09-14 Jake McCabe

Sabres Hockey
Friday, September 14th

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That was fun. Old jitter bugs going into it counts. If you're going and a training camp but now is this is excited probably you more than my first one just because it has been that long and it's nice to nice to be here a 100% healthy. I was unfortunate lecture series eventually but you know it's it's in the past and we forward and upward those in the more open. I was excited I mean. Guys an incredible towns. As you as we all know by this point. And you know his of those guys that's been pushed me in making a lot better player and an ominous turn you know I hope along with the North American game talking with my music and a to hold you know has developed his game on both injury but it. I. I a minute I've listened a couple obviously islets that are faster than sweater and whatnot but you can see the the town that it hasn't. You know just with Oliver are Decourt this year you know not even the sixer player inadequate you know you go 789 deep. You know every single guy can be flown at one another and can contribute and and skated. And that's something that we liked in the past and it's really exciting that we have that at this year's you know the question not only not only all of us internally. But you know appoint judges were down that you know there's there's another veteran ups can separate and contribute head. I'm gonna hit had been lingering for a couple years and you know it does have a decision at the point where broke my thumb so it's. It's kind of like every helmet come in and come back for ten games but then maybe not during for training camp this kind of you know weighs the pros and cons and you know. Ultimately FO lake it was real solid it was the right decision to be 300% return him rather than try to get back for. The right side before or was there any advance notice going into the offseason you should focus on the outside and if so what do you do. To be ready to play moron outside. I think of over the summary view your work and your skills not only an upset but rates and you know proper fuels whether via a neutral zone read groups. Often wanna work. The luckiest that I have played in the so it's it's not a unfamiliar territory with me it's just getting reps at this point to be comfortable with the yeah. I think we're we're both very good skaters and gave it up and on the eyes and you know he's he's very good at both ends obviously is. There's talent than with the puck on the stick to something that's. But highly touted but I think his his defense plays very underrated in his integrates that he was the body. You know with his skiing ability to defend really well too so I think not just. The familiarity of of comfort level of you know getting reps with each other and it goes long floral deeper you know the more reps have with each other more you talk to each other than more comfortable and the other the other. I think. Like I said earlier it's not even distressed and it's it's it's the fact that we've we've brought and other guys know warrants and and schools and Nelson you know you you go to on the list that. In others there's not just six guys competing for. 89 guys and no it just pushes ever going to be better and rest it's obvious is this you know the blue chip guy coming in their rooms look at him but. You know he's Hitler in North American game two and his push never be better and that's just discrete organization to have internal compass. Yes. It. Have I mean I hated playing instance is. He's obviously not not the biggest rabbit is a lot like Sammy in the in the sense that he's he's gonna run. And he makes you paid in and he competes like it's the sort of arbitrarily so it's that it's it's great to have him in the boom will announce that I have to. We've just offered them go to Carolina its achievements and this year's if it can't fill it in the season's you know guys need to be ready to be tree a top trained to get the sense that tone set. On day one. With a lot of us have been here for a couple weeks now and it's just been that seems like governments kind of on the same wave like at this point and never has the minds that if you know enough is enough and it excitement in the building in. I think you look at that in it was all month for but it was my temple high pace. Guys are going up on the ice competing and it's not only counts for us with him and he won it and you know you're knocking off the Russell Clinton. And gash or great efforts there that's a good start revelatory here.