09/13 Night Cap HR 1

Wednesday, September 13th

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Nightcap it's. No effect I don't Wear them with Ryan geeks I thought I thought he came across is completely. Empathetic approach I think he would. Generally speak. On WG ER I I want this I want them to unload him and omitted. Yeah absolutely yeah I appreciate. Empathetic swap and I want them on. Sports Radio size sixteen. And. Our buddy rice gave us. Hanging out with you here on WG our Jodi I see my kids are either there hanging out with me here to the nightcap on WGR. In a 30551888552. Like fifty phone numbers here. Pick. One. What you guys talk about town I. And what I want to talk about how he got the bills. Playing the Panthers this week and you've got to terminate being gone back to there at old stomping ground older. Yet Tolbert if you want them lots Kaelin clay yet Kaelin clay picture you keep naming guys out. I think that's pretty much it got anymore press anymore. Stephen Hill he's not yet know he's not signed AJ Klein never came to the bills intimacy Joseph wet Jalalabad has rights. You've got all these guys gone back gains. And or the week one of the NFL season. Was just so weird that I don't believe in no law to do with that and offenses that were really bad. Teams I mean can go back to last year remember wine San Francisco won the 22 nothing old bird that the rams on the second game Monday Night Football of course. I don't. Of course you don't because the 49ers every single game after that were terrible. Nine all remember a couple of years ago when it folds made his debut as the Ellie rant well it is seamless rams bill actually don't remember when. Nick folds made its debut as the St. Louis Rams starting quarterback threw for 297. Yards in. A couple touchdowns. Against Seattle Seahawks and victory. Of course you don't. Because the rest of the season happened afterwards. So weak one of the NFL it is. It can be a strange time between straits times I actually just he tweeted something from freezing cold takes exposed. Which wise. On this date two years ago. Was the day that Rex Ryan in his head coaching debut for the Buffalo Bills. And aid they beat the Indianapolis Colts 27 to fourteen with Andrew Luck with Andrew Luck yes with Andrew Luck we might get into a little bit. Coming up later on. It was at that game. Doubts because they were in the throwback uniforms knows Tyrod CBO yeah I was via cell is then there was that Indy. Of course freezing cold techniques exposed as they do it it's the a bunch of people are talking about how much they love Rex Ryan has had coached the bills our team to watch out for eons. I don't mind that so much just because. The bills smelling the terrible a year there are eight indeed mean watch out for. Might be a little. A little heavy blood you know we we limited time where hyperbole. Pretty much is what people want us today. All the time Tyler Sullivan on the sky is about the laws aren't household if you're listening to this. He got a blue check mark on Twitter as of September 13 week fifteen so it appears to be all right. Bills are going to be a pain in the ass this year for the patriots. It. So that's. That's what happens. Week one of the NFL season and now what happened this week one of the NFL season. You've got to a team like the chiefs actually dismantling. The New England Patriots. Does that necessarily mean that the New England Patriots are gonna looked up at every week that a defensive and it's going to be covering a running back out of the backfield. Every week is a the Stephon Gilmore and this might actually happen maybe every week. The Stephon Gilmore going to have a blown coverage in a miscommunication. Along with the safety every week. Are they getting it no pressure on the quarterback every week that might actually happen yes they do not have a glut of cast structures that are out the most realistic thing of that is the function that the most realistic thing publicist is Tom Brady gonna be completely out of Britain every week now now. I think there's. A lot of conclusions that can be rushed to in week one. That aren't necessarily. True for for any team I think we've done here in ball below. A few times. I think even last year. Last year was interesting because we won was that Baltimore game. And it was really. Bode well Tyrod Taylor. Look at the first play of the game there's a wide open Sammy Watkins streaking down the sideline and Tyrod Taylor doesn't even look his way. Is this the start in the and it was it was that conversation pretty much from down moments. For the rest of the year for the rest of the year and now we're into another year Tyrod Taylor and starting quarterback in that conversation. Is continuing. Even well he still the starting quarterback some of the moves made by the bills make you question what his future as with the team. We're still having these conversations well what was the the Chicago Bears a few years ago. When Jay Cutler was on the team and Kyle Williams had an interception in that game. The bills when an overtime all when it Fred Jackson pile drive that safety at thirty yards into the end zone yet. In that game and how are you concerned that game too much of an overreaction. How would consider. You know whether was over reaction where. I don't know how many years ago was now with that game the opener the beat chiefs like 41. Three years something. With fits and that was chance third year I think I remember coming off that gained chief's words. Highly thought of that point they were well we a lot of but the bills this came out in arrowhead in smacked them around. That's the last time I remember there being like a ton of pipe after week one to the bills just come out and stomped their opponent on the road open season I think he the racks here there was Holland flight coming that was one but that was coming into the season. The adding week one just kind of carried it over bright. Word Rex showed up at day one inside were going were in the playoffs yet that that started there I think with that. Chiefs game at that sheet here that deal year I think that's where it started with that muscle with Mario's first year because remember Mario's first year. Was done a New York Giants the first game because he was facing a back up right tackle anything nothing owned film and many compellingly and about how he was I don't know using his hands against the over something like an offensive lineman supposed to do. Are you sure chief's game isn't the the second game of that season with a with gently twelve. No you're right you're right it's the it's the year before that the 2011. Season opener 41 to seven. 41 decided in the bills over the chiefs that a year is that tire repel go as their starting quarterback that year. It's got the mental aspect castle while. Selling it. Fits threw four touchdown connect gain. Stevie Johnson forecast to 66 yards yet they were all for the cheats that Brad Smith threw an exceptional for one. Offer the pac member of that while I'm gonna wildcat would Brad Smith threw one pass a year and it was interception. The law that's that that's the year. That's so long ago or yes 2011. Doesn't feel like it should be that long ago by it. That he did God's. 2011. Romeo Craig doll. Was the the interim coach of the chiefs before he took over for the chiefs going to a fourteen the following year. And that was the Andy reed show and keeps it back and really god ever sense that. Those probability only to console. Were after week one we sat here and man like. This team can actually do something this season. I would suggest game feels almost like a pre season game and yet that's that's what I've been saying is I can not relieve. I'm not gonna sit here and take it taught conclusions of the jets game what but the jets game was to me was. The bills came out and that he took care of business days. Did what they needed to do to get the win they used to Shawn McCoy in the ladies they're gonna use them. Tyrod Taylor look the way I. Pretty much expected Tyrod Taylor to lock the defense held at the jets and Shaq which shouldn't be too. Difficult of a task for defense and is looking to continue to improve. And now you're you're going into this week I was saying this yesterday jolly you weren't here yesterday but I would say this yesterday. Well would retail and always feeling more like week one to me that week one did because we are coming into week 1000. Sure there was just maybe the narrative. Of all the training camp. Where it's okay what is the direction of the team or be real the going forward this season of course you operate in and beat Sean McDermott telling you that there are looking at poll for the long term and the short term. But what what is it this season and a lot of fans I think word demoralized with some of the trades because. I'd like to trades but of course. I was super pumped up the season for me a Sammy Watkins Tyrod Taylor can show because I thought. Those two guys are gonna be relying on each other and you broke down one of the most dynamic players the team and I kind of said Wednesday a message to the media PE. So extremely fired up for this season and he continued securities guys talk in the way that they talk and the turnover of the roster. Team building the vote the way that they talk about the season be even being asked what they want to get out of Carolina and it's talking about the the evolution of the team in the growth of the team there's never any sort of talk about. All we're going there are two to win this game and of course that goes without saying. But it's it's always the process in growth and evolution. I think McDermott might of a guy in. Word that he's using the word process too much because today in his press conference he used the word I wrote an evolution. A lot in places where I think you would normally use the word process. So maybe he's trying to now maybe you realize she's like okay process and and he's a Smart guys who make it sound like little like an idiot or anything but he he looked up some pseudonyms to the word process hands. Kinda decided that you know one media don't need to. Hammer the word process and use other words that have the same meaning he did say process three times today that's lower than five times last week. And joke about this sound up so you know you're getting the correct information from Joseph because he spends hours scouring over this audio I've heard his voice more than anybody's. Probably I got to college oh its job. Sean McDermott it's certainly less interesting to listen to than Rex Ryan from your position of cutting up that audio much easier to Omaha of that audio babies so what's he's a week cleaner yeah he just comes at a racks or talk to and a half minutes talk about. Who the hell knows what climbs in probably. And rant on about that dog biscuits and yet McDermott gets the gets right to. Or to the point to the point it'll 30551888552. By fifty I'm continue to look around the league and some of the things that. Kapanen week widen. And whether it's. You look at something I look at. Come on keep it in the AFC east sell a look at the Baltimore. And the Cincinnati game. Is Cincinnati is back going to be. A trend for them work Indy dull and being eight brio the tough time there. There offensive line looking like a mass in Indy on his quarterback who won put under pressure. Really really struggles. And it looks as though he's. The kind of quarterback that's going to be under pressure all year and it's much like Sam Bradford. I still think Sam Bradford is aim far more tail to quarterback. Andy doll in. But he has never gotten real great protection around him and when he does get that kind of protection you get a game. Like he had on Monday night and even last year when he had that team on Monday night against the Packers is throwing absolutely dying all over the place. You get the kind of protection that he's forwarded. And a lot of quarterbacks can do. Well I'm not gonna say they can do as well Sam Bradford did they can do well and maybe this year for eighty dollar it is going to be really tough and then all of a sudden there's another team in the quarterback derby. There's another team in the court actor beat Arizona. David Johnson now. Does add another team in the the cornerback race all of a sudden there's there's more of these teams and you've got two giants this dealers. The chargers and saints breezes on the glaring contract and if if this quarterback class is going to be that class where it's. You know what there's a bunch of these cannot miss prospects. There can be quite often and a few more teams than we expected originally. Looking at these guys. And maybe potentially looking to to to move for those guys. It a 30551. EE eight by fifty to five if you let's go to outrage in Denver here rich in Denver you are on the night gap I'm Ryan that's you know whats up man. They would go to aren't. The only guys I get a and it felt better at what people banging on Tyrod Taylor I mean you can't be easy op at the game plan. Just the way they wanted him to. You know. The jets like to run a lot of cover two you're gonna user receiver to stretch the middle zone of the field. You're gonna try to get that big he's outside the ashes which is exactly what they did if you notice. Yeah it clear over the middle years. Cheney over the middle and when he got all it seem like he know and the turf run around on. You know when teams start running more covered street just up a run that's when the receiver gonna get him well but no matter what Tyrod does. This band aid if the speaker crap out of them and it should get the holding it like you know why go to football won't want to read all for idiots and. You got that bookings and its nearest 'cause I could probably use some times. A football for idiots. But now I read honestly I. I I agree with you a little bit because. I think a lot of the conversation this offseason about Tyrod Taylor and it was a I'm not sure I want us it was narrative that was created her anything about how much was talked about. Tyrod Taylor not using the middle of the field not using Charles clay. And then the first game of the season what does he do. He uses the middle of the field he targets Charles clay and then all of a sudden that the cheeses moved in and all he's not using the wide receivers cell. I didn't I can see why people who are Tyrod supporters absolutely getting fed up because they they decide. Whoever did the critics the critics of Tyrod and rich are going to be straight up with you I think Tyrod. From what I see in my comments screen it says that you think he's good enough I also think that he's got enough I don't think he's great. I think you can win with on I think you can get to the playoffs with them I don't think he's a Super Bowl caliber quarterback must have you have like a top to defense. But eager he's he's the kind of quarterback that can make plays and right now with the bills are doing. I think you're exactly right he did what they asked them to do on Sunday which was to target the linebackers of the New York Giants. And he's going to need a little time to develop a relationship with a quarter a wide receiver and Jordan Matthews. He's barely throw the ball to say Jones he's spent an offseason when a hundred homes is back and offseason but these are guys that he's got a solid report with. But. I can I can see why you would be five operates because if we going into this off season it was over the middle he can't see over the line in nine in the first game he goes over the middle bunch and now the criticism changes completely after one game. They Ryan what are quick point. We had a all the time runner over the line out there. 22. And you know why should he might Miller and bill prod Iran accommodation block the garden at tackle. Double up on the end in and week in and wanna misspoke or the second level. And it you might get all the time getting any kind milk any kind of push on the and in Miller getting a second level and I know that they didn't look at our regards. Amid going to be answering your city apparently now I'm right. Yeah and you. Certainly the weakness on the offensive line yep right side the right side I it's. They think's critical bridge I saw him. It was yards per pass he would chart from sharp football dot com and it was up the center behind Eric wide. Into the laps side behind Corey client slash Dion Dawkins. And Richie Todd Ito. And on the outside it was five yards per carry higher and that and it kept getting gradually lower as you have the right side. Where was around for a little glass behind Miller and then three and a half for three on the right side. With mills cell that is a side of the offensive line that. Is a problem and I think that's part of the reason why Shawn McCoy remains a Buffalo Bill because he's the kind of player. That even if he is running behind that right side. He can just get through that first hole. And into the second level you can make almost anything Japanese national lead back when he gets into space. The he got that little short pass on the right side of the screen are second at 28 takes it from one field. Once out of the field to the other just absurdly. It so. It it's going to be interesting and that rights the rights and. Twice the difference even between him and Tolbert when you suck Tolbert Tolbert had success in the middle hurt in the early part of the game because. Used gaping holes through the middle of the line anybody can run through but when they started trying to run like stretch runs to the outside such on that right side. They're getting bullied back into the alone in the line of scrimmage. Tolbert not a guy the king cut it back the other direction or make a guy nest he's gonna try to run through Europe there's three guys there he can't run three so I think maybe that might that that lying problem might hinder them when they bring in a guy dispelled McCoy that I have to bring you bang your if they're bringing Tolbert. That might become a problem but like you said McCoy is so shifty. He's so quick on its cots he can cut back to the last if he has still in just avoid the linebacker altogether. I don't see that the push on the right side being huge problem for the run game and lasts the back of running. Backs and and it'll 305518885525. Did you get into the on the nightcap now Anthony what's up man. Hey guys some luck color would tire rub their. You know I just can't disagree more. With this whole thing and I get the whole football while no one and cobalt for dummies and he's being asked to do what he's being asked to do minded team. However. The problem with Tyrod and the reason why I believe the team is not looking at him as the future of the franchise. Is that when he is out. Could do something. In that in the clutch working needs to come through for the pain he doesn't do it and he proved it again last week in the jet game. They have that down there ready wrapped the game. And while the game within you know during during the beginning of the game in the middle of the game the offense is moving the ball up and on the field. And when they need a series figures clock all the game. You can't make a first down he can't make the past you can't find the open receiver and we have the punt the ball away. And they're kicking back to the jets indeed giving it gets a chance to come back and get back into the game. How do you know how do you know there's an open receiver I mean why are we blaming that all on Tyrod Taylor name which is what ran through the receivers I don't see a guy on that. On the on the receiving corps it's getting open book Brett seen what's going on downfield. He can't make the play never makes those plays watching late in the game she doesn't make the plays when they need him to step up and do something. They don't make the plays I think last night you guys were comparing him to Doug Flutie. And I can see the comparison. But slowly make plays when they needed. Yeah I die I was and where you're donors got food aisles can blink his stature you know underdog. Not really a great traditional quarterback. Malvo really fond of logic site and a player. Yeah I agree good Flutie was much more clutch I wasn't trying to compare him in that fashion I think Flutie was absolutely more clutch than Tyrod but. What are the other characteristics like. Lots boost when the pressure's on he did not make plays. And that's what they need him to do they need to make plays when it counts when they need to put a team away when they need to get back into the game. And you don't catch catch up and get back into it and and maybe pull off for win never comes through during those times and you see it rolled his history look at our. Yet know I had the guy I know I know it's it's all there there's only ban a few times really. I mean last year against the dolphins was one of those games a year before. Against the the Tennessee Italians went really he was making more plays at his feet and he was. Through the air to to lead him down in that drive and I still consider the Seahawks game a game where he showed that he can do that because he pretty much singlehandedly that final drive. Drove him on the field with a lot of excellent place. We we've seen it but that's the problem with Tyrod Taylor and I don't I don't think Tyrod Taylor is the long term option I really don't but I think he's fine as what the bills haven't Baghdad's right now which is. Kind of this this bridge cornerback I think he is. A top twenty quarterback in this weekend's. Theirs not. The regulatory of the guys that. A real quick before we go to break I just I don't see a lot of quarterbacks in the league that fit that characteristic I think there's about. Five or six quarterbacks. Or maybe maybe a little more than that in the league that are can consistently drive you down the field late in games when you need a score. And get it for you I think where people rank Tyrod Taylor which is middle of the road starting quarterback in the league he's not a terrible starting quarterback he's in a week starting cornerback he's a guy in the middle right exactly he's a guy but he's got Josh Macau he's not Aaron Rodgers he's in that middle tier. And I think. What the guys in the middle tier all have in common is they're not guys that are gonna go up and throw 400 yards fewer they're not going to be. Guys that win you 67 games a year with. Last minute drives their guys that are gonna come and they're gonna be efficient. They're not gonna did you in trouble and you're gonna have to rely on your run game your defense a little bit. To do you keep you close in games or have you leading gains and that's our Taylor. This team needs to be good in the run game in the defense to be successful he's a better quarterback and putting the game away when you have a lead that bring you back from behind and I think that's most. Quarterbacks yeah there's going I think of guys who who can bring you back from behind like that right now it's who I trust her now that can do that Rodgers Brady. Gary Derek Karr. Roethlisberger. On at home you've got this program lakers is a backing cap on and on two hands yeah I still think that tyra. He is. He is. Policy. Is when he is where we we'd seen it we know what he is. And I know we we continue to have this discussion because. It's it's on us again and it's going to be another decision to be made. For the Buffalo Bills at the end of the season depending on what they do with their quarterback situation thanks for the call at the need to keep calm and 8030551. By 52 by fifty we are gonna talk Whitney Kyrie coming up at the top of the hour wanna talk to him about what he saw on Sunday some rather. Reactions and looking ahead. To the Carolina Panthers in and I don't think. I would itself I just said earlier I wanna be shocked bills one. It's definitely a surprising. Soviet ops the bills are seven point or seven and a half point underdogs to party and where you look. It would be an upset but it's not something I would be completely utterly shocked by it 030551. EE eight. 552 factor is our quarterback in the league though. That might be getting some itchy feet so we'll talk about that coming back. On the nightcap gates Jody B Osce might very by the board on WG. You know been there before you know I've been an era you know doing stuff for the team so I mean to meet footballs will walk. You know would go because you on bin Laden home team locker room. Must implement feel ultimately that it seemed that they can help you win or lose. Mike Tolbert and Mike Tolbert Indy gone back to you is his original squad. This week irons and I go back and need to claim their stadium again. Not actually joined the team. Right gates Jody BIC. On WGR might fiery behind the board so earlier today. It was a little bit of speculation. For ESPN radio host Mike Greenberg. Pretty much saying. That seem now like the Ryan drew a walk through might be might be wanting out of Indianapolis. I mean you look at what the team is done there even with interlocking Andrew Luck. First couple years in the league you now he did well did well that team there was still some of that foundation dot. From the the pain many years but. Recently. With injuries and maybe even the way that the B colts have handled Andrew Luck in his. Injury situations. Maybe their a little bit of a grind air bought. I was expected to be true but that's the only reason I even bring this up is the fact that. Okay this this offseason there's the potential. All of. A lot of quarterbacks being available in the draft. There's also the potential of their being some pretty good cornerbacks. Available and free agency. And I'm trying to to put myself in the shoes of VD general manager of the Buffalo Bills brains beat in that coach and the way that these guys seem to. To tock I know there's a lot of talk with bill's fans about the franchise quarterback is something we continue to talk about. What always. Always lose them yeah always sell. Or rent a time where. I think the bills have this outlook. Of being the entire team team building is something they continuously use and they have loaded up on these draft picks and I bend their re. Pronounced about. You might have to use the pick to move up to get a guy in the draft. You might have to use multiple picks to move up and get a guy in the draft so. I kind of did to the part where I look at. Guys to potentially are going to be available. As unrestricted free agents guys like your your old your old guys like Drew Brees is Kirk cousins who has that potential. Bears Sam Bradford who could potentially be that guy is Teddy Bridgewater done after the season to. I believe that's the case. So there's some guys out there and even really know how I feel about Teddy Bridgewater is alana I've never liked them it's not like he was really. Showing that he was going to be an excellent quarterback anyways I think Sam Bradford came in in pretty much showed that he was much better quarterback than Teddy Bridgewater Bridgewater isn't one of those guys again that. It is very likable guy that you can root for a guy that's very positive to be around. The guy could really see that helps bring in if they get him at a decent price because he seems to fit the mold of what they want around here. But the idea of me be. I mean look at Kirk cousins and I don't even view that really is an option I'm not hot on Kirk cousins and all. I think last year Kirk cousins. He was thrown the ball a lot that's for sure and he was being helped out by some receivers. And small or see how things continue throughout the season but I think he's going to take a step back this year. He's already 29 Sam Bradford occur cubs are the same age. You know that. And not yeah that's weird how that where things college does to our friends lien was like 45 million and we know he was 28 when he entered the draft. Young one year younger than Kirk cousins and Sam Bradford are now. Absolutely no way. He was you got in or it was on the cowboys released definitely roster for the cowboys for a little while but knowledge solace Kellen Moore show. Is the Kellen Moore shows back up for the cowboys he's a free agent Cooper rush Cooper rushed to. But would you prefer as bill stands. That day they go after a guy like. If Andrew Luck is on the trading block. And instead of having to. So really really with this would be as the block for instance there's the even in common a possibility but we have to watch out. Ryan and while that. Might seem hard to believe I could see it being a possibility I major block I'm very frustrated with what's around me Carson Palmer is like that. With the angles he was like that. And in books even better than he was so. If they reach you we re stressed time and EB walked does feel that way and the colts. The defense gather this injury but the colts are sitting at the top of the draft and their like. Then we can get send Arnold here we could get. Josh Rosen we can get any of these quarterbacks he won they might finish worst in the league flock doesn't played. Well at what point two if you're the colts do you say shut him down do you say shut him down because. Oh what they were were on the way to who's gonna happen and number one overall pick and yet you can go one of two ways you can say okay we're gonna float Andrew walk out on the trading block conceivable he could potentially get for and see what kind of a hall began for him and revamp a darn great new franchise quarterback whoever that number one pick corporate April. Or that there are difference would be though because of all the picks they'd be getting their depth would be young which means that once those guys are hitting their crimes. The quarterback you would have would be younger in hope we you'd be saying he'd be hitting his prime at the same time whereas block what's Lucknow torn. I have them but he's just pulled Brees and is mid to late twenties so you have to think by the time that dot starts churning out. Better seasons blocks in his thirties and needs dot happens career behind him well I mean. Es he's 28 years old right now. He's twenty years old via boot remember each state college for that answer that yet -- for years the extra year. But I mean it's conceivable I would not bet on it it. All I'm not I'm betting and it's it's it's conceivable situation if you're colts and Andrew Luck is in this situation in the took them off the physically unable to perform list which means you have to be out for at least six weeks read it he is often now. Oh you was off before the seat of her via cell. That that means you have to miss six weeks if he was on it as the season started but what if what if there in this situation where they look at it. Probably much like they've looked at the year Peyton Manning was out and say. Let's put ourselves in a position to you have the number one overall pick and then they have a decision to make as the Indianapolis Colts thinking. Okay we can either move forward with Angelo block trade out of the first overall pick get a hall for the first overall pick which would be all for. Whatever team moves up. And continue to create a rush in to block which is probably the way that they would do it and comments on sides. That's the way that they would do it I know Andrew Luck is head injuries but is a proven commodity in this league verses. Some these guys look like they're gonna be pretty good but it did not approve and and you know maybe he would have some injuries if your offensive line could block for him like. No more than once every four downs and you you get all those picks and you you've built around Andrew Luck or. Yeah you trade for Andrew Luck and mend the colts are kind of into position where the they can you really have a full rebuild which I don't think they've ever done just the one year were a day sucked for a walk in the and got him in kind of jumped right back in what they were doing. It's it's an interesting thing to think about that if Indianapolis. Goes down and looks as bad as they did talk about overreaction and we won overreaction from writing gates we want to enjoy every level on the trading block. And the colts are going to trade him. Bought it's I think is engaged in conversation to have because you talk about. I don't know what would be worth more expert teams. Would it be the starting quarterback that is. The dollar and all our yard. Yes I'm saying yeah could be bought it bought would be more valuable and number one overall I. Sell I don't think we've ever had a player of that caliber that's been treated. And I don't even know were you would begin on a price for you look at the trading. In these 31 round picks more picks and maybe another player. What is more ball what was the trade to move up along the colts were there and then it was RG three after on the end. The Redskins traded 31 round picks for RG three. And that. The rams traded 21 round picks for Jared off. So you're moving up as you've been a really expensive proposition. And the bills are in control a lot of assets to where. Maybe that's the team we should be rooting for art to go down because it. Gives the bills may be some options out there by the way that the two things that would stop the calls from doing that one Jim Irsay is kind of a while paired. Never know what he's thinking sued AFC south. These bad as it has the past couple years they can be one and four when law comes back in and still be a gamer to. Out of the division lead and they could say. Everybody go Farley there was a division and they. Bob Hope and battered eggs out of the tight and slow by the time comes back you might be a situation where. That that would happen in a 30551888552. Previous got tossed around some some crazy scenarios. Yet Geary gonna join us eight. That RG three trade by the way so the Redskins got that number two pick which was RG three the rams got. The number six overpaid silly trade don't force spots than they also got a second round pack in the same year first round pick the next year. No other first round pick the year after that. So when it was first the number two overall pick. Or for the number two overall pick European definitely seek trade and really let's they treated the number six overall pick in the same draft yeah und it's their second round pick from that same draft. That net there to first round picks the next two years after. Yet it's so I sit through the three or I got to get Andrew Luck is probably that trade. Robby and a little more since he's proven commodity art industrial 551 EE 550 to 550. Any thoughts on that. Any thoughts on that I give this collier is the nightcap Jody BSE brigades ready now to each year. There's no username and the way we're doing news the only one piece of overalls and I have a play tomorrow on moved a small balloon and is not an Amin. When do the zoom and food vs and. Marcel Darius. Gets damaged and stuff to say today. One or textures sags. Mobile system down nice. Dario is to first this year wonder next year for Andrew Luck. I mean from the site sheer Obama's camp plus net but yeah. The cap not only for Darius post the cap for locking a new us via and I know I'll do it another taxes is. And you really want it take for one of these quarterbacks that would lead to the media and now that he was on the clock. Currencies but there are now. And trade him now to assure that they get to the top of the draft. Which I don't out of the if they were really trying to get there. That would be yet and it. I'm trying to figure out and influx Egypt has since come out the the information came out on Mike and Mike this morning. This is as the quote. I don't know if I wanna use the word rumor but there's a general sense you hear from people around the league if you talk to people cover the sport of football right now there is an ever widening gap between Andrew Luck in the Indianapolis Colts that his unhappiness and perhaps some familial and happiness if you will stands back beyond this that maybe he felt. He played but he wasn't 100% healthy. He's not playing now and that there's some talk that even an enormous contract and his enormous talent that we could be seeing right before our eyes the end of Andrew locks era in Indianapolis. And Andrew Luck siege it has come mall. Science and sad of course that this is just pure speculation and there's nothing behind that in two parts remain in Indianapolis. COLT he wanted to aside is huge five year contract that the timing and highest paid quarterback and he's played player in the league. He didn't want to be in Indianapolis Colts. But that's where all of these things usually stars are right it is. I kind of like the point that the talks to me it is. It's usually one of besides it it might be the colts or it might be well oxide who'd just. They start talking and they say something to some wine and then someone says something to some Lyon and that's how these things tend to come out. And of course you wanna hear more. That and just. Mike Greenburg of ESPN's Mike and Malik kinda just speculating about it in a 32 peas and shell and kind of just passing over. See you want a little more concrete than that of course the agent is gonna come out and deny it. By its I don't know it's it's pretty interest and I think it's interesting and in this year. One it's probably the most loaded quarterback class. Sense Andrew last year I'm gonna pass over the Mario dines Wednesday year. This is the bus cornerback class and people are saying that sand Arnold is that can't miss prospect. Sensing Andrew Locke. The colts find themselves in position due to nab and again I don't know man who was the was the last can't miss prospect for a lot. JaMarcus Russell. Might have Peyton Manning. If that wasn't JaMarcus Russell now. Think it's coincidence the colts keep showing up once a while here and as a can't miss quarterback in the graphic it is a coincidence that they're below the level quarterbacks get injured when there's an elite level prospect in the draft I'm pretty sure that's. Pretty coincidental some of the fishy on non dominant. You think our trust our jurors dementia in there intentionally injuring their cornerbacks. I mean maybe maybe there's not vet injured but they could play but you could. I might think if they were in a playoff game or know what to play tomorrow. Maybe they mishandled Andrew Luck at the end of last season intentionally. Knowing that these cornerback they watch Sam Arnold. In the ad the nab Rose Bowl game like you know what we're gonna delay surgery we're not gonna do it right away. And all of a sudden you we are or you know maybe in the operating room Jimerson slips and dock you points thanks to her under double Hondo is Ike. Justice. Did do some didn't mess supplement drunk you travel Junior Mints in their if you drop a junior men all right that's out of -- be Nazi right gates though I talked to neat Kyrie. Coming up next getting back to the bills in May be ball. We'll see what if he has any thoughts about this absurd Angela speculate about it doing here iPad two so global talked in the next is the nightcap ranking it's Jody B he might fiery and WGR.