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Update from one bills drive bills' practice is over for the day they practice inside nuclear field Jack Watson did not practice practice all week. With his hamstring cornerback Aaron Johnson a practice today with a shoulder and wide receiver. Ray ray McLeod limited in practice those working through some numbers that cornerback Vontae Davis gonna plants according to a John McDermott he was inactive last Sunday giving the rules for healthy corners we'll see how they line up. Bills and the Los Angeles chargers Sunday 1 o'clock the game right here on our flagship in buffalo WG ours we're treating you like it. Aaron Rodgers still a question mark as his availability for the Green Bay Packers games Sunday against Minnesota. Packers coach Mike McCarthy told reporters that Rodgers remains day today as he recovers from a knee sprain no practice today for the Packers he will be back on the practice field tomorrow. Andy Dalton threw four touchdown passes last night three to AJ green as the Bengals beat. The Baltimore Ravens 34 to 23 leaving the Bengals alone on top of the AFC north the two and oh. The ravens dropped to one and one linebacker Michael Kendrick released by the browns. Probably charges of insider trading gonna sign a one year deal with the Seattle Seahawks according to ESP NE pleaded guilty last week to the charges he'll be sentenced in January. Kendrick so used tip from an acquaintance to make about. One point two million dollars in illegal profits on four major treating deal. The dolphins have lost guard Josh sit in for the season he tore his rotator cuff last week he is Saudi goes on injured reserve. Jamaican of course money move before Sunday's game against the jets veteran guard Tim Larson to get to the stepped into the starting lineup. Instance place Buffalo Sabres on the ice for the first time today in their 2018 training camp. Back on the ice tomorrow. The practices continue through the weekend at arbor senator sessions are begin at 9:45 in the morning on Sunday. There's a scrimmage that starts at 1030. The sabres first pre season game is Monday night in Columbus against the Blue Jackets and red wings captain and regenerate back injury is ending his hockey career he's 37 years old. That is the update from one bills drive John Murphy Steve tasker. One goes live from one bills drive. And it's time to talk to army and the rental Alexander. That's obviously didn't allow political editor you know with the goods on them red Roma and now I'm. Billowed out with the reds and Alexander regular Friday featured in studio with us welcome aren't a good to have you here. Yeah I felt the pleasure of them is to do what you guys and hang out a little bit talked some ball. I was my last yes I was saying I am gonna watch that game last night between Baltimore's Brian Andy because. Yup if Baltimore comes out plays like gangbusters and feel good about it because you know they are that good yeah. I watched last night I thought man I feel better about it now because there's a week to week league you play good one week you're bad that next week you play bad you can play good the next week and I know that that I know that's dry. EU that you experience then I mean I've explained to my career mean evenly split last year and we start off hot and horrible three games he came back to finish strong so. That's what the messages and what it has been all week. Trying to compartmentalize. That effort in and performs that we put out leave it in and last week it would come out strong for me in my mind say. And if the Mets this week news starting fan I think about a four pre season games include in his last the opener in Baltimore. We may have to come out fast and at first initial drive offense or defense and really establish. The momentum in the dominates that we're about to play you guys for the next four quarters and so that's what we need to be able do this week I think the really. Put ourselves in in in a position where we can actually have a chance to win the game again. So as it is it's there's a veteran as a captain as a leader. What did you take on your shoulders this we come into work on Monday to try to put last week I knew I did you know practically speaking out of Jamaica have partnered. I mean what he's approached us saying we still want business as usual I'm not coming here my head down and try to change anything up with the panic in my in my fourth or my actions. Because when you panic in people advocates resolutely and I think Leslie Frazier does a great job especially in game. You don't wanna create chaos around because that if the leaders panic at all my god it must be something really wrong. Right so you know he's he's he's state court put into perspective rules the first game we didn't perform well evolves very disappointing. But it was one game yet to take it like in no with the same people hate your best. What Texas refer to that's the beauty of an affair out of the week to weekly. Gain. Good or bad that next week it's a whole new week he can really go out there we define who you are enrolled their performances in change bad performance. Ice was till Mercosur the day I remember. Get embarrassed on a Monday night game and other games as well it. There's nothing that motivates you like not want to go through that again I know this guy that you guys showed up probably a Monday Tuesday. And you can look around my lockers and. Not this week why is time to go. We all wanna get this this taste out of my house and all the way we can do what is going out there and doing. You know I hear an out I'm a leader but I'm not a big guy hold and talking yet being trying to you know snot bubbles and in tears. I'm among these two water that's what we need to do this would need to look like by the end of the day. Every man our football team whether you're practice squad guy our the star players. You need a bullet this week get ready be a man prepare and then we'd go out of Sunday if he's gotten about consumers first kick off and that is taking. And not wait for somebody yeah sometimes you call all these Gary gonna make a play. Is Sadie don't make a play not able be to god make the play. Yeah it yet there is an emotional impact to a congress it is about getting you were text shown up with a new attitude and seeing right there in Buckland down because. Games are won Monday through Saturday and Sunday just tells you what it is but. This is opening day and we have been able to relate to Soviet team hates about what it's like to walk up the time on opening day NFL. Yeah I mean at home I mean I think there's nothing like coming out you know obviously knew where stadium mean deals mafia that whole thing and don't rule is if that like so even hard to describe it got a little taste of it. But they won't really get the full effect do you walk out in the and you see sixty fuss and out. Crazy things you know screaming yelling now if our term mental problems so for me keep energy going to us the entire game. There until Sean McDermott spoke this morning about them getting his leadership council we call it together and and talking about this week and we're responding to last week. What is it leadership council on the Internet to give me you know our. But it's talk about it is guy that he's identified no cause captains volatile player but his leadership council. Our army and that he's identified as leaders in in probably each position group for the most part. Town and you don't necessarily captain to be on. Because sometimes the cat he can be popularity contest in. He comes to adjust to get a vibe and feel for the lock room when any concerns or anything that he can do better. Now. And if things like that is taking place in the big within going back and last year so we'll talk about players being so there was nothing. I think you wanna play the way these wanna make two or anything did you guys it's everything leading up that I can maybe change or speak to that we can do better leader on the team that we don't have the state forms last week. Speaking thinks it to things coming up. And yours doing more than just sensing with the chargers have on sizable Philip Rivers probably they got some guys talk about. You know face and a relief yeah I'm afraid all time great throwers immediately got a river and I think this is why below market won't be sole. Important its weakest National Guard definitely every damn because he is offered the coordinator and he takes the play clock. Down to almost you know if there's three seconds well it's almost running out each and every time because the field he's been in the league long enough. They have the ability. To give his line lined up a diagnose whether replace it with our coverage green he's caught all types of calls and have all these are words. So that's why this week we keep that crowd noise and where to play well they juices flowing. Don't have a hard time. Give his line set up more army auto loans with screen because he sees these as go with something but. He has that ability has done at a high level I'm watching the game last week vs Kansas City. You know I've been on the come out with 12 game. Because he knows where to get the ball out and quit with the garden the one thing he's don't take about 45 shot down the field to Bijan. I'm so we have to eliminate that not allowed it to happen that also awfully Keenan Allen another golden bear out to abolish. That we don't have to make sure we keep our eye number thirteen because he's been. Record shops it's gotten to me he does at around and he spreads and downright mean everybody contribute right Jacqui he got big demand who I'm actually gonna clarity within a boo. You've got Gordon got aptly number thirty young young running back right and an eight decades back now so damp down the red zone. I'm so different has got but his biggest thing is diagnosed and taken a shot at the end he's not gonna take it sank. He's dishing out I'm like that's the AME gather beaten them left and right he just Knowles would go to ball immediately. So now boasted of being you know second hand maybe fifteen. Year sickening Sikhs which is a very manageable down makes feel that every team. And they're in their playbook as susceptible to so we estimation that we minimize those make sure we tackle the chip that domino effect. It's amazing to me he never gets sacked and really he's doesn't run. Now our votes and so it and I told Merv this it to him not get sex is more about him yet and is about as offensive line of the rush packages or anything like that it's it's him it. This year it's all him I mean god we didn't I'm literally getting the left and right I mean off the ball. Beilein but he knows where his jig is not enough shots they always put outlet pass it right in front of them maybe like shallow cross there. When they don't all go that's three receivers going DP oh to have somebody knows where deduct it. Or distorted the running back three or you know whatever just to get rid of them but he's not even allow negative place. At all outlets like I got ahead type. Situation where it Tuesday dates this 128 points last week which is a lot but. It their points don't match up with the profits of production sometimes Everett's up the work. Last season they were the fourth best offence you know guards Ry good down and towards the middle in points scored so debased all of the red zone typically your web. I mean at times but I mean. I don't know what that this is that is so I mean for us we need to blow up in a written I have really seen that resulted in one game was night I went back and looked at us last year felt issues where. But the dynamic in the red don't know what we doomed always in those situations and looking for thirteenth I think teams can take him away. And then airline ABB's beast and on sports either total we're so quick check and we're got to maybe come up in tackle. With the reds and Alexander bills linebacker the lowdown every Friday at this time that's backed away from the bills charger permitted yesterday there and so we got word what we're on the air that. Our buddy Steve here is yeah 102 modern era nominees for the pro football thing. Class of 2019 you've got right out of Atlanta actually you it and tweet that went out about Steve and it's it's you're trying to campaign. Yeah AMR eagle and you know people that are in that role in making calls and you know if I hit my boy Jim Trotter on Twitter I know he's one of the voters that make regular call they don't cost more special teams guy. Ron misses another got a phone apps the heat as a guy that ultimate deserving of being in the hall of fame thing you have to have a table my guys don't start. But we can't pay down that nobody calling all I got a good thing though like sailors and good luck not added Fat Albert I know you're not go to don't know what I I'm knocking down a dual core. That I have. Fourteenth. The the game but they never those guys that were dumb and doing their two year. Airship but I I told Merv this gesture Brian Mitchell is as a guide it. I mean I've heard about in the last years that guy would eat Oreo yeah you look at the look at and at one point I don't know if it's still this way in India. NFL statistic book all the guys with the most yards to the court rejects Peyton Manning was 70000 does all this guy's own rules scored the first guy in the list who's not a suspect that the it Brian Mitchell right yeah. That's big run you know that's I think that's significant and I think. You know I got for a guy like him he's a kick returner most attic and running back and receiver heated all purpose yards a punt return kick return he played forever he was very good. That to me is. Impossible to ignore and and you know us and now it's last year team's first time ever may actually get. Mention let alone on act. I'm at a guy like pestered them that the guy now that a district retirement age back. I mean being Misch has to be one of those guys that need only because of the game changer too and if they target a hall of fame I mean certainly there's a lot of dangerous guys at their whole thing is for body of work wry look at that the net is pretty amazing and I'm knocking down the door for guys like why is there bias against specialty or should they just don't feel like they have what impact. When outcome of the game which is ludicrous to me if it doesn't makes us good field position. It's such integral part of and you have guys screaming Daniel account for guys double team him triple team and try to trap and try to form a few of the gangplank for somebody which I know they have to do for Steve and other guy that plays specialty intimately. I think you're dominant force in death which are role wasn't would you actually do. You should be considered for the hall because you did your your. Rule at the elitist level possible and now they just feel like for whatever reason is that. You know that's it it's a tough sell for the old timers to even for the veterans committee because. A lot of the veterans when they played the rosters were only 3642. Guys. And they'd they didn't have hard core special teams guys because they were always the starters were point special teams and for that reason I feel like it was throwing down I was when they can get a break you know from playing offense and defense or whatever. And win the the roster starter expand particular when they expanded and and before the salary cap came into play. It was really gold and Arab specialties because they it was a third it really was a third of the game because yet guys. Who were pro professional. Special teams players. Because there's no salary cap they kept these guys ran strictly for that the roster was big enough that they had room for those guys because if they were playing offense and defense. And the rosters were like 45 on game day. There was about eight guys on the team who didn't see the field on offense or defense so they worked strictly special like me stress special teams guys there's an error in there. But it's that's why it's a hard sell for special teams guys because there's still that Arab old timer who. If you play special teams because you were good and you know today it would it would get word there's no such thing as a professional specialities mr. kicker punter right so that was it's a tough sell my. Speaking of special teams you've got to an end virtually half the plays on defense and about half the plays on teams that week it was. That's doesn't play in the lot ultimatum have to experience the crumbling all punt Justin but his team it'll collapse. A couple of tackles on punt return and. Ahead three last week so yes I love covered bond sell out to kick off now of almost a guarantee to respect for the most part so. Actually enjoyed going to Iowa have opportunity to make a big kid that played a turnover so far. Team and also out to create great field position with. Good field. That's that's yes it's huge that was what do you think of a did you have any kind of interaction with. We or kiss me read every gun strapped on him. Yeah it's an oh game yet the one moment where the you know the ball was poured rain and low slip through but other than that that huge an average yet. Not NetApp otros right here you know opted not to force first time coming and that was the week the first game for pain and having to deal with us dead across it which is no easy task either. Coach's guys are now out of guys thought that I don't know I think a coach a heart and that's why is what it in his league and they on this team to survive what 48 coaches now. Some might get results he he he's one of the best in the league so not a shot him just just to the dynamic of who we hear the football coach. I did a great job you know it's I've really got a chance to talk to Nomar these young cute animal it's not only get a chance to talk to him as much I want to but. The time that much when opted out with them to specialists he he seems really who really good dude ever the funny thing about it you know this is the mustache. That's on its face you know we can win now team meetings that he's introducing itself and about the Sudan and and in the wind and you know. Good. Do you have any the particulars anything in Dhaka. Or did EA is so light you don't. Ultimately it probably. Anybody until there that looks like it could be related to want your budget and if I could. I watney asking that and he defeated stay at the expansion of it right there but great he would you know kind of quiet but. We're back we've got to bring to a team in the end. Blow DeLorenzo Alexander all right so let's get to the load on your keys in yard he talked about it a fast start is important. Not just talking about you know people think faster than got to put up a touchdown early you need a fast or defensively too right. Both things I mean at about last week we had our opportunity to get not to feel utterly we've led that second twenty Wednesday at virgin. The First Lady game I should have been as bitter should it strips that. Later in a drive a strip but we're off sides. So just both type of plays that add up to change the momentum that dynamic of the game early in and out offensively. You don't score the first time out would get the first couple of birthday you know so that we're not playing. Back to football time and also get some copies okay we moved the ball a couple of times in the meg some adjustments so that we get this next drive. Be especially important at home where you know the crowd saw what happened this week you wanna give some did. Yeah we got married when I get booed at home as well let's Gail India ever so what it is Creighton. Great chemistry and momentum early speed the flow of the game it off like you despite a feel battle the end when it happened. You finished trying to. Do too much so when you get a nice slow play good football early on in the make our art are just there objectives we go. And and obviously finishing games strong and if factor out a way to win that and today. I don't care how many yards we give up on the yard game I've won a W column. That's I think that's all to go and I think people caught up with that but we want to Arthur at Whitney Smith is that arm now. And that really great great company you start seeing guys prize. Winning. Lowdown number two week low Lawrence is key never do. Prevent explosive plays dirty Travis Benjamin has that kind of potential yeah Keenan Allen does as well. We have the we have to have great awareness when those guys lineup obviously we understand the mindset that of rivers where he's definitely. Touchdown to check out without quarterback. Com everything that they line up with like I mentioned earlier you know high set in two that rough by receivers theaters where I wanted to crossing deep holes deep seventh round. Although it limits three receivers going deep. So everything is built to go down the field chunk plays and we have to understand that they might say to a to a great job understanding concepts at play. Deep. To check in and that's what we do you know Matt and I know. To remain come an end to ethnic checked them because guys like Gordon or whoever it extra seat if they don't have some pretty good at the thickest of August when it advocates. And in the last thing of course ebitda has been doing this really all week is X respond to adversity has every right. No matter even the Baltimore Ravens attain there were times that game last week where it's like we got you know he is gonna happen. Yeah I mean it always happens there at the flow of the games. But you can't allow. The negative to dial up here we go again want to let that my fantasy in the mind he'll never really expressed it to anybody can deal and on the field. You can allow both talked if you do you have to check it resets itself immediately. And that's something McCain. Individuals take responsibility. Coming out how to prepare themselves because I don't know everything that's going to your mind that they can. I'm often unaware about myself I can lead you walking tape which you should be that you nights ago. But we have to have a mindset collectively we backed regardless of what's happening. We're going. Just blow stuff up it in the bulletin next play in the get these correcting him Jeff goes. Think treat it as did in his first and go. I do it's not a job you know watch them that things obviously there's little things here in the it he's going into it won't work or read. You know we want to come out when we work on them look the first male for the call that we got and there with the meditation and but you know got up to about eight with the audible ring in that we got so he'll be more demonstrative. And decisive as he gets more comfortable with an excellent job I feel. Start to finish and obviously. We had sat. Forced fumble I think policy series. That interception yeah I have nothing to get him a hard time about L week. On the he's the he's going to be a player in the league I mean you go to team broken team to get better. Because he steals went a little bit because now from week to week we're changing stuff jerk so now you know our base by the middle maybe slightly different we don't the opponent we're plan. He's a Big Five rounds he's physical he's mature he doesn't allow that to continue to affect if he does have a bad play. He's like he's gonna wanna bet I guess that's how great they thought everybody. Steve hurt my rant earlier in the week he sat through my rant. But just talk about how people this week media and even have our callers. Started to write the story of the 2018 Buffalo Bills the obituary. And Alex and oh he talked about its mid September asking games left that's as typical you can't tell the story. There beyond like no NBA and I think we are talking about is MLB. It's sixteen games so people live and died a week to week because of that in between the guys went when we we and they think every old shall all. And their low old black problem and we are trying to educate you got in Iraq everybody needs to go and a limited. They're so passionate fans are so passionate about their team particularly in this sport. Because you are invested so few are treated right. They can I told Merv this I don't kids stand the pain when it goes wrong yeah fans can't stand they have to leave the room riot go to got to go on the tunnel they got to go get somebody they got to leave the television set to go because. They're invested in it emotionally. Like no others. Yeah and I did it because and that's why the worst type of pain that you feel because you can't you can't take it out you have and I can't put that. I bought it must know that as an occasional ball right. So a lot about so much and I can't do that that the with both frustrated and and I completely understand why it's so important what this week. Let's open it up front is ground that we give them them to cheer about in go home start this week to be proud about him. You've campers are radium all of you out there about eight hours. Without you and is the stuff they don't get over it and go hang out with them well usually yes you've elected thanks Saratoga exceeds any man's got there Israel agenda with the lowdown every Friday right about this time we're coming back or Steve tonight one goes live from one bills drive. A Buffalo Bills reading. What they'll fight for one of drive John Murphy Steve case we may. He gets deeper line here in the final half hour of the show he is part of the breakfast group the NFL I'm. Here's CBS here's how that works I mean that they come in the broadcast crew comes in. It's deeper line Tom McCarthy. That's cool I worked with for the year two in the Booth and we have three man Booth together so and those guys really well. They're here in the building alchemy and they get access they'll get watch practice even though Friday practices are closed to the media. The network broadcast Kyrgyzstan would watch. They talked to guys you know they they don't believe in her fear anything but. They know anybody on the coaching staff whatever they can say hide those guys the general manager sometimes be out there. They'll watch practice then they give. The media relations crew with the bills for the home team a realistic guys they wanna talk to us both coordinators and head coach quarterback. You know all that's a player he is a list of 45 guys. Plus the coaches and now sit down one on one with those guys going to be the you know play by play. Usually analyst. In this case deeper line Saddam massive some pretty specific questions about what he saw on film and what they're gonna do what they think about this that the other. And that's why we're still waiting on steeper line issue appeared calm on the radio would just because they're still in those meetings after. What would you get out of watching practice them for it. When you'd you'll get some personnel combinations. I get a lot of really strong impressions I remember their free one time we were in the AFC champs you've gained this is back in the day when. When Rex Ryan was with the jets and Mark Sanchez there quarries long time ago and Sanchez's rookie year second year. And the colts. Or in the championship game against the jets in Indianapolis. And all of forget go at Friday practice and watch meet Peyton Manning put his team through their Friday practice. When they took over on offense and Peyton Manning was the quarterback. The entire bay it was an indoor facility much like here at one bills drive in this big and beat fieldhouse in Indianapolis to that place was dead silent. I mean. Completely silent there was only one voice in an Emmy and Tony Dungy. The head coach at that ever but there's nobody spoke a word except me. And he not only called the signals in the huddle and it'll lat. He also set the personnel for the defense. Because I want this personnel package on the defense you go in there you come out you today and the mutual Mitchell on the court he'd run the play. And whenever they did an offensive. Series. Operative period net. In that practice. That's the way it was he rein in the practice. At from the quarterback spot I mean he called the place. All the personnel combinations of both sides of the ball. For. Pretty impressive. Pretty impressive a couple of loose ends from Lorenzo Alexander's appearance he talked about Travis Benjamin and it chargers are out with the your injury report which is interest. Travis Benjamin he's the former Cleveland brown wide receiver specialists. Return specialist. The rim back punts little bit last week and he's very fast good wide receiver Travis Benjamin is questionable with that foot injury. Out for them for the chargers is right tackle Joseph Barksdale he's in an injury also outage you know Joey both civil on the plate. And backed up by defense to back Craig major is out so their injury report is out a significant their names or Steve they're starting right tackle Joseph bossi is out and Travis Benjamin is question. And Travis Benjamin had one carry for nineteen yards last week it was and then he had one catch for one yard. So a's they use him sparingly didn't get into many opportunities last week but he was targeted five times in the past threat he's a deep threat yet they're gonna throw at him I think when he when he talked about it and Laurence Alexander said you know they anticipate Philip Rivers go deep. 456. Times during the game that which is loaded more than once a quarter. Probably three times a half. To go deep at least when and that's something quarterbacks like to do just to make sure the defense knows that they've got an interim. And it keeps them honest here's another left over from Lawrence those appearance we talked about Lorenzo is actively lobbying on Twitter for special team errors like Steve. To be in the pro football game the bills have a number of players among the list of 102. Nominees for the pro football in modern era nominees for the pro football team Steve is one of them as a specialty or some of the others. A former bills nominees this year among the 100 duke linebacker London Fletcher. Fullback Larry centers senator Kent hull linebacker Cornelius Bennett linebacker Chris Dielman linebacker Takeo Spikes linebacker Darryl Talley. And safety treatments that's a good crew. Hum legitimate all the fame chances are you're Steve view of course have a legitimate shot. Would be the next likely this guy and that group. I think Cornelius Bennett is probably one who had the most impressive career. Spiel and if there's a real man of very good cook Israel yours here just yet she appears here although you know that it was hard for him to get noticed nationally because he played Detroit and they didn't they were never in the playoffs. Towards its and had a pretty impressive crew now's a vice president with the National Football League. Players' safety I'm not sure what his. What his title is but he was the guy that put together the entire summit. For the new kick off rules are there in New York so he's very well it was very respected around the National Football League so Troy Vincent there and of course. Here in buffalo can call and Darryl tally two guys that I've. You know would personally and Cornelius and this it would I would. Personally love to see anyone knows I'm in Italian then it and can't and you know you have a venom this was before right and yes. So I don't know it's got to get to the next step it would receive eighteen. 818 finalists come up yeah and Indies Cameron and his vote them first week of the board and they talk to what I guess what I've heard EO Peter King we have on show once we he comes he'll tell you about. They'll don't email and up chitchat back and forth between guys around the country but then when they don't get together. I think a separately they put there. Top guys in on a list and then the results of that vote puts this final eighteen together and they start actually. Passion for me seriously after that. Well again congratulations let's that works out which started today we continue now talking a little bit about a lot about Sunday's game at. Point two key players for the bills and said they would want to pick one on offense. One on defense the key absolute key players Steve and I both agreed that LeSean McCoy is probably did. Accused guy offense a UN with Micah Hyde act which her employer essentially same thing on defense because. We'll see if he's gonna have to play well for the bills that. Monitor the victory for buffalo victory with who holds the key give us wanna office wanna defense phone lines open in 030515. And toll free 1888. By fifty to 550 caller on the line from Joseph. In lock for Nigel oh go ahead you're on here this. Yeah it's good to get your yeah. Question commuter. Okay well and if you don't like it. Because I'm all rules would I want I am right now you. Know you gain a couple of years. Did you do doing. Well from what they did last week a lot of people a lot of people are discussed with how they looked last week and not not the least of which is the guys in the locker room of the coaching staff they know they got to play better. I appreciate the sentiment I mean but. Yeah I. They they've got believe me they're gonna play much better this week still even if they play way better than they did last week there's no guarantee either and get a win this game. But I certainly I would be shocked if they come out and lay an egg like they did on opening day. I dominant in the crowd when you're not young I'm not a rebuilding year. And at second and one of the booster draft in front of lying to protect home court advantage because drama living on. Actually let a couple of years ago we are number one also and now we've dropped an accord bachelor Jake and be. And not on the stereo in my personal religion you chart. I'd rather actually had hung out jumped outta circus let them play. And then in theater early and then you can we not let you go do this now has more. I'm Opsound and the handshake. We deeply traditional way. Yeah let it play apps let you they drafted an offensive linemen that. A third rounder last year DN Dawkins who's starter and freedom in the draft when the teachers well so there triumph. We try and we're gonna break we got Steve Burleson to Michael join us next mom back for that one goes live from one bills drive in this is Buffalo Bills treaty. WGR. Sports Radio 550. The fact it's one bills live from one bills drive it's the Friday before the home open the bills have been used to practice it. Nuclear field getting set at a kicking off 1 o'clock on Sunday the bills. And the Los Angeles chargers game televised by the end of violence CBS part of their bracket screw in studio with us right now John Murphy. Steve tasker joined by Steve airlines' on time NFL quarterback to work with Tom McCarthy on the broadcast that while the bop we'll see you better read a lot of bills games of. You done many bills is over the years in my mind could be dynamo are here where it's stood beside each other in the Booth for me nearly years three years so ammunition big boy am for most people in buffalo that. Don't know this and haven't forgiven him he was also Troy Aikman's back up miserable choices and I which Cuba I didn't have gathering if you'll just point six billion point six way. One. Point six twice rolled past the point seven. Once you regarding your eyes which we actually haven't in my bag truancy keep them. Who believe. Direct talks fizzles like you're prepping for this game it was apps it was a disaster for the bills in week one and then you know. And for the chargers have Philip came out and could not played much better and they come away with a loss. Yeah he. He threw for 427. Yards and in had. Three or four drops more big plays drop. Two could've been more touchdowns the chargers but. He he's got he's gonna bring his game you know he's gonna show up and he's gonna be the coach on the field and always trying to get him in the right. Right situation right play it is what it is Philip Rivers but I'm really excited to see you're young guy go this week tonight. Personally I was you know I was hoping it wouldn't come around. This early for his career development that fight benefit from from sitting a little bit longer than a week to but selfish thing now that it's our game. And it's a lot of talk about it's going to be exciting to see how he does out there. It seems like everybody really has seen a lot of very positive signs out of them. We were out practicing moves really well the ball comes out of this and very very nice you know he can make all the throws. Any seems to want everybody over to this point was attitude so. Kind of excited to see. Yeah but she knows well as I do mean. And there are a lot of guys that looked the part and he does believe me when when he seems about their make all the throws. But so much about playing quarter ramming you played for seventeen years. So much of it is from the neck up. There's no doubt and and that's. You know I'm not sitting here saying that he's gonna step on the field and in just take it over. Very few quarterbacks and able to do that at this level Dan Marino isn't the only one that really jumps out of me this. From his rookie year came out ready to play. You can find examples of guys had success. In their first of that really good teams around them. If they were in that position. You know the situation with Josh I think everybody would've loved to have had him. Will have a little bit more time to develop and kind of learning and you're comfortable but. You know as Brian dabble just told us in our meeting it is today it is what it is semi work toward a situation where. Would be great though veteran quarterback that that may weaken that ride this little wooden or may be. So for him to bounce bounce ideas off of and supporter from that position what we don't have the bottom line is. Here we are. He's a tremendous talent. We're gonna bring among. And give a chance to play and see woody can do and that there are going to be bumps in the road they know that and it's a matter of just not making those big mistakes to lose ball games. Yeah and since it interest into it no matter. Who that veteran might have been playing last week they play like flat they did last week it don't matter who is ahead of them it was time for him to play. There was an and I wouldn't consider and a computer minute veteran of you know we only only made a few starts in his career. You know it's a very young quarterback room in and that's that's harmony got to learn on the move like that. As a young quarterback but I know. That the coaching staff and Brian tabled in particular. Has spent a lot of time with Josh and him. They really are are trying to get in sync on the same page in. Josh feels very comfortable going in this game I'm sure it's going to be in abbreviated game plan their pride gonna try to move the pocket a little bit. With his. His is athletic ability and get him out on the edge and trying give us an easy reason easy completions. To kind of get that confidence going and and hope the defense plays really well. We're Steve Merlin who's got the call the game on CBS on Sunday that's gonna ask you about that abbreviated playbook. Serve percentage I mean how much of the playbook and they open up for for a Josh on this week is he's below 50% of it point 5%. It's it's hard to tell percentage. What it is is. He's not gonna have the same resources same. Depth of book of of options as a Tom Brady would have. You know in in these ago you were talking about some different quarterbacks that that Brian Campbell's war has worked with. Over the years they you know with the young quarterback he has he still does understand NFL defense has yet at this point. So it's to put new packages offensively out there on the field. You've got to be able understand how applies for the defense and where the checks go where the protection needs to turn and you know what your first read is and if they give a different look you're first read is totally different. Depending on the defense of look that you did. That would overwhelm him at this point right now I think they wanna keep everything as simple as they can. They understand they've got to get the run game going it's a lot of it's gonna fall of Shawn McCoy this week the offensive line S step up and and take great care of them a given the time to get through his reads but it's it's not going to be a wide open aired out time and attack. Let's talk a little bit about in the big picture. I've made this assertion win early in the week we didn't know he was actually gonna get this called starter they're gonna try and put make Peter and back out there give him more time due to watch but. I think once you make this move and I've told this to Murphy and he. Yeah understand where I'm coming from I think you've got to supported you got it he stays out there unless he's hurt. He's got to stay in the game and learn a matter it's as bad as it may go. USA we expected this this way you're OK you know you gotta get him through that and build him up enough to worry doesn't. Think he'll never get it out. I agree I think that now the decisions made. This is the way it's gotta be in less an injury occurs or less it. It gets to the point where he is completely overwhelmed out there. That would be some of the coaches would have the identify and in in and deal with that point but I don't think Josh is going to be that kind of guy I think that he has a lot of confidence in himself. It is everybody everybody that describes the same thing he's got a a short memory he's very tough. Tough minded he's he's intelligent. I I think he he knows he's gonna make some mistakes and he's gonna get out there and just say it's all part of the deal. Let's get out there and and hope will make another and that's. Critical to be got to say listen like you don't expect to be great you bring you do expect to get better and you got to learn things and I and I keep signal back to Peyton Manning. Tell me apt in his second year when he's going thirteen in threes are dispersed chew it. Three and thirteen. Easily I learned a lot of great football lessons in the fourth quarter some bad football games my first year. And if you're gonna. Sit him down every time things go back he'll never learn those lessons in the fourth quarter a bad football compressed you know and the rest he got. Kind of they wanna stand over there and just to watch him even if it is tread water you know the island do it. I agree I and that's that's situation. That this organization finds itself and they drafted traded up form because they like him. And they felt that he could be the quarterback for long term everybody all the pundits myself included. Thought the benefit from sitting for years it it's a new point in the bottom line is he's out there on the field on Saturday. We all get to witnesses first game in in hopefully one data on the road we'll look back and say I was there when it all started going in. What a great story turned out to be as it was I was there when Britain banned prospers during his first game net net it was same thing. We just about thirty sex that but it strikes me that the bigger challenge for the bills on the other side of the ball trying to slowdown seen in Los Angeles though often it's. Yeah they're they're loaded I mean you look at what what they did last week and they just can keep or new receivers out there and and they got. Two or three running backs that it can hurt people running the ball between the tackles getting into the edge in the passing game. They they've got to play makers out there and it brought back Antonio Gates. For the red zone you know they'll finally work him into the picture if they get into the red zone so yeah. A lot of skill position players the quarterback and knows how to. Work that that package pretty effectively so the bills beat them. Candid bills via that's that's you put me on the spot. About ten seconds left it can't happen yes it can happen. It's gonna. BD has played super several well and Josh Allen not make name. Okay Steve thanks for the separate broadcast atomic Europeans and the things are looking forward to was incidents that statements kimberlite from the NFL on CBS would join us here in studio as we. Wrap it up on this Friday steam but tasker and I've back Monday at twelve noon don't forget Steve's got the dolphins and the jets beat cancer. Double in the jets on CBS's Sunday as well the court you can catch her game on the radio side coming up on Sunday at one wanna thank our production assistants. George blast of cold make Thomas how other caliber JJ three dove given cartridge game trouble our producer. James Sarah similar for us we're back on Monday to recap the bills and the Los Angeles chargers Monday. Twelve noon to 3 PM right here one bill's live presented by a lot of help from one bills drive on Buffalo Bills read.