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Sunday, September 24th

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Well and there can make it different and yet that and then I think it's our front four you know you have to be able get off the ball we don't have a guy like Jerry account running if you have a good get off those Gaza and east Germany so that with a combination of our fans be allowed. Was useless to them can be made a back up being knocked about pilloried I think what's so. There's about a dozen players taking a need during the National Anthem in his take a spirited discussions. Before the game and. Yet you know obviously with their response to our president's comments. As far as calling people that were. Peacefully protest that SOB's. And for me. With the backdrop being solid feel in. Calling neo Nazis and kkk members you know five people in that it's. Making it appears that. In drawn off all our hard drivers in FL player would do with a peaceful home. Really touched down for the guys that are taken in the year trying to bring awareness to. The social justice and equality that we have in this country doesn't mean it is now not patriots doesn't mean if they don't let the country because we do we we have greatly privileges here. That members Vienna I use US citizen and I also wanna call you know reacted to the things that need to be changed. And today I DR will continue in the about a for the deal to sell dot that I had to back. On the network with that. I'm off with our military often with our country now that you could put us all and it's boxing at the draw my I have to be good for my country or fourth of justice. They actively for everything and that's what we want to get across it not equality. How concerned argues that some people out there to understand what this protest. You know you. You can't please everybody I'm gonna explain where you're at. And need to gonna hear exactly. I think if you talk to people that have had Neil you know Michael Bennet that a great job explain why he's doing why he's doing it if you. Don't understand it. This is where your I mean can't take everybody's minds. This is the governor female won't need we have that about this and I don't wanna do it. But it's all about respected people's opinions in perspective but we still love each of this country's all about. And I think that's where you know of not doing as far as touching discussion with those teammates. There would be some guys. In all the schemes that you had to kind of decide as a team what to do with great understanding. You know open an open dialogue where are really appreciate what our owners. Been in a remark GM in support that's obviously. Here who goalless come he came up poor. On the via the forgot where he comes promptly did a great job as far as making without him and allow to use our platform. And really his his organization standalone to make a statement. So. Look a lot of respect for him a lot owners. Don't have to do that I did do that. But again you have over form great doubt all great understanding. I think everybody that likes that need to be done. We just came with some guys we deal with longer ought again now the key you know we had if it opinions. Cover beautiful background but in that respect each other NAFTA still love on each of you know we see things if an easy yes I'm in the world. You know. I don't know that the closer you go walk begins about things about the the majority president Eleanor after the music. And to make it personal like activity today does that mean I'm SOB now if my mama beat. Everybody you know I mean no you know my mom not mean so. I think. People that have a platform make a lot of money. You need to stand to use your platform that's what it's all about I have a huge voice and classy something going on that's what leadership is all about. Step and for those that don't have a voice enough without doing around the league so. Either you you know you understand that you don't I'm here to take everybody's mind on the duet the gets right not talking today with a a great way to deal and so the guy that adorn it for their causes that move within my support it. It. Our idea yet why does want to make sure that everybody on the same page nobody would call guard you have a lot of respect what shining. In the book goes as far do we hear not want to get out open in May is over it yet open dialogue so it didn't become a distraction take away from the game we addressed before him vs. We don't want it meant by that was going on with happening in the in the airs. You know solidarity felt this nation that we. Communicated now some shots at burial not support you got to watch the guys do but if you haven't issued scum of the earth and if we do yesterday we expect going forward now. Com you know I don't know how things about maybe continued Neil raised a fist. I won't I mean I respect. The military at all then that the that I that's a distraction if he nearly doesn't mean that you've got to get that app app today I want to deal just to show that I was with the guys that are doing. Consistent basis. I think he's got to continue to working the QBs you do when that it toward young people trying to sell in the right way to go about it. The lessons that and you know we talked east he has every day about. You know. In inner city you know don't be finally don't want to hear stuff up do things the right way and our presence is so crazy when people are doing that via peaceful about it so it's almost like. You know what it's a would act out the details from that example and as well. You know it's a complicated issue that not all work itself out and one deal or tomorrow or next week is ongoing thing but we'd have to make sure that we continue. To give back in in getting to the keys in the community guilty to talk about it. Yes I'm here that's kind of where I. Mean that that's just don't have it meet people and I don't agree with without that everybody to. And no I don't I don't agree with everybody's. Opinion the way they don't like either. It's all about loving understanding and you have an open. Positive dialogue about things in trying to come to understand have to agree with up to an understanding and respect treat them. You. Mom I'm these guys that wanna deal nobody say they would do if somebody else when it's that they would do for the sale. And an athlete and we expect I think doubt that the in the bigger part of adorn today saw some guys deal some guys stand. Somebody else they fit what we're all locked owns and I think that's the picture of what we wanna see discussion about because it's. No way that don't fit the same way about every single issue when at this some respect and love and an understanding we can love each other and get along Egypt today.