09-14 Vladimir Sobotka

Sabres Hockey
Friday, September 14th

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A bit if so then. Hutus there to camp with the tumors striving for this camp. Do it and first practice anything excited. That respect is done. With some ways it's even. They don't plan. Although my best but we're working hard every day and to be disciplined and done. Pretty well certainly. What is. This summer training and some special. Special Facebook's growth. Good host north. The first impression on the scrutinized this team skating them the impression. That. Oh well good guys and we try to help each you know costs in most things for you guys. Over. The transition. Like the buffalo Q and when you first found out about the trade coming hearing and talk to anybody do about getting to know little bit about the city years the team. They talked general manager or coaches and who are all excited I was excited that something new for me and let them. It's and he did did you stay with them online in Saint Louis but disagreements. Yes it's got great speed great hands. Reach out so I think he's he's and it's been. He's really competitive and viewers arts I think he's too important. What else. Often they immediately. And we'll see I think it first there's the complainants. Yeah. And in which they say hey that was you could play us. For both teams not true Wanda Wilson can influence from they have good. And it's you know it. That's my game against.