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I think there's a home game for the best days to be at one bills drive in the usually pretty good days and one builds live as well. Good afternoon Jabber B Steve tasker from our one buffalo studio it is a nice day in Orchard Park the temperature in the high seventies low eighties. Mostly sunshine we expect the weather's going to be good on Sunday to mostly sunny skies and 82 degrees in the forecast for Sunday so they built chargers wanna cut Steve I can't wait. Your your eyes and he bounced back out Sunday. I'm not saying we're gonna go out and beat. The chargers 47. Either but. You know what it is a new day maybe it is and when they come out of that tunnel you know give you chills it will I'm looking forward to that most of odds right that's the absolute right around 1 o'clock. It's one. With a brand new rookie quarterback stepping down so it is nice to you because you're right Regina and today and he knows too. People are showing up. Their camp out you know. Campers here yesterday its weakest project in September when the weather's spectacular you can just hang out. And eat all week. Or on the big camper. At the stadium and just unique people as I've never done. What did you and how did you ever acting targeted because we've never done it probably sounds more fun than. Eight years since ninety. Edu. Three. And I tell me last year I am done here but. That's good I'm good I'm good warm and I'm looking forward to everything so but I don't know. But they were there yesterday opportunity yesterday 3 o'clock and are going to be eighty degrees it's going to be it's it's going to be great and them. It's going to be fun game to yet and it took too. I I feel it's going to be competitive and look the chargers can put up the point we know that we saw that. I turned up at a point put up the arts there are you a great job over the football and the political points that's a question for them. And we'll see I just think the bill's going to be much more. Game and much more ready to play this this Sunday we got a lot to talk about today. We should talk about your weekend be it because Steve of course it's Monday through Friday here reverse and then on the weekends. He did last week to works with the at a fell on CBS last week we all benefit because Steve is on the silent for the bills in Baltimore. This week not the case you're going to be in New York for the dolphins it. That's right York jets. Often jets jester hosting Miami and and you know Sam girl's gonna have his second. Second start the dolphins on and with a much improved roster of adults approve roster what with their offensive line a little bit which the dolphins and I was surprised because. If you lose Jarvis slandering you lose Ndamukong suit you pretty talented players and and who does that remind you of a year ago in the bills lost more so glorious and Sammy Watkins and the dolphins played well against it the titans in that seven and half hour gain that was delayed twice because of weather so. Both those teams. The jet plane on Monday night and the dolphins played in that game against. The titans but both kind of working my short week yeah that you can't hang over for the for the dolphins at that but it's issued via it's going to be. Whether there like it is here you know really beautiful and Matt likes dating 1 o'clock game. You know you've done there research Ari you're getting set for that game on Sunday and I it is it's an important game and important AFC east division game they're both one and though. They are both I think lame pretenders for any kind of good season playoff contention or anything look. I saw the jets game you everybody likes him Monday and most are ready watch that yes I sauce and Arnold talk that he looked. That won't sustain Steve I don't think that will be I don't I think it's going away. Probably going away this Sunday's meant American actors don't think the dolphins are any good now I nor am I know work with the bills that last week to right. By the way out think the bill's performance from week one. It's going to be way that he basically through the season just as I don't think I was too. Well yet as long way to go and yeah and all these teams and we as we saw last night with Baltimore Ravens it's a rollercoaster. And now all the things that happen to them is you know or you can and chalk them up I mean Joseph Flacco didn't look anything like Joseph Flacco we saw a week ago. And needed a defense and so. The Cincinnati Bengals look a little bit like they did against us in the preceding the good that defense front looked just like with I was gonna look and you know that's. Yes way I just still think that this. Season. It still is really intriguing here in buffalo now because obviously that because of the Josh Allen factor. But also because of the fact that unique. A horse that this team that was pretty good at home last year. I'm like seat that against you if they can do that again. You know we got we were laughing yesterday we had Thurman and he came in and pound the table and guaranteed. That the polls forget who beat the dolphins. And I you know who can say here in this who's who can say they're in that mine Freeman and Thurman but. And nevertheless. I think this is going to be a really really fun game two on Sunday here awful. For you do it with the bills game that you paid and you pay attention to bills are we now on this show. And another game and another NFL game to do is to make for a a difficult week to count. I mean I I've benefit from December 1 game to worry about every week. Yet and yet I'm only one extra team you know you guessed him for the bills he's throw that won him but I. Yeah the thing about it is it gets difficult for me because after read so much about you know of dolphins and the jets. Watching the jets libel Monday Night Football help me this week I also got a chance to watch that in obviously watched the dolphins. Play the titans also won the game passing its arm I've watched him both play and you kind of read the stuff come and projects have been a couple of radio stations in Miami race. It's it's one of those weeks were hit and start to get the feel of how hectic schedule yeah in the raiders that we do is gonna happen world travels stuff but. I'm if I'm still love and it I do love it it's fun to do not like. Being on the crew amount to use it on. It is funny and you don't like today here at one bills drive you can tell when you work here. Fridays before home games there's is the buzz in the air and there's activity and people move in or out of every 73000 number closest friends here in a couple of days and you know the security gates are locked up for security and others talk adds traffic on around the office and concession work on and it accurate. It makes for busy Friday is very busy for me early Fridays with. In a radio pregame and agrees to do and and radio interviews to be conducted here in buffalo and but when you get to this point when you can see it and now I can finally see it. It's very very tight and decide if it. I can't wait I know whatever that Sunday and I I know how badly they play but I am over because it. The wide expanse of an entire fifteen games lies out there Steve this is so out there everything you wanted to lights out their forms to I don't know how it's gonna turn out. Nobody does I know how bad it was upended by the way don't get me wrong. And they know how doubt Iowa you picked up a Monday and Tuesday was different a little bit on Wednesday even. That's what. Erie are Friday and there's a brand new there's still it is. Not all sunshine and roses coming out there either but. And here's what it's like an end and we can talk about this we talked about last week to about how in this building in and were kind of in the in you know in that game mode and everybody in the building we work around is as well I'm I was walking through. The we were over Sean McDermott's presser we got some sound from that little bit later in the show as well but. I was walking through it. And there was this kid who's a college kid from completions. In nine as a guy who were you and he seized gave his name and economic game day intern. You know could imagine this so this kid is from Syracuse. He's going to be gained in view worry what he can do innings while I'm on the sidelines. Tiger you're gonna watch and your first NFL game on the he has he was a pre season got to produce the first game he's going to be on the sidelines said. Wait till you see. I think you'll never gonna watch it on TV again I swear I mean it's that I said you'll be shocked at how big those guys are how fast they move. And how to basically for me how to hold they Arkin in their cleats and Helmut system they really looked like you know. Mythic got it can be athletes. And then you get up close and you can tell that the aggression and the intensity. Is turned all the way haven't they are playing for keeps and it's striking and that's why you know you get a game like this and all the bought the football is. It's an event I mean unlike unlike basketball league baseball unlike hockey these of these things or happenings. Unlike any other sport and it's it's it's pretty amazing to be part of a team we beat the crowd and Erin of people show up and it's. It's him it's fun it's fun to be around this that that this viva dislike this and you know sixteen other cities that fifteen of the city. And it's great you can feel on Fridays it's my each agreed to it a good show coming up or mark Kelso is gonna join us at 1 o'clock. Color analyst on the bills radio network if it's his preview of the bills and the chargers. Greg cosell at 130 Greg cosell via analyst and executive producer of NFL matchup but ESPN is regular Friday visit. We got Lorenzo in house the with the lowdown at 2 o'clock runs away Alexander. His take on the upcoming game and Stephen. NFL on CBS he's a color analyst on this game. Steve Berlet work you retire McCarthy and he's here right now watch him practice as we speak and he's about the years you work with a for a couple of years on TV or yeah I'm I was looking former earlier but they're out there. Watching practice. And the CBS guys all the broadcasters for CBS fox European almost guys the do the games get to watch practice near me in a closed practices but they get access they Gwen Watson. They're all the way down the stadium today so. I'm not a chance say I don't want to text within a couple of times but. The LC with no commitment from there to two theories like that as a play after his meetings they've got to meet with the coach and the coordinators and some players before they get here. But let's shall we told you was on the show what's the topic obviously at Sunday's game. Well why don't you wait two answers who holds the key to a bill's victory over the chargers who have one player on offense. One player on defense that's the extent of our Twitter question today. Who holds the key. One player I know it's a team game yeah again you need everybody but boy went out if you will please to one player on offense. One player on defense the key player for Sunday's game if the bills are gonna win give us a call the lines are open eagle 30550 outside buffalo to toll free call. 1888. By fifty to 550. You can join us on Twitter at one bills live and let us know there one player on offense one player on defense who holds the key. To a buffalo victory over the chargers who got Bowman's open right now chuck McDermott did their practice now that started about eleven probably another point 530 minutes or practiced comp. McDermott met with the media today as far as injuries and the official injury report for today not out. But not practicing today deepens it and check Lawson has not practiced all week with the hamster you would think that he would be unlikely to play on Sunday against chargers. Which to me would indicate that Trent Murphy would start. And Nate orchard probably has a role player Procter and the defense of minority. Yeah it might be just reversed for more was last we checked Lawson took the bulk of the snaps entrant Murphy sprinkled and I think it might be reversed turn Murphy might get a blind share now they showed he can go out and play and feels good about that give him an up. And up pitch count where he'll be able play longer and made or shall come and spill in the mornings blow. Cornerback Terrence Johnson not practicing today with his shoulder he is not practice all week so the bills working through some on numbers that corner. McDermott has bowed to Davis he said this before practice bunting Davis will play on Sunday. He was inactive last Sunday so for healthy corners by Tate Davis pretty obvious why. Philippines Lafayette it's if Johnson cannot play any as a practice all week. But the gains obvious he ran through most of a training camp and pre season games. As the nickel or you would think that that would be his spot. Their words a previewing today McDermott was not previewing who's playing where but you think that's a logical thing to do. Of course it is Josh Allen who's the story of the game the quarterback the first round pick. Seventh overall a McDermott talked about him today and he EU stress that. All week long and even prior to this week. Just yell and they said dialogue with the office coordinator Brian Cabell and it's worked to his benefit here's which on McDermott's. Communication Chris it's huge. One quarterback maybe slightly different than another. But really the overall communication for our offense defense and special teams we talked this week about. Not being in. Three or four different campfires if you will but making it more of we've got to have an offensive bonfire. Defense of bonfire respect because we just hadn't been together long and no hey. So we've got to make sure within that that were on the same page that communication. Whether it's quarterback to OC. Or for that matter any player player player player coach coach to coaches is critical for us as we move forward. Steve yankees might it would be referred to as a bonfire is he talking just to get that's me yeah yeah meetings like where you get you know like you get your offensive staff and they kind of Sydor on the desk and they're talking about with their ideas or the player personnel and in the same thing with special teams guys in the and the defense of guys. Now I think that tennis at around one big campfire because they they're really trying to find out iron out some roster particularly start. Mix in any injuries with guys and guys being up or down. A special teams guys are all about known who they have to plug into slots on the special teams kickoff kickoff return punt return if you go Google defense and he got hands team. Onside kick T all that stuff to throw in there as well so you got they have to know who they can plug in because. There's always a chance on special teams in particular. One of the guys you may have to plug into your spots when he spots. Has never done or he has done it on the other side used in different spot so. You got to know because of injuries and the shuffling in the roster. You're gonna have to go. So he also he talked about what Steve said mentioned about the home crowd right bills' home opener it's important in all the bills will not be back home again till October 7. So they better you know catch him in the camp with a home crowd right and we know the deal right five the first seven that our road games this year. The home opener last year the bills were really solid and only won their first four. They went six and two when the season was over McDermott got a last you're talking about defending our dirt. Meaning that your fear it is a newer feel so McDermott says he's hoping that the home crowd will be a factor in this game as well this coming Sunday. Not huge I mean. Six into last struggling at home we talk about descending order quite a bit here playing in front of our pants are fast skis and want them to meet him most passionate. Fan base in the NFL goes along way. Towards creating a home field advantage and angular guys' energy and making it loud on opposing quarterbacks. You know and it could do that it is it is it is very beneficial for us. When you do that Steve it would seem to be used to get off to a good start right. Blessing you wanna do it looked we almost did the residue what happened last week but you get after a good start last week is a distant memory if you don't. And everybody got fans on talk about go right back to what happened last Sunday bull. That's right and I think that's evil scene where you've watched these gains and something happened early. That gets momentum towards one team or the other and the other team spends an entire half. Or entire three series or entire quarter of. Office blew huge stretch of the game just trying to get back to where they the start of the game ones in on that momentum thing work there always that team always seems like their on their heels. And that emotion. That is so. He called momentum you mode you're the local whatever name you wanna use for it it seems to be a real thing when in actuality is really. Maybe sometimes only the fans mindset that's the difference the players may not be aware of it but you can if we all sense something when you watch these games that. Seems to swing it in one way or the other towards one team or the other and you hope particularly in the early going posting swing your way. And of course the bills wanna get up to a good start wanna play well and they wanna put last week behind them. McDermott talked about that today. He mentioned how he's counting on the bills veterans the leadership corps to help this team bounce back and not let. Last week's loss linger here's what McDermott said about that. The leadership council overall and then there's other guys that are on the council that I that I count on quite a bit we met this week. Like we will just about every week. It's important that as you've heard me say before that time ladies coming off of that game in particular that the leadership itself from this football team. Myself included so easy to meet with things are good. But relief to step up. Assert themselves when you go through some adverse times. We're going through the process to developing. One day at a time here and that's that's our approach that that today is better than yesterday. And we've got some young players out there I know. It third. So so and so forth oldest team that when you look at the guys outs and it that's the mean you look at the guys that are. Contributing we've got some young guys and hopefully infertile soil that are gaining dive experience here one place time. That's what he's looking for right and in this audience who look foreign and looks to be you you got this team that comes up a brutal loss but it's also a team to bounce back a year ago. After three tough losses back in November. That's in their background you don't wanna do is rely on that but that's in their background they know how quickly can turn around against the point I'm making because they did it last year. Yet and it in Britain we've been asking you know what is their guy on the field on either side of the ball that. Use fans are looking at to say hey this is the guys can come down to this is the guy that's gonna set the tone and I think. For most people on the opposite sides Josh Allen or LeSean McCoy. Those are the two need to keep pop and all the time I think I'm gonna go McQuay is well I'd like I'd love to see him at thirty touches in this game. Both in the past and the Ron he's just got to be workforce particularly given the fact that. But he can only do that. If if the chargers don't take him away nobody else you know if they just dare. The bills to put the ball and Josh Allen throwing out there they may do that. I mean they they may put 910 guys in the bar with with one free savior no free safety goes zero coverages and OC which you think you guys dubious. After after last week's game that you know. Who blame. And they they might say let's see if what we're gonna go like this until you prove that we can't. And then it would be up to Josh Allen those guys on the outside to win so to be you don't want this to be months yet voice listen if the defense defensive coordinators or Taurus. They try one blitz in you staying him and hit him for a big player. Touchdown that you'll see it again yet you'll see it again offensive guys just the ops you might hit him for that big play they'll never go back that play thinking. The local you know because they've seen it wants right now they stay away from that play out wanted to work and it's just the opposite on defense. If they got something that's working you'll see that defense and that blitzed time and time and time again. Until you prove you can hurt. Who holds the key to a bill's victory we both agree on offense it is Osama court we like here you one player on offense one player on defense. Who do you have on defense who holds the key for the bills defensively get a victory this. Padilla. Aggregate a lot I think. Obviously I said Micah Hyde do you at an in this in the office and I think that's a and that's who first came to mind because I think turn over going to be a big element of this I think that second there's got to get lined up becomes the Micah Hyde Jordan or get those guys lined up Ambien ball hawks is Philip Rivers threw it fifty times last week. I don't know if they'll do that this week although. I think our run defense is a little better than. Then people might think it is. So I think they are gonna have to through and I think that falls on my guidance and the secondary to get turnovers with Mike. Yes I think it may be moved to Maine Edmonds as well maybe getting it in the defense of for an immediate past Richard I think hide that secondary going to be the key I think kite and I take boy okay I think otherwise good it is the safeties right that's an incredible passing attack. Led the league last year in passing yards legally right now after their four it would do for forty yards forty. Tom by the rivers is dialed in. I was quoting you it was a target you by what frank great columnists of pot. About Philip Rivers when it comes. To protections he's hard to get to death in the past Rasheed when he got guys coming in free. He'll get rid of it he gets rid of it and that's the thing that. Drives people Cree east he gets sacked. Less than any quarterback in the league and it's not just because he's got an a grade offensive line it's not the reason the reason is Philip Rivers he is he special player he's a hall of fame caliber player. He has been since. You know he first started playing regularly in the league he sat one year behind. Drew Brees. They took over the starting role and he's been great ever since and he is he's special there's just actually no other way to put it in. He is the reason he gets its act it's not it's no scheme. It's not the guys around him. It's him. And those guys don't come around very often old time bill's fans my vintage will remember in Reno did the same thing he was impossible sacked Bruce would become an and Bruce would literally be. An arm length away from him closing fast in game would have the ball in his waist and get rid of corporate debt that's guys like that are pushed rivers has. And a very good offense coordinated by a kid was not. Hum use the running backs a lot in the passing game right and they're good running backs do a two solid running backs when you talk about that Melvin Gordon in Austin tackler. And those to make big plays in the passing game last week and in a year ago and it was ridiculous it's so. We both think safety do you think I I think we pointer of the key guys what do you think lines open 8030550. Toll free 1888550. To 550. Who holds the key will bill's victory over the chargers try to boil it down one player on offense one player on defense let's go to Gary in Westfield Gary started off forty think Gary. Are you well speed you're receiver Roddy I think Foster could make a different course we need to score a field that's been our problem last year. Do and he was opened quite a bit and pre season. And you know once bravery gets back I would dog and made those two. A deeper routes you know lived. Ellen army does take advantage of. Yeah I mean that's. And I'll tell you you know chip yeah you're right I mean if there's one thing that Josh now we'll do we'll be able to will be able to throw it over the top and I'm and I. Merv my kind of half kidding he said this earlier in the week I think the first play which is Steve and Josh Allen is. Addict you know economic twenty yard 25 yard line in your own and had just over the squares and it has increased its release of an idea though. L cluster as the guys really get your attention. Austin is the guy could get open deep right he's the one you would look for there not Benjamin he can outrun people yet he can now run people and I think he might be the only guy if Josh takes an extra hitch that could run jog his arm and he's gonna get out there and they're gonna have to covers so. That's a good that's a good. Gary that's a good thought because I do think. They're going to be able to do a different type of attack with Josh now at least they'd like to Josh Alan. At quarterback Rodney Pete just because of his physical we've talked about and talked about him. All I mean all day every day when you sit there watching practice. It jumps out and that's that's a weapon I think the bill's hat. Exteriors walling in chick. Still a little illegal you're on the air they got it right to do it. I your look good for one player any side of the ball but I think you've got to go back and look at the two coordinators because last week one could move the ball at one couldn't stop the ball which starts with it starts with the coaching. Yeah I won't would you like to see from coaches and aside from. Fighting followed what happened last week would be looking for from those coordinators. Yeah what kind of gagged Wally what kind of plan would you put in place. Just generally speaking like a sentence on offense a sentence on defense what your plan. Check on maybe at an off brand and connect chuck them this week. What what on defense. Speaking got to put it shed no I'm. Our quarterback what's that would determine if they use. Yeah you know I'm afraid yeah we've got a shadow of a quarterback. Maybe that would be I don't know I don't know but I just don't think Babel and Frazier. He made us by. Our idea word yeah OK well here's the thing use and I get your wallet that. There's no question is gonna take a great game plan to beat the chargers innocent and not only that and you talk to the players. They don't care with the game plan is whatever it is big anorexic cute Manhattan and there was a lot of that going around last week that struggled execute the game plan and I don't think he'd do I had a you don't put a spy on Philip Rivers he's not going anywhere. He's not government at all. You know where he's going to be usually put a spy on a quarterback. In case he pulls it down takes off run in the spies there added to mirror him and keep him from running down the football field. You're not gonna need that against San Diego arming against the Los Angeles chargers you're gonna need that against somebody like. Cam Newton or a Lamar Jackson or somebody like that. On the tweet sheet as we asked a question who olds who holds the key. Two bills victory over the chargers a tweet from Joseph bad he says offense it's easy just Gemma. He has to play over his head and use mobility to make big plays after the line breaks down defense. Starlet to related take two blockers to free up linebackers time to run free of other defense of tackles the push the pocket on rivers up middle. OK Joseph thanks for participating. I want despite protests Elvis played over his head I do agree has to use his mobility I think Jeff Allen's mobility is the under valued aspect of his game Steve we saw a lot and pre season a little bit even last week in Baltimore. He can move he can run he peppers have they might be able to run like some read option please would just keep the ball and. Everything I know and I and I get it they could the thing that bothers me about that is you know look what have the Carson wins. You know all he did it was an innocuous tackle when he was just dive and in the end zone and all Sunnis out until he's still out. You run the risk particularly when you've got one guy behind you don't have to. You know you're gonna run the risk of of losing him if he comes out even if he gets tweaked and he can come back in if he's out for half an hour. You know then years you're without your number one quarterback and mentally gets back and so I'm not. Let him decide when he using give us some advice by watching films and you see this take off and slide here but you gotta make sure he slides. Gets down gives himself up and does not taking a hit and I don't know if you can guarantee that when he's. Are calling runs I would build in some runs I wouldn't do a lot of it but it would build and some runs for I think he's that good athlete and he's big and opted I think on people over even when he gets its but he got a tweet seriously. I'm not I I would buildings are again announcing he's got to got to cash poncho and that's likes to run two or three times. And let's talk further irked after nagger offence at shady get him go and takes less pressure off Allen. Lest the rose less possible mistakes on defense Hughes of the bills have any chance of success against rivers they have to pressure. Used not only has to get sacks but also has to disrupt rivers the entire game. There's something be said for that. Philip Rivers does not run around he might slide back and forth but if you can get pressure pressure get a quick. At least make him throw it before he's ready to throw it. That's that's a that's a great recipe and Jerry Hughes we saw last week he had a couple of shots at Joseph Flacco just and mr. Flacco slip through one time that I remember news. Specifically. But yet they're gonna have to get pressure Trimmer he's got a he's not going to be a one man thing in that case in regards going to be team thing but. Jerry Hughes and sums up you know among the many things to like about Philip Rivers them among the many things like about his game I think. Is house. He doesn't take sector audio Lynette but his his release he can be anywhere right he'll just throw the ball he'll find a way. But to get the ball downfield no matter where he's thrown from a well what is what his platform is or how much pressures around of the get rid of it from anywhere real. It's different it's crazy it's crazy talk now seventeen years later after we got fourteen years later after got drafted mystery. Street because you. Because the big knock on film operators and the reason he wasn't the number one overall pick. Was because this funky delivery step. It's sort of well it's not. To think about it now it might what are you talking about the guys like one of the great ones there he's he's like he's like the modern Dan Marino yet you know Marino and it quick. Release and rivers is got what he does and they're they're very similar players and numbers bear that out there both. Prolific passers with some of the all time greats. And to think back when he got drafted he'd all the stuff and we can talk about quarterbacks for six months before the draft. It's crazy now and an August loss in the one pitcher right that's when things has made him so effective he can. He throws things side normal stop around guy isn't well Geithner. Means it's not. Curtail that route. We're gonna talk more about this we got lots of time to talk this first hour of the show you hear from you we wanna know knew who holds the key to a bill's victory over the chargers give us one player on offense. One player on defense welcome back to talk about that we're just getting started here one bill's life presented back a lot of health. Come audio from one bills drive in this is Buffalo Bills radio. You. Take good care here. They were talking about Sunday's game emirates are Marcos road one Greg. Co salad 130 Lorenzo Alexander 20 zebra line at 230 so this is your chance now. Let us know to make the key guy it's for the bills to come out with a surprise Victor Lehman looked at that point spread there and soon the bills that are. Are under there yeah I think significant there minus. 77. With a should be fixed annuity and I think it's the chargers minus the area. So if the bill's gonna win it would be an upset who holds the key to that upset what do you think gives one player on offense. One player on defense she in this. She did and on Ira Twitter site at one bill's life gives a call 8030 by 52031. Eat eat eat by fifty to 550. Jerry and I in Webster hallowed Gerri welcome to show. I Steve tiger is good great doing while. Good. I technical area out benched because obviously if we get a running game aren't going our our weapons are open out. And defense like picked prime date David speakers. Our passing defense last week. Like yeah I've never seen people so I open and and actually question just singed sources probably goes we're ticket. There's ever any chance at cheaper offensive line guy in the backfield with the quarterbacks lecture protection I don't know. According but I just went through your comment so you guys think. Okay yeah interest Internet and they will put on extra offensive lineman in fact they did it last week. It was a run play. But they did put in they have a extra offensive linemen sat where they bring in extra tackle on the field line him up as a tight end. But don't forget if they if they put an extra offensive lineman on somebody's got to come off and that's that's where you start to a question about what you're gonna do on the plate you take a tight end off. Take a wide receiver off take a running back off that's one player from another position groups that you can't use in another way so and and also. That and that tells the defense up and so. Yeah I mean that's. I am believing that the bills and got guys do they got ten office of Lyman on their roster right now so you can bet they're scouring. Bill that group to find the best five best guys. Not gonna make too many changes in the starting or any change in the starting lineup this week but. If you're looking for some open. If you wanna see what I'm looking for in this game I wanna see how those guys play up front they've got to play better than they did a week ago there's no question about I'm not saying everything was their fault. And let's say in the weight Peter Newman played with all their fault and not say in any of that but I think they do you have to play better. What to watch for let's talk about that old it's your what your are you putting the onus on the offensive minded to win this game for Buffalo's that you think it. There to watch our tea I'm I'm watching former play better and here's a thing to it and is in this is in conjunction with what I said about the offensive line. One note Josh Allen dropped back to pass how much times you can plan. And then in conjunction with that if they do give him time which you track them at least on occasion they're going to. Can he use it does he stand in there. Look down the field not think about the rush and deliver the football to somebody who is at least hopefully will be open. I don't know these I I that's what I wanna see in the offensive line giving consistent time. If he does get that time easy and am happy feet and pull the thing down and run out of there a quick receipt and keep his eyes down the field think about the rush it but I think. As rob looking for I don't know all of that'll happen or any of a wonderful happens some and not other times or how much it'll happen that's what I'm really watching I wanna see if that. Is. Something you say yes they did they did do that orbits like well sometimes it is sometimes it did I that's that's what I'm watching the offensive line how much time and whether the quarterback. Uses it here's what I am watching for the pursing an offense that I'm watching for is how how big Kitna. The shot accords Roby I mean can they had a 220 times and throw 263 times I would hope so right I would hope so they can get twenty plus carries on the ground in. You know 6810 catches even a possible because I think. He is by far. The most accomplished offensive player they have on the roster. EU is by far the most dynamic performer they have on the roster this is not a great it's chargers defense it's not. And I think with Osama going in space against some of those linebackers. Could be but really pays big dividends for the bills so how big can they make accord Caribbean and they can about his workload I am thinking about. The chargers are waiting now after awhile for McCoy they will pack a box early so maybe the girl's gotta throw to appreciate your early in the game but he could mean is not just geeky guy but. The extent of his global passing and and running the football I think is completely two bullets one of the main things. I'm watching what's your what's your best case scenario for the number of touches it. You know 22 carries six theory catches somewhere in the neighbors want. A five carries yet 68. May be vacillating between five and ten K it's heavy workload is heavy but. You know I think that's what's gonna take and you know what you got contracts last year you have backups who can. Can spell him right Marcus Murphy Andrews I've read things about it for me. I think any carries and Mark Murphy wore a ivory get. Almost count those toward shady as well I mean I'd I just wanted to be able to. You know handed off to be productive in that now. When a show on in the game he's got to be the focal point but I think he has to be for both teams I think that it's crazy to think that the chargers are gonna come in. And put the cross hairs on right. I know what you mean but I do think there's a drop off in dynamic potential when McCoy is out. You'll get the same threat from markets create workers agreed to do that was on the and I think that will change away via chargers in every built on a plane and users always inching emea. Why and when office coordinator choose to take their running back like bullish on and put him way out. And portrait whale one I think one of the things you watch for when he lines up in the back field. And moves out wide. What the defense does to him how they handle that do they pop the core out side they come off Kelvin management put quarter and shady. And put a safety down or linebacker Adam Benjamin order they do it the reverse they keep the line background Benjamin or. The corner on Benjamin and move a safety or linebacker don't wash on a court. And that how they adjust to that is the big key but I think that the keys that for fans to watch is. When the bills to outline up. And then after they defense gets set then bullish on moves. How the defense adjusted that is what you should watch who goes with it and it nobody does. That's where he throw a football. You know and if it if they do move out there with him. Who they move out there still doesn't take him out of that play. So I think that's one of that that that x.s and other things that at the average fan sometime doesn't think about but that's it's done for a reason. Because here's what happens as an offense when he got lined up and have shady line up out there. The defense plays a different defense. That it would if you lined up in the backfield and then move in and shift to. So the defense adjusts differently to the same alignment depending on how the offense gets there. And I think that's one of the things that the average fan sometimes let's get by him. And it's and he got to watch that stuff is really interesting to see how the defense and it'll tell you what they're thinking about that player. Chargers have a good potential matchup guy in the first round victory came from an issue six to 215 pounds. Pretty good cover guy and he's very physical and if I'm sick Los it is I'm not disclose its. And I have to I said earlier I see him. He's the guy that would move motion out that city when he lines like just because. He's physical he can jam them and he can run pretty well too. It's not a great matchup with the Mikey. Lucky 62. Fifteen I wonder if he goes sideways like shady canyon and probably that he does that any yet then you're gonna it yet then he put him in a spot where he's got to stick with shady on us on a quick breaking. Hard route where he's got to move. And he's got to stick with shady when she gives him that chimney thing that he does. That's how you do when you get a big guy like that a physical guy got to make him stop and go. That tell you that's the first thing you tried it guys likeness and it's the NFL they're what's the why you get guys that big you can do that yet. But you gotta make it what to watch receive on defense you're looking for the bills' run defense to come operate its key to this game for you yeah I mean they they held. Baltimore. In the run game that may be one of the bright spots they did 75 yards rushing it is is the number remember. That's pretty good. The rest of it it would Joseph Flacco throw the ball all over the joint that was the thing the game problems news. His ability and and the one guy he was an early in the game second and 27 where they got 31 yards on that was. That was the crusher and that's when he should had a ball off the field early and then maybe it's a different game. But they didn't do it. Again I I I think if the bills deep run defense can put them in third and long third and eight plus situations on third down. Yeah that gives you a chance. For the incompletion get off the field. Here's an outlook of four from the buffalo defense how they match up out of the lineup at corner yet against the chargers team that threw for 440 yards last week. Karen Johnson has not practiced all week. Last week's starter at the nickel corner so what what the they put for the gains in there I take Davis made a McDermott said today Davis. Will play this week so whats is role I just wanna see how they line up because I think the pressure's going to be on that defense of backfield that we. He picked my guy that big Jordan pointer is a key guy for the bills but in that defensive backfield. You know that's gonna have to step up this slowdown this. Passing attack number one pass and attacked last year in the league and number wanna get so far this year and curtail the. And I think one of the things you have to do. And to Davies why does this once a while. Is it for quarterback doesn't get sacked like Philip Rivers you needed a DB it's good enough and to the complaint is such a level as to scare him off the throw. With Philip Rivers goes to his first read it looks over there and that he's not gonna throw it there because he's covered. Danny's got a comeback and and double hitch and find somebody just threw the football team and the moment he does that they get your pass rush a chance to get there. Or he has to throw a quick or throw it away or force the ball into a bad spot and assault goes hand in hand needs her to a thousand times when they cover well. The quarterback gets sacked Philip Rivers is gonna find somebody's gonna throw up and that's win you know Micah Hyde Jordan or hopefully can take advantage of that. So what server you what do you think the key players for the bills one on offense wanna defense if they're gonna. Spring the upset victory this Sunday with a key guys for buffalo gives a call we'll get some phone calls up well go between cheat when we come back for the next segment it is what goes live from one bills drive in this is Buffalo Bills radio. At one point 51 bills drive. Bills that out of threat the other factors should be over it is we look on the image to the ticket so you don't see anybody and that you knew where. That makes sense it started eleventh probably wrap it up about an hour there are about one and two out of that game earlier game. Friday and then. They were over the key guys the two key players one on offense one on defense immediately gives call in 03 open at fifty told free. 1888550. To 550 Ryan calling from Kansas hello Ryan are you probably go to Kansas where your car. The whining and speaks a lion Narnia and then on I seventy go ahead. The I think. Built into. Market or beat analyst drama Kool Aid and now. You know McCourt out wide and RP and a back still poor and why are able to be on the other. I'm often. And on beat them I think. David why. These bodyguard. And Allen and the block all of them everywhere. Correct those are good ideas target over a period among them European well occasion. It gives you two really good players on the field together no question. I I I guess that means you go with just two wives. And or maybe. Two tights to backs and one wide receiver if you want. They can do that as well bit. You gotta have planned to use it I mean you guys both those guys got to be viable it can't be just put Mark Murphy LC give the ball bullish on more. The yeah I mean I don't think he's going to be. The chargers running trick offense. You gotta have an office there runs and can run a do a lot of things out of whatever site you're in whatever personnel you have whatever people you have whatever scheme you have you've got to be adversely got to be able run out of it got to be able throw out of it. You gotta have duke with different people on the field you got to do with them different formations. So you're you're not going to be able to go out there with a trick personnel combination. And beat him and he may get a play out of it and that's all well and good. But any more than one play Tenet to make it worth it so yeah. I get it you've got to try something new different shown some things they haven't seen before absolutely. But at some point gonna have to play your based office here based defense. And beat him and that's which you have to be really ready to do caller on the line from Wesley in buffalo as suggestions and it I think you'll agree with Steve blitzer Wesley go ahead welcome show. I excellent job I think. I'm calling in. It may maybe he can bring criminal and I haven't bit him and wind up on the inside that field and play you know ball with a lot of pick and under Heidi I think. If you view humans are like that you now room and I also like Logan Thomas I'm Logan Thomas is really big so they've got three guys particularly when you get down of the red zone it's that unfortunately didn't do too much of last week. I think that's a great personnel combination room clay Benjamin and Logan Thomas or four giants. Put him out there and have a pick one have a quarterback picking got to throw it to I think it's a great idea. I think it's more red zone thing or maybe even a short yardage thing if you wanna get out and you've got to fourth and to admit feuds you wanna try and pick up. Two great formation to go to it because they got to defend it you can just full five yard pass and it's a first down kind of thing so. I agree with yet. And I and I know a lot of people a lot of bills as we just had took two calls in a row about. You know what personnel combinations might give the chargers problems and and both of them would but like I said. Sooner or later you got to line up your best players and go and win and that says kind of wait wait. Football's played who. Tito the bill's victory over the chargers give us a call we'll talk more credible TARP when mark Kelso we return color analyst on the bills radio network we'll get his thoughts on this and he has some thoughts about. Office of personnel that might help we'll talk remark about that one bills like presented by colliding health we are at one bills drive. This is Buffalo Bills radio.