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Me Lesnar is staying. Games and game looming for game night game. My children read no bull dog. I know you and that means me. Twisted up. And restore. It was everybody kept. On WG our sport's great you'll find your. Now I want to thank you want this terrible Malo. Nobody knows but we have a thing a listener. And named it. I know I wanna find as they it. It's very reason in my field but John Sikorski thank you my computer froze weird. At the right at the right. Look to it that tweet I thought it was not just like long and it a struggle Bush's vision and become Obama what yes we will so the demon is I won't name a teen and a year. And either together or separately the two or three if you would will allow challenged I'm definitely unity and hope I get fifteen so we can go. Around five times three guys five times our success and in cars and surely to make a fourteenth do you have them like. Appropriate lead greeted by difficult up and you gotta look like okay. All right I need to go one more fourteen will whatever. OK we're just go through some believe me when you ask one it will take long enough for you define it by fifty collection notices are we don't have drawn a dollar a political operative. Maybe in five years drought Knology will be interesting sabres Toronto Jesus all eyes are beautiful and that is good Ole and is coming crept back up. The over 400 games since they went into a game with a winning record homes. And they start zero and zero. But that's the only issue go to the year that first game. You know our 44 games and they have one should go so far. Guys you have to get that were big radical because you don't have the camp because I don't wanna shoot out all season we keep giving up overtime goals it. All right it's the cold Kabul mumble. This is our. The head coach combo mambo music. All right let's start to exceed honorably as described by right I got a little food for. Coach cut Kumble bobcats real well and there was it. But Alec did it again. Is it from the new subscription. Music service all the surest who have seen. Get my moneys were iron I would look until you right now and I don't go out alive. And what I do which usually like to a venue where you banned from going somewhere sportsman's more awkward overcome Boller. If I if I were a person who wins to move the places where the cool people go young people the pretty people. I walked in and this is plain white. Please after the loving this place I wanna change I want me out of this place I would displaced what's on tablets don't. Yes boy together or separately. Separate tracks. Those are separate you know let's look at competition on the attack. All right Ryan you wanna go for one point two points or three points I will go for 2.2. Points. Who was the coach. Of the 2010. Carolina Panthers school and illness. John flock correct. Ryan you have 2.2 USC the reason the reason I said I was going to be help is because an hour ago hour and a half whatever they were about him. You said you better known to go to 2010 Carolina Panthers is and I went in my head my Greenway. Kate worse. Monica talk. At that anyway. No because as you didn't lose any point oldest probably not ready. Mean but I thought for the rest of time. Once and I still aren't just a Bulldog your next if you have to be incorrect and your insert joke can steal the points you. He steals to his titles. A minute Georges are no right to conceal who go around. Total clockwise as we've said BD one source three I want 11 point ease into it. Who was the coach of the 1995. New York Giants. That's also liquor saying Kabul mumble. Everything I'm bonus what does that. Bubbles so easily come to it than that. All can see you confused jacket. I can see his jacket is a great line I can see his jacket. Over your it said cold should wind breaker he's one of those guys the big breaker coach guy. All I don't remember the name of this guy. Okay. People. There is a sounds like he doesn't have it no I'd I'd I'd I'd I'd. No way can it be correct. I. Oh with a total of 95 New York Giants it's a one point or so Bill Parcells snowed up Bill Parcells. Who's Joseph who's point two I think he does. Ryan for one point who was the coach the 95 New York Giants was that Jim fassel was not. Dan Reeves. The Purdue Reeves you know do. Did bring him up and coach the traffic ray Handley and you're thinking of okay yeah the jacket that's before Reeves broke today. But after Parcells after Parcells calls it quits after or who rolled 45 Jim Hannifin. Jim Hannifin cardinal's ring in the giants we may or may not have a gym Hannifin conduct right. Sneaky Joseph. I'll go one point. For one point. Who was the coach of the 2009. Vikings. Leslie Frazier incorrect. It's. Who can write new Ryan does. Not owed on vikings was it Mike twice no. Or. Beat people 2009 all I must call. Hey Bob don't. With. Went too quick. Crime you do the Kumble mambo not sure are we. If I don't answer to why lose a point no. You can pass. When it's pretty recent. A while back in the apparel school earlier works their way out ten bucks. You are Americans. Leslie Frazier. So when you've there need to deal with and I got to pass the basket gave moving past past I don't know correct answer is Brad Childress ray Childress. NFC championship team against the saints first thing. Okay. Ryan you lead with zero. Off Bulldog in second with minus one Joseph Myers to. Our let's go to. Ryan I will take any 83 pointer three border every lawyer. Got risk it. 2000. For forty niners. Just because that's the name came up yesterday and I have absolutely no idea. Mike Nolan know. Game. Good lord. He's thinking do I guess it or do I pass. But it is who have passed Joseph all four 49ers. Had a passer you. No I I think he shot them ago Mike Singletary being correct. I or. Wait hold on me Steve Mariucci wrong. It's. Penalized another three point Stasi. You season he's not allowed to guess again now I'm just. Due to 200 meters on the eagle point and he finally ego. Bulldog is correct. Right does not give penalized again near you. Dennis Ericsson. Dot the only real. Com bowl mob out. 2004. Erred in niners that's why we have been a year ago. Right okay. That's it was within my marriage. All right BD Europe yeah on the whole would you like to play for a global mumble believed to play three points. 2004. Falcons I have to give you one falcons. 2004 falcons. 2000 four's been shown to be a tough year for this team this room. These panelists. Contestants. I can't wait to tell you may have suffered horribly flipped through market. To us. Or falcons. You can't skip your I'd say I don't and I guess I just want to I can't hear you penalize you get past our hero intern I can't find your right. I'm front over the rule right field that moment I mean that's. Chance to get in the positives. Cut cut cut. Off. Jeanne and and I'm actually born Syria names this too shall June jones' aggressive. And a joke Jim. Mora junior right. Jokes are actually minus two I could sector. I'd I would starve to do before we thought it important. If you could lock the doors to this room I would sitting here and it really hunger strike I would drop dead. Before would've wanted to boardroom and nodding kept. That's a great line. The other B replacements cheery and occupants constituting you went through my head of it. It's either one of those guys there's no ways when I went on to say one of them scholars. Saturday and julliard leave a minus 20. What would you like to do here 3.2 points one point coax Kumble mumble let's go to two points. Now eighteen. And denying. Mean he beat. Baltimore. After Belichick. Brian Billick. Incorrect. It's. Ryan for two points just this past right as he's got the lead. With minus everything else BB 98 Baltimore. Don shoe at all I don't I'm not guessing I don't I don't pass. We don't know. Find. Tip marker Rota but. That merger Brooke it was the first coach the ravens who worked all right who's up. I believe I am Ryan is up but I route negative three you have minus three Joseph rambled on her tied for second minus four. Ago with a solid two pointer here two points. 2006. Seahawks. What that believes. I've got is his speaks his face is right there he's got. The mustache. Good to see the wrong name and now it. Holmgren. Correct. Mike Holmgren. An example triumph that was easiest Mosul for doing so well because I knew all right with the BD Europe. Marie. Rose plus or minus four iron second with tie with Joe Horn is grind him down minus one. LT three corner. It's not American Eagle one pointers anyway affordable price 31989. Cleveland Browns. 1989. We practice right. No points but that's right. Baha I hear you out there in the audience I hear you Marty Schottenheimer. No. It's. Joseph 1989 Cleveland Browns cents. Rewarded. Not even close to that beat. I was at Purdue and not paying. But at the. The jacket. It's your jacket again with the jacket I. You care remember people today you agenda now. Hall who's gonna go out and tell you right now I am absolutely passes this is the coach of the team to beat the bills in the Ronnie Harman game. You guys know this is the near eighty yard Bryce yeah. Know the direct comparison with booked her blood Carson good. Won't it won't throw stupid call. Joseph. Joy you're done it's it's clutch time and if he did that good I gotta go for 33 pointer. 2011. Buccaneer. Oh. 2011 Tampa Bay. Greg Shia and I'll know. And I are. Ryan Rahim Moore is correct. Forget Ricky Marcy was a great coach of Josh Freeman. I can never forget he more. I don't know why would get them that was my yearbook quote. He has to you guys are truly say we minus seven and the positive thing it's over. In the positive over one more time around no sugar. And I'm. These are all worth. Two points. Ever the left is worth two points Ryan experts make of each worth ten points why it's reached our time points Ryan for ten points. 1977. Broncos. To me sad and it goes. I'm gonna go. Up. Shocking now. It's you'll going to believe she'll Europe Lucy at the wrong. It's. Throw homily injury brought up. Super cool things guys I know right people read Miller. Are pulled out for ten points in 2013. Chargers. 2013. Chargers. White equally correct. Takes the lead. Trash and Joseph you can Ty U the win that you can get this right. Nineteenth. 1992. Patriots. These special going with the stone. Pete Carroll no. And it's. Right do we in the game if you got it. 92 pets 981992. New England Patriots. That's going to be here. Bill Parcells and correct. Me. Bring the ID three. Bowled well you birdie one. Brides don't need to steal. Go for a win anyway and steel wanna be wrong you win anyway really yet you've got an eleven point lead did doctors correct. And the final score is. In third place Joseph with negative 27. In second place right with negative eighteen in first place Bulldog as should be plus three. Yeah not even a win it not not just the winning score a positive score. Hey I know what you think and that's twice I did that. Yeah in one it's always did and a sailor stand up and win. In one segment wants. How good the quarterbacks in the draft are going to be. Eric Delco optimum scouting and tell us what he thinks next Niagara basketball it's seven here on WGR. And now some relaxation. These would house day spot in Williams bill Maine near young's beautiful. You've gone to a spot in the area these guys. Are going higher and the wooden house if you've ever into a spot at a resort or are really nice hotel. That's the one house for 585700. Massages facials body waxing skin care pedicure is and so a lot more than seventy treatments. To pick from. Gift cards are the move at these places for a lot of people because. Maybe someone you know is very particular specific about what they want you really don't know what that is in really don't wanna ask because you ask your giving the gift away. Go to the gift card at the would ousting spot and take advantage of their. You know the great facility and the we have a great place. 4585700. Is the number I've been their for lots of things I can vouch for them. Specifically you know won't have a conversation I'll tell you about the foreign and massage or this year borrow or that. You know the warm regarding net vector pedicure and so on called it would allow us now and make arrangements for 585700. Mean. Okay that's I think there is right tools these have narratives like it. Eric go go optimum seek a scouting and sporting news are you ready for another year this. I have I have to give turnout with the Senior Bowl the All Star Games are starting up. Oh yeah. If they hated us. Euros relevant Dawes suspect we get a lot of shows about you during the season up. I was not that many you were on the were sold complimentary you have no idea what humans but. They were real quick easement to the Senior Bowl bid it's pretty exciting for the Senior Bowl. And I have been for fans who want to see these guys. Play in one more game that both male and Andy field goal that gave. Yeah I know still better not talk to those you know he's he's they're focused on the top quarterback there because he knows that. If you Google now that you love playing the way it's true gamer then. He's going to get all all of the top seniors and been very proactive in getting those Richard who are eligible though. Carson went type player award really try to excitement about the either you're a guy. Baker bay you'll be written up trapped. It's about how much he's changed as a prospect that the quarterback and he got just Ellis had some similar to the current one but a lot of question he'll be answered so I think it's so. Court back to prop up other treaty second third or pro quarterback it's. One of the stronger quarterback insight into probably the Russell Wilson dropped weight well. Yeah it feels to delete that game every year how much time I'm gonna spend looking at it is almost always depended on what the quarterback class looks. That's available right McCain so right. I'm you have in the mock draft I'm looking at that you wrote Eric mayfield to Denver five and our Joseph in sports is out of mention of how Denver reportedly requested to have mayfield I'm. They're coach whose team at the Senior Bowl so why am is that pretty solid at the spoilers that stole reach surely you talk like that. You know what not what what what at all and a couple things one. You know and I think I had the reporter there with our north where we were to order pepper very quick break and and they want adequate back. In what he didn't occur content that record content. Baker looked like their guy and I think got a problem at all. Understandable. And apart so that it looked back tomorrow. I think that's part of the Knuble and and and that buckled requested baker made a great fit. What they want a UN and the Broncos organization Michael are ordered the agency noted. There'll quarterback guards could cripple whatever else but god created out of the pocket for one they'll got more solidly built fuel. Or partly to a mobile pastor and technical field or they can make or does that really really well. Despite the shorter quarterback and integrate their what's up with the one place. Good it was port five years ago with the correct that. Got a mobile quarterback and those stupid attitude think Russell Wilson does really well I think a lot of scout include the Broncos and jets. An intimate look at that well well. Look at the sense at this point you have of how much his personality. His cocky this. Could could have. If you have 15. The announces under her much at all but just what what about the how much have you heard about that. You know beyond that it's been more positive than negative and battle all the cooking that raise the topic is open. Don't know I've read your your guys buying opportunity right about well. I haven't heard a quarterback. Like they can make a way to go to the mixed crew speak about him behind closed or not to look at. What are and I think that actually has wrecked on the field and you'll cute passionate about draft. I mean I work with and no one at that it will be corporate personnel to rise right up. To look comfortable out baker made guilt so called dual logical yell too much your skin that you know because you want to edit midfielder. David before she repair. During the game. Armed field but they no doubt because he walked went because you're gonna get him directions that. That helped baker fuel but don't Cuban diplomats while our team practical be a ball or hardly a bit off you'll learn the negatives. Eric Delco with a us optimum scouting sporting news. Eric you made the joke about Hollywood your relevant to lost now the bills are often relevant in these conversations your to your about quarterbacks in the first round. And even with a playoff appearance they seem to be again. Albeit with the 41 pick in the 42 as it happens. You made a mention in this mock draft I've mentioned already of the giants and you have the giants taking Josh Rosen at two. How how old. Published a possibility using it might be that the giants would wanna tree down there and and with the bills like what does that sound like at this point you. Yeah you know being that you're going Miller a few guys out that you could and built action and they had them. Shift in power Ctrl+Alt Labonte who make the decision at some point in the build up. Network had gotten that exception was that he and more toward what when now but now that you want to build the future and they're gonna puke record it's. A quick look at a lot of top quarterback. In this crap plastic over the top guys are they got a bit route the bills. RP one or prepared Sheen. Curriculum or backlash they'd done their homework they go really good about their Plosser at a lot of traffic that you can move up in the draft a quarterback where I wanted to do. There are cute just that we gonna quarterback crap out of what I would be shocked outlook and the topic around and ask giant. A lot to determine you know that shot again you'll. Maybe they keep you I think for a year to pat Patricia typical quarterback because you extensive guide so to charge very much up in the air right now but. I know people quote the article that we can do that they opened it into the playoffs. Next year that there help you know go back and so that its moral but the wind helped so. The beat that he would retire go but he had a good read right now you're the coach situation now. Right the the connection between their new GM though and and the bills hierarchy is is obvious gentleman was the GM and Carolina so a guy I wonder. Will Wright is is it two lomb too obvious for that to be advantageous or is it really you know you would expect that those guys at least have a respectful. Even warm working relationship. Go get I don't think it is back with a permit to build that Arctic if you ever expect action along with. Particularly in the it to look on different planes right up the bills are playing up to their to their so that Israel had a right to feel that there are that there is right now they wanna kind of bad foretell the future so. Between that and the connection is mentioned I get to. Two point output but you're right that connection not. A purple one that the report or the ones that don't look at a blue book I put all your other other source other regions other team throughout the week at the old. I get that their after the quarterback's gotta let a lot of ergo they're very active and look at quarterbacks have called obviously apple of their I would now colts GM former assistant GM Chris Ballard can't city. The built after a while like vacuum so it's going to be a lot to the giants go from two. Doubt that they are the first out of the bills but I think built into Google to try to that they're in the book and quarterbacks don't rapidly especially with what Sean McDermott a direct the. If if you can't predict this Eric how much would you think the quarterback rankings themselves changes between now. And the draft we we know from experience time for that's happened and maybe it doesn't always happen though so. Toyota senior bulls also ahead of us still but like how much. How how one much might it change in the coming months. Yeah I would pick the top guys who won't think too much on the that the bid broke guys got Knuble like this throughout Oklahoma State might wonder what country. How one of Richmond. They could go back and correct about the big believer reluctant Archie senior gold value that provides intelligent profit talked about stamped Arnold jobs wrote jobs now. Mark Jackson baker ilk. Become an upbeat area school were really know what these guys are gonna go all state quarterback trapped. Especially copper dropped to about self about Ross achieved in the head coach coordinator was hurt in a big -- I'll call on which quarterback they've bought. They are putting their coup reader I'm lying to take at quarterback of what is victory. He's got to do a couple accord back as a person last year as such you don't Carson went. And lack of a lot they've that in that everyone wanted to. Jerk off I think if a quarterback or shrieking that. That might be bigamy to uproot their carnal appeal particularly when those guys went over but the NFL combine especially if baker. And not so with a noble to a typical black truck that was too that they wanted to you know what. I'm going to put my coo we don't want to bet on its. To be a great quarterback. More with optimum sky outings owner Erik el co next on WGR. There they'll go from optimum scouting and the sporting news on the AT&T hotline. We thus talking about the bills and quarterbacks in the this year's draft so you you have may feel that five there's some connection there with Denver wanted to coach in the Senior Bowl if he's going that high. How how old realistic is it that the bills can stay put at 21 to work 42. And still come out of all of the first round with their future quarterback. Yet it you know assuming god and then go first to pick the crap I think. Or your contract rose at a locked up till about whether you can have that trust with sheer turnout but I think vocal you've got another right out and bought in order souvenir baker bill. In the top thirteen picks in the Broncos regret and are going to be bigamy to guard who say the don't know what we'll pick they don't do that look at the global quarterback. I think for the gold because they're two of article Josh our quarterback threw tools lead but if you got to commit right away I think Opel while quarterback your free agency into work I. Who could start right away as a rookie look at that face off they quite quite a western Kentucky you've got to build really target look at route three or four. Who can come in right away and be a better person to compete in the gutter like a lot at a more help but wonder that. But it we'll option for the Buffalo Bills but also our Josh on oil and he's articulate I think if people some people in the media have happened for training but. Fuel or yeah a lot of Lou especially the that are franchise that is the route for a long time you're. The charter school records. These loans sold here with half of the year ago creating trooper colonel good but getting a quarterback of the future they can do excitable and let it sit for a whole year. I think it's you're charters to be important. Better establish a quarterback go up and get Josh out they'll recruit people were backed gold cup it's been twenty pixel on the took an. That occur with the there. Bright L it is if you heard the the idiot troll before you came on the the the whole tool season thing is that that's Alan. Like I I expect we're. Maybe you can shine more light on this that Britain either here at the Senior Bowl the Columbine but teams that will be neat looking at him in person or on tape. Playing and not you know not really shocking. Are gonna see him and his six foot by and it is our men what do think he's gonna drop out of the gym probably. The self whose tools are gonna be on display in a curiously how much that it it impacts his draft status. Yeah yeah I think part of it too with the title of article two lap and oak trees and certainly better that. Are being guys or the process a year ago Obama declared drought and talk or people who Lee is well they took that at all like a puppet you know who we are so. A lot of corporate that I would receive these top guys is that worker by it and achieved community you're seeking job shouting at the top quarterback prospect than. Didn't had a great year this year at the work on that doesn't bode well and ink dot global NFL quarterback who. Start to hear grow under the perspective perspective which would better. Almost all cut worked out since 2000. Conflict topple a joint air lot of names on there you don't wanna be apart output teams certainly know that. There aren't a lot of scouts put Paraguay is that a that you little quieter version of course once I'm just a mental makeup artist Iqbal. Carson what is old coach now is a coach. Speaks very highly of him as a person as a player street you talk to kids you like to have you'll actually looking at which he dot com slash is working dark side but again. Between them they could or would pull the trigger at around one. Are the ones that go like achieved with multi year ago if you can read certificate for a whole year he could be a much different quarterback between banks yet the images there Arnold. Keeping them as 2019 and thought quarterback they look a lot better. Hey Eric one more thing so before we go here we go about. Other we talked to few times last year and we know how it rents the bills traded down Kansas City took more homes in the bills get pretty used white in the chiefs' first round pick. Which still you know we have coming up. How do you look back on on that I mean there's a lot to look at every year with the draft it's really fun to do that the quarterbacks all traded up four in the first round there. And all different different ways are promising but the bills do well to. Yeah I didn't go that just aren't that great job at all he's an Olympic during a lot. Dvi public pension and they really like in its welcome well outside of regional don't think you'll be back. Long term lock are the only apparently they are protecting this great but look at the bill Peter Dolan and they moved out. Which can couple holes in that partly the bills technical from an epic about all you look at that as. Because of who does that this year or lapses that the public that you could you open it up to rabbit got it it's like. Quite a bit and that they have a good quarterback certainly perked replicates that. I think the built their outlook for quarterback of the future would you rather not have to strap pick up it is like aperture could keep. Or are you look at the crowd to get shot wrote so it's always fun trading down in theory even during the replica of the is getting more picture or app that's put. The other day that bill. Need a quarterback in other 2112 to four quarterbacks go at them and gentry assets way to get wants so it's always put it right back in theory but. Bill right now. The way they play this and that got a hole and it got the truckers. The deal walks aren't when he came. There's one name that hasn't come up here that I want your thoughts on and then we can be although with this song back to the quarterbacks who's in town and is there with the bills and the maneuvering they did last year Lamar Jackson. What are your thoughts on him. You know I think the bar is gonna happen old. Move during the rap rocker I know that what three year starter who built I think are ridiculous but I think really go we go allotments. Inequitable. And generally about the outcome don't know what to handle both the cook spoke in the playbook as well let's play the pocket when I think. A lot of these they're down and they games are standing out thirteen. But what I've spoken work. Very open mind about more direct their site get him. Have to count on their car talk to implement a white or sick or some doctors say is marketed it'll what Katrina throughout the Louisville welcome. Haven't talked those reviews quite yet so. Between the combined in most politically at those individual private work out that late march April. When Tim Brigham and there wouldn't put him through their offense their workout could they go all quick wrote struggle with this year from the pocket consistently. And make wreck wreck it would be a guy who covered a lot mobile quarterbacks they want great athlete. The light grip that oracle support its ability to adapt is awesome skill set to begin at all because you can't use a prospect like Mike that it. He can't that's what we're really concerned you'd not a receiver but what are the quarterback perhaps if it becomes profit. They're great to talk you again thanks your time. Pursued. Next up is Niagara basketball have a great weekend. And we'll see you Monday here three much open the bulldogs WG yard.