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Friday, September 14th

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These cell comprise GO. Well cup not sealed so I'll go bond yields. Go bungee don't sound good apology. Coupons GO. I'll go post geo sound go to our geo on WGR. Football Friday. Presented by Seneca buffalo creek casino nothing else comes close and by tops markets grocery delivery. Order online while you enjoy the game. Cell will this game as silk podger joins us music said so. Beat enjoyable. Is it will it will be possible this even wit. Albeit cool Germans from tops in Seoul on last week's game was difficult to enjoy will this be different. I'm not sure I think it all depends on how the quarterback place. If if you gave pills he had the choice I think you guys are kind of talk about this I don't know exactly how you phrase that I've heard a little wood this. He gave bills it's a choice. They can either lose this game. But have Josh Helm look really good. And really like while he might have some of the hair or win this game and come away on them Stallone not seeing what I hope to see. Think one I think more bills fans might watch uniform button and I think that's what this game comes down to what it's about here for Buffalo Bills fans ideal scenario is he plays well they win the but I think more than anything at the top of the list is Josh hill looks good at. Looks confident and gives me hope. Josh Mike read off Kelly's debut steps if the jets. Through our ninety some yard par three touchdowns no picks they lost the game. Appreciate that being when he might even I believe what people achievable but it might not it would matter I like that don't give a little bit my pinky right fine. No I don't I actually was thinking about today. I would take the 86 season and heartbeat they went for twelve moot right I mean you would write if you if it's. Because of how he looked. And then you think about the other side of the ball they Bruce in his second year here yet train Edmonds his first yearly did you some young guys coming around but. If you got the 86 season here I think people would be really excited about that. Even only after four wins it sounds weird but. Everything was about how good Kelly looked and some of those young player. That's a really interesting thought. You. It's it's too long ago for me to know but I think he never would have worried in those days about losing your guys you never would have thought right clock was ticking that's sure to right yeah now you do have that. Which can also get other guys. And already right now yeah right but. I don't know I don't think too hard about it. That year was a lot of close losses but a lot you could tell. That you had a guy who could really play and you read Bruce Smith and Andre reed and their tele on the team already like presenting you kind of do a little bit about who those guys were. Beckman remember remember just human being like almost. We too weak and there really lost this way gotten like it was absolutely interceptions and right problems in close game. It feels to view it is one of these things that you probably. Inflate into being more prominent than it was but if you like a linebacker on the hash marks. Was like a blind spot for Kelly. But they're just Regis yeah rolled like did not know a little yet not just but and that's and I eat plenty of don't bet pays the tall guy to right Kelly you're right right yeah he. Ever heard of a few times he had that. That late interception over the middle more than once that that those first couple years for sure. Well me to be very very good if Josh Allen were good here and just were always good you know like I think I would pick to win the game. Because big gain you're describing is coming anyway like they're going to be games when he I don't need. I wouldn't let this scheme convinced me that he won't be good I get it so I don't wanna let it be able to convince you can really win that. Which you could still get Josh only gut right I mean yeah if you lose the game that's lost forever be it. Now and Euro until but it but it but if you win the game and Josh elm doesn't look very good you can still have a look good next week so I I get that part of it I just think bands going into the scheme. The stories Josh elm stories not own one how do we get to one and one I think that really is what it comes out. Part of what made Sundays so. Upsetting for fans is like everything was bad yeah they couldn't stop them we couldn't call her. They couldn't they horrible special place that fit three more running back touchdowns against them. Pass protection that no first downs for more than a half for me on real so. What he is it will be hard it to know for a while this this game will not tell us definitively. What he is as a player urged via peak. But he's also got a situation here salad and you know tell us if we shouldn't be released sort of worried for him. That a lot of go on what's going on around him is. You know below average. Are we should be worried for him I think that the expectations shouldn't be very though because of what's going on around him and the you have to really understand that going into the game like if he's able to elevate their level of play and that's saying something and you know because he he had to do that Wyoming you really look back people talk about how his stats were Wyoming and he couldn't. You EE is it the good ones supposed to carry it when he still he still make them better than they were they were just so bad that he bit that much better would still wasn't good enough. Notes it to resonate. On the you'd like to see him at some point don't raise the level of play. For these guys because yeah. I think he's working where they sub par group at wide receiver overall. There are definitely issues on the offensive line. That need to be somehow covered up or taking care of and I don't know I'd say worried Mike I mean. I guess we talk about his health and taking shots it's on him Tuesday get rid of the ball things like that I do think though the level of expectation should be a little bit lower knowing all of that. I I'm I'm basically at Salomon I hate to be. Overly dramatic I just I want to deemed common goal. And not want to hear it for tanner went to Wimbledon I'm here for post game going to include him when we were what now what what. What do we do now avoid that would give me this basically the same recipe I had for Ehrlich the Bengal pre season game when he was in stark. Yeah a couple of the place gimme some flash of what it is that got drafted. And if I get as many bad places that. Find out I'll be able to leave the game going. Okay we'll just work on getting to the bad ones and get all the good ones I'll take those and hold them close and hope that I. You don't get more of mostly that's the bar for me which is embarrassingly. I think most bills fans are probably in that boat I was on a station in Kansas City today. And they asked me like did desist what was kind of expected you know what what would you think coming in here what do bills fans it was a question me. And I say you know I think that as we get closer to the year the majority of fans that I heard from or talked to whatever they did kind of expect Tina maybe take a step back. And the way I phrased it was. I think what greens are starting to realize that this could really kind of the year 12 point oh which is however rear to find it when you wrote a Monday Morning Quarterback peace a few weeks ago. Year 12 point oh maybe last year was supposed to be this year but things got off to a good start. They have some things role in Nate so they set us straight for Kelvin Benjamin and you don't they made the playoffs and now maybe we're getting what it. Many thought should. Have happened a year ago. How much now we don't know what the season is in full yet obviously but you know that one game was pretty terrible. How much of what you'd see them being is defensible to you. Right so McDermott is talking about more about the process and more about you know the right move and what I think isn't the to the way he sounds which is an only when we're isn't worth everything. The way he sounds all sort of by design. What what has happened here what is happening here and you know its employees this team. Could use rebuilding like you can you can make. So my argument here that. You don't different examples some are accidental samarra purposeful but. You can make some argument here that the step back he's called for that they should be thinking like are right well Josh Allen serves well enough as a microcosm of this. We're old bull dog Tyrod Taylor and draft a rookie Newton but that's that this is like a microcosm of rebuilding. Project as orderly so how much of all this is really defensible. What they're doing and how much of it is no you should not be this bad you should not. Have this problem etc. But you look at that line. I'll first say I don't think they're nearly as bad as what they showed last week I just think last week was such a bad game. I don't expect that to happen again I don't think they are what they showed last week so many things went wrong in that game. In any snowball on top each other in the weather was bad and all kind of stuff. They should be better. In certain areas and they are like the offensive line up and I said this. They be. Had Noam met many options when everything happened with the allied air would Richie got veto. But I do think that they should have maybe plan a little bit better for it understood me which are having an offense how to protect against that whatever however that may be made we'll see that this week. I don't know I can give. To me it's indefensible how the defense played last week the secondary they that's what's been the backbone your team. You're building the team based on straight when McDermott got here he sediment build this team I corners who can tackle and be physical. And he got a good secondary last year and that they took a step back like that to me is. There's no excuse for that they have to be better than they were that's the straight to your team they should be better. The wide receiver group. More than the old line and again I can give the O line and understandable. They should be playing better button. I understand why that happened the way did the wide receiver group we were talking about for a year and a half. Two years may mean that we have over a year like what is Zagreb ever since they got to Sammy basically even more walking whose hero was like who else this year. Right but you know you had guys to play they are always on the field but just you know Robert Woods murky sugar and that's right you had guys like that. But after Sammy Lackey had a look at the wide receiver group instead OK okay. What happened with them was what bothers me about that is. Even in the in settings like whether it's an owners meeting or down at the Senior Bowl whatever. When they would talk about how we understand like we. Will always be looking to upgrade that position there's always guys that come available. There was seem to be an acknowledgment from the organization that that was a weak group and I still don't think that they've done enough to improve it right now that it's a mean that's. That's that's damning. Yeah I mean you know. I really didn't plan on or quit leaving the team but that was. January or February. Mean they had the whole offseason to do something about it. It it might just be that they miscalculated how much they can count on Ryan grow it if indeed they can't. And nearly early returns are are bad and doesn't mean it will go that way he is a player that look pretty credible a couple of years ago when he had to fill in for would. But it's gotten off to a pretty rough start pre season and this game. Last I it's a mean I think the problem with that is in your right about that Bulldog but. The office of line you look at free agency emulation we're gonna spend sixty million dollars sure. And actually they were etched in doing that for another but I wouldn't advocate for and I just think its position you don't need to really do that. We look at some of the guys what they sign and a setter such a unique kind of spot they did you Russell codeine and mean he's got great shakes but he started four years in the league they said we can get by with this guy until we find something else so that's why I I understand where you're coming from it. I think it was hard in the old line because there just wasn't a lot of option unless you're really willing to spend a pawn of money. Yeah a wide receiver of just looking opening day last year was Matthews is a Jones and Holmes. And what can start of camp with famine was treated the rest of those guys were all. Dismissed one way or another right now woods went to free agency but when I feel like the organizational and it kind of gave up on. But I think maybe a lot of teams loaded on the same thing you've been hurt. And Holden what there was a contract that was matched New England made a move right into your daughter or Hogan so Arafat they're all different stories. They started last year with Matthews was on one year and was a mediocre. Player Jones is the interest thing on. Jones was a guy that they were really think they invested in them with with how they drafted him traded at that has not work though still I almost nothing at all. Ben has not worked out so. I don't off the field obviously right so far that has gone terribly. An and Kelvin Benjamin has not gone very well set our and then Benjamin is becomes later you know they do that. And that. Doesn't amount to relate to anything at either free agency this year there were ways you know certain guys you could have gone for Mike Wallace's the first guys think of as. He's great and I do think and I brought this up you guys before according to it being on a podcast John Browne said the bills offered a contract. He said he chose go to Baltimore between buffalo and Oakland and at the end Baltimore came in. He was gonna go to Oakland even he was I podcast and said that. So they did well a little shopping. You know guys that went to Baltimore including Snead Ryan Grant who was in Baltimore and then. They pretended. For whatever they needed to get out of it because Crabtree was available right of course Indianapolis. Those guys I believe it and I believe that the that anybody could look at the bills and think. Forty what are you gonna do here I mean you wanna address that. But guys don't have to wanted to let the mean whether that's on or off the field that's the quarterback position who knows how good is it for a wide receiver Y. You have to needs a quarterback you can't forced to take your money that's a great point image so I think the the advance the next part of this Mike is. If you want Josh Allen to be really good. It didn't somebody say he's got to get somebody and here you gotta give them somebody mean. Look I don't think any Dalton is a great quarterback did you see what they did read it for him last night I mean come on right he's been doing that they can totally together. They were drafted route one in round two in 2011. In they've made a career together that that's in the league wide receiver. Job it would be nice for Josh Allen you have a guy like that and I know any AJ green is a grown trees I understand that. But it would be nice of Josh don't have that guy just his money guy too reliant AJ green and. Has made Andy Dalton a ton of money in this league now he's on his. Second contract medium third what I don't know is not a sudden the second. Well you can't you can't go back. But I ate at the risk of being too pessimistic about this if I were the bills. I would think that the draft is like almost a 100% what I need to do to address that. They might be that doesn't have to mean trading up for Watkins in over the next round threat necessarily. It's things that that was such a good wide receiver draft and they traded up for him and he's gone already you know they currently missed that in the end we got a little bit out of him but. You know he wanted to do better. And you don't you can does there's no rules that he can't go hide two picks in a row whatever I mean until you get it. That the Packers this year drafted two corners in the first round I mean they said we need corners and they drafted two quarters in the first round. I mean if that's what it takes for the bills you know that is it position they have to start thinking about because they got to think about the quarterback. It's just steal how teams play them and we need LeSean McCoy a little more room because we got a fast guy and the outside it's I got this guy. This quarterback and I'm investing so much in over the next five years I gotta give somebody. How we gonna get them. Right is it worth it all we've talked a little bit about core Coleman here this week to mean New England signed them and you know we'll see maybe maybe ends up contributing actually nothing. Ought to them but even before Sunday came and went. And they looked as bad as they looked I thought it was at least reasonable. To consider. Whether now the bills. When apple was going on with court Coleman was he acknowledges the offense and added to whatever was. Considering what their depth chart at that position looks like. And the talent that got him drafted fifteenth overall in the first place. Is it reasonable to say they should just put their heads down and just hoped that that would tour. I think it's reasonable. But it. Look he also. Was on and on what sixteen team and they didn't want them. I'd miss out on his own rookie deal right I mean there's something going on there I think what it came down to avert highly Corey Coleman is we can do that. At what expense eight because that we keep doing this and we we keep Raymer head against the wall he never gets it. Who are we not developing who arena putting out there why are we wasting our time. No doubt Bulldog they could have done that they could stick with it. I think the question just became for them how long are we willing to stick with it in what they just doesn't work out that we're really wasting our time. I don't wanna waste my time I every rim McLeod I drafted I got Robert Foster and keeping on the roster basically I like him I think they are boss had a lot to do that they kept an undrafted free agent. And I I don't know this my sense would be. They felt they be wasting their time developing them because they're not sure he would. Ever become anything well you know what I need then I certainly understand that. But those guys you named are not prospects it sounds like Peter and intimate and he's not really a legitimate NFL prospect. Re re McLeod you know he's only peck Coleman is a first round pick from two years ago. You know why I'm here to say put that Simon. But you know what's their thing and I don't want it you certainly. Ring me and if you think you need to. But what's their thing like Pete Coleman pay attention to the they're the say yes sir no sir like did he do the things that they stand for in the kind of stuff that. It's you know most of the time that it really stereotype. The low round pick is going to do because they need to do it try to be in the league. And I got a guy here was the best receiver in college football for years ago. And the builder like no putt in the playbook a much time that he had the F three weeks. You didn't say that now but people talk about him and we didn't have the place he was barely on the field. And he was only it was uneven here a month so there was still a certain benchmark I think they needed him to get to and I got everything out there. I ironic I don't think they expect them to know the playbook like. It was a Jones what I got a theory on Corey Coleman I don't know this to be true but I wouldn't rule it out. They traded for him and there was then add a chapter. After weighing his options he's going to buffalo. He didn't have any options he could quit footballer mom going to Canada or played in Ryan Fitzpatrick finished league from the roast. And that it was not Kay Cabot had her report to. Which was Mary Kay Cabot said. They did like his attitude from the moment he got there which I'd never heard anything like that that was her report from Cleveland dot com well I had nothing to back that up a tree or corroborate any they have done it that all he knows it she said something about his attitude being pour the minute he got here. If Coleman or his agent which is probably who ran chapter one of the others who had a chapter is talking to. Are already from the moment he's traded. That he's weighing his options are the day after his swing is out he had no options. Is reasonable to think Corey Coleman was like this that there. No. I'm not I'm not given it up for them all get caught. And then I'm I'm the blood McAuliffe winner from 2015. I'm have a chance somewhere else and get side by Tom Brady who like. That's maybe John Browne a little bit that may be is Corey Coleman a little bit I don't know these things happen but I believe it is fair to think. That a lot receiver could look at the Buffalo Bills and go com. Which are two I have even Benjamin I know people are talking about like whether Benjamin is trying. Wallace I think it I think he gently looking for might be and fumbled. There and one mean that lasted only long I mean we don't know but it seemed like he was on board that suddenly got here is I gotta wanna be here right in India unit. And I respect that higher purpose higher calling whatever but then suddenly want to come back in the league later all right New England for being right more importantly sitting at a meeting next to his team's owner doesn't always name. Or set his name wrong probably knows that maybe isn't it pretty can't pronounce it correctly I don't know. But but but that is going to the point is. That you're right some of these guys may say. Why let it who's your quarterback in on what what do I do in my career. Right I go in there how much do every claim you know I'm not to make a name for myself here wait I fix that the good Josh Allen brighten the that's how you fix it right at you you've got to draft guys who forced them to community you do or or you have to put out. And a respectable enough offense with two quarterback looking attractive enough right next offseason John brown and whoever. That's a free agent goes you know why I can make that work. Well even dollar bubble while Shawn Jeffrey I'll go there for a year and just didn't see just gives it doesn't like it might be a good place to go. Brittney does a lot that's going to that offense has to look like it has potential. And we're nowhere near that are now for Friday roundtable continues with silk apology go through the likes over the bulldogs here on WGR. I mean he's really Smart well there are rated very review I think he's for a while Anthony Butler just so old. So you learn execute every day you learn to think about these very. On orbit has very army. Very leader and great out of this. Partly negatively. I've. They might hire on all of us again and I'll have to wait on the right and the rest of that. Marcus Murphy was on WGR this morning roaring back. You think he's the number two running back I do now I seem like at least at least last week but who knows again I. I keep saying like everything was so weird last week I don't know what to believe what not to about what they were doing what they weren't doing a much of the playbook they're showing personnel wise. He was the number two running back last week though. He went into. More often he had more snaps and more carries a more touches than Chris Ivory and eleven special teams Napster vs zero for ivory 4311 to seven and zero. Marcus Murphy had 205. All purpose yards last week for the bills you know that. He did it. It 205 all purpose shuttles take offs yeah the because they've taken all right a tyrant or he's taken out in a couple nice ones that he's a he's a good player. Before we go on Willie tonton heard your discussion earlier it's his claim to fame is. While there are few we was Jerry Rice as your quarterback that's how I always appealed that Mississippi Valley State is Roy stopped and field. I did not realize that very nice. His senior year was over 5000 yard passing Jerry Rice had close to 12100 yards to you were listening for the list that I know I just I heard a little bit about Willie tot in Boca in about oh yeah. I it the other thirteen quarterback yes I I I saw your tweet today and I heard you talk a little bit about it on the way in. Thirteen quarterbacks between Jim Kelly and Josh Allen. Meet their first NFL start for the bills. And the three different ones during the 87 strike are included on that list including Willie tot mom and you bright McClure is the other one Brian chloride and renewed I did not. I wouldn't I know image I would have thought of him. He was a back up in the late seventies for the bills and maybe came out of retirement news for the first. Strike game and 87 right I'm not even sure he made it through the three games but he was relieved in the first game against the colts. Topping hit I wanna mention this again for mark Dalton who Texan from Arizona. Court at least as far as mark knows I didn't see different tot and holds the record for most fumble did you guys look that up no okay. Most fumbles in a bills game and he's also he also is second place and the only play two games here at nine fumbles and two games. Well. If there's a fumbled center exchange it goes on the quarterback if there's a quarterback running back fumble it goes cause our rack so obviously. We gave Craig has the most almost NFL history I believe unless it was passed by somebody. Nah I think you might even pass where somebody had me to meet Su was it Nathan and Peter and the couple. Floats around charities which brings us and Jason Peters artist and Malia I'm sorry the cell. Why it. Explains. What happens to me and Peter men on the field like what do the bills think you know we brought up. Nervousness is out to Sean McDermott on Monday he didn't he didn't say no now in the ninety's I don't know like. Peterman was not a top prospect and for the most part it's to vote I think to the league in general or to fans in general like what are you doing bills. But they have to think from watching him the rest of the time. That he'll do a we'd better job. Than what he's done if these two games they just have to think that especially this one I don't even though the five interceptions this time but it was messy here. To me then LA it was like worse to me than LA no first downs but almost nothing good happened. So what's the where's the right money were the Smart money on like how to explain him. I am I'm throwing darts at a dart board here without. You know wonderful that I don't know so. I think that for me it comes down to. He. Just doesn't want to make a mistake. And that basically is paralysis by analysis in his own brain and makes sense right like. In in pre season in camp at times like I would say. He's aggressive Manley he's at will and it's kind of a gunslinger like he's wanna throw the ball make mistakes. And you know and in LA last jury kind of was actually away. I was getting beat up but but he just made bad decisions to. I just think maybe once he gets on the field he's so worried about maybe look over job it's my first I don't want to lose the job I got the job. About nerves but trying to do either too much or too little idea how we want a slice that. Yeah there is some there has to happen in his brain but I think causes that to happen now. Mean it's it's so fast. Right like a lot a lot of news. The critics any criticism that that we any of us who would have gotten for being hard on Peterman for the the chargers game last year. Would be well what's he supposed to do he's getting hit it it's not all his fault. Well nick sure when it goes up at the Marcus hands and gets intercepted I agree it's not his fault. And yes I'd like guys to block better. You are the guy with the ball in your hand then and you have to gauge whether you have time to make tech for what and part of the job you've got to do you go to and you get credit for standing in there. And delivering it and taking it hit. When I don't think you'll get credit for is trying to forwarding getting hit is your throwing get an avid pop up in the air intercept it would go to U. That's right do very let down in the U. If you don't have time to your argued the computer in your head is going to be like I can do this. And you know that's the speed of the game nominee people can do well no it's it's strictly hard. But I mean he. I mean he has physical limitations. But it's not those physical limitations that have done him then that's the thing about it right I mean the one interception in LA as he threw the ball on the sideline and then I was. But even to me maybe it wasn't even necessarily the. Lack of our strength there that might have been just reading it do shouting going to them too soon. At that the physical limitations are what have caused this it's more to meet up top that's more above the shoulders something that's going on. In the head in the brain the waste processing things police thinking about the game translating it from practice to a game and it's just. Different form. And I don't know the answer to that I mean. I views example I think it in all of our lives in some way shape or form if you work and any pressure industry any type of pressure career. You probably if you're listening out there run into somebody who's kind of like that like you're you're you're really good when your around them and a regular setting when the chips are down then it. When I tell you is the worthy talent Howard always uses I like this she always says. I want my quarterback Gooding crisis like that's that the best guys of the best in crisis. In need of images is a guiding crisis like. Yes you stay tune at 6 o'clock Peter pics to your somebody to limit the chips are down pressures on news listen you got caught. Kind of wire the wires the pressure on you sign your head it's it's pics of me and it's it's important. Money involved. Yeah. Don't fight when the pressure on you mean all plays yes I create a community has struggled. And I think he should be gone Emmy night with due respect the guy. Might be just like a lot of things strong McDermott likes animals has to be but. I don't wanna have. The possibility that he starts more games for the bills relief that there are. At least comparable options but clearly better options available on the market. Ends. You know I don't wanna all either predict the bill want to. Give Josh Allen a break at any point I'd be against that almost in every scenario here but. You know you want it in any situation have options and right now the bills have too. And one of them is Nathan Peter and I don't know I just would replace and I think and I think to that point Josh Allen has said the longest leash at any rate now right inning neared. You're sticking with him as he is set firm no matter what animals that thing is Allen always should have been the most important thing the top priority. And knocked it will necessarily matter because if he's good he's good and it won't matter won't even be remembered. But they they cannot tell you that they had a philosophy. Or strategy for him ever. They did not Puerto men because were not afraid. They did not leave remote because we think he needs to watch the did neither of those things they made me think Peter and their priority. And they traded AJ McCarron because. They were they were related does that mean they they were. They were willing to have Allenby the back up and here was the third quarter of the first game and they felt McDermott Foley had no other move. I think that's what happened there in the Puerto men and extending into this week so I think. A good organization. Mix that trade you know everybody people criticize it whatever you don't care this is what you believe in this players we believe in Josh Allen this war we're gonna do. And then. The rest of what you do is about him. And the bills did not do that and he sort of just like. Passenger. In this process and now he's on the field and our David all they want to be well. I. I disagree in that regard that I I don't think he wanted to play this year or didn't plan him playing this year I think the they really want him to. Sick as long as he had to. Just never thought it would come to assume that's how I enjoy congrats on himself but but but but they did have a plan I think the plan was. She's gonna have to sit back no learning and that's why the wasn't the priority to build around him this year but as legal wobble do that or reckoning needs you. And now you're now you're into sports I know that's your point but I do think they had a planned it just the plane went completely. Awry. The plan if that was the plan if I'm to respect that that ended when they treated McCarron they had McCarron on their roster he wasn't hurt. So if you had to have a fifth round pick I don't criticize them for their trade but if the player was like were OK now. Like there's just no way Nathan Peter men will do that poorly what a mess and McCarron was on the team in a good horse breeder tobacco could hurt. And then I want to add going so if they didn't want him play right away. They didn't leave themselves on the option you are extracting gonna happen. He probably showed that he at least could be capable of playing crisis really started but I always to me as you guys know I always the possibility of only two quarterbacks being here right. And to me it was B here's the reason why I kept thinking yes. And this is what I think part of what your question comes out to Mike why they did it is and I said this before that. If you keep three what do you do with Alan every week but what what is his role in that beat Tony because if you keep our. Then how they release first spotted that's what you doing this and air currents there and that's what you do. Then he's third in to me they never wanted to be just a scout team practice guy all the week all week long they wanted to get his reps to develop. Maybe running the second team getting you know getting in there and then won the opportunity present itself in games to play them but you can't do that at least there because he's an active on game day. Well he's gonna have it nobody's gonna do that. It's a little bit rigid I mean you would have had to come up with a new way of looking at it and write maybe there'll active and you don't have one more guy to cover kicks the Columbia I don't get it. You know what you have to do you know have a new way to go and it. But they just you know whatever. I don't think it was necessarily. Whimsical Buffett to. Elder was Elin should abandon my point is and you know you heard me. Should have been the priority within all this MBD he looks like a passenger. In the process hurt he driving the car now that's gonna. I think as a help I'm Benjamin said the other guys we love that car so he has to take a real. Much over the bulldogs would sell them pot you know on our football Friday roundtable this is WGR. All right a couple of things here first we wanna hook somebody up with a pair of tickets to go see the trans Siberian orchestra. The show is Saturday December 15. You've got timed to mark your calendars to be when these tickets. The performs at 730. I suppose you're right about that he may think senator minimum value of the prize. Is sixty dollars courtesy of met a more for concerts general contest rules apply caller five at 6449878. 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You're the cookie pizza is like a cheesecake you can pick up nice thicker stronger auto Bloomberg is on there that like a thicker bodily sour cream icing that had a total cheesecake. Cheesecake is into it it was very nice. One of the they wanna tell you about tops they wanna give you ten dollars off your first order if you start using their home delivery. So. Add to the promo code tops WGR. At check out if you go to the website and find out how to get food delivered to your home from tops you'll get ten bucks off your first online order again that's a tops markets. Dot com. Cell Philip Rivers. So MIA. Four years in one game being on the bill sideline. There are very few people a select few that I have just been really an awe of watching play Philip Rivers is one of them. First time ever watched him play it was the 2014. Game here my first year on the sidelines he has just really. Really good he's special he's special and he's bigger than you think. And he you know when you're down there on the field you noticed that. And you see the command of everything he has the respect he gets. I am a big Philip Rivers and I've always dangle and actors and he state they start as a freshman in NC state remember that. Really one of the bills to be able to draft and obviously didn't work out that year he's also never missed the game. Aides yes he's so durable you know even though it doesn't move right into that Mobley just sits back there at throws darts so Philip Rivers that's what I have to say about my. I mean he he might need that Super Bowl to get in the hall of fame but he certainly is to meet. As good as some quarterbacks in the hall of fame. He does he know is that beat it into certain consideration. He's had a fantastic career and if there's ever going to be indicted gets involved in playing quarterback that doesn't girls who were all right like it's the peace deal. It didn't get foxes and is in the whole payment of considerable sustained winds and into the same organization I think reverse has been great. Cell we have to get to build in the game plan here. During our roundtable has brought you by 84 lumber you're home town building partner since 1956. Josh Holmes starts his first oh game one of the Ottawa wanna build the game I. I think you have to rely LeSean McCoy in this game much more than seven carries he had last year I think it was seven carries he had total seven touch or whatever was. But analytically shade football analysts old hat to say run the ball that you EU will help your rookie quarterback if you could run them all little bit with him. They have a bit of a banged up secondary it's a bit of the younger secondary. End. I think if you're running the ball and have to worry about that Josh Allen might have opportunities to be aggressive so. Run the ball get LeSean McCoy going and I think that would really really helped Josh don't chances so we beautiful out. Can't wait McGregor to go to San Diego or LA to get you know funny this game he'll start until they're. I don't know if the coming in today but typically they do well I don't and immediately if they let I don't know new head coach but typically the chargers have come. East on its on Friday night on Saturday Ronald. Find a hotel with them area and little known fact they drive it. Yeah right now rowdy people know Qatar and the chargers did then they'll take their own cars they drive left on. They put on Tuesday. To get here by a bit with the thank yourself you're welcome all the bills are being developed rivers one time it was that game in 2008 where there was a power outages and people really were able to watch on TV very nice win for the bills that season. Much over the Bulldog here willow picks and more next hour here on WGR.