you would say that he's not a politics meanwhile is a first round draft pick he came from Montreal had 28 points within the kids the better defense than me maybe white. We saw on a very bad team that had no chemistry no defense the. Would that be great if that were true that this because if that's true I now you're getting now guys advocate your own Kool Aid over here and I finally got. Oh well. You know we're doing it or Hewitt yeah world war or we're not giving up our guys felt like I feel like that was good article thinking why is it wishful thinking because wishful thinking as like oh. I can't wait to see Jurgensen played as Erica I think you'll be really good all well Howard it matinee idol now. Ours is wishful thinking was a year ago it is not pay mediate thrusting her words now read this that wishful thinking was a year ago said. Oh my goodness that's going to be Drake has got Jack Ryan O'Reilly samurai and art is going to be fantastic everything is rosy cheeked Ian and everything's great. They bull you right now. And he that your there was no defense that good seasons with the neighbors. But it W was one of the worst of the guys that bad season. OK so he has an uphill battle here and it's not even like close to being you know you look at. Yes yes very very big hill to climb and it doesn't have the Eagles all here. And performs and it looks really good and the team is willing to say that. That's really give you more to stand on this fine but I let's breakdown may believe and how crappy he was last year while does yes size. I saw a solid size can he skate. Above average Kenny shoot that you have offensive abilities yes yes and yes indeed physical yes. I mean he jokes a lot of boxes but I didn't diary now do you think that he's happy as a young player to think he's happy with the season that he had last year again Bob I am I hope nobody I nobody should I happy at last season. I asked him five question Abbott don't know why I don't know I promised our group in the rundown and I would be out of here by ten point six we come back and talk Carlson trade. Saying in deal cares how Carlson treated the terrible trade with your doctor or boys. All of that though yet they're really Carlson. The bad deal it could affect the sabres. That that did this home in the divisions that were. You should send them back to the field I want you are saying hello. Well honey hear your five things that I'm gonna disagree with them they believe they are right now when we come back the five. Things that ribs is gonna disagree with right here. With Marty bureau and Peters Gregor bay it's to gators WGR 5:50 and am as he will be right back our system. Instead it's. Peaked at great. That we're back here at the Harbour Centre of the boys are on the ice and that is why bath a lying it is safe fast needs practice that they are doing right now Andrew Peters Craig repay. Marked and beer on here live on WGR 550 and and managed Jeep. I am I don't know what you guys but I'm excited that our keys back because you know. Gives us on the talked about lot of trades and stuff yesterday have. Captain being named in Arizona. And get your thoughts on that a little bit gonna get your thoughts at some point today Craig on the Carlson trade. Tyler say gay. They did today. Taylor Sergei. His his contract in in Dallas lives Marty. We do they said that you had five questions for on the he's gonna disagree with all of them. You know red as you used they ought to be outside the Aggies game can you shoot knowledge that I guess that but I ask you five questions. About it and Beaulieu and I want to answer them as honestly as you can see them army organizer gone OK so number one does he have IQ IQ. That that's RTS if that's hockey I can hockey I Q there's a guy he's. Yes I would they'd policy gets lost in the offensive zone quite often period of I used a four lacklustre as there are no matter. A great job if he can as the demand went into the forest what's the bottom of the page Bill Clinton mr. Marty Meehan your questions out there and he's gonna answer them debate it. We have to make would be held we're gonna get the Carlson and me now it will stick around for a Karlsson did hear you guys are planned. He's disciplined. While that that that that question I've asked it's just aren't Lance journalist not a desert went through your pocket a boat that he takes stupid panel to review discipline and that we deeply positioning everything else you've got to be more missed the program darkening of the market. I'm taking penalties is discipline. Those ironed out no no no more on discipline than any other they hired all right we cut after the first and goal but it no more. Does he play fast. Nobody played fast on the ball with it as Joseph at all no go to we're talking to vote individual right to your your your you basically get named all the ball as aggressive as if that would does grow. I don't know. At the line here with a group yeah absolutely bull. I guess the worst in Ireland the national Italians had a favorable market because we crack. I don't like to know what it. It came with crappy lies it is the fifth parents there is no aiming but the individual players don't does not fit with this group as the number one defense and that's what he's. The last few years but if you put of it elevates the number one defenseman. In the next year old Bristol. Obviously that's what this group. Item much lesser role and it is game. I think it's a game and my last question for you is this an eight W a long term option on the awful. No no we'll cap and that's about the most important. Because of goalie is a long term option. If Dow means a lot of option if they give the long term option if Bristol Landon and can go a long term option. You can't put bull you in the six because he's not a long term option for this to. You can and if you're gonna put glee in the minors and give him more experience OK well then I'd much covered it rather as day. Hunt Whitney idea of a better option. Nelson media better option. Dan made the W. You know enable usage would choose to 20205. Pound guy and skates extremely well he either. Love under the knocked out map marvelous your how can fight I'll take I had RT are you know Phil Housley is looking for some great I don't care. What it what area it is. You know like there's there's a need for for re still in the eighth lenient I don't know if he's a great guy. But I mean you know he knocked out map marked so that made me happy I'll I'll I'll take it you're just that. Maple you had 28 points 74 games plus eight. Coming to our team last year. Last year unity in sixty games he had nine points in minus nineteen in after that great season you talked about Montreal Montreal says you know what we're gonna read you put. And it what was the reason for that. Don't don't start to be extra Smart now Marty like your ups and I think everybody fight this you know. You know what the reason why they treated because he would have been lost in the expansion draft so they had to get rid of bomb for a third round draft pick and gave him what to say I'll take him. Actually because he he would've been picked in the expansion. So don't start with the camera would nodded got it all 100% you would. Will reportedly take from Montreal. We know who voted. Boom. The looted big mistake. Wheaties in this neck you know who it is. Don't pretend like you know in Israel who was it. The Paula Byron. They. They could minor league Alexia. That today that it would not gonna pick they vote you need yeah I was taken Havilland over believe anyway. But and Hamlin went white like what was the late late 20s30. And then they traded him to Nashville right after that they threw him to. All right so you know we're getting you know thoughts here from fans and Twitter you can tweet at Marty here on 43 Jack Gregory 52 I maps like Craig. Show is against the gators. And now we're live on WGR 550 and on amnesty without the Harbour Centre here for the opening. The officially on the ice for the sabres in the practicing and I will say this. We'll say this. And don't tell our company don't you let me throw into that either are confident with much things much that I say but I'm confident this this is the theory. I pays high energy. Physical practice I did do what during the commercial the drill we thought was that one too. Continuous that the players would go to 12 RBIs through or against you defenseman. And after making the play today announced they would vote forwards have to go touched the wall and re attacked by passing the puck to the point. DTD mass shot on that try to get the deflection that yet to box the players out and then from that point on that two players that. Would come in swoop and get a puck and go back to wanted it went back and forth back and forth. It was really high temple pays it was physical. Guys that the president that helpful filming a really nice movie was just pull it back any more this forehand made I agree it's not so you. This is what I love about. Green campus watching practice. Because you can actually that's what I love about training camp right there crisp and Vera. Has been there what can around shaking hands if they he is shaking hands. OK let's move I think our guys really want to talk about Eric calls it. No no I I. We have to Marty I mean I we are a hockey show and we owe it to the public that listen. To give our opinion on the concentrate. I've heard so many people say and I sent out a tweet yesterday and right. I'm not so sure. That Arnold got his robbed. As yes it's not yet there are no superstars being returned. There's no first round pick with several dated have when you know why belongs in the Buffalo Sabres. Shuttle's life. So little slide that the next year it gets light years OK it's it's like two years but my my point is they picked up this kid Norris first round pick Chris Tierney. I looked up the other kid is a defenseman to the morality yet twenty points in 62 games are summing. You oil the funniest thing about the mellow though is that he was not. Qualified. By the San Jose Sharks at the end of the season he was a free agent for ten days and re sign with the sharks and then they treat them. So there's a player that you know the senators maybe really wanted in the trade but that's analysts say it was willing to part ways. Or nothing so I guess my point is this. Odds were what were the odds that he was ministry signed there could they've got more at the deadline who knows. What if he was heard at the deadline. They'll make you got to pull children as deal now because of Carlson's hurt at the deadline you can't move him. You're what that proves you. You know you look at this dinner trade you look at the pats are ready three. You look at that even adults had a parade you look at the Carlson trade. Or you look at the O'Reilly three. It shows you that when that team is at advertise to the rest of the world. That a player is on the market and accurate you're displeasure whether with a certain players that the value drops. Like riddled rally just above rule always said Randall is part of our team is part of our plan moving forward we like him and I really believe that if they didn't rate rhino rally. They'd be happy to have him on the kept coming up and up and up enough that you have to make the train. But if you're Montreal Canadians and he keeps in pats are ready he's that's portrayed he's out to say he's not gonna play with a Canadians again the prices dropping. Eric Carlson the price was dropping. I like the option if the prices dropping just get there the prices dropped. The sabres made out by able to acquires scanner when the price was low and traded O'Reilly when the prices high. And we're able to to put that together and rebuild their team ought to law have not been able to rebuild their team. By eighth street and got worse and it all worked with large Arnold rib doesn't think very highly apart nobody is a good player he's modular he got hurt you got Israelis injury yesterday at. Third line guy third line guy all on any team. Where he had a regular you know it they're they're going young anyway there and you look at the some of the guys. That they have him in in auto why they wanted to go young they wanna do the youth movement. And that's OK you know losing a guy like I he'll. Almost forces them to put another young guy in the lineup. Maybe gonna go through some tough times throughout the season playing big boy hockey in the National Hockey League. But it gives them a chance to see what they I know that they have that great they YouTube first round draft pick. Round off. Look at brown Logan brown if they picked. Two or three years ago he's at six foot five and 215. Pound center men. Very very talented young kid he is now gonna have a chance to step into this lineup and he's gonna have a chance to play some minutes so this is. Sometimes when you lose a player like. Who who is a very solid player for ought to walk. Sometimes it can be call. Ramos going to be lick their chops right now boys they are that I mean you talk about they are the happy is. Team on the planet in auto club there was ever a bullet there. The top three people. That were. Elated with this trade. And the first one was Doug Wilson obviously the general managers annals a acquiring air Karlsson the second was the Colorado Avalanche in in Joe Sakic. And the third one was. Everybody else around. Was just happy to see this kind of move meet I would flip that was I think Joe Sakic is that happy this person while in the world right now. Because it just. It he basically gets out he did he get the tank decade he doesn't even have the tank only sorry you did it. Yeah already. And he got his back but Ayers thing. Doug Wilson why he probably number one on the list is because the scent of the shards. Are going. For the arc going all in. By a signing him and her team by now after constant going ever to bear they were bigger that the parents sold theirs letting the world know. We are all and so what's gonna happen. At the trade deadline this year is San Jose is gonna be kicking tires and everybody available again yes there and it just mortgage I think you're younger Wilson. Has got to realize that he's been GM of the San Jose Sharks. For upwards of 20/20. Years okay. He has yet to win a Stanley Cup he's been a team that has been always in the and the race in the running they've been. A team that's been. Very successful in the playoffs. But he wants to win a Stanley Cup and he's got that point right now where he will trade every asset that he has to get it done. This year. To try and win the Stanley Cup was here Joe's last year CG OC Jumbo Joseph overzealous tee to open Belsky is not getting younger and currently her yes yes they need to win now Brent Burns. Every year this goes on Brent Burns gets a little older to open Belsky. We'll be sure Paul Martin back there. No he is now he's now. Not there anymore so he's now now you know that he you know he in which the miners faster I think you know he every year the he'd been in the NHL. He made the playoffs yes yes. He is one of the most underrated defenseman of the last. Fifteen years extremely until you know all leave them in Jersey lost to step obviously often forced to give but the year lady had he played. Fourteen games last year witness that those concerns. Most of the year. You spin it in and a minus lady that he was hurt a lot last year eighteen games in the minors. And fourteen is that like you. Look at his numbers commercial consistent what do I thought it was like when you think of when you hear air balls being treated. Right away before you read anything or were word. We're looked up the actual trade your thinking extreme you're thinking that these guys again and knock it over to the park I can't wait if you return and when I read why didn't they definitely they would really giving up a on a flight. He future pieces and they gave they they came up with hearing. Okay there's is that there's hearing he was with a third line player on standalone database basically he they gave up nobody. Here's the thing what I thought Carlson gets rated number one I said. What has happened to be Ottawa Senators last week. They went from. Hamburg alert few years ago. Three years ago being having a fantastic. Night season to deceive the new year Andy played the Montreal Canadians in the first round our the year after that didn't. I left last year. With Craig Anderson he's an environment and Nicole Anderson in his way that the cancer treatment and emotion gathered here with their emotions that they weren't going her way through years ago from going the final let. The Ottawa Senators are to be they were on the arrives. You Wear hot and cold and hot and cold and hot and cold type of organization. And they were a player or two away one or two bad things happening to the team to crumble. She are right we got to go to break when we come back this or that you gonna do the district that that we talked about this morning and remember what was. Over the last yes Leon I don't remember what it was he said it was a good one rivets here believe it or not. And Marty you're on right here in skaters couldn't hear you I haven't answered that that we wrote down from. You wrote it down in the days it's not my book that did. What was it. Implements and we just cut across. We're one of the corner while they'll go well with my goodness all right well we come back find out how we like butter sandwiches WGR 550 domestic Indians hitters. Well come back it is time for this or that because we only have a few minutes here and PT I'm was given in as little boy Brody who is not in school by the way what's going to go to. Hey big goal this morning with the exceeds peace you thick so you don't have a bagel this morning and he called it a battle. Still would like to me as I wanted to ask you this because I know what PD says what is it a bagel or a bad goal this or that. Mean again is that a bagel or bad thing about our bagel with it again not a angles that the bank but I. When it Marty's I think it. I scattered all I know I don't want to see you on the seed bagel now without dale icy icy battle that bag to bag. Tonight. You do you lopped three bag that gag I don't event and apparently mean tobacco I don't any day. Is that people are being we'll view when you when you go to the grocery store you say I would like eight plastic. They give her bag. We're not gonna start your that I am not alone any about a minute of it all along ask you this. Now I gotta keep going congressmen and ask you this one. Get your dad he's a off that path that. Cost them a pass them. I don't think it's I and I think. They go. Doesn't matter but gave back a bagel it integrate our could have ran I say I say postured now when you've always a path that. You're market exchange while no IP death. That's Italian at the Italians it costs them about my move to hockey and we forget about the food because that's always going to be a debate erupted for the and as the batters it's we said. Moving forward this their debt maturity or against it. Better situation. That's right in my publicist and air while saint Padre because he's recite over and he signed an extension. But I would save. In terms of being able to probably get back to high to peak form. I think Jeff Skinner. Absolutely no question I suggest you there because he's got a possibly playing with Jack cycle and that alone should be the better situation they don't have a player in Magnus in my opinion. As good as Jack. We think that this or that if there or pats well here's the thing that the one thing that I look at when you when you talk about Vegas PD. Is most likely not ready you're going to play went through. That you Carly were that. All that I'm now on you a 100% roster still he has the ability to make. Are you smirk and that now. Everything nice day. When you guys are like yes I I love has I think you guys just need a wedding ranch for each other's names engraved on any act patch ready at the shooter. Bashed you the past Skinner on the other hand if the shooter. Jack. Everything is everything he's a shooter and a pastor still. It's all about chemistry and I can't answer that which wind is going to be more successful because they think. Both doing very good situations. And at the boat. Can you Gelb with the fans and in place quickly because we have about ninety seconds here at this or that Henrik Zetterberg announces retirement. This morning the Detroit red wing said that that a bird. Is not going to be healthy enough to ever be able to play. Professional hockey. A few years back he lost a legend as well in. Detroit had held up so they'll masking it this or that the better player. And right Zetterberg or Pavel Datsyuk. To nonsense question. That's about that one go that's that suit. It's amazing that he's retiring after signing what was the deal it. 73 million dollars in this year you can make three million. Any given make a million. And then the million after that it just it it's amazing idea I am right and it's amazing that it retiring after he made 7000170. Please about it I got a contract that he was gonna probably not played a hole like that that contract. I unfortunately. Why would you want to play for a million dollars but he's gonna get like Mariano thought is going to be put on long term IR. Because of back injuries and you can't play anymore I love like me trying to circumvent the CBS. He's retiring I would say this I will say it's been a pleasure to watch both players Datsyuk and Zetterberg. Both extremely extremely elite players. Throughout the time in the NHL I mean. Datsyuk. It's a little bit more dynamic. He was that he was one of the greatest two way hockey players in the NHL for years but he was also one of the most dynamic. With the pot heat get things. That position he was did you pick pocket right you is this but it was amazing what a guide with the I appreciate us. Yeah well I'll how are things that it's an honor. To tell you that I was drafted and stayed year. Or around higher than that there. Bow and every GM would sleep and that day you know that is external and I these round 171. Lost a lot of people got fired up over that went. I'll do what we gotta get out here because when we come back up the update we will get a favorite player maybe about that. Finally get that work harder on the ice right now with eleven hours so maybe they'll love but those elements that breakaway so. We'll talk about now does not fare beating you get a study and again we'll be right back at you get a WGR by the end.