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It's Mike Hsu joke we all in cages though and a sense and a Bulldog. Reassured God's working hard to me Satan you might just have a better coach. On WG ER. Sports Radio 550. Before we get back to Josh Allen's first NFL start. But other word I'm. Really titans' first NFL starting okay tot and one of thirteen. Quarterbacks to make their first NFL start for the bills. Between Jim Kelly and Josh Allen pretty cool list tot is one of three. To do so in consecutive weeks during the 1987 strike. He went in. In relief in the first strike game which was the colts. Beating the bills 47 to six. It's just fallen history. Difficult for guys at the time but fallen history. And then he started their second straight game in New England bills lost fourteen to seven he threw touchdown pass it might have been the only touchdown. The bill scored in all three strike games. And told you how Markel was texting from Arizona and like are you sure about this list pretty good. And like yeah I think Gary how many the capitulated like OK I think you might have this. And then he says it look all night I haven't on this yet but it assuming his right. That he thinks really cotton holds. The bill's record. For most fumbles in the game. And second place. And those are the only two games of Korean won which didn't start one of which you that he targeted relief. So. The pro football reference boxes are not as thorough a thirty years ago but if you look up his career stats it's two games and global dying times. John. How do you vocal lines I'm basketball poll out today is I don't know how to throw five receptions and single out. Happened department that's been out. Prior to last November that never ended and told game but it the political lever and bubbles do gains and even then in two games. That's pretty good nine fumbles three of which he recovered. Home a book look like five and 46 and three like so what heals well fumbled three times ready right now so maybe it's five and four in the two games. First place in second place. Go to find out about I don't know if it is that is currently it is parade and football Friday and WG are very exciting left picks later. We'll have our roundtable today to sell will be here. More calls coming up and top shall stop either bringing pork enchilada chili and cookies pizza. Curious about this cookie pizza is a more cookie. Or pizza we'll find out. Top stopping by to show off some tail gating ideas party ideas for a perhaps for you for the games Sunday. Don't forget save time and had your groceries delivered. Right to your door we shop online at tops markets dot com I'm going with hopes cook. It's just something that are in agreement to put sauce on it but it it's on a percent. The cross is just chocolate chip cookie. She sure. And it probably not that the some frosty in fillings may be but he does not green peppers on that note and mail speakers right department. Parents she's three she could. She's talking to you look. Tops is not making that I wanna make that clear we don't expect that to be the case. Stricker. Filming I might make sure I'll mistakenly. Are right. All James is on WG Arlo James. Wonder. What you get and how you feel it. I don't have to say that is almost like Karl had this he's. But they may win by those like you reporting 198. Are 2000 okay. Sure but when you're out would be and yes. Yes that that would that would pass for me. This Arnold got good reviews now mean that would be you know debt that would be. Yet I would positive to me. The bar. Is extremely low. For me as I'm not everybody understands and I just don't want to go one year after the game one look and act. That's what I wanna avoid and 6821 for 1982 scores and a bit even it was a pick six on his first role. Fine. And when he goes. Elected. The jet made it. And that they've really made the often seem maybe detour that bad. It just he might be up in the corner everything they've got paralyzed by just in like they really. Well I didn't make implement backed situations. I don't know somebody told us that they thought that yesterday to I have no opinion on that. The he had. Yet been erratic game but. The kind of game that makes sense for guy playing his first game in the league and the generally people would accept. From from him and they won by 820 plus points. By the way too so I don't know the coordinator deserves the credit. But he did not embarrass himself to say the least send Arnold. Thank you James here's Russ next solo rush. Yet. In each. I know ball you know. Vote apparently. That there are the span. Spoke at our paper order. Back or. Right and apple all our. I don't know what you thought about what we're 00. Well there does start I got the call error let's get. A record 48. Year. Outlook all there. Here. Are that. For your health. What are our. There's sport. Up. I don't want a whole lot. That to. We're of that that are at lower. Oh. Okay. You know. What I thought that the art. The ground and a big game. In our Google which. I don't. You know a little. Bit. I really. Like it I think. How about art and I. What they're. Calling an error stop. The problem. The same thing that teams think they have to gain every time almost every time they put. A high draft pick quarterback on the field which is. It's unusual when a team doesn't do that very soon after drafting him in most of those teams are bad the same things. They're probably not stocked it offensive line are stacked and dolphins lined the ball and loaded with talent their bed. It's like the rams were usually the Eagles words like all these other teams were Houston so one bit didn't have. Good team that's all they drafted these guys so they were in position to draft these guys in most cases the poem on the field that's what's to gains hypothetical. You're asking a hypothetical question what is there to gain in my opinion a lot. Lot experience confidence. Grows what I'm all for it. And they do not like it or not in this is not the same question does not answering the same question they have no all other plausible. Option that's that's that's why you do it now bomb I was all for taking your time with them. I don't think every guy is created equal every prospect is created equal. And a guy who calms. Lightly recruited. By division one school sophomore saluted played junior college zero star recruit. Did not know not even a highly decorated college player. Someone that that reads and looks like he's going to need some time to learn how to play at the very highest level in the best league in his sport in the world. OK I can I can listen to we're gonna go slow with this and I was respecting that. They have no choice now but that's not why they play him. Because they traded AJ McCarron. And believe that Ellen was at least good enough and ready enough. To be one sprained ankle away from going to imply that turned out it was a sprained ankle was. Bestowed the horrendous performance again by the guy who was out of them on the doctor. So. Don't they they think he's ready enough that they left themselves no safety net. And I'm I'm gonna just as I respected get you going slow with them I'm gonna respect the notion of them feel like he's close enough to be to be there. So you know here we go. Yeah. And my thinking is it additionally additionally is Peter Manning should not be on the roster anymore. I I don't like the idea of being threatened with her by another potential leads and Peter and start there's no good reason for it. He had two chances in separate seasons to not completely embarrass himself. And failed in both cases so. There is a at least compared with them up very respectable and are plenty of options that I mean. All right knee and Peter and clearly need is a one comparable whatever that could mean. You bring in instead to replace him with. Especially F. You end up in a position bought there's an injury that goes for you you end up at a position where you think Allen might be better off not playing or just going to badly. I'm not really thinking that way I don't all I really don't even about it really even that open to that kind of a thing. Because I think all of it is good ends. Adversity is that they told the caller is pretty much to be expected with these quarterbacks. On the teams that draft them. But. I would like to have another. Pop up option. That is not that. And there is no such option on on this roster right now. So if I were the bills would absolutely. I would have done that already sorry me it went really badly misses the real world your route. Mean why should that not have happened yet. Now I don't have a good answer to that at all you brought it up on Monday and I agreed that and I agree. I also think. Once you put Allen in barring injury. I mean out. I guess I shouldn't try to maintain some level of flexibility on this but you don't you don't they don't want to take him. And I think you probably shouldn't. You've you've decided he's ready enough you've put him in. Now recognizing how long you were about Peter bin being your best option for week one. You could be done. Way wrong on how ready he is and you could just be horrible. When that's. That's an option on the board what happens on Sunday I mean I'm sorry I don't mean to be dwell and I am really try to dwell on it just presenting it as a possibility. Considering how. Blown to bits this piece of the notion dot. They could get drugs that Salem thing horribly dual. Sole. Put all that said. He's in he's your guy. It goes terribly this week he plays next week in and so. I mean it's I think that's where you are Minnesota. Savior. Don't pick the vikings and survivor not that you would at Lambeau foothold we compliment that I don't know the interest thing you know. Jeremy piecing this this flow chart somebody maybe that's because you've been talking about the I don't know I've not heard their shoulders week and just a few minutes here and there are so I doubt it I don't. German Jeremy I think made what amounts to like a Josh Allen call flow Charlton Josh Allen playing. I'll phone call loads are noted that through and ordered and like to this caller Ross mentioned Peyton Manning throwing interceptions and ourselves or point out. And I'm here it is point out Peyton Manning. But interceptions are rookie season right point out Peyton Manning and the Errol. After that I'm here is this line will get Ellen killed that's exactly what this call is almost like he called their show bra which obviously could've happened about. The guide. Corporately fell into this wrote chart and if it goes the way this says the next personable mentioned Troy Aikman. Clinton. Important. Joseph is on WG Harlow Joseph. Hello guys I love that show very entertaining. Also wanted to make two points I AM I think the defense. Is what I wanna see the market improved it I want to the most improved this week and I think it's the one thing. And I do about the safety of the coaching staff and mainly Sean McDermott. It this year goes poorly for the defense I think the one thing that could shake a little confidence in him. In that we don't really know which quarterback they were hoping to get in the draft they got talent. We think it was Allen but maybe it was an and you couldn't make the argument that. Whatever happens with the up and it's a crapshoot right now with the talent on the team and rookie quarterback but the defense. We expected to be good especially when McDermott made simple moves by bringing in Murphy getting hurt and Daria last year. Bring him a little face spending money in that arena so I think that's the one thing to watch out for him and. The draft to draft and middle linebacker to. None of those I mean with due respect this doesn't have to have been unanimous. But to my eyes is IE read up on those moves as they were being made none of those guys. Both of those moves was a move where like will huddle I want to describe this crowd of analysts like the bill Barnwell. Wing of football analysis like none of those moves was was thought it was a good move. To delay included Vontae Davis included. Not necessarily Edmonds what people tell you he should be good but that it's more like a trade value analysis. And Murphy came here as what looking guy who has been a recent project really yes so like but not those moves was. To my eyes. Like expected to go well. And you know your point seems to be the orders and a needed to go well and I don't disagree with you I don't know different now but I'm not and you say we expected the defense to be good don't include me. Action you know from the first game is it that callers calling in this week upset when McDermott and I mean I'm leaving and trust the process. I think there's this year. You know for a lack of a better time with having that are out there there you know there's this fear that. What if we were duped last year. What is getting rid of a bit by election reluctant integrated area this idea of culture and then having that piggyback a very lucky. Route into the playoffs. Has blown up with this first week and the defense being so poor and not having a lot of good out there not a bit of that here that okay what does this. Is not reality and it was just the way the coin dropped and last year we got in that really there isn't this culture shift. And we got I guess I'm experimenting. With Peterman experimenting with the defense. Doesn't really know. Joseph that's exactly how I feel about this. That's exactly how I look at this. And the key may be as far as McDermott's future is concerned the key may be what those the older believe mean does he think they were lucky. Does he think they were good you know does he think culture is all you win in pro sports in the 21 century because guys are on time and stuff. Or does he think like you actually have to have talent like the guys the bills traded away for draft picks. RO BI obviously I'm stretching the point but. And that how you described it maybe people are sort of feeling like they were like there was a barrage. I totally have felt that the whole time like it very well could abandon this year that game did not surprise me sole. I don't know it bet that'll come down to what ownership thinks. Of what has happened and what they think of McDermott and how much confidence they have in it turning back around Oden and what the fans. Sounds like you know as this plays out I think the quarter. That thing is obviously the the thing I I mean I I will say that have been saying that for. A fifteen years and here but these coaches whoever they are. They common goal and days. The opportunity they have to state the longest is that the guy they decide to hitch their wagon to a quarterback turns out to be good it. And that that gives you the best book it's not fool proof pretty gives you the bus look. At establishing routes and being in a job for a long time. So I think Ellen is is these things far away that matters. While all that is unfolding and I say it this way because I don't think. We my eight the fans money. Reach a final answer Ron Allen but remember two final answer on him by Halloween. You know it's just how else has that meant that won't make it right. I doubt the organization does I doubt heard of glued to office. Reach a final answer on whether Josh you know was a good or bad idea. So I think we German has some brutal Romero. In the next year. If the defense regardless of what toolbar and well thought about it McDermott spent fifteen million colors on star wood to lay spent eight million dollars Lombardi Davis. They gave Trevor feet some money. And those moves were made. With an eye towards these are my guys the kind of guys I want that I need to put my defense on the field and yes Edmonds is at the very center of that. If this defense can't stop Baltimore Ravens and that's a precursor of what the season's gonna look like I think you hit on McDermott. He's a defense of coach. He when he got his linebacker to play his style of defense and no it's not a finished unit over there. But they got a lot of credit for evidence secondary that was in great shape and would be at the strength of the team and they couldn't cover anybody this week. So I think he's you know he's to be judged in May be harshly if this defense. Doesn't perform this year. This oracle would truly goes by the way I think pro football focus is right there for what I saw thinking about Magnum analysis of him and his recent years when the bills assigned him because he wasn't a guide ever thought about before before the bill sign them. 8030550. Sports next Mike Hsu over the although with our roundtable sell them pot she'll come anyway if. I mean he's really more clear. I think about read the piece it's very clear that he's in order to portray it as a great alarm you know he's. It greatly either disagree gotta be here. Some other such at least the same negatively. Marcus Murphy on WGR today talking about Josh Allen. Sounds like he's very. High on him. Mike's over the bulldogs here I saw the cookie pizza from tops all you did know green peppers no it's you know for cheese's. I know it's strawberries and blueberries. And on top but some will be it will be going out there in about eleven minutes. To do a FaceBook live segment with Topps also of that pork and a lot of chilly out there are they want us there and try things and talk about them right and we. Are happy to do that we are I hope I don't. And beating any port central but surely more cookie pizzas in my beard while pitched a couple that was my biggest my biggest literary. But you good good show good active I puts on how. It is quite it is quite a chrome catcher ago I don't years old stuff goes landed there from time to time but. Here is Patrick with us next on WGR hi Patrick. Hey afternoon area learned from South Carolina originally from the area. Bought tickets and airplane figured after we too appreciate them. I'm so Sunday which I shall start party it's I. I was petrified about coming up he eater and what. I bet no Bateman and harper and thank Garrett are really appreciate your guys' outlook app Biederman who we just need to go he. But I mean I'm so excited about Alex. They security big strong kid he gonna do well. He bought these tickets for this game in the plane tickets after. Seeing Allen played well against Cleveland in the second pre season game presuming that are hoping that he would be the bills. Quarterback by the time this game. Yes and thank ideas. Also you might have got out of the hurricane by by this plan you know at that true we are became an early go to the workers. Good enough food missed the flute good luck to you heard any thing. But your hometown or anything and don't let area code it's in a way to opt out so were were were really fortunate thank Eric it would. Went through that better into Europe or back here. And so weren't sure it's a couple of people and they are well marry her. Get nervous. Thanks remain on Patrick enjoy the eureka and appear. Let's go to. Met next time that we. They got through the show. I would kind of think I don't know what kind of thinking about the the whole situation with hands reaction to weak one hearing kind of a more billboards you've got way you know that the drought. It's such a like shared part of what the experience of being built and like our common psychology here the last you know going down nearly two decades and I think probably. We I thought I'd have thought at various times and I met a lot to end up at like one that was over. It would mean something more. Just that besides just that it was over you know them it would mean that something you was gonna happen okay we're gonna be good now. We Iraq to the draft is over we'll obviously well we'll have a quarterback. We'll have our coaching will be sent him you can sort of kick our heels up and relax rates that kind of ironic too because. The built throughout the drought we're never really that far you know they were never the worst team they're always. Pretty close to making the playoffs with quarterbacks will probably never going to be the long term answer anyway. So it's kind of funny to now I think it had that. And I sent the kind of did that different. Five about McDermott because of that I feel like. To Jeremy point about the coaches to be fired poll it makes sense to me. That's. You know that ownership would feel that they got something after back and that gives McDermott tomorrow but I think standards. You know and in a weird way. They are more impatient now and they would have been because they're like all right well we want to drop surely we should be good if that's who we are now Brooke computer and gap but. Well this is all very logical and I've been following new every step of the way that remains to be seen that part. I mean the the first week was super jarring to people who were thinking the way you're describing fans to be thinking. Yeah maybe it's not. That or maybe we see it play out a different way but. You know I think it would be naive if you're describing fans that I would call my eve. Like if you look at the real numbers that team wasn't really any better than any of the previous three years to games. But they got in Cincinnati right Charl so it get done which are saying is like that will mean a lot and maybe even subconsciously. Fans are gonna end up in a different place because it may be right. I think it that it is certainly would describe I think some some portion of the fan base. I think Alan entering now oh tempers that in changes that because. But hear me and being in the way of Allen in some way even though he's hardly some kind of a long bearded grizzled established veterans. Was well we're not gonna play the kid so there must be trying to win. And now that that's over. At least for now and hopefully permanently. I mean. Most fans but the majority of fans I would say my senses look at a rookie quarterback going in and go. Like OK like Carson Wentz was an MVP candidate last year. His first year was uneven. And that's to be expected with a almost any rookie quarterback going in. Regardless of the talent around almost so I think that gives McDermott provided AL in at least gives you Salma hole. I think that really gets McDermott to to a more stable place. The the scenario where it gets really ugly around years of Allen is sideways. Right away and never gets added in the right direction. Then I think McDermott is in line to get a lot of heat. There Matt. Thanks good to good assessment. Are you facing AJ green in your league. Our league I have not looked at my match up like I honestly all I know what. You're not okay you know that because I have agent okay well I'm not telling you that I don't even know who humbling honestly I. I've just been focused on getting ready. You know beat the best ride can be in defending our dirt that's what you're really purely okay only in control. If if we do this the right way Brent worldly early concerned about our team it doesn't really matter who I play. I just need to defend our during this case my iPad. Which is where the game score will be compiled some new interest in defending the defector out that I have a lovely triggering. Yeah okay the I don't know what I'm doing this week I might team is in sort of disarray. A little bit because I've done Rex Burkhead and he's questionable what that might. Not a great shape this Levy on deltic so far is haunting me. Because. That's my. You know that's that's my best running back. And he's not playing so I've got McCoy I went early on a second sort of at least three well a lot of running battleground right right. And then from there it was just like sort of fill in so my options beyond McCoy are great. And one of them got a caution in Rex Burkhead soul album coming out on the ropes. Already I not go. Good I think. I'm not worried about Birkhead physically but he was. Limited in practice it precaution what you're onto anything right and so he's not not doing anything he's he's participating in practice the thing is like it's the match up. And the usual sort of New England confusion where James White or even Sony Michelle now. What Jeremy hills out. Me what that's going to be but Berkus are for all right Mina he's. Assuming he's he's active yes I mean I'm gonna monitor that Sunday morning and if he's he's he's expected at 4 o'clock game four point 54 point he's expected to play. I will plan on having him in the lineup Torre cone is my fault that there and he doesn't like one and. I have mentioned a lot but I have a lot of teams and I have been happy to take ribbing. It's kind of an experiment how much can one person handle and not like who sacrifice important parts of their life. I've been writing about that on the website and did so again today. Also a little bit on draft strategy to curb these big point in fresh strategy was pretty much you gotta Gator running back. And if you didn't you would be in trouble you'd be in trouble with true. Old bell back gum. And Michael Thomas working and Alan Julio Jones doesn't really seem like trouble right now gronkowski like these guys all had good or great. First games look at the running backs you picked over them or someone could've and I did at times for net. Hurt Kareem laden. No show. Elliott concerns. Comair real good. So bellows and on the field goals and overall number one or two overall pick everywhere until the last week. So maybe. Having the courage if you will to draft Antonio Brown. Or these other wide receivers was beneficial. And you know somebody else drafted those running backs instead McCaffery kind of a ballroom first game McCaffery. But. They're not benefiting yet. You're not benefiting yet if you did that right now he'd rather have. Michael Thomas and Keenan eligible and what can you lost last week with those two guys as your as your starters are both monster games so all the Gordon was good. Those guys will be here this weekend anyway to sort of exploring that and they have one more draft actually coming up at all. Certainly tell you about if it's wrong that happens now and that goes well filling a need one more thanks. And so on tops this year and we're gonna take a timeout and go over new FaceBook live for a few minutes and come back we'll be back here on time. Forward to hang out with topple bit and got some tailgating ideas recipes that brought in some food. And to wanna follow that on FaceBook live please do at WGR. And we'll be back for our listeners for you'll just like we never did that if if you just hang in there through the break much over the bulldogs helped by Joseph joins us at five here on WGR. The fact that I like right around Baylor evenly. The longest Tyrod the alternative and here again. Long term I think got talent going to be great I like him a lot I don't like in the role this early. Because I just worry that those things to go real bad and I don't wanna see that happening to a guy that I think at Carson when type facility and maybe even a better more. John Clayton. He's struggling with the tyra. He puts the beat beat billion should go to an end now it's on its. Tyrod Taylor that's good enough for me about you know who is Obama being offensive or anything going and Tyrod Taylor. John doing his way is gone his way form decades and the pro football fan. That's right and he does need name and voice from us. Far from even if he has no mic is on WG Arlo Mac. They got paid aren't great. In southern border wreck more. Mediocre earnings. Only in it and ask her to see that both you and your record but yeah. It just a couple things that group together and humor doesn't know. And look at new. On the other but from parent or use. It now two week by week or the film social error. I think people who have you like Google suggest people you know are ready to load them back it's a. That that's pretty that's a pretty good point that's pretty good comparison yet. At this in the north such have and there are early that you don't do well well you know we we like immense. I guess we. Elect it's not you know play out I think that. Our question I mean it never felt so I think what does a our panel on the Arthur vehicle that pat we were able to put it and nobody really there are about. It is now that we can speak it didn't matter. All got our default by the end here it can hear there are. Even look at it and fiscal standpoint that they. Are often or it you lose our Google were at a well I think is how to. Can't go up every week like this wanna eat you didn't better and I get a little boat or equal political. Opera. On apps and better. Actually the captain of the Arctic and those two guys that will look like they're the future irk me particularly good shape. We are some trouble at thanks they're only care about is just Alan being yeah our guys so. Thank you neck that is absolutely where I am I was there're. I was there last November I mean. Finally took the the last got a call those before the break. Talking about the drought ending among the timeline Serbian. All over the place and has been something that that we've been focusing on going back to them being in a playoff race last year in McDermott and beans first year. He Ehrlich it's not gonna really lineup. Some fans might not be ready for that have knowledge it just doesn't really make sense. Think I remember thinking last year wind wind Peterman went in ultimately like push comes to show why don't I support that move. Because I need to find out if I've got a better quarterback than pirated or my team and I'm not that worried about the drought and because I'm pretty convinced that I'm not doing anything substantial with him as my core ready to buy make it. Now it's turned out of course the drought and he was memorable. And we all felt great Kyle Williams and what the whole team in the city and a nobody had the jets will be it was it was incredible and I under valued that. In November but ultimately what is it really worth. It's nice having the cloud lifted yes. But. They had to get better this year and that's what this is now about and the timeline being sort of jumble them is a part of that it's sort of makes the fan base susceptible to be a little schizophrenic. You know I got I wanna support the kid I'm with removal of some growing pains but. I was kind of shoving usually that means I should be getting better ready like I'm I'm I'm in the playoffs should I try to win the game now. Once I get to the playoffs again. On the Mets not. Likely with the way they chose to do this. Yeah well the waiting them the best way to get there. To do that would be too. Revamp your big plan and keep Tyrod Taylor and do more for him. And you know you're signing a couple veterans he kind of did that anyway defensively but then they did have some. On foreseeing. Problems like Eric Wood but that that would have been the best way to do that. And why didn't they do that because you've got new people who I think in. In inappropriately reasonable. Way you wanted the wrong guys at one of the Rome vision to come to fruition here and maybe well. So this year was you know a long shot. And I mean it really really was and it's got more one I guess more people are now. Thinking this way I saw that odds to win the AFC championship. Oakland is the second highest at fifteen to one and the bills are 200 to one. Mean an expansion team would be about that maybe even lower. So. That's just like you're way behind. Your way at the bottom as far as the betting the action goes silk apology old next bills roundtable this is football Friday on WGR.