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Report official injury report the F participation report that out yet today but. We know that Marceau Gary's did not practice for the second consecutive day still with his right what his right ankle in The Who. According Glenn was back on the practice field the extent of his participation unknown yet. Check Lawson back on the field he did not practice yesterday with what Bruce the bills. Get ready for a hot day Sunday in Newark feel the weather forecast calling for sunny skies light winds and high of 85. They may challenge the record for the warmest ever home game in Orchard Park that was back in 1983. It was ninety degrees with a bills opened the season here against Miami Carl Jeffers it's your rep three percentage game. Bills Denver the bills lead the series all time nineteen win sixteen losses one Thai kick off 1 o'clock Sunday bills and Denver the pregame coverage starts 11 o'clock. On the Buffalo Bills radio network tonight. Thursday night football and it's abuse the rams and San Francisco tonight. Los Angeles one and one loss to Washington at home and we do. They're one and one this year the 49ers. Lead in Seattle with eleven and I have to put couldn't hang on they lost in the sea hawks twelve to nine in that game. Differences you're one of two teams in the league yet to score a touchdown in the season Cincinnati is the other. The 49ers at home against Los Angeles tonight there tonight football you're profit eight point five Minnesota Vikings not sure whether they'll have quarterback Sam Bradford. Under senator this or Sunday when they played Tampa Bay. Could be game time decision over minutes according to Minnesota coach Mike Zimmer. Bradford set out last week's loss to the Steelers with a sore knee NFL ownership is ready to move from get a new contract in place for Roger Goodell. Right now they're putting the paperwork together right now according to ESP and it could take days or maybe weeks to finalize what Patrick is getting done. For Roger Goodell and the Buffalo Sabres play again tomorrow night in Toronto. Quickly the Maple Leafs tomorrow night what we'll make some cuts to their training camp rosters and these four players expected juniors late yesterday that he update from one bills drive. John Murphy and and Donald don't. It's a slow start than yesterday which by the end of this contract revenue dough wouldn't let me about 300 and some. Low. It did I think he's done anything yet but we we haven't figured fundamental disagreement about that I think he. I think he is hearts used in the right place you agree with that Rodrigo. Now he works for the owners he asserts that the pleasure of the owners and I there's a heck of a job of doing the best he can for the note that did us this stuff. Where via via that system work your own moment. Well some of those decisions is. I did it though I actually did he works through the owners and that is his job and so you know players will never like him for that. So that is that is why it would deploy why would be whatever the committee was executive council we got to surrounds about this. Fourteen to nothing vote in favor of extending a divorce Mitt. What Hitler into it was one of those fourteen votes was that when Beckham that the media and you. Last October you know it's becoming a good job for the players I don't think so I don't either I don't think so I don't think they got a good deal and I also. I don't care if it was his first TBA I don't think he got a good deal out of that. You know so no he hasn't. In my opinion done a good job for the players righted it don't has done a great job for the owners as they keep getting the stadiums built in the revenue bills up and all that stuff so yeah. And so what what it's all about he's a high up in union of business right into holidays is the policy of peace and one of those. Battled you're busy again with high school football you and Chris Brown get set for the big one. It is just chose 7 o'clock tomorrow night began to be played right here and knew her field kick off at 7 o'clock. But if you can't get here you can watch it it's going to be a broadcast live on amity with Chris brown and Dow Jones. Streaming live at one buffalo dot com tomorrow night 7 o'clock Joe's kinesis. As a some kinesis alarms last night as a matter back to a really pumped about. Come into the game and I encourage them if they can't get to the game to watch you guys you hear exciting night you should be so much better now on your second game. Did that and it's going to be in nice night and I'm sure. You know the crowd to be drawn back and forth the student sections legal back and forth they were trying to do last week wasn't as many people. At the game as I expected to be there this Friday so we'll see how that plays out. It is a big big game I mean both teams have play makers you know so I think it's going to be high scoring game I'm Thomas decently. But we played in this game. But you know we all of the success. Yet those 7 o'clock tomorrow right here at Newark field and then. On TV and amnesty is well. Let's talk about the game here on Sunday that's we've been doing all day talk about the bills and Broncos and our wonderful today which bills players have a breakout game Sunday. Against the Denver Broncos so far we've had about a thousand more votes in. Casting your ballots when you think we'll have a breakout game against the Denver Broncos right now 30% of you expect Zeta-Jones to break out and a big way. 27%. Say previous white. Previous white scheduled to join us here in studio and a couple of minutes 44% say they have somebody else in mind and that. 90% seek Tyrod Taylor we'll talk about it with you you know you know three or 550 the number tool free 1888. Like fifty to 550 or by twitters call from Greg. In well worth where is well worth great. A while we're up at a rock desert about thirty minutes. All that it's gonna show us. And her new album of course there's no matter what it is yet. You know it simply did you see any up and I'm curious about the wind and no one ever your perspective. In the week you get guys up front if you read it was some peace and shovel passes designated. Well I broader what are we at dispute. And make it respect the one little bit. It will never know we have on the wideout never you know if these guys getting your preparation you are up you're right. I mean. I think you need to establish a run game. What you need to be able it'd be Dallas you know you need to be able to pass the ball so that you can. Really establish somewhat of a run game is kind of like to talk out of both sides the amount there because. You know it's we had we just Harold Benoit and Rubin talked about it himself you know how hard it is to run into an eight and nine man box on a consistent basis it is a long day can you do it. Yeah but Reuben Davis say look you have your run and it's a law as too many people in the box you know it's so. You need to be able the passage need to have guys outside. That can threaten you a little bit just so that you have to think about them and they have to make plays out. I mean it's a lot its balance right I mean we've talked about that so much of bills through out of balance though last year particular. Runs to passes a buckled into Carolina last week balance was the key to their offense secluded and get that spending and anything done on offense last week. But they're they're built and run the ball well we know that that they're they're predicated that any chances of winning being affected they run the ball well. And that collapsed last Sunday in Carolina and if that doesn't come back net no matter how would that an academic success the art. Is when your truveo one dimensional team. To these teams are too good these defense accord natives are too good and when they do what they have to do to take away the one dimension that you are good at. That is like you have nothing you know we saw that last week you know which they couldn't do anything they couldn't. Pass the ball they couldn't run the ball they can do anything that they wanted to do they have to. Give back to what they do best what you need to be balance you can't just be sold one dimensional as a team because they are so good they could take away that wonderment there's. Dave in Genesee oh hello Dave welcome to the show us. I don't. I I don't question here about maybe a moral support for Donald optic goes to Atlanta it was so that was the sense that Denver caller all that talk about Rick and and I'm thinking about it after watched the Carolina game it it was kind opted it was one dimensional mean I even remember in the second quarter and myself. Why would you not even as we possess even if you don't do anything while I was not for the ball bounce a little bit. Did it seem like they're stuck waited so seat to get some more question or at the the better defense than under. And the as a player you ever get frustrated inside oh when you wouldn't you know second record you have been to any and all game is off a person. You think tyra might get a play called think man like. Again Anderson like that where it's at best thing or not. As hard. There's argued that I don't know better you plate did you ever have a play come this minor. Maybe during the course of the game things are working and you go. On this way that we continue to do this when Padilla visas or yours as a receiver. It's the economy rentable I was like why would write a those bootleg is. Yeah you're done. Yeah I knew it or not you always wonder like how what we just do that while we called it there are pleased that will come in. And like. If that occurred is that the effect ethnic Indian guy who we always look at each other and huddle. And we blow. It is called by who we about the run that and you know you widget verbalize that. Yeah and hello. You know it's back more. But it's like all of right now you know Stevie would you know that a silent. On that the guys. You know I I didn't had economic collapse wasn't doing man without woods statin modeling it was it's what is it about her as it is is like let's go. Ago. So what does that. It's understandable. We get orders sometimes are directed. At the right is. Everybody goes you did what they think it was weak right now bullet. You know it in the interesting thing is to see. If as we move into the year as tyra too as more freedom to me. Tex you know he and he talked about yesterday how he needs to fiesta filled their relationship with. The offensive coordinator before he can do that I guess there was a mildly surprised to hear that movie doesn't have that freedom but that I thought well that just get news which they were they really are you know and you kind of have to be thinking. The same way because. You know but if I'm the quarterback obviously I can see things and I feel like this is gonna work by. Mean the often the coordinator need to be on the same page and there aren't acts activists in the office cornyn is like OK if I don't have that trust back there and I don't feel like. As an often to court in is not stated Tyrod Taylor doesn't but it final. If a final feel like we're gonna think the same wave and I can't give you that freedom and make those. Understandable I believe. Let's go to a Bob NG two RL about welcoming in the areas. That they Q. Dot McGraw Margaret cup what are the recount William. I Williams. You know I think he's gonna have a monster game I think. He's the leader of the event and I think god there's a lot of talk going on an airlock who bought all of these guys are birds but there could be cut all over restore them that the purpose. Anchor registered as governor wanna get your other point the second. Dial the Mora and that I've just you know kind of in the middle of prepping for the game. There's not a whole lot special about Denver's offensive line and I say that the tackles bulls is going to be our men look Watson struggled. I don't think the guys in the insider and express also above entry to bargain is on to something here at the the match up might that maybe the only matchup. The favors buffalo is the bills' defense of line against them resolve principles that really believe that. Tough thing is you have some injuries there you know but did that that is the favorable matchup in and the good thing is that the matchup that. Leslie Fraser coast McDormand won they want to beef and the line to. Be able to take over games. And did they needed even want to play well in this game and the linebackers because this is the number one rushing attack in in the league thus far two weeks. You know you can say what you want it's only two weeks but guess what they're leading lead it we get rest and would you say 159 yards a game sounds about right there so if you do and a 159 of the game you're doing something right now the good thing that there are dozens. They have. When they're running the ball they spread teams out so much they're running from shock you know and and you see spreading teams out so far. That now you have CJ Anderson just run it up in there with not as many guys in the box you know and they and they can throw the ball effectively see at the respect that. So you know this is defense of line is gonna have to do a good job of tackling Anderson if not then you know as the real long day op. Why are you at another point one enemy you know than October of him while. You had me. And you can mean big point here. I would want to be appointed a problem they do when let me go to Tibet regained by. He what we would ever when he did not out of court of time. Would they would be made about and I've got a broken neck and I can complete a patent that it completed a hundred no problem group and the problem. You've gotten there and I want I want I don't nobody that it. Our banks about to make yet but I'd rather it is Trevor Ximian it's not it's not even Cam Newton quite rightly knew that I don't particular. Challenges but it's not even that though. It's not that caliber of talent on the field. But it is a quarterback that is doing a good job in that office you know he's getting the ball to his weapons and that's all you can really ask of a quarterback you know and it is shows by what how what their offense has done. This year you know yeah it's ever Ximian is not. Brady or Aaron Rodgers any of the top top tier quarterbacks in the league he's not even dare car but he's doing what he needs to move the ball down field ghostly form. Bill set to find a way to move the ball down the field and in the locker room over the last few days he talked about it including and a veteran Eric Wood who was asked about the learning curve. For Buffalo's new zone blocking scheme here's audience Tuesday. You know it's different techniques and stuff a lot of similar assignments there won't be in Houston past. Nothing too extreme fanaticism different landmarks. Or working through some things obviously vision from the ball we'd like to last game. Lou there's no excuse me. We've had fun time doing you know go through with anything new that you showed up and we want non us and we do. And I think Angeles. Seemed like again it's house. Immunity against the jets different opponent different quality. Where does that leave you guys as. It's you know we go to war one don't want to get a sand field I think probably the biggest. One of the distinguished for me was in a lot of our really effective runs on the jets were a little later in the drive you know that's more or did those big chunk place. It's when a team when a team gets you going three plays off the field and come back and fresh the next series it's hats off to move the ball special on the ground. But there's no complaints that ourselves you know not. Not saying it's it's not our fault we need to sustain drives and I think the run game Conficker itself. Was. You looked like they would person who's most. Places it's analysts. Yellow and you know little different front. You know accounts about wade Wade Phillips front. With a lot of five guys with a lot scrimmage. Last week was more four down this one. We'll smaller pass rushers fast athletic guys. You know. On Miller made a name for himself honestly it's again we've got to know where he's at and and really beyond technical. And determine what. And I mean. Not necessarily an idol I don't think it was necessarily schemer anything stop sues the lack of execution all around. You know guidance office snaps he's playing on the road or ominous sign me whatever maybe those were a lot of drive killers and well that's on us. Eric why bills have veterans that are in the locker room yesterday and join us in our one buffalo studio right now buffalo bills' first round draft pick two games under his belt. Many more to come happening after Davies went in studio with mr. Davis can rely on the palm trees in Baghdad have now let's you just show his picture on your phone would have it kind of put it up on screen for the video hook. But your son what for almost five months old now. And a dressed up as you for a. Here this where it was it was bush today yesterday so he just of his NBA in my LSU on her. And eighteen there is now it is in the yellow in this campaign as it is going to be a bonus they treated me so there's a school with sports week. Yeah is staking his date and an atmosphere we can audit via a day today it was code name. Poll yesterday it was what he did sports in the day before and it it was pajama day so he would follow us on both of them today. Pajamas to school and want. You know do their solidarity of if not maybe if I had to come up for the weekend no object of the game OK and I would think that you know being away for your family in this your first time obviously in the NFL that's a little bit of adjustment for guests right. Absolutely. I'd go on me. Be by myself eight. That I just shouted go but I promise that Obama is toys and and the New Yorkers for myself a few putts out yeah. My group CBS school yet and that's what you do about it yeah so in the you know have nobody thought this film mom where two months of and about how the sides pharmacists who nerve asking. About Xbox. Do you know if. Funny because I was talking Dion. Beyond talking a saw him in dust that affect couple weeks ago and you know like now I'll have nobody up here. And I'm an outlet will what do you do he was like I don't know I stay iron or depart. I was like whoa you know you gotta kinda get out a little bit and go down into the sea in I'm not the one to say that I don't do. I'm just gonna say you are here you know which apparently in Jersey. Want to take it upon yourself now that takes over the younger you waiting while when I leave here I go to another work and a highly capital to complete the fifth. I was blessed with a and they ruled yeah my name in downtown. Unity yeah me. Sounds ugly points. Let's put it this way on the football side got to be pretty happy with the way things. Yeah the. I would rather be two and know what went bang you know. Let you know we got that opportunities Sunday in the on the forward to it we got a good good a pony you know that it illegally in Atlanta office the status of we we feel like you know this gets his poison your food. Suddenly good testing and their receivers that you're going to be facing last egos like you knew. They were being physical receivers are mostly due to challenge you to prepare for that this week they have different types of receivers you know so. One time years going against Emanuel Sanders and just be another time you have to Paris Thomas big physical receiver. Would you what do you look for evidence. That's as is yet you know see that things you know it is strategist they moved to MySpace dot played those that game you know literally manual and he's fifty gasoline that targeted its hands on tests on Duncan so bad in this. Really we the mayor Thomas you know he wanna be 51 thing it does McCain so I'm not only meeting today as an administrative some kind of just be patient and you know does not mean airmen Libya. And in this whose values they gave and get some see anywhere. Which is easier for you'd covered that these two with. Style of receiver a quicker shifty guy Europe are bigger you get all of them. Each gas. I've embedded systems men have been there bedouin you know. Different types of receives is 'cause so. But I feel like I do bit my best against you know pretty much in any stat because come out publicly gas like Cuba with those big guys and being with the big guys that. So to use my quickness quickness to my events because those guys don't sort of you know get a break quick like he knows it yet. How often do you when you going to a game now I remembered going up against Revis and all of those dudes winner in coming to a game in my Islam won't do this is normal. He does this it doesn't work right oh I gotta I gotta do something different how often you get into the game. And need to change your game playing your thought process it's gonna. And then you know late inning affair and these guys a great in these two guys that I watch now of the cuts that I know I know how to get them way. As a because bet everything you got to have plan. You gotta have any hey you just think what they've reached that yet have plans so. Everything you do you've got to try to switch it up because you know Gaza they state fans at like that is so they they convict on no it wouldn't come this I got type switch it up with a bit but then. When he gets it you know to the in here again and work you know we knew they feel when I know they come in. I gotta go back to you know well well comfortably it in after that you know ma will comfortably after that second tournament and I that is doing it. With previous white pills first round draft pick a rookie corner from LSU and you said you're gonna be too though obviously everybody feels that way but defensively. You have to be pretty happy as how your defense of group has played these first two weeks and you've given up one touchdown and two game. Absolutely and time you can just you know give up. Just want us if and in the fifth today is is the V is a huge accomplishment but. I feel like you know we gotta we had excellent get out and in a decent take away give more takeaways give as opportunities initial field and feel like you know we do that. Lou we have chances in every game. Davis some. Pro football focus analytics web site those studies and in grades the issue grades have you seen these yet because they've got you is the top ranked. Rookie corner in the NFL through two weeks it's only two weeks we get depth but this is big big group that does that. A lot of the studies that need people see on Sunday Night Football on NBC. Highest graded rookie corners through two weeks there you are at the top ahead of a hearing Talley Marcia Matamoros and Kevin king and thoughts on. Week behind the kind of perfect so dead. Is definitely room for improvement that's the rule book room but is agrees that this is a great start in that again not that a lot of ways that goes let's talk about. Some some improvement now I'm a message right now then you'd BP's you know TVs for reasons. You know I'm Talking Heads are originally usually we go all the effect that you gotta hand to hand them a few balls that night come down with the interceptions so. That's them you trying to get and. Cute that right it would and I. I don't know it is good is this concentration. Actually it was like Eric who diplomacy it now while you know those yeah. But you know as this consternation. Come Lama come down with they Conway and once I get the first one with the common in both you know on the goings this about well. Things are hurdle locked room last Sunday in Carolina that's the one thing that impressed me most and I didn't talk to you with talking to work. A Jordan poitier and Lorenzo Alexander and and Neshek Lawson cal Williams. I mean look you guys kept them out of the end zone great red zone defense six Jackson yet every one of those guys I talked you said. We hit we needed take the ball away. We expect it really impressed and I thought their they're not satisfied with them would do what you guys did against host phrase. Co Fraser you know in this and all the codes then they emphasized that if we dated as this one of the biggest things you know. We go into the game we have we have a game plan and we have things that we must do. In at the top of this every every week is takeaways we want me to leave takeaways in the the first two of the first week we got to take aways. And then mix that let let me reading it and so it. You know is it just shows you know coach because Madonna does a great dubs this on you know if you win it the turnover differential. Lot of national science. And we've been reading you know take aways last week so that would happen we have land so we get takeaways we got a great athlete and again. Did you guys. At any point in the game start date and we need to score. On defense and me think that all the time yet on time but at some point games ago we news was that the answer to make this thing happened just to get us some hope some home. I'm a man absolutely not feel like you know if you as a defense in his score at least once lost the game. You know get this off as we we got a chance to win the Coca that this bill is a big deal you know it it'll happen often but I feel like you know we get our hands on some Baath. As far as you know defensive backs. Beginning essentially got I think a lot of weight. And in practice and we have we get inception. We go all the way through the test and about it with his tenure was a man one out away so you know we practice like been enough and you begin we get out from under. We were just talking about. Trevor Ximian and we had a caller who doesn't respect its name obviously there what do you think about terrorism and now the. You know worked to soften he thinks the bottom he he makes takes it. He's the benefit of path and it just adds that to be seen in. He got two great receives he's confident he thought about the game after him to come down is so. You know we we respect every opponent respect every quarterback as you know is is is that took and we and if and he's he's two and oh right now so. We got to respect them in I feel like you know we don't do a great job loss Sunday because we've prepared the ban will. David your and your third regular season week in the NFL would you fight yourself. Listening to whether it's coach your players somebody on this roster do you find yourself possibly there done that us that and we'll find yourself and a think Beckham knows who he's talking about I'm gonna pay attention. You know I saw I'm honestly guys did you know. Got. A lot of years in office so cap cal Williams's dad always talks in because he he. He lost me do well because we from the same area here and then went to the same school. The grand though he talked to me and I'm Mike doing voice of those got so we got a great group got in the mountains is as a total team yet great who you know. Guys are about fifteen out of buttons is so. In and stated too because as luck is like right next to my and I talked to him that so no we got a great group of guys in those guy has been doing great as follows no particular reason. Was it like for you Aaron Ambrose playing receiver from running around and you know if necessary we here cameramen around here Chicago law I know the quarterback discuss that something likable man in my doubt I'll open which always files. Was like for you when the defense is they get six acts you know your back there cover him when you turn around a quota Rezko and down again like that's the sidelines of the yes you run around ever. They and he plays was. When we come plays we had 771. Plays in heat like that you know Ireland when windows got convicted make it definitely believe there. Al talked about the sound of the crowd when your route to run around you get the home crowd again this week you get one home. One wrote how much is immediately Becker on the what is expected of the electorate. The first game you know it is if they exceed my expectations them I mean noise wiser use this as part with you don't know it's you know because. My mom's he seems like he knows he means they do you know. In. Saturday night if it's between ankle yeah classic who knows they elected me out Adam. Are you receive this is it seems the and on the fourth often is is the and I. We like heaven years that you come in my we appreciate drew Davis in the previous white fills a rookie corner joining us. In studio the number one ranked rookie corner in the NFL right now according to pro football focus. Donald and I come back immortal moment the John Murphy show from one bills drive up Buffalo Bills review. John Murphy she. But if that would welcome back to show the best line today have been during commercial breaks yeah but for whatever reason. Laughter Davies went down love that kid reform hope he's going to be OK the user heck of a player. I at the form though talking about you know and always bounces or I'd Torre's troops. And. It does get like that though in. And the biggest thing for him is. And he's now you know that with Sammy here. Now I don't if he didn't have a a family is a mature young men see us yes you know him because the as a family. He really is once abused them in right it was a tough the tough thing for him I remember who mine you know my son was born. I missed. So many weeks during the seasons and it. The way to about weak side just moments seeing you know because he was he was born and obviously could travel up here yet to see me or anything like that it was tough. Good player to Davis like thank that and referred to as actors. Anymore juice in the other room so the more troops are doing Hayward did we do. Palestinian few phone calls were talking about it and potential breakout players for the bills and calling from Los Angeles LA. That's that's Los Angeles not like I want America. We got LA downtown LA I got to work. Day today. I question I thought while back anything about. It really good up and then thought oh my outlook when you are complain about the receiver core you know we're doing. It would got a lot and he would. Iraqi and need to get it for thirty yards and I really in that they. But I know and that's over bring an encounter these guys they're good editor never not a doctor want that ball out Barney you'll you can catch and make a play out he can't chip. I think the review every lap and Tyrod and the ball within your children out Beckett is by him not to log into my. You're crushed in honor. Yeah you know the biggest thing is win win is brought request. I mean maybe your inner short picture out or the rhetoric in hearing you like gimmick play in the ocean apart. Currency would I think the biggest thing is when when your receivers this is why we always talk about quarterbacks throwing our receivers open because if you don't throw a guy open and you wait until you think he's open. The ball is going to be behind. You know because they've got to close and in their clothes and in that this you have to anticipate. There's some and a tyrant has need needed to work on since he's been here buffalo you know and so the last week. You know he he. The office and having to gain the offensive line wasn't blocking it was a lot of pressure on them. But he individually does need to get better at throwing on time in throwing guys open so that yea they have a detestable out in front and they can run with the court. Why receivers wanna get yak yards you know I wanna test of Iowa run now to be able to shake some ID you know if you are bigger physical guy you might wanna even lower your shoulder with some money. But if I'll always have the reach behind the iron low as an advocate. Does that stop and start to start exactly are in and you know the guys are close and and so want to catch it is my miles it is going to get down or the integrity. Caller from Tony and Clarence welcome to show telling. They out and not. My comedy is Strauss a light. Break out player yet tell us why you think you can be the guy Tony. Because I think he did it and he has basically had an agent so I expect early IE he has split end. And being the didn't that packs that are gobbling them can't wait a pop world. As well I was pretty. Because while. There's probably he's got a huge advantage India I think the child's school it will be a huge actor on the ugly and that game. I also doubt don't well you know I hope he's a factor in helping out on Lamar Miller yeah because it's. I promise out there's no go out this week you know obviously he's gonna go out he need him to be a factor in the passing game. But they need in the help battle by Miller chipping and then getting out and and they need to make sure that he is in the air. Helping out as much as he came with bomb Miller's is not going to be we talk about the Broncos. And you know their tackles being a weak part of their team in our tackles haven't necessarily played well and now even if courting plays he's hurt you know as to their wheels now. You know also. These are things that bomb that was gonna look at and try to exploit so you might have to give him some help and that will be tossed the fracture. Call let's go let's dig call from I'd been in buffalo hello Ivan welcome. Oh god I won't Burton. Well break up clear what does it normal pace car what Taylor. Our obviously that is what they're not they are not only it's not the sort of buck that you wanna make sure that. He really know if it's all about you'll get it's it's a chance to pick itself off. And I'll like it could comment a common that I think the bills look at. Bring it back well because my own work. The mere fact there's no nationalize it can really. All we Eagles tackle like normal the whales sort of are we even as optical mistake. What bill to lease on topic vision looked out of the original back if they don't need help potency. While plot which are not be patient but. Include oughta bring him back over yesterday's yet but we're coordinates. Are Malia. Angle. No the USBs playing anywhere in the league im pretty sure that and some rims as practice squad guy for the Broncos so. It can be picked up he could be picked up aren't currently he is I think he's in his third week and practiced well good thing is. Here's a bit crazy thing which out of the way is because when you're on a practice squad teams can beat you up anywhere and obviously you wanna play right but he's getting paid like. Like he's playing right you know he's been paid a 500000. Plus you you know you're this year to be on a practice well which is rare to get paid that much money. So for him he's on a team that is that is winning a team that is number one rushing team in the league. Yeah wanna play but I would think for him if he's leaving he's wants to go somewhere. For not even for the money does not sound like he's gonna break the bank he's gonna make what he's making on the practice squad. He wants to go somewhere where he's gonna play you know if not he muzzle stay there and be on a practice squad until something happens he gets called up to. Two they're fit Internet routes. Entry call hey let's play topic newsroom news Donna we have been on this I think today here to fake news real news brought you back. Yeah it's he's fancy New York's artisan cheese we come across things India. In the paper online that get a sneak a little bit and here's something and it was the Washington Post that this weekly analysis called fancy stats right. Try to find out what's gone on what's wrong really in the NFL we meant I mentioned this yesterday the average scoring output per team per game so part two weeks. Twenty point three points per game the lowest average for the first two weeks of the season since 2010. The average margin of victories thirteen points the highest margin and in several years which means we've had low scoring games and blocking and as a man real entertaining but here's the issue. What is the problem with the collective scoring. Washington Post presents this that. Inexperienced quarterbacks. Are crippling scoring in the NFL is that the number one issue as far as the problem with those scoring points in the I'm gonna go fake. I think we've only got two weeks' worth of evidence here. I prefer to see a little bit more evidence maybe half a season before it would reach their conclusion I know that. There's a lot of bad quarterbacks have a lot of bad teams out there. But I don't know that it is if you can put it solely on the backs of that quarterback inexperienced quarterbacks crippling scoring in the NFL they. What do you think though. Yeah I think. I mean I'm gonna go real on this is not solely on the backs of of quarterbacks because often the lines are not playing well offences in general just not. You know catching up with. Defense is yet and I guesses it seems like this year may because this this year and this is the are paying attention to. It is like this every year I don't know but. Offense is our plan good. But quarterbacks in general for me ours is it is not playing that you know across the league and they're not coming into. Of the ready to play yet and they're being thrown into the fire but because of that I think that these and he inexperienced quarterbacks are. Doing a huge part and how low scoring games are now here's an article that came up on Bleacher Report. The raiders are the NFL's best team fake real what do you think the raiders the best team in the I've felt two weeks. I think made their defense is not necessarily that strong. I think that the they are though playing like the best seemingly so I'm gonna go real on this and I think there. Right now I think they are the best team in the league offensively they have weapons ever run game him a passing game. On defense they have. You know whether he's beaten the player of the year last night hearing blue Mac yeah so here they have a good defense of line the back in a defense. Is a question for them but I think they are playing like. The NFL's best. Through the rigors of the best team in the room divisions now. Who's going to cheeks would be better I mean you got the jets game and as we know we're in buffalo to play the jets you'd you'd take your went in for the most part and venues used is kind of sit there and think OK what do we just beat what is happening here. I think the raiders have to undergo that you know just like I said when the bills beat the jets and everybody went well it's only the jets doesn't count well. Raiders are two and I wanted to win it's the jets are we saying that wind doesn't count all but what to say do the best team in the league no I don't think there are I think the chiefs. Might be as good if not better than the raiders the patriots are still out there I think this is real that you use the real thing. All right I think it. You know Tyler Columbus is you got his memory he he was talking about it earlier. Activism when those games when those things play against these other this year those that are going to be the matchup to watch like throughout the year because that is the best division in football right now they have three teams in and don't sleep on the charges and all the you know so retarded field goals away from being too early to know exactly you know also when those teams play against each other. Those are the games to watch they have firepower on all of those teams. So that it isn't right there is an interest in division they're gonna beat up point seven though you know and so those teams are going to. Playoffs are baked and real part three there's a lot in game coming up this week in Baltimore and Jacksonville coming up on Sunday. Com London franchise that necessary in the NFL people talk for years about well eventually the team will. The league will move a team to London eleven franchises that Nasser in the NFL I think it's real I don't think it is. Jacksonville essentially is London's team I came across the stats in this article. On Yahoo.com. From Jacksonville. Gross has more money and its annual game in Wembley that it doesn't game at all. They make more money gone to London than they do play home Wembley bigger 83000 seats. Average ticket price at Wembley 130 dollars numbered 86 dollars in Jacksonville. Infected jaguars owner shut down so is the one game in London is almost 20%. Of the jaguars revenue now GAAP. That it's working for them you know I mean they're making money may be propping up the franchise with the original debt. You also have all those logistical issues still aren't so if you put a team of London got us adjust your schedule so what the London team to play. Three games of the US three at home. There's just a lot of issues no I don't think eleven franchise. Oh it isn't necessary yet it's real preference London franchise is not necessary in the I agree. Yes I don't think it's I don't think it's necessary I'm gonna go real on this one. Here's the thing in and I understand the money side is being an idea why did the league does it mean you know they wanna make money and money and money teams wanna make money. When you look at the product that's on the field you remember her when this team flew out to London and had to play. You're not going to have a good product on the field you are playing essentially at 9 o'clock in the morning. The players and I used to waking up that early I don't care if you go out there for week in advance its. The product on the fuse just like Thursday night games you know these that is a lot to play a game that have to get directly on a flight fly out to London and play. Out there in London somewhere you're not comfortable at all you know so I think it hurts the product on the field so no I don't think business. That's necessary. Don't do it. But what team don't need to log in to. Big news really is brought to buy yet he's into your charts and she's. Donald and I come back with a mortal moment the John Murphy show from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills radio. Now what have we learned from. From today's show is presented by peninsula are ready westerners homes and businesses with the finest and security and home theater the preferred alarm and home theater provider. Of the Buffalo Bills we learned a lot today and sedation or we covered a lot of territory. Today's show we talk with tighter Columbus former offensive lineman for the Denver Broncos another radio sent a reporter on the broncos' radio network. We asked him what do you do if you try to block by Miller Heidi handle it here's what he said. These are doing everything big walk out of the Rodham a lot of frost well actually. Sorted out among the backside. There's an important part of it and all of the plays side work on it to ship them directly the line of scrimmage we can't even get at the hour. There is they're coming up played double. At a Columbus former offensive lineman what do you do with Miller Ruben brown and offensive lineman joined us. In the 1 o'clock hour. Rubin not a big fan of the bills offensive line strategy so far the zone blocking scheme is where Ruben Brown had to say about that. Any type penetration. Please vote what was said. Also over the years are it is do more three zone defense because of the business. Likes to go what the U Opel and history straight ahead of hostess. You know doing side besides. They take the advantage away from office problem because now of office alarms record to try to grow and makes it much. Opposed to just stepping in and that question where it goes and you know because his own means. Now they're gadgets lined up in front of the attack ordered tighter and you have to keep your head. To replace our. Ruben brown and zone blocking scheme if she things to say the bills' injury participation report for today. Just out no shocker here and not practicing today. Defensive tackle Marcel Darius. Defense of tackle Jerel worthy with this concussion. Limited work today for tackle according Glenn that's a good sign when his foot in his ankle. Limited work today for defense of and Shaq Lawson. Also limited work today for running back LeSean McCoy safety COLT Anderson wide receiver Kaelin clay and record you know lacy Tynan nick O'Leary. Apps are full practice I misspoke or practice for English on the court today with his wrist Charles clinical practice with Disney meant a lot of cancer so. The good news they're down to is limited work recording plan trending in the right direction the bad news is no work firmer so various not trending in the right direction. Need any Marcel on earth do you need this you need all pieces of your defense out there because he needed defense played great. You know they need priests stop this number one rushing attack in the league. And you need to base you big man out there about sedate stuff out it's their stuff do you division stuff to me you need him out there on the field we'll see please. Works tomorrow big show tomorrow mark Kelso joins us in studio tomorrow Greg cosell with some quarterback talked. We'll talk with a heavy Manger about the stadium experience Lorenzo Alexander. All of that tomorrow things start presenting sponsor NAPA Auto Parts find your local Napa store minded Napa online dot com. Right Gates's aren't ever come up Puerto production assistance from JJ garrido George west. Just hope they tell us how other Bolivian Maryland chubby Russian our producer. This is Buffalo Bills radio.