09-14 Phil Housley

Sabres Hockey
Friday, September 14th

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And lives in glasses. Apparently that something you feel like it when. Yeah I think the guys really worked hard today I mean it was a tough tough goal and both fashions a lot of skating after the play which were trying to. Encourage or guys in and part of our identity is is is that pressure and we loaning from the office of the on the ice and you could see a lot of drills Kaiser bent over you know we can we pushed him to the limit and in the drill each drill. And then we could see that that the pace was going down so we you know we. Let him get some water and regained their composure and the wind it. It was a tough it was tough go to about but I'm I'm really pleased the way the guys responded these guys are. Ready to go there they train hard throughout the whole summer thing they know what's at stake now there's competition there for places and everybody's trying to make a good first impression. Yesterday when you talk to different vibe wasn't noticeable difference then for you year over year it's just that totally and in just enthusiasm. There work ethic. In the in the drills. Every drill I mean they they were very focused today. Was really pleased the way that both groups and went out and executed. These guys have been around here for a few weeks skating in form it's noticeable on Dave one. To note that these guys aren't getting it. I mean you know the the temple goes up all right I mean when you're in when you're training camp there's another level yet your exhibition levels. And finally try to get geared for that opening game but. Along as much as much as you can do in the off season how you try to prepare their. Nothing like that but on the XT one training camp because. The temple in the piece just gets up another level but to innovate and handle that opened it again. It's. Just felt that it was good combination you know we're trying to look for some chemistry early especially in early exhibition games and with is going to be playing different partners. He felt that few people the right side it was a good Nixon you'd have a veteran guy with the young guys I. Trying to monitor him and Jake you can get good we play for. A it. Oh. Yeah I think I said that prospects Townsend who just happy to see him again just a you know just this to be Alter planned there's a lot of weight on the shoulders obviously in the first second. And guess a lot of pride in his game that I thought today I mean he's he's just trying to get adjusted to another. And others level of speed so he's done terrific job. In that regarding preparation and he he he loves the game. He loves to compete so it's good to see him up there challenging are a veteran guys. There's going to be a lot of attention obviously you know there's going to be guys that are gonna challenging but he's he's got a lot of competitive players competitive spirit and he's gonna wanna do well well enough that. And in making impressions so he's gonna get opportunities obviously we want to keep them off the speed. You use it if it. He refuses. It's funny that's what I think that's a great attitude. Mean that I can only reflect on my career every year right who's. There to make the team and to great attitude because that you have to strive for excellence you've struck for perfection. And not let yourself off the hook you hold yourself accountable and and it's a great attitude. Or. I you know we have a bit projection first four were gonna you know evaluate after that you know. I can't tell you that number right now but he is gonna feel action. Here. That's what you see as the well I think it happened just in the way we want to play and we wanna play fast and we wanna move the puck quickly you know maybe having some of these that's. Very good defensive. Player but also it can contribute offensively be able to handle passes and make plays up bodies. So that's why we're gonna take a look at different partners. Knowledge this. And this film the first part of camp here. Your lines that you sense that you ever. Anything read anything you wanna take away you know because we have the scrimmage on Sunday we're just trying to get a good match up and some competitive. Lines against vs other lines so that's sort of way we set it up that way.