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The bills opened up their 46 season and Orchard Park. It's the bills and the months ended. That the buffalo nine rivers quieted the five yards for a touchdown. That would guard spotted the quiet student. And in the end zone is it no wait. Synaptics long. Look down the Middle East it downfield take Jones is the market down. Wait there boos rained down on the field. As the bills had to block moment happened greatly the chargers when he does it. First and goal was every detail bankers and they get it every parent the pulpit right. The bill first touchdown of the season might strive. Listening to records here right here living veterans. First and goal from the three. Allen looks to throw. But into his right doctors are quietly into the hands of it is Kelvin Benjamin when he fired a rocket right through traffic park Bucharest and appearance this morning. Day in orchard park New York is the bills dropped all into. Some of the highlights from the game and that Toshiba game rewind good afternoon John Murphy Steve tasker welcome to the show. Highlights few and far between again this week as buffalo Toronto in two with a 31 to twenty loss to the Los Angeles chargers yesterday afternoon thanks for joining us. On the show today Chris Brown bills and set a Buffalo Bills back I'm gonna join us. An hour from now to get his take and yesterday's game. Lots time for your take on yesterday's game in the state of the bills. With fault lines open it it'll trio by fifteen toll free 1888552. By fifty or reach out to us on Twitter at John Murphy show Steve. I guess it was better and feel much better Tuesday 30 and I'm dozen and a and I think one of the things you know that there's a lot of stuff that goes into it no question about it but. I was at all disappointed in Josh he knew it was going to be a roller coaster ride. And I'll tell you what compared what we saw in week one Josh what was the difference the defense continued struggle which to me shocking to me you know how I felt about the deepest point in the season. And I am really shocked by that and we found out to that your Sean McDermott was gonna call called the defensive. Signals in the second half played a little bit better no doubt that the chargers have taken their foot off the gas a little bit in the second half to make him look a little better is well. But I think one of the the thing that sticks with you is a surprising part of it is the defense isn't playing well. That's an apt to change. But I did see on the opposite side of the football. Some things out Josh Allen really really like there's a couple of flashes there are like that's the kind of guy we're doing. At some of the things that hip problem is that like if it was a rat we're Cadillac and yet the exact. Completion percentage they hadn't college. And you know what. He was missed an easy throws you know the little dig and dump passes some of the guys and guys were wide open. It's almost like he hurries to get the ball there on my hope is that he's kind of it looked like it. That he was hurried to get it was like almost too easy wanna get there quicker than he needed to. And I think that's something. Theoretically. It's easy it's easier to correct and going dropping back and thrown at that thirty yard deep out route to. To Charles clay that he made look easy it's the middle with a few did you know feed into banks and dunks and get those easy throws. His completion person is going to be up to a much more respectable level so. A lot of stuff I saw from Josh was really good when Shawn still going to be the focal point of the office until Josh gets better shape he's really gonna have our season. To put to put yours together. But I think still going back to it anything that surprised me most is about the way the defense last week so you know. It's awful Stephen yes they pulled themselves together in the second half yesterday but. It's too late that. Too late 128 is six at halftime down twenty to three. Late in the percent and guys like to see just yelling try to get short passing game go a little bit more too but. You know most of the time now in the second half where we in the entire game yesterday most of the time they're played from behind they're trying to play catch up. He's got to try to deep shots downfield for example at the deep just. He has support to do I think but we're gonna talk about judge announced it would make no mistake about it. Much of the problems in this team to be owned two I believe on the defense side of the ball and it's almost. Inexplicable. Don't rivers is great. Future hall of Famer on the on top of his game for sure a lot of great weapons around yet even at this level even at this point in his career isn't like what 4536. Years old he's. On these I wanna get total command that really good solid up and a lot of weapons but. The bills were defenseless Steve they were not competitive defensively in the first after yesterday's game. Four straight touchdown drives. Great work right Philip Rivers that caught in the coverage he got a you know Mike williams' involvement in nice Palestinians over the bills once at a rate potentially market also talked about that on our broadcast yesterday and hum. There's missed tackles there's. Missed assignments in the first half but I think better of playing defense yesterday was too late it was too late Friday played better in the second half. Got to believe the chargers kind of took their foot up gas though a little bit in the second half with a big lead that they have. But just amazing how how bad the buffalo defense has played I did not see that I'm stunned by that. And it is a prescription for a long long season if they don't poems of the other deepens. They put draft picks and their defense is here they put money into their defense this year and they have been absolutely. Oracle through first few Dennis it's a little bit disheartening at that and I don't I don't think easy question that they can play better and they will mean I think the fact that. Sean McDermott took over the play calling the second half says something about what the coaching staffs as it was we got to do some different things with these guys no question. But and like you said Josh Allen even just to say get the short passing him goalies can complete those they're he's got guys open the scheme is there. They've got guys that are. The war can arouse the way they want more he's got to put the ball on with a given the chance to get up the field which can do that. There's a ripple effect on your whole offense shading it's better in the running game your deep passes over a blaming the and you stay on the field longer and that's that's a crucial thing as well so. There is some things to be like to like mostly on office of side of the football. Then the national story Kim Alley Estes came a Vontae Davis. May have atlas and so I didn't see the game right. And I'm in new York and in it and were driving. Of the crew that I was with it Rich Gannon and Kevin Harlan a producer director we are right driver in the airport after the game and it came out we finally found out that Ponte Davis had retired at halftime. Hand in there we did catch up on it out. What. And so I didn't know about so I didn't and so would we go back and watch the game last night on and this more. I call my mom and dad there 88 my mom and dad are 88. My bomb was livid if my mom and was livid that Vontae date because I'm my mom and dad you can you can imagine they sat through the ninety's with that team and they were being they went all foresee bubbles that team you know all latins there so they've been. My entire fame my three Brothers my mom dad camp they're all neck deep in the bill's stuff they Earl bills fans and my mom was living dead. You know. It Vontae Davis left the game at halftime and my dad was to my dad had it my dad's not well he got on and it felt he got on the phone. And started an artist at two and yet I mean that's where bills finished should be I think that. As hard to swallow and I know is I know the players now locker room were happy about it. And all of that. But at that I've I've never heard of never ever guys joke about it. You know well like say it was divided this if this is ABC have raised take my pads off to Rome in the middle field walk off you know some outrageous thing happened or whatever. And it just didn't. It's amazing it's pretty amazing that the guy did that and. It's amazing and it's disgraceful. Quite frankly. You know but take Davis struggled again on the field in pre season right with coming up the surgery and had plenty of time to. To kind of recover from the surgery that he had last year and the bills were patient did not have him in the line of Baltimore last week. And they need to yesterday their numbers down. In at the quarterback's right yesterday and for him to pull out so well at halftime is disgraceful Steve it's racist it. It's an insult to every. Fan who bought a ticket to bank game any fan of the game it's especially an insult to his teammates and aren't relative to talk about that in the locker room yesterday. Yeah I. You're an ever created effort pop Warner high school college. Trolls never heard of ever seen it. It's just completely dismissed went it's the least you did it better than anybody anything that nobody. Left. When he you know was much I know I know I am now going in the second half began. I'm announcing anything you can come back on track. Public Lorenzo Alexander anybody else in that locker room for being in that disgusted with that you don't do that Steve. Looked at if he felt like it wasn't their form and he issued some lame statement yesterday about the known why he didn't feel quite Philly you to do this. I find bottom out through the game and then walked in here today and say hey you know what it's not happening for me anymore don't have them now that's fine. Not great but that's fine but to walk out in the middle of the game when they're down in numbers at their position anyway. I just can't believe I can't believe that that's that he thinks that's the best answer. Scan. Yeah it's. Yeah I mean he he retired but it's like he never finished his career you know he just walked out in the middle of in the middle of the game. That you know ten year career. High draft pick to a time April 02 point two time pro bowler had some moments in his career that were very good and how well he always be remembered. Residents lets it that's his legacy. Walk and yet in the middle congratulations and it's. Yes it's it's hard to understand. I mean I here's the thing I am and I it there's no doubt this team brought in the and they were depending on him they knew they'd seen him play. Certainly was coming off surgery so nobody knows how we can rebound he didn't rebound. And the team was gonna work kind of lean on and they warned him to be left corner of us on the other side of previous white it wasn't gonna work out he knew it was going to be a long season. For him personally because that is he was on a team that was gonna depend on him and he probably knew in his heart he was going to be able play well. And just decided that while I don't put myself through the stress of being expected to play well when I can't. And left but I don't know how you do it at that moment in the time at halftime. Of a game. Where they needed. Were they can't read you know there's no place so they can't like going to allow government by and pull somebody out the press box and one of the deactivated players. And say hey do we Egypt they can't he leaves and a man short and that to me is the thing that that crosses a huge line. For a player to leave for team. Stranded like your arsenal of its gains in the game. It it clearly had an impact on players in the locker room I was in there yesterday you could tell that they were upset about it and today. It's a national story it's a national embarrassment associated with the Buffalo Bills we can thank Vontae Davis for that to come right I mean it's on The Today Show it's on every. Lean newscasts in America and NFL player walked out at halftime retired at halftime. Have visited Buffalo Bill so we can thank buddy Davis for that black guy. Just ridiculous. I can't talk about too much isn't gonna get too worked up if everything goes are up against it they're in trouble right onto in deep trouble yesterday after the first half and what's his response to walk out night. You know I think there's no doubt to. As a result of this the bills. We're gonna try get better. They're gonna they're gonna elevate what some of the guys off their practice squad. This is some and I'm and I'm with you the more you know that we should or. Probably get a move on with his fiscal update that we're gonna start they and it's like last week I mean we're gonna do this all year and this is my my gift humor. We're thinking about Minnesota. You know you gotta go into a hostile environment we do look first month of the season was going to be a rough one. And even if the team had gone for an oh or 014 in the first month the season if you settle us if we can see some things we're gonna get someplace and we'd see some improvement the team's competitive. You know we kind of live won't get through it. First week was not that. It was anything but that this one much better than it was a week ago but still it was a double digit loss. It's you know of course not indicative of rental once a decade right and so now you got to take another step fourteen it's even better than the first two you've played so. You're born into a team in Minnesota that. As at the top of the heap. With Super Bowl expectations around the country and all the all the aspects of it goes with a in the pre season although prognostication the vikings are good team. And you gotta go in there and need do it now. After the first two weeks the team played like that app now through Vontae Davis stunt that he polls. And you got your your playing your rookie quarterback on the road. Starting a game. You Europe against it misses this is something that's going to be difficult for this team to get through. But. That does mean you don't have to go through it Unionists stepping up and get in there. Let's start against the way it is just being with you on lines open in 030550. Tool free 1888552. Budget teacher will talk about. But take Davis will talk about or you'd like let's talk about the quarterback Josh I am on a little bit. Stephen I have some ideas on that he makes his first NFL start. Josh Allen with the passable numbers no pun intended a couple of interceptions and comes out with a loss. So what did you think how would you grade. Josh Allen's first career NFL start. That's our Twitter poll today we got it up on Twitter and what does he need to do better that may be the most important thing what does he need to continue to do that's reflected here from either on Twitter. Her on the phone lines and numbers or call 8030550. We're told free from outside buffalo 1888550. To 550 what grade would you give to our challenge what does he need to do better what does he need to continue to do. On the Twitter poll. ABC degrades or property and happy you 50% of you say. He gets beat we've got 14100 votes in our audience. 44% of you say I give them a seat. 3% say a 3% CD what do you think you give a letter grade but let's get into a little deeper than that. How would you grade his first career start. What did you like what would you like to see more of a thought it was OKC not great certainly Saturday may be that even being in my book but I thought a solid seed may be B minus. Like it's I mean the arm talent is there. And that's what gives him the edge over his predecessor Nate and Pete amid the fact that he's got the big army can make plays and they didn't get that at all against Baltimore when adamantly. In the first half last week. I do but I did see some things on electing a better I'd like to get rid of the ball quicker and disposed to your point about the short passing game has need to. Seven step drop and wait for somebody to get opened thirty yards downfield let's get short passing game on let's protect him better than they did but if he get through the ball is protection will improve. I think he needs to do that little bit so pluses and minuses as I said I give a B minus maybe you see prospers performance yesterday what do you think. Yeah I'd give him I'd give him. I'd be like I think I. For the first start of his career he did get a little bit of time in week one. Not given to be I liked a lot of the things he did when he had time his propensity was to stand in there and use it. And throw the football I think the thing that I also saw some stuff on the sideline we it'll clip of him being on the sidelines given it to his defense trying to get them. To rally around it that's what you want from your quarterback. I think some of the thing intangibles that I wanna see from him. You get a guy eat if you're in there and it's the start to practice and in meeting rooms and off the field. Josh is a great kid no question about their bases that he's in he's a little bit of a wide eyed innocent come in from Wyoming a little bit of a you know he's got this every last as as usual country Kenya coming into the to the NFL but let me tell you something. At some point he's camp to sit in there and understand this there's at a time maybe it's now. He knows more about this office anybody else in the huddle he knows ever what everybody's doing he knows of the receivers do when he knows it techniques he knows the office of line is the protection. He's got a hold all those guys accountable he can't be buddy buddy put his armor and say it's going to be okay and do it he's got a slap across the face mask. Don't jump off sides. You're not getting no I'm not gonna tolerate you haven't. A false start on my offensive line when I'm trying to duties he can he can step into the analysts say these exact work listen I'm not gonna be perfect. I'm a rookie quarterback Mike job is harder than all your guys you've got to be perfect if you're not. I'm gonna beat you up. Brutally and you've got to sounds like YouTube I expect you guys to be perfect because there's no way I can be. Get it done and not tolerate anything else he's got to be a little bit of a jerk to these guys that's what a quarter and listen I've I've and I've told this time. Go ahead going dark as it sounds like your pubic McCourt that you were a little bit right with an attitude what it was like that yeah explicit so's Rich Gannon. So those days and bouts. So is Philip Rivers so's Drew Brees so's Eli man sows Tom bring unique take Tom Brady is had a shot he sought in the east shouting match. I've heard stories about Tom Brady throwing guys out of the huddle in new England and I never gets back. He's going. Those kind of things happen with good quarterback you have to hold the rest of the team accountable to be mistake free. Because your job is so difficult there's no way you can and be. So you've got to expect him to be where there are where they're supposed to be when they're supposed to be there and they'd better be given a maximum effort. Where you get upset him you'll tell the coaches to set him down and bring some published market. Even if he's worse at least you know that you got to send a message. And I'm not seeing Josh I was ready to do that his second start on busting in the roster around him is good enough that he can't do that but at some point this quarterback. Can't be that gosh I'm super excited about having to start guys going to be great he's got to be the guy and I and I Kurds to. Charlie joiner told me he did is went and found out was in the huddle. And he was just got the huddle and he says he told morning office hey look at me when I'm called me signals and the guy I was tired and kept his head down to look at what I'm doing this like I was still tired. The aircraft walked down through the huddle. And slap the gap aside and head he says give me your eyes. And that was used to call. Like quarterback has to do that because everybody around him has to be perfect. Because he can't do his job unless they are and he's not going to be perfect nobody is no quarterback will be he'll be great on a play here and there. But he's got too much to worry about to have guys in there that don't know what they're doing. And that's what and that's why it was Timor from Josh now. Maybe it's early to be expected to do that all the time maybe it's not his personality just yet maybe doesn't feel confident that he knows enough. To have guys doing stuff that maybe he's not on top of all their jobs like he should be but I'll take what. Pretty soon Josh Allen's gonna have to slap a couple face masks and say hey pitcher headed here. Stop jumping off sides stop getting holding calls. Stop getting passed for whatever you saw a little bit of on the sidelines when he was there talking to his defense. He's got to be that guy and they will they'll respond to that guy. They may not like in the moment. But when he does to somebody else when it was somebody else messes up and he's and he's keeping them online so you don't have to. They're gonna appreciate. This roster is where it's going to be I mean they got to hunt the F fifteen may be dead cap money. They signed the free agents they could with the money they had. They got they got kicked in the stomach. When they got two offensive linemen they didn't expect to lose leave. They signed a guy now and he asked to T he leads at half time of the game they got they went out and got what they could get with what they had to get a win. But you know what this quarterback is the guy they want. He's the guy they wanted. He's got to step up and and I know he's not race not time for him to be that yield twelve year veteran. You know with the big harmony he knows the offense he's been the opposite is not that time yet but sooner or later he's gonna have to be. Talk about Josh out look at what grade would you give him for his first career start also some thoughts on bounty Davis says take a few phone calls here Anthony in Amherst. On the line with a solo at the go ahead. I dark matter because this one of their report on I really appreciate your comment on but they're really thank you hit the nail on the had couldn't agree more Lorenzo to. So happy we have such a leader a great player on our team I thought and making plays all over the field yesterday. Other talk about a couple other real quick about the offensive line shall improvement didn't see that coming that was nice to see. I think just around quite well the I agree on the rating I think you need to take a little bit off on the clothes are a few Israeli government at an air but I was impressed. Like to see model arm and overall I like to see some improvements I'd like to see coach Rick he continued to make the play calling on these are are not from here. OK good good yeah sure he's gonna I'm sure coach McDermott and after fuels and questions about that how that's gonna go Borg fort obviously didn't close the door on any didn't open the dormant in your Broadway meets with the media for today and so some of those and to make a mountain right he'll be asked about that so you'll be able to hear what McDermott's can say you go you can come back here to one bills live tomorrow we talked about it and you can also go to the website. In McDermott's can be asked about that that was. That was a defense to play different in the second half Mike Murphy and I both said listen the chargers weren't the same offense in the second half they were the first. But that defense wasn't either and Sean McDermott taking over the play calling us you know I I think it's. We can get when you find out about that. I don't know that's a good idea. I know they play better in the second half but I I like head coach who is in charge of the whole game. We've talked a lot the show I have anyway about the dolphins. And how their head coach at engage in cases so all this time is also announcement that he doesn't believe pays attention to the other seven footballer of the entire game. I like defected to date until yesterday McDermott has been the head coach. And that he trusted him and allowed Leslie Frazier to call the defense is I hope they go back to that but if he thinks it's best to do it and go ahead big he can't keep playing that way they did the first. Six quarters of the season yeah that's right that's a thing it's desperate times for death desperate measures for differ desperate times where we want to. I and I think they earn a spot now we're listened something's got to change you know and I don't know whether they think it was just a one time thing. In that game or whether it's something systemic. With the way it'll Leslie Frazier sees the game is supposed to wake Sean McDermott she's the game I don't know. But here's the thing out in baton moment there are no doubt he needed change something and he did it I'd. Apollo applaud him for that yet now does he have to do you feel the need to have to do that Nancy you know I'm because I'm sure you Leslie Frazier of pretty good relationship. They're gonna have to have a conversation about what they're what's gonna happen going forward because what Leslie Frazier was doing which I was doing. Believe me they'll both know whether a little bit what was Phillip rivers take his foot off the gas. And Sean McDermott calling different place. Or whether it was shot just Sean McDermott's call to meet different but it was a better second half. You know that's a that's an issue sculpture and fine out go to Dino in Hamilton Ontario hello Dino glad you're on Aramis. Well like archer a particular. We're I think we're in a well when you replace Americans say it but what course. Wanted Davis is true gentleman and he would do that. I just want in fact we're on all the people. I think we all expect the defense up well for the team knowing that the quarterback and a lot of these young offense. From this letter to the guard to tackle the people should stick to that maybe even held each June 20 point. They're very talented group that they think the coach has clinical remission calls that we can do it we can do a lot more at the offensive line. It's got all of the blitz was coming and you know their young quarterback is senator Robert Wood last year. All of that would arson and assured Eric would be air air would you put pickle ball with what you would call. He would call on the defense I think this whole offensive group delve into the very very very young. And I think it's completely behind autumn either Mercury in the back. I'm on the bubble ball on the fumble. Kick off a bit of settled down and just. Just realize that the offense is very young group and expecting it from them I am expecting that it was only that but if you think you get up and keep often quote. And indeed that's the issue I think great I I'd like you I didn't expect a whole lot from the buffalo offense. Early in the season especially. I did expect a lot more for the buffalo deepens and now in its battle over the sea over. But through two games it's my main concern is how they play defensively at opposite spectrum. Yeah the offensive line did play better this game no question about it that there was a team without their best pass rusher Jorge Posada. But they did show improvement LeSean McCoy was numbers were an improvement over a week one. Josh Allen did have moments where he could stand in the pocket step up in the pocket looked like a real quarterback and he looked his best when he did that when they did that so. There but there's still let's face it I mean this office one's going to be work in progress. At best there. They're gonna they're gonna have some they've got some work to do they've got to play better but. The most glaring disappointment as the defense question. Just get started eerie got a lot of ground to cover but they gave us we get into more than Josh Davis Love to hear your grade on his person and have the Josh Allen love to hear your grade and his first. NFL start us all the other issues from yesterday's game Chris Brown going to be what is at 1 o'clock. The aforementioned Eric what's going to be on the show this at 2 o'clock. He was a Cuban Miami game yesterday will hear from him so c'mon back Stephen I'd just get warmed up right you're just you just got warmed up an art director said the dolphins right song and began yeah we'll do that next we'll do that coming up. What goes live from one to drive in this his Buffalo Bills tree. Paul Cummings one bills live and it's the name of our show John Murphy Steve tasker from Orchard Park. One bills drive Steve we have this it was a beautiful day yesterday it was hot. If if it was that was highlighted our pregame build low exits show Chris brown and 11 in the morning. And it was tough I mean I'm talking about change your shirt cut that so heartless academy in Ottawa playing them you. It was thumbs down field and MetLife stadium yesterday it was. And Beirut. That might give us these coats to a jet sport goes to where I mean it's it is. But it made up war I didn't know was Mayo work until I start sweating like him lawn sprinkler and and it's not like wet sheet. A had I been out all day it was yeah. I was I was on the Arabs and we're in iso golf polo. They know they've gotten that thing in the eyes CBS I jag and Tiffany network. It's. It was and it was bad here TM hot here too I had some friends at the game and it's Libyans stir fry the. And the game was bit through the first half was awful the bills won the blues and 31 point wanna hear you about the game. Wanna get your sense of what you thought the Josh Allen's day it was like his first NFL start you made some thoughts on Vontae Davis we'll talk about that. Let's take a little trip around the locker room though and they hear what bills players had to say I was and they're talking to several players after the game. There is some sound also from the podium so here it is a trip around the locker room after yesterday's loss. First steps. Can't start that way in this league. But defensively we didn't play long off outs in the first half against a good offensive unit. Spotting and 28 points on give them credit Nazi you know they did we get it all to ourselves that some that we did and common enough sense that we go three and out way too many times and special teams we can't. Infield positions and those that's a bad recipe right there in the first half. Quarterback John challenge. I'm halftime adjustments the bills me. And play ponson now a little more aggressively. This kind of delta routes and we came out there and have me. Played harder one and a little more. Both been wonderful but in the value of places in the. Wide receiver Calvin Benjamin. The bills fell behind in each of their first two games. Shall we worked on Newsweek my problems we still got to go about trying to direct in this case. Everything else up in the hope you know on that got up fourteen points. You know I've got just got to put points on the board and keep score and close the defense played good and athletic big it was a lot of tests. Guard Jon Miller I'm in Los Angeles aggressive defense. And we knew it there was income. And I think anytime you start looking at quite a bit as generally what we do it's going to take a let's put Preston mr. And things like that. But we knew we knew it was coming. Know you try to protect it up as best we can't. The vehicle was a must that we didn't respect the game that the additional film. So we've just got to watch them and give you some things corrected. Safety Jordan Hoyer on the bills statements of changes in the second half. We just. Found ways you know a few man I think. Eating as halftime adjustments. I'm and excuse. I started this side defense that we wanna build off. You know it obviously took it. Through those tough loss but you know this guys you know I think you had before and those who believe it's some some positive. You know I would say we doubt that more pressure I think most of homes in my precious I think we just changed you know couple couple yet as the afternoon. And we the next few things have. Linebacker Lorenzo Alexander the bills have struggled. In the red zone and defense. The couple went but he made some great battles but. Yet to find ways of jobs to knock the ball out that's when it comes down to it in that way no one on one matchups and asked if it was all about you know what you're players on the players who will unveil tomorrow at about way to do it. Something starlet is Steve we'll do that apple open an account of coming back. That's they had sold them action actually rated the way goddess and so they come into Obama's team on Mac and it is the other way. So don't they knock it out I can live with but you know you have one on one matchup we've got flat figure out how to win the outlook it better make a break on the ball will be quicker so we can. Find ourselves from the end of the situation. They go red is around the locker room that's who they were saying rescue by units upstate New York transplant services save lives joining team units donate blood is a unit stop or John Murphy Steve tasker. Company from one bills drive talking about the bills lost in the home opener. 3120 to the chargers it needs to be said. Is as bad as the buffalo defense was the chargers offense was very good Steve Berry well coach Lawrence talked about he stuck I don't believe the first touch earned. The second touchdown when Melvin Gordon just rain and all alone and then he went to the weak side took one step a little counter and then went back to left there was nobody around. And that I think is the plane or just talk about how they gave a different look at what it's on tape nude. Masterfully. Drawn up by Eric Kim was and gotten his coaching staff. And called it the exact right time by by Philip Rivers just amazing. Yet it was there's a lot and all those those snippets from the players around you know theme. Did the stuff that even Kelvin Benjamin says it was we get a score points you know and that's the bottom line for the offense and if you got a defense to struggle your office has to score points I like the fact that Josh I don't know sees it got a little more aggressive in the second half of their play calling east. MB and on top of that is good thing. Lorenzo Alexander of course is a guy who. The stuff he said about scheme and it up and look and give me some insight as to how prepared they were. And it comes down to for him you know they got to play better one on one they've got to play better. John Miller he I think John Miller what he said about this pressures that San Diego brought they expected them. And up for the most part they did a pretty good job no question that they got a break by George Bos and I mean in the line up. But by the same token wherever they lined up there at the boat bill's office of line. Did compete with the they did a lot better job this this year this week and they did last week and there's some things to build on there. Agassi I would disagree in this respect Melvin. Gordon no anger Melvin Ingram was immediately canceled leave and he had no answers George mills thought several times with Melvin Ingram and you'd think without joy posted naked you know slide the line one way. Maybe give them bills will help that it's happened. That was just yet as to many times when chargers. You know they had 93 downs in the entire game. In the area. That was as it an inner most of them I think we're in the second so. It was a rough day update defensively offensively kind of expected it I think offensively was easy to be pleasantly surprised by. Josh eligibility through football in the fact that he kept I think that's secondary for San Diego walked into this thing man that guy. Canceling it he showed off a little bit yesterday's there's a lot of things to be happy about Josh Allen but there's no question on and off the feeling Josh take a couple of steps forward. And they got to play better round. It's just what you think what kind of a letter grade would you give him in that would you think of his performance got a couple of folks I'm glad to talk about this. Franken Williams go ahead frank your on the air. Yeah I got a question edit at a time if you love it I'd really appreciate some. I'm going to approach yesterday and out bench and hit. He's going toward the end and don't and he turned around intentionally throwing like right now and that didn't catch the ball a question about that is. The timing think that there are no it's all wrong. MR there's actually visit. Don't sort of the right spot they're becoming a net and a liquid like that a go ahead well you gonna ask your question all answer both the misty and go ahead. Actually I am or politics I would retire and Miller and all. Baghdad there was no good when he had that here's the thing. The they've backed throws that you talk about back shall I can't remember exact or you're talking about off the top my head I'd watch the game last night. Those throws our timing throws what happens is. It is. It is a timing thing that the receiver has to be on top of it and the ball if it's on his hit that these be higher than that gives you need to get this extra ketchup benefits kick admits catch we got to catch it too good catch got to make good catch bits it. A tough catch you gotta make the tough catch the quarterback's gotta throw to the right guy in the right spot. It's it's both but when it's you're talking about throwing it down the sideline on one of those back shoulder throws. It's a tough throw for me to make informed freedom insists he make it because. The receiver has to see the ball coming when he asked it kind of look over shoulder is inside shoulder. Catch that ball coming out and then adjusting to the quarterback has to trust that is receivers gonna do that because it it is a called play. It is a timing route it is something they work on. And it's hard to it's it. It's hard to execute there's no question about it. But with a nor Mike Allen's yet you gotta be able to make those throws and and you'd like loves you Benjamin come down with a controlled been better absolutely. But yeah you gotta come down with those and those are but those are cold place it's not something that Josh on just decided trying. From the tweet sheet from we asked a question how would you grade Josh Allen's first NFL start James Livingston response. He played well at times however with receivers running open a few times. He needs to see the entire field better and run through his progression also needs to make quicker decisions to give the alliance melt. I think that's the key for me quicker decisions Steve may be wrong decisions from time to time right but quicker got to get rid of the ball drop out of line is. Is not that strong right now we gotta get rid of the ball. I think what they suit. He needs is he needs receivers to win better. And gentle little help the guys outside got to win a little bit better. There was a couple of times you see right here in the image gee things needed to have time to get that this didn't do it. To hold onto the football he stepped up but he was already avoiding pressure sometimes pressure got there quick but for the most part when he had time. He used up all the time he had and sometimes Apple's gonna come out there quick come out of there quick so I agree. All of that I mean every aspect of his core directly needs to be better than it was yesterday but there were some things that were for a way. Good enough to be able to win. On certain plays and and T many 22 tweets and I loved how tall he stands in the pocket and showed leadership talking to the needs to work on his accuracy in making quicker decisions I believe that will come with time. A lot to be excited about this season will be a plus B shows progress regardless. Of the record. That's where a lot of people are I think today there was a lot to be excited about with him. It's that we saw register as a as we broke aways trying to get the bold crewman asylum we threw the one out of the end zone it was intercepted just a little bit under thrown on that play. But you love the way stood tall in the pocket thrown out of the shadow would literally out of the shadows own goal line goal post. There is a lot to be excited about but every throws got to be on it every throws got to be accurate and every throws got to do the right pace and I think a lot. People are tweeting in about his. Short throws yet the fact he pixel too much pepper yes you know this as other training can additive and if I guess I'm anticipating that come around right got to get better that's what pastor I think there's no question you can work on Miami's he's going to be. More commodity even now probably so but yet you can you can that's step you can fix and I would think. Relatively easily. Was it one more thing about team any point choose a tweet that Steve just read in the tweet sheet. And it's a lesson and a lot to be excited about the season will be a plus if he shows progress regardless of the record. You're right team and a 220 there is some. You know and it's not fun to acknowledge that but this season is a big chunk of the season is about Josh Evans development as an NFL quarterback and there's a lot to be excited about the armed talent on display yesterday. If he shows progress if he gets better even more reason for bills mean to get excited I hate to say regardless of the record and say we don't care because they do care right we care. Ever in order to wins you want wins but. I think team any 22 shows a mature in reasoned approach to what the season is becoming. Very rare and that's right after a tough loss. Right they we do have nominees this week for the Barack energy player of the week your voice counts as season vote for the bills player of the week powered by. Iraq energy the official electricity supplier the bills voting is open and the winning player will be announced here on the show tomorrow. Little blue rock energy dot com slash PO TW or Barack energies FaceBook page to learn more at the blue rock energy per that we nominees gesture on the quarterback. Lorenzo Alexander the linebacker Jerry Hughes the defense demand LeSean McCoy the running back who -- Iraq energy player of the week sort of direct energy back counselors BO TW. Or will record these FaceBook page to get your vote we'll come back we'll talk or talk a little bit about girl Buddy Ryan Fitzpatrick when we return. Letting your reset if you haven't yet its class. Effective or one don't live from one bills drive in this is Buffalo Bills radio. I've read your rhetoric. Advance on defensive play of the game advance a lot of running Western New York homes and businesses with a bite us in. Security and home theater the preferred alarm no Peter Rabbit the Buffalo Bills it was you're used. Third quarter second the bills in the middle of their defense resurgence yesterday it's taken away from the bills for a second Steve. Big win for the Tampa Bay Bucs who announcement though. At home against the defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles. Another great game for right Fitzpatrick right another 400 yard game this to roper bits threw four touchdown passes. And but he really made his mark. In the post game locker room. If you if you haven't seen it you'll be able to see if you're only am radio but Fitz went to the post game podium dressed in the clothes of his team right to John Jackson. Including a bunch of playing like he dressed like Cam Newton sort of pick up he had a a whole leather jacket it was opened apparently to the naval. And up it's talked about that when he went to the podium yesterday let's listen. It's not them I think we just have to stay humble and don't. We've got to make sure we know how to handle success and all those things so we can't change who we are. Paris deep thinker it's really hadn't really. TJ. Oh I don't like to market data means stuff. All right this sorry Jason. My client was. It's just there's mind. That's right it's factory we haven't seen you got to try to see it I'm sure most people have seen it. Reminded me of fixes performance at the Fred Jackson rose last let's January February. When Ian literally got undressed at the podium to change into another outfit that it was a desperate and apparently likes that dressing up as others. Because you get dad at the podium. And it's it's it's thrown a little British shady camp knew if I can count and he can't do and is Cam Newton is the guy who. If you if you keep track of his career after every game. You article the starting quarterback for both teams go up and they talk to media at the podium. And you've seen in the meantime we'll Cam Newton there dolls up yet. I did too right there they think is starting some of those guys feel what that's a moment for them to. You present themselves as a as. As an executive war stars are as a celebrity isn't starting quarterback you know felt camco is like over the top with is he goes all out always has. A lot so. Fitzpatrick. Does that yesterday he comes out and in the aviators reflector sunglasses and they like he said gold chains Aladdin and and makes fun of the success he's if you haven't noticed he has had two of the most outstanding gains except for Patrick Holmes. There. Ryan Fitzpatrick has really played extremely well for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lead and two wins and it was time it it was a great moment for him to do that it is time perfectly and you know fits for the people in buffalo you know it is the life cycle of ranked as Patrick whatever team he's on. In fact by the way he beat the Eagles yesterday it was the sixth time Ryan Fitzpatrick has started a game. Against the Philadelphia Eagles. And it was his sixth team. 66 team differ routinely and he has started at quarterback against the Philadelphia Eagles minus two and four against her 33 at best. But yesterday was one of the wins. He's got to win and it was the sixth time you start a game against that franchise. For six different team and he had four touchdowns. And almost 400 yards were passed it again so it. Says that's a success makes me think about something that if elected don't have time to think about during during the regular season. But maybe. Steve and I like we can't get in this too deeply because this is this the deep. ZD costs. Maybe we over think what word neat what we need from a quarterback sometimes we start talking about. Mobility and arm strength and accuracy and all the different variables that go and do like bill just went through when you're drafted quarterback all the things you look at. You don't you don't get those measurable from right Fitzpatrick you know he does not have met rubles what does he have he has experience he has an attitude. I he has gay men elect these guys more fire. Maybe dose should wait a little bit heavier again it's that I took a deep stuff we don't have all of a handle on it and one replied that. Please do. What fits brings can't be sustained. You've seen it we saw here Rica sought there. When it when a defense comes out and plays certain ways against Ryan Fitzpatrick when they when they get on top of what his game is all about the guys around him. It is not his the way he's played the first couple weeks is just not sustainable long term that's why it's going to be difficult for. The Buccaneers. To leave him in there when Jim is Winston comes back in two games really. And I and and I'm and it's easy to say he's not gonna play that well next we quite yet okay even if he comes out he's your your record your every week I write notes that right. But it is not sustainable and that and for whatever reason I came and get into the details why. Because we've seen in a meantime we were laughing in the office today about he's gonna go when he's going to be a back up the quarterback's gonna go down for something. Fitz is gonna come in light it up he's gonna sign a big contract. He's gonna stay. Day after that he's gonna get cut he's gonna sign with a different team as a backup quarterback and that quarterbacks can't you know gonna go down he's gonna come in lighted up sign a big contract he's gonna stinky zinni cut. That has been this sixteens now. Through sixteen that's how it's gone for worries gone in as a back up. He's lit it up itself responsibilities within and that just tells you just hit the way he plays he's just not sustainable his his physical abilities catch up to some point. And they force him to do some things he's not capable of do any and then it's it's hard to win. Well you're but you're a series but it's Q. Endlessly to loosen your good about it it was right it's Becker ranked LSU has taken that away you can feel good about him because he's one of the all time great guy she's one of the all time great teammates were real time funds towards these -- never needing to take himself so seriously right now at all and it's just a he's just had a blast to be around great got to talk to a production meeting. Sharp. And he's made a pile of money they got. He and his family have traveled around east and finally he wanted to is that older kids had to talk is younger kid into using him in. Fancy Latin for we want. His nine year old had to talk his seven year old and you gotta play that you can Anderson is like I don't know I cracked it. Mean that's quite a conference there right got a great family story. And it just it and you cannot not pull for the guy yet but. Your run a franchise like listen he is what he has you can give give. So one thing about Steve is. Still feel good about. But he should live users to analyze you've seen in the heart you've seen this movie before. We're back with more Chris Brown. I think got a Chris Brown bills and set a Buffalo Bills that have suffered by what we come back one bills live from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills really.