09-14 Rasmus Dahlin

Sabres Hockey
Friday, September 14th

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It is like. You know it's a fine. Back in this. It's Korea mount serious and and the cases. Is higher. And since it what was. Yeah. It was straight they would be. He talked about them so I think he's gonna learn a lot from. Yeah and. An attack inside beside you still at all candy stand dot house passed me. It's been bases. Yeah of course time is this huge. There's so many out there and I love the things. And wants to be hard training camp I mean was at practice about as difficult as you were expecting was a little harder than maybe you thought it might be. Yes but that does this kind of case it was and it was farm and it's I temples so. It's it's more of it that's that's the fun thing about it. Yeah it. It's. It just right so long and so. And I'll feel comfortable with a some. Nobody does of this salutes its this good questions like actually to. News. Yeah. I need from you need a lot of help them and the guys in the locker room Hauser amounts. And nervous and they it and know you know a lot of things that they'll stay there for a while now so I'm just listen to them. Drills and funny at times again one drillers. Going down and if you Lander and a funny stories and that's about forwards against the fence and it's always fun to millions. This need for team is very still and there's a lot of guys. It's something. People talk about your awareness. You're going down here. Forwards out of the defense program to get back on what does that make you can play. Just the most of the penalties it's pretty soon. Now I'm just gonna see how all. The system works and with the coaches say and then. But I don't just go out there. It's. It's. Goals for yourself like yours and so. Oh do everything I can choose to make the team. And then economy just. That it must attend and and do it so that was definitely have hose goes. We'll do a must be realized it made for TV movies that make me. I'm not. Reading those kind of thing some. It says a lot of good did you so there's it's there's going to be hard but from when you when they put through with me. You knew your team unity veteran. Any better defense. What's the biggest thing. Probably everything I'm super excited to hear Willie salute saying. He's. It's. Really could be. You know some of the trade has been so also. I'm super excited Hilary has it.