09-14 The Nightcap Hour 2

Friday, September 14th

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He enjoyed at all. Cool dude. But what I'm doing. What in God's name are we doing. Well all right this. I use of these. Children but not then no we're not we're not mad beats the nightcap volume we sit nearly sixty like two minutes but should be. I suns but we're sixty. We are pathetic I know that's got like I don't know that I apathetic on WG ER Sports Radio 515 here so thank you ask your selves. Isn't that something more. It's. Women Leon's. There's. I love that open. Well what is their better to our lives than the nightcap here both Seinfeld. Type. And to think that someone that we know had not seen it because. You know. What's. All prior. Who will although I can't think take aghast. Powered now he just doesn't truck he hasn't eaten through. I don't know it would be great dolls you didn't see Star Wars either and on culture yet. We'll do you don't see a lot of movies appear. That's true I I have won the problem and it is movies I have not seen there are a lot of classics third potter movies I should've seen that I. Have not. Peter Reynolds movie nobody is perfect any Burt Reynolds. Really really. I mean a Bert you don't mean up I've seen movies with Burt Reynolds in them but I'd never seen a Burt Reynolds movie. There is a difference there yes that's it's about we're going to watch you Burt Reynolds movie would probably be smokey and the bandit thinker. Yes. That seems to be the one I hear mentioned first exactly. If I wanted to channel archer RNC Gator. 1 movie I am I love bill that is a classic movie predator. What a movie or what do they tell us what a flick yet for the hundredth time making it. Just the handshake. Between. Arnold Schwarzenegger and just. Carl Weathers at the beginning I can just watch that for an hour. Under the best handshake in movie history. Not includes. It approved by fifties the phone number if you wanna get in on the conversation or talk a little sabres here this training camps really started today. They are on the ice for the first time we have lines. We have Ed devices pairings yes and nice lines and parents. Then we we wish talk about these lines a cat because I have met a million. Let's let's go through each line and try to take away one thing from each line. And I got a mean you wanted to what's hockey music of course I think we kind of how it misty rocky music we've got to do this right blood thing about hockey music is it's not quite as good as football music. All of this per yeah. Let's start with that group rate. Number one lining group pay check Michael Kyle pose O Jeff Skinner I figure that's probably. If if let's just assume all of the states and that's your number 19. San Reinhart could be determined on now line we are right or something but senator left Winger that's exactly whatever one and to see. That's the type yeah I wanna see Michael scanner I think oppose such fits well them. Yeah no but. I think proposals can be fine he's gonna bounce back here attitude wedding gift that he got the full offseason last year was his worst year of his career essentially. You sense he's a pretty good hospitalized and he tried to recover from offseason with that he's a pretty good player and I think you put him at Michael scared he can. You baby clothes back. You close to being what he was we put John Burris second line group may Patrick Burke went. Justin Bailey an elks annually under. Him. Pair of guys that are trying to prove themselves and really finally make that roster. I liked I liked what I saw me and him prospects turn Burton when he is on the scene out yet so. I think the fact that you Landers getting the you know to be he's the he's the Lander center to start here. Adding that bodes well for new Lander may be getting shot even if it's not a top six role. Maybe it would dollars I would look like on the third line top nine with some special teams minutes. He took a lot of pride and currently in jail. He took a lot of pride that we tilted so maybe get a skilled guy and the penalty kill like me under who's finally giving met. That much more of an effort. Yeah on them and I said this last night. He doesn't while means with a lot of his physical abilities I think his skating is a bit over exaggerated I think he's pretty good skier of exit. A leads dearly he was pegged to be when he was drafted shots could be shot is good I wouldn't say it's amazing his. Hands are really good I would Nazis hands are. Near the bastard ever seen. And he reminds me of Sam right heart in ways where you know you might have to re model your game and Reinhart as a junior player. Was not what he is now he talked about last year never playing in front of the Nat until he got to the NHL in now that's where he makes money. So maybe new Lander has the re models game a little bit he wants the really become a contributor and we. You'll hot Larson centering censoring Ager Ogilvy free agent from Dora game that they signed the end of last season and Victor all looks. Olson's adjusting to me every time he shoots the puck and lake. But he's still adjusting to the smaller race he's throughout the prospect Jeremy you saw him make that one extra stick handle. And he didn't have space for it for the goalie would come over and reacted the past that was made to hand and you'd be thwarted more times than not. So I'm anxious to see what you can do. I mean of course Larson doesn't excite and sort of hockey fan so other than that I'm not really too sure what I'm looking at there Ogilvy and faults in your probably looking at a potential HL. Combo. Arson. This. I think this means we could see Larson waved. Not not this alone but things might signified that we could start down that path. Maybe you'll hum Larson does not make this team. And he's fall and you look at what senator depth is now. Michael middle stat per Glenn it's a bot you can place under Rodriguez. Here and since complete senator. One person. I don't think he's claimed they won. I think I don't think he should and I what I did last year and those two line mates could be a telling tale. Chris Colo Cornell Scott Wolfson. Not much Alex Wolfson but not much really look at there who can shrug your shoulders. Defense forger pay Marco scandal unrest as a slide and that's probably top players since season again with thank. Rask was d'alene and Jake McCabe that looks fun and looks that looks like you have that looks like a pair that could be your top six. Opening night which you know probably a much more out dollar means playing opening night. But you don't arrow etc. that you shouldn't just give the job to Josh Alan Ball the sabres is giving the job to rosters d'alene you know like it's. He's a high prospect he should be able to do you should be able to do it also partly. He's also weighed more be guaranteed and Josh Adams. Lawrence pilot and Taylor for doing that's probably Rochester pair yeah. About the Stephen's exactly Redmond Stevens I'd actually I think he's done a junior so maybe those will at all even Eagles at an Asian affairs council. Group BE. First line I like this. And I think you would probably put right heart in the palm they'll spot here middle stat centering pomp and they'll share yep probably put Ryan aren't there and then pom pom bill and via boat ran at their pom pom Bilbao. And seat sharing with middle stat right and middle let's see metals that is your second line center from day one let's see it. And that looks like a satellite. Receivers right earns about. Some vodka centering teenage Thompson and CJ Smith now that could. The you'll lie but numbers probably more before client taste Thompson excites me. I loved what he did at the prospects turn he was dominating possession or use on the ice for more times than not in his two games that he played. He is creating some meat turnovers at the Blue Line. Back into the offenses zoning creating mini break aways for the for himself. If he uses his body more. You have he great prospect is eight speeds not an issue with this guy he took off a couple times in that tournament and very. Skating is not a problem this guy. Arm moving to would the next line here. Asked when it's centering rod re yes. And back to east now the thing that is interesting about. About this is you got passport and here's centering a line of two guys the plea a lot of any HL games last year. And these how to coach Sean Mosley one game and child and is banned pro hockey a little bit longer here in North America. And I think. It's a good sign. For asked ones here that. He setter and aligned with two established. Out all right reed is established I would say bet he's probably on this team is a fourth liner. But I mean you look at them last year toast to played a combined speed quick math here. Eighty to 81 games. The combined 81 games for the two guys that was on last week so. The economic team but. AB yeah I. But I again this says something about asking me wanting gave him a look with guys that have gotten any jail time so. There's going to be six in this could. Be a potential for more and then Sean Malone was on is gearing since Daniel Regan moves and this year absence how the mighty have fallen. Yes and it'll start to. Not much there and needs to sacrifice a small go to score goal defensive pairings for groupie Nathan bowl Yule and Zach Bogosian. I don't like this. I don't want it to W my top six opening night I don't want it I don't think that's necessarily gonna happen I think it goes in the third pairing defender at this point. And bullies and Baxter their what their defense looks like against Boston. In less than a month. Is gonna be really interesting. Because they've got a lot of bodies there you've got Bristow and scanned ballots to automatically and there. McCain and Darlene. Automatically inherit say that's for already booked Goshen I think he's in your line up if yours starting you'll one spot last. And we still a ball you'd talk about cool. Caddie that's why I think that's what this is is that I. The corrosion is a bottom pairing guy. And bullies Maxtor and they're trying to look at the chemistry that I want Leon's opening night lineup but I guess not a 100% thing. Cooley was with a case Nelson of the second pair in group B you had brain Hickey who they acquired for its fashion with Matt Titus and cancel here. And it will Borg and with Kevin Porter was playing defense that creative. Probably I would imagine they're decent sort of rotation. Now on what is and that's why that's another guy. They have but let's go through let's go to the defense and purple cap friendly for the first time in. A wild hockey is back cat friendly dot com appearing on my page on my screen. Looking at the Buffalo Sabres year ago for the roster this year defenseman. As I mentioned or slighted that goes it's indelible you Hardaway McCabe. Dow leaned. Pilot Hickey. Borden. Casey Nelson. Goalie. For dune Tennyson as slick twelve guys. And I think five of the spots unless there's injuries are locked up. So forty putting that six by the able goalie that's spot behind us at the keep Casey Nelson is at a segment. I think you can say goodbye to need to WC. If you could trade him for anything more condom. Or wave and I mean you can't cut guys in the NHL. Com. But that's our deal yeah I think that makes enough sense of a lot of lefties though. A lot of lefties is really you look at lake darling how does that play on the right. After hammered out a debt I don't know what does play on the right plays on the soft side. And he was doing nets it McKay of decades a lefty a couple of lefties. Aren't excited. Pre season begins on Monday sabres have Blue Jackets. And and sabres are home to play the penguins on Tuesday. Regenerate doing play by play for that that'll be right here on WGR. Right Hurd is not signed yet. Are you worried. Because now reports with William new lender in comparison to run. Looking at eight point five the reports are that new owners campus looking for you lender has is more accomplished I know and what I'm saying though is that. You know with one holdout can spark more of a hold off from another party. Yes which one do you think band's first and its the other one signed by reaction. I would gas right art. My guess is noble signed right before the season. That's generally how these things go it's very rare that'd NHL player holds out into the season happened was right Johansson. A couple of years ago the Blue Jackets other than that I can't think of time it happened. They BO Reilly did it with Colorado. Maybe. I think he did. Deeply KHL game once NHL season got back underway that's what that whole fiasco was at Calgary when they claimed him on waivers and they would our big. Traded form or offer sheet him it would have had to put him on waivers in Boston plus give up the competition so. I think it it rarely happens so I think you probably see right art sign right before the season we saw personalize and a couple of years ago he came in right. Before the season started. Michael last year I know he had a contract he signed right before the season started as feeling a lot of the big contracts. Not all of them but. Go to bottom end up happening right around there especially when there's SPS yeah I feel like everything's going to be fine us still think you go long term. I go back and forth on this allied BK I live right now where I'm one of Phelan is a did you probably go long term then you get that cap hit is lowest possible. Because you probably hoping at least point specially guys X Skinner and Michael his numbers jump up from fifty is a career high you would hope he's better than. Now here's my here's my. Might take for this it might be spicy I don't know you've had you had a nice bowl chili. But. Wallace spicy. I might take a higher cap hit if it means not getting in no movement clause in there. Evans' work around knows don't ship and when did you put it the same time I'd rather it not be an issue. Michael doesn't have a no movement clause. According to cap friendly. That weird. Little weird but not that weird he's so good you'd never think about it exam but. So I guess is camp ordered separately just doesn't have it and he has one but a cap for me says Jack cycle does not have me in a phone for clots which. How do you not get that. And you as analyst in a little bit actually salary to get the ten million maybe the David and have went either according camp for a while then that's just what you had to pay Hewitt says they're so good you don't need to worry about yeah but listen to me. An Edmonton. With that guy is the GM I know that David would never treated but. If you told me if you what the future three years until the economy David getting traded. 100% I would've told you the guy who traded it was Peter surely. Oh I don't that is so one guy that would do it if anybody would do well actually going to Iran for relatives would make such a dirty move he did trade tariffs Aegon. It just. I think it's what you and I girl a pizza what you sat. The fact that they don't have edge or no movement clauses probably has to do more the fact that they are that good that you don't need to. So it's really kind of a nine non issues or go to Dwyane doing your that I kept up. Are they big Mac does. What does that any given trade battery and it batter ever did at her. Obviously and it. And to get traded or oh I mean you never felt right. By all how to. A little bit and I agree about. I think. Is Louis that there are a lot of other young talent and out there. And you can see it is game it changes during or perhaps while I thought that was happier. I thought. Are off. Very good and a I think. But only. After it bought Nadal I don't think there's a single lot and an eagle on the bottom or. Our state and underneath that goat. Ball out I don't think we needed an area at that I struggled a lot and I'll be. Are you including Darlene in this. At eight after Darlene Henry is a lot look at it. Are important and out of the single spot that they I think all or out there are cracked except for me that. The boat and just. A year and a lot of money and that money what are you that at this up front. Yeah I don't disagree with you that I could see any of those four spots being up for grabs but. I think if there was a guy you mentioned Bogosian there'll be your guy if someone safe I think I would think scanned Dallas that is if I think he's batter. I hit critical ally at our regular brought them. About Lauren pilot earlier I don't think right here and play in the NHL I think you really helped push Bert on the eve. I think you know surprise a lot of people to watch over in Sweden and watch them. Also our era like a lot about it yeah I like it up at the ability I'll look back at each. You don't have any art art about you and are you answered all the you know. Played on an out and my coach the last eight years. I'm Alex. Hurt at all what it's. You know that and hit it simple do that I always thought if you'd like art. Because BD Al a lot of pressure because you know we reached her and Matt are out there are a lot of other players that. You know we probably. More than. There are. All or Charlie Mack of lawyer I don't able I don't wanna an analyst in who has not so dominant that every time. I'm not formally enter drug are up on top I think that all he's not a whole lot pressured her or anti. Always try to do wait too much she. Ought always move. On the but it. I think that's one erotic art didn't do it when it changes are what you partners or is art. He's got much. Sure that the overall pick and reform wanted to get that big contract. A lot and now that he's and it really showed well I a couple of guys. All the other great content will lap up. I have read that figure out what about Robin latter and I really hope that you. I know is getting help TV that the goalie like to know I. Or and I know what it's like you are at that position obviously not a lot is that clearly a long putt. I hope I get help eat. That was. But it really really dark like it. Yet when he takes the call and lot of good points and now I'm glad you brought up the Robin one thing because I didn't watch it on that and what you shortsighted and yet. Tom I did I did want to touch on Robin liner. I think that. It is absolutely. Great that he opened up about that. Because and that's sport that's not generally something a sport where you see players come out like that a lot of very. It's it's very robotic you know what I mean the players all give the same answers in the locker room is now a lot of colored personalities. And the locker room environment it just doesn't seem like a place where that generally happens the NBA that is become that where. Guys are open and are free to basically say what the or express how they feel and that's why you had players like the star players but the hard DeMar DeRozan and Kevin Love coming up coming out about the mental health battles that they had last season. Like the NBA that environment you're able to do that. And I'm glad that not only for Weiner for hockey that he's able to come out and still get the support like that and hopefully. You know none of this you don't hear hopefully there's not a lot of that on ice stuff. Yeah lot of trash talk late involved in that because that's a serious thing and from what it sounds like that's not something that you. You know. Throw a guy's face and I just hope that the culture of sport doesn't become that you've got your I wanna. Say that a guy like this would do it but you're Brad Marchand you're from back in the day Sean Avery east. Map are these guys that would say anything to get on your skin that's what I would worry about. But on the latter. The whole thing and it's great that he's getting help in the U on the right track even better. That Jason bilateral house committee on this point there Jay's such a good dude that he would even after the guys not on the team anymore and why didn't want to move on from him. Is a guy that will still call and check in on a guy like that like that that makes me. That makes you feel good inside that we got a guy running organization. That is actually a good guy like that. And it's proof of that yet and I mean it's just one of those things and he's not just checking. And remind him remind Rodham under this is no joke. And you need the support for this and that's something that is a message that really should be sent across not just. Sports but you don't like in general. It's not something to take on alone you need good support system. Anything can be there for someone. That is a great. Great statement about the kind of person that Jason bottlers one other thing a with a touch on their dead doing talked about was warped pilot. And not coming here between the H Elmo I agree with that. It's not heat this situation is has a lot of similarities to AT&T in that situation Lance doesn't look is ready he'd done who doesn't. Pilot I think pilotless a hundred times better than victory and keep I think he won a thousand times but he's still struggles with a smaller race. There were times or he would make that decision to I don't know I had more time I agree that also in a deal I think he takes like. 2030 teams in the HL before he starts usually considering. A spot and the sabres roster that's fair. But one thing about it Teepen though was everything I always read about him when he was supposed to be I never saw it. He was good at making tape to tape passes and that was about it. I don't yet much more it was game where was that offensive. Mind of his that was able to find open guys. And be like a positive possession player. And I just never saw his game and while pilot yet he looks like he's a little uncomfortable up there in the ice right now. There are Ben multiple times watching him bowl the development camp. At the prospects challenge. Mostly the development camps where sun where he's got. A lot of good assets to his game I think he shot is great I think he is more dynamic as a player not just with his hands with his. With the skates and he's a weight better skater that anti gun laws and I like that he's not in the same situation. When AT and was avenue and each of romantic HL and I like the fact the pilot will be able to go to the child because I think it's even should have been in the HL season. And I'm much more optimistic for him working out Dennett Teepen for that reason and because I just think from what I've seen in the nicest things about a player. So hopefully that works out in latest that you don't have to Russian in the line because you have. 101000 other defensemen here are trying to get into the opening gala. Point six of the call we're gonna switch gears give back to football coming up next we're gonna hear from chargers general manager Tom to last a local guy. What's Saint Francis high school group in Hamburg he's not GM all of the chargers he talked about Philip Rivers the upcoming match up and chargers looking Joshua Allen in the draft. You touched on that a little bit as well. So we'll hear a from him he was on the one bill's life yesterday will play that back coming up next the nightcap Jody B Osce and they're Cramer here on WG. Welcome back. To the nightcap here on WG I our geo TV Osce. And there Kramer hang out at you for another 25 minutes yourself. Let's hear now from Tom to Alaska local guy from Hamburg. What the Saint Francis high school he's now the general manager of the Los Angeles chargers he was with one Eagles life yesterday here is how telescope with the guys. Joining us right now. On the subway fresh take pat Lang in his sixth season. As general manager of the chargers he is a former colts college and pro personnel director. Started his NFL career right here is the bills intern training camp in 1991 Western New York native Tom telescope. On the subway fresh take my time I go to Jeff Murphy Steve tasker in buffalo. And Murphy Steve are you doing here. I've already heard that that their retirement security of victory this week against the colts we got what talk about. Yeah right so we can we don't take the weekend off right there right therms server knows how that can go you guys I got to ask you Tom you guys. Philip Rivers your office you throw for 440 yards and scored as many points you did you gotta feel like. You're playing well it's like a little bit like. Look a little better than your record I mean you guys I'd been at home. You see the chiefs again and the chiefs always kinda get out of the the gate fast under Andy Reid talked a little bit about how well your team did play. In an opening day loss. Well like you said it's treating your reader really good football team very well coached. They came out a great plan. And like most football games and doesn't even really matter what the score is sometimes it it comes down to the the little things. And that we just made too many mistakes and act which he's played really clean football. We got some drops that some penalties. We estimate assignments on defense presents special teams it wasn't worth need to be and the guy can play it would be using last week that we be lost Kansas City and entitle the bill Plosser ravens I declared they both feel the same. On display with the scores the clay but. You get back on the practice field the great thing about this league is there a lot of play fifteen more so get a get get ready for buffalo we know. Any home give a buffalo difficult but the home opener just always had little bit different atmosphere to it and out of the grid and wherever the Plame is going to be a challenge. I love what rivers said I might have been posting said there may be Monday about. How he's not a fan of cycling but he compared an NFL season to. The Tour de France you know he had different stages sixteen different stages first they didn't go well for you or the bills but there's a long way to go in this race is now. You have to do I mean yeah Europe's debt Sunday night and I are still real upset Monday morning. But by Monday afternoon you have to put it in every Jameer had to move our and that's that's professor professional athletes do and that's what coaches do and that's what we did this week. To put it behind by Tuesday here on the field that Wednesday we are really good day of practice yesterday. Great temple lot intensity so you know pretty good march that you actually read it would duplicate that today we have worked yet today. Will be up there a couple of hours and you know your rates for the next week I mean even win or lose your app for that the last one behind yes. This is the way it has been specialty opener. Yet Tony talk a little bit about you know face your franchise Philip Rivers has been there for for so long he's still playing at a high level he threw the ball 51 times last week. And when you when you have a guy like Phillip and here is the general manager. How how far out of your way or how big a priority is it to make sure he always every year year in and year out. Has top quality guys to throw to a new Tina now is there Melvin Gordon is there. You know but then he also the other side of the football you've got you you spend draft picks on joy goes a bit. You know how much a priority just Philip Rivers. Make the offensive side of the football when you know you've got a franchise quarterback in the league kind of revolves around that. Yeah you know you you try and balance that we can but what we have Philip Rivers mom went out and in Indianapolis so we had Pete Manning. They need more that can then. Indeed help out any weapons any offensive line to protect them. That we need receivers you can separate international football because they know that all going to be work needs to be you know 80% of the time. So people you did you meet bill about your roster. Yep that'd be that they can get the ball back yet got special teams that played solid the put points on the board that can cover kicks and punts. I'll probably would still want to make sure. We have so we have some type has yet to receivers but it just takes time it takes years to get that bill. The way this league is. But you do get to keep not Altria sides of the ball the same time. It's time he had a he used to premium draft pick on Mike Williams and receiver from climbs in a year a year ago. And to see him come out and have the big opening game the last Sunday that he did. Yet to feel gratified about that like yeah yeah I would that was the pick to make and we feel good about that in the in the futures is lane right ahead of him now for my points out. Yeah I hit a nice night training camps force this is essentially his rookie year. In return for majority of last year came back late in the year. But he missed all of training camp mid September and October burned by that time he got on the practice field in November your practiced temple is just a lot different than it is earlier in the year. So it took him awhile to get caught up just just football wise conditioning wise and then you can take out the fact of knowing the offense and applying that real time and shields. Student training camp for him to go every day you know back to back you know really glory to camp work with the quarterbacks. Restarted due that count that we sort consonant we saw that really the whole pre season and then we saw that again on Sunday and we ticket has really high ceiling he's big east. He's not very structured flexible and quick for a man his size is good ball skills so. You know working that that spreads the ball around so your receiver back attendants to speak to your if you could open ear to get the football. We don't really deal feature one guy all the time a vote and electrocuted had a had a big day against buffalo but down. That's what office offered to play because you giggle you're gonna get the football. Yeah one of the things about your team as well Anthony Lane your head coach Joseph was here in buffalo for men under Rex Ryan. Regime and now coming into his second year he got off in a took a loss in the week one but he seems like your team is played pretty well. Talk about some of the things Anthony Lynn brought to the table as a head coach higher by you and and one of the things that he's done well in the short tenure there so far. Yeah he's he really great the great presence of the football team that is that the players. They respect him the biggest thing is they really believe in him we saw that last year we started a 14 last year and we had just relocated for from San Diego to LA. So what has never really good time to start all four but in that situation. What's not ideal this Middle East. And he just never flinched do doubted us for the first four weeks and we Ian flashed to players got a boy and that. And they all kind of fall right into 22 what they've softened her head coach. And we played much better late in the year. Not quite up to get the playoffs we got to minus seven so. Media outlets seem well he's tough on them to share and then there's no gray area immediate question. To give it straight answer weather like this or not sometimes I'll look at the third straight answer coaches coaches really well. Some sort of record goes unnoticed sometimes with head coaches but he really if you just had her assistant coaches accountable he tells me exactly what you expect city's position. And for me just been great to work with he's got big picture perspective. On the block as well stated David it's going to be a great hire for us. Tom Goodwin we look at his first season and the troubled you know you got off to a bad start it's almost is that that buffalo game in what was it November 19. Kind of ignited your season you won that game and won a six of the final seven then yes you set almost made it to the playoffs that game against the bills was critical that it appears on. There was you know I think and a time of transition. You know it it just takes time we would resolve all like to see immediate results you don't always get tepid. Having a new head coach and any new thoughts new way if you want to run things and having players with. I'm still learning about exactly what their role to responsibilities are going to be it takes tire that the play out to read this season moved on. We start to play better football cleaner football less mistakes. And you know we were not a part of the end of what -- enough to get in the playoff spot look at and we didn't know which with the tiebreaker. Barbara like wrested from happening. Let's say you're coming back to Western New York back to your hometown here in buffalo how many tickets did you have to get through this game this weekend. You know luckily only for. The old all the former fort tickets but Dodd and you know I thought I loved coming back I mean it's. To me anybody girl who grew up in buffalo. He just become loyal to that city and you know you live and die with their net that's where I have with the with the with my hometown a lot of therapy. I'm still ability that while it doesn't affect us and obviously this week it does affect but. I've got family and friends and and yes a lot of contacts in buffalo that that there are really enjoy and I the editor going to be. Would quit their quarterback which Josh Allen who we did a lot of work trying to draft. Pumped up receive with Phillips when we know re is this career so we have to know all these court rest coming out we really like Josh we saw a lot of them did a lot of work on them. And up from west in a little bit so far brain people offense you can do some things the football and on the attributed challenge this week. Tell I've often wondered I'm so you're in personnel obviously is a general manager and you got a coach and staff they can look at film and evaluate video but. Do they ever do the coaching staff to the ever come to the personnel department say hate. What did you have a on this guy going into the draft and what did you have for instance I'm Josh Allen that might be of benefit it through us as we get ready for this game. Oh yeah that's all the time after every week come out of every opponent we could do that now but I don't have to come to our past because they've already done work on these players know. We may have. You are desperate their defense according to come over and talked to Ken Whisenhunt and and talk about what he saw. And Josh Alma College because obviously just wouldn't be studying in the college. What you saw Josh there so that that all comes he had all come full circle made all the work we do want players. In the draft early and up in the league and it almost got a report sister and our system and our database gulf from the college are the pro side of our approach Skelton used data they put together there's got to reports. And all the players so yeah is that just never ends. Which are your player personnel I really like the the coordinators that you have I was and I'm on offense and Gus Bradley on defense and what a great resource for Anthony Lynn in his first real crack European head coach. It is yet or they're both directly coaches they're great people. But both have head coaching background they've been imagined issues to force of the great sounding board dollar grant any support for me. That we talked to different scenario as their football team editing from the culture of our team to. You know to care personnel decisions. Common that was a big part of our off season mention those two cordons are going to be here for a long time and to have some stability stability continuity would it would start team. What this league as part of five sometimes so we feel like we have a good. Good mixer her head coach two coordinators. And you combine that with trying to get our count there on the football field and in addition a chance to win every single week. Although I would chargers GM Tom telescope just couple more questions for Tom what I'm about your stadium you know. We've played there obviously the bills but their last year since that visit and it was a terrible day for the bills. I've come back and told people what I unique and got a funny atmosphere it is there I know you got a lot of visiting pantsuit. Pick up some of the seats but and I know it's only a short term venue for for the chargers team but. It's just a different feel they are elected feel there at stub hub city how you guys adapted to that. Yeah it's been it's been very unique there's nothing like it in the NFL. And I'd pick itself up frustrated now we know we're in a new market. We still have a lot of stand building to do in the LA and Orange County area. And it didn't Werman has dubbed Hobbits. Yours every seat is as you guys are there are so it is so close that feels of experience he distorted chested to see very often. And a bit and they may do outside yet mr. part of the pre game which in addition to see but I heard that's great Tuesday. It's it's different it's unique comets are very nice stadium it's just it's just small by NFL standards but will be in there this year will be in their next year. And that will be in the British game in Englewood. In 2000. When he had. We've got to walk us through a little bit annoyed in two years you're gonna be in a new stadium what has the relocation been like for your facilities of practicing Pratt and you know where you. You Wear your home offices are where these guys make their home during the week to talk to slow to about how that transition went last year. Sure you know. Filed this year feels like home last year at this time even during training camp buried there or are a lot of moving parts as far as moving. Getting a football team moved up to a new wary even though wasn't that far away that it took a good amount of work and then there's everything that goes on off the field and all of our players and families are staffed stressed out families and your future kids in school and get a final all those the doctors and everything that did that you helped set up in your previous hometown. That took some work last year I thought our players and coaches handled that transition really well. What are some destruction gather were but it but I thought we handled the moral. But I can tell you this year. It's just it it feels like Q we have a routine is our home what would set up and think cosa mesa California which is an Orange County we were a really nice training facility. The tree near the airport. Near hotel oldest places to live and and in our stadium that we go to Q you know ten times a year is an Carson right now which is what the north by about forty minutes and an Inglewood minister and minister may herself. Account that's set up and and who will make it work. Last question for me Tom it's about this weekend. It is a lot's been said in and I remembered as a player we thought about a lot of the time change from a West Coast team going east has always been. A little bit of more of a burden obviously then the teams from east to west tells about how you guys you know do you think about that and how much of a factor is that and how you set up your weekend with your players schedule. Yeah it's it was it was brand new for me because the team that worked with in the past or is on the east Coast Guard dogs can be a big issues that that the 10 AM body clock start. For us it really hasn't been too bad so let both West Coast teams are still living on Saturday to go to buffalo police Friday. We're in the buffalo Friday night and I've al-Qaeda help disperse the time changes concern and announced Saturday we'll do walked through. At an undisclosed location so Thurmond as a short that out without. And give all the information about just John McDermott is a look at the walked you're gonna get our players out. You don't lose a little bit get that done and I'm putting in my Sunday you know it atomic clock starts for us on our body clocks. But were pretty much you could just point and that that should not be India and issue. Throughout this Saint Francis doesn't really have a opaque fence around their field on which there at the now we we all walk around our hardware to work at a good topic do you Tom thanks for coming on Comtex at a time he. Hysterectomy okay. There is Tom Klesko with John Murphy NC tester yesterday on one bills wide last call that I kept coming up next 8030550. I got one quick boxing prediction to make. For tomorrow and prediction on the bills charged game. I can't Jody B Osce dear Cramer last call coming up next year WG. Quickly last call on the night cap here on WGR Jody via lawsuits the nightcap. Quick prediction for both the bills' game ended the big boxing match tomorrow night's if you. There have been out of the game for awhile. If you miss the big fight. This isn't your Ali. Frazier or your. Tyson whole field but it's pretty good triple G canal on taken. Canelo. In the twelve round decision and for the bills hitting Josh I'll probably place. Decent battered in the computer and I think he actually might have a pretty good day on Sunday but the bills will inevitably lose because the chargers which is that tent. Our thanks everybody for listening I'll be back on tomorrow. For sports talk Saturday starting at 11 o'clock will be on eleven to two brain gates. Will be co hosting Whitney we will have. Brad writer on a 1 o'clock talking UB football. You be placed at eastern earth but verses Easter mission and host them tomorrow night at UB stadium we'll talk bills we'll talk cocky. And voluble get an update for receivers training camp as well picks their reckless thing out Taki tomorrow. So nightcap Jody BSE here WG.