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It's Mike Shields. And a Bulldog. It's my shield I stand here presents some egg heads scientific argument based on fact I was regular. Let's drink beer you know I love my family rough wagging needle and a Bulldog who can't change their mind I won't change my mind is haptic. Because on an American it's much open the bulldogs I don't change my mind on anything. Regardless of the facts that are set out before. I'm dogging it. And I'll never change on WG ER Sports Radio fight. Fifteen. Every Friday may be safe on the roads pharmacy out now is they said it would be. This goes on to the go like the weather guys are always wrong now they're almost never wrong actually for what's reasonable and today they told yeah. Yeah temperatures to drop like thirty degrees eager you think your great grandparents were prepared for thirty degree temperature drops just because they had an almanac. I don't. You were prepared do you do you know they want they closes schools when it's nice out. Because they know it's not going to be nice out later that's what do you should probably go. So we've got icing right now in our area it doesn't look good applause ice falling from the sky soleil. Does that happen in this this get up there. There is combination of events here with the with the temperature dropping applauding because everything thawed out to me it was better than what I mean. Most of the old Donald melted. So you've got like he's breaking up on creeks and whatnot it just it's just that some parts are mass. It's a mess happening but stay where thus we will try to make you laugh at goal surely. We have a couple calls will take and then maybe some first pick dot com we've got the Kumble my ball to get to as well. Mike is where the Russell Mike. Well I don't predict Super Mario. Good as good a wrong. Were looking for quarterback for one year right. Nurture. Perhaps yeah. Okay you got a guy between six and eighteen. You don't have to give anything up it is only signed for one year. Why don't they stay with Taylor you don't have any dead money you don't have to trade something to get Smith. You're gonna hit dismissed contrary hostility that money is really all that much different. This is my issue to its relief not to me that much different feel like you'd get rid of Taylor because. You're just you're you're just a upset. Merit. But be that also has where governor Dennison but just like our time's up spent long enough for any kind of thing like that I I'm not sure you're getting better that way. I'm not sure you're getting better either by I think. What. What you're doing is the news Peter you are hoping that you will find something better out there for me and Peter being can be better than Taylor. I I would think that they would believe they can find something better I don't know that they well. But I would think that they think they can find something better than Taylor on the open market the question though is whether it's Smith the weather Smith right qualifies. As veteran callers portable money is is important yup. I think Taylor has been though I mean they benched him. I I just don't think that they. Big believer and I don't like I don't know we don't hide behind them and I'm done I have done it has been long enough. The the passing game was remedial year this year and tailors the quarterback so. If I could try something different and it doesn't work. Okay what I ever would. The the big picture here is give the kid I don't even have to say this. Kill the quarterback is this year and I need to draft somebody if he plays right away then great if he's not ready to play it right away. Whoever is in that spot. Is the malls to relevant quarterback in bills history. Because I know Ole I'm not hoping he turns into something that he can't possibly be I'm just killing time. That's all I'm doing. So if that's how the organization penetrated the target retreated on Gil de. John Carol what is clearly a three Alex Smith I don't need to be Tyrod Taylor. I don't care what the columns at this point it but never does it mean to win the kid can play that's what I need to do. Thank you Mike here's Greg next I Greg. Big idea might think on the quarterback situation had. They're gone I can only think of two quarterback possibly the collage I think you can get back at a quarter that are Super Bowl. Caliber quarterback in net Andrew Luck and Jimmy Gobble you could be buster deals and paying a big contract go to the guy that they can win at all. The next stop on the Alex Smith the curb carbon. The pilot Taylor. You don't got quite happy here but don't Geithner not the type of players that are gonna win it also I would not wanna spend money. On any of those guys I mean I'm just not into an end to what happened at the draft. It's such a crapshoot the eagle at two quarterbacks that will work trading up four and that the walking Cam Newton in the last you know ten years or so those guys were in my IP the guy that if you get that you're gonna be a good shape I don't and 81 maybe some emerges it's too early to say that don't. Like the players aren't there. On this one of those guys Eric yes go broke apart but I would not try to weigh everything in gamble I'm. The fourth best quarterback that they are bad quarterback this year because the understanding tiger again. I would just it. If they can't draft one of those two guys I would. By draft the bad guy with some cute that they're like you know like it it put back cut out or heard about in Seattle. And and I and see how it goes until you can get into a real quarterback that can win the super oil you probably can Daly not in the Super Bowl. I can't think it will and about if you want the money is not gonna win a super ball in my opinion so. It's it's it's ought to actor and I think there's only two guys and the one guy contraption that in the draft you know maybe it would hurt it back Elber and that's well put all my eggs in the basket otherwise I would just trying to. Planted a huge. Can I can I ask you question how how would you have felt about Carson once or Jerryd golf. Because the team that traded up for them are sick really pretty one of them has home field advantage because of Carson Wentz although he's hurt now and can't played them in the playoffs. But I was terrified. All of those two players and I would not have wanted my team to do with Philadelphia and LA did but they did and they're they're being paid off now. I don't rams' loss last week as a home favorite occurred. Year end and they couldn't go to Carson went just you know he had dial play where he got hurt if you the next star Robert Griffin idea I'm not already in this superstar. Off a terrible first year thing worked out this year. Wolf it's too early for me to say that the old guys there are going to be superstars I I I would. The interest of our mantra to first in the third in the second so that that the thing to try that I think we're all talking about if you could trigger to first to go up to say anything get a guy. I'd I would be OK with that I guess if that's what they're gonna do but I look at the monster trade we're talking about and what it's for a guy that it's like a premier everybody. It's certainly the guys that the only time I was willing to do that if you're talking about trading epitaph and to make a move like that I mean I would I would do it I get but I I I'm not sold that once is gonna be healthy and a superstar painting with golf. I'm it can happen and nothing can't understand. To gamble on that for the monster trade that people are talking up and up to Q I think it is too big of Alaska but it doesn't work you are the ground. All Greg for. I love how changeable little visit so interestingly one year to the next tiny piccolo marry go to. I need to look at those traits because I don't want what the Eagles programs paid big day one coming from twenty. So that's the problem and they didn't have to firsts right. So so I have to be different I slow approaching the board is you know like I mean Greg here is obviously very knowledgeable about it I would say. Mary Oda. Was I don't know if we traded up maybe they didn't but was picked second in the draft and if spoilers did don't think they came from far but I did. Not sure. So they draft Mary go to second Annan's. It's one efforts going to be its second overall pick obviously super tale that he played in the national championship game I believe. Believe for organ like he was top prospect was no. Oh shock that he was picked federally. And then it was like I don't know about this guy remember when the bills played them Taylor gets hurt that team. I'll have nothing really is happening here than in the last year it was really good for them. And like oh you could see body did it look at all the talent it's all coming together than this year suspect who. What what's going on wood with Mary go to like is this is a bad idea was this a bad idea like so changeable. Winston is a little bit the same you know Winston who was picked first day here that could happen like this what the caller said eventually. That could happen with golfer once. Whose every every year is just different. And it's just here here's hoping so speaking of merit go to. You have these playoff teams. We're groping. Quarterbacks that might be available to the bills Smith. The Minnesota quarterback the last part of the next point. Whoever those guys might be guys who can get. That are veterans that it's the group of rookies. Look how all that does this happen look at these eight quarterback starting this weekend Matt Ryan. Is locked in with his team met Ryan is not somebody that might. Not be either team's quarterback next year obviously you have Brady like. Brady could retire at some point. Of people speculated that he ends up playing for somebody else spot. That would be incredible if that happened yep you have a trick or order of like. Stability. Roethlisberger. Asperger's and appoint someone else but he's talked about may be retiring like he's somebody that could just could just walk with the Pittsburgh is in a very different place mixture of doing. Maybe Pittsburgh is to. Who else. Mary go to. Such as it is I like him I'd put my money on him I think that offenses such a mess our coach is such a mass. But you know he's that he's really struggled. Portals. Golfing forties to be said there is the big word for portals as the word now is not even a name anymore it's a word right portals. Falls. Falls. A full believe is under contract next year I think. If they win. But doesn't he does he get moved somewhere because he just won a Super Bowl could happen. Read defense could happen I love them tomorrow it couldn't it couldn't couldn't Phillies still do it. He's got experience I mean that could happen so false. Brees now it would be stoning if he played for someone else but he's a free agent after this he doesn't contract for next year Brees. And genome is just walked. That whole depth chart at that position for Minnesota is what. Who is Minnesota's quarterback week one next year no idea. If they lose to New Orleans. Like forty deterrent for some game like that and they just don't do anything. Were able to say right well you finally got Keno and you're finally right the finally hurt. Is that really word like morals has put. You finally learned that you went down to really pay the piper on the you can enforce rules and so you have bread furthered your Bridgewater there. It just seems like this is probably not what happens when you get to the divisional round. Were you had the Philly cases unique but you have quarterbacks. That there could be a lot of movement even with a playoff teams. That's right. The minute of the fact that. The two teams the top two seeds in the NFC scout these quarterback situations right now a guy playing. Who is in the long term starter in one the one seed and then the other team has got three guys. That you want peace in twisted into their Prius various degrees. The one who's had the best year and three is probably the least likely to be. Tabbed as someone who could lead your team be a franchise quarterback he is probably someone who. For her for me like not following the vikings aggressively destroyed. That just that that. That kept. That's not exact quote but maybe he's Nicole's Richard Kelley one year the first time with Nichols when he was like yeah that's what you saw. And the whole bowl in other good. But it's it's a bit of interest thing it's an interesting dynamic here with these teams and where they are were with the quarterback situation we'll play because of the the injuries. Doing Axl doing. They're taking my call outlets and all week about all different situation to know what it up but not up. My my opinion is that. It is it is the position that eluded us for years it's that means that out of playoffs. Up until recently like I just started you're Robert Arnold do ya do you know your love early and do what you gotta do to get them I mean. Just do it go into your guy go get them if you think all. That and don't trade up. If you look baker still trade up I mean. This is the guy a leader Brandt I make the playoffs you're you're out I mean all just aren't aren't my statement McDermott being. Just go straight straight up guy. In all quicker trigger street and I'll hang up listening well. Yeah I've I am not that way maybe I'll get I hope not assurance that it was I hope but I wonder if I will get. More like that is it it's close early in the veterans that happened right you mean of the do you view with a walk into just. Right like Duke's you know in the there's certainly is Jews behind being the team. That dollars what. Both the rams and Eagles did. A couple years ago you just heard your story in the all. Get. Oh you know I like Evan I'm craving that let's go right yet because medium part because they watch this thing virgins we'll more than they were in but they got in there now they ended the drought so I felt like the con over the course of time just whenever has to be something interesting thing they have done that now what a good way. He I don't feel that at all right now what guy I meet I need missed you know I was saying all along here Mena I like the the drought and he was spectacular as it turns out. But I was and still am but obsessed with what is gonna happen now. But what was gonna happen next was always more interesting to me as crazy as that sounds for a long does the drought ones and as much as we fixated on it. It did it this is the future and I am. I'm really into it. So. You know we'll see our idol idol no senior today that I definitely want to do that. But I've intoxicated. Speaking of we know we did it did to us he gives me a ball is panicking about it. Mike the via future exciting yeah I I agree with that NN day and you know it it if they. They get. You know. Good to try to accelerated quite bug going after someone like. That that puts them all right away but the meter is ticking on their careers running the bills. And I like when guys do that to which you if you get this right you are me there are statues. If you don't you're too Marie you are Doug writes but it's over for you and the goal. That that might not be good for them but I mean I I dig a deep that concept you know like I wanna be able to as well as random. As the draft is but you're gonna be drugs doubles results and you're rolling rolling big you're you're going after it. And there's a lot of risk there. But the reward is sol sol so great. The titans did not treated to get married early there was talk about. Chip Kelly putting together an offer to try to move up to give him the browns made an offer supposedly but they did not they of course were involved in the trade. With the rams that netted the rams jerk off. Brought it traded down bright they just stayed put they had to and they told Mary. Where they did both. The bills can like hang around as respectively decent team here so that. We could just sort of used to that. You're set about the future of a certain about the future I was also more herbs like what are we gonna get to the future. Lyndon Johnson. Wearing. He was the vice president was so depressed about it did a lot about him. Mostly I know about him from the Vietnam the Ken Burns. Doc that was just OK. The heat before that in his career so depressed hated being vice president he hated Bobby Kennedy he's heeded he was of mover and shaker in congress or the senate and he. Then got to be vice president if all you sort of forced to siesta that it need be the hated. And he once said my future is behind me do so because it was done like. This but my window his windows had closed Bulldog he thought. But that's a spent as a popular sports expression turn relates yes right. So is window. Was a closed he thought really let me can I try I try to leave the sports god tried to make it is so well relatable to you by making it about sport it my future is behind me that's good line. Hopefully the bill's future is not behind them knowing what they went to one playoff game right. Here is toting actual Tony. I got power. My philosophy at first I want is somebody. Earlier by Andrew Luck I wouldn't touch it out of central port can be treacherous winter and I think he's on my right. I'll mind my philosophy is you start we're going to work your way out you look at any successful franchise. Whether the network. You put anybody mine there or turn your golf fifteen years ago. They re all year no matter who watch. It can also go out recorder and illiterates or felt he urged. The problem you if you will rule. The left with a seventeen year drought we've had. Yugo or what you do not want to check on it being that lets. You as well. Franchise back three year. Well no that though what every team knows that. And many of immense. If you look at like we can't force you look at Michael Lloyd number optical well. You know either. But it's not that you just referenced Eric flowers if Iraq if the point is what we talk about drafting Bentley is bad for you who doesn't know that. Why nobody. Telling them every single year for Robert no they didn't call. McCarron Gordon angle when I did go through and I was on the year Lou in those years we've been sitting there were combined almost fifty years a noble list they didn't miss every time does it matter that they were lined as this point about drafting linemen and they majority majority of the aren't. They were there were sometimes they were bad checks yes that's true every team well. I don't I think it's what more could you put a good offensive line in front of a mediocre quarterback and a real according back. And they make them look back. It's an example of a team not from seventeen years ago that is that wants example would seem right now you think is is that. We were. A team big good lying in a bad quarterback I wanna be Cleveland as the example. Whose team and our point is if you mediocre quarterback and a good lie in your find who that team right now in the NFL. My drinker aren't here anymore or football or your browsers are. It might affect you if you look at who can double. Nevermind never sorry sorry to bother you with I have watched a football. But that isn't the underlying premise of holding Austin describes amigos that you're sort of knowledgeable about this is a bit. There's about a given right under the best tests. When he's crease call to visit as Buick football. Current events quizzes or anything you certainly know Lyndon Johnson trivia our merit pretty sure when call him. Our Iraq Tony well gosh it right if you draft. Players that don't become good your team will suffer of course yes. I don't know the team is that there are probably about me you want meter or so the question my question who's the team that has a mediocre. Jacksonville is is in the second round the nitty gritty defense. Mediocre resort nice word for him her know and they had a tremendous year. They they have. What third best point differential in the league and blow all winds. And they beat us so there's there's something I'm on just take home. Ticket the slow play out. Well for the welcome back. For the first time in a long time. It really doesn't matter how would you quarks it is if all of lines. That I worded slop always has been so long since it's happened but I think that's what that Wallace. And that was due to good line it doesn't matter how good that guy is the quarterback. Is great but the wind is in good your debt. Along comes through that. It's less. Marketable this year than it's banned in other years because this was not a league quarterback year it is not a play offs. Of only the best quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers got hurt maybe they would begin though if he hadn't gotten hurt and Wilson got close he carried the team themselves and there are always peace. Other stories. All right thanks again Tony much open the bulldogs is WGR. They'd put in the early twenties speaker Rudolph's a realistic option and I know that awful like me off because I bet that the press box. Put this all in right now actually locking feature Rudolph was Brandon being and Joseph shell built. Those guys are that it looked that a quarterback if they're not very serious about it and you look at me Rudolph he's. A three year starter. I he checked all of Bill Parcells rules of drafting a quarterback. He was up pretty deep with man of the year award this year for for college football is that a lot of community work the particular are really like him from those but that's perspective. Joseph Marino one of our guys he was on and this morning WGR that's fair rec sports Joel Marino yup our. Eric telco was almost that I he's talking about Mason Rudolph there whom you might hope you'd be able to stay put in picked if you. Don't want to stay put you want to move up slow food for thought the bills are 21 and 22 Boozer got the two picks. The rams. When they traded with the titans to get golf. They were coming from number fifteen. Nights it's not quite as far but its thus far back. They had to give up obviously that pit the fifteenth picked us to get the first pick overall. In 2016. They gave up. The fifteenth pick. Their second round pick which was number 43. Another second round pick which was number 45. A fluke round pick which was number 76 that's all in 2016 that one draft then the following year. Their first round pick and another third. Told hall lose 21. Two seconds and two others. To go from fifteen to one. North thanks to so you know that's a lot of a lot of solve. The mall they're the most. Mean the tunes are valuable threes a little less so obviously. It's two number ones the bills have two number ones. And when the rams make that trade with tides tides would not know that could guess Saturday bait they could they could count on May be hoping. That the ramp will be bad again in that second first round pick would be very valuable it turned out to be fifth overall but don't know that when you make a trade. Whereas. You know what the bills but it is an original speculating. You know there's no you know it's 42. Chances going to be five you don't lose. There is what is. Cleveland did well with Houston getting used to inspect. This year beating out Houston that's the fourth pick a program that's an extra you know. All right let's speaking at a Cleveland and Houston and draft and picks let's play first pick dot com. Let's get it up here right now first pick dot com Bryant. I hear there's rumors on the Internet it's that we're gonna have faith that we're not going to have a draft. We are going to have a draft Cleveland is up you want to make an offer. Bill Cleveland selects. Josh Rosen. Right. Giants yes they offer you do you know. Proposed trade of cooking and proposed trade what are you wanna offer we'll see what they say I want offered 4142. But 20181. 2019 2019 per sorry yeah well and accurate. And a second. Each Knoll. A second in 2018. Can you do that you go back the rams spec. Sure. Here are totally accepting. Right. So what city. Yet they loved this they love this trade get pole. All right so world report. Here. And you wanna hear the list of Alabama's defense of players here know I wanna take sick on Barkley. Arnold you. GAAP aren't find they can barrel. We did. No we picked do we we say skip to my pick should we have been muted out disputed putting great about it plus. Operating betrayed. Your grating the track don't. Learn. Plus I don't let me just skip ahead to go what are what are bounce over Writely word on. Alia you know where it goes it patents are edited the colds around we could play it again if you I feel like the colts are gonna go Orlando brown right here. Ardent key defense but those who aren't at the I was short. See this is sort of what happens at the draft when you make a trade like that you can just drink no better and better really lights you disputes coached small QB you better really like to get you've been picked particularly zero dollars and so overt that trip is over. He just. You see is did use do everything in that case you would still have your second round pick in the rest your picks except for the one that you got from programs. And you would have your first next year right. I'm all good that's all across I guess you're out you're also being in this game at all costs but aren't so easy yeah. Right the giants hit every girl to a stand on the bill. I don't know if it's open bugs but he's a Bilbao very convincing he's on the. Well this is persuasive it's pretty cool. It's the pics. Though it does anybody here the last call less development rock anyway. Did or didn't read them got the easy way out of the league so like whatever. You them. To elect this idea more than it did two minutes ago series. I got to re miles to work great job yeah. Piper loves your draft so far below this car. We talked about the Josh is on WG Harlow Josh. After guys. Little bit about the Kirk cousins I you know whether you like it think it's great quarterback and that's not really at a point in my phone call I did hear bulldogs made made earlier this week that he doesn't want people want to give Kirk cousins that big contract so. I think it's kind of a bit. I don't know what you guys are the Arab article to linger put out three or four days ago on and it helped salary cap and why are teens are now kind of going back to spending create concede you have a I think it. Basically what you're trying to make I think it's right up your Hollywood think you appreciate about football. I did read it to yes I won't duel. Not all of it but I'm sorry it's not sharks aren't going to observe that. Let's start over it's fun it's fun I was totally cute. So basically you think that Kirk cousins were like a 2000002022. Million dollar quarterback and you have to pay him 28 and at the six million dollar. Higher than sticker price you wanna pay a fine because. What ends up happening is and I thought our captive breeding more now than it ever raised before escalated collective bargaining agreement it's going up. And averaged ten million per year but also it happened in the last. EPA is rookies are a lot. Cheaper than it ever work so what's the object of the article was it's almost impossible now to get yourself in cap jail. Expect our teams are getting smarter are writing contract reflects that money in the polls they're defining waste put out there somewhere no one parent Taylor has this year. I think that's what he's talking like the patriots going to free agency this past year. Islamists that are Gilmore try to take her bring in Kirk because they're they're realizing for the rest of the league that you can't in my audience free agency and I think that all. They'll do that drafted piece together at free agency mindset. Is one of those mindset that was like ten years ago that the parking realize even in the case these days as much. Interest thing. Well I think this'll make sense that bear is on his head you were may be expect that to be right the only part of the of the of the analysis that is left out there you're right I don't wanna pay Kirk cousins forty million dollars guess what. I don't wanna pay them 42 million dollars but I don't think he's that good. So I don't wanna have to be my quarterback. So the fact that I can I can afford to do it. Is. Is one part and not set myself back but I think I'm setting myself Beckett then I'm not gonna have a good of a quarterback to go really win. That's a part of the problem. If I thought we were good enough I would pay him if you are worth twenty million dollars I pay him thirty if I thought he was great. Please don't exactly so I don't want him as my quarterback that's the foundational point. Really more than I don't want them for fifteen million dollars. The most it would just for a year because having him come a long term contract keeps me from giving someone battered them. Is he better than what I've had via us may be easy enough to warrant. Not trying to get someone. That I can really win with no that's what I need to do. So that's that's that's. Ryan no showed and Niagara. No Oilers Niagara basketball on to your true talking over the Niagara game. Now that be rude Todd Gillman I want I want take away for an earlier in rejecting what you think is going I'm based on what Todd says. And Nell now and I've never tried to attend color commentary from now watch your game you could open your body can just sort of cheer equipment Niagara scores. Yes into would be on the mark hey that's that's just think Joe's gonna be here I'm even. Are you guys are talking about a week. Buick Open at that point it was really cool. The object that was a nice step back jumper yell shoot from British. Into the Mike show. Now Larry do that put. Niagara is home to Monmouth and you're right OK good that's tonight. Cool we're sure yes that's correct Tara is correct. You'll be old tomorrow you've be nice. Nice team. Good that's an afternoon game tomorrow to Miami of Ohio whoever you play oriented element among. Some whose home. You know you would be Smart to give purely and a jet this time of year so hopefully. Much over the bulldogs combo mobile. Coming up to the corner at six states showed. I approached and got to one more. Keyword for you here cold word it's called for the night before with the Dave Matthews Band in Minneapolis. Right now you can text the word. Why. 72881. At 72881. Now for your chance to win messaging data rates may apply for rules are to ever online was it Entercom contest dot com. One randomly selected nationwide entry will win a trip to Minneapolis. For the night before. To Dave Matthews Band performance at the excel energy center in Minneapolis on Saturday February 3. That's the night before the biggest need sports. And the salt from WGR and had a bill on location your official pass for the ultimate Super Bowl 52 experience. Super Bowl ticket packages on sale now visit NFL on location. Dot com today message and data rates may apply. Spell. I. He's deliver live. As of life live L that it would be. V. Did you choose all live instead of live because like a live concert and it's not accurately failures. Live. Life. Live eat. Why a city there aren't we got. I don't know. I think although. It it is. Him why should I just a lot of life life live it well I am a concerts like live equalize that stimuli like me I look like once worth asking for mobile live that. Ever met is on WGR Willamette. Great are you don't let. We have the album that's all I sort of porno I didn't really portrait of the world are even. It is first or I think it to resign Egypt gave that press and now I got a huge. Second of all. Almost we have watched him featured camera to profit in line of the week. I think that we should trade courting blended achieves. About the secretary Robert or Alex Smith L let it be that bridge QB. If they decide to track Mason Rudolph. In a draft. And certainly I think that long or wide receiver. Help I can that arm. Or what it matured America you are your country. So that's what I think and I think our policy guys basically Michael OK I'm. Palme I think part of the problem the bills had the receiving corps is that they had too many of the same kind of guy. And Jordan Matthews Contra being up sort of alleviates that formed so I'm not interested in resigning him. Myself. Zeta-Jones Rima slot receiver Kelvin Benjamin me and a I don't know they probably like him outside on the boundary with the size whenever. I don't need another dialect or nephews I think having Zeta-Jones is going to be back. Or easy games are I'd I'd be within reason sure. Personal well I don't think is is the right linebacker for this defense they need someone faster than him. To leave the blog Becker in that spot so I think they're trying to find. Here's Louis next time Lewis. Hi guys go to and gross. When you when you say that you wouldn't give. Cause and that money. What role would you see and I'm not see it because a guy whose band in the pocket throw the ball on the field. It's his receivers and play guns involved in the game. And I really had much work with them in their injury list this year was I've never seen anything like this is. Only people or other can't so what you want out of a quarterback you as you're not gonna give it 49 year old and be willing to pay them. That type of money that there's going rhetoric dollar a little bit more than all the goods one segment you guys are saying that you want to get. Not not you I don't know what Boehner wants all or shall we say about. It's important ones once you're saying you ought to trade 21 Robert McDonnell they'll just part of the game but in the third set we need we ought ankles. We need linebackers not able to build a site alt edit side tumble like cause folk what what do you want out of your quarterback what you are you're here I'm I'm I'm really curious. I want someone better than Kirk cousins I I think he's only so good he's thrown for a lot of yards I think he had a lot of help you a lot of snow prior to this year. On that team and I just do not see a guy that I think I'm gonna win it. I think it's telling that Washington has had him he's been that productive. And they've done this franchise gave within two years in a broken they don't wanna pay him. Not that they have to be the be all and end all of judgment but they would know him intimately and good it's better than anyone else. And they don't wanna make of their franchise quarterback. Lewis are we gonna watch the draft together. Already I would want the life I mean how important are gonna look at. Here here's the thing so all we're doing it again two years ago I met Louis when two holes and Lewis was there we talked to agree conversation that's the Shek lost and bills draft. And then last year we do different things Ryan and I went to a dip towards the Lenox and we had draft better. You have to put a dollar in the were six or seven of lost Joseph different Mike was there. You to put a dollar and every pick and if you were right you got the pot when a long time in the middle draft for an but he was right. Including the bill spektr's nobody had previous white park no you know but we wanna do the thing right and I wanna do the thing and maybe Lewis who called about. I would love to guys please please. I wanna make sure almost like he won't hold a gay forum is not just like I. Time was already restrict rights group you extra to deploy until I want that effort. Well it doesn't count rule we spied. Always good I don't know what the big news Kansas who got good for the game is headed Watson and it wants. Wolf. Will play again soon Lewis and you didn't talk for those so we can. Range plans especially annoyed just hung up on didn't you just do that didn't just given to us from us he added that's wouldn't know it is it's it's pretty good because Lewis mills where to reach us in between the hours three and 7 PM Monday through Friday we emotionally usually all three of us are here yet cores. Not for awhile after two days ago. Yet Lewis thank you. One thing about cousins like I just for some reason I'm just coming back to this same point is not even. Probably wreck of a point but. I also like we've had a lot of talented players around him a lot of talented receiver in the could even make prior work and that's true. But you seek cousins are you if you go to Keyon Fahey guys that scrutinize every play wanting cousins of a lot these gets rid of the ball. When there's no pressure at its gets rid of it just the kind of thing that. People like talk but they wanted Tyrod to do more don't take as many sacks is at all or cousins or throw the ball. But he's not be a poor man's way it's you know it once gore for the big plays all the time and hit speeds of amazing played them cousins is like. A B grade version of that because there are there are big yards there are big plays but there's also a lot of time for just go if you're watching objectively you know to sort of sitting back. You don't. Losing to fox. Go wow why would he do that why did he do that right there is a lot of that I think with Coke it's so. Ticket for what it's worked out I totally recognize that ivy pay a lot to draft a guy. Who will only be as good as Kirk cousins. I'm gonna hold to be better if he doesn't have to battle to be limited that. And that's just I'm not I just don't while the player I never have let's get to Kabul mumble after sports hero WGR.