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Sabres Hockey
Tuesday, September 19th

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Clinton gets the first three days camp you've got a great opportunity to play with Kyle and with Brian now what everybody wants a far. But we've done a great job. I don't think him and he would complain claim those two guys they're tough guys and to get the opportunity players. It's nice and I think I've done now for your jobs over. The coaches want fast that probably was the fastest scrimmage I've ever seen and his labor camp. Is it to carry those practice because you guys are really high pace for the whole practice Italy had the prices are awesome they're off. Compact hard heroin is working there's no messing around on that's how it should be its game like and I think it's. Oh. Things. For Iran that's a big thing out. Some coaches and management saw things first surfer on you can't come and thinking that you. You have to prove and practice the so I think if her you know when you're fresh air and he. No I think you are on. Nothing battle Frist. Off the ice and on and so it's good it's using team needed group numbers there did that plan. I think sometimes that's changed a lot for team. Well we guide you you play alloy new players who saw it's a big turn out here not so for in these three days and it's looking amazing. Don't think he's gonna get to know you guys monotonous or just hockey players do you like that that the coach is down there trying to. Not let's talk about the power play the back check but talking about other things with you guys. Did appoint I think to have a relationship with us. Coach or management communication itself it's a big part of the game saw her on the on the same page and if you can communicate with a Iran I think you have good results. Here. I think this year's 218 year. I think Aaron just excited to be back and when you're on the ice can those guys go 100 miles per hour density. Last few years saw. To play I think I think every single players than proven. We and do big things. What did you deceive your game to improve their help your production and just improve what what kind of things do you want senior game. Thoughtfully put up Mora more offensive points. That's the main thing I think overall games itself. He's are working players. It diesel player and then chip and on offense right now. Use. Them protected you may happen. The opening it up on Saturday near the line but. You know I that is dollars this business currently in the I know early thing about it just that working in the summer. Early in my mind. If just things here you relieve your protected if you wanna stay yet definitely addendum awful. For these amounts Simon I wanna hear and allotted to sayers like they can't. Off which means that when bella. That's up to coaches. I think we going to be offensive minds you. Playing good these. I think all four lines that he's going there's not going to be. Crazy mix between rivers and for once Philly all the players this year via pre you know. If some. I think puck moving thing. Think Ian ball yes that haze that but definitely the main thing seen that the job in. Making that four man rush the rate.