09-14 Sal Capaccio with Howard and Jeremy

Howard and Jeremy
Friday, September 14th

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Deep snow combined GO and that special bill. That's just idiotic so yeah that's that's really good for you yeah. On WGR. And you'll see you Sports Radio 550. Of course is a hot shows us that I've never had that pot GO. Salas on the AT&T hotline joining us from football Friday's gonna take us behind the scenes with the bills. Brought to buy outlet liquor for the lowest everyday prices in the state shop outlet liquor good morning mr. departure are you today. Excellent guys good morning to you so I mean much better atmosphere on Sunday considering the rain Houston last week look at 84 and sunny. All I was checking the weather forecast on the flight home from Baltimore for this week to make sure our guys to be honest with you it's. He'll look really really good and you know on that note just I really think about people down and the Carolinas to I know we have a lot of transplanted a polonium down their son who call your show. You know Charlotte's big area it's gonna get a little bit hit here but you guys know I say it every year I've gone through these things that really is. Really really is terrible you don't want to do it you'd think Q to be okay and then you go through these things and it's it's some of the worst stuff you can imagine so anyway just thinking about people down there now I'm glad we're not dealing with that here and I'm glad we have really sunny skies and warm weather this week. One thing so there was weather channel I think it was a weather channel thing there about the storm surge death that the that the special effects Seattle woman on the water going up all I got I was a man I think that was really important yeah because you know I think people I've never been through hurricane I think about. You know wind and rain in the damage but I guess in ever think about the storm surge in what it's like to have. It's 369. Feet of water. You know roll through parts for your time on the can sweep away car. Our moneys say that Terry because I was saying yesterday that some people in the media room we had the weather channel on the TV and we haven't seen discussion and I said you know it's fine to me I said. You shouldn't just go by whatever categories and her team that wins people see a category two that must that be that bad. You should have a separate scale I think someday they will do this you that you should have a separate scale for. Wind plus storm surge or his tell us what the storm surges separately because that's what kills people the windows to kill people it's the flooding that killed people because the storm surge. And it is ridiculous how high can get radar just restoring thirtieth at ten feet in some areas that you. Well that's what this the special effect that so the woman is standing their basically. Like is if you're on the front lawn of a house on the corner of a street yeah and they're showing OK three feet and then six feet and its overhead but they also have a car behind her. And now at 68 I think car was floating car flows of three feet three feet and then it's six and then it's nine like you can barely see the street side it was really effective in term and the message was. Don't screw around if you think it's not as bad as people are telling you when storm surges occur look at what six to nine feet of water like get back out when they tell you get that that was really effective. Yes it is and others more common by the way there's more out there this year seller but he's got to be prepared in and watch out Syria or were we hope there but he stay safe down there notes and it's impacted college football this weekend already. I don't think it's impacting the NFL easing the Panthers are on the road at. But like I said luckily we're not doing without here and it's going to be over eighty and sunny now that might be LA's type of weather but it's not gonna be 10 in the morning for them you know. So did you watch last night and freak out in the first half like a lot of bills fans are seeing the Bengals put it to Baltimore and thinking oh my god this is this has got to be something terrible. This means Baltimore's not that go to the bills are even worse. I did not freak out but I knew what was happening on social media and I didn't even go on because I knew exactly. Including a good thing it's good thing you know because I knew that that would happen impact in back to be honest before the game my wife said to me. You know what's gonna happen tonight right Cincinnati's gonna blow out Baltimore's everybody's is missing oh my god how bad in the mood there and then suddenly it's three touchdowns in the first half and she said C. And down look he here's the thing here's why these Thursday night games you just never know we've seen so many of them go sideways over the years it's a weird night to have a team. You never know with the preparation and sits actually has played Baltimore very well. Over the years in the Marvin Lewis Ara. You know they won that game last year to get into the keep them out of the playoffs the ravens we know about so much so I was not freaking out about Jeremy to be honest with you. In fact but Cincinnati was my team to go to the AFC championship game this year they are good it is not surprising to me that they have enough talent to score against the Baltimore Ravens. The young you know Josh alum I wanna ask you first and foremost about Josh Allen Sunday. What what can the offensive coordinator do when starting a young quarterback in a month and I've Pope look you're watching or talking about I think it's Jeremy dates and what game plan he was put together for him to Arnold how can Brian Cabell. Help out Josh Allen Sunday. In his debut. It's a great question I think it really starts with LeSean McCoy. You know it and I'm not. Say that the English on should've. They should had a more in the game plan last Sunday once again got away from then you have to go away from that a little bit but. I think that was probably the team when they're as well and out really I think comes into effect with Josh I think this bills team. The way they're constructed we set it all year we said it all summer that you know they're gonna be a run first team anyway well now it's really more important I think. To be around Ers team. They're going to have to establish something on the ground to at least give. The threat of LeSean McCoy running to then allowed Josh Allen to do what he does best which is you know throw the deep ball throw downfield be aggressive and if the chargers have to worry a little bit more about LeSean McCoy in the running game have to creep up a little bit he'll that'll give. Josh down a little more one on one coverage to be able to identify and throw to give him a little bit more of a Brett some aggressive opportunities so. I think that's first and foremost the other thing is protect him and find ways. If you have to keep a running back in the day and in the backfield that you have to keep an extra tight end in the block I know that that takes less guys in the row. But so be it if that's the case at least give Josh Allen enough time he doesn't have to. Have you know everybody running free the give and Tyson feels comfortable to me in the pocket right I mean even if it turns out to beating completion Terry Hester run eventually. At least he's not getting used. Third or fifth foot in the ground mr. Ron Howard you know and I think that's what would really be spooky. I was wondering about that the you know the whole idea out there are two schools of thought with a young quarter when it comes to protection if you don't trust your offense like. You can Max protect right keep extra guys in that in theory by a more time for you go the opposite way. And say it would you just pointed out if you mask Max protect our less targets you spread it out. And you hope your offensive line can buy M three seconds or whatever but you've got more targets flooding the field and at least he can get the ball out quicker have more options to get the ball out. Yeah one of the things they did last week actually came in the game was they went five why it's that gives him an opportunity to identify coverage. Let's not go empty right yeah that's from saying yeah I'm sorry and yet they went empty they went on the five wives say he can identify coverage that way. He could see exactly saw the main demand a Elmer remember the long run up the middle they had originally when he first came in the game that was that was out of that I believe and as soon as he saw. That the middle was vacated basically he just took off you know and that was a good identification. On his part so I think what that's one of the things you can do to his. You know I formation he can help identify coverage so I think. You wanna give him some easy coverage reads if you will not use some views some motion to give you some covered trees is that. Is the coroner running with the receiver or the running back going emotion. If that's the case it might be an indication of man to man you can do some things I think at least. Help him priests snap not necessarily a post. Salad is here are AT&T hotline Yemeni bill's questions for Sal. 8030550. Join us. 888550. To 550 up four get another matchup let's do the injury report and find out what's going on terms of of that with the bills the injury report itself. Is brought to you by you know very healthcare compare because you care and you know Vera for business dot com. What he got on just like last week guys and I tell you that the those are pretty healthy. Seem injuries last week ray Rima cloud looks like. As of this point I doubt he would play policy you know get the injury update on him. For the game when it comes up here later today what he has really yet to practice this week and he did not again. Yesterday he's got that knee and then you have on Julian Stanford a full participant. And the only two that did not participate or Terry Johnson with a shoulder and Shaq loss with a hamstring and you said right now. You know it's not it's not looking good for them this late in the week. You know we we'll see where we go I think the more interest being injury situation is on the chargers side of things. Joy goes is not gonna play I mean that's pretty certain as of right now. It is like Travis Benjamin is gonna play either. The wide receiver he is dealing with some I wanna make sure gonna get this right he's the only foot injury he did not practice yesterday. I neither did Joseph Barksdale their right tackle he's out so far did not practice all week so. Other deal with some injuries on the outside that I numb and charter site Craig maker the cornerback hamstring did not participate either. The (%expletive) thing is big I mean last year. I think posted did more damage then than than Ingram both to have like a sack and I think for quarterback hits and that that's a huge a huge loss in this game for the chargers. And and and at least from the bill standpoint you know I think maybe it'll be Dawkins I guess against Ingraham but you don't have to worry about dealing with both on the other side. No that's right. I think though that if you. Are having unity unity rookie quarterback he'll back there are no matter usually boasts or anybody you probably get a blitz of a lot you know so I think it either way. They're trying to pressure maybe without most that's even more so. You know maybe they say basically Auguste Bradley is the defensive coordinator he's going to be aggressive I think he's you know got a bit of a reputation that anyway so he's probably gonna come after him. One of the things that. Unita Fuhrman did speak this week we talk with a about the situation last week and as always he's a professional net in the locker room but I asked him I said how much. Even though the game didn't go your way last year how much can you help. Josh Allen knowing that this is the team that you prepare all week four last year he started against them and he brought a good point. He said while not only that but he said also the jaguars in the Atlanta Falcons they run the same defense. And because he was on the team last year in the quarterback room he prepared for them so. You know he can at least help Josh Allen out a little bit of some that the team might see because of that desperately defense they have seen a few times. Yeah how it right and I it's kind of a postscript but how did. How did Peterman handle all the stuff when the media had a chance to talk in the sweet. Like a pro I mean he always does you know he stood and answered every question he was accountable. He put a lot of onus on himself and you know as he showed and he said. You know I could help myself out there were definitely checks that I he said. He said there were some checks at the line he did not give them into good enough situations which I thought was adjusting. He talked about his accuracy said I have to be more accurate he he mentioned the first interception where. You know that was. Past that he definitely was not anchored on he should have been. On the you know he'd. He also said it's a true test of your character is a man how you're gonna you handle things like this and you know he expects to rebound and be ready to go once again of his name is called. The other day sell. After the quarterback stuff Sean McDermott mentioned same five starting offensive lineman. But he said there's still working their way through the other starting quarterback any idea how that's proceeding and who might be playing opposite tray white on Sunday. While I mean if Terry Johnson can't play. I would suspect you would move Philippines inside and play. Vontae Davis back outside and star but you don't have to do that they're not. She's teaching me they're not. Satisfied if they're not so competent in Vontae Davis being able to play. Then they're not gonna do that one of the U what they did last week Howard was. When it. Karen Johnson went out because Arthur was available. Robitaille bush yet as an extra defensive back yeah drop down in the box so you used a safety basically that big nickel package right instead of a corner and that they could do that again as well. Yeah because you know Jerry mentioned against the chargers have been using Keenan Allen at times in the slot 66 members that is just snaps from the inside last week so they can that what are the bills due to how they match up to that tray why wouldn't play in the slot loading. No I don't Soledad how would you match up against Keenan Allen in that case. Whoever's there is there the bills don't really do that they don't like say well there's two in our move you over here they could. With that in this week if they want to let. Generally it's each guy has you know it's your left side right side of your tree weights and eleven Vontae Davis or Philippines on the right whoever's in the slot as in the slot and then. You just go covered you do the best you can and you know that might now be sexy the answer people want to hear he's a really great receiver. But I don't think they they're practical by match just because look if you start doing that than if you're the chargers you can also start to take some things in the bills don't wanna do that. They don't want you know necessarily what he now on this policy which rate to Davies played on them they don't wanna. Put him in the slot and suddenly like while now this is the matchup we create in the outside because we have a huge huge huge matchup on another guy so the other just get a they're gonna go play where they play. Normally not have to worry about that so I don't know I mean. And it really this comes out to what package they feel more comfortable. And with molding Gordon as a running back. I wouldn't be surprised us via a third safety on the field instead of a quarter of Terry Johnson. Yeah there's you know it's it's not just. As much as you might think about Keenan Allen because she terrified the bills last year. The latest in a long line of Michael Williams NFL receivers is playing for the chargers sheep yeah right he was injured last year he had a good game. Last week against Kansas City you mentioned Melvin Gordon he had over a hundred yards receiving she got to worry about him in the running game but he's also threaten their passing game. My point is out there are a multitude of weapons that Philip Rivers says that you got to deal with. Did you hear Philip Rivers last week said. We could've thrown for 600 Arabs. The athletes sent in by the way he might have been right yeah. But in any that's what he said about the Kansas City game that and look I don't think the chiefs defense is all that good especially their second area I I think they're pretty leaky this year. Pretty weak. But that that I'm not taking anything away from Philip Rivers in the chargers you know the in my five years this is my fifth year now my four plus years on the sidelines. There are just certain guys that. I've seen play and I'm like you know while in that guy he's what a great football player and Philip Rivers is one of them and what the first time. I saw him on the field was. The year was it 2014. The bills they they they had him here yeah buffaloes and also a September game. And I just was so impressed with him I mean I've always been an admirer of Philip Rivers anyway. But he just stood out on the field he's bigger than you think when you're down there he's he's a big guy. And just that the way he throws the football. Just everything he can do out there I don't know how to describe it but he's one of the rare people I would put analysts to say. Boy I he just really stands out when he's down there of how great he uses. Now here on our AT&T hot line 8030550. To participate in football Friday. Rob your own a cell here on WG arbor right ahead. They Morgan I was just wondering so if you thought do you have any rumblings very critical bill. Trying to veterans on your map or somebody like that my only concern now you know a lot of books there are two different when you're just don't think they'll. And obviously we've got a book Peter Bakken and it does seem like a wobble off course it won't be successful like as though. To argue that even and there are a whole other book war I mean I know. I think I would say they're always looking I would say they're always evaluating but don't look toward this week it's Friday right Amy so that's not happening this week if something happens it just out this week native Peter it's going in. And and on top of that if you do sign somebody how long does it take for them even to get up to speed. If they if they cite somebody next Monday for example after this game. I don't think that they would even be ready to necessarily plays or you're probably looking at a few weeks out even for someone to command. They could you know help out I understand the concern. And I think it's a valid concern a fair concern. But but right now it's taken Peter Mahan and I would expect anything anytime soon anyone to be ready but I wouldn't discount the possibility. That they could very well bring somebody in here and guys that we just just not like anybody out there that that's the thing that it meant more to actually you know he actually has some respect in Carolina where this regime was. But in whom they might not just like anybody who's out there it might not necessarily be that they don't want to bring someone in it is only their options. We get one more call skews me. From Randall and placed earlier Ellis out right ahead. Morning I'll consider the track record ownership. Over the course goes. The doodle here and they keep. It all my who adopt. Two years and but. Here's. Got determined in a year you'd bet. Ownership. And bear it out short should at this point short. Do believe in the product. Ali in my opinion. Us hi how is it lets your I was gonna say like Jeremy handle this after the discussion radius they've got the ball I think there is no chance there on the Nazi. Null chance as much as we can point to Rex being fired after two years while I was Rex fire Imus show you a lot of personality right as he embarrassed then yeah why was Tim Murray fired. Similarly he and try to embarrass them at it. Sean McDermott is not embarrass ownership. Sean McDermott also got the team in the playoffs it is the same ownership group that remember the of the famous phrase about Darcy are dear what's he done wrong. There is if if if the owner feels good about the people working for them at the owners feel good about. They're gonna keep that guy I think Sean McDermott is as safe as seat can possibly be prepared to be wrong on this. But he made the playoffs he killed the drought for them he. Does not embarrass them outside of the Peerman stuff which they might support because they think humans. Nice kid to him so I think there is zero chance. That these that this coaching staff that this GM maybe there's a rift there if there's a rift there that's different but I think Sean McDermott is among the most safe coaches in the NFL. I agree. I've that you use everything I would say Jeremy. And unless something happens like internal strife of some sort like that they really mean anything to get up Whaley thing is starting right if it's. Almighty god we went through this I don't you hit the starting Howard at the people again and they don't wanna go through it again. So they just society only with one of the two guys. Ike a pot GO wealthiest Sunday stay hydrated and I guess onscreen I don't want to burn. Yeah new location for a super the radio house yes make you go to zone proper location of people now and it's like I don't know people not even over there Howard that lot of construction over the dollar happen. They're building and the safety the spoils of mean yeah yes new weight room so it's lots of millions of dollars that weight room that's going in its rate in front of the where the ticket offices there's no parking there anymore. And and that extends out by the field house Snowe RNC have to navigate so people or listening. When eagle there you know you have to navigate through their north of sea issue it's laughable. There are parking areas over their but now where rate in front of the ticket office like I said even for media when we show up now that's what we normally park yeah that is not that is not we can partner anymore so. I just want people to be aware when they went there there's a lot of construction and you can find as you can navigate your way and I'm sure that'd be great people parking attendants and security they're gonna help everybody but it is a little different feel how slots still open right. But there isn't for parking. Feel how slot which when his level and the lot when you come in through the little guard Booth near term right yet. That's where I've been parking like that one that's that's worms no that's where the construction is aware of where misspoke I mean you can go you can keep going right yeah you can keep till further down right there yeah yeah that's right it's got to go further down. Yet a little further down yet but if you Poland the through the gate in the rate to the right there you can not park during this from the constructionist depending on how far down after park and you pick me up from my car and dry now and I'm doing now I'm not doing that you're blocking is good for you especially eighty degree weather I've been a dragon back with a computer all right fine. Thank you so we'll see you Sunday I guess you'll.