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Wednesday, September 12th

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As the until the rest of the beloved talk about there's a lot to do there's a lot of gifts to give you my friends of true. How much you mean to me my mental best friend the next president. Doesn't feel liberated and it's the epitome of a president's latest verdict when you think it team. WGR. You're thinking. It's a nightcap on WGR. Sports Radio fight fifth. Our number two. I bought that night that open at the and I don't really love in the beginning. On the line. Here asleep at a edges like no I'm like I US army unit that I was in middle school but. I violate Chris Jericho I think that's probably why this is seems. As probably. That's what you. Perry's voice my voices Jody BI sees I don't know why I'm talking in third personal suns if verified that these phone number 55550s. Tax line you can also tweet at me. At sneaky GO WGR we'll hear from the head coach I promise at some point here. If you don't wanna wait it's on demand at WGR 550 dot com or keep rolled through the calls let's start with Jonathan and hauled in the Jonathan you're a minicamp without. Kato made that serve and I'll. I didn't learn frustrating it look away on. They're printed these burnt an asset like height straight up or admin and how we trade upper dot Ellis. And how the deeper it is aspect it just reminds you so much of how. Hit Mercury and the neighbors I don't know why are you happy with the owners that the need tires are opening it to. It is that you wouldn't get it over and over. Reacting to fight in the. But what transfer so that we can talk a favorite pet here. Yet a done that a couple times that delivers the Jones going back last year they did for train at men's. I don't know how I feel about. Did the comparison there between being in Emery is Murray was over aggressive. Seems like every player that is available for trade the sabres were not because Tim Murray was it was a dealmaker. And while yet beans made a lot of trades to. I guess it's the same way with him and tsunami be deathbed. Their name was tossed out with coil Mac when he was available. Didn't happen Beckham was available for a little bit as their names never been really connected. In fairness though being company T streets to get that he did get these assets back yet he did. He's got a lot yet to remember he traded up a couple times but they had extra picks to trade up. Dawkins last Susie Jones last year Edmonds this year. I don't like that to be habit. But especially this year Edmonds for instance. They had nothing at middle linebacker nothing. They were talking a Lorenzo Alexander having to play middle linebacker because they were so Bayer position. So in that a situation like that I'm fine with it but guys that as a rule hurt I wouldn't want my team in my general manager. In the habit of treating up all the time is yet that's depleting assets that you can use in other ways John fix the calls go to Mike in Hamburg Mike you're in the nightcap it's up. Hey a year ago the great show thank you. I was just wondering is it crazy. They shop what song McCord at this point. It's not crazy but you would have to understand you're probably not getting a much of anything back because he's got a nine million dollar contract. And because you're treating him as the seasons are to be done. Eight I and I understand that Brett should just try and build up if she can't run the camp. Jerk. If you Caroline in the end it there you can't get it's even. Boy if you don't I don't applicable digger that because they don't think it back and I know this is this is Aaron Rodgers and he is obviously. The most talented quarterback in the league. They had no running back. At one point and he was beginning of last year. They had to move Ty Montgomery from wide receiver to running neck as they were out of them. And there were games were they just did not run the football he was throwing sixty times. Working. So. You wanna deal with the new ball I guess you don't have to. It's I don't think your so reliant. On the run game being decent to have your pass game beget. Indiana I don't. The trade McCoy idea I know I've heard some other callers call in about it in the past week or so. Adds I think if you're gonna do that that's a move you would mean the offseason. You're already here. And your so depleted for weapons I don't even know how you could sell but you you're not give the cell antibody the you're trying to win games you're treating him. Elway he's the only player on the offense. Who can consistently make a guy miss in space. In a lot of teams the dynamic offenses and we've seen that very much around here but those kinds of offenses have three or four of those guys at least. We won. Who can consistently do that. You can't treat him. You can't trade him unless you're ready to go full tank mode bottles it is not about to ask what it out or but this is not strike me as the regime that is even getting even think about that says the trade deadline you Warner two wins out. That's what that's different than yeah. And still you're here we're talking probably Alley to fourth or fifth round pick I'd I think it's hard to judge because he's running. Mike thinks of the college coach to market buffalo mark your that I campus up. They're good evening gentlemen your your intro this Patrick and put them up Patrick but any. Her. I think they have to sit back to dig deep breath. We're all frustrated you know they're not we can do about who quarterback would go out there anyway ultimately their decision. Their professional they've been doing all their life. Yes we've been watching football all our life. But whatever you know what it's one week. For five weeks from now we could be an old or because we've got three cup thing I'm not that I don't think we can win any ill. But anyway. You don't Lesch here that you're listening McDermott smelled good the wrong he does this strong get rid of all I know early go to the last we knew. Had. Got to get the break. I think maybe they would be intermittent that got violent. You really think with everything made it last year with the trade the way they did it. I'll bet you they'll never admit they never dreamed it their wildest jewelry and they would win ninety to make the play out. Correctly you've got riddle why should you got rid of Marcel Darius you've got to run derby. For an old name basically. I think they weren't tank mode lecture but they're ever going to edit but they have you can look at both players in the dressing room and tell them we're a little numb per player America. Your ST I think there's a difference though between rebuilding and tank mode into the carousel uses the sabres when they they tanked that was trading guys just to get them off your roster because you didn't want to win games be treated Torrey Mitchell. Who was a decent player he wasn't much using a third fourth liner was pretty good. And they traded him at the deadline for. A goon. In the HL. A guide that was never gonna sniff the NHL. Nobody did that because they wanted that guy off the roster is they were afraid that they were gonna finish last place near trying to make that covered as there is a could be. Now the bills yet they made some moves where they were treating players that would help you in the short term watt in Albany you just mentioned. But then again a team that's tanking and as well. Specified I don't think they were taking a figured they were rebuilding. Taking team does not trade for Kelvin Benjamin midseason. A taking team does not get Jordan Matthews back in the tree or. EJ gains back and trade big brought back pieces that they thought yet. We want to rebuild in May be working knowledge and we're not going to be. A Super Bowl contender this year but they did bring pieces in that would help them beat pretty good. There. And now we are you make great point a bit I guess I had that they need to relax McDermott not a bombing but being not at all I know a lot. Don't work out and keep playing that late. Don't kid yourself that will be new people know within a year year and a half it's not the end of the air that's how bad that game one anyway Gelman good night remember. This is Patrick it's. The thing that mark thanks for the call is appreciate it and yet I don't think their bombs either. Especially being being impresses me. I have an agreement every movies maybe he impresses me is a guide seems to know what he's doing now there are some philosophical. Things I would. Disagree with him on. But. Since the team's three building I don't know how much second judge him yet. But the team has no speed on it. If I was. Anywhere near being in charge of football team I would be going speed speed speed it would be preaching. Come watching Tyreke hill. One all over the Broncos last week in basically. Helped Patrick Holmes win them a game. Tire killed at that. They don't have anything close to that. Now that doesn't mean they'll never get it but the reason to be pessimistic they will ever get it is they don't have that now they signed guys like Chris Ivory to sign guys like Mike Tolbert. And guess what Brit came from Carolina they did have much of it either. So that's the one part that would worry about. Beam but other than that he impresses me is a guy who seems in no he's doing it seems pretty Smart. When it comes to football and McDermott I am completely. I'd I don't know. I didn't know when he made the playoffs because I was not impressed when they made the playoffs with jockey did. I thought he got lucky that he didn't lose them a couple games. Which is exactly what we seem there's nothing to me right now that says Sean McDermott is not the same old same old that we had in the last seventeen years the Rex Ryan's and my rounds the ditch Iran's chain Dili east there's nothing to this point that tells me he is different. I'm open to him being different and open open to him being better than those coaches but there's no proof yet to meet other than. They got Bucky last year in a buck a couple games that says he is any different than the 78 win team that they have baton. Let's go to Darren Darren your on the nightcap it's up. Yeah I don't think that you know personally one of the things that. I see. Between this year and last year he had Richie had an error accord both leave. He often survive in such a Debbie still have a couple are. A couple of guys that were in place slash Hewlett stock gains over Roy started. Good portion of the game adapter cord. Had been injured last year before retirement and you're right in the few new pieces like two hours and vote. And pieces to try to fill within the opposite of climate I think you know as you can tell even in the trees you know I know they're trying to figure out. Who was going to be starting five but you know I don't think that you had made sure the consistency that you would like he's so. So Portland itself lea and my opinion a little bit more difficult to. Judge a quarterback that showed me on their performance of course. You know last week Agassi was pretty bad shelling by everybody in general. But doubted he did see you know what this we provide just fires anymore continuity between NATO alliance. And Josh oh this is that he didn't exactly do much hope in that regard by. You know I just take a lot of hero comes out like you always analyzing things like that I think this definitely. Well kind of your per game for that that you know we're still early but awards show that they can actually jealous yeah. Now that you Darren. Joey both is not planes that might help out. Good thing too fast pack pack pass rush for the chargers. Is a lethal. And that bills off at the line. Might be the worse the NFL bad combination. But you might not get the seat Joey both so who's their bass I think the best player defense. Helps a little bit. If he doesn't Miami and Vegas we don't know that for sure but it's turning to a two let's go to buzz buzz here on the nightcap to. No I don't good idea. A little depressed overall built a so I. I called to is a topic just the flea bit and I called you this summer. And I sat out about overlook all of you over to Eric. I'd get one block and I had to share and it would you be football or sit it out went and hit a guardian to. The average Ukraine get equally great but on the people before it is one more UB point. I do want to touch on some that you brought up about be. Watching that Ebert last year but like watching the bill last week when he beat. Likes the net that don't aren't yet he. You know and not only did that come out with a better result but it ordering it held watched you up but I don't I pulled one question you know paying up in the senior amateur. It's that serious questions could actually start. It's not sarcasm. If you had. To get a quarterback wide receiver tandem. Which you right now right now take Jackson in Anthony Johnson from UVs or would you take alien in Benjamin. I mean it just curious question I mean I'll take you beat it. Anyway so I have been. They have pus thinks the call. And that's tough. I don't feel it shouldn't be tough I like is that I'm not sold on Allen but my my hesitation is I have no idea. What kind of prospect were looking at Tyree Jackson becomes the NFL draft some people are saying he's at. Money first round pick summer saying if you were keeps lighting up could be in the conversation for the first quarterback selected. And there are other people who like to address freaks c'mon I just don't see it on there. He's a tenth. So. I love the the receiver Anthony Johnson would take him right over Benjamin. I would. But. I think Jackson is such an unknown. At UB he looks great in fact Trevor second are we on the station a couple weeks off from the draft now or. Said he could be this year's Josh Allen. But to me that sounds like he could be best case scenario this year's Josh brown and charity got Josh and so I think just on that in quarterbacks so important. I would give advantage I would I would take the bill's guys but it I'd have to think about it a little bit more. And that's a bad spot to be and if I gotta think about that. But that's for a let's go to who'd nick in south buffalo Victor and I kept up. Yeah in Tbilisi collector. Talent at Burnett and Brian opinion. Talent at Bernanke might fielder in the National Anthem whether up until nineteen. You a little game so. The difference there. That yet and I mean he is a quarterback that would get away from pressure if you needed him to. In fact there's not a better option you're gonna find out there right now. What if we're just strictly talking football and I said this yesterday if you wanna be serious USC true to your word that you will do. Anything. To win and make your team batter will just what anything means anything means. Bringing in talent gap wreck because he's. Definitely the best quarterback on the market and there's no way he's not better than neat impeachment now you don't have to play him because I think that Alan heiress begun. So now we're talking my backup quarterbacks which is why yesterday this was more of an idea that was read ready to entertain vs today because now we're talking about back ups. Because Allen's starting. And yesterday differ conversation he's clearly the best quarterback out there but. I just I don't know what you've you don't need anything you'll need your back up to be hammering now. Dez Bryant at Celtic player. I don't I don't think does is gonna play this year and less he gets to eat perfect spot. A Green Bay a New England something like that where he can put up gaudy numbers some yoga to contract and he'd rather sit out the year. Then played buffalo or play in Cleveland. Or somewhere like that. Jacksonville for instance are brought I don't the US played a run first team fourteen that he doesn't think his prolific. I'd bottom up. I think he's better than Benjamin. On a orchard matters. It through a fight that these phone number nick thinks that call ready to head coach Sean McDermott coming up next if you wanna get your calls in before we do that feel free. If verified that he's the number Youkilis Texas at 55550. A need to get me it's the Joseph WG arts that I kept Jody B Osce and much fiery. John McDermott coming up next here and have each year. In a Baltimore an arm and you know news is nobody wants to lose like this books as one can hear you own one you wanna know right now so it was tough no one wants you'd be elected. Is Obama and things to carry the guy stuff happens and kick so the science we'll I think I think we're making improvements and I think I think it'll be alarmed by this. I'd sure hope so. I mean the last time they played the chargers it wasn't better than what it was a Sunday Wilson. Bills are receiver Jimmy turley there. Let's hear from bill's head coach Sean McDermott teasing him for about an hour and a half now we're finally getting to a hears of you missed. His press conference earlier today announcing Josh channels starter. And talking about some the other positions in the game looking ahead to the chargers. Here is the bills head coach. That's accurate Josh will start. When what. So right move for our team threatened for a team. Let's see if we. Well it's. It's just what. Yeah I mean like that I'll fill a need I say to elaborate that's. When we talk a lot and house about decisions in things and what we've got to do in the right move at the right time and and right now salvaged with our respect your question this is the right move for us. There. The right move. That's so again it is the right move for us. And where we are so remote house earners. I'm gonna get into how permanent it is guys and again. You gotta stay or I'm coming from it's the right move for our football team. And I'm not going any further than that it's the right move for our team I've got confidence in Josh. That confidence in this football team and it's the right move for our team yeah. Why didn't you. You Paula. US solicitor. Justice play. How much are you didn't leave from when you went through his chief prosecutor is the least spin out there or. What you sure you heard. Well in the regular season game a similar way explicit after the game I thought his command of the options was there. There are some things that he did well. And getting sent out the huddle. Which those are things you don't take for granted when he young killers out there and then. After the snap. You know executed fairly well at times in his other times where we need XQ better. And he moved. Well suit to put himself in position and and generate some offense but within the pocket and an outside of the pocket. There's some things that like I said after the game he can do better and it's going to be he's gonna continue learning growing and that's. That's a growth mindset that that our team embraces and that's that's the case and situation. Well basically it's the right good stuff. You when you look at an experience as important as well and he's gonna get valuable experience. From. Being in this case where where he's going to be this week in a particular. Behind the steering wheel and there's there's certainly valuable experience when you can stand and watch as we all know. I'm there's no there's no substitute for the experience when you're actually behind the wheel and and so. There's a lot of there's a lot of value to that. Don't you remote. Comparable. Peter. Was there yes. They know what. And accelerated. Easy and it's. Situation. You'll overlook. Yes the sector union when you when you draft a quarterback like we did. There's apartment that. You get a say hey yeah he he's gonna play either a your beer scene early middle or later or the next year there's. You know you gotta be OK with all that and you know that's you know and I like this before attackers come from comfortable with. Well. The ultimate decision mind. That Brenda and I talked about everything you guys now and then certainly. We worked. With tearing him as well and keep him informed of our decisions. And everything we do. John it is this we'll trade you know. Job. I'm not not gonna get in there. You know again with all respect to the questions I get it. There's some things. You know I can share some things that are need to stay. Where they need to stay and you know respect to where you guys are need to respect where we are on this. He's prepared and he will be prepared announcing he's prepared yet it's a natural progression during a week but he'll be prepared. Not a candidate he's a young player so we keep that all mine manage expectations and and you know that we embrace that growth mindset. That there's going to be some can be some. Challenges and adversity union and you keep learning initiative as you go in and embrace that. I mean I think we all do that here I embrace that there's a lot of lessons. That I learned from the game the other day that we've got to make adjustments and we'll have to make some adjustments as he grosses well. Mow the no. One's views you. Yeah. We. News. Obama Michelle asked a question you feel you mrs. Jones. Now. Well. Certainly looks. Well listen I felt like it was just like this flick is the right move afoot that was the right move. And I'll take that to migrate and that's how I felt about it I'm always gonna try to make the right move for our football team sometimes it's gonna work out sometimes it's not. And I stand by as a leader I stand by those both the ones that work out the ones that don't. The beauty. Rookie quarterback these foods. Are now. Hold proper orders are for. We'll posts on the road this that went. Not necessarily mean there's again there's a lot of things that lot of variables that go into it. It's the right move for our team for which I keep coming back to you. You guys understand everything I do everything we do is is to do the right thing for our football team not from one individual it's for the team. And that's every that drives every decision. Yeah he was excited he's excited. And I'm excited Foreman excited for our football team and excited to see and watch how he prepares this week probably more so than anything at this point access. I'll work with. Push the big part of our offense and and that's that was that was last year and now continues B case so we've got to. As we talk about going back and looking at things that we can do better I can do better. You know that's that's somewhere in there and as well as many other things. For. Well she touches you guys. Engine and play really. I know there were certain things but you need those two guys. To be better than you were absolutely. Absolutely. These all these Boehner. Eight we did this week that day needs help how where why how on display technologies as. I'm not going to ended. Tweaks and palates have the stuff again with respect your question not I don't follow tweets Mike I'm not on Twitter. That's Michael. Sugars. Thoughts on what they act before it's. I think you bring up a good play I think we all have to be more presentable. Yeah there's there's not just one guy out there playing in the planned park it's all eleven guys. Executing. One play at one time. And if you wanna be good offense or defense or special teams you've got to make sure you execute. And some of that is just making sure we're on the same page with how we seek coverage with how we see leverage. Whether it's run run or pass and lecturer on the same page in and going in the right spot as well. I've. Yes. I'll be concerned about this is the best eaten more these are placed in the entire game and this. Again a young player. You know he's gone through some challenges certainly acknowledge that and and I think they would acknowledges well there's been some good moments I know. You know there's been some moments certainly that he wouldn't we all like to have back. I expected to learn from those moments and I continue to grow and force. These people rivers in the car it's. An effort to us and them things that broke down your last weekend. Yeah. Yeah we've got a lot of work to do so that's in every phase of our game. As you mentioned with Philip Rivers a lot of respect for. For Phillip and going against a number of times. And the future hall of fame quarterback and I'm very Smart in terms of what he does before the snap which most quarterbacks are good ones and. You know they've got a high powered offense as he saw. And a lot of respect for them. You're. Here. Yeah see immune ballistic on this target start today Christian and seeing how he act makes into the terminology kind more than anything in. And then what we asked to do with the game plan. You know so you know and I'm Brenda looked at everything felt like it's the right move for us and and so we're excited to have more important game owner. These. Work. We're container and continue to mix that you know you'll see both guys out there today. Annika got confidence we have confidence in both. Well this what. Yes. You know any usually do you address seven or eight at the position we had we have forsake you I believe four corners of so we're about. You know we're probably would normally be going into the game. Experience. The playoffs last year's pay him as a leader prepare them for goal try that he had some ups and downs. You know if you if she continued to. A work and are on our culture we've got some new guys and it's important that we continue to build our culture if not. And men and manage if not it's gonna. Grow up around listen in a form that we don't want it to be and then. Beat that we continue to embrace the growth mindset of there's going to be some challenges last year there were challenges in a playoff here got to hang together. And not continue to work. And make adjustments you know as mentioned earlier about learning from the game a few days ago we continue to grow make adjustments and and that's an expert from our report. Yes it's. Thirty. Yeah. Actor in any. The operational. That he motivation. For your reporting and director here in. You dropped out. Yeah that's you know it certainly. I see that we've a lot of respect for them as I mentioned earlier it's probably a question for them it. I'm as a competitor. That would drive me and I hope to drugs or football team. Brooke. It was a show Monday that he wasn't in the room. Voyager. It was. What did you monitor for a job true what you do what needed what he couldn't or Josh. The situation falls more into that space. Us. Defense. Do you. When you speak all work. Experience. For Josh and I think there's good experience there each each day he gets. More and more reps more more chance to be around what we're doing this system NFL football it's all just. Part of the overall process the growth process that. You go through you know just acclimate myself to. To life in the NFL and then light. Under center. And so it's all part of the development. But respected just performance at ball well like this earlier tonight in a field you know he was command and command of the huddle. The play clock had been around some some young quarterbacks before the play clock can actually. Some guys look up like you. Like I know that's real to get in now the huddle at times. That's a challenge sometimes. For for young quarterbacks and diagnosing where you go with the football reading defense. That's a challenge so. And then moving in the pocket like he did at times not just escaping the pocket and moving within the pocket I was support. Bills head coach Sean McDermott meeting with the media earlier today right they're. Just would not. Personal wouldn't elaborate on why. He made the switch. To the Wii opera much as you can the theory back up there. In two. McDermott would not acknowledge. That he misjudged the quarterback position heading into the season. And how can you defend that. Of course she misjudged it it's much. Birdied your spice starting Alan. You're admitting you made a mistake. Putting Peterman and there. And you gotta be able to acknowledge that you got a deal to admit when Iran. They should not have put me in Peterman and against the Baltimore Ravens. He should not started he should've started last year he should've started last week we shouldn't start now. And that's not. Only gets a hard thing. But. And a chef there is reporting that Joey boasts a Saudi second opinion on his foot injury. With doctor Robert Anderson. Because he's got a bone bruise in his foot and he is not expected to play. Sunday against the bills and even possibly longer but he is not X Joseph we both are not expected to play. Against the bills good news for Josh ale and that is one last. Super talented pass rusher that he will not have to see. And the pills there had to there had trouble. Blocking the ravens they were gonna have a lot of trouble blocking Ingram in both side like they did last year with an him about her office. And it's no boasts so. One less guy that can be chasing down Josh don't hopefully it's a good thing for Allen in the bills on Sunday our last call and I kept coming up next 830550 is the phone number. You wanna get in before the end of the show pit reporters is coming up next. Last call. And and a cat next journey be Osce and much for your to be here. For this quarter got a little coffin. It sounds it's extremely Smart. Intelligence that would remove it makes it different as it did sought the removal of the business and it's probably the guy next. This from boats. Look Shawn McCoy. Dharma Josh Allen there. He's an F to carry this offense and think we'll see maybe Elena because it. In reality and they celebrate with C started. Sale in the clinging to carry the offense I mean he's been carrying for three years yet. Without their rushing attack. They're not even an average dolphins the past couple years and have them figure above average tyrants first year they were tenth in the league in scoring. Let's go to Mike here on the nightcap like what's up here who are under a year. But it like got a warning about mr. Geithner in the days there shall the bull on them one guy. Was super huge. And just film all time. Whole time for what to start or to draft that would come here. The start them okay great. I don't wanna I don't want them memo to everybody that you know nothing about football now. And I and I bumped from a very experience. Passed my home give him all my credentials but I looked at the end a little bit of local bar madam bills fan but I watch it closely. You do not do what McDermott just. To a guy the caliber of Peter Peter when no luck. He's been the you've got a black guy from what happened. In the sunshine and screw up. Notion no schmuck I mean how can you say that he's not. There's been no quarterback it's been more a schmuck to this point. Again please don't don't take the what happened in Lester threw him divert. Okay fine I'll stick would have been a guest last week them. But what you wanted to take. You gotta give the kids the kids then make that there's no question are you normal available to any better you really all the camp that Biederman had last year. In the camp we have this year people as far as the west called bunker about the guy Mike. He is the worst. Quarterback in quarterback rating in thirty years. It'll soak you can't be worse and he can not be worse. There's no way for. What that. I couldn't Indies got maybe 30 games under as well. Not even because he's so bad that he can't get to halftime. Mind you read works quarterbacks if you let in now for a long period McDermott a guy schmuck. He has no clue to what. So you think McDermott destruct we don't think Pearman has. But he thought it. But. She never been given a. He's been given three chances. And he keeps blowing them. You're gonna need that guy let Peterman guy. It probably looked ourselves insurance now because this role in the first. Are they didn't ruin and he was never NFL quarterback he doesn't have an NFL arm he was a fifth round pick for a reason. Would benefit tropics in Asia. Yet not a lot of fifth round picks get a shot. Normally or toggle with a throw picks is oh can they be back up and sure ball might not be fair to him he started those games. Now we have proof that if you have to go to him you're in trouble. Your Beckett is supposed to be dead guy's gonna keep you above water your quarterback gets hurt he sinks them when he goes and times he's been benched at halftime because when he's in the games. He either throws interceptions. At an historically high rate or he gets zero winners he could 01 downs. Not one. What major concession on going to be any better because I saw it in the second half against Baltimore he was better. Do it again so I'd love your show and I wanted to argue been in in six or seven weeks just to show you how Ellen's going to be just as bad. Errors were like nothing to. He might not be good point. He might not be good job still quite upbeat and I'm not high on the odds that he's going to be this team's franchise quarterback there is zero. Percent chance that Joshua Allen. Is not better than anything Peter Mann has banned because Nathan Peterman has bend the worst quarterback in NFL history. Or at least in the last thirty years statistically you can't be worse. You can not be borders five picks and a half Nolan had ever done it. 01 downs. And a half hadn't been done a decade. Any threw two interceptions not to mention two in the last game. He sank them twice. Elin might not be great. There's no way he's not that he's not batter. He had more rushing yards by the way that Peter had passing yards. That's how I know he's going to be better. Because that he can just tuck it under a run every time. And not attempt to pass all year he'll be better. Let's go to wreck before we get out erector and a capital. They would go to guys I don't know all but what quarterback picked it just been thought as well. I would create a bit but it got some blues that. I've putted in manual is bad because these. Great practice quarterback but Russert complaining. And Peter the same way you might be great breakfast it was great bridge and both are real he can't take the pressure you're right there was no. Can't cover. That LB work computer. Or. No you're right because he knew if Rick thank you for the call you you can't. Statistically UK. And you cut yet the first six interceptions and a five. Or get the throw three get no first downs. And instead of two and you know first announced a jerk could happen but no one's ever done. And yeah I feel bad for Peter and because he should have never been in this spot but he wants. And now we know but you can't put him in that spot again. This is what comes out and now we can actually look to a future that matters I said during training camp in the pre season that. Peter rent and to a lesser extent Karen felt like a waste of time to me we knew those guys were not going to be your long term answer cornerback. So what are we waiting for Brady for Ellen so why wait. As you were gonna seem never PCs and probably at any point at some point anyway. They even call. Be back tomorrow for a short nightcap as we have Bengals and ravens here on WGR in the full show. On Friday thanks everybody for listening thanks everybody for calling and we'll keep the don't keep to go through the week leading up to terms in Jody B Osce and Mike safari here on WGR pit reporters coming up next.