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Okay that's I think there is right tools these have narratives like it. Eric go go optimum seek a scouting and sporting news air purity for another year this. I am I am this is concerned that with the Senior Bowl the All Star Games are starting up. Relevant again. You hated us about Euro is relevant Dawes suspect that we get a lot of shows about you during the season up. And it's not that many you were on the were so complimentary you have no idea what elements of the they were real quick easement to the Senior Bowl it just. Pretty exciting for the Senior Bowl and living for fans who want to see these guys. Play in one more game that both Elin and me field goal that game. Yeah I know they'll separate non partisans you know he's he's there is focused on the top quarterbacks there because he knows that. If you Google Malibu that you love playing the way as you begin let them. He's going to get all all of the top seniors and very proactive in getting those Richard can correlate so. Carson went type player award really tried excitement about the he's effort here are guys. Baker may you'll be written up. Trapped clock is about how much he's changed as a prospect that the quarterback and he got jobs Ellis had some of the order of the car or what but a lot of question shall be entered so. I think it goes to court backed prop up other treaty second third or pro quarterback it's. One of the stronger quarterback that I've seen and probably the Russell Wilson dropped weight well. Yeah it feels to delete that game every year how much time I'm gonna spend looking at it is almost always depended on what the quarterback class looks. That's available right McCain so right. I'm you have in the mock draft I'm looking at that you wrote Eric mayfield to Denver five and our Joseph in sports is out of mention of how Denver reportedly requested to have mayfield I'm. They're coach whose team at the Senior Bowl so why am is that pretty solid at the spoilers that stole week surely talk like that yeah. Don't not what what what at all and a couple things one. You know I I think I had a reporter with regard to what were the port of Puerto pepper very quickly. And that they want attic or the back. Inquiry and it didn't occur got a good record content. Baker looked like their guy and I think it's got to cut and at all. Understandable. Out of Michael Savage look back Kamal. I think that's part of the Knuble and and that Rocco request that they can make a great fit. Fourth and one at UN and the Broncos organization Michael ordered the agent a noted. They'll look for quarterback guards could cripple whatever else the guy who could create out of pocket for one they'll dump more solidly built fuel. That was partly to a mobile processor you can cut they'll feel more bacon vehicle that that really really well. Despite the shorter quarterback and into the what's up with the white flight. I did Google was port five years ago with the correct that. Gotta have a mobile quarterback so stupid that you think Russell Wilson does really well I think a lot of scouts include the Broncos jets. Think they can make a putt that well well. Look at a sense at this point you have of how much his personality. His the hockey news. Could could if if you have 15. The announces under her much at all but just what what about the how much have you heard about that. You know to the other it's been more positive than negative and I know all the cooking that raise the topic is open. Don't know what your your guys an opportunity right about well. I haven't heard a quarterback. Like economical way to go to the mixed crew speak about them behind closed or not to look at. What are bad and that actually has let down the field and you'll cute passionate about draft. I mean I work with and no one at that it will be corporate personnel to rise right up. To Oprah comes up a lot thicker repealed so called dual logical yell too much of your skin you know because you won't believe that it might feel that they did before cumulative. During the game. Our field but they note down because he walked away because you're gonna get him directions that. That's helped Bakersfield at those can be killed while working practical be a or hard to operate off the fuel and negatives. Eric Delco with a us optimum scouting sporting news. Eric you made the joke about Hollywood your relevant to lost now the bills are often relevant in these conversations your to your about quarterbacks in the first round. And even with a playoff appearance they seem to be again. Albeit with the 41 pick in the 42 as it happens you made a mention in this mock draft I've mentioned already. Of the giants and you have the giants taking Josh Rosen at two. Pot how all. Published a possibility using it might be that the giants would wanna tree down there and and with the bills like what does that sound like at this point you. Yeah you know being that you're going Miller a few guys that you got built action and add them. Shift in power control they are who make the decision at some point in the build up. Or it gotten that exceptionally. Good and more toward what when now but now that you want to build the future and they're gonna be equipped with its. A critical look at a lot of top quarterback. In this trap plastering over the top guys are they got a pit road guys the built. Arctic weather report prepared Sheen. They look or backlash they'd done their homework they do really good about their officers at a lot of traffic over you move up in the draft to quarterback where they wanna do. There are cute just got to get a quarterback crap out of what I would be shocked outlook and the copter round without a giant. A lot still determined not that shot again you'll. If they keep you have any freer to pat Patricia typical quarterback because you extensive guide so to charge very much up in the air right now we're. I know people quote the article that we can do that they opened the can into the playoffs next year that they help you know Beckham opened its moral but the white helped so. Repeat that you're giants go but he advocate re right now you're coaching situation now. Right the the connection between their new GM though and and the bills hierarchy is is obvious gentleman was the GM and Carolina so I got I wonder. Well right is it is it to love too obvious for that to be advantageous or is it really you know you would expect that those guys at least have a respectful. Even warm working relationship. Don't get I don't they get the requisite permit to build without Arctic if you ever expect connection along with. Potentially giving it to move on different planes right up the bill are playing up to their to their Phil Spector user to feel that there are that there is right now they wanna kind of bad foretell the future so. Between that and the connection that you mention that I get to. Deployed outlet and direct a connection not. A purple one that the report or don't want that still look at a couple buck are for all other other source other regions other team around the league that doled. I guess they're very active. Or back out there are a lot of the year ago they're very active. And look at quarterback pat hold obviously apple of their I would now of course GM former assistant GM Chris Ballard can city. The built her a lot like that cute sort going to be a lot of the giants go to. Doubt that they are the first after the bills but I think built into cute little particular that they're in the book at quarterback so rapidly especially with what Sean McDermott will direct the. If if you can't predict this Eric how much would you think the quarterback rankings themselves changes between now. And the draft we we know from experience time for that's happened and maybe it doesn't always happen though so. Toyota senior bulls also ahead of us still but like how much. How how one much might it change in the coming months. Yeah I would get to the top guys who won't think too much on the that the bid broke god god Knuble like this rough vocal that you might wonder what country. How one of Richmond they could go back and picked up big believer reluctant Archie senior gold values that provides. If you Belichick are as good talk about their Arnold Josh wrote Josh Al Mark Jackson picker bit you'll. The comp and Pete area formerly know what we've got to veco help quarterback trapped especially up the draft an uphill about Ross. The chief Yemen at quote coordinator was ever gonna make a final call on which quarterback they ought they are putting their career on the line. To take at quarterback where the two victories and got as a compliment quarterback as a person last resort you don't Carson went. Can likeable lot than that in that everyone wanted to jerk off I think that the quarterback or shrieking that. And that might be bigamy do wrote in their carnal appeal if you're one of those guys went from don't look yet at the outcome but especially if baker. And dark awkward Knuble to a typical black truck that was that they wanted to know what. I'm with a put my coo we are other better. To be a great quarterback. I'll go from optimum scouting and the sporting news on the AT&T hotline will thus talking about the bills and quarterbacks in the this year's draft so you you have may feel that five there's some connection there with Denver wanted to coach in the Senior Bowl if he's going that high. How how old realistic is it that the bills can stay put at 21 to work 42. And still come out of all of the first round with their future quarterback Kirk. Yet it you know assuming god. And then go first to kick the crap I think. Or your contract rose at a locked up till about whether you can affect trust with GM or not but I think vocal government right now and bought in order souvenir of speaker bill. In the top thirteen pick in the Broncos regret and are going to be bigamy to guard who pay the bill or what little that they currently don't do that looked at as well the quarterback. I think for the bill because they love to go to Josh now a quarterback threw tools we've put. If you got to commit right away I think but what want to quarterback either free agency into work I. Who could start right away as a rookie look at that they are they quite quite a western Kentucky you've got to build really target look at route tree at four. Who can kind of come and run away and be a better version of the computer and got elect a lot and out of work help one that. By natural option for the Buffalo Bills but also as our Josh on oil and he's articulate I think if people some people in the media have happened to train but. Fuel or yeah a lot of move especially the that are franchise that route for a long time you're. The charter school recruits. These loans sold here with apple of your co creating trooper colonel good but getting a quarterback of the future particularly excite apocalypse that for a whole year. I think it's you're charters if you can Morton. Better established a quarterback go up and get Josh Allen so we could keep pork we're back gold cup it would be very cool about that took him. But it culprit there. Bright LA news if you heard the the beard grow before you came on the the the whole tool season thing. Is that that's Allen played I expect there. Maybe you can shine more light on this that he either here at the Senior Bowl the Columbine. But teams that will be neat looking at him in person or on tape playing and not you know not relieve the shining. Are gonna see him and his six foot five in his arm and what do they he's gonna drop out of the gym probably. The self whose tools are gonna be on display in a curiously how much that it it impacts his draft status. Yeah yeah I think quarter of two with the title of article two lap and oak trees and certainly better that. Are being guy or the process a year ago Obama declared the corrupt and talk what people believe is well into that at all like a puppet you know we have so. A lot of equipment that was the city's top guys is that we're buy it and achieved community you're taking. Josh Allen is a top quarterback prospect in. Didn't have a great year this year the work on that doesn't bode well and being successful NFL quarterback who. Start with two years will undercut perspective perspective which was better. Almost all couple worked out since 2000. Guys like topple a joint air laden into their you don't wanna be a part of what can certainly know mentally. There aren't a lot of scouts put our wise that a that you little quieter version of course when I'm just at mental makeup artist Iqbal. Carson what does a coach now it's a coach. Speaks very highly of him as a person as a player street he talked to kids you like him you'll actually get an okay she dot com slash working dark side but again. The team that figured I would pull the trigger and at a round war. But what that felt like achieved with multi year ago. If you can read certificate for a whole year he could be a much different quarterback between banks yet images there Arnold. Keeping them at 2019 NFL quarterback and a lot better. Eric dare I ask what about all the other positions. In our draft. I don't think the court again of respect it's a good it did especially go to an especially bad year for what positions. I about it especially good here for a but it went. And I think people are going to be robot that perhaps they look what they're talking shrapnel went early to Africa to be a lot more that we could but he had. You know well while the deployment going round more than I think in the exit. Three things one it's political there was a lot of good in your outlook deployment done liquid delta. A little Billy Clyde Ohio State guys but because they're on top twenty pick that computer guys all the with. Profit up and tackle Michael and program. I'm trying to warn them. Secondly but it forcing the week. I get a little worried about the lack of great up with a black player NFL quarterbacks. I haven't start coming around and a lot that you don't have a great scheme election on the they're coaching an inner a couple of other guys. They typically up to warrant I think third and most importantly I think a lot of their forgot about. It is correct that the contracts put a big role in Europe with a Y contracts last few years. To ground especially paying a lot of money. All but the plug into your guard the pick and well the authority your truck group which are huge deal. This you're in the off season one which could have much money for a better output of one or get 34 good years left. We adequately dealt with perhaps that cost what you COPEL so. All of those factors kind of equate operative or classes yoga expects. A ticket last quarter say people like good years so I think quarterback. Of course a couple of batted in depth I think opera or outside of that. Skill position wise we'll see a competent looking at all. So far read you right what what the league the NFL might perceive as there's a crisis. In getting college ready linemen. Guys come into play because of the proliferation of the spread offense but we we've heard a lot of this that guys just don't show up out of college dreaded play opposite wind in the NFL. Does that does that elevating the status of guys who maybe you know other years or maybe in a different era even where this crisis wasn't perceived. That would not be necessarily for trumpets. Yeah I think it is it is. That's inflows NFL radical keepers were seen in recent years are already could be a help or your past you historically receivers have taken Urals. Quarterback to speaker at. We stuck out like a robber to break out. Lotta grape you don't last year's play well now we expect that result somewhat taken a backseat a lot of war zone concept of warrants based up I went. Longer operative tackle black art because you wanna play or quite split and look at quarterbacks were protecting big gap or so. Political pulse changing a lot if you do look for guys like both personal bullet. Claiming multiple locker to keep rookie out of hatred could break yet what do they wanna run some power stuff built what Apple's tight lipped. A great good gig yet. At heart are part god could do well those that are level so I think teacher appreciate that and we can all spark back out more by. Bigger receiver with the you'll do about the people who are the ball back but getting guys wore big network always going to be a group within our power Malloch special. With contract right up rap rock music art and. Hey Eric one more thing so before we go here to get about. Other we talked to few times last year and we know how it rents the bills traded down Kansas City took more homes in the bills get pretty used quite in the chiefs' first round pick. Which still you know that's coming up. How do you look back on on that I mean there's a lot to look at every you're the draft it's really fun to do that the quarterbacks all traded up four in the first round there. And all different give aways are promising but the bills do well to. Yeah I didn't go that just part of the great job the top people in the right during the Le. Dvi public management they really like I think it's were well outside of regional don't think you'll be back. Long term of the flock are the only they are protecting this great but they look at the build up your bill and they they moved out. Which getting cut holes in that currently the bills technical from an epic at all you look at that as they could have who. District this year well lapses that the public that you could you opened the cup to wrap it got especially like quite a bit but that they have a good quarterback at least for tropic instead. I think the built their outlook for quarterback of the future would you rather not have this draft pick up it is quite aperture Penske. We're going to look at the crowd to get shot wrote and so it's always like treating down in fury even during the replica of the it's getting more picture or app that's put. The other is bill. Need a quarterback now after 2112 to four quarterbacks go at them and get tree at a clinic at once so it's always put a trip back in theory but. Dole right now. The way to put this in the got a hold it got the truckers. If you walks aren't for 22. There's one name that hasn't come up here that I want your thoughts on and then we can be although with this song back to the quarterbacks and through town and is there with the bills and the maneuvering they did last year Lamar Jackson. What are your thoughts on him. You know I think the bar is gonna happen hold. Moved her rap rocker I know that three year starter at the thought that they got ridiculous but I think really cool we allotments. Inequitable. And generally never felt I don't know what to handle both spoke in the playbook as well let's play the puck went and I think. A lot of these they're down and they games are standing out thirteen. But what I've spoken with. Very open mind about Marquette they're excited to get him. Epic comeback that I talk to implement a white or sicker or some doctors say they. Markakis hit a much more Katrina throughout the Louisville welcome you haven't talked those reviews quite yet broke. Between the come by and most importantly to him those individual private work out that late march April. Went to remember there were put through their offense their workout can go to ball which wrote trickle what this year from the pocket consistently. And make wreck wreck it would be a guy who covered a lot mobile quarterback they want great athlete. The white principal at oracle support its ability to adapt is awesome skill set to get help because you can't either proper quite like that if you can't. That's what I'm really concerned you'd not a receiver but what are the quarterback I hit it becomes profit. Air greats talk you again thanks your time. Presented are welcome. Eric Delco is the owner of optimum scouting got a mock draft are being checked that out at optimum scouting. And Twitter. Thriller with that Twitter. You lot of news about the president you a lot of see does whether La Lois lot of news about the yeah yeah. On the Twitter you can see you have that. I'm trying to think the rate we have that freezes in day care and sort of making the wanna die. Oh that sounds bad but it's there it's not don't do it I come it just it was very. Very depressing. Very depressing day it's on the with the with for some Cummins yup that was the disappointing and not surprising. Poll the Matty is also would really depressed yeah yeah I agree that does ago cycle to push. This might be depressing ten to twelve offensive lineman in round one if you I mean nothing against them. We will talk about some of Eric's points here and continue on 8030550. Head coach combo mumbo. As going to buy a listener the other day that was on Twitter she needed Twitter for that right there there is good there there's good and definitely there. We'll have head coach Kabul mumbo whatever that is later much over the bulldogs WGR. A lot of very emotional and inside credit they keep an inaccurate. It's been that it's been my entry members instant last summer's U if it all together and come here and they have them about it assembly. That's rated summer so I am very humble and very. There. Hallmark at least they're viewed on Twitter. Ice bear due balances can handle a two under these are doomed flight won't pick that there are that he looked great last night. Stewart Bradley penalty mean spirited backhand. Move jobs mean gridlock Mosul goal is you know. Yeah pretty talented guys there but. Yeah I was I was it was nice good for him. Let's talk to Ronnie right now we're running. My guys I think he might call. Late within into the desk. The idea creating a giant. Client. And I guess at all really I guess that depends. Like offensive coordinator to leave it personally I like Jack Allen from Wyoming. I think is brought Allen is right. Something. Not a lot of quarterbacks. Have. And you look at Brady Iran has struggled as they're bigger guys stronger but they came in as. I like I like that and it prototypical quarterback. But it. It's. They are gonna go whatever it wouldn't I don't believe it probably need like Alex that there were bad guys. You start per year and then a light. The article without without question. Yeah. Well you know the question I think you're running what what will fans. Currency tolerate like. So they made the playoffs member. Last week river last week they've made the playoffs that happened and we debated in probably may be always well like just how good they were. This year whether they were better than. Last year the year before that the record was their results were so that's the bottom line. Now if they see if they want to draft a quarterback can you and I we talk to. Thousands of fans like prop probably like we'd we don't fans and fans are gonna be opera that they have all of that button. And I don't think them making the playoffs. Alters that really I think their work or still. Collectively we're still excited about that possibility hope hoping they can do it wreck most visited Italy and trade up yet. Now if they do that. Who is the perfect guy to start for them in 2018. Media it's that player if you think there's trade with the giants. Is last year worth an off I think I don't answer but is Lester worth enough where it's important to them. To start someone else necessarily like we are drafting Josh Allen but we don't. Wanna start repairman one reason is we took a step forward last year and that's you know that matters and let's try to stay good if you will. Now I think L Lin is the one guy out of all these guys. Certainly some of very conservative. May be very knowledgeable football person would tell you any one of these guys would benefit from not being thrown in. Alien it seems with the the the of the way he reads to me. He absolutely can't play for. You you cannot draft him insert him. So wait if it were him that you would have to have some other idea but if it's any of these other guys. Nor are they pick. You you might feel like they could play. But what you're asking is would they get away with maybe with their fans I think this would tragic figure a way within. If it's a there's a rocky year with the risk get to where they feel some responsibility. To the team to the organization to the fan base to try to be better than an uneven rookie who's probably get a word in rural optics. I mean me being. Maybe they can just never save that and just. Hide behind while we directed baker may feel we thought it would be Smart for him to win your so we're gonna play. Whoever got whether that's Alex Smith I mean I don't I don't I don't know old that they they would do that. But they could for a year or some other guy I I'm I'm more likely to think of it is there's the field is more likely than Alex Smith. Cousins is out in this scenario is just some other guy. That's capable of playing some games for you wouldn't tell your kid is ready and you might think that gives you a better chance. At continuing what you started this year which was winning nine games and breaking the drought. Then playing the kit. And that probably has some merit would would having made the playoffs. Push them to do that. If caught. I mean I I I think. All that said. And I would really want to criticize them for it it might make sense. To let anyone you draft. Waving your and get acclimated event or Allen. Then this absolutely you have to you have to find something to do for at least a year. He's the one that boy what's your bet with me most at risk yes for you. Is if he ends up being like sought such a project in the league size billions of slipping. Then regular guys are probably totally right already bet. The bills would have to move up to draft any of them right and I what we have. Right and I I thought that of all along that Elin would be the be the one bomb bought. The resided the bad is I'm sure solve team is gonna go. Six if he can boom our resort rocket launcher we can make this work the deceit I don't completion percentage whatever. Did you see the plight respond away from the white but it was running units were crosses party forty yards on the field I saw that play let's all eggs is what that places them. So I think someone he's going to just watch the look on his tale a love mobile homes is already giving credit for being good. He was good practice in pre season on film and he had a good game in week seventeen night in Denver right I he's already good I'm not so much announcing he by saying it that way that I think he's good at what I'm saying oh I know I don't watch his pilots from college last year during this process that he made plays right and that's what Josh Allen has in the last year Patrick Holmes went. Daren is the actual Darrent. Mike I just have to completely agree with what you said earlier about. Alex Smith Kirk cousins these guys are not quarterback coaches they're not tutors. I mean to meet insulting that that we bring in they try to bring in quality start for a year and then also have a rookie I mean these guys have proven themselves. For people that want the yardage. Cousins were the Art Smith has a lot of winning season bring an end if we try to trade up into the top five I mean. I was one of the and I would try to police aside that for war first rounder street first rounder. That they had to stop until Doug Whaley for. I don't wanna see these guys that and if they don't draft a quarterback at all and bring in mass I would be fine without I get most or you're deal. We need a lot further positions the sides trading up for a quarter. Why would you who. Give Alex Smith a four year deal. Don't you know old fairly routine you're giving him from just drifted Patrick Holmes because they got tired of hitting their head on Alex Smith ceiling. Why don't wanna sign up that. Double digit win in the playoffs every year he can get we got the bounces to make the playoffs. We can get those same type of bounces to. It grants in the playoffs the way he played in the car in the title game against the giants I know it was 2011. I've really played well this year a very playable last week and so you know we had they just lost. Well. I needed. ID do we vault on Smith I mean like I don't know maybe it's baby at somebody we should just hold lead. Talk about all the time because like it's just that close to being a good idea I I may. Decided I think Tyrod Taylor is better than Smith and and for a while. And I'm telling myself right now we have to break out of that. Because. Tyrod Taylor will be drawn probably and Smith has been in the playoffs and all retire as a better in the playoffs. But by my eight. Called relying if you Rowland Smith has been I'm not improving if I do that and I still wanna I still wanna say that but the tyra thing is just feel so over. And I'm excited for the is the possibility of someone to and anyway your work to do about. Yeah I I I I think the the conversation around the merit. And the risk in the year. Mean those are intoxicating. Adjectives they know those things but that's what trading up is is going to be. And I eat relish three months of talking about the I 'cause I I feet. I I again prone to feeling any and all of those things ovals all at once about it. Could it because we we know it's a crapshoot. Right and you could draft Mason Rudolph the 21 and he could be as good or better than the guy you paid for all. To pick at two if you were to get the giants to dance with you. Bought. It's also possible that the guy that's going at 20 is that much better in that much more likely to beat. The savior we have been waiting for. So why. Gold jewels that builds quick. If they think I mean we always always I think we often hear from people who are. Terrified. Of what the repercussions. Of your team do we Matt. Andy going wrong. Three per Friday opt out operatives are premise that it's these two picks and next year wonder. And maybe even more than OK but at least it's that so what do I just due to my team if I do that and that guy is on Greece flyer. That but that's a bad that's horrible. Piece rate do you error that you paid those 31 round picks. I'm saying you don't. I'm thing you find your life in new voice your other guys that you figure out a way to view just to wrap it a monster. But that's a beautiful would sit with it for a minute. That's incredible that's absurd everything we've been waiting for for all multiple life here with this team. That's what you have an opportunity to do. So I know it'll what are the odds to risk. And I know what the bad side looks like the good side use the glory yes. Burger I was able to gets more Kumble mumbled and I worked on here last few minutes I will lead I'll be fine tuning that speech. Former. Weeks in Costa Rica yes it is. Pre K everybody brigadier sect are really Rome I'm working on something for my job and I could hear this summit which is thing. Though at what kind of job as us guys well. BB they would know. 8030550. Is our number head coach Kabul mumbo coming up at 6 o'clock don't worry if you don't know what that is because we really don't either. And well that might be other stuff too like liken it to. Much over the bulldogs stay tuned this is WGR. The greater buffalo area Honda dealers wanna give a WGR listener a three year lease on the new Honda CRV. Register for the Honda dream goal promotion at WGR 550 dot com and if you're picked as the hot dream goal listener of the game and it. Both low scores of five to two mark of the first period. You'll win a new CRV with a three year lease no purchase necessary. Good luck from WGR Sports Radio 550 and the greater Baltimore area Honda dealers don't settle for less than a Honda. Chain is next high shame. I guy. I don't artist yeah I think it's huge that dean was involved in picking Cam Newton. And all the recent all the research that went and about everything else and by most accounts I mean. I think they are happy without tech but I think that'll that'll dictate you know confident in who probably try to do the same thing again an awful lot but not Al all. Okay grant insurer. I think it's a lot easier when you're sitting where they were sitting. You know first. Two in. Get credit for picking the right guy we do it's a lot harder. These are job it it it's not. It's not necessarily the you don't Morton more or less difficult because your your guessing somewhat but we knew he was. Just. Be presented himself as the obvious pick as the process when our. I think in January of that year after the national title game. It's still was not he's very polished passer in itself is you know kind of evident in his game even now here what is 56 years into his career the that long that was 2002 and Josh well that's right okay anyway sorry so. He got it right picking personal world. Yeah I think it takes absolutely no expertise at all to do that a little more challenging if you are sitting there are going to die a do you risky and you'll have to pay one you know the the base sticker price. I have the first pick this is the pic okay sure there's risk in getting it wrong but it's not paying triple and getting it wrong. See here I come but it is is it is good to be that if they if someone's good he got it right and some prosperity got a wrong I guess it is that's how we do it. What is right and wrong in the draft is not. Guessing correctly whether these players end up being good players it's. The value of your pick at the time do you do you trade up. Or trade down things like that that's where I need the bills to be better than they were under Whaley. Because they were only pleasure really was here but McDermott was doing it we thought we traded up in the second round eternal in the third round right. Like yeah I eggs I suppose there might be a situation where you'd wanna do that but it's bad business. So that's where I need him to be Smart if you draft a quarterback in the quarterback doesn't make it I'm not gonna blame them because they don't think he should be expected to know that there took me about one minute. They aired it out once a week probably for the next three months I won't bore you with that. Being does go back to where we started just rework. Young Kabul mumble and you better know Carolina's coach was in 2000 time look I you know now you're no longer okay and newer. You better knoller who the coach wants for combo mumble. Where's the Kumble mumbled guy wants royalties. What would it be. All we're teaching mode we give the media I don't know Obama and no hole. I wish tagged on whoever suggested that I could cobble mumbled it was on the board and I thought just came up with no guidance does not know was the listener yes. Our guys like to read away not having been tagged in an unpopular though many of and you right. It's my first pick dot com maybe we've talked Erica I'll go here we got a little background midweek dive into that and see what a first round court look like. Did we try to trick with the giants. Although. If we do. And Andy we make the trip with the giants. And pick second then would we do. The review into the game Woolsey. Stay tuned to find out give us call eagle 30550. Rick Dennison out as bills' offensive coordinator which opened Bulldog here on WGR.