09-14 Linus Ullmark

Sabres Hockey
Friday, September 14th

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Stingray man first summer has that's apparent. Off the right right from the start it's been. We had great weather also the coming here now if they even even better you know it's. It's great fun being on the voice once again and categories started it it's like we're on the right start alas it's exactly and the way that you wanted to Rochester but how do you take what you. Learn from last year and and bring it to buffalo now if for the subsidies. Are to say I mean it's. Different things every now and then if you can. I think about but they've got to get it off hall. Into one place in the sort all the pieces out. For me it's still hard to say right now and you know it's going to be who authored by my very best and that hope that works. Working with Carter Hutton a little bit would have gotten learn from him in the little time that you spent what around them. I have really learned anything more than it's a great human being angry person you know he says. Very very apt to age very had joyful kind of guy so. It Fiat is big break that nation it is it is team. It's a very vague question I think. It's all down to how we play an ally play whenever I get chance enemies. Do my best everyday. School ball. All I always gonna go up there and win every game that's always been my goal I know it's not going to be possible you know it's. Very he has very different that from playing in juniors been compared to this place and that you know it's that it's gonna go out there enjoy. There. Thank you sensitive. Here there. Through it. Oh yeah we. Can look in the past few goat for it all the time and I think people are you staying enjoying the moment can they act as a great group of guys get some younger really how the players. Also our vets that are very. Let's say Hain is created by a what's what's to come and then that's it. Law. He's he's very. Off it's like he's been very. I. Let's get a rush slowly found that taking these guys you know he's very young guy he's I think a lot. Went off under forty points favorites that is well myself it's up to us. You and so there right way in this darkly that started me. It's that worked on over the last few months there was that you just kind of practice here all around game I'll. Think I have worked more changing diapers than two actually on my game you know it's hard to block through we don't really have eyes ice time. Back home so for me it's more of in the later term of the summer to go up there with my game it's more about. Being comfortable this. It doing to us repetitions over and over and over again be very comfortable doing it and that is our highest pace that you possibly can. He's O. Well first of all. We. Some great support around with you regarding our agency. And can ask for a better setup would have been right we were very comfortable down there. Ground team around city you know being there for three years and I get to know more and more people around there also the I was full of sweet spots on city. And that you don't get that those first few years but when you've been there and you get to. Meet other people they can teach you about. My third place is my favorite restaurants they get to Friday places. And become active that. Feeling of being. And that means reading at that point with about home from home and it felt bad when we go. Here's my. One of the other and that feeling now one here.