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It's Mike Shields and the Bulldog. You think because your celebrity it's an automotive nobody -- above the law let me tell you something like. Like she hope to go ahead. If you want to. That's been tried before. Flashy ridiculous scene no bull dog maybe we can live without libraries people like unique short we're too old to change the world. What about that kid sitting down opening a book right now gonna break the local library. We finally drawing to keep the thing we we. This about that just write in the book it is mind toward. Maybe if they needed to hit. Good time placed on WG ER Sports Radio 550. Other place where it joy boy bite to his old. All right happy Friday we've got to fallen game coming up. And clear this is that. Our friends from tops friendly markets will be stopping by today with some delicious tailgating and party ideas. For the game. Save time and have your groceries delivered right to your door when you shop online at tops markets dot com. It is now while the second week. Of this promotion with tops and it is at the point run like deciding. Wind east. Could hear I'll write his top scrubbing. He first yeah you know I did not plan a did not play and effectively today I have a long show the launch toting planned. And April part of Maddon eight. The party filling launch. July I'm not. I am not taking full advantage of the opportunity that tops is going to be presenting us with today and all week and we and we. Report. And source so sorry I know I feel terrible. All right so. Here's a game. No matter what happens Sunday. Because it is Josh Allen's first NFL start this game gets remembered. Number GP lost men's first NFL start. Oh you mean maybe you don't. And I don't really. Who. Today Houston home yes yes OK these are touchdown pass he threw one touchdown pass right too often the wind and attention leaders okay yeah okay and my sister knows the guy who has the football. And then you're gonna mostly I'm sure I remember that I know I wasn't trying to play dumb by it at that. Sure enough you remember Jim Kelly's first NFL start jets yes. I don't know I don't know I don't think I really have a lot about what happened is there a late interception. I don't know Joseph you remember Jim Kelly's last NFL start now no doubt went back just 696. How oil probably in diapers. So Jim Kelly's first NFL start. I wasn't fair bottom we watched on TV was hold on that hole which was your big deal I do not remember watching it on TV if there and that's kind of weird. September 7 1986. The bills lost the jets' twenty to 44. Kelly 1986 numbers river how far a dollar went in 1986 innings twenty for 33. 292. And three touchdowns no winners after its focus of the little bit obviously aren't right no we I could've told them I guess yeah 292 yards on twenty completions almost what right does Patrick listed. And three touchdowns and OPEC's in his first game. Just you know including Losman top your head how many. First NFL start. Bills quarterbacks have there been between Kelly and now. But what's it what's the number. First NFL starts yes him. My goal. Oh exe tool called. Is it tough what the number five 55. I'm so far I get five guys have started their percent of no game for the job. 677. That you think you guys like say Ryan Fitzpatrick. Right who played before you who had played already no doubt horror Kyle Orton. True or Drew Bledsoe exactly. Thirteen thirteen and I love this. I count. Thirteen. Quarterbacks. Between. Kelly and Alan. To have made their NFL debuts. Start starting debuts for the bills. And if were if you want Woodward Don I will. Take a picture of my work and share a thirteen well Mary mentioned Jeff tool and so he's peace with its. Which count him to check her editors are put a check mark posted joke to me Jeff tool. Okay we're ever wrote again. He threw a bomb to marquis stood 17 not like here and needing nothing else a red zone interception written. Great line the line when it job under very Knoll don't know shields. Shields I think is that it's not it's not or bury its its I don't know it's another shields I I think Sam Shields Boca. But it different Jewish Sean Smith Shaun Smith. Assets yet feels as a guard right get real shields with the chiefs yeah okay. Yes thank you drawn some announcement. They scored twice on no defense maybe. The chiefs won. 43 to thirteen it is the hold third most recent. Bills quarterback NFL debut start. Parents good to her throne when we're a veteran of eighteen for 39. To 291. And two as these things go. Especially just significance no right only have a pool filling in but it did lead to move. The the existence old Jeff tool. All sir and that was good that was a nice little. That was a nice little subculture within bills fans just an old guy is Nathan Peter and I sure Jeff tool guy it was due to really. It's like how that sounds more than the computer and certainly tip pool guy. Refused to say god and he yes but he deserves a chance right and you're all right and so Peterman is on the slowest to he made his first are you guys last year. You guys don't watch practice. Right. They ruled out. Can't rule well he got to get behind them Tom Brady really around. This city needs to get behind this and you guys are in the way that right Jeff tool. November 3 2013 underdog morrow right. Jim Kelly to Joshua Allen. Thirteen. By my count. NFL quarterbacks. Made their first career start for the bills tool was one lost me as one without the loss when one. Was 2005 in May be the Texans David Carr I did just mention any computer and he's so big last year in the chargers. Is correct. Six for 1466. Yards five intercept now Jerry Kill you idiot for getting five. Because look those aren't even trying. To go right you've got three so I gave you one of yeah Losman and I think rooted out I YouTube's. Okay Trent Edwards Trent Edwards. Where you got where you you're you're here I was in Palm Springs, California for this game and checking out my phone. September 30 variety 2007. Against the jets the winless bills would soon played Dallas among them a football today. They beat the jets and Edwards went 42 over 48 to 341 and one very respectable and very. Smaller yards per attempt by right right that terribly but not good. So. Better than I thought. For. DJD. Manual yes. We were a decade. Through work. Some of September oaks close loss and we yes September 8 2013. Eighteen for 27. 150. Yards and two touchdowns. For manual or. Five. Merger five. Of my five. Okay. And nutty Brian Brohm team in an Atlanta. Brian Brohm he was on the Packers I'm very confident he did not start I think you're right Brian Brohm so December to 47. 2009. A 313 loss in Atlanta seventeen for 49146. And two picks right. And Romney is he guy. That I think globe. Most most permanently. Wherein. I think about. Fans. Hoping within the desperation of not having a franchise quarterback. He hasn't hurt me yet. I think communal I might as well we journalists with you I mean I can remember sitting in here saying that about Brian Brohm. And you know kind of half believing it like well we're just rolled out there he was he had pedigree at one point maybe he's. You never. So that's that's the guy for that would be almost more than anyone else. It's OK maybe he's good says a lot about this guys is great BBA's. I don't mean yeah. That's I know I I watched him destroy any hope that I had in him so me V yeah. He's going to be in those babies don't six. Okay. Thirteen. Quarterbacks. To make their first NFL start as a bill. Between Jim Kelly. And Josh Allen. Thirteenth. Where it's six these are a lot of the recent ones okay well I wanna between Jim Kelly and 86 frank Reich is on this list. Frank right. October 16 1989. Monday Night Football against the rams. And very memorable game late touchdown to read. Late touchdown to read. Liberators in a northerly talked Valerie to win it okay. 41 for 37 to 142 touchdowns those one interception 43 point with the course the rams. Sharon Robinson correct yeah. Who is the call can be a great day who was the coach of the bills when it was Brian Brohm. Carry fuel rights. Perry fuel cost ha okay seven. This sneaking system womb you're sneaky Joseph because yesterday it was brought up that Matt Cassel certainly gain that there's gonna be some nonsense of running back or receiver in here. Taking a direct snap on the first play and that we'll all fighters there. Don't have to get the baton steps yet but I am had a feeling you might think it's out there aren't very interest thing I'm gonna goal with the Alex Van Pelt yes. Remember the game. Okay. I didn't neither. Ever over the next week. Because like pages sort of messed with me in the press box about where I was log percent growth on it if you Alex Van Pelt. Bill's nine dolphins 6. November 2 1997. Then tell when a stirring thirteen for 42 for 89 yards. And an interception Marv Levy vs Jimmy Johnson. He broke developed in Marino's records that pit the next week New England was here in the lost 336. And the bills. What were like oh you don't you can't sit there in this open sea and and they were like right behind my back. Telling French moralists off in the distance deep threat we've got an open seat like just yet exist like being the bills yet OK. Which is why a likeness. Now the spread that that Baldwin is Liam and I was ready to name another guy knows something about French relations mustache and it's sort of threw me off the scent of the next game I was about to give you think it Fred Blake show who is indeed. His wallet if you just wanna take it from him that's OK with us via. There really needed is closed and you wanted to have those close bit volatile richer but help yourself. Oh yeah okay 97 Houston Todd Collins Todd Collins is right. Todd Collins or the game. Vikings Oilers. Last. Last game of the I regulars right right right right he played before he blows the official start you know it all it's so long ago when it all this like. What about like what to do with Joshua Allen Todd Collins set for two years behind Kelly was a good. No thank you 124495. Collins six for 1530 yards in effect he played that game he played a game the following season against Dallas home game which they want. Right and then 97 he was the starter if the court. Collins. That team on and Christmas Eve in 95 who are the coaches. Bills Oilers. The Steve McNair might be the Houston quarterback. Houston Oilers it is this. Eli hit sitting pulling in from our this is Marv okay it's my right that we do we Massa Italy who was accused in order to trick there. The Houston coach. News. Not Jack our audience that's right they'll be good guess but you're right it's not him it's not an. Yeah that's like I mean there's where we email that ice I consider myself if you said Jack Pardee I would say good guess I didn't I nailed would not. Who succeeded him. Jodie you know Buddy Ryan. It's good guess too but no Kevin gill bride. You know Jim Jones Jeff Fisher most days Juan. Jeff Fisher Jeff Fisher was the opposing coach for Todd Collins Arlen known NFL start right that most issues. Go Internet. Oh tyra Tyler Taylor is correct. Really game. Mean it's too long ago. It's not the cold case it's. His first start because castle news from yesterday Cassel gets the start for that first home opener Cassel gets the start at quarterback. Tyrod Taylor was a starter starting receiver. For that game as a wide receiver Earl Warren on the first play he went in motion weight behind the quarterback. And there was a media hand off to McCoy. But that brown who the Taylor motion was like a trick bright and LeSean McCoy ran for like minus eight yards and meant Cassel never played again here you know where. Tree. What is smaller. Rory what does week two they uses this is three seasons ago with a New England yes New England is at home. This is the game after well run Rex Ryan says that it runs over all right 600 yards. Because it was it was passing it what it was Rex Ryan thought passing was a feminist right. So Tyrod Taylor's first NFL quarterback star technically. September 20 2015 a forty to 32 loss of doing well ironically that good respect to write it but right Elizabeth. Otherwise to kind of a good statistical day for him these 43 for thirty to 42 with three touchdowns Lotta that Lee yeah rallying trying to come back. Right they actually got through it and oh we have the right. Bin Laden. By the way in that van pelt started with a toll one more thing about that you don't Dan Marino five for fifteen. And Craig Erickson when and he must've gotten hurt but today Marie whoever pulled. Order firmer with the game. We're Steve tasker. 11297. Event held it. How many we ought to know that is nine and 10103. More guys to three more guys. Who are the three guys. To have started their first NFL game. As quarterback. Not yet mentioned between Jim Kelly and Josh Allen Joseph looks unity week we puts us total up here on the side here up here. Dad Lewis is he started he needs for the Bronx you're right that's I think he's not on the list. OK back on the year. That Lewis. Started the game for Cleveland. Rob Johnson started started the game. For Jacksonville Doug Flutie who started a playoff game or Chicago. Among other games before coming to the bills so none of those answers is right Ryan Fitzpatrick started games. It. Guy that was here for a long and long time he's usually third string for awhile and I think he played only teasing game at Indianapolis. Who have this one's own. That's a name Craig. Craig male cardinal. Crap my Craig nail pregnant all personal I don't think he ever so I only made it out of pre season. I think the thing in the game in Miami Travis brown the team that was rescheduled for 9/11 but I don't think he started a monologue okay all right thanks. Oh. I only know all I only know all played tactically for the bills I don't think I could be wrong but I Travis brown never started in Metall members to okay. He did Matt Cassel and. Okay I'm counting playoff games as first career start. I mean I think you could at I think if you think that it's guys not something you Joseph Webb maybe he would have taken a direct snap starting game. If you would start for Minnesota in the playoffs but not in the regular. I see no I don't see him as ever being a bills' starter and technically. Currently how obscure the other three that would well get your hands. It was within a span of fifteen days. All three. Started their first NFL games for the bills yeah. In a span of fifteen days this this really this should be memorable. Holy crap. I've gotten nothing. At all. Three different star editors are very happy over the span of fifteen days. These are the moments when I wish everybody in the world was to London. These are those this is one of those moments hall. By the way tops common or soon you no before. Some cookie pizza pork in and a lot of Julie I think the bring him I'm intrigued by the wrapped. A rampant greed of the bringing two things around and read written it. A live human and it it's not a burrito. If if you give this year it probably given away. Yes will you all I guess it's here's another bit. I'm pretty sure none of them ever started and other NFL game. They were all one and done. Within a span of three weeks. Gibran Hamdan. Know. A lot of you out there knowing a lot of you out there are no. This is really hurting me. Was it a mistake to start the day here own hole I mean. I don't eat that right you know before this had no I I don't know I. Mean I like to argue toward something like this. But you know it's fine. If you give us a year and I still can't get it Powell embarrassed and Adam are going to be. You'll get as soon as I say the year you. But you might not get the names of those get the point the. I have it. Probably one of the horrible years. 2001. And it. All know. You know what known now that I am dumping them from speaking today here at him and just there is the bills went seven and eight. This season. If these three guys would have been better they could've won the super mobile. If they get in the playoffs. You never know. Is that Indianapolis. Won the division. So seven and eight is 89. Originated seven. Let's strike years that kept some Kelly's already here. He's this. He's on strike he's on strike. Yeah I don't I'm. Just the three straight games are the answer right. I don't remember who notes are right there wouldn't assume you would remember their names but the strike is what we're going right it's the story the strike right. Then the new G really taught him and Brian McClure and a three three more. Quarterbacks who have made their starting debuts in the league for the bills between Kelly and Allen was that bad you don't you know so upset about the. No no no I'm not I'm not at all I mean. Not not sitting here remembering how many games strike players played in 1987 doesn't make me feel bad. Not knowing bribe or Willie cotton doesn't mean we feel bad remembered him an entry. Saudi in August that was durable seven perks warning 68 yards and two picks in the whole global wow. The whole boom game Joseph yeah I don't know I will go to I mean that you know that happened yet so I don't feel but I I'm at a good place Arnold. The fair question I don't feel bad not having no air. Thirteen is the answer and I'm also not getting what inundated. By tweets that are saying like somebody really obvious that I forgot so it. I popular here OK Josh L will be the fourteen by my count I might have missed something here but. The fourteenth. Player fourteenth quarterback to make his NFL starting debut for the bills since Jim Kelly did. 8030515. Now how do you think it will go. I think I have to tell you how I think you'll go for it but that's as far as ago no you tell me I mood. Isn't ridiculous like so yesterday the day before her referenced this morning is ridiculous. To look at this game. And think that a loss could be okay. I. We'll talk about that eagle 30550 sell the pot you're here for the roundtable later picks and more Mike show in the Bulldog WGR. Six and two last struggling at home we talk about defending our Dirk quite a bit here playing in front part our fans skis and it made him most passionate. Fan base in the NFL goes along way towards creating a home field advantage and Cingular guys' energy in making allowed on opposing quarterbacks. And it could do that. It is very beneficial. That is bills coach Sean McDermott's. We're talking about. Talking about winning at home defending the dirt defendant he used that phrase in that clip we did quoted today as it was at the beginning must have missed it. Scrambled and here. That. Cash. On federally wanna even think about that. With the. Defending the dirt no. It's gonna get all annoyed. Portal two that no right to Heidi you're right bringing pizza like a bright. Couldn't care speeds if you want to say defender than he should say defended her let's not even dirt. But I think they're not a good they have not been a good home team like. When they were last year. But his first year here they were six and two Regis so things until they lost to new England and New Orleans. Not a man or. I'm able to do that last year that a good home record yet. But. You know the past that personally there's some sort of special. Tradition of winning here or anything like that and all that long to assert its black rubber pellets staff when there won't be present on some black gross black rubber pellets that are somehow buried in that. Green part. That's what they're defending. Defender but just doesn't roll off the tongue quite the same way all that's right defend the dirt sound football. Is it ridiculous. To this I think I know you feel. Like I've I think mostly agree. Anybody who wants to say it's ridiculous should think may be I wanna call and say 8030550. Is ridiculous. That there is results Sunday. That has the bills losing but we feel good. But that Kelly gaming notes so long ago. But that would've been such a game right where you thought. We lost but this was fallen. And there's hope my gosh if Josh M throws for almost 300 yards and tell hit three touchdowns in that opener with no picks. It's if that would I'm doing a Mary Lou Retton total run. Are on the way to the press box to do the the post game show what you worked on when the broadcast Booth who ran a profile front and again. But that's that's a fantastic result I think it is only gets ridiculous therefore but I. I do think it it it can be you know certainly kind of embarrassing. This team won nine games last year. And was in the playoffs and they have you know. Further dismantle themselves to the point where people on the outside objectively are talking about them being the worst team in the league. So there's a certain level of I think. You shouldn't be proud of that. But in the big scheme of things when I'm signing up for here this year was always going to be about how good is the quarterback I'd pick before he had a name. And face how good is that guy going to be. And if that guy chores up on Sunday and of course three touchdowns no picks and almost three and yards that is that's a win. For proof that. And that's more important than what their record is going to be this year. So I don't think that's ridiculous. I think big could be open to criticism again do you doubt all the way back to. How they've put the roster together in what the long range vision here is to some extent having a certain that there really was pro sports you should be trying to win. And they'll tell you they're trying to win. And OK but I'm not that invested in whether they win or lose it's. I think you wanted to fight and I'm sorry to gallop about double tells it like and I think it could not waited two more seconds. It's a good thing you don't have to get. Real answers from teams from more people because they're the bush team has ever said were not. Winning is not our number one goal right right always they always say that it means nothing when they say that because they only ever say. Is there are a day Sunday you can see. Where they lose but you feel good today at Baltimore game did do such damage or does all this sort of give you that impression that. I don't need to win here I just want to not feel like. These games are all going to be as bad as last week or. That Josh Allen has no chance or of the can't block for him or anything like along those lines where you walk out of there on Sunday going what happens now. Mean I I like a good story attention to talk about. But really like you cringing. In certain you can you can see a game like the last one where you can cringing. Right. What are they gonna do so may the they can walk go to still losing you feel better. Eagle 30550s. Wanna know like how ridiculous that sounds maybe not at all. Here's Mike with a us on WGR Mike. Hey you guys do good things going. Great great you know I don't. I don't think you gotta be crazy if we lose and I don't think all of us have real high expectation that the amount of big do we wait AM. Take a little step back this year before we make and I want to run all but. That being said last week yeah we ought big race this week we got charges and they're all AFC opponent. Why don't they get it just in case. The outside shot that. We picked up decent games at a medal. Possibly make a run sort of play out finally get away here this could hurt the tiebreaker opened. So even though it's not AFC east to delay SPG like big if it grab what are you trying yet. While I mean one thing to be thinking about good good for you wrecked it's. Good for you like. Okay that's electricity I mean I have I am about Plano I mean I have a very hard time getting to that if my starting point is. Oh really obscene earlier in the week my starting point is just don't like yourself employer. That that's that's my starting point. Is jaws. It's just don't like you just said we don't have me at 4 o'clock going. One and one think they can do now. What what what happens next. Debt went horribly wrong. Here name was a disaster not. It is possible yes. I I'm I'm mostly want to avoid that. And that is not just like for my own professional sanity. It's it's you don't just bombs real when it's that bad but so I want the building to show some promise wanted to at least get. He's given on the road. All right we did get out on the highway in light of the cruise control Arnold let's take the first NCR she handles and if it is it. It's got to be over when it starts this week if it goes badly really badly. But it would just be like I got to pull over are you know could I I didn't even get up to highway speed ball alone exceed the speed limit. And that's who want in this game is highway speeds got. Yeah I want to be honest at the crucially 73. Buick. I think and Goodyear's coming met pocket we're the radars and either not gonna come for me to be somebody corn faster I'm all going to be making good time I'm role. That's what you once Dan is with us thank you Mike again. Turkish growing. I would still get out of thinking about it honestly I don't go to the or end up being 4945. That's down there a report out down on the player and you. You can stick it if the eight yard field. Ordered the one who arranged. And then the very end of the game and because on Kelvin Benjamin in the numbers that Benjamin drop it. And you're like well. Quarterback with it at all that and every time and only get out and been here forever. Yes thank you Dan and also take the highest scoring game in the league this year it's be fun I agree. I'm the ticker that would be your wallet I probably think if they kicked a fifty no I think all of that and I thought probably I would bet on them trying to confuse your approval from point of Philly if all of that out all else happens everything he said happens. And he conceal like there's only a few seconds left in the there might be if hail Mary. Coming up I think edged out on a six I would assume it would be exactly what he said tomorrow he knew a I think I would even look. Tim is our Tom rather is with the next hi Tom. I got. I would. Take. On this week but I would. Object to. And maybe it's a start but I mean by. Throwing it opens going to outfield. I mean no I even if it's our majority of our deterrent. And I would or Kuwait would be happy with it and not apart are. You'd think perturbed at long or. If there. And order. To back a year and he done it. On strapped in to your hungry eagle I mean I think the strike. Are you could see him next year if it goes again early. Right I think he's safe through this off season almost pure borrowing just something they're just epic. Here in the form of Allenby really bad or something else on the scene going to really poorly. But I think if Elin doesn't establish himself. As someone to be optimistic about going into 2000 in nineteen. Then McDermott is our lucky he'd warrants being higher on any kind of list of guys who are in trouble going into the season. Because as soon as Allen is going sideways and I would say if he's not. Trending in the right direction after this year that would equate to sideways to me then next year that's how fast McDermott and problem. I'd only happens before then are all talking about it within the organization. I'll be in trouble until next year starts and Ellen is not working. While say something about this IE. It's me it's obviously early to be talking about this too seriously. I feel like Rex Ryan and damn miles my taught me a lesson about this with the book the put coolest mean they were new. Missile relatively are new but. I just both times with those coaches thought no way are they out already because. If Terry hasn't said it I feel like he would have that. One thing that needs to change around here is we need more stability he seems like the stability tighten that we wanna have people can collect a cut its borders of that before like. We wanna have people. Who we can grow. And more with Boston and we they'll learn from us and all that and Rex Ryan was two years not even. And their bile was two years he took his cup ring and laughed was fired like that was in both times I was surprised if not shocked by that. I didn't see that as their style. So. No the lesson I'm walking around with is you never know. And here McDermott showed up on a list of on a betting line as the third favorite to be the first coach in the league fired this year. And so you know maybe they don't know anything. Bettors often do know stuff that we don't cook but. Big. I want I don't assume anything else I don't assume anything like no he's kind of a punching bag with. The press conferences. And Peterman a guy and then if this is bad. Mean really your your hopes now ride time. Josh Allen from Wyoming. Being really good not just okay. Not just won't get you killed not just won't make you a laughingstock but actually being really good. That's what you need out of that draft pick to make it worth making. So were there. Not immediately right but were beds were best know the path now and short of that. These kinds of questions will be asked all the time now. Yeah I. I understand why you'd say electric you don't don't you know sleep on any of it. I saw both of those coming to meet vials and and Ryan. Didn't surprise me when they happened. I mean it was fast but I think you could see the writing was errors so. In this instance like I I I think. Borrowing. A real real last year and it Beckham that could tell there. I think it's next year. And you've you've got some time for Allen to sort of establish. That you should have some optimism about a did that does not exist. Then I think anything's possible. But I I I think he's okay. Room this offseason. In part because they acted so quickly aren't on these other guys even older ones are different sport. Dom I think they work on some stability it would would be reluctant to do that again. Unless it got just completely content. That might look at Rex Ryan is having been a knee jerk decision. After Rome quit the hidden all the team for less than a year. And that McDermott represented OK we'll get someone young here that we really like and trust and won't just ride this out for a while. But I don't know that I just I'm not confident about predicting that because of the recent past. Mike show in the Bulldog here with full lines open at 8030550. We're here for until seven self applaud Jill comes along at five this is WGR. We get that group of guys who you know until the last two seasons halting new we're going to the playoffs if I was on my. And you know they like that. Depths of the wanna get back there. Marvin Lewis. And his point is his players enjoyed. Making the playoffs and want to do battle again right they believed were upset they missed it. Last two years when they did and how many guys on this team have been there for all that. Also hill Dalton green Geno Atkins you know that there's so I'll feel. Perfect maybe federal he's coming back soon to herald he goes back that far. I think our. A role played I'll just be honestly I'm sort of happy about this I think my quarterbacks that are game from earlier this hour checks out. All I assumed to your pretty girl that stuff but it's easy to make a mistake like you know the one of these guys start for thirteen ended may be one of the other guys I didn't mention. Not start formatting. And mark Dalton who was with the bills in PR and now is in Arizona. Saw the tweet I tweeted that names and everything that they're worded it right the keys of all the guys I've ever known. It when he text me with a question I'm worried. Right. Because I think I eat he would be right like if anybody ever met I think mark would be the guy would. Most likely expect to have me in in a mistake. And idling does. He was wondering about Damon knew she but been my knew she was on the team in 1979. Rate meeting came out of retirement. To cross the line for the 87 strike. And our whole team was even active after that first game first game we're very badly for him and he did not. Play again right worst movie started and he did not start a game when he was with the team prior to. Right right he was a back up right for almost all the 79 season surprise starter prior member's name. This from that Mort moon that's a strike and a member of strike. Here's my quick hustle like. Hello there I'm like are you. I'm doing great thanks for taking my call it. I just wanted him and it certainly who would the united Sunday. Why did the and that warm. And and blew it. And when. There aren't. We're talking about the quarterback. It's like I've won some good hard nosed ball bought it and what do you know. And that would be entertaining for me. I like it I like it thank you Mike we get a call the other day saying what about the defense here and number I thought. You know what good point they've gone about the got to passports chopped them at all. Because some day I didn't happen either early Baltimore do almost anything you wanted. Until late took their guys out at least last night. They lost. Bright they got down 487. To Cincinnati eventually lost 3423 I like the bundles. I was glad to see them win ago election with them and two and always pretty good yep. I don't have any action on the dangles but I also want them. I wish I would have bet them to win the division there's I was thinking that it would have a chance to do that. And that wasn't really thinking about Libby I'm Ballard he's saying. But you know in that and that that impact in the Steelers negatively not that it really has power in the past has already. But nonetheless he had that that's a that's a pretty sweet and we'll get back to your calls. On Sunday once a good Dave. It is there such a thing as a good day that they don't win where that would be home and then hold all our our. You know expectations or needs I guess for them at this point much over the ball blog looking forward to hearing from more review after this timeout and the update on WGR.