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And me unless there is saying okay. Yeah game it's. My children. Fresno bulldogs. He's. I am here and that means me. Twisted up. It was a great vodka. Non WGR. Sports Radio 550. Goal. You beat them. Or would you say what every time I talk about it except perhaps I want action by is that I've started of that does want. There is why it. Actually I wanna bet it's annoying why. Really that's the borrower in the wrestling grown to be like pump. Hit it it it. Some of what could be more like I'm sorry could you explain yourself who could be that dumb guy behind trump in Montana that's like yeah. What have been happened at all costs are. Caught some. I can't you might just. Hit it. Sir you're gonna have to leave the river in Britain and eat we need better actors it eaten it and I'll do it I'll stand here. You know pulling the acting coordinator in your fired. You know. Our right picks coming out what all Friday let's talk to Steve here first hi Steve. Yeah he's going to a place you. Let me a lot of time with and so you're 100 is an excellent dessert first time I've ever called it. While this is this might be the longest time listener first time caller. Of certain in my career I would think it might be the same from like. This is discreet. I'm really decided. But little bit but they'll put it. And but first point as they're talk about yarder sidelines. And it was similar. In annuity or. Okay my second point. As one can tell him and he didn't have anybody or from either. And you respect over forty times in this first an expert witnesses in this first. Put to the its first season. Yet in his first season with the they'll buy. So. If it ain't gonna be any good and he can suck it up there in the court. You can be any reasonable talent. Hopefully. Everybody goes in behind him and what apps let our team says all the teams are seen hit up our. We need to not dropped the ball we need to not get that panel. And we need to not make that mistake. So I'm seeing everybody rallying behind this cute so. I've actually gone out and bought my challengers. And I'm also. And there's going to kick can suck it up under and behind them and let. And nor does it really mean much what I was driving it in your that they and I went past Al Unser. Which is off of Jim Kelly awkward. Some astute political poll believe that that. All right man. I hope it goes well thank you Steve thanks for the call. I couldn't tell you if he was saying that he wants somebody. Liken that mentor role or doesn't think they need somebody in that mentor Nicole thank you don't care I don't care I know that. The idea of him waiting like we talked a little bit about the listening in one of these days this week when talking about burritos. Him not playing was never about having a guy for him to watch and learn from. As much as it was to light just get him up to speed so to speak with watching the speed of the game knowing what it would take to go in merry wasn't. To meet his I think that's that's always overrated like. You know would ease your stories about what Brett Favre threw for Aaron Rodgers nothing. Think Aaron Rodgers and and and Mickey out sleepy right and or Roger can play right away and bitter Rogers. Too but he certainly didn't get any tour Coolidge. That I know by the has been pretty well documented that Favre was maybe even abrasive towards him figured take my job and I hope you. And Roethlisberger subtly that when the Steelers pick Mason Rudolph. So Baltimore right so. How about that right. They were talking about last night it is like no secret that Flacco wants nothing to do with a bright and Lamar Jackson's wider Lamar Jackson comes in. To play quarterback and Flacco was wide receiver where is the point of asthma your point but now that there's. It's not automatic that's your point is not automatic. We just assume that these guys and look there are cases like you know you Josh McCown looks like an all time great guy for this. And and how he's working on Donald was playing he's not sitting back and learning from Colin. Powell and and before they even made the draft choice I think it was pretty well occupied part of the reason even brought him back. Was because of how heave as demonstrated himself to be with other with other places he you know not everybody's like that. So in that case a decade I think that can be helpful. But I just don't assume. That is because we've got a guy that's been in the league for eight years that he's unit. Take Josh Allen under his wing and go let me show you how to take a great job. We typically. You know not not all companies are going to be like that. So it was never part of the thing for me I didn't need I want it like to have a better quarterback here to play so Ellen didn't have to already. But it wasn't so that Allen could. But you sit there and make notes while the game's going on okay take three steps and we'll. I think you know that's what principles do. If that's sort of it's. Trustees were Meredith that's sort of story lies in the noise you avoid the jets. Because the jets have Josh McCown O'Meara there was a lot of that on Monday night how great it is that he's like the perfect player coach there. And you know people. That's an easy thing to believe in and people love that but I think you know assert that a bad thing but. I feel like mostly guys are going to be good northern and coaching is important. The extra minute of sleep. It doesn't it doesn't matter to ready to the bills don't have such a figure. And luggage said he he's not even learning from account and account there to help him but he's playing he's playing so he's got a column there in his ear and get great. But yeah I mean they didn't. When adult adults. Would we got things that we've got picks are made and this is important. Clever turn up a notch. Every minute he's got they need me to be here to go or WG. And Sports Radio 550 for. Well you feel. Well it's Mike show. And a Bulldog. And time slot there. The season is under way and I'm two games down already two and three. I decided to take the opposite of whatever you pick for college because I was not prepared and I paid for it. Because Hanna knocked on that and been prepared or able certainly would have been right. No doubt. Instead it went the opposite view and that was a mistake the only game you lost was the bills game you know. And you know fans love a guy like that all pick the bills. LG the other ones right and if the bill Lewis and still ahead do it right but in my heart. Was in the right place I I did really well. Don't believe that it would actually say this on the radio that it would not good for. I trust because what we're supposed to or written it. Up and urged if it was Apple's market. Didn't step in an earlier note the yeah Mary. In Georgia killed soft big kill and a big. So fourteen time they want you they scored right away after that and then just were it was never. Went on to a different times. Georgia must have. The quarterback must have a mentor Bono he sure he goes yeah actually he's only sophomores think he played last year they got the win national title game. It seems to. They did yet. The beat Oklahoma right in the middle of a mental well and I were an overtime now with Wright who was overtime public. Not only get that no Oklahoma with the overtime what game was. Alabama was against Clemson over time touchdown pass. And on we remember last year last year did not go to overtime in the national title game Georgia's win over Oklahoma was an overtime yelled. The national title game Alabama low relatively behind the backup quarterback. OK maybe it was an overtime and I don't watch these games mountains Joyce talked a little talking about gun why tonight and he relaxed I get to go first then because I am I'm ahead. So let's see we're gonna do your week to rule. Pick one I'll go college first here are limited Boise State but in two and a half at Oklahoma State sorry Thurman. He doesn't. He doesn't mind at all. When. You go against Oklahoma State he does not mind this is seventeen in the country were to look poised status. Against I think 24 that's a good game in the country GAAP and you know at Oklahoma State at home so there through it favored by tuna have I'm gonna take Boise State there. I don't have any real insightful analysis. To give you beyond the fact that the game won't replay number Luther. Will they be able to adjust them. Good to. When I think the patriots. On the road. At Jacksonville was the four point five game. I'm hoping like hell this is the game we did after the bills get on CBS. I don't know that are not checked the schedule locally. But for those of us don't have somebody take it like this is the game but never once he can't we won't get it anyway I'm hoping. And mostly I think that you know this game three could go either way I like Jacksonville. And I'm kind of bullish on them. But you look at a bunch of games and I told Joseph this you weren't in the Ramallah. We usually a few games don't bother me it doesn't Yemeni human right but a few games jump body Udoka I want that I want out of that. This week a monolithic teams in my first reaction was I don't like any of this. And eventually I got you know you gotta pick some games and eventually I got to the patriots in a pickle. Okay outs going to do that. I'll I'll take them not having to give any points so there are on the road altered the patriots that's luggage that's why you should probably. But I'm not I'm not savvy like that I I am the soccer that takes the sucker bet wolf as demonstrated by in my sterling track record in this endeavor. Out of the dolphins getting three at the jets. Room terrible good but you act as there was a bit reviewed. Stafford could not stop throwing it to the to the jets. So. I'm not really high on Miami had just this feels to me like a little come back to earth objects. And Donald so ultra short week short week sure sure thank you for that. Did get as many cliches and he can't picks I think the chiefs getting for a half of the Steelers you've got Roethlisberger and elbow injury. And they tied Cleveland Gooden. I believe in the Lotto bloom chiefs. Skilling got a lot of talent there and I'd really like bulbs so warning half chiefs you're giving them the chiefs this right now yeah. And I'm gonna take the chargers. Minus seven and so much for that other at the totally ripped right I'd say I wanna win. So the Baltic the only pitchers. Seven and a half does that number. Today you have. I think the bill I'm not going to but I'd rather be on the bill side of that bad. For his obvious is it can't look the line was bet down pointer to. From where it started. And I just think that that's one of those sharp plays but could they also lose 47 to three again like I don't know. I've been there is a battle between how I look at betting odds ends. What I think in this whole thing here and and I'm not impressed are optimistic so. I can't I can't bottom won't go I do like the Steelers in one of your games. Roethlisberger told Roethlisberger. And he practiced today that injury thing. I don't have to be right but. He plays that game all the time. Kansas City secondary is terrible. And so that he's got his receivers he doesn't have belt he's got Connor who might be the same guy. I just I think Pittsburgh rolls it up. All think the rams minus thirteen hole when his Arizona I lost an Arizona last week. And so a big humble little reluctant here but a Celtic in the rams it's such a big number the minute that that says is. You know we don't care what we have the regular bed Arizona thirteen points. In an NFL game in week two yelling really already right. So. Short week Bob Graham is minus thirteen it's girly it's Cooper caught I think America should have been there for with a short week you should they had to do that on your guy. I'm gonna hang in there with a Tennessee Titans plus three at home against Houston I don't think Houston's good offensive line is horrendous. And yeah their quarterback is hurt and the coach today was sort of come and load messed talking about both guys playing and it's I think it's sort of an easy joke right now or an easy mark. The titans but I like them before the year I was there on merry Oda. And they lost one game to a dolphin team that I think is underrated and it was close. So woman to say Mary go to plays at least some in this game and he's not terrible and they're getting points in their home opener. Because Houston. Tennessee plus three. And I will I do like gum. The idea that patriots bad but. I'm all oldest stay away from it can you give me the Eagles minus three that might be your soccer about. The Eagles minus three at this. But the game they had last week I just think that's as well as that does the Buccaneers are gonna do when that line. Is plus three. And I really like the Eagles offense in this game you know full Susan Wentz may be media's. Plus OK there elegy a Jai in this matchup like hagel wore a lot in this match up I think they can do a lot never has bad injuries on defense already. So I'm confident in the Eagles there but maybe maybe Teva skill guys are so good. Or that suddenly Ryan Fitzpatrick is so good I don't know but not before not quite that extent dried but he's had a really games obviously yeah. Me Philly like in thirty to seventeen got a game. At Tampa Bay and college don't take Vanderbilt. Plus fourteen against Notre Dame I was like that Vanderbilt is abbreviated V built. The apostrophe built. The bill as opposed to the Indy. Guy like be built over Randy. Even felt they van Vanderbilt or be bill plus fourteen against Notre Dame. I got to. The last night before before the NFL game what. The college in kick off I turned and when I got home was Wake Forest and Boston College. On ESPN. And when I sat down like 720. To start watching it was in the third quarter. You know what they treat it with federal replay the guy was wide right and what was going on there. Third reserve Tuesday night college action. To keep you to the NFL game I don't know why good idea yeah. 6 o'clock yeah maybe I mean third quarter consulate I was like well okay good this week NBC now. Maybe they had ever came was that week no they move at all. Yeah I don't know what happened and Arnold could have been but soaring yet it was at wake. So maybe that was why it was that that might make us. And it's over Calder being college football arm. While we're here. The Red Sox get nor a cinder guarded Fenway Park tonight Mets and Red Sox. A to the Mets in that game. With their second best pitcher was also very good things in regard. We have John Clayton are man back in the fold hash tag. This year and we'll have John Clayton for your talking Josh Allen Nathan Peter and build an NFL. After this timeout much over the bulldogs then. CQ Joseph with the nightcap here on WGR. Sports Radio 515. Is a consulate. John. Mike showed in the Bulldog glad to welcome John Clayton back on the show John. Good what are you doing right before we called. It actually who kept an up and I cut down from ninety to 53. So what I was working on was. Yeah I I do all legal databases you know without they were built and all that stuff. So I was on actually ironically I was on the build it try to put all the new players get in perspective how many draft choices that video till the last days somebody. Guys were undrafted so that's what I was doing. Did you learn anything interest thing that you get far enough to tell us an inning actually about that. I think of how well it's. Stuck when you don't like about fifteen draft choices that are on your team homegrown. Of course some guys injured and all that stuff that's below number in the league and that's sometimes that's good calculation that the OK so you're kind of phasing out the old. We go to own garden now bringing in the new guard. And open a new car's going to be over the attitude scenes he ordered down below twenty for the Oakland Raiders to let a lot of guys go that they drafted and the same thing with the built that this team. When you made this point continuously. About fraud office churn the coaching churn that there is always a price to be paid. Booed the bill with a roster because guys are gonna want their own guys. And it's really in evidence here. On no question it and you could see particularly the quarterback position and that's the one that that I think is up for the main criticism and certainly has to be criticized because. You know again I think I still stand by the fact that I like tired Iran Taylor you know wait the longest Tyrod. I I like him and he alternatives and here and again long term I think Josh Allen is going to be great I like Camelot. I don't like him in the role this early because I just worry that the thing is to go real bad this early and I don't wanna see that happen into a guy that I think as. Carson once type ability and maybe even a better arm and so you just don't wanna see that ruling that an early in the first year so that concerns me. And then of course it even doubled down. When they made the AJ McCarron trade now AJ may not have wanted to be there but again it's like hey what options city have I mean this is the chance that. He had to start. And with the injury and everything else in and out all of a sudden it's Nathan Peerman right now is not getting. Any good reviews and now Josh Allen who may be coming into early. Interesting that you had that little caveat about McCarron maybe not wanting to be here are you implying that the bills moved him because he. Maybe it was going to be. The pain a pain in the butt about being third stringer. I don't know I mean maybe but again it's like one that would make it McCarron I don't think he can be opinion I think that that. If he'd been in the league long enough he knows how to be a good soldier and how to take things and all that stuff but. I think that that tell you conceded. I yelled you've you've signed with the team and you anticipated date studio you don't like the Mike Glenn and situation which is of course Michael I don't like that Chicago Bears he got. Three year 45 million dollars it was a really of one year fifty million dollar deal and all of a sudden he gets pushed to the back and that's illegal at this Robiskie after about a month and a half. And so like you can understand that he's not happy but again it's like hey if your bench you're not going to be happy and so. Part of the benching epic had to do with the injury and everything else and maybe the fact that maybe he wasn't great. But. No I think that there's probably some discontent that he hasn't I don't know pulling up. Oakland is gonna resolve anything. But he's now out of sight out of mind but you still want experience and you still need to buy time to take these young quarterbacks in give them time. Hey we'll see how it goes through Sam Arnold. And Arnold if he is a stretch here but could really break him. If he's got three games in ten days because he starts off and on Monday night game as a Sunday came in there's big game. That's a lot to ask for the youngest quarterback since the merger. Backing up a little I wanna say I would not be shocked if McCarron got starts this year for Oakland. They have paid they've committed to pay paying their car but I mean I don't know what's looks terrible. I'm Lester did mostly two and I wanna comment on the point about how many of your players or draft picks I was like you when this comes off the teaching me. There's everybody's intuition is and it's not wrong that a good team is built through the draft mean that's where you have. But even chance that the best players. LeSean McCoy is good and jury users go to Tyrod Taylor was pretty good at Micah Hyde's and even apology they had a pretty good importer even the other guy beat you at none of those guys was drafted by the billed as a make them less than that sort of ironic now that all the bills quarterbacks. Both. Were there draft picks it might be the only position on the team were everybody's. He's a draft pick of bears and you know Taylor Taylor wasn't but what I don't know would want John and I've I've been consistent on this. The bill's trade off and trade up and trade up again in the draft to get there are guys really did it with Watkins. And Reggie Rangel and with racks. And now this with Josh Allen technically they traded up three times in the first round this year twice for element once for terrain gunman's. And you can always do this I know I don't cherry pick which you can find good players players that are thought to be good already even as rookies. There were picked later nutri I don't want to two mortar two times instead you have more. That's all I wanna see this thing built get built some day. An. Academic you want you one point and you'll understand it's like a decision like the old days where. You get to keep the draft choices forever. Me I still look and he only did they turn around now it's 2010. And there's less than three dozen players. I'll uneven talking to strapped to a three dozen players' league wide than with the team since 2000 and I'm talking all teams in the league. There's a break up point and it usually happens after four years when the contracts expire. He usually is going to be. 45 to fifty guys that are going to get second contract with their team and you think about how small that number is. It was really about one and a half maybe two. Players per team and so there's going to be an eventual breakup you don't wanna break it up too fast and you wanna try to find a way to get three starters out of every draft. And that it is a good way to assign one or two of them and that's great. Good then you have some continuity but then the problem is is that you know we start to go low electability go low like the raiders a net and make you pretty much just kind of starting up. With the draft choices for like 214 to fifteen they already like that it is sixteen. Third round defensive tackle this week. And that's over the scary because now you're not getting the benefit of even those four years where hopefully you're picking up twelve start. They're the quarterback situation energized Gillick at some point last week when we visited I I phrased that question about whether people were kind of rolling their eyes. That victory for choosing Peerman considering how it went when he played last season. They in Los Angeles. Now all the opener comes and goes and he has a zero quarterback rating and its two interceptions in 24 yards on five completions. I mean it was just received salacious and he's benched again. The how launch. Damage has McDermott done to his reputation by choosing Peter. I think it's herded them in and 47 to three loss doesn't help either because I mean you look at PP Herman is like is it fear it's like OK what do we recognizing and practice that we just saw on the field. And on the field that looks awful and is as bad as Ike but can people like but it's you know not even in the same baby. Worse it's worse you it has to be zero point 02 or three starts the album was a blizzard he got hurt him perhaps it. Those players and Haiti right. But I guess what comes out with me I watched Tim Tebow practiced. And his practices are as bad as his games now against this the guy that does it went on an 88 run his first years of starting quarterback on any eighteen and made the playoffs since. Got a surprise victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers but in so many of those gains means you always solid three and outs. And he just wants to throw it as like he's the only quarterback I'd concede though that I saw also a screen pass. I've never seen that before and it seated a couple times in practice sitting games. He'll bounce a screen pass. But just doesn't happen. But that's still I guess you could say that they'd been in the same boat because you're looking effect is this guy. Really an NFL quarterback what in practice the base seats that says this guy can be any any good at all. That's right that's that is the question we've been talking about that and I think unfortunately. The coach won't explain it you knowing golden. Every coach wants to protect their guys a little bit but he really gives you no idea beyond what we watched in the pre season. To know what has pushed him twice to start this player and over you know. Seemingly other respectable choices to put that way and obviously someone else on Tebow but probably best that I don't I don't know what it is. At least I noticed at least you won the Heisman Trophy. You know at least he was a first round pick at least get some pedigree coming into the league with the German beat that if Josh LO looks like that somebody go to a least he was you know. Highly drafted at least the league tended to think he was worth that. Peerman does not have that either. No you're right about that that's where I think it's got to be the apartment but what makes me worry is just that now there's no margin for error. Because I don't what. Happened to Josh Allen gets hurt what am. Yes and whatnot it was an accident. I like him. As a person I like him as a talent and I want him to succeed. But now there's like no margin of error and that is one injury at the quarterback position and Peter may come back. They what is going to be the to a fourteen see them very well could they. Oh yeah I mean. John injury or even just look Joshua Allen. You you you are very bullish on him. And the talent putting it sounds like down the road. As opposed to playing right now what he he could play dot com. I'm bracing for and only the stadium on Sunday I just want to get to the game without bursting into flights league and that's where I met. And I don't all of the organization. I doubt they're freezing it that way but. They need something to go kind of cold but pretty well with in that regard because the alternative is not right turning back to Peter and I mean oh my gosh. Domino to think that don't they need to look at find another quarterback to the. But did the trade. They AJ McCarron it's like a bank had me scratching my head because it's like okay. Don't he kept at a reasonable price he certainly has some type. If you let them I I think that yet I I didn't think he would be equal at all a draw on Taylor because that that Taylor was still he's still quarterback. In May not be great but at least one you're gonna put up 2324 points again it. Don't know what you're looking at is still. It jockey Alan does the best what to going to be 151617. Points against him and that really put the defense in its opposition but what I worry about is that one hit on him. And you saw their preceding game we had five sacks in the first half I worry about that. John Clayton what us Mike show the Bulldog here on WGR. So. Do you think they might be picking first are their what other teams come to mind for that I know it's early but like is it. Were the teams towards it's realistic to you that they could finish with like only a winner too. See how many he's still I think Cleveland's five win team you know now they've benefited because got to get some extra cap room are actually some money. That comes up the books the guarantee contract Corey Coleman has. They get a break there. You look at Indianapolis. I mean that the team I think it. Very well struggle to to do it at the end though I think right now. Indicated I thought maybe Chicago but then. Which you can't go back a little Mac I think that added to win so they're total and so that they can probably from five win team up to a seven win team so I see some definite improvement there. So honestly when I look no. When did the AP photo I hated it hated Phillip and had to put buffalo 32. And you'll Indianapolis like about twenty to thirty so. You know before the week before at Chicago but then they get the Mac treated so now they jump up Indianapolis is I think gonna have a very difficult season. Don't they can get their defense and office of oneself. Port of Tampa would have been I guess for that put of course they scored 48 points in New Orleans like Hudson. Never I didn't get that I mean that is the most surprising thing image you know Ryan Fitzpatrick 48 points. Out on the saint on the road that was incredible. 417. Yards and how about Ryan Fitzpatrick out dueling. Do we Drew Brees on the road. Pretty good. Pretty good these days I mean he'd he'd he had you know he'd be he'd got a big high scoring win here against Brady and the patriots. A he's had a hot days but that baby was the hottest. That the hottest cover and that was released on them. The game I think about for him the most is in New England when we lost 37 earning one million images I hated the end of that game the TJ Graham vest sometimes with Fitzpatrick there's that too but. There's there's no dampening his excellence in that game against the saints. So let's talk about the Steelers for a minute we've been talking about that again today all league is right but what was going on there. Fans wanna know fantasy players wanna know what do you think of what Libya on bell is doing here. It is totally selfish simple both. Because first stop this selfish part of that is is not a negotiation in the negotiations ended July 16. When he didn't sign that we didn't get a long term deal. So now it's a matter just being selfish withholding his services that the cost of him of 855000. Dollars a week and caring more about his body next year. Then his teammates this year. That to me it's just. Unbelievable. Never. Activists see anything itself. And so. I guess it is when you give up money what are you giving it up for but also how do you think come back to your teammates particularly now that you know they had to settle for a high. Against the Cleveland Browns. That to me is inexcusable. And so I mean he's portal damaged goods and do you think about that okay what seemed. Wouldn't even think about trading form and I would say none. But let's say and they're not gonna trade and we know that. But there's only three teams even in free agency that I think would look at them. But and it's really too because San Francisco at the rubbed it is something. But they have seven and a half million dollars in the Jerryd jet MacKinnon who's on injured reserve with Lebanese sealed there. Then you have the jets don't they can maybe do something. The colts they're not they get the free agencies like can't see them doing something but everybody also means I don't think they can afford up fourteen million dollar running back. And if that's the case is gonna have to take Lester goes someplace else. And I don't know we're gonna go next here but the problem is he's almost being in a position how does that offensive linemen take him back. We'll take time out here more than a man John Clayton coming up after this on WG. And Balmoral with longtime NFL insider John Clayton here on W just. I really thought after after one week John within need be make whatever point he felt he needed to make. By threatening to sit out is sitting out a game and I'd really I got up when they think you love ya bells and come back. You know he's there he's he's he's been he made his point. And before there's too much. Bad blood there although I know what the Steelers were saying in the run up to the opener Murray sounded bad but I think that goes away in a hurry if a guy comes back but. Want maladies can miss a second week. I don't know I'm I'm bracing for in Thanksgiving mean I just say as maybe he'll go long. Yeah yeah just to save his body for the final six games and get a chance to make sure that contractors and create although I guess the one thing this deal is that a little bit today was. Leak out base they still could put the transition tag on next year and and see if anybody. Does match the offer and or gets an offer out there that day and they won't I'm sure they won't match the day a little bit more control over him I think they're using now a little thing to kind of met him up a little bit. But in the end and that the bad situation and look now look how bad things are I think internally in the locker room. And it's not Antonio Brown. It into it makes a threat against one of the espn.com. Reporters on the team that's not going over well at the end of formally apologize for that. And so you'll and you think about the margin for error this thing they have may have ruined. The margin of error because you know the ideal thing for them particularly in the Ben Roethlisberger Europe is to make sure. That you stay ahead of the patriot and a home game of the playoffs. Well right now that tied to the ground. Could cost them the chance to get that and. Bill unlocked here coming up could also do the same thing. Furthermore the bail out the more damage it does to the scenes and that's why it is considered to be selfish dom act. John has romo's out of time what are your thoughts on John gruden and the raiders at this point that game starts you've done. Early touchdown from lynch got to be like a super high moment for for gruden and for the fans. And the rest the game is basically a nightmare mentioned earlier like their car I would not be shocked if they pull them I don't know it. It could it looks pretty bad and it's you know it was bad last year so. What what do you think is going through group inside. The skunk smell. XL's but he is so yesterday if the press conference and talking about is in the Oakland stadium and skunk. Apparently was in the near the office and Soviet skunks smell. All through any dedicate kept in state with them. And so I don't know the skunk smell what the second half performance of the defense in the offense but not if the Mets right now. I mean you can see that they ran out of gas in the second half and I was thirteen thirteen and give up twenty unanswered points. Which you which is saying about Derek Carr is an observation I think a lot of people have. It seems like he's getting a little gun shy based on any injuries that he faced last year. And that's not making him look good and it doesn't look at again you're right amid a keystroke I don't that relationship. And having been on the sidelines with a two. The relationship with Gary Carr and Jon Gruden is a good. And he realizes quite got. Great talent but right now he's not living up to it. And then you give away your best defensive player a generational type of a player. That you know you could speak to be having a hall of fame career to get couple crap to assist. Don't get it. And then after the game talk about how you couldn't rush the passer. You know they. And then come back and that he didn't want to be here we have when you don't make him an offer any at point three million dollar player is that you might get frustrated because. And the you're you know him he went to buffalo he loves the game of put. But if you don't make him an offer. What could split the bill and the east you know coming in place for the you'll fourteen point two million what do you know we can make twenty history. The gruden is old school a lot of people say well he had a contract I heard gruden actually say that on Monday night. Our John are you still on the seahawk broadcasting. Yeah indeed so I'll be going Monday night game coming up against the Chicago Bears denied the CIA could not have a column in the Washington. Yes we talk but does you know. But we think collected seventy weeks we can ask you about each one of your jobs. Yeah a lot of you allow the other another one that statement before the lead in that. All right feel let us know all the talk about it not even sight unseen we'd love to talk about it thank you John. That's it for us stay tuned sneaky jolt is on the way we'll talk to you after bills chargers. On Sunday. Texted us. Stay tuned for Jonas and the. Dohmann. The tree.