09-14 The Nightcap Hour 1

Friday, September 14th

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Yeah. Yeah nightcap. Yeah it's. Nightcap yeah. Nightcap. And lose. And time now for the nightcap fun don't you GR. Sports Radio five feet. Are gonna show is goes. The nightcap Jody B Osce and Derek Kramer. You're listening to the station earlier today herbs and if you follow us on FaceBook you would have known that I tops brought in. Some delicious food for some buffalo football Monday. Chile and from. Cookie pizza. And I had a lot of the chilly. I played and that being my meal for the day in my big meal so. That's great it was so good doll I had to keep going is delicious. And I'd be chilly guys so it's not my stocks are used to it. Let's say Teresi were where it takes is by year. Most alaskans the nightcap that there be ready yeah all right thanks to an iCAD Jody B Osce and there Cramer here on WGR. Since we got a couple minutes ago at sneaky Joseph WGR. If any boxing fans are out there. Just know. I am more than happy to take your calls. Or tax or tweets on the big triple G Canelo fight. On Saturday tomorrow night generally it's usually it's Sunday morning at 1 AM because the fights of post it forever it started. But biggest. Boxing match since a year ago in the east who fought and it was draw and otherwise the biggest fight in years. So I'm super excited for I am very pumped up for but I know boxing is aisle now to the dead sport in America. So if you wanna Colin I had more than happy to listen in to argue with you and who's gonna win tonight very strong opinion and who's gonna win. But I know that you know. It's not the demographic. I understand that so we got a football games talk about and it's Friday so we're couple days away. Couple football games actually talk about we can we touch and you be a little bit as the night progresses they are playing tomorrow night against eastern Michigan. And I said before bowl season started more excited. For you before all. Because I too think they can win something this year and generally. That's generally not the case usually the bills and when something. In the deal and you b.s kinda hanging around the division one football not doing much FBI asked what are McAuliffe now. And they are 210 they look really good they've got a quarterback who is maybe gonna be a first round pick they've never had anything close to that. They've got a wide receiver who's maybe going to be first round pick they never had anything really close to that. And they got one player really throughout their entire program history there was an a definitive first round it was cool film that we all knew he was going to be first compact. Other than that given heading when he put it in the conversation and this year they've got two maybe three guys that are in the conversation to be first round FL talents. So they're exciting and they play tomorrow against at 6 o'clock eastern Michigan. And I think the bills. Being so. Underwhelming. In the offseason. Not the Jordan not not including drafts the draft obviously was thrilling getting your quarterback of the future and then. Having more picks three to trade up and get your future middle linebacker. That was exciting. Other than that. The off season with kind of a let down they didn't do anything big they didn't do any thing that screamed oldest team is really trying to win this season. They didn't do that. In part because they couldn't it's almost dead cap. That you just couldn't make those moves in next year that's gonna get freed up but for now. You throw in that Baltimore game with it. With the offseason that he dissent. And I don't know how. You can get super excited. For the bills in terms of them being good this season. Starring Joshua Allen I don't think it's just good for Josh Allen. And for the bills aids good for the entire fan base because he gives us something inch thing to watch for this whole season can you imagine. Imagine. If they had not taken a quarterback. If they not taken Allen and then they also decided we were not as it grows and either. You've probably be yet you would be yet Nathan. AJ McCarron most likely is your two quarterbacks. And then to lay an egg in week one like that if you don't have any shrieking. Future. First round rookie to go to. Wow would that be a bus scale for the season it would already feeling it's over to me. And now we've got something to look for we've got. And you've got how is he going to be. Play how is he gonna progress through the season it's eagle does he look like the makings of a guy should have been picked seventh overall the makings of a guided you should've traded. Four times five times whatever up in the draft to get him. Will he be exact good. And Sunday. To me is all about him I could care less if they when it was on Sunday. Could care less I don't think they're gonna win and I think if they were to win I still ahead maybe you would I would change my mind a little bit on how likely it is. That. This season could be something only because it would be just that shocking to me. How shocking would it be if they beat the chargers. Were out over seven point favorite. That would be incredible. Over the shock of the week that would be the story of the week in the NFL if the bills were able to pull off an upset and beat the chargers. Even noble deeds are on one but still be a major apps and the one team's home. And how likely is that it can happen not very likely therefore we care what the result of the game is cutting her loose. I wanna see our Josh no place. RC this outline comes back yes. Policy how they use him. How many times they let him throw the football what do you place though while the players that he's the reason. More than we've got something to talk about. We've got partied a star that's right. I've maintained throughout this ho. All off season and beginning of the year. There is not a lot of paths. Did this team for this team being good. Last year there were couple and they found one of them it was not turning the football over in getting turnovers they found that path. This year what's your path. Eight it Allen being incredible. That's it to me you're only path to success this season is Alan being great. That's. And that seems kind of unlikely given the prospect he is the narrative around oh he should about a guy who sat for a little bit and not because I don't think you can learn stuff but just because. He's a super raw prospect. He just started changes footwork what six months ago last. So we're gonna see him out there were guard Louis and that is your path. That's a path that's why I wanted to see up there not just for this season being about Josh Alba really you do wanna be gut he's the only way you're doing it. He's got to be unbelievable right away. He's got to be Russell Wilson in his rookie season with the Seahawks is gonna enjoy walking his rookie season with the colts RG three his rookie season with the Redskins that your. One of those guys. Even that it would be hard to believe Steve giving judge they can't block for him. The ink and open form the to get the ball back form. I don't know how you I don't even know how and being great would get them to the playoffs but at least they would be respectable. And that's a lot that's a big a lot of it's there that's a lot of ifs. It through 550s the phone number you wanna get in on the conversation 555 of these tax on between at me at CE GO. WGR. And Twitter. So how excited are you for Sunday. And if you're excited are you excited for what you excited for tailgate in which is awesome Bobbitt. Are you excited for just the season didn't go in the weather going to be great. You're probably excited for Alan. Last year it was more very new coach let's see if this we can be good right away. And it's bull tried would try to you know. Try to be good this year how many of us are. Art let's try to be good. I'm excited for well for the home opener because we're gonna win repeated charges roomy laughs. They're slowly raising us and I think the majority people are just excited to see Josh Allen. I mean I did say several times that it was like. Is a mail in year you know lake whatever happens happens. Then then Sunday happened and that free passes and now a little gone on mullah yet so. Now it turns into. You know now I wanna see something out of this and right now the first thing rescue force is made Sunday is miserables last week. Especially hold that's the first thing amassing Basil bar. Men can you imagine a scenario where the same sort of half happens. They go through first network to a it was really incompetent not able to move the football not able to put up points. And defense is not able to get the ball back form I'd rather struggle through big chili blow. It's India has northern so far. Did you just that the fans are gonna get on you this are happening no bu at halftime if something like that goes again. Elena has to be thrust into the fire here and it's because of what they set him up with. We've gone a complete 180. From what they do with EJ Manuel. In Asia Emanuel was never going to be good just did not possess the talent. Two BA franchise quarterback could he was never gonna do it I don't care he said I'm one year two years three years played right away. Played with this head coaches that had coach he was never going to be frank has scored back. But when they brought him in. They brought him in. Pretty good supports the system. They gave him Sammy Watkins. They gave him Chris Hogan and Robert Woods. They gave him a pretty good defense. Was he the starting quarterback deer they're first in the league this accident no might about it. Alan fast forward Alan. There's nothing. You don't have great receivers. You don't have a great offensive line. You probably don't have a great defense maybe it's gonna be a pretty good defense but you don't have a great defense I don't think. You've got holes and that defense that was an underrated storyline coming into the season. And I think a lot of it was because we wanted to believe. That would team probably wanted to believe the Vontae Davis is gonna be fine for them filling in as the number two corner from the outside. And you wanted to believe that Trent Murphy was gonna come in and Sparky pass rush a little. And it's starlet to ruling was gonna come in and fix the run game along which Armenians. And you know what all of that. And none of those were guarantees. You look back and I know it's only been one week and juries a lot of that defense. I think the offense and we can pretty much know it's not going to be good the durst on the defense but through one week you can start to see white. A lot of people nationally didn't wanna assume others bills' defense can be really good. The truly was let go and Carolina 'cause they had two guys that were better. Two guys that were batter he was a first round pick he was highly touted prospect every approval which are not hard to make. He's never been considered one of the Bassett his position he's always been its third day's pretty gut. He's pretty good and he's definitely upgrade of or what you had but. He's got some superstar you're bringing in their it's gonna meet we fix that position Edmonds is a rookie. And he was the sixteenth over OPEC was not the first linebacker. Why was that with his tools besides. There had to be reason he didn't go before broke wants it or before sixteen overall. And like I said I'm so very helpful he's gonna be stunned. Not even close the jury being out on him. But there's reason. Now you look back there's reason to say yes it is made in the little too quick for us to assume he's gonna come in and be better than Preston brown Wallace. And Davis. A former all pro. Former Pro Bowl corner. He's older now Eddie's head injury issues. Any does not possess the versatility. To moving into the slot. So you get a situation like this Sunday last Sunday where. His play is not up to standard he's an active he's worked with Steve Levy's toppling and that outside corner spot and he decided he was not gonna do. At all he just wasn't union they were in and give him a shot at doing it. So now you can just look back and you kind of poke holes in the defense too and like essential thing the defense we pretty good about league average will be my guest. But to think they were gonna carry this team all season but it would gullible I think from a lot of us. Including myself to some extent. Overall point here. You don't have a great support system for Josh Allen. You just don't have it. You've got games to play you've got a whole season basically here to play and you don't have another option quarterback. So you might as well see him play I wanted to see him play anyway and I guess a part of me is a little. Happy I guess that. They don't have a great alternative. Because I think it's best for him that he does play. Eight a real fight fifties the phone number two wanna get on any of this or of course triple GE kanell. I can tell they're not a lot of boxing fans out there is I've had no feedback so far so let's go to Bob Bob your and I kept up. Actually. Show your cute accuse him this equitable I'll have a harder time I'll thank you appreciate it. The door it out they could have. But who picked off. I'll know Bob. Body cut out if you wanna give us a shout if you wanna give stride back. Give us another gives them a call it a terrified that the let's go to Leary in South Florida. Larry you're on the accountants. AB if you do it on tonight good coming up. Fighter had called the Florida sun making it feel a lot better so it. And I'm fighting Chile. Terry at terrorizing my sonics were both both deal in the south and guess. Yeah I object your question I want to be excited. And terrified that kid it could have been lying and I'm just. You know out. Just thinking about all draft capital that we gave up the east and hit the streak exit really bother me weeks. Where it should second routers and I knew we gave up Adam at first pick that we got that third round and everyone thought was really getting. Let's just stop and think about a source. We noticed eight at 120. Or don't even want. A 22. We can have taken. Price that senator from Ohio State he's got started and being looked like a monster. In the second row picture it receiver and a guard. And that first pick in the third round I mean it's wide open so. I'm just terrified that it gonna go in our life it's it's all its future beyond just dot. And when a gimmick throat I don't think he's going to be. We saw a lot of new old ball yet 88. Stroke. He made small throws we got wide receiver it don't it'll look like there. Were buried in it looks like you don't launch. And in what is age old. So. Yeah I like OK let me much. They just I've lost a lot of confidence. Especially not letting Cory COLT have a shot or Lleyton what happened to release. And there's got it up with each side. It opened things up from all right now can't say I'm put in about an auction. Good luck trying to beat. Yeah a lot of reports there I think Coleman especially cannot believe that they didn't wanna teach him into the season with that wide receiver corps Larry pace of the call. You had to take a shot at that position. In forty keeping. You're keeping veteran guys were not gonna help you in the future the Taiwan Jones on the scene I get a for special teams. But it seems though I don't know if they think like this it seems to me they're going to be really good if everything goes right. Either next year the year after that's when there are start to get really go if everything goes perfect. And Kelly Taiwan Jones is of 82 veteran. That is not a huge impact player why not keep a receiver around. Who yes. Has had some issues in the league and really is proven much in the weeks and injuries I get some work ethic questions but why not keep them around in the season. Where. Probably not gonna be great even if you thought you were going to be contending for the playoffs again. And at that position you are bone dry. With talent. I think that was he'd. Court decision you can question the and I don't wanna get given too much flak for that because they were the team that was willing to take a shot him in the first place and I wanted them to beat team. That was willing to take a shot at him in the first place because he was a first round talent that it fell out of favored Cleveland and that you get for nothing why wouldn't you make that trade. And they did but they didn't follow through with it. You could cut a mid season do you could have done that. And the other put on a touch on there is Benjamin. And you know Calvin judgments Kidman getting there's been a lot of stuff from callers and people social media talking about old Benjamin just doesn't seem like he's trying. And I don't wanna completely discount that's a possibility. Because he is an impending free agent. Even on your impending free agent but that doesn't make sense as. So let's say you're tying free agent he's going to be gone anyway so why would he put in a 100% but its contract year. And if you don't wanna be here. Go earn some money to play somewhere else. I think what might be the case of Benjamin and I this this reminds me of Thomas vanic lot of Saber. They're features don't move very quickly. So even when their running full speed. It looks like they're running half speed or for brand X case eating speed. Benjamin is just not fast. And even. And definitely not quick. Sell I wonder if a lot of what people are seeing is just him being. Not very nimble on his toes. And that's a decade come across as going half of not putting and full effort this doesn't look like he's running it the same rate as other guys up there and field I think that's just him. I think he's not that fast. How much I don't think that he's actually. And lazy which has been sent. Don't throw 550 is the phone numbers to a couple more calls here was severed Bob again Bob Teague number two with a man. We can get a little odd that thought stroke quicker Islamic preacher idiot. Though. Last year I think we revealed so little bit Erica treat either him Dick Durbin I'll say this for watery. Because last year and their tire Wear ourselves. Governor goes it play out. I think that. And the coastal state rebate coated dollar. But I I thought that maybe that gave them a little bit of circuit hook they contribute to the fire assailant now receive the effects of which is. Pretty much the defense that. Without heat seeking. Opera and Ronald in our Korean tactic or bodies that could lead with a but at the same time. I don't think that they had expected this far which dropped off but I think this is the spectacle of fire sell. But a cleaning aisle so to speak. Building but the draft Josh Olin obviously make a horrible decision by getting rid of a cup veteran cornerback. Where a guy as a competitor opened a similar story with McCarron. That was stupid but I wanna know about that. Guess that figure figured you pretty much on the money I mean. Caron can. I I thought we should cap around. But Dennis ought to got a fifth from peck. Now assignment that is more than a tiger getting any think about he signed a guy off the street in a Guinea fifth round pick for him. Pretty nice. Into an inning you just signed him decided you don't want them. And Oakland called and said here's a fifth round pick. But on the other hand you could look at and say now we have to play Josh Allen. Because you didn't have McCarron around. In May be what do what Alan anyway but you would've had an option. Other than Peterman. Who to me was that should have never been an option. Opting for the top goat to. Alex animal had a break here Alex what's up man your Monica. Yeah I guess it is hard to change gears and talk with a triple deeper sense. Us a failure. Here. Practice earnest it's what are the tweaked. Yes yes Pitney. You out. There in person I don't think you know low heat because there are but triple B one by. They're not I think there are some rate judging their I don't know. All for sure Sue Bird the one judge who made it yeah it eight point advantage for canal absolutely that something was going on there. You had to have a rematch so once it was a draw. I'm up and have an eye so I mean I check out the Auckland I had a rep. Matt art. The secret I'll bet. More an amendment. That Nolan. Money you've been. The positive. He. All of that. Can we ever are nobody. Knows anything. And that idol triple you will not like. Yet it's the and that's why that's part of the reason that boxing is so frustrating now and that why a lot of people gave up on it. Never oracle will go back to bills the second amateur to break and we'll get to bills but I do an address that Alex. It's all now about who the most marketable star. And yet triple gee I thought won that first fight I was super close but I thought he won it. And you're right can allied a positive drug test and whether that was just eating contaminated meat it wasn't his fault or he actually was juice and I guess we'll never know that for sure because that stuff does happen with the contaminated meat I guess. But he did have a positive drug test and yet he still getting more money the reason he's still getting more money is because boxing is starving for marketable stars and he's one of them. He's still young. And triple G while I think he's a more tactic we sound and battered boxer. He's older in age from. I don't I don't would be harsher be easy eastern European. A lot of guys but this fight over in Europe for majority of their careers. Nobody cares here in the states. And be hard even carry more of the guys American and it's not even like it's callow is Americans and geese off from Mexico but. I think that's it I think he is the one and he's got to deal with honor. And his promoter is Oscar De La Hoya but he is. The money fight in whether he deserves to be the money fight he has because he is the most marketable guy in that sport and I think they're trying. Any way possible. To bring people in using him. And it's harder to do that. When the other guy who might be better than him is 3536. Years old whatever it's just it's harder to do that it's harder to introduce. Casual fans to a new superstar and he's 36 agreement on the four year for five years like the most. That's tough. Alexy for the called up. I'll take your boxing calls for the rest of the night if anybody has them and you view few boxing fans are left huge fight tomorrow. Kanell triple G two the first ones draw about a year ago. Back to the bills after the break Colby pat stay on hold anybody else wants to get in on eight with real fight fifty. Is the phone number the nightcap Jody B Osce and Derek Cramer here on WG. Welcome back to the nightcap Jody B Osce and there Cramer here and WGR. 830550 is a phone number talk and bills chargers. We wanna see for Josh Allen is he. The biggest reason you're excited for Sunday on how we can be. Go to Colby called a year on the nightcap summit. They let that area. Then I am now at first and there. I think they might Alter I'm turning need to eat and one thing that kind of buttoning gone back when we had you know we carry it. Darby and yet if any black and gray here and we we trade pampered players and but we like Dominic EJ is ever heard all lack part backed him. I don't understand why we went try to like under our re banked on the make him an edit on after about hey David. You know last year our secondary was pretty damn good and now here you know we we get that you let him go I understand where we let. You know Jordan man you'd go because he didn't really it built a lot but you digging played well and now he just let him golfer not then. I'd want to know what you and think about you know a letting players go that we trade for. Right arm. Prodigy teams he was good. He was a good player. The consent. And you put eleven games that we could see in the field be it injury questions and he's thirty he's thirty injured this year with the browns would had to pay him so. That's a crazy old acknowledge say what are the EG gains or Vontae Davis I'd obviously rather BJ gains even at the tragic yet I think it would still happen what crap but. I also feel like it taking tried to price insult and freeze instantly he battled himself to go to the open market. That was the other thing about this. I think you can and fill that spot. You have an easier time filling that spot when you already have your number one quarter lockdown. Early it would fast too much number two corner. Now you have a bonafide number one guy. We help. Seem that way his rookie season. So. I guess. Gaines is a good player the contract wasn't ridiculous. It also wasn't great. And you didn't really fill that spot very well. So yeah I guess you could go back and say I'd rather have Vijay gains on the steam but is that wouldn't. It's it's not the reason I think they're gonna be bad this year. I don't think it's an important enough. Position. Now if you get to some point where if too many holes on the defense that'd search become problem and if you wanna factory end. What's happening right now number two corner. With. The inexperience of middle linebacker. The it seems continued inability to stop Iran. And especially inability to get a pass rush. Then you start to look at your defense a whole -- at south decorate it might be pretty good design great. And maybe gain sort of help them be closer to that. But it's not a porn a position where I think we need to lose sleep over it go to pat tiger and I camp it's up. Crap your in part yes. All right thanks to my culture. I'm gonna vote like slightly outcrop is about the film but it's not well built its neighbors and I looked from afar. From what builder from last year and I was expecting a little bit more. And I am. I kind of blame it on the management and what they do is bring in a lot of rookie coaches and GMs. On both sides. On the sabres and as you could see that this mean there's a coach and the GM the rookie in buffalo and and the cycle keeps and I see that in bought all look billed as well. And I see I think that. I think this year is problem because they left. Tyrod Taylor and allowed them to they're having to like rookie quarterbacks. Control in the team witches. You know what would you like quote. A leader that particular play out you have been there awhile. Yeah I mean there is something to be sad for you know I did I don't I don't think this is that important. I don't think having a leader on the sidelines is what's gonna make or break your your kid. And anyway. Now it will help him early on his career I do think it'll help early and it's cribs don't think it's gonna determine whether your guy becomes a franchise quarterback and I became more a believer in this when. I watch the jets. And that money a football game this week and watching. The camera go to Josh McCown who is. In Arnold's year every second the cameras on him. Not just in high fives and claps but. Like pointing to stop pointing to places on the field obviously giving him pointers on what what what just happened and looking at the iPad with them and get. Just completely talk. Always into Arnold's a year and that's a guy who remember west year when he was considering retiring. The browns wanted him to retire and become their quarterbacks coach. That happens they wanted him on the coaching staff. And he went to the jets and play quarterback basically pretty well and he still there so they've got a guy. That is helping bring that rookie along and while like I said I don't think that add to be the determining factor on. How good the guy ends up being whether he's a franchise quarterback or not but of on the short term I think you can't help. Throws a pick six and its first Perot. You can't tell me that having a guy who's baton hire. A million times and that's by having him to go back to the sidelines talk to. Isn't a good thing. And the bills could have had something along those lines I think. In Tyrod Taylor now you don't know if he's going to be the type of person that's going to be taking him under his wing because. You become a first job especially here he becoming first job and tyra would know all people they bashed me for Pearman a bench me for you and a second. In this is old that's who this would be suing tyrants in the match. Or even in the game but just having that idol learn from. That clearly watch hard knocks. Watch what any coach ever said about Taylor first guy in last guy out but it actually the first guy in last now. But they prove that there was prove it on hard knocks we saw. Incoming and 5 in the morning. And actually hue Jackson taking baker mayfield aside and one of the first practices and saying. They coming in with that Taylor in the mornings ago right comes here delegate 5 AM. They want you come and find him that he does little work outs that while Judy your element workouts. I think it could pay to have a guy like that on your sidelines. They don't have. Will that determine whether illustrated not I don't. I don't think you'll but I think you can help they don't have it. The other question is would I would rather have them still have Taylor here rather than have that third round pick I think my answer to that would be now. Other is that important. Because if put up their third round pick your not getting Jimmy Edmonds. And that was mightily important as you had nothing middle linebacker. Eight of verified that these phone over pat thanks for the call take a break here or hear from bill's head coach Sean McDermott coming up next that I can't Jody B Osce and they're Cramer here and have each year. Welcome back to the nightcap Jody B Osce in their Kramer. To struggle along here on WGR. Star Allen. I start my time you hear and an old Sega funky unit you know struggling. Only to rule of thumb. It's it's a general thing to do it's not helping but the thing that will then that's a U prop that it isn't it is absolutely meat problem. Let's not hear from bill central Chama Germany met with the media earlier today ahead of Sunday's bills chargers match appears the bills head coach. Okay crowd. Where. Workers. Yeah not hugely mean. Six into last struggling at home we talk about defending our dirt quite a bit here playing in front of our pants are fans skis human to me in most passionate. Fan base in the NFL on goes along way. Towards creating a home field advantage and Cingular got some energy and making it loud on opposing quarterbacks. You know in able to do that it is it is it is very beneficial for us. It's. This act will not practice. Terrmel practice. That rhetoric and let it. Where it stands. And instead it. Yeah. Yeah you'll see Philip will be out there ought to be out there the rest against there. Oh. Me now obviously we're looking at some different things. Going in the it strategy right now appreciate that that. Right. There. It. Becky that communication Chris it's huge. One quarterback maybe slightly different than another. But really the overall communication for our offense defense and special teams we talk this week about. Not being in. Three or four different campfires if you will but making it more of a we've got to have an offensive bonfire. Defense of bonfire respect because we just haven't been together long enough. And know hey. So we've got to make sure within that that were on the same page that communication. Whether it's quarterback OC. Or for that matter any player player to player player coach coach to coaches is critical for us as we move forward. We're really. Or. He had used English. All about that Alice. We're there's no. We want you dead. You know we'll do our job of you know. Hillary you go. You guys. Struck. Any time in particular game plan you're looking at who you have that's one piece that and you're also looking at who they have. Matchup wise. Youth in this case with respect Josh making you know knowing what you can and can't handle this point it. The overall balance of the game plan so. Those are things we look at with two week. Susan charter that was the Carolina. We're all in this case could be up and and he's been playing personality and always hear that anger really his thoughts he had his well you won't think it's. And we look it we look at it from all from Holland's really look at this scheme number one hey this is the scheme. Generally speaking Salman also look at. Personnel matchups make sure that. A this guy doesn't ruin the game plan in this case offense when your point. So. That's this is a the clerk in the league that way so we've got to make sure that we take care of their stars. Here. He's done. You reverence. For. Sure. Creek since. So small and one hard. It's. Much that. Matter and it is absolutely. Off Apple's. News. And it does leadership council overall and then there's other guys that are on the council that I that I count on quite a bit we met this week. Like we will just about every week and it's important that you heard it before that time ladies coming off of that game in particular that the leadership itself from this football team. Com myself included so easy to leave that things are good. The relief to step up. And assert themselves when you go through some adverse times. We're going through the process to developing. One day at a time here and that's that's our approach it does today is better than yesterday. And we've got some young players out there and know. It third. So zones of fourth oldest team that we look at the guys outs and that's the mean you look at the guys that are. Contributing we've got some young guys and hopefully infertile sort of regaining dive experience you want plated time. Much like routed him in Finland. For. We're she tackles. Forgot about it before this week of this needs or her Tate had things so the. There isn't a nice job like his use. Good smile positive energy guy which I appreciate that goes along way in terms of adding. Through his body language to what we're trying to do mean he's not gonna know maybe. EE hasn't built up this 1000 rats that we've gotten since the spring training camp but we can't that is what he knows and also the body language divide the energy. Am on the debt comes. You guys you are familiar it. All things. Right missiles and you're off those. M what an honor. What an honor and the guy that jumps in front is well what an honor. I can only imagine what that must feel like him. And certainly well deserved. On all accounts just having a chance to be around the players that you mentioned with Donovan Jeff. Brian Mitchell on him and now Steve is you learn a lot from people like that in terms of how they carry themselves the habits that they that they carry with themselves data de. There's bills head coach Sean McDermott Tarlow over the whole fame. Nominees at the end there. Couple are. Predictions for canal low triple G two on Twitter Michael says three letters. GGG. Triple G. Got another person Alex thinks triple g.'s gonna wind. Ryan has can aloe. Not a triple AG and that's about it before people but people. And then me too I get this in my opinion so definitely if anybody cares that I kept our number two coming up next Jody B Osce and Erik Kramer here and have each.