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Sabres Hockey
Friday, September 22nd

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It's with Chad being sign entering what's been your thought process now it's your how do you approach training camp now. It's usually SA always series go day by day and enjoyed a moment spun to be here. We need to supporter when he was signed do you think maybe this was gonna be your time that to be in the NHL. You always going to be they guided that poison and it's Al but. It's gonna bide my time you know take my time. Enjoy every day as the ghosts try to develop my game in me as a person mostly. Matta that's what I'm looking forward to. With the development you do to Rochester last year in the season you had do you feel you're ready for the NHL do you think OK if called upon your ready to play in this league. Hi Cheryl so. Today it feels like I can that. Complain they're but also it's gonna be up to the coaches and all that Diana. At what you call it. That I am making an effort down there they can just go. Half past Norris sloppiness or something like day's gonna be very professional every day and go on percent phenomenal fifties or anything like that his then you have guys coming underneath. When you take your spots and then again do the same thing when I got to earn my spot. They broadcast. Achieved through Plano those games we got back in the summer and look at what mortgages. Well off. Most of all like hey how is committed to go with that tonight a personal development. That's what I feel like and though I thought the person that's human being. I can grow with the goalie and I thought that that that was found in main topics that it hearing thief and a lot of things that happen. Tag good things about being thank you like it always is and I had. I grew from it you know and that's where do when he for a guest still lost to learn lots of hockey meets on. At this time it is with you. Working on technically on the ice right now. They think they had my hands. I love working my aunts and all that stuff with him and try to get man my heading to the states you know I could have but the box at all times is that. Keep trying to keep hitting to the game and that this that's my biggest thanks to and if the kind of hope that even voters can create them more opportunities for me Nazis. Be edit edit controls to play instead of just reacted to whatever happens. You hope that Newt. You both help. It. It's always vomit a lot of shots and enough there's anything like that that be things that. We can minimize the Heisman chances that's going to be a tremendous opportunities for us to. Scoring more goals than that annihilating that's many of the month that I can set. Few shots lawsuit shots. They're all the thing.