09/12 Night Cap HR 1

Wednesday, September 12th

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Time now for the nightcap. How much I make. Hoped he would leave it do you know what happened if I suddenly decided to stop going to work. Business and big enough that it be listed on the NASDAQ goes belly up and here's why it's ceases to exist without me no. Don't know we're talking to someone include you. The danger. But I don't prince's story can shine you can. On WGR. Sports Radio 550. Irate. Column. Tonight captain Jody B outs it might safari. On Wednesday here are on WGR. And we know the court packets. It's Alan. Joshua Allen will start for the bills against the chargers on Sunday. We talked a lot about yesterday. They need a lot of Peterman vs ally in the little bit Capra nick. A little bit of the other free agent quarterbacks out there Derek Anderson's name came up Matt Moore's name came up. Joseph Webb's name even came up at one point. End. Disputes still have that conversation because I think there is still may be. A conversation out there whether you can even atrocity in Peter means to be your backup quarterback I would say now. But now but let's go. Let's go move it on to what we should have been talked about all on the important discussion the important thing that we're gonna find out. Whether John Challenger franchise quarterback and I think. This whole situation. It's have. Kind of another black guy to put on the bills here. In the past year they've spent a little bit of a punch line because of their nature and human experiments couple times going horribly wrong. And that's over and it should be over or forget. I hope. 830550 is the phone number you wanna get in on the conversation tonight 55550. Is the tax line and you can tweet at me at sneaky Joseph WGR we will hear. From both quarterbacks later in the show Josh Al and any human that will be in the next hour at 730 about half hour from now we will play back. Sean McDermott from earlier today if you missed this press conference we will play that back for you at 730. So couple things here for one. It is the whole argument to start Josh own first place to start week one it's not just. What's best for him what's best for Allan because. You know. You gotta play devil's advocate what's best for Elin might not always be what's best for the bills. Would have been best for EJ Manuel made orbit bust for EJ Manuel Villar and sit for 23 years. Because. Beckett probably could have learned he would have needed every tip in the world to become a starting quarterback yet felt he didn't possess the talent to do. In Davie Allan will be good enough to be starting quarterback maybe you won't be real good enough to be considered a franchise court. There are. A bunch of different ways to look at him playing early as positive to. Him playing early. For one. Mixing games more interest in especially this team is going to be bad. And in week one. If you didn't believe they were gonna be bad before the season started you probably hear at least excepting that that's a big possibility now after they just. Put up a stinker in Baltimore. So it makes the gains or just number two. You win in this league when your quarterbacks are on the rookie contracts. That's what it's easiest way. Now of course you can do it elsewhere. The patriots have been doing it for a decade when Brady now and rookie contract the Packers having won the first one with Roger's not on a rookie contract. You can't do. But it's easiest when you're not having to pay your cornerback so much money to win. And you by putting Allen in now. That gives you a whole another year to play with here with him on that contract. Suddenly that final year that deal instead of being his thirty year playing will be as forth your point. Andy we can debate how big a benefit that is but I would have to think it's at least somewhat of a positive. There's that. And number three. If he isn't going to be great we are finding out quicker. We don't have to have a debate. Going into 20/20. Whether Al's gonna be franchise quarterback. Because if he plays the rest of the season fifteen games he plays majority of next season so us. Let's call and even thirty games if he gets somewhere around that number. You have a pretty good idea of what you have. You should have a pretty good idea of what you have. And then you can make a decision from there whether aren't able let him play again like the jaguars are feeling may be in the spot right now at lake portals he's been. Not that good. But he also hasn't been an epic disaster because he's been good enough where the team around him being good in great on the defense side of the ball. He's not that bad words you can get to the AFC championship game and maybe should have even made it to the suitable. And the jaguars now. But they gave him that contract they can get out of it if they feel they need to get better at some point they can do. And they have that's that happened because they let him play right away. Because otherwise if this was going to be portals I don't know what an event thirty year. Then maybe they don't know and maybe there are still trying to convince themselves they discuss can be franchise quarterback. And Alan. I don't know just everything is quicker. Now I don't think it'll be quick enough to maybe you get to the point where we start talking about. Drafting a quarterback in this next drafted 2019. I aimed at all watts. Really bad. For them to do it if he only looks. Modest to okay. And they have a top pick in the draft which right now looks like there's a pretty good chance that's gonna happen Jeremy wrote about this and what's that you check that out WGR feisty dot com. The fear bunker. My homes Arnold and that next class. For shirt because the last thing you want to happen. Is go through. 23 years Joshua Allen and then decide he is not it. And we need to move on. And somewhere along the way you passed on what could've book could be the first quarterback taken in 2019 draft. If things keep turning this way hopefully they don't but it is a very real possibility. It'll never happen. I went back and looked only two times I only look back in 1960 and nothing happened before that and the draft might have been different the rules might have been a little different back then. Noted and while the AFL is also. Having drafted. To teams have ever taken quarterbacks in round one in back to back years. The rams did it. In the sixties three years in a row 626364. And then the colts the Baltimore colts where the last team to do this. Where they drafted a first arm quarterback in back to back years. They went to court X 8283. John Elway and 83 and I don't know how to pronounce the guy's name for me to art. She shall each leader. She leader Mike you know your older than me dot battled. Actually there at net now it's good to close against. So it just doesn't happen it doesn't happen. But you don't really doesn't happen. You don't go into a season. With no quarterback on your roster that's ever finished a game you don't go into a season with no veteran on your roster. When you have. Eight top ten quarterback. That also does not really happen. David discuss the chargers situation when he Drew Brees for a year after drafting in the second round. And he was not good so they went with rivers and and he exploded at senior no I mean not really anything they just moved on to rigorously they just knew that they didn't want threes long term they had rivers and Mike Allen Allen Breed doubt remember they they rich guys breeze they were both on the roster. They were both on the roster this would be something. Difference this would be Ari you've just drafted this guy to be your franchise quarterback you would be one year and in no way would you want anybody make a final judgment. On what Joshua Allen is going to be. But if the same time need you get a good enough sense where you would think. It's gonna stain if we pass on I don't know insert name their Jarrett stay at them as the name today by Mike Miller Bleacher Report the teams are apparently fallen in love with the Auburn cornerback. There's will Greer out there and I'm not seeing the bills would ever do this in fact it would be kind of embarrassing if you'd if they did do this. That doesn't mean it wouldn't be Smart. And this is all complying by the way that Allen would be okay but this is all this opens up to me. That not so much but even a little bit because Allen didn't play at all this year. At all. Or maybe a couple games. Then of course for retirement between nineteen. And then failed came out looked bad next year were probably still I think and quarterbacking 20/20. If he's bad now. You know two years and if these bad. We could be talking about drafting a quarterback it's point point that's playing devil's advocate saying if if things go poorly that's what can happen. Even I just mentioned on the good side if he's great. It's batter that he plays early. You don't want him playing he's I don't think is the fact that rookie season in 2019 when you're ready to start winning because I don't think this team is ready to start winning right now and I didn't all offseason. But net steer with your cap space your draft picks. And your quarterback going to year two a lot easier convince people hate this team could actually be on the rise into the playoff contender. If not a division contender it 2019. Rather then yeah they could be good but we need to see would Josh Alan it's good we have no idea because you as a road played. Now that packages that the case subject directors are blown up while the full blown up on this search at least a guy. Arch recent thing yes I'm young gimme a break well I don't know about this either but apparently he had that really bad gambling problem and now any move down from an after year so is gasoline no I don't know it was it was you know person I've. I figured that might have been that because but certainly it doesn't really make sense for. I don't wanna see doesn't make sense I actually think. It's not the worst idea of the world is it to keep drafting quarterback after quarterback until you find a guy who's like a leaked. The angles have been sitting on eighty Dalton for how long he's okay that the jets straight at the last couple years and arrow. And yet another genre that great a talking first round of talk in like using your first pick on a guy. And that can hinder your roster and other places but. I don't know we don't talk about the quarterbacks the dolphins and angles passed on because they have Dalton ten. But third got to be examples of young quarterbacks those teams could have taken. That would have been operates. That would event a leaked. And then you know what it's a valuable you can trade a guy like eighty dome you can trade a guy like try to nail Al oak Smith been treated for second round pick twice in his career. And I don't even Obama called him as good as those two president probably Albion seem tenth year but. It's just me it's never a bad idea to take that guy and that's another example of the overall arching point here that I think it's. Only really positive for him to be playing early the downside of him playing early. Is what the offensive line is so bad. That. He just can't do anything like David Carr ask in his first you're the taxes. He just looks so bad you but at that point how much can we judge. That'll be tossed out there. And I tend to think if he's going to BA bad quarterback if he's not going to be. A starter in this league he's just not gonna get there. No matter what I don't think it will be because he sat for a year or because he didn't sit for a year. I think there's no way. He's not as reddy's data Peterman once. They compete lemon wasn't ready to be an NFL quarterback has probably never will be ready to beautiful quarterback. It could not have gone worse. It is still amazing to me that they try to that guy out there put two times. One time doing over in established. Starting quarterback in the NFL that hagee with a winning record. In a playoff hunt. That gave you something on your offense that you knew he was not gonna give you with this capability is mobility. At least they were getting that would Josh and but it's amazing that we are even in this spot. That they had to be reminded. That need to Peter means not an NFL cornerback. He doesn't need to be on the roster. He doesn't it job she'll work to knock avoid if Josh over to get hurt. In one of these games in Peter means the only other quarterback on the roster. Who has confidence that that guy is gonna come in and keep you above water. That's all you're asking for Rebecca quarterback he's not keeping you above water. So far as career ES semen close. And it's not like there's a ton of them and we've had a cabinet discussion yesterday there's not other than him there or not guys that are gonna come in. And make you competitive team when you don't have a great roster around it but. I mean at this point. We're even talking about making the playoffs and such Peerman were in the game we're talking about. Staying in games past the first quarter. To start stayed out of games by halftime. And it. Third those guys out there than Derek Anderson's. The the Matt lowers the Scott pulls scenes but none of those are good ideas neither. But you've got to work on your back up quarterback position I think at some point here. Because there is no way. That IE especially would have confidence and a lot of fans to. Would feel that they can win games with number two under center. It through a 550 is the phone number if you wanna get on the conversation 55550. Is the tax line and you can tweet at me at sneaky Joseph WG are solid up the chargers. And it. We had we had charged reporter on today air Williams in check that out disarmament WG are fighting to dot com he was talking about how of the did. Chargers secondary probably a little disappointed they didn't get there. Second go at eaten Peter read. And it's kind of funny that he didn't end up starting this game. That he didn't. Make it through that first game we talked a lot about that over under number that was in Vegas the thirteen and half starts for Josh talent. And I thought that was crazy. When it came out because that was right when Nathan Peerman. We all soon was gonna start because of the Bengals game he had the third pre season game how we looked in that game and how did you see. Allen. Not getting end her hubby she Ellen getting in in the first few weeks it seemed very hard to believe they liked Peerman. He had played better in the pre season and they made a competition that they were gonna take that into account. Any even a little naive on my own part I think everybody's part. How could Josh Allen did do a game quickly. We saw how Josh out into a game quickly because Peterman did it last season. He had a game. That was bad enough. Where despite being named the starter that week they had to go to plan B by halftime. And that's what happened again. He was historically bad and again. He is out of 338. Quarterbacks. Rated. With quarterback rating last thirty years minimum fifty passes he's dead last he is historically bad. I don't want that as my backup quarterback. And like I said. It beginning to show here. On June the more important conversation. Because it doesn't really matter for your backup quarterback it is. I think if you get your backup quarterback no matter what team you are. You're probably. You're you're limited itself you're we have you have a ceiling. In what you get a real special situation. Like they had in Philly last year. You watch your back and to be able to have keep you above water but the main. Important conversation now that we can move on to and if we can start to figure out what the answer is still. Is what is Josh Allen. What does he need to work on to how are you gonna get a good sense on that. If you're the coaches if you general manager if your ownership. What are you get a better sense of Ellen needs to do better at this Allen needs do better test he needs you were consistent his footwork he needs to stop in easily be look over the middle of the little bit more he needs take a few more. It dump offs underneath it said just wants to keep every time how'd you find out stuff like that. If he's sitting on the bench. But now we can see. And now we can actually start to figure out of this guy is the real deal and if we don't have to talk about quarterback for the next decade. Because I'm giving it it's fun it's fun to talk about the position the most teaching position in the league. But it is getting a little tiring. Almost every year for my lifetime. Having to talk about. Both this guy the answer. Let's get an answer. 8030550 the phone number let's sort this segment off with Arnold and Boston Arnold you run an attempt to. In Asia and I got three points. The first point and actually create a lot with what. You were saying about that record and exciting technologies Asian others before everyone's a free agents that work. You can get anyone any time is to create in any position except the corporate. It's like will probably be free agent and kind of built. So great quarterback over yet require that we drought that we lose but I'm Brooke good waiting for a quarterback. I had a single trip up. Everything quarterback. I put it lacked Obama's backyard figured out after a couple of games as do the best. And go with it guys because that's what he'll support this league is that everyone else's issue adjustment to the capital they got 33 continents. There. Parties people work out as did not it will work out in RG three got Turkey could trade emperor from Australia but I I totally agree with it so your point that like point one. Peter and should be benched in I there's multiple throws during making news just throwing up. I think part of me that emphasizes why can't I can't actually remember a situation in which a guy was thrown to the walls. Into worse situations I mean you're never quite quickly context statements in eagle we just in port all without any offence and got our. Batten kill you before they went opposite Diego a couple of exported it. I would pension I would say hello bubble empathize this guy I think he does at this guy's career all the games. That. I feel bad for him even in a way because it's not his fault. That date that he got drafted into a situation re at the plate mean you could just got directed by any team we think the cowboy if Nathan Peter and it would have been drafted by the cowboys beat her backup quarterback he would not be a joke nationwide. And I think the third point and it's just it's totally different not that big point to anything except to build it's it's about straight away. I just got to respect are you guys stay on topic of the bill. Are more yet it send it under the same assessment on. But I just in general you guys are following this Serena Williams things. And I. This point now where in that I can see this economic out of a radio broadcaster announcer you're you're you're beholden to what people say about. She is extremely bad. Bully. Threatening this guy's career you can't he can't umpire while you're well for me to drop the whole. You chill and let it get behind that type of action I'm all for me too I'm all for all of true look it was acting badly. Aged just lending Jean Fredette somehow equating it to McEnroe. You know what as part of human beings stock holdings. Arnold I wonder what you think about this because I kind of have two schools of thought on this I think that. Both of both things can be right I think she could have been subject to. Sexism I think that ended there is evidence out there that yet dot net and men's tennis players do get away with stuff like that. But at the same time she could have ban subject to that and also acted out acted portly because I do agree that I think that she did. I think there was some behavioral stuff there that I you wouldn't like to see but at the same time I think she's also making a point some kind of stuck in the middle on the. I think if I resentment by Steve Denise Smith was it was all out Austria basically saying. This rat. Ramos had a history of illness with Joker that isn't taking away. Violations in point and sit and games with other male players that don't want our American. It's kind of party argument is. And I hit it is. You know people are saying well you know people swear in that four letter word in guys Stewart should congress got it he's. Porting his career. Lately that you put your Beck and perhaps you've backing up 88 or some such as that we don't have a better marketplace and that's been. I thought it was disgusting the way she was acting. Yeah I didn't really. I would I would've called it disgusting because to be honest I would have been pretty upset too if I'd just been given a foul for something that I. Herb had been. Taken game away from me. For something about it feels right and in the ref actually did agree with her. At one point saying OK I didn't know that it wasn't coaching but that he capped the panel so I can see why she would have been frustrated yet. Acted out on it and it's tough situation but. I think both sides can be in the right element are our picks for the call we're gonna get back to the bill after this segment chuck Rick. Check nick chuck in next stand hold we'll beat you in a real fight to keep you wanna get your thoughts and cost Texas at 55550. It happened and Joshua Allen. It's it's time the Josh Allen air up here in buffalo you starting Sunday against the chargers what does it mean about the bill's going forward. And you know we can start talking about now whether this guy's going to be the real deal era through I think he's the phone number tonight cap might just Arian Jody B Osce here on WG. Experience there each each day he gets more more reps more more chance to be around what we're doing this system and it felt football it's all just part of the overall process the growth process that you go through. You know just acclimate myself to two life in the NFL and then life under center and so it's all part of the development. Still sat coach comic you're gonna hear more from him in just a few minutes here on WGR. That'll beat you into the top of the hour. Continue with your phone calls though 8030550. Is the number if you wanna get in on the conversation let's go to chuck in Hamburg chuck and I kept up. Okay I've been listening for our. Debt I've been hearing all the bashing a Peerman. Since last year I'm in the minority on the Peter a chance. I think you do good quarterback. But what what make what do you seen that makes you think he is a good core. Ate a bowl game. He has not played out all just can't make it to halftime without my round I unit and any. Sleep united Europe maybe occidental and our Sunday I watched that game. They were terrible you play like bet against rating we will help Brady. What about the office of line last year he had a good better offensive line last year he still threw five interceptions. That you're lucky now want to happen it's actually Elin does same thing. Could be an Iraqi. He's a first round pick though you get more leeway when you're a first round pick instead of a fourth fifth round but were. You need to get from a chair. I can't believe that the Buffalo Bills and people will probably end to the wolves and getting rid of so quickly. There's a reason the people wanna get rid of him so quickly chuck it is that he was a fifth round pick. And in the limited game action he's seen he's the worst quarterback in NFL history. It's not even exaggeration but is backed up by how we performed. They had 01 thousands. I'll tell I'll give you one thing I give you credit it is very hard to be any computer in Finneran now. And if you're finding a way to do it. God speed. But. They had 01 downs and he was the quarterback that offense. Alan shirt he was not great when he came in either but it wasn't 01 downs. In it wasn't five interceptions. It's not fair to Peterman. He should have never. Started he at this point he should have never start in an iPhone name never. He should have been drafted as a fifth round guy to be back up somewhere. Dallas. Tampa anywhere I don't care. And that guess what. He would not be a punch line nationally which she is and it's for good reason because when he's played he's been terrible. I'd never seen anything worse you like is it's arguable that there has been nothing that's been worse ever. So you had to make the switch. In your home opener. For the fans. Also the future of your organization. You needed to move on to the first round pick because he is the one that matters. Not the guy did you pick in the fifth round last year we've done net. Who cares. Those guys come through here all the time. Levi Brown was a seventh round pick he never got game action. Oh sure we not have started him give him a shot and then if you would have played terrible it's we'll throw Levi Brown the wolves. You just there's no argument where. Peerman there's no argument. That theorists they'll be this team's core back no ocean no chance and eighteenth court. But such a difficult let's go to nick and OP nick you're on the accounts up. Page I don't big fan. Just a big question for him so when do we panic is bill's fans looking at the quarterback situation. You look at Sean McDermott they draft suggestion on who has sold me. Looking bad candidate he's the biggest project is the biggest boom or bust. But you look at where there right now and Sean McDermott trusted Nathan Peter and twice after his brutal game you go okay as a rookie. Next he then that's fine you know obviously had a year. What the team and all that stuff. But again he just a brutal so wonderfully panic and say what are we gonna do because this Joshua Allen is. You know Sean McDermott project and that's what he wants to grow and even film during the next year. It would get the first overall pick our handcuffed. We really can't take it quarterback. There's there's nothing to do we get sheer trade judge Ellen and give up on them but it's Sean McDermott series he's never argued at but where handcuffed as far as the of their quarterback going forward. Good got a first overall pick in the quarter spectator I think we gotta pay up. Yes nick thanks for the call arm. Handcuffed as an interest in term. Because yes you could be handcuffed to an and he could be terrible that could be. A problem but he can also be great in the near handcuffed to a woman good I'm glad B and talk to him but. They would never do that they were never draft Corvette first overall after picking Josh Allen. Does that mean it would have been Smart decision because. Cody you just. Dress the kids first if you think he's a better prospect than what you thought Allen was last year. You're tell me there being no team out there it would watch Josh Allen. It wouldn't be completely conceivable. That that would be Smart idea what realistically probably what happened is that the bills and updating first second third. Wherever it fair and near the top of the draft and there are quarterback's worth those picks we don't have some historically bad year like it 4013 lives EJ Manuel geno Smith. I don't my it was my Glendon in that draft whoever. And let's get it situation like that it doesn't seem like it's gonna happen. When you probably will label the media and what you'll do is you'll trade down to a team who's gonna watch a franchise quarterback and you'll get your assets that way. That's probably what realistically happens if you end up in that situation. And then guess what if that guy you traded down to not draft and of being amazing bull moves in other name on the list of guys that we passed on. In. This twenty years since Jim Kelly left or retired. Nick thanks for the call let's go to Q rich in ten more richer in the nightcap it's up. Hello. That's what I had been. And not McDermott have put ailment and really a difficult situation. The look at me now does tutoring. Arnold. Tyrod. We've mayfield. Brad Bird. All. And what are we we got here. And we have a quarterbacks coach never panic quarterbacks coach. Even last year Holmes and Alex Smith that Andy Reid. All McDermott at all and really where. But they act up the support. And that's safe and not think about that our receivers or opera like velcro since they can't get any separation and a girl that's a lot extinct. It's a terrible situation or villain and not Dean Mcdermott. Are in part the blank. I mean you're not wrong. It's not. No you're not wrong. And that's been a worry mind since they drafted him. I've used the chiefs like you much in there it is the Eagles is examples but those are teams that when they brought their young quarterbacks and had him come in to a support system. That was gonna help lift him up. The chiefs with Andy Reid. And all the weapons around homes right now did you see tiger retail on Sunday holy cow back guy. Not only can he make anybody miss in the open field probably better that batter added that anyone in the league. And they can someone missed an open field he's making circus catches. In triple coverage he's like 59. And then. Go through Sany locked ins and as your second receiver. And Travis Kelsey was arguably one of the best tight ends in the league. And then tree hunt who last year whether we can Russian. That's support system. That's what you want your Corvette going into the Eagles won once went in there Doug Peterson. Former quarterback frank Reich former quarterback. John. DOC and Minnesota. Veteran quarterbacks all around and Chase Daniel you're one nick foale's last year. They went out they added a big time wide receiver now shut Jeffrey Beatty did don't have the superstars. Other than that. But they went out and he signed a big time receiver and I'll show and Jeffrey to pair with one again one of the best tight ends weakens records and Ellen. Has got a defensive minded head coach. A terrible offensive line. An offensive coordinator who in his limited time as an off the Korean league has been near the bottom of the league in offense. And has been a run oriented. A number one wide receiver who seems like he can't jump very high in the air. Or run very fast. He's big shirt delegates so far and then passed him. Journeyman. For the most part. And that's about it. And no veteran quarterback around him. Peter is what he has so yeah he's not walking into a very good support system I don't even know how you could argue he has. He's not. Being coddled in here. Key is being thrown in to put out the fire. There asking him. This year at least to carry this team because otherwise they're not going anywhere he has to be great right away. I think for the steam to be good. Now next year you can build that support system around him and they need to. 'cause you have the opportunity to do with your picks in your cap room but. As of now there's nothing there's almost nothing brand of reliant he's got a running back patch it. He's got a great running back. Other than that. He's got he's in a tough spot I agree. Eight with real fight fifties the phone number rich thanks for the call. We'll get more of your calls on the other side of this break at three of 550 is the phone number talking about the quarterbacks here. Most in part era in particular Josh Allen who will start against the chargers on Sunday tonight cat Jody the Osce and might you are here on WGC. Still doubt about it. You you look great in as though they need a defense that the right thing at least try to give. Right they oppose it yeah office coordinator of the rescue off the chance. ESPN's. Chris mortenson odds with one bill alive earlier today here at WER. That's also on demand at W here by. Dot com. 8030550. Is the phone number. He rolled through some calls here on WGR of go to Ken Williams Phil tenure on and accountants. It took a look at I would see is that an all time and I can't believe. That. Ted Kelly hasn't been brought up wouldn't even have to use a draft pick battle we couldn't it just got to supplement the freeagent. He made some bad. Well they would've had to use the draft pick on because he was the final pick of the draft last year. Well okay like this and that he was even drafted but could humanity Vietnam man. I mean I know we get a the edit the wrist surgery and he made some bad choices and he made some bad decisions and is the young kids. But he's got that straight now and then burned he's pushing for a starting job out there. I would say he's pushing for the starting job he's got the back of job he took up excellence for that are Tina looked pretty get the Denver in week one I don't think there. Very close to putting Chet Kelly and I mean. Is it. Is it easy to say I'd rather have Chad Kelly hearing of anything Buren. Only because I don't know that he's terrible. I think we're if we're talking about a backup quarterback. Does it position in that situation. Yet Chet Kelly was the mr. relevant for Denver's of the bills with Andy's sub topic let's go to you Greg intro Gregor at a camp it's up. Tom you're right on with what you had to vote com. If they did end up with the first sector that are are picked in the draft. That. I really feel than you know getting whatever they can hardly. For that pick because they know. You know we don't need to go to fifteen more games and all they need them here a couple of medal line so they would definitely. You know he didn't get. Someone else's first second and third or that he is a unit of like a topic that still not asking a lot I don't think anyway. That was what the of the C did the jets traded up to three this year where the colts were. And they moved down what three spots and got 32 round picks or something like that so that they still got a hall. Because they were picking third. And that's exactly need to draw the draft. All lineman and then you need to thrown a couple of receivers in the air and really I think if it I mean all the ought eternal optimist but. If they can really just take care that'll line and get a you know that on outside receiver. I think we're a play out a genuine. He's going deep in the playoffs. Yeah I mean it's great face of the college you hurting us in the points are mean even if your quarterback is good enough. And you have a great offensive line. You really don't need a lot more than that Dallas not lancer with your before. When their offensive line was that the best in the NFL in deck was really good. They had Elliott. And they had like you set aside receiver. And defense wasn't that great. They didn't have much past Dez Bryant at receiver. They're tight end was a hundred years old in Witten they still made it and they were thirteen to three. To yet. I don't think it could turn around very quickly but for this year. You know it doesn't have to be a boring offseason too but this year was nuts. With all the quarterbacks in the bills needing one and although all how they can trade up what do they need to give up trade up. How high can they go and if they get this high which one do you watch late. The perfect storm for an off season in talking points surrounding the bills. And. If it sets up this way over the bills are picking near the top of the draft. And have the quarterback it's still be an interest thing we get to the draft. We probably be talking about how far down do you wanna go. What position they gonna go for how much would you take to go down this far vs this far. So those are conversations that you know hopefully we won't have to have in the future but he probably will because I don't see this team winning. And a schemes were not having a conversation. Critics of the call with the warmer call for we go to top the hour animal keep rolled through them in our number Q let's go to Joseph Joseph earlier and I kept up. I don't think I thought about coaching. Now. Week. I know here as well but. We have. All they hear it at all outside shot. Because there. I like them all outlet. I I walked back out that play out for the first time in seventeen years. But. I feel like. And that we bought. Start. Loose they are not really say but how to lose hope in the in show on the air because. If you work I'm not saying that got L a RG. One. But if you were our Josh. In the that would. And much more. Suitable spot the week you rather than. Having Napier mean. Doing a terrible job we want me putting got children a place were yet to prove it or they keep over eight Peter and I just. I don't see it being. About options were brought to play late Peter in that recording. Absolutely agree that yet Joseph thanks for the colts are cut you off there but absolutely. What the jets he would Arnold they did serve that first pre season game after that. Unit. You can just tell they they knew that they were going sand are for week one so what they do they gave in the starts for the rest of the pre season. They gave him pretty much all the wraps from what I saw and treat the rest of training camp. And he came out firing in week one. As me Allen would have done that but yet. If you could go back in time right now I don't know how you could say you would put Peerman Bakken. If you could go back in time and you knew your gonna be in the spot where Josh jailed can be your starter by a week to. Why not just have Allen get all the wraps recant. Get all the starts in three seasons get that first game it's Baltimore. Give him as ready as possible instead. He didn't see first team reps for the first few weeks of training camp he got it from one. And that was your back. And now he's got to be thrust in their starts it's not the best situation you can parliament. And Sean McDermott today saying that. He would do it again. Putting Peter and in there and he would go to his grave with that decision being right. It's not right. Timmy got to be able to admit or you're wrong. And I don't know how you can argue. That you were wrong here I guess the only reason feel that we could argue hey I was wrong certainly to Peterman is it Allen's just as bad. That's the only way. 8030550s the phone number. We'll get to more calls in the next hour we're also curable here from the head coach. Who was on earlier today he missed his press conference it is on demand the little playback Theo in our number two tonight kept Jody B Osce and Mike safari here on WG.