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Friday, January 12th

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It's Mike you opened and a Bulldog. This is barely got a contest between who gets the and we can in the role. The is the fence guy like I want more powerful person in the relationship or that the guy had the bulldogs I don't know if you get separated. You've still got a you'll need it you have to go through interpreting it just got it right cook crap. People do that I follow I think people knew that she always. Mike Hsu for the Bulldog on WGR. It's great we'll find this. I thought bad because. What was it Monday. I had thought goes Monday's show was so good that we not do today show and honor of all while. Restored even duo and why did you not see something. About that before we got here. And he just we just steer people to on demand audio right click and listen to Monday or just a moment. Rule Monday back. There's news to there is news things have changed we have to be here we should be here. It's a privilege writes. I want to be here. We're going on up trip anyway right after this to you gotta get one more and I do best. And quickly you know you you know all out Rick Dennison is out. So we have that now. We have. The bills will meet it but I think they will they say for sure that they will get a new offensive coordinator that they consider themselves in trouble by just not doing that because this will be there. A fifth. Different 2013. To 2018. Every years but there's a different offensive coordinator they they dared to give great role and a second season and then they bailed out after Ehrlich we get after it failed did not last so that was a bad idea two years your natural rate didn't actually got two years he lasted bowl years while it was here. Thirteen and fourteen I guess would be Hackett he writes via. That was the last time I was excited for who they picked. Was writes I still pedal like him. No I am not following. Jaguars but like I like like the idea of him. And I'd I'd I'd still want to think what he's young enough maybe he'll be really successful is that the is. Isn't the idea program simply that he was young. Yeah us that's a big part of it but with that came this were gonna run eighty place. But were were going up temple like they they talk like they were gonna be Chip Kelly light coming up. And that you know that was exciting now you know you can have a sixty year old person wanna do that just doesn't seem like it happens often. In football so. You know with him being young baby came out and that doesn't necessarily mean that anyone who's come he's gonna wanna do that but those two things together. Were exciting and it's still why I guess I woods you know say what I just said which is I like him. It's still like him. They bailed on that because according Glenn left. Training camp with a knee injury of men. We know the story that I figured it brings Ross couldn't keep up but he was in good shape and volley today yeah. That it knows what else contributed to open yet they pretty much don't think that was. That was as exciting as is I think it has been about a bill office potentially remember watching the play clock when that season began to see how long. It took them in between plays with their goal goal goal logo when that was a thing for a while but it just by the second temple. Coordinator searches are talking about coordinator surges. Is is not easy for me see what the point out Hackett. Hackett was young and he's the last time I was excited. For. A choice they made a coordinator choice they made. And really all I would have been doing to be excited was to stereotype him. And you know there's a little bit of you sort of get very much you go a little bit of description from the team eventually training camp comes around what you wanna do this point about. Running a fast paced offense comes out as you get into the summer. Even if you even if they hired a guy at this as they have done a deficit if they hired a guy that. Head years in the league and there's like. There are books on him there are. Dean films right squad go back and watching the game Denver played in and like last year exceed or what to their offerings look like and then you come back here in Ugoh. Melissa this might be what my office looks like it's a wake up. It's so might not be different personnel. Football bends over backwards to not be the same thing time after time. Right we can't show our real plays in the pre season you don't probably have a good idea to practice them. We can't do that because you'll see we do that you can't we can't have that so. The them usually with coordinators. IE have to stereotype. Almost all the races. And for me it may be for you like young visits that's what I want Hackett didn't come here with experience he and coach in the super wal. You know like Dennis and or even McDermott he didn't mean that there was there wasn't that stuff. It was just an idea right. The idea being asserts like the idea is he's young so he's gonna be you know throwing it more. Maybe Somalia and a ponting lasts just dumb maybe more data driven self like that. None of that really happened. Now really aren't going so we can put the wrong race I guess it was wrong I think there is gonna happen although again they did talk about. Being a certain way that gave you some. Some reason to hope and our remembers that offseason heading into the season. You referenced saying and I read funny to two but don't I'm not sure I remember the names of the of the writers but there was a lot of work out there that was complimentary of Maroney and Hackett but there they are going to be a ahead of the curve here. To some extent. And soul like going to hire panels like you're you're artist. And again it just did not really materialized for whatever reason just we're just happy it could've been Sean McVeigh. Yeah maybe I mean maybe if he had someone as talented as jerk off to work with maybe he would be. But it just didn't happen you know they had EJ Manuel and then Kyle Orton and then they will. We did have Watkins woods and Hogan mr. hunt and that's right and Goodwin I guess was and good for a little while while her going out and get a whole time and don't forget Scott Chandler. I would not a matter that mistake again that's it seems like a cheap shot but what's the age what's the youngest age. Of an offensive coordinator. You would look with nineteen. All right so he at least eight team to New York that's too young nineteen is okay. Nineteen is barely Oka on premium on Q sure understood my question and it could be a different agreed to request I am going to say it says again morsel. No I don't all. I think they're probably gonna hires somebody that is what equipment dormant that's privileged. Is Iraq is that should since he is that you want to jump the name the names that are made at around should should want. Let's say the names of the names that are made I don't you guys get trojans key. It's alone what problems. Weiner Twitter and all the just fifty euros. Here are some ideas here are some candidates are those real rounds and it's only relative to other three rounds yet. Could there around yet reporters saying names like would they know when he religious doing that so there's two what will this guy. It's the only what you would be doing the right there I think that's all we're doing is doing you're not on the radio there doing it in print are those real rounds. I think they're doing their due diligence that's of their debts due diligence. That is spit balling it is that due diligence. Well look at this ought. All right we don't have rounds or else I'll call spit ball to be what it doesn't. I think that's likely the outcome that the chances it was never. To be. Never we will see him but I I doubt we've talked about whether Dennison is gonna go and what they're gonna do in his place and it. It seems like you know there was at least a good chance that Dennis it was going to be fired and he has been. I've not been thinking I think every time we talk about this a silly. They're not the higher Shawmut today I just don't see that guy walking in the door here OC McDonald is seeking that guy out I just don't. Speak there are gonna get. But the next open coming great young passing mind. To come either coordinator that's not who they are always coordinators think their odds would pretty good but they've never really wanna bet right. So there are defense first and like you know old roots in old so we'd better be able to run and they did have a snow game this year that was one on running plays so. Ideally that's always gonna be more entrenched now. Soul. You know but that doesn't mean that they that they can they give a quarterback that can really play. But they won't throw it more than they wanted to eventually but I just don't think they're gonna go way outside the box for your your will be some guy that. Has ties to beat Andy Andy Reid some minority kids in ski sure what those guys check those boxes. So fine it doesn't mean they have to be but in any way a problem are those guys all all guys have been fired over and over. Halted since the waters the browns coach for a year that had caught one more year you know let's talk to do it but he got past. But you know the browns they would need to do that for a while what is it like Mike Shula sort of and because you can younger Norv Turner bushels had a want to jobs right. Right he was head coach. No that was the issue via angles okay right rom com L we'll save that for a head coach combo mumbled later gonna. Mike Mike Shula was coach to what Alabama before Nick Saban team is that right on. Seoul late. You know I don't know sure that worked out well as anybody you're gonna Hoyer and what's their thirty years old has probably acquired three that's why I want someone thirty years old but in a group that's why I want you know. You know what ends up happening what I've ever what happened last year Dennis to get tired. And what do we had to say about that as well you're involved as rape like this with Mitch all of them. Homes would do greenback in the Houston area and fostering Hubert march. Are you okay will mean well yeah maybe this'll work. But that's it that's that's that's. How far you want Ulster golf. You know I'm not super excited about the hall here. Because it's just it's Atwater its terror coordinator guy. That's had a half a dozen jobs in the league and ladies get this he's gonna biggest at this okay. Great I hope that works. That's what I expect to be saying when they a year ago. Well I wanna know because like we're saying and I've I've sent already the trying to predict that predict who will be but like. Comment on who should be is to me like just really waste but. I wanna know if he might be interesting to do that in terms of one it might mean for their quarterback future not just like styles but do they want to. Meek. Sorry I'll splash. With this hire. To make themselves. More well positioned for certain quarterbacks I think. More likely than with draft guys you're talking about I'd be thinking of NFL veterans. But who's who's somebody who wants quarterbacks more important. So who somebody you want. Mr. mayor outings were reporters that a lot more money that it's more important whoever this guy he Vick you're tired for this job is gonna seekers when depending on their quarterback. So let's say like you try you wanna get a locksmith just get hypothetically say the bills wanted. Get Aleks Maric. Don't they want to hire their coordinator. For that player but don't they want to. Be a few good trade for Alex Smith maybe that's different than a free agent if they want Teddy Bridgewater is or is there is our coach. That. They think would appeal. To Teddy Bridgewater if it's him whoever. Does that sound sure. All you yeah I think you could you could think that through there is a free agent you're really targeting. IE don't. Mock myself I am gonna undersea. Be careful to not see this like I know with the bills are going to do. I think the draft a quarterback and whoever the freeagent. Is should not be that we also do that and they almost have to. Do that in in in concert with drafting someone. Whoever they're free agent is. Should have almost no bearing. To me on who they hire for coordinator to coordinator should be someone who they think can work with IE ver. Mason Rudolph bigger army field Lamar Jackson if I end up with one of those three guys and their skill sets are all different. Can the guy I Hoyer worked with that. That's what I I want heart and hire a guy that can be adaptable enough in it how he wants things to make that work for. So old. You know who fits that bill now I don't know this should look at the bill. Distance is key to that bill may maybe I mean I've I would know there are some quotes out there. Accrediting. One of those guys I think its judgments before helping Cam Newton early in his career. Totally okay like who is that exactly I mean it's not quite. It an early release is ready these guys because he's bigger and athletic whereas maybe mayfield and Jackson in arsenal little smaller NF radical Jackson six week. He's close but he's not mean to 66. Anyways. I like the idea that somebody help. Cam Newton camp where he was the number one pick in the draft as Newton is in appoint his career were his games are all over the place and could hurt me. The idea that the so bothersome called true if we didn't exist in cam Newton's path. New would be something worse than now well maybe but anyway but that's what are higher and whatever they end up doing is a bridge to that guy if they feel they need one. It'd almost certainly need some insurance even if they think this kid can play right away wherever they pick him. Rated higher they pick him it is more likely it is that he can play right away you're still want to have another guy. That guy has no battery that quarterback that veteran quarterback has. All I'm seeing Nolan meeting may play for them through each made solemn. Little but it's far outweighed by the kid the kid is what matters developing the kid is matters get me a code to condone that. And I about a bridge guy for a year. If he doesn't quite fit what might bite coach is known for doing or when he has trouble working with him a one out. I'm just killing time until the kid can play anyways and that's what he is moral support. 8030550. For your thoughts quarterback or coach. Ryan has the pressure on Tuesday to begin April Ryan it is yup once. Because if he upsets you you'll talk about whoever it is you match. That's where he's from his past us rights. And after the show we are going away for while you might forget. That is also correct that means that Ryan has a lot riding on this sorry he's got a good job for you Olson want to adjust myself purposefully so high now. Is killing me you want closure I need some closure you know what you will hear a lot of will call on today's show. I. All race. There we go. In the year ago as well. Well there's there's no problem that would welcome lots blogger blog we got here on the shop alternating. Probably not gonna gold. That bar to try to keep me happy now I'm OK I apologize to you longer how life and I've no problem with that I just don't want like it would please me about will. Will vote didn't appreciate the things they deserve better than that house our media wasting space here appreciate the face okay. Eric Delco today. He is a draft guide. Optimum scouting sporting news on the show several times last year were starting. It's tool season we are starting to talk. In the tool shed as players get ready to show off their tools. Two. Pro scouts and executives. The you'll see us. That's the same boat as today at the Asia double dip in with the June what happened there the same zone well you know what do you think multiple tools and using different kinds of tools and part of tool season is like working out in you in spirit bench press and writing guys at the gym is able. To beat out that Steve who. Grunting died at the Jim. I forgot my headphones. Whatever days from Monday one day I forgot my headphones so nothing to listen to. Am and very once the wildest grunting guy out at the gem the whole time I'm there disguised. Every thirty seconds it was us. Excuse was throwing up. Be sure he wasn't throwing he was not throw ago you can't blame him if he's grunting BP rigors of restoring he was lifting free weights. And really wanted everyone. In the age and to the it was pretty. Don't be going to be don't do any better than that also head coach combo mumbo today. That's going to be honest I have to get those exactly sure what the question is I'm excited. Think that I have to get those questions read the unknown excites me was brilliant at the unknown that's right that's why it's good. We should also placed him first pick dot com today and I don't think I mean it's Friday. When he is good for up. But you know yeah annually to a little more laid back today leaving. The sabres won they did not get. Stop during the like that mean there's certainly a Mia I will stop short of saying they've turned their season around for what bought. It's not a situation here where like it's fresh in your mind how much you hate them for McCain you just saw right it was so bad was Ron and I were there look at that at the end. All the way to the all the way idea and it was a crime were their for the empty net goal didn't run double CG cheer wildly for the M pinnacle no no. And I have to future wildly at all is that what you're supposed to do. Probably is we are supposed to do I find some people okay toss out some high fives. Dostum. Then we were there for the whole game man there are a lot of empty seats last night. It in the middle of the third period it's. 21. Write what you know lately it was only six hours I got to be 21 yeah one nothing in two nothing. Hot people just not. And those who was stark the polar collar crowd looked I thought but not not surprising. You know sewed up the sabres are on a break. We'll talk about the dentists in firing. If you don't you prefer hearted way use whiff. Suggesting that language to know I preferred relieved of duties relieved of duties departed ways fired. They all just work. And quarterbacks you know were early on in this we've been talking about a lot this week maybe that would be obvious. And favored ideas. So far we. Are are at this this point in here which is like I don't think I wanna trade up. You think they're gonna have to to get one of the top ones and they should want to. You certainly more than I I'm I'm open to a here open to a I don't feel yeah. I don't feel any ER urgency to do that I might change my mind I think it's an exciting idea but it really so. Especially if it would be like. The giants but that would just be dubious but these story of the draft. When upn did that in that would be really exciting I wonder how far away the giants and they are wonder what 21 and 42 zones to the giants. Is that some liken we can we can be good next year there were eleven and five last year. And they lost Beckham and had a whatever terrible season three weapons. And I guess Eli Manning back there we are variously team to watch for us will be one of the few teams which are thinking about trading up or what even if it's not trading up which would want to be do with their peck. Their really interest in one yeah I want. They had big offensive line problems that he might they think 21 and 22 would afford them the opportunity to fix that in one draft. And paying another pick maybe accidentally which certainly take next year's first round to get from 21 and 22 all the way up to me. Even more than so. I don't yeah I mean they they can keep going with Eli put 23 years here. And bite people window open or they start know when that's that's a huge variable stress. Fans everywhere have opinions about what they wanna see the bills do we vote your doors Eagles 30550. Mike's over the bulldogs this is WGR. It's not like I'm reading it to a code word is that could send you to the night before our. With the Dave Matthews Band in Minneapolis. Cold word right now is past. Pass. Can use it and a sentence. I'm going to pass on this opportunity to use to report. The word in the sentence. Wait. You text the word pass to 72881. Now for your chance to win messaging data rates may apply. Four rules or to enter online please visit Entercom contest dot com. One randomly selected nationwide entry is going to win this trip to Minneapolis for the night before. This of course the night before of the big game. You Minneapolis but from WGR and NFL I'm location your official pass for the ultimate Super Bowl due to experience. Super Bowl ticket packages on sale now is that NFL on location dot com today messaging data rates may apply. A SS pass PA SS the first one you've got great all week. As a tough one to get wrong. The double letter thing my grandmother teacher is to rail against double letter urged taught me to read. She she's why do we need these double letters just all they do is confuse you. Analytics. 8030550. To reach us bills. Looking for if they started yet a new offensive coordinator they dismissed. Rick Dennison earlier today may be if they do this somewhat soon. It would be a clue as to what their quarterback preferences either by style. Horror experience level or even by name if it's somebody who comes from a certain team or something. You said probably what they do is hire some middle aged guy that once coached with McDermott somewhere. And does seems like a pretty good idea that's our are pretty good gas free guys did a pretty if it's not a good idea to be a pretty good guests right. And what it would be like two or three weeks. Don't. Could be more could be less what my gone gone until Wednesday that. Warning need. The worst I think I'm back now was that report a but they have a coordinator. For public that it doesn't take long. That's just my mind my guess. I speak they do this with Dennis in it now because they've got their eye on someone. That the no they can get and therefore won't take that. Thanks Martin no they want already yeah. I I I I think that's. Against likely. Otherwise maybe you don't do it maybe you all right there isn't somebody you brought. Right now that maybe you don't question that doesn't get asked maybe often enough wind. We the take calls or even ourselves we'd bring up the idea of firing the coach audit and on any of these teams. It is you have an idea about who is out there that you want to take this coaches place. And so I I would bet. That it if my guess is correct and so here here comes the it's about where I'm from venturing out under the unreasonable speed I'll visit it is. When night when I stopped talking. If if if believe that the guests that they hire someone that McDermott knows and has coached way. The you know this guy currently is out of a job. Like Mike Shula for example then that these. Despite. You know you can get them you've already talked to home and you know he's do you like the idea appeals to him you know who like him it matches up and like you go from there. So I would bet they had an idea who they could give me here take this job when that. That's why it's open for you 8030550. Do you have a comment. Kirk cousins. John Clayton mentioned Kirk cousins yesterday word is Kirk cousins and up US him maybe buffalo. I have thought this is more likely than you have thought as we've talked about it. And I think one reason why you might think they wouldn't do that. Is Levy obviously because. Why would you need to draft quarterback in the first round and if you think the whole point here is done for them to draft a quarterback in the first round. However they need do economic news to Texas we need to do it move up and do that. Then you would not need to do that cousins is an age where you would not need to draft his replacement. Right now it's not. The entirely without merit he has been productive he's a certain level good he's accomplished this you know an off in the lead. And it would allow you to address ball. More of the other holes unity especially if you think you're going to have to use multiple assets just to draft a quarterback. I. And burned two picks this year and no one else in future years. That bet. Takes away from build your teams are any fairness to meet you the connection there like I can or more media personally I again I don't disrespect. The thought process. It's it's it's really it's two things from me a bomb me personally my opinion is I wouldn't wanna pay a quarterback. That much money whose only this book but I I don't wanna have the highest that's out of work if you're gonna. Our track Kirk cousins and free agency or making him the highest paid quarterback in the week. And I think that's what's probably gonna happen somebody's gonna do at this off season. Unless Aaron Rodgers gets his contract redundant might be time for that and that'll that'll come in on top cook outs that we get the point you're approaching crazy money. For a guy that I don't think warts I would pay Aaron Rodgers fifty million dollars a year apart caught. Kirk cousins I don't wanna pay 272830. Miller had a lot of dual. I don't think he deserves that he'll get a because he's available and everybody's desperate. Mean I wanna be that that's maybe he'll get a great okay there there weren't many teams that bit jump to mind yesterday. Washington could still be one death but Denver was one Denver was one giant clay mentioned Denver and the bills now. That it Cleveland I guess but but they're gonna pick first why would they do it. Right. The jets. Bright. I don't know I don't know hardly anything occur across the board here about like what seems like which guys rusher who who knows bill bottom but. Teams that need quarter Zora you know teams need quarterbacks. Would. All be considerations from me for that. Jackson digestible Jacksonville. Right. Seoul they don't we think they should do Jacksonville yup. Go looking at I mean yeah. They picked up that option on him but pity they are saddled with a pretty big cap number. That I think doesn't prohibit them from cutting him. But it's not smartly is not good justice would not have been a good decision to have picked up that option and then try to walk away from it where it is not. The girls are still in the playoffs and right so. They'll probably keep morals because they wanna game in there you know every happens and they made them booms to. Take out that if you're option already so maybe that maybe the die is cast. Of you right there maybe there's not a deep. Pool of teams that are gonna go shopping for Kirk cousins. So. I I think you can fit it into the bills. Well enough. From just put it on paper doesn't make sense second draft. A linebacker I can draft. A wide receiver and then I got my second round picks I can do all this that I can hate on my pick next year. That's a better way to build my team and Paul Kirk cousins in and he's better than what I've had in okay. The other part that I don't like the idea because I don't like cousins that much. The other thing to me is what I think the bill's fate and what their preference would be. And I just have a hard time seeing McDermott in being. Going you know what's great about what he holds causes 2829. Year old guy. And give him. All the money in the world. And like sort of we're gonna we're gonna jumbled up two spaces on the board rather than. Go get their own guy that Brady. DeDe can groom and model and all that it like just bring along the I think that's what they wanted to and also pay a rookie contract for four years for partners to. I I just I would expect they prefer that route even if they have to pay extra assets to make it happen. Which they probably would probably probably problem. Cousins are accurate and is aged 49. And here's Dennis were those like Dennis. They get on I just wanted to and you know I I I agree with you Mike you know it and where span. Morgan up higher possibly. You know I just feel like they're like turf so that promptly goes round and round. You know it's like one of the only profession that you get fired up and just. Stay in it in that profession. They'll be bought at urban anyway. Maybe just that you have writing that that are still around the heats and I just feel like there's. There's so many other guy I I have no clue trust they like. I don't know a lot of these guys so the one thing that I just beat up up all the time to do the people of both guys from the quarterbacks coach in Philly. Mr. just an example I'm not and I want them. You know like. A guy like that that that is going to be it's a political position coach. And may be turning things around but would you rather take a chance IMAP and iPad it's that you know who's been fired four times. I did that like you the chances of that succeeding are a lot better then then the same guy getting fired. I'm like I agree with you I might say thanks Dennis that mighty. My a fever favorability rating for whoever they pick is directly correlated to how many times that person has been fired from NFL teams. If it's zero. Course that means like. Theoretically a little kid could get her back could get the job but he's never going or she is government. Fired by an NFL team sought to say yes. As opposed to I don't know Mike Shula. Norv Turner Norv Turner it is a relief or turner was fired already was being. Right Carolina Carolina is taking Norfolk they fired people that you're gonna hear their names until the bills are or someone in Europe the names of the Carolina is. Because these guys have on our team came from Carolina. So they wondered these people are bringing in Norv Turner who has worked for. Say everyone because it's a review shall exaggerate. That we went through the list that inspired head coach Tom bowl mumble that's right coming up later. All right Andrei is an actual Andrei. Category. Yeah arch outcome haircut and pick up our. Away record cut back attack Iraq now are so. I want my draft were ordered back so that Kirk are off. Well. Actually sort political what kind of huge. Auto. I don't like baker and that who I don't think it's buffalo. Right now. Art baker made. Might be right well here's the thing you're not I just don't think it makes sense Andre to sign Kirk cousins to. All 130 million dollar contract. And then draft a quarterback in the first round. Because you just don't meet them both why why would you do that. And and so those things are at odds you could still threat I think you would if you if the bills wanted to sign Kirk cousins and I tell you that I know that they don't I just might. My gut. My read of of their personalities the way they're one in this thing is it doesn't really light up to me that there are a franchise that wants to seek. All hundred billion dollars into a pretty good quarterback. And did rather drastic but if they did it. They would draft another guy but it would now be to me in the first round know just ridiculous asset management you would pick a nominee and Peter men and offered me here behind. Cousins and see if he can turn into anything you don't need to do that if you have me computer room and you wanna keep going with them. We gonna do that. Might wanna third dot opened yet bright you don't do so you don't have to you wouldn't have to give Joseph Webb. Sort you have Joseph Webb Gould to me really DV three. Undrafted free you go to get the guy from Miami of Ohio. In Canada draft or whoever as well be sure whoever that is sure that's that debt sure you don't have to draft another to. But. There's no way you like if you're if you're advocating for Kirk cousins and the next thing you say is I think Kelly big derby field. Just stop your your your one. One of the other you are you're in a head on collision it's not gonna work. Well the veteran should come first and that will tell us who obviously you know it's obvious but a lot of money on. We will know what they're not gonna do with the draft and it's somebody that they don't and we will also know. Right. Media coordinators a clue to eventually where we know are going to have a new one again. 8030550. Eric Delco optimum scouting at four for his expertise on the top prospects. What show the Bulldog here on WGR. Quarterback leads and until you know you have you know the guy Richard definitely gonna build this team around and and obviously the offense around figure costly search and you know the teams that you know make it runs in the playoffs. Consistently have a franchise gathered they lean on year in year out and we're still in the process you know getting an accomplished. Tool season. Phil Jim Brandon being on WGR this week check out all of our audio full shows even by the hour. WGR 550 dot com on demand audio brought you by northwest. Eric gal go coming up in ten minutes. Draft talk right now of us. Alexis Jim. To see what I what I've done this. Of subscribes to wage service and got all this music in my fingertips and that's. It's gonna pay dividends and indeed the musical. Numbers. On the show how much more fun. Would the doctor's office be the dentist off the screen that bank. If you get this just. Move it up a little more. Just of better situation. Inhale medical enterprise now right. I will say we do have bought here at the office we've got that that's stuff that plays in you know stores wears real. Real songs but it's like all this music out. Waiting room music and they're playing Rosanna by Toto is walking out yesterday. To sit in the room. To your it passes he'd stopped right now. Not the eight bit version now that you might sometimes it. Poll in here orchestral version yet almost via which is. It's odd song so extreme that really going should ever have thought. Thought that it needed group ahead of words take and that's right there there's wanna I wanna go. We're close to meet two things that can stand out about that kind of music servers won't is that where you give us on. That. One. Did you even need to late lame this out like it's already way. Really you're taking the air supply song in your doing this to it but why did you do that that is me he says or the other end of the spectrum. Is but I think I've walked through there it's important here for apple. And it smells like teen spirit is gone and it's been it's been. Born into that. Why did you think that was arrests. Who thinks that's a good idea but what is some some sixty year old person who has never heard that song walking out well. But like this to him and what's maybe sport cut outs. You should be allowed to do baptists. And give them just don't distill some good idea. Evil. Sure. And Tim is with us cites him. Our guys and certainly Michael chills. Talk about quarterback situation on forward I look different term of maybe a little competition isn't about worse way to go you sign hill met. Earlier while freedom for our ground there. Still director quarterback. Good feeling here is built semi given up on Cuba and yet so now you got. You know he get out Forestar ultimate setup or are you not to be a probe ever bought the first round pick and Kieran. You grew by xmas able competition and won it from there. Yeah I'd I'd myself. Don't care about any of that no no France are just a B I think thirty driven people. I think this this idea that you need to have someone else on the team to challenge you for your job is what makes guys good news is laughable. And there's now we've got to we've got. To call sedate people wanting to sign or acquire quarterbacks that would cost at least ten million dollars a year. May be as much as 45. And want them to groom rookies there are coaches for that we don't need. To sign quarterbacks or trade for quarterbacks to teach you want them to play. That's why you get them attitude you don't get Alex Smith and then compete with him and ask her to be coaxed to. You trade for him and you put on the field of one dollar and if you wanna do that than you can do that. But EI I don't. Want or expect. Those things to matter that. Yeah I'm not. That said it would be Alex Smith being for a year doesn't make sense. Like. You can even fitted together like it's not Kirk cousins it again if you're not. You just trading for him you're trading for him with his existing contract and that's it it's a one year were here you go you're probably gonna be our starter. And you can play just. Players open to another contract do it for us and you know you bought your way and we remember kid waiting for you. Think that that lines up. I don't love it I don't wanna have to pay something in an asset to give him necessarily event draft a guy and pay a lot. Maybe more than just base price for that guy to me that's a lot of assets would just that one idea. I'm not. I'm not as against that as I have occurred causes this is a very different concept of one year it's a rental news. I guess. I still feel like Smith is accomplished enough I mean in the playoffs year after your do your former first overall pick that if you are trading for him you are playing him. I I don't think he's somebody to transition in media is so depends on that could happen I think that could happen but. I think if the bills move towards Smith think they have to give up a draft pick a lot like teams eventually you lose the draft picks and I'm picking players stopped trading up stop treating them away. You can find. That player in free agency I think bridge waters interest thing can you do that can spend the same amount of money maybe it's two or three years and he's somebody that. Maybe it is a whole run for you war. Is a back up for you got are no matter how you predict that at this point I do think Smith could could be what your saying. I think of him a little bit more the other way and his contract is established. So it's not like you have to pay him big what you would cousins. I like food that it's temporary the most about him. Our would not want to cited as a free agent to any kind of a three or four year deal. And I would not wanna trade for him and then. Agreed to give him an extension to make them happy so we comes your smiling. And maybe a team that trade three wood village they should do that because of what you make a point here about what he's accomplished it it might not be the best situation is much is. It's right to say the team holds the power. It is still you'd want the guy to feel welcomed and he might feel insulted if he's just going to be a Randall also is number eleven that's been about the number for them OK good point again. Metals that's eleven. It's not work. Writing. While you hesitate now being. Who is just not aware enough pressure on Macinnis it is the tabloids eleven out there in news receiver uniform. Again I enjoyed the eleven they had to but he was great maybe that's good luck number Flemish don't know maybe. Eric Delco coming up thanks for the call him Mike show in the Bulldog WGR.