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Lowe's savers WGR Sports Radio 550 and WG ER 515 dot com. All right here's your sports update from my very very high paid sabres practice here you haven't heard the news yesterday. Defenseman Erik Karlsson was acquired by the San Jose Sharks from the senators yesterday along along with four prospect rants of Iran. In the trade dissenters acquired forward. Chris Tierney and we'll golf balls are defenseman Dylan the mellow. An unsigned forwards Joshua Norris a first round pick in the morning nineteen or. When he when he draft a second round pick and when he nineteen draft and two additional. Picks it sounds like had structured it is with a lot there but here Carlson trees in the San Jose Sharks. Senator pilots say inside an eight year deal worth 78 point eight million dollars. With the stars yesterday that has an average annual value of nine point 85 million Sagan had 78 points. Including an NHL career high forty goals last season. Team captains are starting to be named around the NHL John taveras pocket Margo Marleau and Morgan Riley. Each named an alternate captain from believe notice velocity Matthews all of wrecked the Larson was being captain for the coyotes. And Justin Williams mr. gained seven itself. Has been named the captain for the Carolina Hurricanes. Last year's co captains just fault and Jordan Staal made alternate captains. Detroit Red Wings general manager Ken hall of officially announced this morning that Henrik Zetterberg career is over due to a degenerative back issue. Zetterberg was unable to train this summer. And was unable to practice through the files too much of it when he 1718 seasons he'll be. He didn't play very many games last year that there needs through the bills' home opener is this Sunday vs the Los Angeles chargers at 1 PM. Rookie quarterback Josh Allen will start this Sunday for the first regular season start in the NFL. You can catch the game. Under the GR 550 and on CBS. That's your sports update or today I'm Andrew Peters and back to the investigators. And join the I know I don't have my paper problem opera. It's just a quick update to that goes along with I'm landlords that they. No Ivan Lendl I would let me that's find a better but no Joseph ward is didn't granting AP peal invite to the Montreal Canadians Kia. So rude to award. Who like has always been ten of them gold guy and you know. A depth guy it was that Washington San Jose. We view it. That is the thing is just Washington's now I think it was just goes to right but anyway he's been given a peace deal. With the a Montero Canadians and will try to earn a spot on and you know what if you could repeat deal if you look at for an inviting him usually try to go to teams that are going to be at the bottom of the standings there's more opportunity for you to be able to be there are so. I think that's what tortoise trying to do go there and injuries job has had some health issues over the last few years with the Canadians so in the same type of player. Maybe there's a spot which award in 1937 years old turned 38. But the guy is like a machine. We deeply that he had Paul points last year didn't look like machine and I talk about down often. This is game is not to be liked going points this game is still in Italy is a big physical. We got that it was a goal scored. Don't work no idea a couple of good years when he won 1924. Yeah its a good here always thought of them as mostly with the Washington known I was Wally. That was signed that big deal of cells is at a four year deal for like sixteen million of them that. That's right but. Its first year and in San Jose at when he won. So he's he's he could put the puck in the net buddies I'm not sure he's he's kind of like a third line of right Winger. Can kill penalties. Not overly physical battle be dynamic not overly fast but does everything very well that he uses his brain enters Smart play and another quick update a lot of goalies on sure about their start the season. You got. Allen in. In Saint Louis would back spasms they they've got to think they fit for what six week leave me be so maybe missing the start the season Cory Snyder. New Jersey. I'm not sure if they'll be ready for an idea season. And it gets he got a surgery he had in me. Oh that was him. Maybe but it does show up they'll be ready you've been battling some injuries from Corey Crawford did that uses this morning the core fraught Crawford was on the ice. In Chicago he's been missing in action since last December so I dealing with both concussion syndrome. And so there's another guy that the Chicago Blackhawks absolutely need get in a playoff position in December and when court proper went down. They completely. You know got out of the way and then that Scott Foster was the biggest news. In in net for the Chicago Blackhawks in the last four months this season so. All right is the gators live from the harbor senator why because training camp is officially open or opened yesterday. But I mean that's not hockey that's physicals and fitness testing and all that stuff they're on the ice today in a very very. When I would say. Very intense high a high paced high energy practice to getting back now I got the nets pulled out there doing laps. And this is a warmer he tell the boys' table is I'll leave this one summer set the pace. Based on the pace car out there who's the pace car a postal exposes our race now with an ax about the just passed a month. Jack and pat mean got to expect Jack to pull pull through here right. So when they do death. The any time I get any time we did this and I led the group when he knew that it was a a SATA. Absolutely when you were back delegate you know where their back taxes that are. That's Max the strength to blow everybody out a lot of the witness. So the football teams in this market teams on high school they do these is Leah. The last and that's to race quickly to the front of the line. And then everybody goes that there'll faith that there's always somebody else leading its number. Now on the one person to lead the pack at risk the line. Yeah but this is showing off this is like with your eyes showing off united showing you this could have speed you this is aka area thicker area. It had no idea Belmont. Winning by 25 blank that whenever you know like you know you join our new. I typical setting a standard Marty and I know I I like Idaho went like it. No I I've enjoyed how many guys are bent over this has been a really tough practice with these guys right now. This is not made our bags and if that's what this is what Phil Housley. And in a lot of the veteran players talked about that this is not going to be neat training camp they're gonna put the work in. And. It went in the next drove to go you want to know a little bit of whistle goals ending practice you still think you're thankful that that whistle went nearly. The next group to go in your Diane you're about to go for state and echoes of then practice is over and I thank god. The best part of it and that's it starts this kind of thank god do you remember the first practice back at after the Olympic break and possibly. Is that so many golds 606. Europe in the first practice back. We were getting bag and everybody was so tired just at thirteen days off Brian Campbell. Was skating backwards. All yes. You remember that yes and the guys who are losing I hate buying high eight chopped his legs so hard I literally tied and this season because you're standing with seven or eight other guy anyway. Yeah right I seized each other like in any hazardous gaining backwards and I took a swing atom I had the ability to plea was to millions and today. I'll give you a give him my my teeth on soupy and get the stated by the. And that's exactly the way you won. You let. Don't plan. Through via the opportunity to sit beside me when he came to San Jose and if you remember how he taped this sticks. Remember the knob of his stick it was meticulous it took twenty minutes just to do is no off. Because it was all really fluffy with the the type of tape that he put around it. And then he would only grab it. Before he went on the ice and then so they wouldn't be messed up at this time it would be the last nobody touched it sticks while you know why I was getting a little sick and tired of. Watching them do that and his little red headed. You know loss is loss aren't here commoner on there. And I went in the room and ice Les Paul is not a comfortable with. Sixteen minutes of taping of this day I'm like listen. Let's let's let's figure things out here but I have to crack and how did that go over. How to play. Our youth furious and he wanted to know who was his views often it's just walking around the room my tonight it. Donated standard that again. I was back I. OK while they're going to be EF flooding and flooding or they just. I don't think practice is over and coach goalie coach Andrew Allen has got the big shovel out to clean around the grief. So they can do some goalie works so it looks like practices went down he. Yeah organize their. In addition sorry Marty there's an addition we never talk about Steve Smith. All that I that happened when rip was I think lion on the dock that's all he never had a chance to comment on that but I got you have this right here but to bring in Steve Smith who. Yeah I got to talk to him on Tuesday at the sabres foundation golf tournament and very excited to be part of distaff lake he is. I think he lives in Chicago now and this is family are you staying in Chicago because I think his youngest is having. In his senior year of high school so. But he said you know we were talking about the way that the that the game teams. From. You know the eighties to now in. In that coaching what is it like to do like he gets in the plane after game and he gets its computer route and he starts we can add that shifts and breaking them down. And always that with the hour flights because golf was such a night. You know travel schedule Carolina was the same way when he was an assistant there. That you know he just like sit down with the players that great addition in hopefully we. We get it to talk to him and get to have him on the show once or twice as it is very interesting love to idiot to stay. Yeah played a long time in the and in the NHL over 800 games. Has been coaching in the NHL. Calgary Edmonton and Carolina the last four years and airline before that it was four years but look at the Carolina. He had Jacobs Leven. No one of than Justin Faulk. If that great talent in Carolina that he's been able to achieve yes and then gig going and I think that. Probably the main reason why I got I think Smith is here buffalo right now is because you look at. D'alene Cooley missed the line and they gave those are younger players that you want to be able to give the right tools. All the banks John Mac guy. Don't even go there what course do you go married what four cops what when he going have been five in a row. He won there does he have a Brady five be played two games with the Oilers that you're I don't know if you would have gotten a copy 8586 C 18067. 8788. And then he he wanna get in 1990 have easily won you won fork and wolf you rate of three and a half cups. Easily pool and know they lost one of those 8788. Was an Edmonton OnStar here. 86 but they won 8485878890. Day right I only played two games. Yeah guys are so he was he was in it was enormous growth that we errors in the Oilers did that team won five he's one war. And a half because he said he played two games now he's got four rings is like I probably knows Greg Munich for a while that is played with him and in me I eighties he absolutely knows are crazy and mean. For sure those guys know each other very very neat they would of boys on the bias member of that. That documentary they did on the Oilers boys on the bus. Putts. So great the NHL network has played it. A dozen times in the last couple years on a that you told evil that so many times if you ecological YouTube that you would sit down and put it on your TV you know we got Internet TV read. Turner on going you to return envoys on the bus it is. If you could Gretzky and Anderson is in messier and all these guys sitting around a dinner table having some wine talking about whose time. I mean he got Glenn Anderson at the horse track he got you know you're you see these guys in this legendary team. Back in the day in the locker room I mean it's it's unreal it won't we should ask him about that Cuba anyway there's a guy that doesn't get. Much praise you talk about the defense that. Like Carolina has party and and how much impact he must have done. Obviously. Carolina was kind of a mass and everybody probably huge debt that we did you order that. Things are gonna change would build Peters leaving going to Calgary and I think that was just a great ire by just about Roland Phil Housley to get he's been here. And again I get a do better job here I gotta I gotta do all the point we got to get to the point presented by Jim's steak that you guys have done an unbelievable job are you as it is without. Topics are. I'm going to. Give you some more toppers to do with three of best of three today because we're running out of time here to the point presented by agents staked out who wants go first here. The question in the oval this will air Carlson re signed in San Jose river gets the last few diapers if you played there. I will say no. I believe there still. I believe that good cats love it. I just think that San Jose right now is up against the cap. They ARD have a defensemen on their roster making eight million dollars. They've got many guys that are high paid actuary. About secure. The bells the her whole. And entertained. There's a lot of guys making a lot of money I just don't leave they have enough money. In the air cap right now to sighing air Carlson to. You know. Our times are eleven million dollar deal times are great great points great points I I never thought about that. OK I will re mark able Erica around the trees I was able three deaths because Iowa is the IE. Think that the San Jose Sharks will want to resign Eric Olsen. Dual sport is coming off the books after this here at five million to open golf you'll come off the books at six million. So I think that this than of this arsenal goal waved from a couple of Joes and probably go more into the Collison and build it that way. But they don't sign. It's not a bad thing that they didn't give the link farm really they keep going if it doesn't work rate of the deadline and that are much more or some of those assets. That they already given away so I'm. I will I think they'll find it so I will say I would quiet but at the adult. It's not that big a deal so just the simple tree what does his ribs holding into the point doesn't mean it myself trade place. Doug's right. Blue okay Brit Miller. I don't get rid of all political pod that signs off I didn't like the whole foods that. That is all of whom are doing to the plate for the Atlanta they got rid ends up with the anyway what do we. Your birthday last night I know you had a late night last night there's no doubt about it what you do legends they count. You needed jabs the jabs so your next topic this is the best one for me biggest topic. Why did Austin Matthews get a letter ripped not buy sell trade just don't Whiting get a letter he and about thirty seconds. That he doesn't deserve it needs not the leader of the hockey team. The. Why it's no pitcher time. Hey. Dad. In if these things underneath anymore there's a reason why wasn't picked. Did not even have an a on ministers and then he has not the leader of the hockey team do you like that period. Absolutely they do it right Brendan Shanahan got that right there. And you know what he knows what leadership is all about he picked you guys and Patrick Marleau and and John taveras that we're not. Patrick Marleau with captain in the National Hockey League he didn't Wear a letter ministers he last year last year was Tyler both Jack and who's the only guy. Omnia. I've that war where letters last year bull attack and homer off. Both those two guys are all gone they replaced them with two veteran guys on the bears Patrick Marleau. Those guys are the leaders. Why have why do you have to give a letter. To Austin Matthews. I'm not saying that Austin Matthews will not Wear a letter or even the C at some point in his career just right now he doesn't deserve. I let you Graham a minute and half square answer doesn't have I had let him go although he was he was doing really well when it. Okay when you got Marty. I'm the point present a budget they don't know what there's there's what did that they didn't give them in any they gave the Paris Marleau and Morgan Riley is because they wanna challenge assessment. Anyone see if he does leadership quality without a letter. To see if these gaps in the commerce see how we because Hollywood on exactly because if he responds right away the next letter that will be and is there will be a C. So you'd challenge of museum not put it in New Jersey. I wanna see if by yourself. You can take a leadership role in this team and if you do that did were put the letter and it's going to be three in a letter to Lago a letter and this is the letter that he'll yet but today it in a you'll never be wearing the thief into the guy named John some errors that has eight re eight. 1188. Million I mean why every seven. 37 million line. He doesn't need to be the captain is god prepared for the bonafide captain and national on Julius. And it doesn't make sense we have a guy like taveras in my opinion did you say you if you don't. You don't need a left I don't need a letter to be a leader now but when you know you have a guarantee captain. Slap the C and it's just that they don't worry about hurting feeling that if John didn't have a captain as you don't slap us in a chess John and I are hurting you beyond that Harris was the captain. He captain. Captain they would have given them this. They are just awesome that. I. Entered is already earned enough to actually get that pretty easy for him in his life. And it is our career and he went to Switzerland played well made money back and forty. Now it last year would that I Ayers thing the season that's what I understand what your your thought. But what my thought is that. They go with the captain team they would evidently everybody knows the cap in the union. They wanna give a little bit at times and not meet that need your reaction and just who is he on John bears. There get out loud Jon prepares to rabbit. And and and take over the row OK here. I didn't do that this could ask more questions who we're more questions being good which direction from the drawn media. At the bears being named captain not Matthew Matthew being captain not to there's doesn't matter apparently neither does that. I think it does matter I think it takes a sensitive to the point presented by agents staked out here and we weep we have not going to affect John cares one way or the other lightly but what if I bet you by the golden boy there we got we we had good feelings. Let's not I heard it I think in the I think it's about not hurting you know that's that's been a little. Bus ticket that way Toronto did it right. From dinner right all right next topic here renewed two point presented by Jim's steak and I'd say it's 11. Here Rico best of three did the stars paid Tyler's say again too much. Martin Luther. No I mean. The market dictates. What those type of players get. You know economy gated. Jack I ecole. By EU you look at those young stars in the National Hockey League they're gonna get their money and the stars need Dallas they can't and they need him to write to be. Paid the amount they got no I've that's what do you get it. When you are the potential free agent and when you look at the marketplace. You look at all the numbers and you put yourself. In between two guys and you say that's where I should be getting and it's just of the team is willing to do it than the in order to see you very good. Accordingly that they paid to Dallas page Tyler say it too much money let me ask you one question is how others say gang in the top ten best players in the national hockey right now. They've made this. These are my top ten compared. I don't think he's stopped them from me by. I don't I don't I mean I haven't done a top when he from having gone like eleven twenty but. I'll say that I don't I don't know what. Case that the reality is that in my brother stay married now with with the deal he just signed. Is the eight highest paid players happy it in the national IQ nine point 85 million dollars K eight. Is he the eight best player in the national likely I believe not that. Also he is the fourth highest paid player this coming season. Yet the fourth highest salary in the National Hockey League at thirteen point five million dollars. Should he be paid that much money while the parents while all the way north or he's in the top five a goal scoring every year acknowledgment of forty or guiding blaster I think it was time. I think thing is is an outstanding on where I think he has really really high and hockey player I don't put him in my top ten and national hockey. But I'll diary now you'll be in my popped when he I think that. You know when you have an elite player like this come up. You have to pay him that's reality he came off a great season last year were forty goals 78 points. I think his contract is right where it should be. With what he's done and laughed the last five years you put up 847773. Points in 72 games. 72 and 88. Stephanie like he's had a lot of that party if your chance to answer yet. Yeah I did niceties paid accordingly. Okay all right well then. Were all paid accordingly I mean you got to go to break worthy investigators live from training camp. Which is at Harbour Centre of the boys on the ice the first session that we saw. Very high temple. Very physical. Very demanding practice which I think Phil Housley alluded to a lot in Jason modules while in terms of competition and hard work when we come back. Hoping for maybe. Patrick for Clinton but if not I'll get these two guys are going out of some place right here in the instigated WGR 550 of them. We're back with more of instigate us without Andrew Peters at great work. All right welcome back to the against the gators. Live from the harbor senator and got some goal is taking some shots they bear lake as I mentioned him before there was a in my in my overstating that women I say hi temple high pays physical. Practice you're not overstating it because that's really what it was. But the one thing that if you go a quick stroll of Twitter right now every organization has put in between all there. Coach one of dental practice and he's barking order and at temple seems really act. We haven't seen practices like yes. In just 34 months we haven't seen a practice like this in eight months because by the time you get the November December. You practice like this anymore you just have your 25 minute thirty minutes gay and you're just trying to figure energy because you play. Thirty games in sixty days you're playing so many games you don't get to practice like that more. So that's why the tempo seems higher because every hire we don't release the I don't think I really saw. Still house Lee. Yeah Elaine brown or temple I think it was I think the players just new and enlisted. I don't wanna say liar it was I just saw players and they tell you liked. Jack looked. Like he was pumping his legs really hard piece on in the in the download drills Som in the battle drills in the skating in the back checking mean. You saw from. What you wanna see from a fourth line guy and how he works in practice to hang on to a spot that's how I felt that we were seeing jock or today was was a different level of work like. He wanted to be the hardest work you wanted to be the best learn the ice he wanted to set seven. Make a statement. Is that an overstatement to appeal a guy that you guys are compiling so much understood like this and have a nice nice gentle conversation here. It's really exciting to go I thought as I said this levity arrest to be like soul in. Optimistic and enthusiastic about it all manned and temple thought I'd look at Jack cycle look at Skinner look at those guys that they are raising their level eight. Yes they're raising their level yes it looks great. Now when you face. What the other guys from another organization that I've raised their level and they look great training camp that's the testing right there yeah and if this small details that are gonna start to separate. Good teams from bad teams. At both ends of the ice. So you know from watching the first a full practice with the first group. It was physical it was height temple the guys worked hard you could see them Vento you'd know that things are tough. In an NHL training camp when most of the guys are bent over after doing drills. They're fatigued and had to work it out and skating all summer for gas heating all summer and working out running sprinting all the everything. To be ready. If you guys. So as well as I do and it doesn't ever change does not care what area here is. It doesn't matter how hard you train that first aid training camp is always hard. It's always hard and I think you're exhausted and tired the first three drills are saying. The the the overall data to train the practice the work that they put you can handle it you get through it at a high temple. But it's not what you've been doing all summer. First one's always the hardest and the reason for that. Guys get on the ice for the first time they understand that it's a real training camp. And those emotions. Can can grab maybe some of your energy. When you start to panic get into the swing at things you know there's there's there's the physical side working hard this and that. But there's also the emotional side of that also that's dragging some energy from these guys because it's the first day. All right Seoul were talking about jock Michael I'm so I have a chair next to me in an open seat between Marty and I am and repeated joke they call me DJ read Peter's anyway. Interview a interviewing anti anti Taylor's girlfriend here. Don't know that the I'd like at the first I haven't lagging in the DC and the. Every girlfriend that's all areas that they do that while we're just you know being different outcome of the knife and I'm waiting on hopefully Patrick brutal and that's the need to schema DNC's parred the first group. I but some of the quotes are already come and. From a player of the players and and there's a great quote here. From magic McCain talking about Jeff Skinner he says he competes like a son of a you know why. Really it's great to have him in the blue and gold now so I don't have to be pissed off every time we go down to Carolina that was Jon Vogel put that on Twitter but. That does that change of culture that we're talking about you acquired a player in gates' dinner. That goes out on the ice for practice and training camp any competes like it cannot attend. Every time he goes out there so now Jeff Skinner is doing that so you're one of the young guys your evict or Olsen. And you see Jeff Skinner doing that you say those guys been. In all all star game at its scorers like at 540 goals or whatnot. I better be like competing. You know like a summit gun to be able to use you to stay afloat here and to know what it's like to be approached though. That to me is the change a culture. And change the culture. Is what we're talking about here buy sell trade presented by buffalo sports we gotta squeeze this in here we have one today. And it has to do with pilots say in signing his deal expectations for Jack we're just talking about Jack and this season he's optimistic he's you know. Listen these guys are excited to place so buy sell trade presented by buffalo sports re go to buffalo sports you can buy sell and trade new news sports equipment. And the vice a trait pretty easy boys Jack Geico will out score Tyler Sega and that's not just goals that's just overall points. Buy sell trade. I world by. Because stars say game. The last few years at 78 points and the two point 73 points the Nissan points. He is a way they deem or just around appoint a game type guy. In I really believe that jog cycled this season. Could be more than them. Could be 91 guy could be 92 point died there was what twenty players. That had over 82 points last season or some like that like a really big number compared to the year before. I think Jack will be in those players that will be 85 loss. When it's all said and done so yet you will out score in terms of weights. It's on by. I'm buying it and I think Jack's gonna talk 36 this year voice yeah well I think 555. Was my a my numbers were an insult us. Gonna sell this. People over and I'm I'm a party pooper but until Jack cycle gets to the level of Taylor Sagan then you can't put on there it's the what ifs then. Maybe ease and he might get there are no. We have to understand that you are saying is playing with Jeannie bad one of the most you delete left wingers in the National Hockey League that has led. A league in scoring already. Alexander Iraq aloft is a very very solid player in the sense that he's going to be producing points 6070 points here for sure. And they have the puck mover on the back and Jon Greenberg who is one of the highest. Point producing defenseman in the National Hockey League I think posting gains set up for success so that's the only thing I think Jack cycle. In time is going to surpass the Taylor Sega but right now into this coming season. That's putting a lot on jacked. To out score thing. So. I'm doing points per game the last two seasons okay. Jack eichel last year was a point 95 point per game the year before that point 93 point per game yeah. Those they gain last year point 95 whenever games same as Jack. The year before that point 87 point per game below Jack so IA. I'm looking at this is that. Can't get back stay healthy and Jack failed to play 82 games and get ninety point yes I think he can't. Get any point of these things LT. Yeah I don't think and I think it's been healthy and he's not gotten over eighty points and quite years. So I think that that's when you look at oh yeah the point of you know Ben and ads of all that but I also think that this sabres team is much more. Improved and that's gonna help Jack Jack was getting point 95 points per game yeah with playing with. Youngest Jurgensen and and you know Leon went to fully god and whatever else or I I guess you get dinner and right. You know bullying I think Jack ceiling is is absolutely the tremendous Heidi I. I think Jack can. Win a scoring title I am not kidding when I say this I think he hides the abilities. He has everything. It is tool box to be an elite player in this game. I just my worry right now is just putting too much pressure on my guys you know Jack and have 1995 point this year I just think that. More importantly points I think that. I think our over the. Most of this contract he starts this year I think Jack just over the course this conflict contract Jack we'll definitely finish in the top five Imus even as high as pop history. Yes I think I believe that I don't know what year will be. Hopefully every year at the outstanding I just believe that I I had players in the game there are so many good players yes it would bring unreal how many times have we watched were. I watched Jack go here today. Any competing against his peers I know it's not a game you watch him any games sometimes when he when he's playing at that next like that next year. He. He's a boy amongst men but he's he's physically a man among boys when he's the way he dominates here he in my opinion I think. I think he gets single handedly take control of the season after a grenade in order to do that. Each and every player that has success in this league. It's plainly as somebody that's the elite. You understand. I tell you understand an autistic guy doing it by himself but the last couple seasons Jack's done a lot of his. I heavy lifting his father an elite guy in the back and now with Dolly like OK so going into eighteen but in three years from now right we might ought to go out to dinner and he's got he's playing with a proposal today in. In practice I don't ever want all about jackets and Jackie Sampras I liked Ohio postal with. Jack cycle he played with John taveras I understand the difference be between Jack and taveras but they're still. You need is alien is elite in my pain is also just on the right side would I go in because I'm here right now I don't think so yes but if you'd think they still riff you know there's that they. Does that those data follow. They the sabres people yesterday asked me when you think that will be in the happening is that I've given in the week so we're Friday today by next Friday symbol bloom will lap it all figured out. But house to get the sabres a chance. To look. I didn't give everybody else somebody out the conference deeply we jackets so don't get it comes to mind is like pulls on by. Roster as a third line guys right now do you guys think there's a spot but. I gotta get this question do you think box is getting calls on Sam right now. Because he's not in camp. I would think yes he would. I would think certainly it legally people at the news yeah betrayed. What's going on an idea giggle and offer him. Why would you call this isn't they would like that when you could fight and put an offer sheet. How can that happen that the problems in the white white meat on them. We got to give up more assets to do that and maybe depending on one what the salary is rate what what would you get for a guy in the 45 million dollar in what was the compensation couple firsts. Not be coupled verse you know they might not have to give that up. Actual picks to get rim and and and and I'd like to see this morning with what we'll talk about this when we come back we are so if you sign. This if you sites and between four and six million. An average. It's a force than a third round pick. It's not a lot not a lot on a lot so why would a team not say they were gonna cost them directly we're gonna give you. Five point nine million figure just under that six million. And changed threshold and you're given that team of course than a third round then. Or you give them. If you give him seven or eight million of them for second and third round pick but underneath you're marketing now don't we just ended a six million in you give them you give them a person Hitler. All right when we comeback final segment of the investigators for this week were back on Tuesday we've got to a busy week next week I think. They're drag your fact that the show next week I'm not mistaken. During some some big pot excellent model alana. You said that the word around is that you land there once even half million dollars. That is off. But wasn't like Sam is is very out of view there it's eight and half what Stanley a few words we'll be right back we'll answer that question when we return Josh now he takes start on Sunday. I'm home here bills' home opener WGR 550 and Imus did against the gators. Hockey talk. That chance this is the investigators. With Andrew Peters and great web page. All right before we get out here for the week ever gonna give you the truth be lines anybody wanna take control here on the dominate this Marty go ahead. Mom okay 'cause Syria whitbeck Casey mills that and Jason Collins bill. See Jason met with Ibaka and dazed Thompson playing the right side. Their rods that Evan Rodriguez you ride I should say a split and that these dirt instance Malone and all Regan. Are your Fords right now on Diebold you would Bogosian we talked about who was notably with the Gordon was the gonna be goalie they've got pulled you out there. That there was really good entering camp last year so I think that they want to see if they can build off of that. Goalie would Jason Nelson they were really strong parent Rochester and with the sabres last season Wendy I think there are I think at some point OB a strong parent Rochester again this year. Probably I hit key. With Dennison and Kevin Porter playing defense in the place of injured Matt unlike. And he's paired up with we'll Borg and so that is your lines they are brought to you by the investigator he skipped right over my comment I want to CB Biden of now we're keeping in his favor strained. And I'm not talking about Rochester Jason Nelson could easily be a deaf player on this roster may be at seven or eight defensemen. Goalie could be in the top six let's that this you know what that's I don't think most intriguing young banners Kevin Porter will Morgan yeah. You know what this tells me PD and and that the Beaulieu and Bogosian. Are gonna be put together the you'll be challenged by goalie Nelson and let's see how they respond this in goalie Nelson get elevate massive bull to end Bogosian can elevate even more. All right there's a challenge going on on Sunday in the chargers are in town Josh Allen starting his first regular season NFL game with the boys I'm excited for this one. He says he might play we gotta get him. No hockey for me this weekend we'll withdraw from no no field hawk from my daughter I mean it is the boat with the feet up I cannot wait to watch this game with a I just I just look for our for the bills to get a little bit stronger. And if you happen we will see what Howard back on. One bills like this next year WGR 550 of them ST.