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Yeah update from one bills drive the bills it wrapped up their practice in the stadium today no practice for check Lawson. He has not practiced all week with a hamstring quarterback care Karen Johnson did not practice today with a shoulder. Just limited work for wide receiver ray ray McLeod bill's got to work through some numbers at cornerback McDermott John McDermott is fun to Davis. Will play Sunday was an active last Sunday so well Lewis for healthy quarterbacks ready to go this Sunday. Bills and the Los Angeles chargers Sunday at 1 o'clock here on Orchard Park we've got caught the game on our flagship radio station WG yours which review by fifty myself. Our council so the puck to on the side it. Packers coach Mike McCarthy told us that there today that Aaron Rodgers. Is still David game is on going recovered from a knee sprain he suffered on Sunday McCartney says the Packers we'll know more about the availability. But the game against Minnesota after tomorrow's practice the Packers did not practice today. Reports on and a commitment to Rodgers is expected to play against the vikings Andy Dalton threw four touchdown passes last night. Renamed AJ green is the Bengals got ahead early and held out for 3423 win. Over the Baltimore Ravens it is a two auto start for Cincinnati. First two and a start since they won the division title three years ago the ravens dropped one and one. Linebacker Michael Kendrick released by the browns after charges of insider trading is signing a one year deal with the Seattle Seahawks. Hendricks pleaded guilty last week to the charges sentencing set for January 24. You send one your country where the browns in June. Reportedly used tip from an acquaintance to make about one point two million golfers in the legal profits on four major treaty you. Dolphins got bad news today test revealed that left guard jacks sit and tore his rotator cup and you will be out with the rest of the season. Buffalo Sabres and the guys were training camp practice it today officially opening yesterday when. Players reported for physical and testing they continued through the weekend with practices and harbors that are. Or to the public there's Zia sessions on that tomorrow morning and then Sunday's scrimmage started and there. That's the update from. And bills drive. A couple of dates for game to hear John Murphy. Steve tasker with one bills like joined by my broadcast partner on Sundays and the bills radio network color analyst for the bills radio network and of course longtime buffalo safety mark Kelso in studio with a Smart. Good afternoon welcome you made it you escaped from a rainy Carolina where you worked in the rest of the week. Yeah and a lot of concern that certain tests coast is getting better pretty pretty significantly right now Wilmington and I don't think Charlotte's gonna get the brunt of it seems like it's gonna turn keeps changing direction and change lots of season all kinds of different. Different whether anomalies so but that things seem okay in Charlotte at the moment but there's a lot of people in north and South Carolina and again absent of a callers here this week not that it's the most important thing with the Panthers play in Atlanta this week. So they don't have a home game to do it yeah it. Well and win think it went think that causing destruction with the game in Atlanta but was certainly probably no cause disruption if the game was in Charlotte right that was correct when they were would not and yeah and it will be supposedly cleared out by next weekend when you play yep probably amend its its its set on a coastal habit and so I think they said it might settle their little bit longer might not hit. Charlotte area until late Saturday or Sunday afternoon so it may linger a little bit through the beginning of the weeks of may affect some of their practices but. But again that that's probably not the most the most significant concern most significant concern is the safety of people there are closer rules they've got some some schools that are. That are acting as shelters just in cases that the weather 'cause it's that kind of problem mark to a much lesser extent the ringing in Baltimore didn't let up last week in the bills' opener against the ravens and and the storm has continued you're going to percolating here on one feels like to Wednesday and that could give you a chance to review what went out what went wrong weak but it just. Awful way you have rain then no I you know honestly I'm unlike the players and yet turn a page I mean you'd you'd need to keeps. When you need to think about it a little bit needed. Look there's there's a plan a process. And none not to seek to use that. Current coach steps terminology but there is a planet processed it. Two defeat or victory ramming it if it's a victory got to enjoy it yo look at it many got to move forward and if it's defeat do you look at it. You gotta all in the mistakes you've got to realize how you gonna correcting me got to coach him up on Monday afternoon and you gotta take Tuesday off when he got to go about your business on Wednesday here. You're gonna find yourself in the same spot come the next Sunday afternoon and you've got to move forward. There were certainly some plays that were made on on well not a whole lot on the opposite side of the ball but a few woman of running backs Marcus were you know had a friend had a few plays and there are couple throws on the field they were there were pretty effective but them by and large they. They did not play in near their level of capability in and that's pretty darn good defense the ravens defense is good and you talked about last night's game earlier in the segment with Cincinnati in and Baltimore Baltimore put up over 500 yards yesterday as well they turned it over three times and put their defense and some difficult situations I think that's why they lost that game and I actually but Baltimore repeat Cincinnati but the bills that they got to go back to work in the in this attain that they lost to by a significant differential last year. Tremendous offensive weapons on this team future hall of famers and Antonio Gates which is a plane and a whole lot and and that's of course Philip Rivers and and he can swing it. And they've got some personnel that they can run some great routes and and run some stem routes is Steve knows well and tack in the correct it for the defense of back to create some separation. It's it's it's. It's going to be a difficult pass defense which is this offense is better in my opinion in the Baltimore Ravens clan that face last week. Now while lets you that's great to hear thanks. Where the thing about you say about turning the page and I told Murtha on Monday but there really is the you can't let last week's loss count for this week's loss you know you can't hang it over you can't let one loss turn into two losses. Certainly doesn't mean you Garcia we decide when you can win. But you gotta put forth a better effort got to correct what happened last week and not only correct the specific mistakes and make on this players that play or whatever but also. In your preparation in your game plan in what you know about your own team and I think this at this point and he speak to this mark. This coaching staff still kind of getting to know exactly who can do what and what they can ask to do what they can't do what day count on. Well I still tweak and Ross are so obvious it's it's they have guys certain positions that they're not even a 100% comparable. Went with that situation I'll be a compliment the entire. The entire defense of profits of skiing accident yet there's no question about them and you can't lament it. Because you feel sorry for yourself guess what charges could come in here roll so you. You better find a way to overcome it and down like this coaching staff says as well it's got to be a growth mines that it doesn't define who you are doesn't define you as a team its one game. It answered a few questions in the negative unfortunately up it's like to not have a very good data. As the news receiving corps that did not have a lot production as well and and that they've got to fights for separation so they certainly didn't help me if Biederman. This week going to be it'll be the rookie quarterback they've got to put him in situations where he can succeed in. And that means in my mind he's got to get rid of the ball quickly so. There are some ways that I think they can attack is charged defensive unit that might be successful on Sunday afternoon with they've got to execute seamlessly if they do. They've got a chance if they don't they don't have been any chance. Mark Kelso color analyst on the bills radio network you are welcome to join this is why helpful lines open eagle three. All 515 toll free 1888550. To 550 so it is Jack challenged some three times in pre season market of course. Less suddenly plagued him much of the second of most of the second I would expect to get from him as a starter what are you you think the bills are looking to get from Jack challenge in his first NFL start. Well let let me back up the two talked about little bit while I think the chargers will do about a minute I'll tell you where maybe we think we can expect from Josh don't. It is hands brings their defensive unit significantly without joy both side I don't think he's supposed to play right and that relegate them to a lot more zone coverage than Mac coverage this Ingram can pressure the passer but. They don't have too many guys outside Ingram that they can really effective passing game and disrupt that timing of the offense. So nice to have an opportunity to extend some plays down the field but I still think they should protect Jocelyn when they do it. I think there's opportunities to run here. And then office successful run game you can develop a nice and successful play action passing game and have guys down the field extending the field weighed down there with. With the post route and and a flag route on the outside so Jos now I can just sling it but it's got to be off half springer it's got to be awful bootleg where he can buy some additional time. Before he can go throw it downfield in the other thing. And we've talked about this over the years extensively. Did one thing that that this charger offensive unit does from the receiver position has blocked really well for Melvin Gordon. That's what the bills receiving unit needs to do they can line up in cluster they can line up in an. In inverted wing with with two tight ends on one side. But those guys have got the block and they've got to position himself in leveraged themselves so that they create space for the running backs and if they do that. They'll be opportunities in the run game and in the play action passing game. The opportunities are there but the bills for sole. Struggled so badly last Sunday to get the running game going. And I know it's different opponent. We're doing can they take advantage of those opportunities I mean offensive line can they do that against. This team what they could not do last week when it they have a little different configuration sometimes as well because they'll line up they're two linebackers in the C gap. Peso so why does your wife and terminal line up Tennessee get an outlet. And he pronounces payment a year at a day that the city is safety to install safety when not line up well over the tide actually older guy a dying. Was so and he. So he'll line up behind those guys at about six yards so linebackers are depth of five to five and a half and you'll be in the right in the middle those guys at about six yards in certain situations. They are not gonna let you run the ball inside they wanna prevent the inside running game that inside zone play. That little whether it's gee we're caught in Ji leader a double leader whatever it is between the tackles they do not want you to run there. But their cornerbacks a lot particularly with Julie balls that they're gonna turn and bail on the snap and they're gonna be playing three B. So the cornerbacks are responsible for about ten yards from the line of scrimmage in deeper. And on the defensive side of the football so there are some opportunities on the edge if you can get to the edge I think that's where they need to attack the words in this cluster formation or. Where the lineup with with with Logan and Charles or whatever configuration tight end your lineup and one of emotions across to change the motion because now they can attack. The underside of the front like we talked about so they line up five guys in the line of scrimmage. And they can attack this site where that notes that was not I don't think no he knows he knows we've been talking about it for thirty years he knows that we you know does it. I did and we've been talking about on the show about what can one guy on either side of the football is going to be key for the bills and a lot of people appointed obviously towards Josh Allen and how he plays but also. Towards the Shawn McCoy allies. You know what are easier. Best case scenario for how they use honey you know we are talking about giving him thirty touches both run pass. I mean the more you give to him probably the better it's going no question about it. But by the same token who else but LeSean McCoy is really the chargers defense concerned about. Well so I don't have an off their overly concerned about any any other office of personnel at this point but they need some guys that need to step up and in and they needed to do it at the receiver position that really believe that a main. A minute do you think Kelvin Benjamin enjoys significant size advantage at wingspan advantage over some of those quarterbacks. And again they did big game last week they played a lot of zone coverage and if they're plain zone coverage you've got to simplify things for Josh Allen I can use. The Shawn McCoy and H reed situation where he comes out of the backside with a receiver tight end is a little game that they can run. You can use him a trip situation we're two receivers can not and he's in the flat. Or or you can engage a cluster situation we can run that weighs in nine if a collection of three players there. He can run that direction because of the a lot of space because you can run those defensive backs opt. At the same time you can throw the ball in that situation now LeSean McCoy. He's not going to be matched up against a linebacker or or in a dime defensive back because they're playing in a lot is on but. That's the route he's gonna be running against it the areas that they're trying to defend and he can have some positive effect on the field there's no question but it's all about. You've got to get the Bonn on time you gotta have a plan and and I think yet to simplify things for Josh Young have to say hey here there's going to be guys in this but this but in this but. And he made the numbers may change. And the personnel may change but there's going to be people in these spots and here's where you're gonna look first here's re elect second and then you're either going to be on the move or you can get rid of the football and if they can do that. Again they can develop a little bit of rhythm to the offense and and then of Rio an excuse some some play action pass and in some draw in some screens screen game has got away. I understand why has it. Not the best situation where things planes on the does it typically defend the screen better when you play zone but. If they get into a tight situation the other thing they do which is going to be difficult for Josh down as it's a creative rush package so. They're only gonna blitz for but they might bring four guys off one side and dropped guys out on the other side and and occasionally the rebel rushed five but they're not gonna rush six people because and got to play all out man. They're gonna and they're gonna limit that probably to five past treasures but again they're gonna. They may drop off one time I think he was Ingram Ingram drop back and played free safety and when one particular cover two they're they're pretty creative on the defense aside. To execute zone scheme but but I would say by and large that's what you know should expect on Sunday afternoon. Ingraham just food you don't incomes are defensive end who's a really good pass rusher on on this how to join boast of yet implants free safety other trying to treat somebody net exactly. Mark Kelso is with a CEO color analyst on the bills radio network so you see opportunities for the buffalo offense against. Los Angeles defense flip around a little bit is there anything the bills can do to slow down the chargers offense 540 yards. In a loss last week that crazy. Yeah I mean Andy can now it is really good it is it when I called we have just stemming around so when your run if you're right and it a ten yards out cut. He's not gonna run straight down the field vertically in him break ninety degrees that left the mean he's gonna start inside and he's gonna go vertical grain might come outside a little bit. And he's gonna push you into it and and direct his path. And your hip for different hips to try to moves you in turn you spread your feet is a defensive back if your plane manned coverage. And then he he's gonna create some separation is decorate hands he can catch the vaught says body frame so. He he's he is really formidable. And and in run and pass routes and they west to 200 something pound and it's just. Am hearing he. He's not gonna run over anybody but he's just he does have some size he's got some who have got a little little length film as well and then coming out of the backfield Melvin Gordon is. How many great last week I think he got what nine balls coming honored actually he's gonna is gonna run circle routes is gonna run Rouse the flat if you're not careful you might just turn up the sideline and and take opportunities there but I do think there's opportunity I think they wanna run the ball inside him in Iran. What we caught a little jet sweep when they bring a receiver process and just turn around and that I took him he's running full speed right. And and sometimes you can catch the fences or you can fake that plane and hand it off and site is it freezes the linebackers is they're trying to decide. Which path they're gonna take to defend and and then what happens with that is so they've run that but they would they wanna run the ball inside the tackles they really do. So you gotta foursome outside the tackles and you do that by playing a cover two situation. And you force everything out to the edge now you can place a man if you want. But W can get those quarterbacks up for the quarterbacks are gonna have to tackle well and prevent him from getting to the edge. As at interior the bills' defense forces and that way Williams and you look at the. Keenan Allen apple had eight receptions last week Melvin Gordon at nine and then he had four other guys. That. Got a bunch of targets. Only a couple of receptions here and there. Heckler Williams had five catches apiece. He spreads that are when he gets thrown 51 times this predator is more than one guy but that's what stale. They didn't try to run the football of course they were climbing out of a hole Kansas he was running the football back on them all the time last week. But and I we've been talking a lot about Philip Rivers you don't sack him very much. How do you get turnovers. And caddie get him to release the football and and you know what you do to him and coverage give him problems. It's it's really difficult again you've got to put yourself in my mind. You you've got to put yourself in a similar look because it if you have yourself a little different look cornerbacks are. Mean typically cornerback if he's playing zone is just going to be a little bit his knees are going to be that is is severely. He's playing man they're going to be bad a little bit more a little closer than ninety degrees you know. And a series is going to be maybe more bad if he's playing man to be more operate at these flames owner and if you do those things Philip Rivers is gonna know yet and I haven't studied to those defensive back core. On film to to know what to lose some of their tendencies are. Whether they if they did how to disguise manners on the so you've got to line up the exact same way every time and then you've got to change it on Philip Rivers on the snappy got to bring. One of the safeties down to the boxing and you have to play Robert coverage or one safety comes in the middle and tries to take the crossing fact is they run a lot of middle flawed as well. And so hopefully you can take one of those receivers force in the show Roger short. And and on the outside as sometimes you need to step up on the outside in and prevent that ball from being thrown on the outside quickly if your plan cover two which you gotta be multiple. Multiple schemes defensively which he got to give him a similar look so that he doesn't have an idea pre snapper is it. Really hurt did you a favor tell mark what. Greg Greg said about coaching rivers yes he said Philip Rivers is all what and when it comes to pass protection and where guys are coming from what the defense is gonna do and it's front. To rush the passer he's he's almost civil. They never gets caught off guard he knows where they're coming from before the snap almost invariably and he knows how to manipulate his protection to get in the best chance to get rid of it and leave. If you're gonna bring an extra guy he knows where he's gonna come from and knows how long he's got and you can almost choose to guy he wants to leave three and he's he said he's just he can't sack him because he gets through to the football he knows where the Russians are coming from him he manipulates his front. To combat years ace ace that's what the word he uses a bond. Yet by seized he's been doing it really high level for really long time any and he has the right mentality is quarterback because he escapes with the idea delivering the football down the field. Killed he draws with a three quarter arm slot as it is. But he any rarely throws over the top by he'll drop a dime even decide garment he has to to get it around and an extended on the defense event or did and it's accurate. No it's it's it's. It's amazing that he throws like that is its unorthodox when your. When your free safety and your your back pedal and a certain situation and coverage you always look at that front shoulder with the quarterback. If he's the only guy in the league they can. Can have the front shorter it's not going to go play another look at the wrong direction it can't be point the wrong direction but he can be point shorter directly off field and throw to that to his right side which is your left which you think he has to throw the middle there are no he he doesn't have to do that. Because his hips are already open when he throws it so it's a little bit different as a defense of back in you've got to be aware of that but you. I mean guys just have to do their job and and it they've got to again they've got to be a situation where he does understand what the coverages so it isn't just. Another moment of hesitation before he tries to throw the football. If that happens you have a chance to get them on the move and if you get among the movies much less effective even though you can throw on the run to his right side. He's much less effective certainly that if you let him stand back there in the pocket and just move subtly to buy additional time to take. Call on mark Carlson is with us David in wheat field on the line David Carnoy and welcome to show them. Lot of guys that doubt but it should be on the air. All of neighbors in my blog. I I had a comment to make got better but I'm not a conscious that he'd been at because we have mark they are now on my my question why. Our our. Own. He spent last week Flacco just picked them higher the end. You know I shudder think what rivers is gonna do them. There are some weight and do it. I'd like I'd pick their secondary and that our team and I'm wondering why we did play more man coverage again then you know. Following up on that quiet it's out of coaching or the. When AME certainly have extremely capable guys and Leslie Frazier is an outstanding defense coordinator. And Devin appreciate the sentiment. The all part of it I mean it's it's a multi facet of problem and I know the fans to get tired of hearing that but it but it isn't just the way it is not I remember a time. An outdated justice to remember don't want timing Bruce came in the Booth. And we are talking about something and and and he sits on the Alice exits you've got mark were because all the pressure I put on ice that was to shape because all the sexy guys because we had great coverage on the back end and it that's the way it works. And aiming everybody has to be. In the spot where they need to be when you have young players and let's say and they do this I'm saying there's a tendency for them to do this not commandments made a couple plays in the passing game. But he got Jermaine Evans and you have yet mammal on the were really young players and you get to Davis white when your planes on more zone and I think because of because of fill up gains in the air at that that lens the defense more to what his skill set is which is more zone than man probably. But when you bring Manny got to bring additional pressure but when you drop in zone you can drop to a spot and I think when you're young player sometimes you still drop to spot the spot has to be. You have a spot on the field if you're dropping to the hooks on so let's say the looks on is defined as two or three yards outside has to just inside the numbers on whatever side of the future on. What's your job went to their hooks on that that's an eight yard area. So unique and understand when a receiver comes of that area where do I need to be on the inside of that receiver the outs and you can't just drop the spot warning half yards between national numbers. And think that you're defending the hooks on because they're gonna stop and turn to the outside. If Philip Rivers there or as the case may be Joseph Flacco they're gonna deliver that football on time and accurate. And you're not gonna get there to defend so it's more man to man attitude inside yours an inside your zone that's directing you know defend the player in your resolve and then until he leaves your zone. And then MP impede his progress at the line of scrimmage you know I've talked about death for years to. You have to find a way for those receivers it's all predicated on timing you've got to find a way to either. Make them show up at a spot that the quarterback's not expecting or make him get there too early or too late. Then you have a chance to defend in that situation. Mark you're doing better and anybody break down the matchups go through the the Mitt tips on either side of the ball for the bill's opponents. But it strikes me that this game outline what your opinion about this. This game is as about matchup but it's also about the bills just plain is up to their potential you know I'm Zain. That was it that was an awful. Performance last Sunday. I can't believe they're that bad I don't believe they're that bad and I don't think I'll ever play that poorly again but how much of this game is about that is the bills playing the the way they're capable of as opposed to matching up against Richard. Hangs from a psychological standpoint it's a huge game. Because they go away on the road to Minnesota and on the way on the road to Green Bay and two very difficult places to play against against. Arguably a team that's probably is favored by how many people at least make this C championship game in Minnesota and and Green Bay you're not sure what they're gonna do depend on the health of of some other guys like Aaron Rodgers. Depending on how that that situation unfolds but so it's a critical game their back in their home building they didn't play last week and again it's you know on. And I don't wanna pack denies it and catch a nice fans by saying it's well it's not as bad as it looks on film is not as good so that. That it bravest lastly probably left some plays on the table in the bills. Didn't make some plays but they made a few good plays and if they would've done a couple of things better. Then maybe they would had a chance to to win that game probably not the truth because they they really got taken to the woodshed last week yeah. But everybody has culpability and everybody can play just a little bit better and if they do that collectively. They have a much better opportunity here to it to play well against the charges come out with a victory they'll enjoy the twelfth man advantage. And they don't have to travel. Obviously they've looked at the things that they've made mistakes on the last week those younger players. I know Steve had to say with coach McDermott early in the week talking about some of the young players are younger players have another week and maturity which is really important particularly when you have a guy. Who's a rookie any sleep in your defense from that middle linebacker position. So another week immaturity there and they'll have an opportunity to do a couple little things differently they were pledges would have done this will definitely. Beam pattern in better position to make that play. So if I can't if that happens collectively. Then nine and then you have an opportunity in this game but I guess it's going to be a difficult task of. Speak to mindset goes after that game last week playing better. Than ever written that's job one I mean you got to forget about it be even before they went and watched the film. Flying home on the flight the night that after that night in coming in on Monday watching. Playing better than they did last week emotionally in his individually was job one I think coming into this week those guys there's no way. They can watch that film or why look at the scoreboard that gamers that whatever way they look back remembered there's no way that you remembered in the other way then. Saying to themselves. They gonna happen again. Well hand and you ended but and there's a process to make that happen can't just like when you know you're just a half dozen you can say out of Atlanta now and again it doesn't have a brand though. It's gonna happen again and I should take care the things that that bit. And they put it to happen and that's that's we talk about we talk about all those puzzle pieces. And you got to fit them all together to create this nice whatever it is a Buffalo Bills symbol or a W at the end of the game where they've got to fit together seamlessly and if one's out of kilter and you're not sure what puzzle piece you're putting is it still fluctuating personnel and still made a personal change this week you mean. It changes in and guys. Mean you you complement each other as players. You know when you when you understand what the guy next year does and and you can do some things that help out his situation and played to his skill set and if you can do that that's that's what. Makes the whole better than the sum of the parts thanks. We'll see you Sunday thank you look towards you know mark Kelso color analyst on the bills radio network when we come back. Greg cosell analyst for ESP n.'s NFL matchup in longtime senior producer NFL films. More on the bills' game of the rest of the league with Greg cosell one bills live presented by colliding health from one bills drive. This is Buffalo Bills revealed. Live from what they'll drive Jabber beastie Chester were getting some in depth analysis of this than met tipsy from. Mark Kelso who's great and joining us on the subway for sake island right now another great analyst to crunches video always longing is eject them executive producer. Analyst for NFL matchup ideas BM 39 years. As the senior producer NFL films Greg cosell and for his regular Friday it's a great job Murphy Steve up in buffalo thanks for joining us. Merv did you guys do it. Doing well I don't know if you heard we had a quarterback switch. Not all that surprising given what happened of the bills last week and what's your take on the switched him Josh Allen and what are your thoughts going into this game against the chargers. You know I'm never surprised by that Steve I mean you can go back. You know what was a 345 years. When Blake portals was drafted and Dave Caldwell they're GM said there's no way he'll play his rookie year Ernie started weeks three. You can go back to last year with Mitchell Robiskie you know he won't play his rookie year we signed Michael Landon. When did he start week. Three I believe may be so for Obama never seems right. I'm never surprised by that. We've discussed before they traded up to get Josh Allen. As much as they may have lightning can Peter may and he was still what a sixth round pick I believe something like that. So I'm not surprised at all. Bomb anything at all you can say from looking at the video of the bills at Baltimore the issues for Nathan Peterman in the buffalo offense. It was pretty miserable as you know Greg. Yes side did watch the tape and yeah I was not an uplifting experience and her coach I know. You know I think Theo lines an issue of if they can't run the football they're not going to be able to play offense. Peter minutes is the kind of quarterback that even if you like Peter minute thing that he can play he's the kind of quarterback that must have a clean pocket. I thought he missed some things as well. You know I thought that that he had an opportunity. To hit Jason crew for a touchdown on a seam ball in which he did not throw to Jason crewman he looked at that side of the field. And ended up throwing and I believed to Kelvin Benjamin. You know I think Kelvin Benjamin needs to via more of a factor and and some of it is on him I believe I thought he looked a little sluggish and his movement. I think he needs to play would more tempo and at times some more competitiveness when you have a big receiver like that you're going to line him up. Particularly is the single receiver. You wanna be able to get the ball to him in one on one coverage. I think that they wanted Peter and to be able to be a quick rhythm player offer of a run action. To generate some sustaining consistency. And they weren't able to do that due to a combination of the ravens are very quick pressure times. And coverage so everything that I think they attempted to wanted to do to get Peter and comfortable did not work. Yet everything basically so now but it's the rookie Josh Allen and how much how do we look at that Asher Allen and in his first bill's decision to. To balance his inexperience and you know his. Is just arriving on the scene in the NFL just getting this playbook a couple of months ago. With his obvious physical strength his talents like Kent and his arm strength in his atlases and overcome some of the drawbacks to his game. Well theoretically is athleticism can. But you run into an issue now would this and and and this is something that I think they're gonna have to be very careful about Murphy and work through. He's gonna end up leaving the pocket a lot because of offensive line issues so and he's. He has a little of that in his DNA to begin with as a movement player a player that tends not to stay in the pocket leaped through the down. So the question becomes if he leaves the pocket early. Because he feels that he has to do just your survival want to try to make plays. Where does he go with that development because ultimately to play in this league he's going to have to be able to sit in the pocket. Go to progression and deliver the football. And you don't you develop those skills if you're not using those skills so it's it's a very fine line here so he might be able to do more than Peterman simply because Peter miss a pure pocket player. And I Gracie Allen is just a more skilled guy what is movement and his arm. But the question is without and how does that either help or hinder his development. One of those things were talking about as the bills because of an injury to Shaq loss and they signed Nate orchard who fresh off the Cleveland Browns Tiago hard knocks. You what does may orchard bring to the table we've seen a seems I mean I'd. Athletic kind of long lean kind of pass rusher. How quickly can he get acclimated and your pennies g.s you know the guys try news. Well I think they're different players so I think orchard it. They're looking for pass rush I believe. I think that Carey used is really their only true pass rusher they're going to see if if Murphy can beat that guy been Murphy's track record is. Is he's a little more to clean up guide and a true pass rusher. Orchard is not the kind of players Jack losses I think Shaq Lawson and his best. Is almost to strong side defensive end who plays the run well he's not a particularly strong edge pass rusher either orchards the erratically. At his best would provide some pass rush but. He obviously got cut and I now he's on his second team and I think he was a second round pick so he was thought up pretty highly when he was crafted. But I I don't think he's fills the. Seem role in the bills' defense as Jack Lawson and of course they go up against I would think one of the best arms in the game to go up against Philip Rivers can you talk about. His strengths and maybe any weaknesses from Philip Rivers what what have you seen over the years from from him great. Well. I think Philip Rivers to me is is a terrific quarterback. He's he's Peyton Manning who doesn't get that kind of credit in the way he can control a game. At the line of scrimmage and manipulated defense he's really Smart knows exactly what is seen he's seeing. Now for the most part the bills' defense is not necessarily that multiple they don't do a lot before the snap of the ball. But look these two teams played last year. Philip Rivers has a lot of weapons. They've got they go four deep at wide receiver with a all the dimensions you can one at the position. They can run the football Melvin Gordon is a very good receiver out of the backfield as is Austin secular he's a player than normal talk about. But he is a really good third down back for them who can line up and be detached from the formation so. This is an offense that pretty much has every dimension that you look for. Rivers easily last week if it wasn't for a few drops could have thrown for 500 yards so this is a pretty challenging. Past Hopkins that the bills defense will happen. Somehow slow down this week. Yeah I was gonna I'd want changes so he Britney or will that game they've put up last week I mean they lit it up on the scoreboard they scored only 28 points although Philip Rivers had two touchdown passes that were dropped. What got a what about the chiefs thrown up 38 points. Well on the road in in Los Angeles and then you look at Patrick Holmes only threw for two earned 56 yards and completed just over half of the footballs he threw only how does that happen if you're the chiefs. Yeah I mean east you know university sometimes yards aren't necessarily. There's not a direct correlation always between yards and points. Obviously the chiefs you know I'm homes hit some big plays they scored. Still scored a touchdown obviously which was not an offensive play Tyreke Kjell. And they hit a couple of big plays. And then tees were very innovative in the red zone and score two touchdowns that he my homes two more passing touchdowns even though they were really kind of cool innovative plays. But the chargers are without Joey both so now you're talking about totally different offenses. I don't think. My guess would be that the bills are not gonna come out and spread formations and try to throw the ball all over the yard I don't think that's gonna happen. Now to get behind obviously that changes things but. What what the chiefs did to the chargers and the way they went about doing it is not going to be the way the bills command played this Sunday. Normally I'm I'm Greg cosell executive producer analyst for NFL matchup by ESPN longtime senior producer at NFL films. Of the Bengals Andy Dalton to a known outbreak what do you think adult and started this season and what are we looking at a career resurrection by Andy Dalton here what do you what do you see well. You know I think Merv. If you don't had a solid NFL career I think he's one of those guys first for many the narratives been written and they don't think he's very good. But it wasn't that long ago that he was viewed as an MVP candidate in the year that he got hurt. Obviously this team hasn't made the playoffs in three years and when that happens that tends to reflect from a media standpoint negatively our quarterback. But he's had a pretty good and felt career this is a team with a lot of weapons now. They can line up with two tight ends and Tyler right for and Tyler croft and be effective they can lineup with three wide receivers and be effective. Joseph mixing to me is are really outstanding back skill wise. I do not think there was much difference at all. When Nikki and they came out in the same year between Joseph Nixon and Alvin cook. And I would argue that Joseph mixing gives you more in the passing game so they are talented offensive team. They're talented defensively too hard. They've got a very good front four particularly their nickel front for where they bring. Usually will bring. Michael Johnson inside. And he rushes Regina lacking inside and they Carla Lawson and Carlos Dunlap rushing outside. That is a very very good nickel front four. Talk a little bit about the Baltimore Ravens the guys who got beat by the Bengals last night little bit of a roller coaster this year certainly they had no problem with the bills in week one and then. They didn't look like the same team against the Bengals. No and I'm struggling with a rock and Steven and I say that don't mean that I think that Marty Moore doing doing a bad job hunters trying to figure out. What they want their identity to be because they came out against the bills and we won you never know if it's a team's identity or it's a function of the opponent. But did you guys know they came out against the bills. And I don't think they hit the ball three times in the first half Joseph Flacco dropped back over thirty times in the first Traficant you guys. You know and then they sorted didn't much of the same thing against Cincinnati a lot of them they got down they got down early but. I I'm not sure after two weeks what they see their offense allies Alex Collins was a very good back a year ago. They actually have some depth at running back so. To me they've got to decide how they wanna play you can't have Joseph Flacco. Dropped back as much as he's done the first two weeks on a regular basis it worked against the bills. It obviously did not work quite as well against the Bengals that's a hard road to hoe with a quarterback who's a pure drop back play our. I got to Sunday matchup to ask you about Steve's going to be on the silence for the scheme perceived yes. The jets in the dolphins and especially Sam Arnold and an amazing start to his career and how much of that is is gonna go out to that evening is release him tomorrow. Well the score made it seem that Sam Arnold with absolutely terrific and and he's been anointed and we do that everybody does that Jesse John Watson was anointed last year after six starts as well as Jim eager Rocco. Arnold I thought. I thought the coaching staff did an outstanding job. Really with the kinds of things they ask him to do very basic very simple defining the reads the one thing I thought Arnold did extremely well. Which show patients in the pocket not bail which he'd. Has a tendency to do he did not do it very often. Any had a pretty good sense of where his bail out throws war and I think that's really critical for young quarterbacks because. Otherwise you get too many negative place. How much and how much did do Arnold I mean not I said this earlier in the week the jets seemed to be. Energized by Arnold and his play I mean they're offensive line played better than than it was advertised said that the defense played better got five turnovers. I mean this looks like an entire team that looks to be rejuvenated. Because of a rookie quarterback. And then may well be true I mean I think look you're doing the game you're gonna you know I don't know if you've read your meetings yet and talk to the jets but. That's something you have to be around the team to know. Often that can happen with a rookie quarterback. We'll see how it continues. That game played out beautifully for Sam Arnold obviously the first throw was terrible but then he was able to settle in and then the score was such that. He he didn't have to do a lot he only threw the ball I think 21 times and he. The game got out of hand so we didn't get into you know late third quarter fourth quarter. Where he had to really execute at a high level and make the kind of stick. Difficult throws that he'll eventually have to make. Greg thanks for this we'll talk again next Friday have a great football weekend we appreciate. Appreciate it guys thanks mark thanks Greg cosell executive producer analysts were. NFL matchup on ESPN he's also. Longtime senior producer at NFL films is show NFL matchup when he is the end tomorrow 1 AM on ESPN two and then Sunday 6:30 AM. On ESPN's Stephen I've backed a more moment one goes live presented by providing health. Company from one bills drive in this is buffalo bill's repeal. One bills drive down Murphy Steve tasker from our one buffalo studio thanks for tuning in today get set for the the bills and the Los Angeles chargers practice is over for the day for the Buffalo Bills. Trying to get your thoughts I'm numb. A couple of key players who might be for the bills that call from David in Florida Dave let's call them art. You're right though marched they've made today and I respect player in my opinion is going to be markers Mercury. Reason I say that you need don't like him up and act which shady. And run Nils wait remembered Jews with you electric company sure they Packers sweep the Cleveland Browns week. Whatever happened to them days about low. And it would open things. A John Allen maybe you don't want it gave does that work did open it up. Africa there. Also talked about the opportunities go to run the ball and not unlike what date you said to run the ball against this chargers deep outside the tackles outside that was kind of witness accounts as Clinton's and that's because they're set up does. But inside. And he got a were there vulnerable that's at least thinking they're gonna run the sweep that is mean you know Davis thing in that. It's just something that was a philosophy back in the day. And GAAP. All that stuff is on the table it works when the other team and isn't set up to defended and Kelso contention was. And probably rightfully so. They're set up because of the way what they like to do with their linebackers walk alone could see gaps and it knocks that stuff off the table you've got to go to the outside because obviously when they walk up in there. They're not they don't ME leverage to get out there so if you can get to the edge you've got to have some room out there some way out it's it's on the table. I. You're the second guy that caller today was the second guided days say we gotta get Marcus Murphy. And Shawmut quite a few of the same time. News. Neither want him for the same reason but. That seems to be a popular. Popular. Remedy to maybe some of the problems the bill's experience last week in an. Listen it's very simple you need your best players on the field at its markets Murphy in the show McCord yeah yeah get a few. I'm gonna break we've got Lorenzo Alexander coming up at C burn line scheduled to join us as well. One Marty go one goes live from one bills drive on Buffalo Bills three.